The “Love” Continues

Exhibit A:


You’ll notice that whenever black women decide to verbally rail against black men and point out their shortfalls, they are extremely careful in avoiding that one important question, “who raised black men to be that way in the first place”? Black women at this stage should be placed in front of a very large audience and be laughed at until the people cannot laugh anymore.

I have stated this many times before, how can black women ever bring to light black men’s issues and criticise us without ever introducing themselves into the equation? Well, this is the mental insanity and the profound stupidity of the modern-day black woman which she will commonly place on display for the entire world to see.

At any point if black women are going to critique black men then they must also be prepared to bring themselves into the equation as the manufacturers of those same black males. Black women are complaining about black men and their various problems yet it is these same black women who are producing these defective black men to begin with.

Inez Mickel is a complete and utter numbskull of a black female, at no time are black men ever allowed the privilege of taking up the mantle of victimhood, black men are held accountable for their actions at every turn. Unlike black women black men think with logic and common sense, if we are to blame then we will take the L, if the blame is to be allocated to somebody else then so be it. We place the blame at the feet of the guilty parties, that is the way things are supposed to work.

The problem with most black women is that they feel they must never be held accountable and responsible for anything. Indeed, through the assistance of the state they have managed to keep things in this disjointed fashion for quite a while, however with the presidency of Donald Trump, it looks as if the black woman’s days of playing the victimhood card are soon coming to an end.

You’ll see that her partner in crime Andrea Whitlow is no better. Let it be known that black women are never concerned with the causes of black men, the only reason why they take to the streets and parade themselves like circus clowns whenever a black man is gunned down by a police officer is purely to bring attention towards themselves, if they were truly concerned about black men getting shot then they wouldn’t raise them to exhibit violent behaviours whereby their chances of being shot by police are significantly increased.

Also you’ll notice that when Dey Dey is shot by Tyrone(which occurs very often in poor black America), black women are not only completely silent on the issue but they are also nowhere to be found in those same streets. Again, black women only march for dead black men because there is attention to be brought towards themselves in doing so.

Black women are attention vampires especially where black men are involved. You’ll notice that you will not see black women taking up responsibility and accountability for the 50000 plus unborn black children they kill each month in abortion centers around the US. Black lives simply don’t matter to most black women, the welfare of black children black women certainly are not concerned with, just look at how they treat their children both inside and outside of the womb.

Of course you can already see the kind of degenerate Andrea Whitlow is, in her profile picture she has drawn a penis next to her mouth, that says it all really. The arrogance of the black woman is incredible to behold, however that arrogance will very soon be turned into to despair, panic, anger and distress as she slowly begin to lose their government rights, privileges, benefits and immunity.

I have a bowl of popcorn in one hand and a glass of cold juice in the other ready to watch the events unfold, this is going to be better than a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Remember, don’t save them black men, let them fall by the wayside and perish in their own iniquities. Black women as a collective must be judged and completely broken in order to learn valuable lessons.

Lastly, why is Whitlow talking about thugs with disdain and hatred when thugs, criminals and gangsters are the black woman’s number one choice for companionship and procreation?

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

33 thoughts on “The “Love” Continues

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  2. And deez beez dah queenies dat deez thugs beez defending. Any black man still trying his damndest to “keep it real” with a group that clearly despises him is an idiot! And no, it’s not racist white or any other group of women saying this, either! Hell, instead they’re receptive toward us for their men doing the same $h1t!!!!

    Go through a black hood, nothing but lusty louts and thieving layabouts walking the streets like dreadlocked zombies, and these are the creatures that typical that feccid gross ass!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women as a collective simply aren’t the friends of black men, I really don’t know how many black men cannot see this. How on earth is one meant to “keep it real” with women who want to see nothing but our death and destruction?

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  3. Andrea Whitlow has no sympathy towards black men of her likeness (DYSFUNCTIONAL) getting shot down in the streets of crime infested and impoverish black communities even if he’s an accused rapist thug. Well, he and men alike are products of the environment created by the black matriarchy where it was led by over hyper-emotional, sex-crazed females touching these men inappropriately starting after leaving the hospital and allowing no-good thug dudes to get a piece of the action. Crazy sh*t.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      They always conveniently leave themselves out of the equation whenever the subject of dysfunctional black male society arises. Black women complaining about the very same products they have created via their own hands, smh.


      • Quite the contrary, my brother. If anything, they doubled down on the f*ckery. Like I said on here before, even the grimey, ghetto rap dudes they’re actually attracted to are starting to abandon them. When Trick Daddy, Rick Ross and Kodak Black start jumping ship, it’s a wrap.

