The Gospel Of Tyrone

1. There once was a man named Tyrone who resided in the most hostile part of black society, a small town called Tisha towards the east, outside of the city called Dysfunction. Each day that he saw go by held an uncertainty as to whether he would see the next.

2. He lived his life in a manner much like his fathers, unproductive, rioting, taking what he desired by force, not following the laws of the land.

3. There was also another man called Simon who was also of the same town. Simon was a good man, humble, kind, respectful, he treated others much like he would’ve treated himself.

4. And it came to pass on the occasions that Simon would take rest outside of his house that he observed Tyrone and his interactions with the brethren and the women of Tisha. Simon knew Tyrone, they would greet each other in passing, however they hadn’t yet made long conversation.

5. And in time Simon observed how coarse the mannerisms of Tyrone were towards the women of the vicinity, yet at the same time he noted that the women still flocked towards him and paid him much attention.

6. And Simon said unto himself, I will ask of this man how he can entreat the women of the town with such rigour and contempt and yet they still love him.

7. And it came to pass in the process of time that as Simon was going about his own errands that he met Tyrone in the way and sought to use the opportunity to question him concerning his relations with the Tishan women.

8. And as Simon approached Tyrone he greeted him in the manner as he did in past times and thereafter said unto him, sir, I have observed your interactions with the local women here, thou treatest them horribly and with contempt, thou will use them for thine own desires and yet these women still flock towards thee, how is this possible?

9. And Tyrone laughed out aloud and said unto him, Simon, thou art a fool of the highest order, thou hast no wisdom neither any understanding concerning this matter. Has thou not seen how these women conduct themselves like the harlots of the local market, how they open their legs to every man that walketh by, how their mouths utter communications full of filth day and night?

10. How they adorn themselves with the garments of prostitution, how they wear the hair of women from other nations upon their heads, how they deck themselves in much jewellery, how they paint their faces so as no man can recognise them, how they extend their nails, how they fix themselves to wear different colours in their eyes, how they are loud, unruly, rebellious, contentious, riotous, disobedient, unholy, bestow no respect upon their men, bear many bastard children, declare themselves as independent women who needeth not a man?

11. Are these not the same women who slay the blood of the innocent each day and say nothing? Yea, they taketh the life of an unborn child as if it is the crushing of an insect, they feel no pity, nor remorse nor sorrow concerning these evil works. They hate and loath the children of a darker complexion yet praise and worship children of a lighter hue.

12. Are not these not the same women whose private areas and nether regions stink like the mire and who’s feet go down into the lowest, deepest, darkest depths of hell? Hast thou not seen how full of diseases these women are and how they take pleasure in the contamination of others? Are you yet without understanding concerning these things o Simon?

12. Moreover Tyrone said, hast thou not read in the scriptures of Dey Dey, how these types of women are to be treated? What profit would it be of myself to treat of much value that which is valueless? Hast thou not pondered upon the Chronicles of Skeet and the writings of J Boogie, how they have declared it fruitless to treat with respect those who cannot even respect themselves?

13. And Simon said unto Tyrone, I have not heard of these writings neither have I pondered upon these things. My forefathers instructed me to treat a woman with respect, dignity, to honour her, to cherish her, to love her and to take care of her, but thou sayest that these things ought not to be practised.

14. And Tyrone said unto Simon, the women of times past were worthy of such treatment as they conducted themselves as women, they respected themselves and upheld a high standard of morality, however with the women of these generations, such practices are not to be applied unto them as they have backslidden, fallen by the wayside and gone astray, far from the righteous laws of their forefathers.

15. And Simon said unto Tyrone, if involving one’s self with these women can bring about much peril and calamity upon thee and thy life, then why does thou continue to mingle with them and what can a man do otherwise?

16. And Tyrone responded, save thyself from these reprobate harlots, seek out women from other nations as the women of thy fathers have formed a confederacy with Rome and they in one accord conspire against thee and thy people day and night. Are these things not written about in the Negro Wars?

17. As for me, my remaining days upon this earth are but for a short time, each day that passes men hunt me down and seek to take my life, I have seen prison walls many times, no man will hire me because of my history, I have nothing to live for thus I have chosen to live out the rest of my days fulfilling my heart’s desires.

