Serena Williams Now A Baby Mother! No Wedding No Womb……………………Except For White Men

The picture above is of the high priestess of swirling for black women only, the one and only Christelyn Karazin, a crafty individual of much deceit who I talked about in Negro Wars. She is also the proponent behind the concept of no wedding no womb. The term is pretty self-explanatory, however let us allow Karazin herself to give a further explanation from her website In the about section of the site under the question what is no wedding no womb Karazin writes the following:

“No Wedding No Womb is a primary call directed to the black community to take action against the rampant births of children who are born without physical, financial and emotional protection. It is a call for accountability for both MEN and WOMEN to be mindful of the huge responsibility and privilege they have when bringing a child into the world.

NWNW is a double entendre. The phrase has two meanings. The primary meaning of “wedding and wedded”, of course, is the marriage ceremony.  The secondary definition means “devotion.”  I chose “womb,” because that is the life source of children, it is the place that feeds, protects and nurtures the child”.

The basic explanation is black women refusing to have children until the man concerned marries them. This is a good practice in principle, however we already know that the majority of black women are open Jezebels by trade who simply cannot help themselves, thus the concept of no wedding no womb is wasted on them. Therefore in light of the NWNW practice, when Serena Williams came up pregnant earlier this year by her boyfriend and now baby father, one Mr Alexis Ohanian, you would have thought that the enchantress Karazin would have expressed her disappointment at Williams falling pregnant before walking down the aisle right?

Wrong, instead of sticking to her own non wedding no womb principles Christelyn Karazin simply revealed the hypocrisy and the double standards prevalent amongst most black women that black men have been talking about for the longest while. Take a look at this short article Karazin wrote on the 19th April 2017 on her main website which is also accompanied by a video:

Do you see in the video how Karazin immediately reaches for damage control in her attempts to buffer herself and Williams from the rightful criticisms both of them deserve, Karazin for failing to call Williams outright to task on her grave shortfall and Williams for being your typical black female, landing herself pregnant without being married? No wedding no womb means just that, William’s economic status makes no difference to anything, the fact of the matter is she failed to exercise responsibility, self-discipline ie holding off being impregnated until she was married. “It would have been NICER if they were married before she got pregnant”, “nicer”, really Karazin?

In the same related video Karazin also went on to talk about how it is sexist and typically patriarchal that men view a woman who has been married and has children differently than a married woman who has no children. However when dealing with the overwhelming majority of black woman the fact of the matter is most aren’t married and have children, therefore to even introduce marriage into the equation relating to black females is disingenuous on her part.

Black women as a collective no longer believe in marriage(when black men are involved), they don’t believe in black communities neither the black family structure, most black women are quite content with big government, corporate employment, section 8/welfare, weaves, Gucci bags, fake eye lashes, fake eye brows, expensive clothes, feminism and using the media arm of their white father to defecate upon the heads of black men whenever the opportunity arises. Black women choose to be single mothers and for the overriding majority they quite enjoy that way of living.

The truth of the matter is men are also allowed to have high standards when it comes down to women, seeing as the woman takes on the man’s last name when she is married to him and additionally the woman is supposed to be a reflection of that same man, we as men have the unalienable right to impose whatever stringent, elevated and robust standards we choose concerning the women we decide to commit to. Contrary to the disjointed teachings of feminism it is the man who is the nucleus of any relationship, marriage and family, not the woman.

For example you’ll notice that in non western cultures that have not been tainted by gynocentric philosophies, the woman will serve the man’s food first before anybody else in the house. This is because in those cultures the traditional values of recognising the man’s importance as being not only the provider but also the foundation of the family are still upheld.

Back to the matter at hand, here is yet another short article Karazin wrote in August this year yet again praising Serena Williams upon her baby mother status and once again refusing to hold her accountable for making such a reckless decision:

The truth of the matter is in the eyes of black women white men are completely exempt from the no wedding no womb rules and regulations, they are enforced upon black men and black men alone. In fact when it comes down to dating and marrying black women, white men have no obligation to meet any standards or requirements whatsoever. Your average white male can be a bum living out of a cardboard box in the streets, decked out in torn clothes and rags and the majority of black women will still take him under their wing. Why is this? It’s simple, black women worship white men as gods, therefore in the eyes of your average black witch Mr Charlie can do no wrong.

