Black Women Now Using Urine As A Weapon – Another New Low Reached


Thanks to Leon Buddy Lewis for bring the first story to my attention and Brian S. Kelly the second. If you’re on Facebook be sure to join Brian’s excellent Facebook group M.O.R.A.L.E where he exposes more black female skullduggery. Are you seeing why I stated in Negro Wars that there is no low that the modern day black female will not stoop to? Black women are now using their own urine as a weapon against those they disagree with, how long till they begin using their own excrement aswell? Oops sorry, it’s happened before, take a look:

Really, throwing urine on people now, this is how low the mentally challenged modern day black female has stooped and as I mentioned in Negro Wars once again the bottom hasn’t even dropped out yet, expect worse to come from these black sirens. Do you now see what I am talking about when I state that in 2017 black women are too unpredictable, volatile and dangerous to deal with? Throwing urine on people, who in their right mind does this? Under normal circumstances the only time you will urinate into a container is you are going for drugs and alcohol screening, however not the black woman.

In relation to the beast who threw her own urine on the bus driver, she deliberately set out to looking for someone to use her bodily fluids on. This is the black woman’s new thrill, peeing into cups and throwing the contents onto individuals who upset them or who they disagree with. At this stage to call the majority of black females animals and beasts would be too kind. Remember, as I continue to remind you thinking black men, these are the women who pro black pundits such as Dr Umar Johnson are saying we should wife up and be proud of, urine slinging, mad hatter, mentally unstable, weave wearing, bastard baby making black females.

I keep on telling you black men that at some point in your daily walk you may have to put some of these feral black females down, in their place or both. As far as I am concerned if anybody throws their bodily fluids on me I have to full and unreserved right to mete out whatever punishment I see fit. The news report talked about the attack as being bizarre, however already knowing the modern day black female and what she is capable of, this kind of attack was always on the docket and would manifest itself eventually.

Like I stated before, black women won’t stop at their own urine, they will start to use faeces as well. This is how black women as a collective get their kicks, and they wonder why nobody wishes to associate with or hang around them. You decided to throw urine in a bus driver’s face just because she told you to “have a nice day”, really woman? This are the fruits of feminism on steroids right here, this is exactly what happens when you allow the dysfunctional religion of misandry to prevail unchecked.

I’m actually surprised that bus companies in the US still allow their drivers to work in conditions where they can so easily be attacked, here in the UK the bus driver is protected by plastic screens which surround the entire cab area, take a look for yourselves:

Here is a video aswell to give you an even better understanding:

The reason why bus driver cabs are like this in the UK is because during the late 1980s and early 1990s there was a huge spate of incidents involving bus drivers being assaulted and in some cases being stabbed. As a result the various unions that represent bus drivers put pressure on the bus driving companies to better protect their staff and thus though reluctant to spend the money the bus driving companies eventually followed through. The truth of the matter is if that driver in the US had the adequate protection from the beginning, that feral black witch wouldn’t have been able to contaminate him with her bodily waste matter.

Working in public transport can be a very risky job especially when you come across reprobates like the above, train driving in this respect is the better of the two occupations due to the fact that the train driver’s cab is completely isolated from the passenger section and the train driver has minimal contact with passengers apart from when there is an incident or when the driver reaches the terminus and is walking to the other end of the train.

I’ll say it again gents, be very prepared to put one of these mentally ill feral black witches in her place immediately if she steps out of line. Black women continue to sink deeper into the mire of degradation and the worst thing about this is truthfully, they love wallowing in their own filth and expect you to join them in frolicking in the slop and muck. Ensure that you keep those concealed carry licences up to date or if you are not able to carry a gun in your state then at least ensure that you have some other form of protection ready to hand. Gentlemen, stay safe out there.

UPDATE: The mentally ill feral witch responsible for the urine attack has finally been located and arrested, please check out the link below:


The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Protect Your Neck From Feral Dysfunctional Black Females

Most High Bless

46 thoughts on “Black Women Now Using Urine As A Weapon – Another New Low Reached

  1. There’s a saying over here in the States, “It’s better to be pissed off than pissed on”, well these black women take the meaning of this saying to a whole different level, if you tick her off, you will get p*ssed on. After seeing what this ilk of black women using urine to embarrass people is simply chemical warfare due the fact it’s body waste and second it is no telling what additional bad bacteria (sexual diseases) lurking in them. Also, this story sent a disgusting taste down my throat. SYSBM and BMSYS.

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  2. In the case of both the young girl (who looked every bit of 30, but black don’t crack, amiright?) and the woman on the bus, what shade were they?

    The shade that is the most violent, fat, gross, disgusting, and otherwise ugly.

