The Lie Detector Test Has Determined That Most Black Women Are Incapable Of Telling The Truth


Maury has countless episodes in which he has black women shucking and jiving for the camera, claiming that a black man or black men are the fathers of their children only in most cases to find out that they’re not. Gentlemen, be aware of the various tricks and schemes black women and their 10th regiment of simp soldiers are now employing in their efforts to discredit and render appropriate evidence as invalid.

One of the main tactics black women are currently executing is attempting to mock and ridicule an individual for using video evidence. “You’re using social media” is one of their favourite lines, yet they without fail can never explain why video evidence is invalid. Don’t the police and the courts use video evidence to convict criminals all the time?

Black women put the evidence of their deep-rooted dysfunction on public display for the world to see, yet when a critical thinking black man calls them out on their degeneracy using the very same evidence they have provided, all of a sudden according to black women that proof is no longer valid. Do you see how the mind of the mentally insane black female works?

As I have stated before, evidence is evidence and the facts are the facts, it doesn’t matter how both are presented and in what particular format. Stop allowing foolish black females to play the positions of the judge and the criminal at the same time, they are the ones on trial therefore they have no rights to determine what evidence is to be used against them.

Can you imagine a criminal in a courtroom standing up and declaring to judge and jury that certain evidence cannot be used against her/him just because she/he says so? This is utterly ridiculous on its face, in like manner it is the same whenever we allow black women to mock and ridicule the proofs we levy against them.

“Show me the stats” is another Kansas City shuffle/red herring black women love to use, as if evidence only comes in statistical form. How evidence is presented and what format it is presented in will be dependent upon the particular subject matter at hand, kindly remind black women and their 10th regiment of simp squadrons of this the next time they attempt to pester you for stats, figures or a survey where they are not applicable.

Never allow these black female scoundrels to move the goal posts with regards to the charges and the proof you present against them, the fact that they cannot answer for their transgressions is not your fault, its theirs, therefore they have the option of using facts, logic and common sense to counter the claims or they should simply admit defeat and take their L gracefully.

The fact of the matter is black women hate video evidence because it is easily and readily accessible and black women themselves are the very cause behind it being so easy to light their backsides up with proof upon proof. Imagine, the enemy supplying you with the bullets and the ammunition to fire against them, in 2017 this is how infantile, dumb, ignorant and short-sighted most black women are.

Why am I talking about this and what does it have to do with the above video, well, you saw how this deceptive miscreant was ousted by the lie detector test and yet she still attempted to dismiss the results as a lie, watch the video again if you missed it. The fact is black women hate the truth, they tell lies as if it is second nature, something I talked about extensively in Negro Wars.

Therefore do not be surprised when you present proof and black women still dismiss it, black women don’t want you to provide evidence, they simply want you to stop talking about their reprobate activities, always remember that. This is one of the main reasons why without fail they will give you the run around with regards to what format you are permitted to present the evidence to them in(in their minds).

As you can also see from the video another common theme that rings true is the fact that most black women are whores and will remain as such for life. Of course on top of this the guy turned out not to be the father of the child, how many times before have we seen this scenario play out? I shudder to think how many black men are walking around looking after children they believe are theirs biologically yet aren’t.

Black men, stop dealing with these moral bankrupt, disrespectful black females, they’re no good for you under any circumstances. Even having casual sex with most black women these days is too dangerous and is no different from playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded clip.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Become A Victim To Degenerate Black Women

Most High Bless

53 thoughts on “The Lie Detector Test Has Determined That Most Black Women Are Incapable Of Telling The Truth

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  2. Notice the shade in question in the videos, or actually most videos involving black women and black people in general. Dark skinned black women attain a Super Saiyan 3 level of whoredom unseen in any other creature due to the level of their insecurity and low self esteem. I was at a family dollar once and had a dark (old) woman notice my skin tone and curly hair, start staring at my “pecker region”, and actually said to me out loud, “Ooh, I wanna taste yo nut!”

    Conversely, all the women who were literally advertising themselves were similarly colored. Yet they claim to be so well off and boss chicks!!!

    I shudder to think of potentially being biologically linked to most black women, but honestly, I’m beginning to think that their extreme ugliness is nature’s way of warding men (with brains) off.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I done said in Negro Wars that the Jezebel spirit coupled with feminism has begun to physically morph black women into looking like men. I’ve never come across such a group of rough, coarse and masculine looking females before in all my life. This is what happens when you desire to throw off femininity, nature will more than oblige you in your quest.

