Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 5

Big Up yourself Vurbyl Khent once again for these masterful memes. Continuing on from part 4:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

34 thoughts on “Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 5

  1. I wanted to share this information with you guys. I hope Kirigakure Jones doesn’t mind. Once again, don’t ever feel ashamed or feel as if you’re less of a man for wanting a different path in your life. It’s your life and live it the way you see fit with the woman who is best for you.

    Peter Fontaine, writing from Virginai on March 30, 1757, said: “Many base wretches amongst us take up with Negro women by means of which of the country swarms with mulatto bastards, and these mulattoes if but three generations removed from the black father or mother, may, by the indulgence of the laws of the country, intermarry with white people, and actually do every day so marry.” Pg 160

    Jane Grey Swisshelm, a militant white writer, who did noble work in nursing wounded soldiers during the civil war was also shocked at the miscegenation she saw everywhere at the capital, and especially in high places. She says, “While abolition was scoffed at by hypocritical priest as opening the door to amalgamation, here in the nation’s capital lived some of our most prominent statesmen in open concubinage with Negresses, adding to their income by sale of their own children, while one could neither go out nor stay indoors without meeting indisputable testimony of the truth of Thomas Jefferson’s statement, The best blood of Virginia runs in the veins of her slaves. Pg 170

    (After the Civil War)
    During the fourteen years the Northern army was in the South a vast amount of miscegenation took place between the white soldiers and the Negro women so much so so that many Southerners content that “there was no amalgamation until the Northern solders came down during the war and remained in garrison during the Reconstruction.” Pg 259

    Numbers of Negro women actually flung themselves at the white men. Chestnut says, “The colored women, dressed in their gaudiest array carried bouquets to the Yankees, making the day a jubilee. Mrs. Eppes wrote, “The Negro women sought the white men openly—even young boys were not safe from their solicitation.” Pg 260

    “They had two Negro balls while they were here, the white men dancing with the Negro women. One night they held their orgy in Bolton’s Range and kept everybody in the square awake with their disgraceful noise. They strutted about the streets on Sunday with Negro wenches on their arms.” Pg 260

    Source: Sex and Race: A History of White, Negro, and Indian Miscegenation in the Two Americas, Vol. 2: The New World by J.A. Rogers

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    • Numbers of Negro women actually flung themselves at the white men. Chestnut says, “The colored women, dressed in their gaudiest array carried bouquets to the Yankees, making the day a jubilee. Mrs. Eppes wrote, “The Negro women sought the white men openly—even young boys were not safe from their solicitation.” Pg 260M

      Damn, just DAYUM!!! The eternal bedwench!!
      There’s no way in HELL you can tell me that these black Women are no worse than any other group!

      Throwing themselves at young boys, just damn….
      And for what?!!! They weren’t at war, they weren’t screwing the men at gunpoing like other groups of women might do in captivity, it was literyjust to get a “light skinded bebeh wif da gud hayer”.

      Y’all “crispy” dudes will soon realize that the dark skin they so criticized is an armor. With these welfare cut offs, I’m literally afraid for my virginity and scared that these hoes will try to pin me down and ride me for some holy milk.

      Hell, today I had a black chick smile and wink at me, and this is after the white dude I worked with whispered his confusion over whether she was a man or woman lol.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      Thanks for posting this, finally got round to reading it. I’ll have to pick up that book at some point. Yep, these black whores have been sellouts for a very long time, however in this modern day the opposite is happening. White men are now throwing black women to the wayside and additionally more black men are refusing to come to their rescue. If Christelyn Karazin could bring back those slavery days of old she would do so in a heartbeat.


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  3. Man I should be commenting on all these classic posts more than I should. But I must say…Shout out To Brothas Verbs and V. Kent etc. for these…blantly reminders of ILLogical yet SOOO stupid axiums the typical n*ggacunts and her punk ass SIMPathetic Captain brood and buffers who cosign the sh*t these b*tches be saying.

    And the beauty of all, these saaaaame n*ggacunts would call this “Racism” for the fact that…of course, there’s a white female(by the way she carries herself openly by denouncing feminism in all areas and forms) on the picture of these memes. Plus we know the trifling talking points that they claim to make when victimhood is convenient. Naw see what they want is someone who’s “skrooong enuff…to wipe dey gurl ass if she dont feeyal lak it!!” and then some.

    Lets say…these bozo bimbo booboo head heffas DID find a man to wipe they’re BIG STANK ASS ASSES!!
    One day, they’ll say…”OMG this n*gga’s a keepaaaa! gurl did n*gga wipe my ass claaaaang ya feyal meee??!”
    Then the next day, “Why yall n*ggas soooo nastay?? why yall wiping b*tches asses but ain got no playans to wife a b*tch?? yall n*ggas LAAAAME AF!!!”

