War Stories – A Shining Example Of A Delusional Pro Black Male Simp

Please check out this video produced by a YouTuber who goes by the name of War Stories:

I remember the frequent commenter FLCLimaxxx mentioning this guy in my recent article concerning black women begging black men for help in light of the coming section 8 cuts and welfare reform, however I had no idea who he was until I was alerted by YouTuber GW3 Extreme to a recent video he had made in which he chose to go in on the SYSBM movement.

So let me understand this correctly, War Stories acknowledges that the overwhelming majority of black women are dysfunctional, mentally damaged, retarded and out of control, yet according to his logic we must still hold out and deal with these dysfunctional heifers and their rubbish, really bruh? Let’s deal with some of the misnomers that he alluded to. Firstly, SYSBM is not about “getting pussy”, SYSBM is a long-term initiative/programme to find love, companionship and build a family as a man ought to in order to keep his lineage and family tree continuing.

Then he talked about black men going overseas in order to find women as if that is a bad thing. No sir, within SYSBM going overseas is ONE of many options, my personal opinion is that it is the most viable one seeing as women who come from third world countries as a whole tend to subscribe and hold on to the traditions of family and recognising the man as the head of the household. War Stories, stop setting up straw men, going overseas isn’t the only option available for thinking black men, nobody has ruled out linking up with non black women on their own home turf, it’s simply a matter of the individual’s personal preference.

Then he talked about putting white women on a pedestal, the real problem War Stories has is the fact that when lined up side by side the black witch simply doesn’t compare to the snow bunny. This is the issue, demonstrating how white and other non black women overall are in far better condition than modern day black females, thus they can be considered as an alternative and much better option for the free thinking black man. Again, notice how he fails to go in on the black witch for her literal worship of white men, lo, here is a shrine/temple crafted by a black woman dedicated to the worship of white men right here.

Didn’t I previously tell you that the pro black simp is the black woman’s last bastion of hope? Didn’t I also mention the fact that in these last times black women would be rallying their troops and sending them out in full force aiming to shame thinking black men back onto the plantation and attempting to keep those already under the black female’s heel remaining in their chains and shackles? The more important question is why is this guy so concerned about where other black men are putting their penises?

And to think this guy had the audacity to accuse me of projecting homo erotic thoughts onto him simply because I stated that I was going to “light his backside up” here at Slaying Evil. Don’t take clowns like War Stories seriously, pro black simpletons like himself stay on Pornhub and other porn sites all day, they don’t like to see other black men being successful in terms of forging relationships outside of black society. Most likely this dude much like Dr Umar Johnson doesn’t have a black woman by his side even though he talks that “keep it real, hold out for Keisha” dribble.

If these black women are so great then why doesn’t this bootlicker have one? Oh yes, but he acknowledges that black women as a group are a problem. Do you see how disjointed and discombobulated the mindset of this flunky is? Just like Dr Umar Johnson the majority of these pro black male cheerleaders for black women are unable to lead by example yet they have so much to say concerning the dating and marriage preferences of other black men, black men who have decided to take their chances elsewhere dealing with non black females at home or abroad.

Here War Stories is licking the muddy boots of the black female yet where are these same black women in the comment sections of his videos thanking him for brown-nosing services rendered? Nowhere to be found. As I have stated many times before black women simply don’t care about black men, they most certainly do not care for pro black simps and chicken necked, yellow-backed rodents such as War Stories will have to learn this lesson the hard way. By the way, I have an entire chapter in my book Negro Wars dealing with the pro black simp and his problematic behaviour in continually failing to call black women to task on their innumerable transgressions.

These pro black scum bags are an even worse pestilence than the black women they are proponents of because they are the ones who enable these sirens to continue their reign of terror upon black men and black society as a whole. These pro blacks are the products of black single mothers and they mirror the same behaviours as dysfunctional black women. Next thing this guy will be telling us “the black woman is god, deys our black queens yo”. It’s because of simpletons like this why black women have yet to receive their recompense. Had it not been for the pro blacks black women would have been completely broken, humbled and brought back down to earth a long time ago.

This guy picked the wrong ones calling out Hardcore Tito, KiD Organic, GW3 Extreme and MadBusDriver(MBD), free thinking black men who rightly call out black female skullduggery and in light of it advise black men to go where they will be loved and appreciated instead of being hated. In the eyes of the pro black it is a unpardonable sin to warn other black men regarding black women and how they’re our enemies. Again, notice how these simps in light of the black female and her current degenerate state can never list any reasons based upon logic, reason, common sense and intelligence as to why we ought to stick to dating and marrying black women only. You’ll find that their responses and their reasonings are either based upon emotions or hypothetical ramblings.

Light up and burn these pro black simps whenever they come out of the woodwork at the behest of the black witch, they are a massive part of the problem in these dysfunctional black communities and the brakes must be put on their nonsense once and for all. Most certainly DO NOT allow them to shame you back onto the proverbial plantation as this is how and where the black woman wins. You cannot “hold out” for a group of women who in their present state are unsuitable for both dating nor marriage. Black women are single at such a high clip for the many reasons we talk about here and elsewhere. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stop Pro Black Simps In Their Tracks

Most High Bless

96 thoughts on “War Stories – A Shining Example Of A Delusional Pro Black Male Simp

  1. Coming up on LAW & ORDER: Dick Police Unit…

    Just like that motherfucking Rasta, those occasional tossers that come on here spouting shit, and online lyme disease carrying ticks like this, they won’t change a damn thing…

    I’ll continue to see, date and sleep with white women. If he doesn’t like it, he can jump off the tallest building with no parachute.


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  2. I make it a point the warn younger blkguys about calling these whores queens online and IRL..if you notice the message slowly sinking in due to the disfucntionality of blk women on full display.I also post links to ghettogaggers,african fuktours,submissiveblkwhores,ebonysubluv,exploited black teens,ebinycumbuckets,degradedblkwhores,hell there was a porn called naziniggers where blkwhores where degraded now offline and the like etc.wherever such talk about ‘deys beez our kweens pops up’.I usually make enemies but they eventually change their view of the blk female whore.dey beez our kweens is slowly phasing out.these simp where raced by single mothers and are confused their mothers had then in girly hairstyles like twists and braids,earings so they are pretty much mentally feminized men.you’d have to be mad to date blkwomen.

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    • Cosmicbodi,

      Black women will continue to alienate themselves and push more black men into the hands of non black women. As you’ve stated the dysfunction of the black female is out in the open for all to see, nothing is being hidden, in fact black women want their degenerate behaviour to be put on display to the world.