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  4. Professor Trick Daddy is a self-described “thug.” Even the thugs have caught on to the dysfunctional behavior that exists in 95% to 99% of black women. When the thugs leave black women alone, black women will have even fewer men.

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    • Blk women created the thugs once in jail they’re then on to the next thug.. After a while a simp is required of us thinking blkmen..but we to must treat them like the thugs fuk n dump or just cause ignore them (which is wat i prefer i dont want nothing to do with them)i got this casual friend who this blk whore wouldn’t have give time if day in her twenties now she’s 33.she had three thug kids with a baby daddy in jail…I thought my boy was a simp cause I’d known him to be like a blue pill kinda dude but he impressed me to my suprise fuked her a couple weeks then dumped her he’s your typical so called square aka good blkman you wouldn’t expect that kind of behaviour from..she called his phone for a month non stop telling him blkmen aint shit..he told her would you have fuked me in your prime?..bitch quit calling after that.true story. I guess more blkmen are waking up.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      BW are already cannibalizing and scissoring each other; the biggest lesbo population in America is black women. And these are ones we know about, not the lipstick lesbians who look cute and normal but dabble with twat on the side. Mind you, these are the same hoes who call you “gay” when they disagree with you.

      Date out, black man, date out.

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      • Scissoring, just found out what that dumb crap meant.

        Yeah, as I’ve stated in my videos, most black Women are ticking time dykes, and when their supply of thug dick dries up, they have no problem munching a few carpets, even those of family members!

        I have a cousin who is dyking it up with another cousin! And yep, she has a kid. Because, well, black dykes only KINDA dislike dick.

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      • It’s funny that men that think the way you gentlemen do always reference the shitty black woman. You never speak of the black women that are decent. I don’t have a house full of babies and I am 40 years old. I have one child and when his father and I broke up I never brought another man in the house to live because I wanted to set a decent example. I believe in respecting people and no matter what his father and I go through I don’t talk bad about him because I chose him. I can own my mistakes and learn from them. Please understand I don’t hate black men and I do not view you as an enemy. My son is 17 years old has never been in trouble with the law, no babies and he gets good grades. It is real easy to say if it does not apply let it fly but that is a lot easier said than done. Black men seem to think that the only thing black women care about is dick. Black women like me know that dick is always plentiful. Love is what is hard to find. I do not care who black men choose to marry, date, procreate with etc. just be happy. I tell my son you can love whoever you choose. I don’t care what race she is or her complexion just make sure she treats you right. I will always be a cheerleader of black men because I have the pleasure of raising one. I hope you gentleman find the love and happiness that you deserve with the non black women that you choose. Please keep in mind some of us are good people that just want to live and let live.


  5. @Mel Copelame
    The so called good ones only speak out when they feel they’ve been lumped in with the bad ones, and never call out said bad ones themselves to strike a line in the sand. It’s the same as Muslims.

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    • @afrofuturism1 Right. They only care when its convenient for them at that particular moment or when their is something to gain from that deed, otherwise its just selective outrage.

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  6. The image on the main page is direct from Blackistan.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the ratchetness and thuggery cancel themselves out.

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  7. This just in:

    The SYSBM State Department has recently issued an advisory warning all thinking black men to avoid all travel to The Sistuh’s Republic of Blackistan indefinitely.

    This advisory shall remain in effect until further notice.

