Black Women – Still Incredibly Insecure And Jealous Of Black Men And White Women Dating And Marrying Each Other


Shout out to JW for sending me this. I’ve told you many times before, whenever black women talk about not caring about black men dating out, don’t believe them as nearly always their ACTIONS will speak the very opposite. I’ve told the SYSBM squad many times before in previous articles, black women aren’t about to allow you to happily roll off into the sunset with your non black female without a fight or at least an attempt to throw a spanner into the works.

Firstly, let us deal with the blatant hypocrisy concerning black women and interracial dating. As has been clearly observed and established by now, whenever black women get themselves a white or other non black male, they always feel the need to blaze the news from the rooftops, they will go out of their way to throw the said union in the faces of black men(as if we care or give a damn) and the swirling sisterhood will high-five each other, clap, cheer, drink champagne and congratulate the black female concerned.

However, whenever the combination is reversed and a black man dates or marries a white women, these same black women who congratulated one of their own will crawl out of the woodwork and vehemently oppose such a union. They will call that black man concerned every name under the sun from coon, Uncle Tom, sellout etc, they will even state that the reason why he decided to date or marry out was because “he couldn’t handle a strong black woman”(which is code for rebellious, belligerent, unruly, violent scoundrel).

I will remind you black men that black women view you as slaves, as far as they are concerned interracial dating and marriage ought to be something that only they can engage in and practice. They detest the fact that black men can date and marry out, they especially hate the fact that black men have more power and reach in the interracial dating market and are involved in interracial relationships at over twice the rate of black women(US-based statistics).

Here in the United Kingdom black men are dating and marrying out at a rate of over 53%(and climbing). Why is the rate so high here? It’s not that over half of the black men in the UK suddenly woke up one morning and randomly decided to walk away from black women, this action had been steadily increasing in response to the horrific way in which black women treat black men as well as their anti social, rebellious, violent, nasty, whorish and evil dispositions.

For most black men in the UK SYSBM is a standard practice and had been so for quite some time. Now, let’s talk about the above Instagram post. I’m guessing that the couple above were at a restaurant and caught the eye of a member of the angry and bitter black sisterhood who decided to use the opportunity to instigate trouble(in 2017 this is what most black women are known for).

Do you see how black women as a collective will misbehave in any environment? Besides, I thought that black women weren’t concerned with black men dating and marrying out. The black witch simply couldn’t help herself, she had to go out of her way to make the above couple feel inferior, most of all she had to make sure that her disapproval of their union was made known to Kayla Cofield herself.

I have written many articles before detailing that in my opinion black women are the most racist individuals on the planet, here are just some of them:

Cofield ought to be reading Negro Wars where she would be brought right up to speed regarding the devil she is dealing with aka the modern day black female. Her boyfriend I suspect already knows what the score is, hence why he decided to date a non black woman. How much do you want to bet in the past black women called Cofield’s black boyfriend a lame? How much do you want to bet that black women in the past heavily berated Cofield’s boyfriend concerning his dark skinned complexion?

The fact of the matter is just like racist white men black women hold a deep resentment and hatred for black men, they don’t want to see us happy, they wish to see black men remain on the proverbial plantation where we can be controlled by them at the behest of their white slave master. This is why most black women are incredibly disgruntled whenever they see black men with non black women, because as far as they are concerned that’s a black man who should have remained under their control as a slave.

Black women have become a scourge and a pestilence upon all those around them, not just black men and black society. They are cursed individuals and continue to dig themselves deeper into their own mire of filth and destruction. Again, I recommend that black men start crossing the street whenever they see black women in their vicinity.

Black women, racist white men and pro black simps are three sides of the same decadent, rusty coin. The worst thing about this is the fact that the pro blacks by carrying out the dirty bidding of the black witch believe that they are gaining favour with her. The same goes for black women, they also believe that they are gaining favour with white men by plunging black men and black society deeper into the gutter.