      As for the harlot nature of the black female, at this stage it is completely off the chain, they have no threshold and continue to dig deeper and deeper into the whore’s pit. I feel sorry for you bro as this hasn’t been the first time that a black woman has expressed an interest in your ding-a-ling. Must be hard for you out there with all of that constant eyeballing and hawking from undesirable monsters.

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    • afrofuturism1,

      I’m not surprised they give you that kind of unsolicited attention. You have “good hair,” and anything that has “good hair,” to these beasts they will fuck including their own children……

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      • WTF!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        These black wreckless jezebel whores!!! They are beneath the bottom of the barrel!! FUCKIN’ SCUM!!! And to think, its always BW+their SIMPS claiming that “white folks are inbred & blah blah” but now looks who’s inbred??? The good ole’ queans!!!

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  3. “black men started interracial relationship first” says black women.

    1600s-black women willingly got married and had sex with white male colonists, which allowed them to stay in Africa and have access to Africa’s resources.

    1600-1899-some black female slaves willingly had sex with their white master for their own personal gain. On the other hand if a bm/ww were seen together, they will both be hung or lynched.

    1967-loving vs Virginia

    The truth is after 1967, black men were able to be in interracial unions but black women were always free to be with white men for almost 500 years without any consequences.

    Even to this date there has been multiple cases of black men being murdered by white men for being with white women.

    Or multiple occasions that black women have harassed bm/ww in public or social media with violence and name calling(coon, uncle tom, self hater, she ugly, etc.).

    #SYSBM for like

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    • This is interesting… Are you guys old enough to remember that show “The Jeffersons”? Black people (and black men) are so okay with white male/black female interracial relationships that most people barely remember that Mr. Willis was white and his wife was black. Black men in particular just aren’t racist like that.

      …But if that had been a black man with a white woman, society (including black society, led by black women) would have probably come down hard on that show. I just find it remarkable that the Jeffersons ran for so long and was so popular among black people, and no one blinked an eye about the Willis’s. Yet black men with white women remain controversial to this day…

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    • @ TJ

      THIS IS ALL TRUTH!!! I’ve been telling these black whores for years that they started this interracial shit!!! That’s why they hate SYSBM so much!!! They want to be the only ones allowed to date out. Buuut nowadays since NO ONE wants the BW, it hurts they lil’ hearts to know they started a sport & now they can’t play in they own game anymore LoL ha ha!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      The old saying: “You can’t have your cake & eat it too”.
      Well from the looks of it, these fat out of shape stubly armed BW hoes have had PLENTY OF CAKE LOL!! I mean seriously, fat BW whores can’t cook, but they always eating & always fat!!! Non BW can cook, but they exercise & stay in shape.


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    • That’s because if other races of women had that high percent rate they will feel shame where ever they go, but not these black whores they wear it like a badge.

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  4. One of the biggest lies Black Women frequently tell is that they turn down White men out of loyalty to brothas LMAO. These women shit on us endlessly and always have something negative to say about us and yet they want us to believe they are loyal to us? Black women are such shameless liars and they have no integrity whatsoever. The truth is if White men really wanted Black women they could have as many Black women as they wished. However, White men for the most part do not want Black women. We need our Good Black men out there to know that they do not have to deal with those scraggle daggles and that there are much better women available for them. #SYSBM

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    • Black women turn down white men like wolves turn down chicken. A black woman could be in church, hell, it could be the damn pastor, and if a random disembodied white dick/nut sack and invited her to ride it for the chance at a yella fella like me, she’d ride that thing from Canada to Atlanta!

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    • JW — that is absolutely true. The main reason black women don’t want to see black men with nonblack women is because they feel they’re being “left behind”.

      Black women don’t actually want black men, they just don’t want black men to have anyone else!

      If they really wanted black men, the path to keeping us would be easy… but to them, we’re just not worth changing their ways…

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  5. Brotha Verbs has been on point with these articles, I really hope more of us become Patreons. He is giving us a voice and a safe space, things that are rare to have when you are a Black man. I hope more of us decide to support our brother.

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    • JW,

      Much appreciated bro. It’s only fair that black men should have their own space where they can freely talk about issues of concern without being ridiculed and mocked by black women and their simp armies who do not care about the fate of black society anyway. As always any support brothers offer is much appreciated.