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  8. A few points. You always notice that all of these black women demons, who are in lesbian relationships with other ugly ass black women, always have children. There are probably tens of thousands of young black children who are being raised by Butch dyke lesbians and their perverted man hating black mother, who is so bitter and angry toward Blackmen that she had to actually look for a replacement black man with a vagina, who equally hates Blackmen as much as she does.
    I actually just got dizzy speaking my last comment. This is how absolutely utterly insane and backward black women are in the black community is because of black women in the power that they have been given in order to control things in the black community.
    All these black female butch dyke whores who are involved with these other books dyke whores all claim that ‘they don’t need no nigga’, but ironically they all needed some nigga in order to get the black children that they have that they are raising not with the father of those children, but with some disgusting he-man looking black dyke bitch whore.
    When I’m out in public, I seriously sometimes have trouble discerning these black dykes from these little thug black Negroes with their pants hanging off their ass. Black women really want to be Blackmen, and actually delusionally believe that they can accomplish this perverted dream that they have. If black women could have their way Blackmen would either be exterminated from the planet earth or Blackmen would be in concentration camps with their sperm being extracted from them, so black women could have control over the lives of the little black boys and subsequently the young black men who they hate so much, but want to control.
    Black women are truly sick sick mentally ill animals who really need to be placed in cages or mental institutions for the safety of black children and the world in general.
    And regarding the topic of this thread, of course black women will never take responsibility for anything they do. Black women cannot be blamed, held accountable for, or take responsibility for anything they ever do. This is the mentality of black women. Because most black men have been raised by black women, and these Blackmen have taken on the mentality of black women, they feel that black women can do no wrong, and any black man who actually calls out black women on their perverted worldview and way of doing things is actually in the wrong and probably worthy of death.
    Black women pollute absolutely everything they touch. And what do we see as thinking Blackmen when in public? What we see our hordes and hordes of black women leading around large groups of young black children, without a man in sight. Then when needs young black children grow up to be young adults who absolutely terrorize everything and everyone they come in contact with, black women want to point the finger at Blackmen, as if Blackmen had any substantial role in raising these children. Black women have ran Blackmen out of their own household and separated them from their own children for the vast majority of their lives in a lot of cases. The children are being raised by mentally ill black women. And these black children are growing up to be antisocial mentally ill sociopaths.
    But of course everything falls at the seat of Blackmen. Black women are strong women who are raising their children independently without any help. Except for the help that they get from the white daddie government in terms of giving them free housing, free healthcare, free food, free education, free everything that Blackmen have no access to whatsoever.
    But once again according to these pro-black clowns white supremacy and Becky the Whitewomen is who I need to be afraid of. I’m beyond done with the majority of black people in general and is far as black women go, 99.9% of them can just drop dead.

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  9. TheAmazingSecularist, no. But I will continue to look, and if she comes my way, she comes my way. But if she doesn’t, so be it. But she will come my way, and I know this is true.
    My problem is I’m addicted to hookers!!!!!!!!! And don’t spend enough time actually trying to find a true companion. I spend most of my time paying 19 and 20 year olds for sex parties!!!!!!! Yes, I have an addiction. But don’t let my addiction distract from my message, Hahahahahaha!!!!! I just love screwing young whores for money. But I actually need to stop that, and try to find a long term mate. She will come. I have faith and know she will eventually come. All I need is one.
    Thanks for asking Afrofuturism1.

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    • So wait, Bill Smith. You sit in judgement over black women yet you straight-up pay for pussy. You thought we were gonna just gloss over that, right? I hope you’re joking.


  10. I didn’t think anyone would gloss over anything. And no I wasn’t joking at all. You show me one man who doesn’t pay for pussy directly or indirectly. How does nailing young hookers change the validity of anything I have to say about black women? What are you talking about and what is your point?


  11. Also who is this ‘we’ you are referring to? Do you speak for anyone on this website other than yourself? Because you seem to be the only person who thought something would be glossed over Schandenfreude, and why would you hope another grown man would be joking about Who he has sex with? What man actually gives a damn about who another man is having intercourse with? Why are you concerned about who I’m having sex with for the manner in which I choose to go about doing so? You sound like a fucking woman.


  12. Most men pay for sex in some form. If you are a great pickup artist, you pay for sex by having to spend your time talking to some female. These guys must hear about the female’s life for one hour before they have sex.


  13. Gregory Chandler exactly. You pay in the forum of having to act like you are concerned about the woman other than sexually, just to get some sex. This sometimes takes weeks. Sometimes you have to take a woman out many times just because you want sex from her. This is a form of payment. There are countless other ways men pay for sex, but the man is paying for the sex in one form or another. If men didn’t have to pay for sex (time wise, gift wise, going out on dates, and paying for everything) guys would just be able to walk up to a female say ‘I want to fuck you’, and the women would just spread their legs.
    Men pay for sex, and always have. What man is dumb enough or ignorant enough not to understand this concept? Gee, I can think of one. SMH.


    • Three whole responses to justify your bullshit, you done, Bill Smith? LOL.

      Mongering in private and standing in judgement over people in public simultaneously is more than a little hypocritical and dissonant, like a GOP politician, but hey. Keep doing you.

      Carry on, Bill Smith.


  14. No I’m not done. What are you laughing about? There is absolutely nothing hypocritical about anything I do. And of course I will continue to do what I do. Always have.


    • If you ask me, at least straight up prostitution cuts out the “middle man”. At least you’re guaranteed p*ssy (unless for some reason you actually DON’T want it) once you’ve paid the agreed-upon price.


  15. The basic relationship between males and females is some form of prostitution. In the early days, men would hunt for food. The woman would show up offering sex or the possibility of sex to the males. The woman would also cook the food. The early woman exchanged sex for food. This form of prostitution continues to this day with women getting something of value for sex. Women receive attention, gifts, money, funny jokes, and all other manner of payments for sex.


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