Allow me to introduce Dr Umar Johnson into the mix. I hear you asking why am I bringing him into the equation? Once again its simple, Christelyn Karazin stands for the complete opposite that Umar Johnson does, she is for black women abandoning black men and instead dealing with non black males, white men in particular(which I personally don’t have any problems with), whereas Johnson advocates for black love and black unity. As far as he is concerned black men should only date and marry black women.

Question, to date why hasn’t Dr Johnson called out Christelyn Karazin on her swirling movement? As far as I am aware she is the biggest proponent of interracial dating for black women on YouTube and possibly the internet, so it’s not as if he wouldn’t have heard of her and seen her works. The truth is pro black pundits such as Umar Johnson will always give black women a clean pass on all of their transgressions, just as black women will give white men an unconditional pardon on theirs. Yet at the same time various members of these same pro black squadrons will never pass up an opportunity to reprimand thinking black men who choose to expand on their dating options in light of the black female’s deplorable condition.

Seeing as black women form a core part of his audience Johnson will never call out Karazin or any other black women who promote swirling. This is the cowardly nature of your average pro black simpleton, they are afraid to hold black women accountable for fear of upsetting their god as well as having their access to easy sex revoked, yet at the same time most black women rarely give these pro black members sex to begin with, they instead reserve opening their legs to the likes of Tyrone as well as J Boogie from the block(coincidently the same types of black men whom the majority of black women end up pregnant by).

Black men who still choose to deal with black women alone ought to feel angered and heavily insulted at the fact that black women will impose one set of rules for yourselves while at the same time waiving those same said regulations for white and other non black males. Once again, no wedding no womb is only applicable when black men are involved, you ought to thank Christelyn Karazin for that and always remember this anytime you observe black women in your day to day runnings.

The fact still remains that black women simply aren’t in any significant demand by white and other non black men, as I have mentioned before swirling is on the decrease for black females, the swirl movement is dead and it is only Karazin who is keeping the grand illusion going that black women can easily land themselves a non black man, in order to syphon more dollars from the pockets of her followers. I told you this back in August 2016 when I covered Karazin’s clash with the Vegainator and released my final article on the matter which can be seen here. Be free black men, be free, stop allowing black women to interfere and meddle in your dating affairs while at the same time being openly hypocritical and adhering to double standards in theirs. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Reject And Call Out Hypocritical Black Females

Most High Bless

61 thoughts on “Serena Williams Now A Baby Mother! No Wedding No Womb……………………Except For White Men

      • I saw in the newspaper last night (Daily Mail) that Serena had major complications during her “labour”……………………….hmmmmmm now brother Verbs, tell me (hope you are well by the way, I have not been on this site for ages. I should not be really, as this is really a forum for blokes, but I thought I’d say hey, add a couple of cheeky but valid jokes and the odd comment of relevance and return to my rightful place as a woman, lol!) could it be that staff at the hospital realised that Serena may actually be a man and the child may have been artificially inseminated or born to a surrogate in another room, whereby the only “complications” Serena speaks of is that the cameras and were not set up in time to give the false news of the “arrival” of baby Alexis……………….either way, he/she (whatever that dude, Serena’s gender is) is like to always say throughout your excellent blogs, is going to get a guaranteed 18 year income from his/her baby-father whether the baby-father is dead or alive. This whole set up is an abomination on a global level no matter which way one looks at it………………..

        And don’t get be started on the fact that Serena is a tennis player (I know this is not relevant but it is part of my making the point that everything we see among the black female “uncommunity” is an abomination of in-proportionate levels). I pray to the Most High that Serena does not use the power of her hand swing loose on that child at any time, can you imaging getting a slap that is measured by MPH????????????? and perhaps have that delivered by a she-man?