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  3. “I’ve been using [the bus service ] for 35 years, they haven’t done s*** for me.”

    No, except carry your filthy fucking ass in exchange for some change. Listen to that sorry excuse for an apology (“she had to get it”). Really? That bus driver had to drink piss, because she’s pissed?

    Brothers, dont walk, run. Run the fuck away from these vile, disgusting, feral wild animal devil dog beasts. And stay the fuck away.

    Let Dr Umar and simp niggaz drink piss.

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    • That clown Umar has yet to marry any of his 2 BABY MAMAS but he wants black men to hook up with these nasty filthy black bitches. Just when I thought these black feral beasts couldn’t disgust me any more they slither to an even deeper level of depravity. .#SYSBM4LIFE

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    But on the real y’all, and say it with me:




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  5. UBU UBER UMAR has not given us ONE LEGITIMATE reason to pro-create with these beasts!! But yet & still everyday these whores give us plenty of reasons TO NOT even interact with them!! He’s losing the battle & the war!!!

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    • Any simp black male that still deals with those black female animals is the enemy of all Decent Black Men and deserves whatever tragic fate that certainly awaits him.

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      • @ Claude

        Ha ha agree!!!

        Funny thing is: BW say that about us all the time:
        “Any brotha that dates outside his race must hate his own mama!! Anyone who dates out is the enemy!!”

        So fuck ’em!! They started this shit!!

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  6. Apes use feces as a weapon. Queans use urine and feces as a weapon. Apes > Queans. Enough said.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the Quean Apes are put down.

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    • As foretold in the Bible (King Troopz Version)

      Jermaine 4

      12. And it shalt be known that the stiff necked jezebel was displeased, and that she passeth water to bless the wagon carrier in anger.

      13. And thou shalt bear witness to thine jezebel that flingeth the dung as it cometh out of the ass, for thou didst actually seeth that.

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    • The sarcasm is strong in this one lol

      Only just caught up with the Evergreen professor video. I dare Umar to call her a “queen” and wife her up. The loud arguments will turn his gerbil cheeks grey…

      Your latest White girl beauty video was surely needed after that. 😷

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  7. I am from DC and live in a suburb right outside of DC this story has been big news around here. Bus drivers are now protesting about their safety after this incident these BW beast are out of control that was the most disgusting and vile thing one person can do to another person and this is your modern day BW for you why do these simps continue to defend these scumbags.

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    • Sean,

      Agreed, these bus driving companies need to step it up and retro fit the driver’s cab with protection similar to the buses here in the UK immediately. These black women are out of control, remember a few years back the black witch who called upon the devil seedlings in her family to shoot up a bus because she didn’t like how a fellow passenger reprimanded her in relation to how she was disciplining her child? Black women have now become a menace to all those around them, not just black folks anymore.

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  8. Why yall not talkin but dem WHITE WOMEN throwin piss on people? White women be doin da same shit, but you coons don’t wanna talk bout dat. We as black men need to take responsibility and admit we failed our black queens, and uplift them. We as blackmen need to get our act together, den we can lead our black women. Da reason de black woman is out der whoring herself out is because of what WE as black men are failing to do.
    Blackmen, WE ARE THE REASON why our black queens are throwing urine on people. If we as blackmen would do what we need to do as men, black women would instantly correct their behavior, and stop throwing piss!!!!!
    White women throw piss. Asian women throw piss, Hispanic women throw piss. Indian women throw piss. Arab women throw piss. Lets stop acting like its only black women. And ALL those groups of women I just mentioned WEAR WEAVE ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Black women are the most beautiful, honest, peaceful, loyal, natural women on earth. BLACKMEN WE ARE THE PROBLEM. Black women are guilty of nothing.
    And you actually have blackmen out there who not only think like this, but are willing to kill another blackman who disagrees with this weak minded, simp state of mind.

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  9. Verbs2015, don’t you know that it is white women who are getting plastic surgery in order to look like our black queens? How dare you make such a ridiculous claim that white white women look better than our beautiful black women? Everyone on earht knows that black women are the most beautiful women ever created. Stop bashing black women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Just call yourself a Dr and your good to go! (Don’t forget to never get married but will have relations with at least two big booty bimbo bitches)

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      • Michel,

        Johnson can have his scraggle daggle big booty black females, the Janes, the Claires and the Sarahs I saw in London today were simply off the chain. Dr Umar Johnson is a Grade A dunce, by stating that he will only deal with black women, in view of the black woman’s current deplorable condition he has severely handicapped himself and reduced his chances of ever finding a decent woman down to almost nothing.

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      • @Verbs

        I need to start hanging out where you are, lol. My ends is sadly short of Claires, Janes and Ashleys.