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  3. I noticed how these pro black brutes always seem to worry about where us “beta male coons” be in a relationship with. See, when you’re a thug like war stories, people like him want a becky, but can’t get one because Becky sees through his bullshit.

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    • These pro blacks and thugs want nothing BUT non black, namely white women, but no that they can’t get them and have to state the “the just as bad” thing to still get black twat. Just look at sotomayor.

      I had a black chick in class talk about Korean pop stars were racist because one said that the hair breed Alicia keys was pretty for a black girl, but then said that she herself much preferred Asian men. Do you see how desperate black women are?

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      • Yup, trust me. When i was bringing white, asian, isreli and pakistani girls around these samee lame ass, hebrew isrealite, pro-black militant negroes were all on my dick, literally high fiving me and asking to hang out. Niggas really would ask where i met these girls or how can they get a bad asian chick, etc. Same negroes talking about white supremacy, black queens and calling niggas coons and sellout. None of these faggots ever called me that shit, and they were all sucking up to me in hopes that some non black pussy would trickle down. Even in the hangout War Stories and the other hotep simp ape Wilsonian were claiming white women throw themselves at them but they just turn them down…LOL!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        They fail time and time again when it comes to women yet get incredibly jealous when they see the thinking black man making mighty moves and strides through the implementation of SYSBM.

        Let them have their mentally ill “queens”, they simply need to stick to black women and stop being concerned about where thinking black men are putting their penises.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      The guy is completely disingenuous, how can he still advise black men to “stick it out” knowing full well that the majority of black females are mentally ill and thus are unfit for relationships and marriage?

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  5. As I mentioned on Google+, Toy Stories aka War Stories disagrees with the notion of SYSBM but agrees feminism infected the vast majority of black women in the U.S. but he’s telling a select few of decent black men that has the opportunity to think and date outside of the box just stick it out. In War’s mind, why date feminine black women in other countries when you have masculine-charged black women here in black-ran innercities around the United States? Toy Stories accused black men of SYSBM of being race traitors but did he himself said he bonked white girls while he was in middle school? Someone needs to throw the book at him. There’s a saying about a double-minded person is unstable in their ways. What a walking and talking contradiction he is.

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    • He’s confused, stuck on the fence. He wants to be over here with us in freedom, but he still has that foolish hope that the so called community can be saved. Cognitive dissonance like a mofo!

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      • Kirigakure Jones,

        The community is dead, it died when black women decided that fatherless home welfare policies and feminism would suit them better than having a man in the home and thus keeping the black family structure strong.

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  6. Whore Stories aka War Stories, is that he been stalking my channel for 10 MONTHS over a video I did back then, explaining that if these pro whacks love to “keep it black” with their black queens then, take their asses to Africa. I keep telling you fellas that niggas like War Stories, Minister Jap, IamBaal, Negro Ninja, Guy King, Oshay, Angeryman, larmovement are mentally retarded and full-of-shit. They want to be like us SYSBM and since they can’t because they were tought since birth that they don’t have OPTIONS. These fools want to convert every brother into their form of thinking. Now that’s some nigger bitch shit.

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    • GW31979,

      The “keep it black” road is a dead end street, hence why most of these pro blacks are single. If black women are so great then why don’t the majority of these red, black and green squads have one?

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      • GW31979 & Verbs2015,

        When they say “keep it black”, that means you can’t do no better than the guys mentioned above dealing day-by-day with the stereotypical black women of the urban persuasion within the confounds of the impoverished U.S. inner-cities. Black women of Central and South American and East African countries are off bounds.

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      • Daniel BrotherDan Ward and Verbs2015,

        A lot of them don’t know how to keep it “black.” Why do you think that slow speaking retard War Stories mention about having sex with different non black women? He knows for a fact that the North American nigger bitch is at the bottom of the dating/marrage scene. That’s a known reality fact. It’s called envy and he is envious of guys like myself and other that have options when it comes to dating/marry scene. Men likd myself have options of traveling just to explore the world stage and learn new trades as well as earning more money/income. Guys like War Stories suffer from the worst case of the black box niggerology mindset, which is behist by their single Negro mothers.

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  7. He was mainly talking about me LOL. I explain exact word you just said to him on Guy King last live stream last week. The dude was getting all enrage because of a video I did 10 months ago. I explain to pro wacks that if you want to “keep it black than go to Africa.” He had oradsity calling me a “white supremacist.”

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  8. Why do you think I made three videos exposing those three cartoon characters? Is to show the younger generation that there are fake Negroes out there. Just because they have the same/share pigmentation doesn’t mean they are on your side.

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  9. You should of seen the conversation I on Google Hangout had with Guy King before all of this shit happening. I was explaining to him, how can you deal with these socially lame, illogical, weak, effeminate, and milquetoast trolls? Do you know what his answer was? They have differentprespectives on their videos smh. That comes to tell you that he’s a follower like everyone else and not a free-thinking individual. Plain and simple brother.

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    • Damn — ^ that video is fucked up… Painful to watch. That is simping as a psychological condition.

      And note how coolly she put his shit out in the world like that… No mercy to be found. lol There’s a lesson in that: Never leave yourself vulnerable to any woman… Just don’t do it. It’s not a matter of what you think they WILL do to you — always think of it as a matter of what they CAN do to you… and minimize your vulnerability to what they CAN do.

      Even if you think she’s an angel from heaven, it’s not the damage you think she will or won’t do, it’s the damage she can or cannot do. Minimize the harm she can do…

      And what the fuck is this about an asshole the size of a grapefruit? What the FUCK is that about? Are these bitches hating on regular black male strangers while laying down with guys who cry to them and have assholes the size of GRAPEFRUITS? What… the … fuck????

      I think “control” is the most important aspect to a lot of black women these days… Because of their insecurities, they will only truly accept black men who they feel they can control, so a guy who will cry and beg is okay, even if she’s staring at an asshole the size of a grapefruit… lol

      Don’t be that guy, folks. That vid is a big blow to the hoteps and the simps. Someone should send it to Dr. Umar… lol Ask him for his insights.

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      • Never leave yourself vulnerable to ANY women. Correct.

        Foreign/non-Black women can capitalize on vulnerabilities as well. Be aware of this reality, but if AWALT anyway, might as well go for something that you enjoy. Just don’t get screwed over, and make sure that you are getting with quality.

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    • FLCLimaxxx,

      See how these black heifers cannot be trusted, there is no loyalty with these sirens whatsoever. Didn’t that so called “conscious stripper” do more or less the same to Dr Umar Johnson?