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  6. Gentlemen: An interesting video, from a white man, is on the internet. The video is: “TFL/Incel: Reasons Why White Men Should Oppose Interracial Dating & Marriage.” The video opines that most white women look much better looking than most black women. In addition, the video opines, white women are better than black women in all categories. Therefore, black men usually get a better woman when they choose a white woman over a black woman. The view is that even a lower-tier white woman is better than a lower-tier black woman. PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT EXPRESS AN OPINION ON THE BASIC POINTS STATED IN THE VIDEO.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      What he needs to worry about is the unusually high amount of white men dating and sexing Asian women…Thnx for the heads up though….

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    • Black women could match the quality of other women… But they have this gigantic overcompensating ego that leaves “no room for improvement” … and should they ever improve themselves in any way, it comes with a truckload of obnoxious conceit. Look at how quick they are to cite the false statistic that they’re “the most educated group” in the country. Ironically, they’re too STUPID to research that stat before they cite it. lol

      Even more notable however, is the amount of obnoxious CONCEIT they display in citing that stat. They generally follow it up with some derogatory statement about black men and how black women need to collectively “move on” from us.


      If that’s the way they want to be, the goal for black men is clear — remove them and their scorn from all consideration in the pursuit of your life goals. They are never going to support you and are only going to try to drag you down, to ensure that you never rise “above them”.

      A black man gets a degree for the single purpose of getting ahead… It doesn’t define him …doesn’t make him conceited or egotistical… doesn’t make him think he’s better than anyone else…

      A black woman buys herself a University of Phoenix degree and the next thing you know she’s lording it over other people and spouting false statistics in internet posts full of grammatical errors and simple-minded misspellings…

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    • Regarding that white dude’s video: Fuck him. He’s just angry that white women lust after black men.

      I’m a little different than most of you guys in that I don’t think white women are any better (or better looking) than black women… Although they do, on the whole, take care of themselves better and present themselves better.

      …It’s just good to have white women as an option, because black women are POSSESSED. If black women weren’t so fucked up, it probably wouldn’t even occur to most black men to date white chicks in the midst of America’s fucked up racial atmosphere.

      Black women make dating nonblack women absolutely necessary.

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      • Check Urself,

        You need to come to the UK and check out the Eastern European women out here, they are killing black women by miles. White women at least in the UK and Europe are outdoing black women by a huge margin in the attraction department alone.

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  7. JW. You make a good point about the supposed loyalty of black women. The video that I cited gives the opinion that it is rare to find a high quality black female. Therefore, white men have little interest in serious relationships with the majority of black females. The reason black women are not with white men, in large numbers, is because white men do not want to be with black women because black women tend to be lower-tier women.

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    • Gregory,
      I’m probably not gunna watch the video as it sounds like it was made by one of those bitter, racist White guys. Ironically, I actually think White men should date Black women more. Why? Because Black Women are completely different people when they date White men. They are submissive and loyal to White men. They are positive and supporting when they date White men. And then the final cherry on top are the biracial kids that will come out of such unions. We all know how Black Women abuse and mistreat their darker skinned kids. Now compare that to how loving they are when they have their mixed kids with “good hair”.

      It seems to me Black Women’s best qualities only come about when they are with White men and other Non-Black men. Black Women who are dating White men often advise their sistas that if they also want to “Swirl” the first thing they must do is drop the nasty attitudes. But none of them ever tell each other to drop the attitude when it comes to Black men though, now do they? No, the nasty attitudes are specifically reserved for Brothas. And then if you as a Black man don’t want to deal with that you are called a “coon” or “self-hater”. Them disrespecting Black men at every turn is simply them showing their strength. Yet such “Strength” vanishes when they are in relationships with White men. Interesting.

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      • @ J W

        I meant to include you on that post I just sent to Gregory LoL. Cause you dropped some nuclear knowledge about BW!!!

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      • Good post, JW. That’s the saddest thing about these negresses. They will advise EACH OTHER to lose the attitude… lose the weight… lose the weave… in order to make themselves more palatable to white men. But they’ll do none of those things for black men…

        Christelyn Karazin had a fuckin’ public breakdown because a white dude said he doesn’t want negresses… Yet (like most black women) she has all the pride in the world when it comes to black men …

        When it comes to black men it’s all about dismissive pride, but for other men, they’ll throw their pride aside… lol

        No matter what they say, that shit speaks volumes.

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  8. JW. The telling point for me is how this particular white man views black women. The swirl movement will take a BIG hit if many white men think like him. His basic view is that there are few quality black women for a white man to be with.