18. As for thee, thou art clean, thou hast no blemish, thou art without transgression, thou walkest uprightly according to the ways of the law, thou has much to live for. Follow not my ways and be not ensnared by the trickery and the deceit of these women.

19. For they venture into the streets by day and by night seeking out new prey to devour, they are never satisfied with what they have, they have cold and evil hearts, they love the spilling of innocent blood, they hate that which resembles themselves, they are scoundrels and reprobates filled with the spirit of Jezebel, Simon from such women stay away, respect thyself and cherish thy life.

20. With that they saluted one another and went their separate ways. As Simon continued upon his journey he pondered deeply upon the words that Tyrone had spoken and said within his heart, I must seek out and read the scriptures that Tyrone aforementioned, his path is one of calamity and destruction that I do not desire to embark upon. Perhaps these writings can enlighten me further concerning how I can save myself from these decadent harlots and benighted harridans.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

70 thoughts on “The Gospel Of Tyrone

    • Bill Smith,

      Thanks bro, you guys inspired me with your “urban” scriptures especially Michel and Afrofuturism1 who a while back went to town rolling off one urban scripture after a next, lol.

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  2. The Book of Cynthia G, Chapter 7, Verse 8-13

    8: Low in his ways, Dequann, the man from Cabrini Green, did lust after the sweet pink flesh of the Devil Becky.

    9. Demonically, he fantasizes of her removing her panties and riding his camel through the eye of a needle. Verily, dat n1gga beith not sh1t!!

    10. Dequann said to his brothers, “Let us go and get some of that good-good”.

    11. Verily, I say into thee, if we haste, we shall maintain enough energy to hitteth it from the back.

    12. His father Umar spoke and said, “‘Tis better to be beaten everyday by a gorgeous black angel than dwell in tranquillity with the daughters of Zion”.

    13. Minister Jap did rise, and sucker punched dat sellout n1gga in the face.

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      • Jermaine, chapter 12

        2. And thus Umar was consumed with wrath and fury, for he was met with cowardice from his brethren. Feeling thy faith evaporate from the new church of Egypt, Umar thus commanded his brother to “speak thy speech, negro, speak thy speech”.

        3. He looketh upon his peoples, consumed with lust for the European woman. And thus Umar felt his kingdom crumbling between his fingers, and, met with insolence he thus declared unto his nation “trifling ass Negroes”.

        Christelyn, chapter 3

        16. And as she sought to entertain the males of the crowd, she doth realised that the males wished not to be associated with the child of jezebel. For she reflected upon her mass rejection and cried unto the Lord “why doth no man wish to cavort with me?”

        17. The scheming harlot thus commanded upon thy sisterhood that she was looked upon with favour. Alas she was not looked upon with favour, as she resembled a brethren that was administering repairs in past times.

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      • @ Michel
        HA HA!!
        I don’t think I can follow-up on your Christelyn KKK. You typed less than me & still killed it!!!
        I shall take my quill back to the drawing board & attempt to construct better poetry..

        AS long as you promise to never pro-create with the harlots that are hell-bent on our destruction & refuse to uplift the kingdom!! After the section 8 loss, the queans shall pillage our village looking for things to take!! Keep your guards with swords at your castle walls & keep a moat so the BW shall drown, being tugged down by the waves of the weaves!! I wish you the best my brotha!!

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    • @Afro

      You crazy muthafucka!! Haha I meant that in a good way, not a BW down the street from you way…

      With your permission sir I shall add:

      14. After thee pugilistic thrashing to thee sell-out, my brethren & I proceeded to stomp thee ignorance out of Umar.

      15. Mind you this stomping took place for an ample amount of time, for this Hotep foot-stool kept hurling lies at us, such as “Thou shalt not date a Becky!! For said woman will make you happy & I cannot allow it! For I am bound by the leash & chains of the dreaded land whale BW jezebels!”

      16. After this rather well-deserved act of violence, which was still not as volatile as his fellow “queans”, my fellow Vikings & I also parted ways. For I felt now like parting legs!! 🙂 🙂

      17. Hark!! What do I see? Becky? Maria? Patel? Oh my!! What do I smell? Fresh emanations of a lovely odor that do not resemble that of a fast-food BW whore with a smelly weave.