        Anyway brother Verbs, it’s great to see you are still doing the Most High’s work by weeding out the degenerates of my female species, and meaningfully pray that the shedding of His only begotten Son’s blood was not in vain.

        Lastly, hope you enjoy my alternate versions of well known songs, whom your guests Schadenfreude, and afrofuturism1 inspired me to contribute to.

        In the meantime, take care, and blessings and peace to you!!!!

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      • First off we as men need to seriously stop concerning ourselves with the lack of morals of women who do not give a damn about us. You see the world through red pill ideology that is cool, but you put too much on men to talk about the train wreck that speaks for itself, obviously we as men need to address our grievances with each others lack of building and creativity within our communities. Bottom line together and focused we need to concentrate on our families and ourselves. Maybe Dr. Johnson is saying this in regards to never acknowledging the faults of our counterparts. I am not taking up for him, however; what he has said has had an impact on me. I realize I am responsible for my family and community.So with that being said lets halt all conversations about those who will not be named. Yes in EBONY, JET, and ESSENCE they are humiliating us if you are weak and pathetic enough to answer. Stop talking to those who have no respect for you, whenever you indulge feminist medias;Scandal, Bet news, Luke Cage, and any Lions Gate film produced and sponsored by another feminist for whom those that constantly keep giving attention but constantly insults this said group with stereotypes and so forth. Stop supporting or speaking to this group. Support the Negromanosphere by Oshay Duke Jackson. Stop even paying attention to the mental illness or fuckery support all black men in their endeavors. Stop talking about the train wreck it speaks for itself.

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      • Mark A. Pitt,

        You cannot completely dis-concern yourself with black women, that is not realistic. If black women’s lack of morality wasn’t having a profound impact upon black society then that task would be a snap, however as we can see the opposite is clearly the case. Don’t forget, black women are still all around you even if you decide to not mention them at all, therefore the potential for them to impact your life in some way, shape or form is very much real and present.

        We don’t concern ourselves with black women over here at Slaying Evil in relation to reaching out to them hoping they will change, our focus is solely upon the thinking black man, showing him that he is not the one at fault and demonstrating to him that there are better, alternative paths available in terms of sex, dating and marriage. Its not weak and pathetic to counter propaganda, lies and rhetoric with the truth, I don’t know where you’ve gotten that idea from.

        I no longer deal with the black community, I deal with myself, family members who aren’t dysfunctional and friends of the same mindset. Most black men despite the constant onslaught still support the very black women who are destroying them, therefore I choose sparingly who in black male society I lend my support to. The train wreck speaks for itself, however there is still the deprogramming and decontamination process to undertake, this is what this website is all about.


  1. Great article Verbs

    I have noticed that most of these swirling black female celebs, black men haters on YouTube & their supporters are not even married to their non-black partner but have their biracial children out of wedlock.

    This is further evidence that black women are desperate for “beautiful children with good hair, no nappy hair, no dark skin, no brown eyes, no black hair, no wide noise, no big lips etc.” & they also want to trap non-black men in the process because they know that finding the next white/non-black men will be extremely difficult.

    Gold digger Robin Givens who preyed on Mike Tyson sleep with Brad Pitt, and went on to have failed relationships too 2 white men.

    Stacey dash- failed relationship with 3 white men.

    Garcelle Beauvais- failed relationship with 2 white men.

    The only reason I have to bring all the examples up is because these self hating black witches keep telling us that their relationship with non-black men are prefect and last forever. lol

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    • TJ Onumonu,

      Black women love bringing up the fact that white man/black woman marriages are the least likely to fail, the problem for the overwhelming majority of black women is getting that white man to begin with. Most of them will never be given the opportunity to swirl despite what the sorceress Christelyn Karazin tells her followers.

      Black women as a collective simply aren’t interested in building with black men, so what exactly are we hanging around for? Leave these hypocritical, double standard black women to the pro blacks, they can have them.

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      • You know that stat is disingenuous right? Because the metric they use is “after 10 years”. Which is longer than the US average marriage. So they purposefully looked at data that was the outlier OF an outlier, removed all context, and falsely propped that up as “The norm”.