        And whether these black women are screwing their faces or having a look, my response is the same… I don’t see them. Not interested.

        Sorry Umar, you can have ’em. You gerbil faced bullshitter you.


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    • Bill Smith,

      I have to laugh when they start using the same old lines trying their best to persuade thinking black men to remain on the plantation. When black women looked reasonable that “white women are trying to look like black women” line may have had some validity, however in 2017 we can clearly see that the complete opposite is the case. Mind you, the black woman will say that while wearing a weave on her head, how ridiculous is that?

      These black harridans were checking me out left and right today, however I have absolutely nothing for them, let them deal with Tyrone and J Boogie from the block.


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      • Verbs2015, could not have said it better myself. I sometimes think “Can’t you clowns actually come up with some new rhetoric, in order to support you ridiculous position’? But as usual it’s the same old, tired, garbage we have been hearing year after year..Do these idiots still think the blame game, the guilt game, name calling, and yo momma black is going to change the minds of black men who actually have the ability to think for themselves? Sadly, it seems the do, because they are still recycling the same old lines. I only can shake my head at how dam stupid most of these fools are.

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  10. Adding on to the convo above, saw a litany of black dudes with beckys and lopezes today at the mall. And NONE were “fat and sloppy”, either.

    The black dudes I saw “keepin it real” with black “queens” looked like they had been through the wringer, and several battle scars in the form of teardrop tat, neck and arm tattoos, nappy dreads, and grills. Conversely, the queenies in question looked something like Swamp Thing.

    Now, I will admit that I saw a very attractive black woman with dreads. I must say, I would not have minded being mounted by her and busting a nut or four. I will add, however, that she was lighter skinned and not much darker than me, if at all.

    What makes it worse is that right after seeing her, I saw a group of clearly non-mixed black women (they looked, sounded, and SMELLED African) and saw the darkest woman I’ve ever seen in my life. Call me colorstruck or whatever, but this dark skinned chick looked like if a squirrel had sex with a gorilla, and the offspring had sex with a pig. Just disdamngusting, but I’m sure brother Umar would’ve enjoyed bucking his loins to her.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      By dealing with non black females black men automatically add years onto their lives. Black men who continue to deal with black women on the other hand will shave years off their lives. This is the problem right here, those black dudes that you saw with black women many a time feel pressured into getting tattoos and gold grills in order to portray the common image that the black female likes as most black women feel very uncomfortable and irritated around clean looking, untainted black males.

      You see that right there, every once in a blue moon an attractive black female will come up out of the woodwork, however in 2017 this is very rare. One black chick tried to give me the eye, she didn’t look too bad however she like the majority of them was weaved up to the hilt. The tables have now turned, black women are beginning to realise that dissing good, thinking black men was not such a great idea, however the thinking black man has now chosen to expand on his dating and marriage options and is no longer beholden to Keisha or Shaniqua.

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  11. Okay since we’re being honest I had two black 22-year-old or 21-year-old I don’t know hookers to my apartment the other day. Yes I’m a bad boy. Anyway while we are having a few drinks before I proceed to fuck holy hell out of these two whores, the darker skin one actually said to me ‘white men love black girls’. I looked at her, took a few minutes to think, and responded ‘and Blackmen love white women’. She also said ‘we don’t want Blackmen’. I said ‘then why are you here with me’? I understand why they’re here with me, they’re whores and they want money, so whatever.
    Her response was you are more like a black Hispanic or a Dominican than a black person. My family actually is from Cuba and the Bahamas and I speak fluent Spanish but it still doesn’t take away from the fact of just how stupid and how most of these young black girls are just straight up prostitute whores. Now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing because they were young and the lighter skin one was very attractive and even the dark one was attractive.
    My point is that no matter what realm of life they are in black females despise Blackmen and worship white men. I’m not saying anything we already didn’t know. But it was mildly amusing to listen to 20 something black prostitutes, wax poetic ( but it actually was only the dark skin one of course, who said this garbage) about the love that white men have for them.
    I must say that they are quite a good whore team and a few pennies to pop these young black whores is good money spent. I mean you are going to pay one way or the other. What I’m actually trying to say after a encounter with two young hookers is that even these stupid black prostitutes actually believe that they are desired and wanted by white men. Black women fail to differentiate between white men wanting to fuck them, and white men actually loving them.
    But I have ZERO problem fucking young black whores, but I would never become involved with them in any personal capacity for any reason. I related this story to illustrate how delusional black women are. Old or young, most of them live in a world of pure fantasy.
    I must say the lighter skin whore was very cute, and I enjoyed screwing her head off with all my might. But I more enjoyed watching them both leave my apartment, after doing whatever I wanted to them, and not having to deal with them again until I want to.
    No obligations, no commitment, no strings attached. Just a good time. Now with a non black woman, I would actually go through the boring game of acting like I’m interested in them for a true relationship, because I actually am interested in that.
    But a black woman, hooker or not, gets nothing other than me getting my rocks off!!!!!!