Black women and their 13th regiment of pro black simpletons are so desperate to derail the SYSBM movement, however it is too late. The seeds have already been planted and are beginning to sprout. I will continue to do my part here at to spread the message. Thinking black men remember, the opinions black women have concerning your dating and marriage choices at this stage are IRRELEVANT. Simply put, do you and do not allow black females and their simp soldiers to bully and intimidate you into doing otherwise.

On a final note, I have been stating for the longest that black women love light-skinned and biracial children, however there is an extra clarification that must be added to this fact. Black women will love, adore and worship light-skinned and mixed race children AS LONG AS THE MOTHER OF THOSE CHILDREN IS BLACK. Black women for the most part hate mixed and light-skinned children who are sired from couples where the father is black just as much as they hate non mixed black children.

Place a set of mixed race children in front of you average black women and she will fawn all over them, declare how beautiful they are and lavish them with all manner of praise, that is until you reveal that the father of those same said children is a black man. Then immediately watch as her countenance changes completely as if she has been given the worst news of her life. Black women as a collective are insecure, jealous, soulless, demon possessed devil spawn who believe that life’s luxuries and happiness should be reversed for them and them alone. Thinking black men, you already know what the deal is. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

104 thoughts on “Black Women – Still Incredibly Insecure And Jealous Of Black Men And White Women Dating And Marrying Each Other

    • I don’t see where to reply to this post at large. But it is UNTRUE that black women want to hold their men down. We have stood by them for YEARS through all the slavery and racism that America had to offer. You are feeding an adgenda, and promoting more racial animosity.


      • NO…you cant handle the truth. So why is it every time a black man dates or marries a white woman we hear the… you’re a self hating sell out uncle tom coon who hates his mama and is a color struck colorist and he needs to drop that “Becky” and get himself a “black queen” because he’s in a sunken place and needs to see the movie “Get Out”….Tell me how many times you’ve heard black men use those shaming and scare tatics. And why is it black chicks never get that type of vitriol thrown in their direction when they date/marry boys ? I know that may be to much logic for you to handle.

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      • X,

        Black women threw themselves at the slave masters, they also sabotage many slave revolts. Today black women are no different, wasn’t just back in March this year when black women banded together in order to get a number of black men’s YouTube channels shut down? Black women say one thing but carry out actions to the contrary, I’m not fooled at all.


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  2. Like I said in the combox of one of Hardcore Tito’s videos:

    Black women hate us (black men) more than they love white men.. That is one major reason why they are INSISTENT on rubbing their swirl relationships in our faces.

    They WANT and NEED us to be jealous of their swirl relationships, because not only it validates their existence, but by us being jealous, it gives them power over us as well as an ego boost. That is why they get mad when they find out that we don’t care about them “swirling”.

    I could be completely wrong, though.

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  3. Notice that she mentioned age. Old black witches are the ones who feed this mentality into the black hoes of today.

    Every knows the joke about some nosey black woman who sits on the porch all day trolling people. These are the original models that ruin the black community.

    Hell, I noticed about two months ago that my mother suddenly was not enjoying her meal when she realized that the waitress (white) was married to a black man.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These elder black females want to keep the status quo in place, this is why they deliberately go out of their way to contaminate the younger generations. Again, black women have this notion in their minds that they have the right to treat black men like trash and that we are obligated to accept such treatment. No sir, not this man. They hate to see black men happy which is why happiness typically is nowhere to be found when getting together with them.

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      • Verbs2015
        Also I notice the elder black women such as mothers, grandmas and BW school teachers keep on telling young Blackmen not date white women because they said white women will Blackmen put in jail, beat up or killed it’s sad, they still talk that bullshit.

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      • JayJay5077,

        The elder black females continue to run the same old propaganda trying to keep black men on the plantation. The pro black simps cannot think and reason for themselves, thus they fall for that Kansas City shuffle every time. Thinking black men on the other hand know exactly what time it is and are not phased by such rubbish talk.