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  3. Black Women will fall in love at first sight with Warren the withered white wino, just for chance at some of dat holy milk. Conversely, they will allow said snow kings to treat them like absolute whores (which they are) in public, even physically threatening them. Tell me, would black men get away with that?

    The true of the matter is that the bottom of the barrel companions that black women put on black men are actually the only thing they themselves can get. Expect to see more black men this year expressing their disinterest in black women and the drama that ensues.

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    • Do you think that a black man could get away with even 0.001% of this before she would have activated “STRONGINDEPENDENTDONTNEEDNOMANCANTNOMANTELLMEWHATTODO mode” on his ass?

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      • Kameron Brown,

        A white dude can be a jobless serial killer and child molester and he’d have some black bitch making excuses for him…..The desperation of black women much like their hair weaves is truly disgusting…..

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      • Kameron Brown,

        Its exactly as I stated in the article, in the eyes of black women white men can do no wrong because they revere them as gods. I talked about this in Negro Wars, black women love getting their heads kicked in especially if the man doing the bashing is white. Swirling in its natural form right there.

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      • Not even for one second. But she will murder him and plead self-defence…………………..


    • Afrofuturism1,

      Its going to get worse as black women sink deeper and deeper into dysfunction. October 1st is fast on the approach, these heifers are going to get desperate, therefore free thinking black men should be on guard at all times. Let them indulge in their swirling pipe dreams as that is how they will remain for the overriding majority of black women, just dreams.

      Yep, more black men will be giving the black woman the boot as they begin to snap out of the trance of “gotta keep it real” and “I have to commit to a black woman only”. Black women have a seriously rude awakening coming the likes of which they will not be able to escape from…..and I will NOT be saving any of them.

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  4. Eh — congrats to serena and her dude. I personally don’t care if black women date out or marry out or whatever. My major question is “can they do it with class”? Or are they going to use their “love” to try to antagonize and denigrate black men, like I saw sooo much of back in the day?

    Unfortunately, whatever choices black women make, they do it with a heap of tackiness… So you’ll see the swirlers out and about engaging in acts of spite to try to provoke drama from black men… or you’ll see the single ones treating black men with scorn and hatred while dressing for maximum indiscriminate sexual attention… or you’ll see the ones who are involved with black men always seeking drama in their relationships one way or another… Always tacky…

    Black women and black men are becoming increasingly incompatible… BM and BW can dispute the causes of it, but there’s no disputing the outcome… BM/BW relations are “on ice” and will be for the foreseeable future… So dating out is just a practical option for those of us who can…

    …So Serena do your thang, sis! Now that being said, I give that relationship five years at most… The older Serena gets, the more she looks like her father… And you know that if she stops exercising for 5 minutes, she is going to be one HUGE, manly-looking, angry, testosterone-filled compton girl… That millionaire white boy is then going to get over the “novelty” and “idealism” (and probably also smell a PAYDAY) … and he’s going to leave RUNNING…

    A millionaire white tech nerd can do better than a huge, manly looking angry Compton chick… (who will probably also be very insecure, because she knows these things just like we know these things)… and the tech “groupies” around him will also know this lol… and aim to fuel her insecurity… and that dude is going to ultimately not be able to take the heat & will head for greener pastures… They don’t seem to belong in the same circles as it is!

    …So I’m giving it 5 years at best. You read it hear first. lol

    P.S. — Christelyn Karazin is one ugly, evil-looking bitch. It’s amazing how the ugly always comes up from the inside and you can see it in their faces… That chick looks spooky. Just looking at her and hearing her voice creeps me out.

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    • Honestly, white men basically having these chicks as bedwench slaves is probably the easiest road for them to travel. They can easily feed into the chicks’ insecurities and play off of them, making it known that they’re doing them a proverbial favor and that no one else is really checking for them. Essentially, these relationships are the biggest guilt trip, unrepayable debt possible.