    I have, also, heard black women giving other black women the advice to drop the “black girl attitude” when dating non-black men.

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    • @ Gregory

      Yep I’ve heard that line over the years as well LoL. They will remain toxic as fuck towards us, but they will “Valley girl square up” in the presence of mighty whitey!! But it never lasts long cause BW are terrible actors / liars, as the above Maury clip indicates. That toxic attitude will eventually bubble to the top like boiling water!! And if smart black men won’t put up with her attitude, imagine how fast the smart white men will dump her!!!

      And you’re also right about the swirl movement. It’s already bullshit cause the BW whores want a child with “that good hair” but you notice even these white guys never wife up the BW, they just swirl her as a “temporary girlfriend” and then its a wrap!! When black men date out, they build families & have beautiful well mannered half breed children. BW just get left with nothing, they just become another “ex-swirler” ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ BW cant even date out properly HA HA!!!

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      • Just look at that rough looking nigg-…..I mean beautiful black queen who said black men wouldn’t dance with her. Got bent over and dug out by a bored white guy who subsequently dumped her and the half breed, leading to her now being against swirling. Same thing with Cynthia Tranny G, the pro black ghetto Gaggers whore.

        Every swirled is a future dumped pro black in the making.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Scraggle daggle must be given a wide berth. Black women have let themselves go too far, they simply aren’t competition for non black women anymore.

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  9. @ Verbs LoL!!!!

    In the Maury video that lying bitch fell out on the floor [at the end] like a little child throwing a hissy fit!!! Ha Ha!! BW are still childish by nature, that’s why they behave like kids, trying to dispute the truth!!! Verbs keep the good shit coming!!!

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    • 3rd Leg,

      You’ll notice these black harpies do one of three things or sometimes a combination of buffoonery on Maury’s show whenever they get caught in their own lies, run backstage and fall on the floor pretending to be in distress, run backstage and bury their faces in the couch or run backstage trying desperately to find a room to hide in. On rare occasions they will flop and roll around on stage pretending to cry in order to garner sympathy from the crowd but I am no fool, it’s all a bread and circus monkey show.

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      • @ Verbs

        LoL just like the old saying: “one monkey don’t stop no show!!”

        And when we go SYSBM we don’t leave bread crumbs for these whores ha ha!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  10. I’m sure some of y’all are old enough to remember this classic?? Well if I had my wish, ALL BW WOULD GET THE “CONDITION” THAT JIM CARREY HAD IN THIS FILM:

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  11. This was probably the worst paternity test show ever. The young boy’s feelings were completely irrelevant to everyone except Steve, and even he had to be politically correct about it.

    Whatever you do just strive for your own happiness. No one should suffer like this young man has.

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    • Bruh, did you see that Foghorn Leghorn tranny with the blonde hair and neck tattoos?!!!

      THIS is what we’re raised to think is beautiful? And of course it was just a common thing that these little hoodlums screw everything in sight from the second they’re born to where paternity and probably even maternity is questioned.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black men who have white females as their number one choice of non black women would love it here, the variety is off the chain plus with the Eastern European women flooding in the choices have increased many times over.

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      • Eastern Euro women are indeed more attractive than western women. My theory is that coming from more paternalistic cultures affects the hormones of women… makes them more feminine & female-looking.

        Or maybe its just the fact that polish women are more attractive? (As I understand it, most of the immigration from eastern europe in the UK is Polish…)

        I live in a town where there are white people with southern roots and white people who are descendants of polish and german immigrants… and you can still see the difference in them… The polish chicks are attractive… the “redneck” chicks much less so…

        Just an observation…

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      • @Verbs

        Cosigned on that. You just gotta appear confident and have a little bit of game about yourself (which I don’t have lol)

        The variety in England is like Wal-Mart up in this bitch.

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  12. And their accomplices are at it big time with #STOPPROFITFORHATE They do not want video evidence utilized to prove the truth


  13. @VERBS2015 Whores are everywhere. One of the reasons caucasian females donโ€™t want to wear masks is because it gets in the way of pulling off their advert scheme so it should be easy but those men who refer to themselves as Black should know by now that marriage is key and a whore is a whore regardless of color or how well the secrets are kept.


    • Anon,

      The greatest concentration of whores are in the so called black community, hence the ridiculous single mother numbers as well as the astronomical disease and STD rates. As much as white women and other non black females have their various shortcomings, they aren’t nearly as bad as these black sirens out here who openly live out the whore lifestyle yet still feel they have a right to be addressed as “queens”.


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