  4. Dam, that negro has a fine ass white woman!!!! And Kameron Brown you are absolutely correct. I will have more to say later on, but I must sleep. The reactions to Tommy Sotomayor getting sucker punched are disgraceful. Disagree with a person all you want, but (many) black people are laughing and applauding a black person assaulting another black person because they don’t like his opinion. And black people wonder why they are universally viewed as a violent bunch of reactionary dummies. What type of people believe assaulting a person because you don’t like what they say is justifiable? Oh yeah, black folks do.
    And when I actually raised some of these points on some live streams about this incident, black people started talking about how violent white people are.
    As if what white people do has something to do with black people punching other black people in the face because they disagree with them.
    Do black folks ever actually think, or do they just react. The latter seems to be the rule.

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    • Bill Smith,

      I just saw the video, that wasn’t a smart move at all on Tommy’s part, he already knows that these pro black, back to Africa brigades will go full primal for their black queans, as you stated before he practically threw himself into the lion’s den.

      This is the pro black savage right there, this is why thinking black men must separate from such contaminated trash. They won’t check their so called “queens” out of fear but they won’t hesitate to punch another black man in the face to defend a group of individuals who couldn’t give a rat’s testicle about them, pathetic.

      As much as Sotomayor has his shortcomings, punching the man in the face exposes these pro blacks as having no reasoning skills, intelligence or logical thought process whatsoever.

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  5. I seen some Black women jump in their faces…but I’ve seen Black men act like this as well when they see Black women with White men…so I guess this article is true for both sides


    • Come on dude lets be serious, for every dumb ass black dude that does that, you’ll see 100 black chicks doing it. 98% of black of black dudes could care less who a black chick dates ,…yeah you have your 2% of black low self esteem bm who do, but that pales in comparison to how many black chicks who blow their weaves when they see a black man with a white women… LETS BE SERIOUS!!!! #SYSBM

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      • @Flclimaxxx,

        Exactly, its the “man bites dog” say it to make them feel better about themselves. #SYYSBM4LIFE

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      • BW love to make up stories, especially where they are either the center of attention or the victim. I’d have to see them and their white man getting harassed for myself to believe it. In the cities and neighborhoods I’ve lived in, the swirl agenda is in full effect and I’ve witnessed no problems as BW stroll down the street with their white knights. If anything, BW like to play up laughing at their white guy’s jokes, touching his arm, flipping their weave, acting affectionate, etc. in the presence of a black man. Which *has* happened to me.


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    • Yashell you are absolutely incorrect, the only black males that you have ever seen act in the same uncivilized manner as a black female does (on a daily basis) in confronting a bi-racial couple is a pro-black simp who is cut from the same cloth and reared by the savage degenerate dysfunctional black female. Real Black Men could not care less about what a filthy black female does or who it sleeps with just as long as It stays away from Decent Black Men.
      Simps and black females have to be the most asinine “people” on the planet, LOL!!!

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      • Sick of this “both sides”-ism, man. I see it a lot as the problem-makers–in this case BW–try to shirk responsibility for their bullshit.

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  6. These black witches are mad because they spent millions of dollars to look non black and NOBODY wants them, and us black men we spent little to less money and all the non black women accept us and they (black witches) don’t like that.

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    • It’s even deeper than that. Their chattel–us–are no longer under their control, and are giving our best to women who don’t look like them. In this case, they can’t even make themselves feel better that the white woman here is somehow sub-par. No, this is prime, blond white meat that any white boy would be proud to have, with no room for insult or bullshit. That the brother is clearly happy–and tall like they like–is another body blow. This right here–from the brother’s point of view–is a wholesale repudiation of black women.

      Bring the pain.

