Black Women And Penis Envy/Confessions Of A Thug Lover – 2 For 1 Friday Special


Note that these are the types of black women who are frequently demanding that black men “step their game up”. Step our game up for what exactly, to be in a relationship where you are constantly attempting to step into the man’s position, to where you are constantly calling black men “niggers” every 5 minutes, to where you don’t have any feminine bones in your bodies, to where you enjoy wearing hair upon your head that is not part of your DNA, to where you are copying black male gangsters, thugs and criminals as illustrated above? Exactly what qualities is your average black woman bringing to the table whereby black men ought to step their game up for, I’ll wait?

Again, how does this woman in the video look attractive posing with guns and throwing up gang signs? Do you see the obvious problem, and you wonder why most black women remain single at such a high clip. This is the constant issue that many black men who choose to deal with black women talk about, the fact that black women because of their subscription, love and devotion to feminism are always trying to usurp the man’s position as well as be the man themselves.

As we can see the self-esteem and the self-confidence of the overwhelming majority of black women is in the toilet, aside from the silly weaves, the excessive makeup and the Instagram filters, the woman in the video doesn’t look too bad, however note how she in using all of the extra appendages to enhance her looks lacks just as much self-confidence as the black woman who look like the bottom of your average gutter. In fact you’ll frequently find that ugly black females tend to have more confidence than the good-looking ones.

Of course as per the usual protocol of many black women she is wearing all manner of clown colour weaves on her head, and these are the same females who not only expect to be taken seriously but also wish to be looked upon as mentally sound, not a chance. Not much else to say on this one, as per usual thinking black men are advised to stay away from women like this, they are no good for your health, sanity, security and preservation of life. This is the kind of black woman who will always get you into unnecessary trouble.

Let them and the thugs stick together as they are made for each other. Once again, this is your feminism hard at work, the same feminism that white liberals are stating is good for society overall. What a joke.


Right, we thinking black men know and understand this, it’s the pro black, back to Africa, 13th regiment of simps who still refuse to read the writing on the wall. The woman above represents the overwhelming majority of black women today, I have many articles on this website demonstrating the fact that black women overwhelmingly love the unproductive, thug, gangster type black males, in my last article before this one even the white woman featured recognised the same thug loving trend amongst black females as a collective.

Obviously this black female is mentally unstable, not only judging from her love for dangerous black men but also from her outward appearance. I’m not the first person to note that there is a lot of undiagnosed mental illness within black society especially amongst the women. Notice the key points she raised in the video in relation to her upbringing as well as what her personal preferences in black men are:

1. She likes drug dealers, dope boys, black men who play with guns and shoot.

2. Her father is a drug dealer and a gang banger.

3. Her mother has dated drug dealers in the past(of course, Sukihana is the product of such a union).

4. She facilitates drug dealers by helping them package their merchandise, in exchange they give her money to buy her fake green hair that she throws upon her head.

5. She calls out the other female members in the family as whores who enjoy messing around with married men.

6. Lastly, she reconfirms that this is who she is, a black women who loves drug dealers and other men who shoot up the streets.

The above make up the primary reasons why good black men can get absolutely nowhere with your average black woman, they simply aren’t attracted to things that are beneficial towards life, instead they gravitate towards those elements that are detrimental. You have to understand this, when black women say there are no good black men out there, this below is their idea of what constitutes as “good”:

Therefore, in view of the fact that most of these types of black men end up in prison or the grave, coupled with the fact that most black women are chasing after these particular types of males, of course there is a shortage. The shortage isn’t pertaining to good black men at all, the shortage actually relates to the type of black men the overwhelming majority of black women prefer.

Therefore, whenever you hear black women talk about a shortage of good black men, the above samples are what they are referring to. Don’t be fooled by the black female’s disjointed jargon, she frequently gets her personal preferences mixed up with what is actually available. If most black women were honest, in reality they would be saying is that there are very few black men available that fit their personal preferences due to the fact that these particular males are high in demand.

This is one of many reasons why I encourage black men to date out as with non black women as a whole the opposite is the case, most of them value good black men, only a minority chase after unproductive males and of those that do the majority of them will snap out of such a phase before they hit their mid 20s.

Be sure to check some of the other videos the Instagram whore Sukihana has posted and allow the level of mental illness she is suffering from to sink in. SYSBM black men, stop dealing with these mentally unstable black harlots and Jezebels lest as a result you find yourself in jail, hell or locked up in a mental asylum wearing a straight jacket.