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  10. For those (like me) who are new to the saga in that video ^, here’s the follow up.
    Can’t believe this dude decided to show his face again… That fuckin’ dude is WHIPPED. That’s sad. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s fucking him with strap-ons…

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  11. Okay — I watched the War Stories video.. And I gotta say, I think he has some good points… You guys aren’t going to like this, but if you can take it, read on…

    I’m kinda in the middle — I don’t think it’s bad to fuck and procreate with white women and nonblack women, or go overseas, I just think it’s impractical as a broad solution. Like War Stories says, we can’t all afford to travel, stay overseas, bring foreign women back home etc. We also don’t also all live where decent white women are readily available in numbers. Every place has its collective culture, and people mix more in some places and less in others… I guess we all have to approach the problem with individual solutions, but I think some sysbm make it seem like finding a decent nonblack or foreign woman is a quick and easy solution… not that the alternative (dealing with black women) is any easier, but we’re not doing bm any favors with the false solutions…

    On the other hand, I disagree with War Story about “maintaining the phenotype”…. I don’t think there’s anything all that wrong with “diluting your gene pool”… on the face of it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with “race-mixing”, because you have to save yourself and not let the black female syndrome keep you sitting on fence while you grow gray.

    ..Yet on the third hand, “mixed” kids aren’t black these days, and they will let you know that. They’re often just as confused, fucked up and racist as anyone else, and many (a growing number) try to distance themselves from black. For me, that shit would be heartbreaking if it were my child… especially a daughter who goes around trying to distance herself from black and embrace whiteness by fucking any ol’ white dude after white dude after white dude. …So that’s something to consider, if you’re going the white route.

    Also consider that culture and community are REFUGE. We should always try to have a culture and community that we can turn to… where our wants and needs are a priority. We don’t have that now, but we should want to have that on the other side of this crisis (if there is an other side). Black men are never going to be top priority of the wider community. …So we need our own turf, and I’m not sure how you get there by bringing kids into the world who don’t identify with black (at best) and try to distance themselves from black (at worst). Not saying it can’t be done, but just saying, that’s a consideration.

    And yeah — just as War Stories says, the “bitterness” isn’t a good look. For one, it’s “magical thinking” to say that ALL black women are devils. I don’t like the “magical thinking” on any side, I like practical solutions to problems… True, the black female mass psychoses syndrome is a BIG fucking problem — an existential threat to western black people — however the solution isn’t to become their reflection, ie. irrational and hateful, with our own form of psychosis… Some sysbm even express violent genocidal hatred bw, which is an exact reflection of the genocidal “abort black boys” stuff many of christelyn karazins fans and the extremists on that side express. Some even carry it over to hatred of black people in general — something I could never cosign with, period.

    Speaking of which: if you harbor a genocidal hatred toward bw (or bm) you are on the same page as the white supremacists… They love that shit. They are among tommy sotomayor’s greatest supporters and funders for example. For me, the nazi will ALWAYS remain the NUMBER ONE ENEMY, far more dangerous than the black women whose minds they control. …So I will always pause when I see black people saying stuff that can’t be differentiated from what a nazi would say, or when I see nazis cosigning stuff black people (such as tommy sotomayor) says… They know that the best way to instill bitterness and get people to defeat THEMSELVES is to turn family against each other.

    If you can get family (people who should know better) to betray one another, they’ll forget outside enemies and set about destroying one another in their bitterness. And nazis know that black women are “the weakest link” in that respect, so they get black women to be the great betrayer to get the ball rolling. Our answer should not then be bitterness — but instead, calm resolve to solve the problem. Don’t hate — just consider it a wake up call. If we were asleep to the dangers of gynocracy and the keeping of black female “sacred cows”, we aren’t any more… but responding to it with emotionality (like women) is going overboard…

    Plus, you shouldn’t want to create a bitter atmosphere in which your nonblack partner is not welcome around your family and community… You shouldn’t have to trade your culture and community for a (likely temporary) partner. The bitterness creates an atmosphere like that… Of course, you can’t control the bitterness, because you can’t control bw and the hoteps, but at least you don’t want to contribute to it.

    Furthermore, your nonblack woman will think she can “take liberties” if she feels that you hate black women or black culture (much like black women get played by white dudes in that way). I know the black church has problems, for example… and recently a white chick I was getting to know felt free to make a comment to the effect that the black church is full of homosexuals… I’m not christian, and I don’t go to church, but no — I’m not comfortable with a white chick talking shit like that… This chick also made comments about “black girl fights” (ie, more vicious than other fights) and other small shit like that. I agree that black chicks can be pretty savage but NO — this white girl had to be summarily let go. I don’t take kindly to ANY chick taking liberties like that, and nonblack women will feel they can talk like that if they think black men hate black women.

    Finally, I think the pure hatred of bw kills our legitimate message about legitimate grievances. One of my favorite IBMOR youtubers, Adigun Forest makes damn good points all the time. I’m thinking “this a voice that black men need to hear”… until I come across a vid in which he describes watching a black woman die in a car accident and savoring the experience… and then all the other kooky shit he talks about “women having no souls but men do”, etc. Eh — men ain’t that great. I’m glad I am one, but wtf?? He sullies his message with the crazy shit and “magical thinking”… Gotta keep it smooth, sensible and EFFECTIVE. Don’t detract from your effectiveness with bitch-like emotionality, Adigun. I was surprised at the guy because he sounds really smart & clear-thinking, but he fucks it up with ghoulish shit like hating black women so much that he enjoys watching them die.

    …So I think this War Story guy has some good points. I realize that “black girl syndrome” is a HUGE problem, but I can’t hate them categorically and I think hating them is exactly the wrong solution. It’s not a good look… it’s ineffective… it’s exactly what the devil (nazis and such) would want you to do in response to their fuckery… it makes the community (which we need) worse off… it makes nonblack women less welcome in the community… it turns off black men who might be just opening their eyes… etc. etc. Protect yourself and your psyche from them, but don’t hate them… Build spaces where black men can “chop it up” that excludes bw (and all women in fact), but don’t hate them…

    I think the sysbm movement is necessary — a wake up call for both black men AND the few black women who aren’t “possessed”… but it shoots itself in the foot with the categorical hatred of bw.