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  7. As I have mention before I’m 23 and I stopped dating black chicks back in the 8th grade and I will always thank my wonderful uncle for steering me away from them. These pathetic black chicks are the most bald faced hypocritical group of maggots on the planet. When a black chicks dates or marries a white male it’s party time, “you go girl’ , they get a stand ovation., however when a black man dates or marries his white queen, he’s a “self hating”, “sellout”, “Uncle Tom” coon who hates he mama and is a “color struck” colorist. I love it when a black chick goes berserk when she sees me with my white girlfriend, I start stroking her long hair that’s real and hers, I start kissing and hugging her right in front of them. If they want to make my white girlfriend and I the center of attention I will gladly oblige. That 53% of black men dating interracially in the UK is coming like a bullet to the US I think, hope and pray black men will reach that percentage within the next decade, we’re already at about 38% of black men dating out and 25% marrying out. The SYSBM movement is like a Porsche driving down hill in a hurricane… it won’t slow up and it can’t be stopped. #SYSBM

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      • The article that came out a few years ago that stated by the year 2030 which is only 13 short years away that biracial individuals will make up 25% of the UK population and if the numbers keep going in that trajectory, by the year 2050 half of the UK population will be biracial..and guess who has been fueling this biracial explosion, you guessed it BLACK MEN and in much smaller numbers Arab men.The black whores and the SIMPS that follow and worship them know its happening here at an accelerated pace and its terrifies them that they will have fewer and fewer sheep to follow them. Black men keep pumping those interracial dating and marrriage numbers up, we’re doing a fantastic job right now but we need to increase those numbers even faster to wipe out the black female pestilence and the SIMPS and whores that spawn from them. #SYSBM4LIFE

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      • The woman killed in the rally was white.

        Other White women have seen how their racist male counterparts treat them, and will decide to deal with Black men instead. You see how Tomi Lahren (excommunicated by white men) is now with a brother?

        Just like with Dylan Roof and the California half-Asian dude, when white men scream about interracial relationships, they are causing more of that to happen.
        Women cannot stand insecure men, and those race rallies are a massive advertising billboard that says “we are insecure as fuck”. It works out great for #SYSBM

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      • I saw the picture of Tomi Lahren with the black dude, the caption reads as if that’s her boyfriend but I want conformation first before I clap and smile..LOL. I looked at the comment section under her picture and oh my god did the butthurt black whores and insecure pathetic racist white boys swarm like locust. I can’t tell you how happy I was reading those comments that just oozed with jealously and insecurity from the nasty black bitches and their counterparts, the racist insecure white boys, it was glorious. SYSBM is clearly working and its driving these clowns crazy. …#SYSBM4LIFE

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  8. Shout out to Brotha Verbs2015 for posting this, I was so pissed off when I initially saw that IG post. That is a beautiful Mixed couple that were just minding their own business and of course a Black witch comes out of the woodwork to antagonize them. Yet you won’t see Black witches and their simps antagonize the gangbangers and drug dealers in their communities though.

    These insecure piece of shit Black whores need to fuck off, they don’t want or value good Black men anyway. They only realize a good Black man’s value when they see us with our Non-Black Girlfriends/Wives. Then they start getting mad as if we are their property or something. Black women are a joke. It will be glorious watching them drown in tears as more brothas start to date out in the near future.

    Brothas dating out as of right now seem to primarily be dating White or Latina Women. What happens when brothas start wifing up Asian, Arab, Indian women etc? Because that will start to happen much more frequently in the near future. In a few generations almost every brotha will have a Non-Black woman by their side. Black women will be probably start physically attacking mixed couples at that point because the jealousy will be too much for them to handle LMAO.

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  9. Random but something I truly hate about Black bitches is if you even look in their direction some of them immediately act stuck up, as if anyone wants their bald asses. I make sure to completely ignore them whenever in their presence. Unfortunately I recently broke up with my Puerto Rican GF a few weeks ago, but it was great when I was with her because Black bitches would see us together and would know right off the bat that I don’t fuck with them in any way, shape, or form. I don’t give a damn how big a Black bitch’s ass is, I do NOT want anything to do with them. Fuck them.

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    • JW,

      Its all good bro. Sorry to hear about your recent split with your girlfriend. Yep, it’s the same over here in the UK, these black sirens will wait for you to look in their direction just to give you the cut eye. I get many more kind looks and smiles from non black women. Black women are truly the enemy, avoid them at all costs.