      18. What do I feel? Smooth skin!! No razor bumps on her face?? Gasp said I.. This lovely lady even had the nerve to have pretty feet & behave in a feminine manner!! Un-like her counter-parts the Femi-Nazi’s.

      19. I shall turn over a new lease in life just as I have turned over my Maria. But I turned her over to engage in every love-making position possible. (Sorry brotha Afro, hit it from da back Lol!!)

      20. Once we have satisfied each other’s needs, she goes on her way, as I do the same. The difference is my Maria / Becky / Patel, actually has a place / palace of her own, without any govt. assistance. That is a true queen by all means!! Yet SHE REFUSES to refer to herself as a QUEAN!!!

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      • See, we can write the new covenant after all…

        @3rd Leg, thanks bro, and never fear, as the enticing flesh of the Becky hath converted this brother. #SYSBM

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  3. Brotha Verbs

    Fuckin’ fantastic!! I guess you living in the U.K. helps you to be truly “Shakespeare-ing” LoL. I just made up a word like DeQuan did in tha hood last night!!!

    Liked by 4 people

    • 3rd Leg,

      Thanks bro. Yes sir, as well as the Shakespearean element the English over here in the UK in many ways is structured differently to that of the US, for example the spelling of certain words:

      Mold(US), Mould(UK)
      Check(US), Cheque(UK)
      Organization(US), Organisation(UK)

      Its fun messing around and seeing what one can come up with, lol.

      Liked by 3 people

      • @Verbs

        -Its fun messing around and seeing what one can come up with, lol.-

        That sentence can mean anything!!! Kinda reminds me of when I 1st started selling out.. oops I meant dating out LoL… And best believe I came up in a major way!!!

        Liked by 4 people

      • Verbs

        I’m also glad you noticed my intentional mis-spelling & mis-pronunciation of “Shakespearean” versus “Shakespeare-ing” Ha HA!! I tried my damndest to do it with that DeQuan drawl & that Tyrone slang!! I’m serious that’s how those ignorant folks pronounce that shit.. Speaking of Sir William S. name one BW bitch in tha hood that appreciates his work??? I’m waiting.. LoL.


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  4. Book of Vitarah, Chapter 9, Verse 9-17

    9. Unsatisfied in the ineffectual musings of the lame n1ggas, Princess Vitarah scoured the kingdom for a companion with a member like that of horses and issues like that of donkeys.

    10. Saddened, she decreed, “Verily, I require the pelvic presence of a man with over 20 cubits of length in the ding of his ling.”

    11. Thus, a she doth drugged the handsome, sexy, beautiful, youthful, intelligent and light skinned Afrofuturism, a young pharaoh and scholar.

    12. Before, he had stated, “I enjoy the sweet pink flesh of the roman women, and request not the fetid roast beef of the whores of Shabazz. I refuse to allow such a Leviathan to mount me, and verily thus put a n1gga through dat headboard in the wee hours.”

    13. Drugged and outside of his mind, the unbelievably sexy mulatto-esque man did Smash Princess Vitarah like the foul beast she was, under the impression that she was Italia Blue. Verily, she did begat Al B. Sure!, light skinned king of New Jack Swing.

    Liked by 3 people

    • @Afro

      LMFAO!! 🙂 😥 🙂

      [in my Anthony Hopkins voice]

      That was a tragedy similar to “Macbeth” I do hope your wits are still intact, for I fear your bed is no longer that way. Especially when it is met with the weight of the leviathan of the Shabazz!!

      But fear not Sir Afro Lancelot, next time this horror befalls you, send one of your castle guards to the town bugle & call for help!! And quickly over the mountainside shall ride my Vikings!! They will come equipped to slay such land whale beasts, with swords & jousting staffs in hand. For we must harpoon these land whales!!! We’ve slain the dragon & the kraken when it attacked our village, so surely we can fend off the attacks of the weave haired Medusa!! Her very looks may turn you to stone!!!

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  5. Jermaine 15

    3. And thus the brother succeeded in securing passage from the land of thy big booty. But our good brother was smited by his neighbour and struck with a bullet.
    Upon learning of the events of the good brother, Umar did chastise thy good brother, calling him “a weak ass nigga” and commanded thy good brother to return to whence he came, to help and improve thy community.