    P.S. — Call me a simp, but I also don’t like War Story’s suggestion that we just fuck white women and throw them away… I don’t think that’s a good look either. I say treat good women like a true man would treat a good woman who is ready to complement him… and “fuck and throw away” the majority of them, of whatever color, not just white women…

    P.P.S. — Sorry to write a fuckin’ book. lol This is just an interesting topic… I think “black girl syndrome” and the resulting sysbm and ibmor movements are fascinating, not just as a black man, but also from a sociological perspective… You bet your ass the “wider” culture is watching… Though they wouldn’t touch this shit with a 10 foot pole! lol

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    • The only decent blk whores left save dey sefs for massa ..only after they had some halfbreed mutt or get impregnated by thugs that’s when decent bm are now considered. Blk diaspora is done .

      blkwomen can’t be saved so either embrace their flaws or find a way to date out or try africa besides white girls ain’t the only option out there.
      Blk diaspora women have the shortest desirability life span like my uncle once said at 22 they are highly jilted and hatefully dangerous to blkmen due to wrong choices. Blkwhores are irredeemable.

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    • I’ll bite…

      “I guess we all have to approach the problem with individual solutions, but I think some sysbm make it seem like finding a decent nonblack or foreign woman is a quick and easy solution… not that the alternative (dealing with black women) is any easier, but we’re not doing bm any favors with the false solutions…”

      “If you can get family (people who should know better) to betray one another, they’ll forget outside enemies and set about destroying one another in their bitterness. And nazis know that black women are “the weakest link” in that respect, so they get black women to be the great betrayer to get the ball rolling. Our answer should not then be bitterness — but instead, calm resolve to solve the problem.”

      What solutions are you specifically proposing then? Be specific please.

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      • @Kirigakure Jones —

        I’ve seen your stuff on Youtube. Your vids are interesting and you make a lot of good points. I pretty sure I’m subbed. And thanks for asking the question — “chopping it up” & breaking it down is what it’s all about.

        Well, I’m not trying to offer anyone a blanket solution. Like I wrote elsewhere — what works a for dude in London or NY or LA might not work for someone in Virginia or Indiana. And I sure as hell don’t have all the answers… In fact, I’m probably older than most of you guys and I’m still out here “dating” lol.

        …That being said, when it comes to blanket suggestions for black men as a community, I would suggest we become more successful in our relations with women in general, and use the crisis in bm/bw relations to spur black men to boost the value of our stock in general… Until black women see what they’re missing, they’re going to be on their trip… They’re going to try everything else, until they realize they’re missing out on something good… So if we as black men are more successful in our relationships with chicks (of whatever culture), we do ourselves a favor as individuals, provide good examples, and make black women realize what they’re missing by being on their vanity/attitude trip… Plus, the only people we can really improve are ourselves, correct? …So therein lies the solution.

        So, no matter what kind of woman you’re trying to get with, I would suggest that black men in general:

        – Keep an eye open for a decent woman EARLY ON… of WHATEVER color or culture… Believe me — the older you get, the fewer they come… and they tend to become more bitter and less attractive as the years pass… So, given the crisis in black relations, we black men have to be more deliberate about finding partners especially if we want to have children… Know what you want (that’s key), and keep an eye out for it… Encourage other black men to think that way… It will be good for the community… I think black women who see others happy in long term relations might set about a bit of self-examination as to why they are single. But if it’s just chaos all around, they can continue with the fuckery and point to black men as the source of the problems.

        – If you are still attracted to black chicks, have “the talk” with her… See where her head is at regarding the breakdown in bm/bw relations. I think things have gotten as bad as they are because black women haven’t been required or encouraged to be self-aware and generally aware of this crisis… Even if you find out her head is all in the wrong place (which is very likely), you will have planted a seed that something’s afoot and “fuckery without a thought” is no longer gonna be tolerated… Plus, if you find out her head is in the wrong place, you won’t waste any time… Or, you might find out that she’s on your side… Not sure you can trust them, but if you’re still interested in black women, be forthright about this important issue…

        – I don’t think I have to say this, but I’ll say it anyway: Understand that women are women and they are NOT your equal. They are complementary, not equal. …So in relations, you can’t act as if they’re your equal or “equal partners”. You’re the dominant… Cultivate “passive aggressive” ways… lol Give her positive reinforcement when she’s on the right track, but coolness if she’s not… Move on if you’re not seeing what you like in her… (…But anyway, I don’t have to tell you guys this shit, I’m sure you’ve reached that point of awareness already, or you probably wouldn’t be here reading this…) I can’t really tell dudes how to handle women, but I can tell you that the agenda they’re pushing is not good for you, nor is it natural. Remember, they are COMPLEMENTARY, not “equal”… I think that’s the starting point.

        This attitude will help maintain relations with whatever kind of woman you’re with, and the more black men who are in fulfilling relationships (instead of just mucking around in the chaos) the more that helps our cause…

        – Work on yourself. We all know that women automatically respond to things like wealth & robust physicality… Even women who wouldn’t be seen in public with a black dude start thinking about lusty shit when they see an athletically built black dude… and we know they ALL respond well when they smell $$… So work on those things that you know they’re robotic about… Plus, if you have your shit together later in life, you can always use facebook and such to look up those nice chicks you passed on when you were 20.. lol… If they’re free and you have your shit together, you could hook up with a chick who is a reasonably known quantity if you find yourself alone later in life. :^) The key, of course is having your shit together… so work on yourself. Constantly. The more options black men have and the more of a “catch” we can be, the more we help our cause. Don’t be demoralized. Let this shit “light a fire” under you…

        – Do NOT pay any attention to any woman you don’t intend to step to… That is, stop feeding their egos. Starve them out. Make them work for it, so that they begin to take men seriously again. For example, don’t crane your neck to follow her ass if you know she’s sees you doing it (or if you know any chick sees you doing it, for that matter)… Don’t compliment them instagram or whatever. Bitches in weave and tattoos and dressing for attention (which are big symptoms of “black girl syndrome”) should get no attention at all, EVER. We need to provide positive reinforcement for the cultural trends we want to see more of… and “starve out” the ones we don’t! Believe me, they value attention, so lets use it to our advantage…

        – Avoid women from broken homes who resent their brothers or fathers… If she has clashed with her brother, and has watched her mother clash with her father, she will clash with you… Don’t dare have a baby with this kind of woman! Find out what she thinks of her brother and if she comes from a broken home… and beware! Don’t think that only black women are fucked up in this way… Fucked up women of all kinds generally come from fucked up environments (I know from experience). The more you leave fucked up women alone, and succeed in your relationships, the better our cause.