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    • Oh yeah, the “cut eye” is epidemic with these entitled asses in the UK.

      White women are now starting to stare me out, and I couldn’t be happier. They see my worth, and that’s all that’s needed. #SYSBM

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      • MBD calls that situation “Reckless Eyeballing”.

        I say “fuck them!” Let those reckless eyeballers pound sand!

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the reckless eyeballers eyeball the solar eclipse without sunglasses!

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  10. Yea that cut eye thing is sign they hate your blk ass.just walking by blk women I get a cold vibe even when not staring at them they walk by aggressively or some shit like that I started noticing this in 2007.l just simply chose not giving a fuck about bw regardless of what they do.blkwomen have mental problems that’s the truth.the eye citing will end once they’re closing in at forty with seven thug kids.

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  11. Yes, in public black women actually wait expecting you to look in their direction, just so they can give you a dirty look for looking at them. This is why I go out of my way to look away from them. When I see them coming I even go as far as turning my head away from them.
    Black women are so accustom to simp negroes falling on their knees to worship them, they expect every black man they encounter to be drooling over them. Disgusting bunch of delusional beasts they are. I want nothing to do with them.

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  12. You Know What Coming to This Page Has Always Been Therapeutic For Me. Cause I Myself Have Felt The Sting Of The American Black Female & Decided ”NO MORE”. Even My Own Uncle Told Me Back in 2010 That The ”American Black Female” Can Never Be Reasoned With. They Always Want to Pick Fight After Fight After Fight After Fight, & If it’s Not Over Something Big Then Something Small. Though What Really Gets Under My Skin More Than Anything. Is When They Show Their Hypocrisy When They Have the Absolute Nerve to Crucify Black Men For Dating Outside The Community, When They Themselves Go On About How They Got a ”Snow King”, ”Latin King” ETC, But The Moment A Black Man is Seen or Even Remotely Talk About How Attractive or Dazzling a White Woman, Latina Woman or Any Other Non- Black Woman Looks, Then In Comes The Torches & Pitch Forks By The Bitter Black Female. Same Goes For TV. Look At Supergirl Season 1 Kara Danvers/Supergirl Was Crushing Hard on James Olsen A Black Male Version of (Jimmy Olsen) Who is Tall, Fit & Adores Kara Both in & Out of The Costume, Then Came Season 2 When CBS Let The Show Go to The CW Network. Then It’s Like ”Ok We Gotta Kill Off That Relationship Which is What They Did With the 1st Episode of Season 2 & Pair Kara With Mon-El. Another DC Comics Character Who On The Show is The Opposite Of The Comic Book Counterpart, Mon-El Was Prickish, Abusive & He Comes From a Planet Which is Neighbor to Krypton Called Daxam, In Which The King & Queen of Daxam And Their Son Mon-El Are Slave Owners. So Basically The CW is Sending The Message That We’d Rather Promote Supergirl With an Intergalactic White Slave Owner Than With a Good Looking, Has All His Priorities Straight Black Man. If You Notice On The Flash Barry Allen A White Male Superhero & Iris West A Black Woman. No One Ever Questions Their Relationship or Speaks Ill About That, Yet in Supergirl Both The Racist White Guys & Bitter Black Women Had a Problem With A Black Man Being Paired Up With The Lead Character of The Show. A White Female Superhero. Now The Freeform Network is Soon to Release A Marvel Series Called ”Cloak & Dagger” In Which It’s Not Just a Superhero Show, But An Interracial Superhero Show in Which Cloak is a Black Man & Dagger is a White Female. You Gotta Wonder How..No What The Reaction Will Be To That Series? Well I Just Wanted to Get That Off My Chest. It’s Good to Come to a Place Where I Find I’m Not Alone in My Disgust in The Behavior Of The American Black Female. They’ve Become too Far Gone For My Taste. Keep Up The Good Work Verbs2015.