    4. The prince of New Egypt did hear news of an uprising in the distant lands of New Israel. He commanded his people to part for New Israel to bring upon destruction of the city.
    However a man did spake upon Umar: “But, good brother, thou wilt follow us in the desert?”. The man who was foolish to raise his voice, was told to “shut your bitch ass up”.

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    • @ Sir Michel

      Ha haaaaa!!! Y’all are fuckin’ killin’ me!!!! I’m bout to die laughing. I’ve snickered so loud it woke my chamber maids & mistresses alike.

      But fear not!! SYSBM will march thru the desert as well in search of the elusive unicorns known as Becky!! I’ve heard if you just touch one, your entire life will change for the better!! In the desert the pilgrimage shall commence, for most black men are used to the hot tempered Medusa & her evil nature. So the elements of the desert should not affect us!!!

      Once the destination is reached it shall be worth it!! Rumor has it, that in the new cities, there are non BW in abundance!! The initial thoughts were to pillage & take. But the lovely Becky’s welcomed us to their kingdom with open arms & legs!! We must escape from the black plaque before it ruins us all. That BW virus has no cure & I refuse to watch my marching soldiers die in battle over a BW!!! I’d rather them die in the arms of a Becky / Patel / Maria!!

      March on my brothas, to that promise land known as SYSBM…

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  6. An exceptional and creative work of fine literature that accurately describes the present state of AT LEAST 99.999% of all black women alive today. As for the dimwitted simps that still want to waste their time, money and life searching for the mythical black “NAWALT”; You would be much wiser to cash out your life savings and take your chances squandering it away at the Las Vegas casino’s or at the very least purchasing as many powerball tickets that you can buy.
    As a popular you tuber once said “Black women are the longest running joke in the world” But the joke loses it’s humor when you realize all the carnage and ruin that black women and their hordes of Tyrone’s, Dey’ Dey’s and J boogies have inflicted upon the Black race for the past 50 years.
    For thinking and aware Black Men; Total abandonment and avoidance of black women and their wretched “community” is mandatory and SYSBM is the ultimate solution.

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  7. GENTLEMEN. I keep hearing and reading about black women saying that they will leave black men and go to other men. QUESTION: What other race of men will take significant numbers of black women? I notice that black women never answer this question.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      The Chronicles of Skeet hath foretold that there shalt be no rescue for the willful black harlot. Men of other nations shalt not save her en masse. She shall be used, the bedwench, then cast aside, even the so-called top 1%, the educated, the slim, the desirable.

      Having alienated the men of her own race, there shalt be no respite for her, no place of rest, save the muck and mire of the Blackistan that she and her actions hath created. She will awaken ‘pon the morn to find the best males of her race that she long devalued hath moved on to more fertile, peaceful grounds, with women of lighter hue who value those same men highly.

      She will desperately attempt to unify with you once more, this time laden with the children of your enemies. And thou shalt answer, “no.”

      She will never answer your question because the answer is too horrifying for her to even give utterance.

      The reckoning is here, my friend. The schadenfreude is real.

      So let it be written.

      So let it be done.


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  8. Excellent post, Verbs!

    So let it be written.

    So let it be done.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the Gospel Of Tyrone becomes the law of the land!

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  9. Gentlemen. Thank you. Black women, again, never identify the groups of non-black men that have a strong desire for them. The term “Asian fetish” is used to describe the large number of white men that desire serious relationships and marriage with Asian women. I never hear the term “black woman fetish” used to describe a supposed large number of white men that desire serious relationships and marriage with black women. The men of the world do not desire black women. All of the numbers inform that black women come in dead last in entering into interracial relationships.

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    • @ Gregory LoL

      Ha ha!! 🙂 🙂 You’re 1000% correct sir. “BW fetish” is never used by anyone who wants a serious relationship with them, BW are just that: a fetish to be used, pumped & dumped!! Ask any “ex-swirler” who wants a good black man to pick up the pieces! Normally when black men date outside the race, WE KEEP DATING OUTSIDE THE RACE!! Regardless if Becky / Maria / Patel might dump us. We just go & find another Becky / Maria /Patel. We never return to the darkside! BW DON’T WANT A GOOD BROTHA UNTIL THEY FALL OFF!! BW have fewer options now than ever before!! I’d almost pity these whores [I SAID ALMOST LOL] buuuut the BW have spent so much time trying to ruin my life, they get negative zero sympathy from me!!!