        – Don’t legitimize STUPID shit like diamond rings and going down to the “state” for a marriage license. The state CANNOT “sanctify” your union. If you want a divorce because she farts in bed, they’ll rubber stamp it in a heartbeat — so how can they “sanctify” your union? It is only TRULY “until death do you part” when the lord uses you two to bring a new soul into the world. THEN you are “married”, that is, inextricably linked. Until then, “shack up” if you want. Have a “commitment party” if you want. Wear gold bands if you want. Break up if you want. But DON’T go for a marriage license and stupid shit like that.

        Remember: the state will let you out of marriage … but never child support. lol With child support you can struggle, but you ain’t gettin’ away. lol You are only TRULY linked forever when you have that kid — both in the eyes of the state and in your own eyes, if you’re a real man (because real men don’t abandon their kids).

        Crisis = opportunity, and this crisis in black relations is a GRAND opportunity to REDEFINE things like “marriage” in our culture… Let’s dump the STUPID shit like spending thousands on a diamond (not even truly a precious stone, since it can be manufactured)… or going to a church (which if you’re smart, you don’t bother with on any other day anyway)… or paying thousands for a “white dress” (like she’s a fuckin virgin…please!)… This crisis is a perfect time to redefine shit among blacks, starting with marriage… We’ll be better off once we get rid of all the “cinderella” bullshit in the ways black women (and all women) look at “marriage”….

        – BE CAREFUL WHO YOU HAVE KIDS WITH! Use a condom. Do a “69”.. Put it in her mouth. Whatever. Just DON’T BE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO MAKE A BABY IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT! Mother nature wants you to, but don’t be fooled by mother nature! Learn from aaaaaaaaaaaalll the black men out there on child support that there is NO ESCAPING… and if there is no escaping child support (not to mention being a FATHER) it is INFINITELY better to have a baby with a GOOD WOMAN than a bad one! … So be veeeery careful who you have a child with!

        Both men and women will AGREE — being careful who you have a child with will be a MAJOR FACTOR in breaking the cycle of dysfunction and rebuilding community…

        Remember the Kanye West line “18 years… 18 years.. she got one of your kids, got you for 18 years”…? Well, that’s not quite accurate because if (lord forbid) the kid is born with any handicap, 17% of your income is gone for AS LONG AS THE KID IS NOT ABLE TO LEAVE THE HOME. Yes, it could be for LIFE. Period and end of story. (Plus it’s 21 years in some states, even if the kid is healthy, if the kid goes to college…) And no matter what, you’re a father for life regardless. …So be careful who you choose as the mother. Hopefully it’s with a woman that you want to be with for life… or at least the kind of rational woman you can be confident that you can be on good terms with for life. BE CAREFUL ABOUT THAT. Generally it’s the woman who has this responsibility… but because she has all the choices in the world (the pill, the morning after pill, abortion, adoption, child support, welfare), you cannot trust her. Be careful.

        – Avoid single mothers… If you’re older, that’s hard, but if you’re a young dude, make them pay a price for broken relationships. Single motherhood is a big problem in our culture. Both the men and the women need to be more deliberate about who they procreate with… We need to make it more taboo to be a single mother, and give single mothers much more reason to try to work it out with their baby daddy.

        – Build community with other black men. The breakdown in black community has also affected friendships and community among straight black men, and we need to rebuild those bonds and trust. Shout out to adigon forest, who says this in many of his videos. This is a biggie. Since black women having gone crazy, we should have our own wide networks. NO ONE else is on our side. No one else thinks like the thinking black man. No one. … So we should have our own bonds. This will also give us a chance to update the cultural values and police ourselves so as to weed out the posturing clowns and other “one eye in the mirror” types… Also an opportunity to school other black men in the practical values and principles of IBMOR and SYSBM…

        – Don’t forget a measure of humility, even in your dealings with women… even black women. Use the crisis as impetus to make you a better man… don’t let these bitches make you into reflections of them. lol

        I could go on… but I’ll save shit for some other conversation. Again — I don’t know it all, but personally, I enjoy putting ideas out there that might stimulate other ideas. And this is just off the top of my head…

        So there ^ are a few ideas that I think black men could take to heart to improve black women and relations with women overall. Mainly by being more successful in relations in general and working on yourself. Other than that, it’s up to you. But basics like these should be taken to heart, no matter what kind of woman you ultimately get with…

        The more successful you are in your relations, the higher your value, and one day, even the weave worshippers will decide that it’s worth it to play your game instead of the fuckery. Right now, too many of us are playing their game or are just lost in the chaos. We have to do our part to establish order. And that starts with using the crisis as impetus to improve ourselves and our cultural values and our way of doing things…

        So that’s what I think about it. Make the most of whatever terrain is in front of you as a collective by supporting and spreading productive cultural values… Like these ^ kind of things.

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    • Having lived overseas, I think that it is great for people that have the gumption and desire to embark on the journey. I am against thinking that anti-Blackism doesn’t exist in these countries, and that they are magical p00sey paradises, as this is not necessarily the case.

      I also believe that dudes that choose to date interracially waste time focusing on the fuckery of Black women (as entertaining as some of it may be), just as Black men that choose to stick to sisters waste time talking about interracial daters (although they may make some valid points about diluting the genes, culture, resources, etc.). It would be better for us to find out how both sides can work together, and make sure that both sides are linking up with quality women. The only shame Black men should face, in regards to this issue, should be delusional men that think that all Black women are “queenz” or that all non-Black women are beautiful and/or want us or Black men that take out the trash/defend trash of any race.

      I am of the belief that Black people would be wise to have a core community (which would have to somehow be brought out of disarray, or rebuilt from the ground up), as well as those that will go abroad or interact with other races for knowledge, trade, colonization, enterprise, and so on. Of course, a little bit of mixing would probably happen. Not every Black person should be of the same exact mindset since we bring different skills and experiences to the table. It is how we can make these attributes mesh that would help us to become more effective as a folk. The only thing that we should keep in mind is how our actions better ourselves as individuals, units, and finally, a race as a whole. In other words, we should be pro-Black, but not necessarily in the sense that the term is used on this site, but how could a Black person not want what is best for themselves and their people?

      Your comment was well-thought-out and reasonable. In my opinion, we need more people with your thought process.

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      • @Check urself:

        That was a meaty post! I agree with most except:

        1) I have zero desire and concern about the ‘black community’. The demographic and sociological trends are baked into the cake. I don’t care about being a good influence on, or monitoring what goes on inside the community. I’ve left that behind long ago.