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    • Shawn Swint,

      Your kind words are much appreciated and welcome aboard sir. You are amongst good company here. Black women are being replaced, they and their racist white male partners in crime can complain all they want about interracial relationships between black men and white women whether in real life,on television or on the big screen. The fact of the matter is more black men are waking up to the scam that is the modern day black female and taking evasive action accordingly. The SYSBM express continues to roll full steam ahead and neither of those parties can do anything to stop it. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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  13. Now this is the kind of “Becky” every thinking black man needs in his life. White women are choosing black men, even at the cost of their social status, and sometimes, their own families. That’s what true loyalty looks like, not the crock of B.S. the black Jezebels offer. And white women like Heather Heyer (R.I.P) don’t have to be out on the streets challenging white supremacy. They don’t have to risk their lives confronting hatred, but they do it anyway. They join movements like BLM and fight for US, while the black woman just pretends to give a damn, forgetting that many black men are arrested or shot by the cops because a black woman called them in the first place.

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    • Brotha Morpheus2275,
      It’s incredible because one of Black Whores’ go to lines is “Them White Womenz don’t really luh you!”. There are so many White Women who take all kinds of criticism and hatred from family, friends, and strangers just because they chose to be with a Black man. White Women are one of the most protected groups in America, but yet they lose a lot of that protection when they choose to date us. Why else would those women willingly sacrifice so much if it isn’t out of love? Meanwhile Black whores on the other end bash Black men endlessly but then we start ignoring them in mass numbers and only dating non-Black women these Black whores will then have the nerve to say that they actually love Black men. Black Women are such shameless liars.

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    • I’ve noticed an undercurrent of white men who, lamenting the feminism that they’ve built, are now suggesting abandoning the modernity that I thought they were proud of as a copout solution.

      Much of this though is to safeguard their daughters/women from becoming “mudsharks” and fornicating with ol blacky. If white men as a whole weren’t so weak and insecure, they might not have such an epidemic of their women essentially rebelling against them. I also find it weird how they complain about women being sluts in college when they were the ones sleeping with them, but maybe that’s just me….

      All in all, black Women and white men are Siamese losers at this point. The main reason I can’t really put hoteps in the same category as them is due to their lack of power/influence/media voice, which the white man and black woman have ample amounts of.

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      • @afrofuturism1

        The difference between white men and black hoes being Siamese losers is that white men are 1) still signing checks and 2) creating the white women I like. So I’m not rooting for their loss just yet. Black hoes on the other hand, can go jump in the lake.


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  14. Another L for the BW scum keep up the good work Verbs another great post. Keep in mind fellas BW are the most hypocritical people on Earth so you cannot take them seriously at all. They do not think the rules they put on other people apply to them. They always say that white botch can have his ass he could not handle a strong black woman anyway my response is you are not strong. If BW were so strong they would never have to rely on the State they are the weakest people I have ever encountered. They are mad because BM are waking up and not dealing with their BS any longer. They are sinking like the Titanic and I for one gives a rats ass about them.

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  15. I thought Black Whores and their simps said Black men can only get unattractive/fat White Women? Because Tomi Lahren is more beautiful than any of them could ever dream to be.

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      • These black whores know that even the most basic looking white woman is more attractive and feminine than 90% of masculine, scraggle daggle looking black chicks. These black bitches have a psychotic hatred and envy of white women because they know they can’t compete in the open dating market …its
        fascinating to watch! #SYSBM4LIFE0

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  16. The L’s Just keep stacking up for these bed wenches!!! If I said it before, I’ll say it again: LET THE BW ROT & DIE BY GETTING STRANGLED BY THEIR OWN WEAVES!!!!

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  17. So while at the theater, and at Buffalo Wild Wings, I’ve noticed that literally every black male I saw there was a flaming fag. Why are we as a community producing so many fruits? Oh yeah, nothing but sexually ambiguous “women” raising them.

    And of them was DARK SKINNED. I thought they were the tough ones?!!!

    Thankfully, I did meet a nice and thick yellabone.