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    • Bill Smith,

      I have to laugh when black women run the “we don’t want black men, white men want black women” line. Doesn’t this prove what we have been saying here all along, that the black woman’s first choice is the white man and her last, it will have to do option is the black male? This is one of the main reasons why I advise thinking black men to date out, since we are their fall back option anyway, why should we hang around for them? It makes more sense for black men to date out and deal with women who will actually love and appreciate them.

      Sadly, the overwhelming majority of black women are only good for being bent over a couch, the have no concept of relationships and the positions they are meant to hold in them, hence why black marriages are at an all time low and black women remain chronically single at a 70% plus rate. Christelyn Karazin is the main cause behind this delusion of black women believing that they are in high demand by white and other non black men, her swirling enchantments are a incredible piece of sorcery indeed.

      It’s pretty easy for black women to whore themselves out because for most of them that is the model that has been placed in front of them by their mothers. Their mothers had different men rolling through the house every day, hence why many black daughters believe that opening their legs to everybody that passes by is a normal way of life.

      We’ll see how arrogant and cocky these same black women are when the welfare reform and section 8 cuts begin taking effect from the 1st October 2017, that date is going to down in the history books as one to remember. I’ll be honest Bill, through all of my constant research on these creatures I would be extremely reluctant to sleep with any black woman unless I was already very familiar with her.

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    • Bill Smith,

      “But I more enjoyed watching them both leave my apartment.”



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    • Jeez — There is NO WAY IN HELL I would pay a black woman for sex. To each there own, but to me, paying them for sex just validates the egotism and vanity-worship that is rampant among them… the same egotism and vanity worship that has them dressing for indiscriminate sexual attention and showing their asses for “likes” all over instagram… the same egotism and vanity-worship that has basically killed black culture by their hand.

      I’m the opposite. I’ll fuck a black chick if it’s given freely and would even be down with a black chick if she’s sane and understands (and is free of) the flaws in black female culture… but if I were to PAY for sex? That would have to be strictly nonblack!…

      In fact, I think if I were to pay for it, it would be strictly foreign-born asian. I hate tattoos, I hate pimps and I think the only way to avoid tattoos and whores who hand their money over to pimps would be to go to the asians. You’re also less likely to be knocked over the head and robbed!

      …But I can’t speak much on the subject. I think paying for it is something to do strictly overseas anyway, rather than at home, so you wouldn’t catch me paying for it in my own country.

      And having two black whores in your home? I’m surprised you weren’t robbed and killed! lol Kudos to you for having no shame in your game though… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with simply paying for it in the current fucked up atmosphere, especially with how convenient that must be in the internet age… but again, there is no way in hell I would hand my $$ over to black whores.

      Btw — a lot of black women float that “white men want me” line these days. I’ve personally heard it a handful of times from black women who wanted me to claim them. It just shows their inferiority complex… They think that you will value them more because men they regard as “superior” want them… It only makes me value them less because I feel inferior to no one… I don’t share in their inferiority complex, so what a white dude wants or doesn’t want does not affect me…

      I guess if you’re tiny, even “regular joes” are giants from your perspective… Black women are often “mental midgets” who view white men from a tiny media-fed perspective intellectually… I certainly would never validate the black girl view that white men are better by making her think that saying “white men want me” somehow makes her more valuable… Even if she says “white men want me but I don’t want them”, it tells me she’s trying to manipulate me based on thinking I have a complex and rivalry with “the white men”… when in actuality it’s the other way around! White male racists carry the constant rivalry and grudge, not me! If black women had more insight they would know that. …So I always distanced myself from black women who try to take me for a sucker with the “white men want me” line… lol

      It’s very telling that the line is so common though. That’s just another common way that black women “shoot themselves in the foot”. In their foolish pride, they’ll try any angle except the right ones… lol

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      • Check Urself,

        Your post was spot on brotha. Paying for sex isn’t for me but I don’t really knock any man who does that. But to pay for sex from Black Whores?! Hell the fuck no! Those bitches would have to pay me to even look in their direction. Black Women’s pussies smell like fish btw.

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  12. Verbs2015, once again you have spoken absolute and utter truth. And with regards to sleeping with black women, the ONLY black women I will have sex with are prostitutes that I have known for a while and am very familiar with.
    I wouldn’t sleep with some regular black woman (most times). There is too much drama and danger when dealing with the average black female demon. It’s just not worth the risk.

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