        2) I am only concerned about making the case for why thinking brothers need to move on and save themselves without apology. Ebony men have zero obligation to sacrifice themself for some grand saving the community agenda.

        3) Men will think differently, and we can agree to disagree on points, but I will never water down my position on a false hope of influencing, saving, or trying to come to some happy medium with a Gynocracy that has spent the last couple of hundred years trying to destroy us.

        No thank you, let the ‘community’ burn.

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      • @TheGrandAdmiral —

        Good post. Thanks.

        “I also believe that dudes that choose to date interracially waste time focusing on the fuckery of Black women (as entertaining as some of it may be), just as Black men that choose to stick to sisters waste time talking about interracial daters”

        Absolutely. We should all respect whatever choice a black dude makes in a woman. Gotta recognize that there are people out there who don’t want to see us with ANY women — black or nonblack… So we should recognize that optimally, black men should have ALL women of the world to choose from… with NOBODY having any say over it… That’s the endgame. We may never get there, but that should be the north star with regard to women.

        Yep, black men should respect whatever choice a black man makes in a chick, as long as he’s not simping, or being pussy-whipped…

        “I am of the belief that Black people would be wise to have a core community (which would have to somehow be brought out of disarray, or rebuilt from the ground up)”

        Cosign. It is definitely wise to have a core community. I have a feeling that black people are going to learn this shit the hard way… lol There are big changes afoot globally, with a lot of potential for societal and economic turbulence…

        Gotta add one caveat though — the core of the reformed community shouldn’t be black “people” it should be black MEN. All else follows from that… Women only fuck up things if you try to make them equal partners, for attention or spite or self-aggrandizement or whatever. The community should be centered on the “come-up” of black men. Black women are just women (as they have proven to us for the past decades). They may flatter themselves that they’re down for the community, but that’s only because their treachery is not a good look. Truth is, their loyalty is only to themselves. They should be no more central to the community than any other kind of woman a black man chooses. White women = Black women = Asian women = whatever other kind of woman, because it’s up to us the kind of women that we make part of our circles and our communities and the mothers of our children. Any reformed community should be built by, run by, and focused on black MEN.

        And with regard to the “disarray” you mentioned, I want to emphasize: crisis = opportunity. I’m sure you know this already, but I think some black men (especially those doing their own media) overlook it. I think all the chaos and dissatisfaction represents a great opportunity to build a new system of values and reform the community.

        “Black girl syndrome” is in a way an opportunity for black culture, and some good things are coming out of it already. For example, we’re rejecting the notion of women being equal partners. Good! We’ve long rejected the bullshit christian church, but now that we see BW culture thoroughly embrace it, and the laughable results, BM are leaving that shit in the dust more than ever… Good! We’re opening our eyes to how treacherous black women have been — even historically — and taking her off that pedestal…Good! We’re recognizing the need for community, especially community among thinking black men… Good! I even sense that there’s a nascent sense of community developing between black people of all the cultures around the globe… though maybe that’s just wishful thinking… but even that comes out of the fact that we’re looking at BW around the globe as alternatives to western black women…

        Where there’s discontent, there’s opportunity to channel it into something positive… And black girl syndrome is causing a lot of discontent… So I hope bm who are making their own media keep that shit in mind.

        @Kirigakure Jones —

        Everybody needs some kind of community or other… especially since we (as black men) are never going to be fully embraced in the broader community with complete dignity… So yeah, I care about black kids and black community… and conversely, I will never want the enemies of black people to feel happy and satisfied, so I will always want black communities to bounce back…

        I won’t say I’m “pro black”, but I know that we all need community… Plus, I definitely hate bullies, including those insatiable “race-bullies” (nazis types) who want black people to suffer just for being born… Those are the people who should “burn”, not the community… So, yeah, I want black people to reform & triumph as much as the envious bully wants black people to suffer.

        And don’t forget — the gynocracy ultimately is on the side of the bully! If you don’t care about the community, if it can “burn” as far as you’re concerned… then the gynocracy has WON, because ultimately the gynocracy is about delivering black people (especially black men) into the hands of those who have that ol’ insatiable grudge (and envy) against them…

        But anyway, like you said: “men will think differently, and we can agree to disagree on points”… I think eventually virtual communities of thinking black men will come up with the right answers…


    • I don’t buy what you’re trying to say because we know full well that you don’t say this exact same thing to black women when it comes to white men. Now, that black women are writing books about forbidden sex with white vampires, yeah, I’ll dismiss everything you saying because the true reason why you typed all of that is to get us thinking black men to go back to the hoodrats that you don’t date at all.

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      • I’m not sure what you’re saying… but anyway — what control do we have over what black women do? None. We can only influence what we do…. I’m not trying to get black men to date hoodrats… I just want to see true black men win, and the people who hate on us humbled… Don’t you?

        Whether you lay down with a hoodrat or a white girl or whatever is on you… And everyone should respect it.
        Find me the right hoodrat & I’ll fuck a hoodrat too… lol

        Anyway, I don’t claim to know it all… but at least you shouldn’t willfully misinterpret what I’m saying.


  12. The entire premise of this idiots video is based on a lie. Who the hell is talking about black men going overseas to find a woman. Sure it has been suggested, but he is acting like the only message is ‘ GO OVERSEAS BLACKMEN TO FIND A WOMAN’. That is not the main point at all. There are plenty of foreign born or women with a non westernized value system right her in America. And why is this dumb negro worrying about who other men are dating and sleeping with? This is the mentality of most of these clown negroes. Sadly some of these types of men post here on a regular basis.

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    • Professional dick watchers, Bill.

      SYSBM is being wilfully distorted to mean “fuck foreign women” by simple minded negroes who don’t understand what SYSBM means.

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      • @Michel I don’t get it at all brother? Why are people like “checkurself”so worried about what black men dealing with non-black women. They use all these fearmongering based arguments revolved based around “racial purity”, “self loathing mixed kids” to deter free thinking black men from entering interracial relationships and staying on a sinking ship. On a side note if
        you don’t agree with the SYSBM ideology then get off this site immediately.

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      • When daily ritual emotional, physical, mental and spiritual abuse constitutes the “culture”, I’d rather throw that “culture” in the trash permanently.

        I travel and speak multiple languages. Whatever aspects of culture I learn from and like, I keep it and create a new “culture”, that which I’ll pass down.

        Racial loyalty and heritage mean little to me.