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      • Good insights, afro. I’m sure these dudes know BW psychology just like we do (it ain’t rocket science) and play them like a fiddle…

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    • @check urself,

      I’ll go you one further. At the 5-year mark he will ghost out and be hitting Serena up for spousal support. And since he’s worth less than she, he’ll get it. So much for “equally yoked.” That is the new hustle for white boys, just ask Halle Berry and Aisha Tyler’s exes. Aisha put her white boy through law school and the bar, he turned around and used his legal skills to draw up his own divorce decree and spousal support agreement, hahaha. Aisha admitted she’s paying out. Mighty Whitey got them bedwenches paying sharecropper rent like it was 1870. Couldn’t happen to nicer people if you ask me.

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      • That is what I was about to say.If Serena was to marry him,she’d be paying out in a divorce. But if worst come to worst, he can still child support if things don’t work out. You guys need to remember that Halle Berry pays $20,000 a month in child support to Gabriel Aubrey, the father of Halle first child. Now that Halle is also divorced from Olivier Martinez, she is not in a position to throw bm under the bus. GOD BLESS

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    • People like her (Christelyn Karazin) remind me of those other black evil witches such as Iyanla Vanzant, Alice Walker (the colour purple was a brilliant partial observation of life in the deep American south for black families 1920/30s however), etc. Hard back looking black women very much like these three are not that they look spooky, they ARE spooky. Another thing I have noticed about famous black women is that none of them have been able to maintain any meaningful relationship for any long period of time or for some, no time at all, yet the they all seem to have a so-called ‘wealth’ of knowledge concerning male/female relationships.

      I have just summed up what you have all said throughout the history of this website:……………..

      How about “Black women’s new take home income after taxes is simply, gossip” ‘Gossip’ is the new £5.00 of the black woman’s total wealth, just like when those disgusting people say orange is the new black…………


  5. First, all the black men here if not all, the majority realize the horror we found being raised by our respective black mamba(momma). This being said we can rest knowing that this child has a 99.9% chance of receiving the love, attention and affection that we did not receive. I fault any black man who would insert his genitalia inside one of these black women and risk a child that the black mamba will use the system and her self hatred to destroy the life of the child. We should be so thankful for what this innocent mixed child will receive and that is love.I agree that CK is a hypocrite but lets be thankful that this child will not be tortured mentally, physically and spiritually by this self hating, weave wearing whore.

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    • I’ll tell you this: I am so glad that the internet is bringing to light the harm that single black mothers do to their kids, especially their sons. That has been an unexamined story for far too long in the black community. We’ve propped up the single mother as the “backbone of the community” and repeated those words for so long that one of the main sources of all the dysfunction — clueless, egotistical, cold, vengeful, in-over-their-heads single mothers — has gone completely unexamined.

      Now some might say — what about the men who walked away? To which I would say: that’s a far more complicated story than momma is telling you! lol. From the lowlife men they choose… to the drama they love… to their completely dismissing any idea of black male familial authority and credibility in the shadow of “mighty whitey”… the story of the men just “making babies” (presumably with no input from the women lol) and “walking away” is far more complicated than the story that black women and society are constantly pushing…

      There’s enough blame for the dysfunction to go around, but we’re never going to make progress in fixing it as long as black women remain the “sacred cow” and everyone holds onto the “magical thinking” that they’re all “honorable” and “queens” and “entitled” and wise and without flaw…

      …So I’m glad that we’re coming to the realization that black women (including momma) are no angels. Realizing that gives us a foundation of psychic protection that will help us as black men, including protection from the sly (and often overt) undermining of our outlook, self-respect and optimism that black women (including momma) so often engage in…

      Thanks to the community afforded by the internet, we’re waking up… The jig is up! lol

      Not all black mothers are bad… But those of you who had good ones are lucky. Having a bad one, just like having a good one, stays a part of you for life.

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    • Was just thinking about it last night, and my cousin who’s gay not only had s $hitty black mom who used his money and who didn’t herself work until in her 30s, was also beaten and physically fought by said mother. The best thing that could is if fertile age black women were just killed on the streets daily.