      Liked by 3 people

      • @3rd Leg

        That is a seriously good point!

        There is no ex-IR Black man in existence. Brothers who date out, usually stay out. It speaks to our mass appeal and reach, that if Becky dumps us, we get an Ashley. If Ashley is not into us, we go get a Heather.

        It’s more than likely Ashley, Heather and Brittany are like hawks, scouring the lands for a brother to swoop down, claws in and take off with a brother wings apart (and legs apart…).

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  10. LoL. “Stay at home husband???!!???”

    Fuck!!! How come he’s not getting crucified by the BW??

    If he was a brotha: “He ain’t shit! He has no job!! Leave that nigga alone!!””

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    • I think it’s in Zoe Saldana’s contract to kiss on a white boy in every single movie she’s in, including blue Avatar and Gay (IRL) Spock. What’s funny is in the latest Star Trek movie, Spock dumps her (Uhura) to go back to Vulcan women because it’s up to him to help repopulate the Vulcan race. Even in the 23rd Century, bedwenches are getting dumped. LOL!

      Liked by 2 people

      • @ Schad…

        OUCH!!!!! Damn so Star Trek really does predict the future doesn’t it??!!!???
        And what you said is sooooo true about Zoe!!! My co-workers & I used to say that all the time last year “Does Zoe have to swirl in EVERY SINGLE FILM??” Ha haa!! I thought I was over exaggerating at first, but others have noticed that as well….

        GAY SPOCK!!!
        YUP BW LOVE FAGS!!!!!

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      • @ odyssey

        I know right!!! “THAT GOOD HAIR!!” If a bitch only wants her kids to have good hair, leave her ass to drown!!! A real woman wants her kids to be healthy & happy!!! And how many healthy/happy black children are there in the world today????? Not very many..

        And she’d kill 3 black men just to brush his hair???? Shit, she’d kill niggaz for free!! Or have them set up to rot in prison!! How about she brush & comb her own hair, without a weave!!!


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      • @ Oddysey

        Plus she said “He looks like God” LoL
        We were 10000% right, these BW jezebel whores worship the white man as if he is their God….

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  11. Another reason to avoid the blk harlot is you don’t know what they have done in the bedroom with racist wm for all you know they could have played a gheto gaggers fetish type scenerio.imagine dating a women after that shed of course hide that fact from you?their desperation to date out means they’d do anything to please massa. Don’t date blk women period.

    Im surprised Kerry Washington found a bm to marry her after her role in scandal lol .of course you’d hardley find blkmen in mainstream media fuking ww on TV. Remember the cheeris advert.

    Liked by 3 people

    • @ Cosmic

      Oh yeah that now “infamous” cheerios commercial… That’s funny cause the same BW harlots that adore Scandal were also protesting against that commercial. I’ve told BW to they’re ugly faces all the time: “If you like Scandal, you should NEVER have a problem when a brotha dates out!”

      Double standard having whores ha ha!!! And yes BW have a checkered past [no pun intended LoL] So think, if they’d do anything for a “good brotha” later in life, just imagine what they’d have to do & get whitey’s attention just to swirl???

      Liked by 4 people

      • 3rd Leg,

        I remember when white dudes and black women lost their shit over that commercial…..It’s ridiculous because both groups get almost zero backlash for their sexual/relationship preferences…

        Liked by 4 people

      • @ Oddysey

        Ha ha I remember that too!!! BW & they massa’s are really made for each other!! BW’s main goal is the death & destruction of the black man!!! And she will side with anyone that helps to destroy us (aka racist white folks!!)

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  12. Wow. Great post. Very well written. Do you mind if I ask what you do for a living? Are you a full-time writer? I hope so. Well done.

    Liked by 3 people

      • @ Verbs

        You are the Mario Puzo of this shit!!! Keep writing these compelling stories maaaaan! [in my Chris Tucker Friday voice]

        I’m a fan 4 life

        Just like SYSBM 4 life!!!!!!

        Liked by 3 people

      • Good to hear. Someone has to document this shit. Sociologists and mainstream pundits are staying out of it (& who can blame them?!… lol) …But the mass psychoses of black women is a real phenomenon that has had (and will continue to have) real impact on black culture … And I’ll bet the other shoe has yet to drop… All men (of all cultures) should take heed at what’s going on here…

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