    Smmfh…Now……It really aint hard to tell when YOU KNOW! a black femicunt savage is a typical WELFARE B*TCH!!! when she’s constantly on social media every 1-5 seconds like the memes/posts above by the way she TALKS!! Yay yaaaay you the “most educated women on the planet”!! but for the LIFE of YALL, cant engage in intellectual convos, cant speak proper grammar, cant keep your mouth and legs closed but them sh*ts stay open for degenerates, cant organically nourish the man’s offspring, cant cant cant cant!!!!

    So we Critically Thinking Blackmen are like Foxy Brown to you negropeans….
    WE CANT!!!

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  4. These blk whores have dug themselves holes they can’t get off out no body takes them serious I even read last month some white man grab some blk woman’s ass after some rugby match in south Africa when she compliance he racially Insulted her…at this point blk Women are doomed.ghettogaggers has gone worldwide now white men think they’d do anything to blk women and get away with it..if a blkwoman ain’t family idgaf about her.they made their bed now they’ll lay in it.

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    • No matter how many nonblack women say they like black dudes, not having women of your own culture to choose from is a HUGE disadvantage… (especially in the US)… So you young guys better make sure you’re looking for a decent woman while you’re young, in a very deliberate and conscious manner… Know what you like, know what complements you & keep your eyes open for it…

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      • Check Urself,

        With black women having brought about nothing but death and destruction upon black society there is really little else the thinking black man can do but look ouside for love and companionship. With the rise of the internet I believe things are a lot easier than they would have been prior. Besides I find that a huge part of most cultures around the world involve adhering to redundant and in many cases dysfunctional traditions.

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      • > not having women of your own culture to choose from is a HUGE disadvantage… (especially in the US)…

        On the contrary, choosing women from “the culture” is a HUGE disadvantage – and a guarantee for a life of strife, drama, death and destruction.

        check urself – YOU can keep the women from “the culture”. Thinking black men have decided it’s not worth the risk.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the SIMPS scoop up all the busted-assed women from “the culture”.

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      • Black men have the world of White women to choose from… a huge advantage to me. Go where you’re celebrated, not hated.

        “Culture”, “roots”, keeping it “real”, be goddamned to hell.


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      • Yeah, but it’s a numbers game. If you’re living in london that’s one thing. If you’re living in virginia, or south carolina, or indiana, you’re up the creek. Either way, not having women of your own culture to choose from puts you at a disadvantage. This is what makes the black female betrayal that much more heinous. It’s going to result in lots of black men (and black women) being alone, unfulfilled and uninspired, all because of the black female egotism/insecurity syndrome.

        And let’s be real: white women (and other women) aren’t perfect… In fact, many are possessed by the same racial shit that has black women psyched out… Some are racist, and consider it an affront if BM even make an overture. That is the one time where they can openly express their grudge against black people, and they do. Some will find BM attractive, but would never be seen in public with one… Some will bring their own brand of fat & crazy to relationships, thinking that black men will accept fat and crazy because they will value them more for being nonblack.

        …Not to mention the fact that white women have a very distinct look, which not all men are into. Some black men prefer nonblack women with a little more color… some simply prefer to not date (nor procreate with) white women because of the racial tensions… And among nonwhite/nonblack (ie asian & latina) women? Your odds of finding a decent looking one with a broad mind completely drop off a cliff. Personally, I like white women just fine, better than other nonblack women, but even I see that not all white women are attractive by far, inside and out. I like white women who are fit & fine… and where I live, those women generally aren’t crossing the racial line.

        If nonblack women were plentiful and there were an ocean of them for your everyday black man to choose from, we would all just shrug, shake our head and move on from BW… Let the weave-worshippers cycle through their psychoses. What makes “black girl syndrome” so fucked up is that they’re robbing us of something other men can take for granted — a female cultural counterpart, ie. “plenty of fish in the sea”. If you’re a decent black man looking for love and companionship, no, there are not “plenty of fish in the sea”.

        Even a lot of us who know black women are demonically possessed still fuck black women for the reasons above. See Tommy Sotomayor, Adigun Forest and others…

        …Which is why I made my original point: you should keep your eyes open for that “keeper” (of whatever race) while you are young… because shit only gets harder as you get older…. wherever you are… but especially if you’re in the states and not in NYC or CA.