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  6. I live in a neighborhood best described as upper-middle class (diverse neighborhood FAR, FAR AWAY from the ratchetness and hood-rattery). When I was on my way home the other day and pulled into my neighborhood, I saw a group of pre-teen neighborhood kids happily riding their bicycles like regular upper middle class kids do. The group consisted of three young brothers and two cute Beckys (who looked a year or two older than the young brothers) – not a future quean in sight. The SYSBM is strong with these three young brothers!

    Any young brothers out there should take note and follow their example.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the Beckys and other non-black women continue to scoop up ALL of the thinking black men! Let the other non-thinking men and SIMPs have the testosterone-laden queans!

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  7. Who wants to bet that black chicks post October will look at dudes they usually think are lame and try to throw ass at em?

    Hell, wouldn’t the bastard baby/child support safety net be gone for them?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I believe that black women are going to start raping dudes, hell they’re already doing that the south of Africa. Indeed, these black sirens will become more cunning and deceptive, we must be on guard at all times.

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      • lol they’re legit doing that? That NEEDS an article!!

        The same dark skin that many black men were disparaged for will now be an armor.

        It’s a damn shame when the women are so ugly and masculine that all but the horniest of simps would outright refuse their tail.

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      Ha ha!!! Didn’t I tell y’all before: the so-called dime piece BW that the “lame” 9 to 5 brothas couldn’t get last year, will be head over heels for those same “lame” brothas by the end of this year!!!
      LMFAO! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      With the end of section 8 comes the end of hoes chasing after the “ballers” and the “dope boyz” cause they’re gonna need REAL $$$ and REAL STABILITY by a “REAL MAN” who was called a square lame last year LoL.
      So you’ll see a McDonald’s / Burger king paycheck getting type of dude with a BAD BITCH VERY SOON, MARK MY WORDS HA HA!!!!

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  8. I for one am looking forward to Verbs’ coverage of Section 8 D-Day. I will be here with a piece of cake and glass of milk. Yes, I live up to my screen handle. Hahahaha!

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    • Schadenfreude,

      I’ve just checked the date, October 1st lands on a Sunday so it will be a Sunday special, lol. I’ve already got my introductory article which I will be releasing this week.

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      • Sung to the tune of “Let It Snow”:

        Ohh, Oct 1st falls on a Sunday
        But for them hoes it’s not a fun day
        ‘Cause Section 8’s about to go
        f*ck them hoes
        f*ck them hoes
        f*ck them hoes

        The same hoes who tried to friendzone ya
        Will be the first to try to phone ya
        With bastard kids in tow
        f*ck them hoes
        f*ck them hoes
        f*ck them hoes


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      • To the tune of We Three Kings:

        We black kings of ghettos are
        Bearing dicks we traverse afar
        Weave, foundation, whore sensation
        Following pussy hard

        O how we wander through the night
        Searching for black booty right?
        Westward leading, still proceeding
        Guide us to the red light

        Victims of black mama’s pain
        Gold we bring to crown her again
        Queens forever, ceasing never
        Over us all to reign

        O how we’re glad we’ve seen light
        No black royal queens in sight?
        Northward leading, still proceeding
        Give us wisdom to choose right

        Commonsense to offer worldwide
        Nonsense shall not own our minds
        Prayer and praising, black men raising
        Worship Him, God Most High

        O whores that wander through the night
        Stop your dirty deeds, live right
        Stop misleading, stop ill-breeding
        Love your children, be polite

        Black women are simply doomed
        They bring life of gathering gloom
        Sorrow, dying, violence, murder
        Her children in stone-cold tombs

        Soooooo all black mothers, all black aunts,
        All black sisters take a stance
        Get to kneeling, no ill feelings
        Bow your heads to Him Above

        All black women cleanse yourselves
        Apologise for raising hell
        Years of worship of white lordship
        Be ashamed, or else……….

        O say you’re sorry, shed your pride
        You’re a royal beauty right?
        Stop your twerking, do God’s workings
        Be His Shining light……………………


  9. @Schadenfreude

    When the welfare lights are turned out,
    How they hate going out to a job,
    But the simps will listen to them pout,
    All just to slob on his knob!!!