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  18. The disturbing thing I notice is Black bitches would rather see a Black man be a Fag than see a Black man with a Non-Black woman. The only time Black whores are accepting of an Interracial relationship involving a Black man is if it is a Gay IR relationship. That is how petty Black whores are. Something sinister is going on in the Black community where the females are being raised to be overly violent and masculine. Meanwhile, the males are mentally broken down and feminine. Quite sad. More reason for us to break away from this retarded “community”. Let us save ourselves and our future kids. #SYSBM

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  19. @ Afro & JW

    LoL we discussed this a few articles back. BW hate black men SO FUCKIN’ MUCH & that is the proof!!! The toxic BW ONLY LIKE BLACK MEN WHEN THEY’RE FAGS!!! Stupid BW whores!! No wonder the BW rooted for the fruity boy in the TV show “Empire”. I guess they figure if they turn the next generation into fags, it might stop them from breeding out?? Ain’t no telling what them dumb hoes think nowadays. More proof that BW hate black men so much that they’d rather replace us. Manly beasts!!!!

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  20. Also we all speak from experience in this one: THE MORE NON BW A BLACK MAN INTERACTS WITH, THE LESS HE NOTICES BW!!! Whether it be at work, college, vacation, etc. I’m just saying Lol. How much you wanna bet the evil BW will conspire against that?? They might even go as far as sabotage their son’s college future plans just cause they’re scared he might run into a few Becky’s at school lol. BW have done crazier shit in the past, SO NOW I PUT NOTHING PAST THEM!!

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  21. I wonder if all these “skrong, edumacated, inna-pindint” BW quotes will be obsolete by this time next year, after all of those section 8 cut-offs I meant…

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  22. Lol BW just stay losing don’t they?!!?? I mean, women from ALL RACES / COUNTRIES have big asses now! Once upon a time that used to be the BW’s # 1 department at the end of the day!! So… what do BW have to offer now besides weaves, bullshit, toxic behavior, _____ (fill in blanks), etc..

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    • Christ almighty…..

      I already had a low key fetish for them, but if I saw an Indian chick like that, I would NUT UP IN THEM BUNS!!

      Now that I think about it, I remember a few months back an Indian woman at Whole Foods with an ass that you could play ping pong on. Sadly, she was married and had a little boy with her, but I wanted to beat out dat curry squirter!

      And of course, there’s two other cases I’m familiar with in the last 3 months: a Dominican/Latina (Verbs, stop unzipping!!) that even the OLD black man looked at to check out that nice fat ass. Conversely, there was a white blonde girl in a bookstore with a thin dress on, and you tell whenever she walked that her gelatinous butt cheeks were freaking AT WAR with her panties. Hmmmm!!

      Now that they’ve lost the ass wars, and typically look like men, I can almost see where the “dick thicks mafia” comes from. Why even date a skinny black chick, like what is the point?

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      • – Why even date a skinny black chick, like what is the point? –

        There really is no point lol. All they’re gonna do is keep you around until that “white man that’s a great catch / prospect” comes along & then they take they skinny toned black ass to her prize that will give her kids with “that good hair” ha ha!!

        When we as SYSBM, can get a woman in any shape, color, size, etc. BW are just obsolete now in general. Besides, a non BW will be a catch for us even if she is skinny or thick. Its the personality & the fact she’s a non BW LoL..