        My first white gf was really sweet, but I wasn’t thinking long-term at that point… Knowing what I know now, I would have at least given it a thought. Even a few of my black girlfriends were sweet when I was in my 20s… Not sure if they would’ve changed as black female culture changed, but anyway, you get my point…

        Let me also add that travel isn’t the answer either, because travel is temporary. That might be fine for some, who don’t mind just having a chick for two weeks out of the year (and a different chick each time), but for others that isn’t optimal. And “green carding” them (ie, marrying them) is a BIG no no, in my opinion. Nonblack women remain women, that is, they are MANIPULATIVE. lol And you bet your bottom dollar, if you green card one, they will flip, get pregnant & “child support” your ass.

        So the only real answer is to be diligent and take finding a decent one seriously… That’s hard to tell you youngsters — I know, because it would’ve been hard to tell me when I was young. lol Then again, when I was young, women in general probably weren’t quite as fucked up as what you guys are probably facing. I’m talking about the days when it wouldn’t have been hard to find a black chick without a tattoo…

        But anyway, as a black man, you know that everything is going to be harder for you than anyone else — and “black girl syndrome” really throws a monkey wrench into things… So you gotta make a plan and take it seriously. Keep your eyes open.



    Brotha Verbs, you & the “Clap back” squad HAVE DONE IT AGAIN!!!!

    It’s soooooo much truth in these clap backs, I might print them out & blow them up to a giant sized-poster!! LoL. Then I’ll start putting these posters all over the world if need be….

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  6. This is funnier than usual cause its soooo many baby mama’s that really think they shit don’t stink!! And them jezebel whores keep lying to themselves about some real dude with real $$ will come to the projects & rescue them & they dirty azz kids!!!! Holy shit!!

    This made my day!!! I’m serious, nothing can ruin my day now.

    These whores really think that a man with his own $$$ and NO KIDS should come save them & their ghetto tribe!!! I sound like a broken record right now, but just imagine all the broken records we’ll have after that Trump clap back!!!


    SYSBM 4 LIFE!!!

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    • >These whores really think that a man with his own $$$ and NO KIDS should come save them & their ghetto tribe!!!

      They’re like a used car lot full of flood-damaged vehicles. Even the insurance companies have declared them a total loss.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the ghetto tribe gets swept away by the flood.

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  7. A few years back at one of my part-time side jobs [hey I’m a hard workin’ black man] some nasty BW whore [she was a single parent, no surprise there!] said some stupid BW shaming hoe quote..

    Her: “So you don’t date women with kids?? Hmmmm, that makes you a little boy & it means you only date little girls!! A real woman has kids!!!”
    Me: [After laughing in her face for about 85 seconds] “Soooo you think I’m a little boy?? Naw I’m a grown azz man. Where’s your babby daddy by the way??”
    Her: “He’s at home. He just got outta jail.”
    Me: “Well check this out. A grown man has his own $$ his own house & takes care of business as a free man!! A little boy sits at home while his woman goes out to work. So that means you like little boys!! Now quit speaking to me!!”

    And after much laughter from the rest of the staff, that was the end of that conversation.. LoL…

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    • The odacity of these blk whores is unbelievable.. I’d rather impregnate a fat white whore than wife the baddest blk butch with four thug baby daddies.
      and thats a big ‘If’ I’d date a blk woman with a kid… is if she was actuall divorced. And previoudly legally married at least 7 yrs to a hardworking decent negro and was decent her self with a non ghetto mannerisms and not more than 35 yrs. She’d have to have a surburban white girl swag and accent. Other than that I’d never date these whores with thug kids.when it comes to pleasing maSA they put their best white girl swag upfront.

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  8. Hi Verbs! I’ve been reading your posts on this site for a while and I want to suggest that you talk more about scripture than just black women. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a few experiences myself, and I see nothing wrong with what you’re doing. But we black men need to stay focused on the Word and the Most High. Thank you.

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    • Isaiah Rode-Warsaw,

      I hear and appreciate your suggestion however dealing with the black woman and her innumerable transgressions is what the Most High has commissioned me to deal with at this moment in time, you have to remember that the gospel isn’t just about dwelling within the scriptures, it also involves bringing the truth to light, exposing lies, evil, wicked works and talking about solutions for everyday problems.

      I will bring in the scriptures as and where appropriate, however I don’t want to be an individual who talks about scriptures all day yet brings no practical solutions to people’s everyday problems, this is the way of your typical institutional church beast parishioner, something that I am not.

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      • I completely agree with your statement, but in order for you to expose black women righteously, you must quote scripture (chapter and verse) that backs up the transgressions that took place in the past and today.


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