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      • Michel,

        Black women have ruined black culture to such an extend that anything that was good within it has practically disappeared. This is now the present culture that black women have introduced into black society and expect thinking black men to accept:

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      • @TheAmazingSecularist — If you think I’m worried about bm dealing with nonblack women, you didn’t read what I wrote. I fuck nonblack women myself… & the main reason I come here is because Verbs makes good points in an interesting way… I like the content… Why shouldn’t I participate in the discussion?

        Anyway — strong points can withstand a little challenge don’t you think? I personally like when people challenge my points because it makes them sharper… Which is why I wrote the stuff I did (which, strangely enough, no one is actually challenging)… Discussion is great for solving problems… Dogma, not so much…

        If you think that I argued for “racial purity”, you OBVIOUSLY didn’t read what I wrote… lol and I also didn’t mention anything about “self loathing mixed kids”…

        You can’t just collapse my points into the stuff you have floating around in your head already… Looks bad on you among people who actually read what I wrote… :^)


      • @TheAmazingSecularist

        No idea, mate. We can clearly see their agenda, but attempt to (badly) play devil’s advocate.
        At the end of the day, if somebody wants to persevere with fixing the “black community”, wish them the best of luck and leave them to it.

        Us, we carry on SYSBM.

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    • Bill Smith, These weak as clown Negroes are a by-product of a single black mother. They can’t think for themselves, used logic, and connect dots. The only thing the can do is worry about where Negro men like myself stick his penis in. That’s what you called penis envy. Plain and simple brother. And you got a couple of these sorry ass dick policing cats on this blog commenting. smdh

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      • So true. These clowns, despite them claiming to be ‘real men’, display every trait that the stupid black single mother that raised them has. Weak, female like idiots they are. Sad.

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  13. Checkyourself is consistently the most balanced poster on this forum. You should heed his warnings. You can discern unrighteous behavior, but sitting around wishing death and laughing at the suffering is not righteous in it of itself. “Magical thinking” without foundations in truth is pure illusion.

    The issue here is of course a spiritual one. The man is equipped with the authority to cast out and subdue the earth and all wicked spirits on earth and in heaven. So…why should men be sitting around whining about “dead woman”. Oh wait its because they are the sons of the dead woman, and therefore believe themselves to be limited in dealing with her. Bleak times for sure. Many on here refer to themselves as “thinking black men”. I would refer them to think upon the definition and history of the word “black” “niger” etc. through various languages and its usages.

    By all means pursue the wife of noble character, no one should wed the adulteress as that will result in shortening of life and much misery. But at the same time there is salvation available to the woman and the man. But everyone seems to be caught up in condemnation and blaming one another, when all of these behaviors are already condemned.

    P.S. Since you all also can see the destruction at work, I hope we all are doing our best to protect and provide for the upcoming generations, surely you haven’t forgotten about all of the beautiful children (male and female) that come from even the darkest of caves. Yah’shua is Wisdom and Understanding in Action. Surely if there is money for prostitutes and such, there is money or time to mentor one of these young ones birthed to a single parent situation. MEN the harvest is ripe, don’t give in to despair, hatred, and apathy for they are the principles that are represented by the very types of people you speak openly against.


  14. Lurker, if we are astray or misguided, we will be dealt with by the L-RD. If we are blind leading the blind, we will fall into a ditch. Didn’t Christ say ‘let them alone’? I know how to read also. ‘And ye need not that any man teach you’…..
    You don’t know any more than I do, or anyone. Nor do you have some deep spiritual understanding that the rest of us can’t see. If the holy spirit is the medium to guide man kind, why are you talking about time or money to mentor ANYONE? People read the bible and all of a sudden they are a wise sage. Typical thought process and speech from these delusional bible readers who think they know the mind of the L-RD.

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      • So you believe children come into the world as devils or is there upbringing (or lack thereof) a key factor in the expression this “devilish behavior”.

        You know what rubs some people the wrong way, people who claim to be logical but get stuck in their emotions and bait and switch when people start mentioned issues outside of their “acceptable comfort zone”. But I trust that you are much better than something like that….cause that kinda behavior reminds me of a …………

        Besides wouldn’t you rather have these children that you have “concerns about” in an after school program teaching them something useful and civilizing rather than being on the streets subject to “that life”? Seems like an easy choice to make if you are dispassionate about the whole thing. Effective solutions people. Memes are cute n stuff, but when people start talking about positive action, then people are rather passive and pessimistic. Hmm..that sounds quite similar to…. Ah the “goose and the gander”.


      • These animals have tons of opportunities. Look at the integrated black schools which they’ve revived with swimming pools and everything, and their grades still suck.

        Also, it’s not damn problem to reach out and help a group that quite frankly, ain’t worth a damn anyways

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    • There’s nothing wrong with seeking guidance in the bible by yourself. But the book is often misused (largely by pro-whacks) to lure Black men back onto the plantation field under the cover of “unity”. How many times have we heard “don’t have anger in your heart”, “your momma is black” and “it’s our job to fix this”, under the vague threat of damnation by the Lord?

      Also notice the very subtle reference to white people via “caves”…

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      • “Very subtle” Lmao…You are definitely reaching, overextending in fact, with that one LOL. Many men have lived in caves for various reasons, such as protection from the weather. Many “schools” met in secret in the caves.

        You should also be aware that I do not have some crayon person hatred agenda. “Cave” was used as a universal metaphor for the seemingly hidden good in a man. These fictions…are vicious. So by definition all of this talk is “plantation talk” you just are advocating for different plantation govt.

        A man’s mother is righteousness, unless you cling to the flesh. But hey even “Hagar and Ishmael” got their redemption when they were ready.

        Nothing new under the sun…pick a woman and culture that matches you, but know if you still live upon the earth this “Negro Problem” will not go away on its own it will require the effort of people less affected. Simple logic.

        P.S. No one can shame you into jumping into an crocodile pit, if you don’t want to!!! Love and Peace!


    • The Lord is a living man on earth, so if I speak with Wisdom then it is THE LORD. The bible is a book that refers one to their common senses, so lets not be all mystical. Thank you for sharing your FEELINGS about my response, your claims are in the nature of a strawman. We all drink from the same source of Wisdom, so a claim of superiority would be usurpious. The Mind of the Lord is in MAN.

      I don’t understand how you equate the “holy spirit as a medium” with negating money and mentorship. Money is a tool to trade for resources and time is a tool to measure change in this physical world.

      My question to you Bill, is do you believe your brothers and sisters are born doomed from birth or are they are product of miseducation and improper rearing? And if so, would not the thinking man (who has studied history and the laws of cause and effect) not seek to contribute to the uplifting of others if reasonably possible?