    Ooooh, it shows no signs up slipping,
    And I brought a couple wings for dipping,
    So before the chicken gets cold,
    **** dem hoes,
    **** dem hoes,
    **** dem hoes!

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    • In the tune of Once in Royal David’s City

      In some random ghetto city
      Stood a lowly white man’s wench
      Where black mother laid her baby
      Got into the white man’s bed
      This black woman fucked him wild
      Who fathered her little child?

      Real song:

      Once in royal David’s city
      Stood a lowly cattle shed
      There a mother laid her baby
      In a manger for His bed
      Mary was that mother mild
      Jesus Christ her little child

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  10. Hey guys I came across this information from a YouTuber called Reluctant Nabi and I wanted to share it here. So called “swirling” isn’t anything new, in fact it’s something that has been practiced for over 500 years, and YouTubers like Hardcore Tito and Kirigakure Jones have documented this fact extensively.

    Don’t ever apologize for your preferences or showing affection for a woman outside of your race. You don’t owe anybody anything, most certainly the “community.” But you owe it to yourself to “go your own way” because everyone else has being doing just that for centuries.

    He gets into the information around the 13:00 minute mark.

    The majority of urban black slaveowners were women. In 1820, free black women represented 68 percent of heads of households and 70 percent of slaveholding heads of colored households. The large percentage of black women slaveowners is explained by the combined effects of manumission (being freed by their white masters for whom they fathered children), inheritance (receiving slaves from their white masters, relatives, and even husbands who had a higher mortality rate than women), and personal industry once they were free (buying slaves themselves).

    Black women were the majority of slaves emancipated by white slave owning men with whom they had had sexual relations. The miscegenous nature of South Carolina society is nowhere better revealed than by the fact that 33 percent of all the recorded colonial manumissions were mulatto children and 75 percent of all adult manumissions were females. If homosexual relations existed between black male slaves and their white masters, these relations were not directly acknowledged through emancipation. By 1830 in Charleston, 65 percent of black slaveowners bought slaves for profit rather than to free family members, as indicated in registered documents. Black slaveowners often owned family members and slaves that they used in their businesses, but only 8 percent of black slaveowners who recorded slave transactions were purely benevolent masters–buying a slave’s family members, such as their spouses, children, and other relatives.

    Source: Larry Koger. Black Slaveowners: Free Black Slave Masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 1985.

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    • Just damn it all to hell.

      These hoes been bedwenching since BEFORE emancipation.

      Hell, I can’t even really blame feminism now. Feminism is just the vehicle which helped propel the poison with them, not even the poison itself.

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      • Exactly, feminism gave them the opportunity to finally remove themselves from black men/blackness. This is why they cling to corporate America and the state because it allows them to have a separate identity apart from the black man. Feminism is not our problem. This is outright subjugation and annihilation.

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  11. @whtgrlsrawesome

    Once again, I also have to take a pick to these “red pill” white dudes. They push and create feminism, then whine and run from their fruits? They’re NO different from the shirkers that create thugs but then want white men.

    Also, they say that this is a problem all men face, yet are Indian and Arab men who are raping/beating/honor killing their women suffering from “gynocentrism/female f**kery”?

    These dudes are NO different from feminists!!!! Hell, they claim that their goal is no marriage/cohabitation. That’s the SAME anti-family shit that feminist advocate!!!!!!!

    They talk about male disposability in wars and such, and while I get that, that’s kind of men’s part of the bargain if they want women to stay at home and NOT enjoy the potential fruits of feminism.

    I really do despise these two groups.