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  23. Black women want to turn all Blackmen into homosexuals or fags because they know that these weak stupid perverted Blackmen worship black women and will do anything that black women say or tell them to do.
    Homosexual Blackmen absolutely worship and would kill or die for black women for some reason. Black women want to control Blackmen and they think that by turning Blackmen into homosexuals that will give them more control over Blackmen.
    Black women love to call Blackmen who they disagree with a faggot or say ‘you’re gay’!!!!!! But most of these black women have gay male black friends or support homosexual Blackmen. The perversion in this so-called black community, which of course is being led by these idiotic black women, will only continue to get worse. And it will continue to get worse because these weak ass so-called heterosexual Blackmen, don’t have enough heart or spirit to admit what the actual truth about black women is, and how it is actually black women who are responsible for the degeneracy you see in the black community.
    My advice for any black man with a brain in his head is to simply stay away from black women and honestly try to avoid the majority of black people. You cannot reason with a group of people who believe that violence is the correct response to a difference of opinion, black women should be held unaccountable for anything they do, you deserve to get assaulted because you spoke a word against black women, all white people are cave dwelling, lice infested, devils, whose only purpose in life is to oppress black people, white supremacy is to blame for everything that is wrong with black people, black women are really the backbone of the black community, and Blackmen are the problem because they fail to uplift their beautiful black sisters and defeat white supremacy for the black women and black children.
    This is how many many black people actually think. And if you disagree with any of these idiotic positions that they have, you automatically become a coon, and violence against you is justifiable because you are a traitor to the so-called black community.
    How could anyone even attempt to deal with a group of people who actually think like this? NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Honestly I would rather live in a community full of neo-Nazis then I would in the average American hood or ghetto full of black people. Being around large groups of black people just put your life in danger as a black person. How many of us when we are in public are actually worried about some alleged white supremacist coming up to us and doing this physical harm?
    But when I am in public you better believe I am looking around for these violent animalistic destructive ( usually young) black men who were raised bodies mentally ill, disgusting, whorish black women.
    Not that I am the biggest fan of Tommy SotoMayor, but he was punched in the face at a ‘black unity gathering’ by a person who claims to be about the empowerment and upliftment of black people. And you actually have large portions of black people who are happy and are applauding that one black man punched another black man in the face over a difference of opinion.
    This is the mindset of many many black people in this day and age. And this is why I try to avoid most black people like the plague. I have to be honest regarding these issues.
    Most black people os so caught up in hating white people that they can’t think clearly because their entire lives are focused on some mythical white boogie man, who is out to oppress them and kill them on a daily basis.
    But those of us who have brains actually really understand where the destructive elements in the black community are coming from. Mainly these black women who are given a license to do or say anything they want to without repercussions, and are given free money free housing and free everything for being the whores that they are.
    This is actually the reality that’s going on in the so-called black community. But if you point these things out you are a coon who deserves to be killed for expressing your opinion. I’m done with the vast majority of black people.

    Liked by 3 people

    • @ Bill Smith,

      Another true post!! BW are control freaks & they will “faggotize” the young black males just so they can attempt to control them as well. Plus they hate black men so much, emasculation is the closest thing they have to euthanasia. They can’t just kill all the next generation of black men, but they can try to kill their spirit & try to destroy their man hoods. And its true these fags have an obsession with the dirty BW & will act like henchmen & sidekicks to carry out their dirty work..

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      • Notice of course that the mannerisms of gays, but especially black gays, is exactly that of black female DIVAS!!!!! Remember Janet Hubert’s rant about Will Smith and the oscars? Chick looked and sounded like Pride R Us.

        Liked by 2 people

    • @ AFro

      Yup that’s so true!! The black gay men act just like BW!! From the head snapping back & forth when they talk, to the fucked up loud raspy ghetto ass voices, to being toxic about every little thing!! There’s no hope for the future..

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  24. Omg, the Internet is blowing up about Justin Bieber being rejected by Jessi Gerber who then shows pictures of her black boyfriend. Jessi Gerber looks better than Tomi Lahren. Conservative analyst Scottie Nell Hughes cheated on her husband with Fox host Charles Payne a black man. Throw in Selena Gomez dating The Weeknd, I’m going to pass out if Taylor Swift goes black

    Liked by 3 people

    • SevenKingsblog,

      Yep, I’ve just checked that out, Jessica Gober is a fine looking white woman. Best of all she wasn’t swooned and sucked in by Bieber’s fame and fortune, she’s sticking by her man. That’s a good quality woman with sound principles right there.

      Liked by 1 person

      • @verbs2015 & stevenkingsblog

        He looks biracial to me I was hoping he would be darker to really make the black whores and racist insecure white boys go crazy.. but thats ok as long as there’s some black in him Im happy for him and her LOL

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