      It might be harder to think clearly, when you are still caught up in hurt and anger and utter disappointment. But it might be harder to admit that that one’s current condition, as well. Any who best success in finding a mate that complements you in your life.

      Proverbs 24:
      11Deliver those who are being taken away to death, And those who are staggering to slaughter, Oh hold them back. 12If you say, “See, we did not know this,” Does He not consider it who weighs the hearts? And does He not know it who keeps your soul? And will He not render to man according to his work?


      • I am an only child, so I have NO brothers or sisters. Further more I have no responsibility to ‘Uplift’ anyone. Stop being puffed up,and thinking you are some spiritual holy man, when you are just another man, who has read a book. If reading a book was enough to speak on behalf of the L-RD, than why are there so many different doctrines from people reading the same book? Every man must be persuaded in his own mind. You don’t even know what you are talking about.

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  15. This Warstories is a bigger simp than I thought: completely illogical. I would make a point by point rebuttal of his video, but it’s a waste of my efforts as I can discuss better and more important things.

    I mean… all of classic fallacies in one video. Even the “these guys are bitter” argument, LOL!!

    #SYSBM fo life!

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    • Kirigakure Jones,

      These types of characters is what we thinking black men are up against, and they wonder why black women are so messed up and continue to dig deeper into the pit of destruction.

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  16. Kirigakure Jones, very true. Sometimes I actual take time to respond to a person who makes absolutely no sense, but when I think about it, they are simply not worth my time or words. Some people are set in their mind state, and NO amount of discussion, rhetoric, or back and forth, will change their mind.

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    • Agreed. I’ve accepted that we can lay out the truth until we’re blue in the face, but some men will be too paralyzed by their desires to see the community as something worth trying to save and will be dazed and confused until their last breath. Their loss, not ours. #SYSBM!

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  17. In one breathe Pro-Whack Clowns will tell us “The Black Woman is GOD”. In the next breathe they will then say “Why ain’t y’all dating Black Women?! Black men need to love and protect Black Women! :'[ ” Can someone please explain to me why we need to love and protect someone who is supposedly God? What type of God needs people to love and protect her? Let the simps go deal with that BS if that’s the case. Us thinking Black men will deal with our beautiful Non-Black Women who actually understand that they are women and also very much look the part as well. Let Pro-Whack clowns go deal with their ugly, bald-headed beasts that have self-esteem so low that their simps have to call them “Gods” to attempt to boost it. #SYSBM

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  18. JW, my feeling is that these pro-black clowns are saying the black woman is God, only in the context of the pro-black simple ass stupid Negro male mind. These pro-black clowns are basically saying that ‘ we as pro-black clowns think that the black woman is God, in our foolish delusional pro-black, ancient Egypt, Khemet, spaceship flying, time traveling Negro nonsense world.
    But in the realm of reality these, simple ass Simp Negro clowns, deep down understand that the black woman is literally a nothing, and despite all the negative things that black women have to say about Blackmen, when it really gets serious, black women need to Blackmen to come to their rescue. And there is a never ending line of the simple ass clown negro men to come to their defense.
    The level of stupidity amongst these pro-black clowns is mind-boggling.

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    • They kill me with that hotep crap. I don’t even get mad when I see other people posting memes and stuff about We Wuz Kangz!!!, hell go ahead and make fun of them! They NEED to be made fun of!

      Flying around spaceships in Carthage with En Sabah Nur, but y’all can’t even own businesses in your own neighborhoods? But I forgot, the knuckle dragging European cave dwelling devil stole de magic juju and done do de big nasty stuff to de black man and his queen, Pharoah Scrag El Dag El.

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  19. Hoteps are stupid feminized men.remember how white men calling their daughters princesses ended up for them..these same ww now fuk us for sport. Lol hoteps by calling bw ‘gods’ cause these women to run to thugs and fuk them for sport while they hoteps/simps endup
    with blkpower fists salutes and smiles only.

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  20. So, y’all know that crappy ghetto Speedway I always mention? They’ve recently gotten a cute blonde white manager to corall the host of wild mountain goats they call (female) employees. She is very nice and I had noticed her subtle flirtation with me and her apologizing to me for the idiot monkeys’ bad customer service. So today, I pulled her aside to flirt and she was quick to give up dem digits!

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  21. These hoes stay LOSING!!!!!
    Even when the SIMPS armies come out to the battlefield with the bugles blazing LoL. Playing us that same ass sad song….


    SYSBM 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  22. The double speak of this fool War Stories is over the top. You can almost hear this fools brain splitting into 2 hemispheres as he talks. As usual you put the simp on blast Verbs. How TF can you say anything negative about SYSBM at all since it is about seeking out the best the world has to offer? The USA and Westernized nations foster the worst opportunities for men in relationships. Given that reality, one must expand their horizons. Sounds like Whore Stories is a typical crab in the bucket.

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  23. FLCl exactly as soon as I bring a Spanish or Asian women around the so called pro black telling me you need to date black women be asking me damn where did you meet her. These dudes are the biggest frauds ever they tell you to only date BW but as soon as they see a attractive women from another race they have their tongues wagging out. That’s because the same BW they are defending are not checking for their ass. Another thing some of the guys who make the point about building a black community you guys do realize BW have sided with the white man system and have been taking BM out to the wood shed for years how the hell do you think we can reverse that we cannot. Another thing is BW do not care about having a strong black community as long as they keep getting gifts from their white father they could care less about building a strong black community. Brothers are not going to sit around and keep getting disrespected and taken to the cleaners sorry that makes no sense to do that we have options, the idea of a strong black community is good in theory but it is the BW who has destroyed it.

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  24. Do you all notice when the pro blacks come here and try to write a book about how we should give black women a chance that they themselves never tell black women to change their ways on their platforms like beyond black and white and world star hip hip? Penis envy is very real.

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    • You have to understand that the cuts are coming, so we’re going to see a lot of these devil-sent tricksters on here refining their message. The aim is the same – for you to offer yourself as human sacrifice for the big booty bimbo god.

      Be free and run to White women. #SYSBM or die.

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  25. Some of you hoteps seem to think I’m of the mindset to rebuild/fix “da community”. I’m NOT. My only wish is for as many of the demonic witchbreed negroes to die, and only then can thinking black men and their non-black wives go in and build any sort of Eden.

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    • @afrofuturism1 Indeed. Not only am I going to save myself but I’m also preserving my seed and assets for a non-black women mainly (white) that is worthy of my respect and time. #SYSBM

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