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  12. As usual the double standard regarding black women and their choice to date interacially and Blackman’s choice to date interacially is staggering. A black man literally cannot complement a Whitewoman on how attractive she is without being called a coon, a sellout, or an uncle Tom, yet alone marry a Whitewoman or date a Whitewoman.
    Yet this want to be Whitewoman gorilla looking beast name Serena Williams can get knocked up by a White man out of wedlock and nobody, including these fake pro-black idiots, has a word to say about it.
    Please someone direct me toward the dozens and dozens of videos calling Serena Williams a sellout and a whore for having a baby with a white man? But there are literally probably hundreds of videos made about Blackmen choosing to be with Whitewomen and nonblack women and how these Blackmen are somehow guilty of some capital offense, while Serena Williams is just a harmless black woman who found true love, and it just happen to be with a white man.
    But all of this proves what we have been saying for years, and that is black women are truly jealous of the fact that black men are able to date interacially at far greater numbers than they ever could, and that when black women are given the chance to be with a white man, they you would jump off of a building in order to have a child with a white man, marriage or not.
    Black women want to see black men die. Black women hate black men. Black women worship white men. Black women worship and want to look like white women even though they claim it’s the other way around.
    There is no greater enemy on the planet earth to Blackmen then black women. The ironic thing is is that you still have the simple ass brain dead Negro men talking about how fine Serena Williams is, and how Serena Williams is some type of black goddess.
    Meanwhile Serena Williams spits in the face of all these black clowns who have been worshiping her for years and telling her how beautiful she is, when she actually looks like a fucking gorilla with a 3 foot weave on her head. Not to mention she is absolutely fucking ugly, steroid using bodybuilder physique, and she literally has no attractive features whatsoever, other then the allegedly fat ass that drives the simple ass clown Negroes so crazy.
    I cannot express just how done I am with the majority of black people. So many black people talk about how evil white people are and how destructive white people are, but who is more evil and more destructive toward black people than other black people? And those of us who are honest know that what I’m saying is true because we see it every day and we’ve experienced it from other black people.
    But I forgot Becky and white supremacy is out to destroy my life as a black person. Serena Williams you can go and fuck yourself you gorilla looking monkey. And all you Blackmen who thinks Serena Williams is some type of attractive black goddess you simple ass Negroes can go fuck yourselves also. How stupid or blind as a black man can you be cannot see the fact that Serena Williams wants nothing to do with Blackmen, despises you Blackmen and would do anything in order to be with and have the baby of a white man? And her sister Venus is exactly the same way. Let’s not even mention that it was their black father who devoted his life in order to training them into being world-class tennis professionals, and may still look at you black men as something to be disregarded and swept under the rug.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Straight fire 🔥 Bill. And you’re right… After everything father Williams did for both sisters, making them super rich, they essentially spat in his face.

      It’s SYSBM or die.


  13. Michael, thanks. Black women are notorious for being extremely unappreciative, backbiting, and are known for rewarding kindness and concern on the part of Blackmen for black women with hostility, confrontation, combat, slander, and an attitude of ‘oh you spent the last 10 years of your life devoted to me’? Niggas ain’t shit!!!!
    Black women are absolute poison. You want a life of stress, agony, and never ending problems for no logical reason, get involved in a relationship with a black woman. All the simple ass clown Negroes who are screaming about black women being Queens have all been through absolute and utter hell with black women. But because most Blackmen have been raised around hordes of whorish, stupid black women, the simple Negroes do not have the spirit, intelligence, nor the strength to admit what we all know is true about the black female whore demon.
    But as black men we are being told to be wary, afraid, and to avoid Becky, the white devil, recessive, cave dwelling beast. Can black people become any dumber than they already are?
    Sadly I believe they can.

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    • I wish I had said that best thing I read all year . Just this week beastly serena williams ran off at the mouth and was penalized according to the rules fair and square and black folks went ape shit anyway , I was waiting for somebody to compare this petty incident to the civil rights marches as being just as important . Can black people get any more stupid , I’m at the stage I can see no limit . hell we can’t even mount a decent boycott . getting back to serena during the argument with the umpire she felt it necessary to point out she’s fighting for women’s equality which basically means she aint doing shit women already have equality and more . and she mention her lily white daughter as if the judge was going to change his mind because she sucks white cock… bitch please . Now note that racial injustice police brutality was nowhere on her mind or any where in her heart but black folks came to her defense anyway . that goon took home over a million bucks for second place , I wonder how much of that is going to the black community . the other thing I’m sad to have to say this but black males that support black women and their lunacy are even more pathetic . if you have to lower your IQ and neglect your manhood for sex consider yourself one useless piece of shit

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