Be sure to check out the link below to my article demonstrating the fact that black women as a group here in the UK are just as bad when it comes down to thug loving:

Here is yet another article I wrote back in December 2016 highlighting and demonstrating black women and thug loving problem:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Mentally Ill Gangster Wannabe Black Females

Most High Bless

122 thoughts on “Black Women And Penis Envy/Confessions Of A Thug Lover – 2 For 1 Friday Special

  1. In probably about five years time, after they’ve been ran through by drug dealers, white guys, poverty pimp preachers, and Achmed the Middle Eastern store clerk at the local corner store, all the while dodging STD’s, racking up abortions, being the bane of some poor black sap’s existence, these same women will reemerge with their new pro-black personas railing against white supremacy, disparaging black men for dating white women while bemoaning the lack of respect for their kind.

    Then you’ll see these same “women” after they’ve gotten a sizable following from desperate black male racialist appear on some social media platform with a gaggle of equally egregious idiots to discuss the downfall of the black community and why black men and women can’t get along anymore, you know, like the one with the “Black Love League” a few days ago on YouTube. But when you point the finger at these same “women” explaining to them in a resolute fashion why they are to blame, then they’ll go for the usual fan fiction of, “Well, you didn’t protect us during slavery, you don’t uplift or respect us, you put white women on pedestals, you don’t build anything” in order to skirt the obvious.

    Dude at this point it’s like beating a dead horse to the point of exhaustion, digging a grave and burying the horse, going over the grave with cement, and on the next day taking a jackhammer to the same grave you just dug, filled, and cemented. I just wish these people would go somewhere far, far away and leave the rest of us in peace.

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      Now you see why I don’t bother reaching out to black women anymore, their laziness coupled with their prideful, stubborn and foul attitudes leave no room for reasoning. They’ll have to learn the hard way and at the end of the day they have nobody else to blame but themselves. All we thinking black men have to do at this stage is simply show that we will have nothing to do with such reprobate, belligerent individuals.

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  2. Blk women espcially western ones from uk and usa are retards that’s the only explanation I got.funny how they later on want decent men after the pop out bastard thug kids.the best solution when out is to not acknowledged thier existence these sick fuks yap on about blkmen not accomplishing anything yet choose men who accomplish nothing substantial. Truly sick fuks.the great news is the ‘lames’ they reject date out now hardly anydecent blkmen endup with blkwomen these days.I also notice these she beasts bully decent blk men walking around minding their own business something’s not right here this is spooky tbh.

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    • Cosmicbodi,

      They love instigating trouble as they have to get in their daily fix of beef and attention. I actually made the suggestion in Negro Wars as well as on this website some time back that black men ought to cross the street whenever they see black women within their vicinity.

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    • @ Cosmic & Verbs

      I told y’all last article: BW are like North Korea, angry & hostile shit-starters!! We, as the United Nations, must exterminate & isolate these walking diseases.

      Insert a “walking Dead” or “Night of the Living Dead” metaphor at anytime LOL…

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    • Lol cosmicbodi i literally could not get past the first line with out busting out laughing dude you made me spill my pens out of my cup on my desk. WOW
      #sysbm #ibm #pullemtotheside #thegynocracyisplottingandwaitingtoattackagainbeonguardbros #rpb #mgbro #WOS #ibmor #syscm #sysjm #mgtow #ebm #etg #blackexpat #


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  4. Once again, they are crazy as hell, namely due to inbreeding. If I went through the hood in just Chattanooga, I could find you SEVERAL individuals mentally unfit to function in society, and most are the QUEENS!!

    Once again, there needs to be a straight up culling. One of the things I wanna do is document these creatures and their behavior and show society at large how dysfunctional they are. And like the guy above said, most worth a damn black men date out now anyways, so BREED THEM OUT!!

    Note the complexion of the thugs fighting too.

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    • Afrofuturism,

      Black women have reduced black society to a pile of ashes and rubble and they are proud of their achievements as per the instructions of their white father. The good thing is thanks to this website, your YouTube videos as well as many other thinking brothers weighing in, more black men are getting it and are simply walking away in search of better options. SYSBM is on a roll and it cannot be stopped.

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      • And we all know that dealing with BW is like a double-edged sword anyway!!! Chances are she might get shot by her drug dealing “boyfriend” for stealing out of his dope stash so she can buy more green weave. Just so she can win the “Krusty the Klown” look-a-like contest LOL…!!!

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    • @ Michel

      Are you talking about the wash cycle for her weave???? HA HA HA!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜₯ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      I can imagine that shit hanging on a clothesline in the yard, scaring lil’ kids away like a scarecrow does in the middle of a corn-field!!!

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  5. Do y’all remember the old-school Spider-Man comic books with Venom & Carnage??? The evil alien living costumes that took on a life of their own??? Well, that’s all I can think about when I see a skank with waaaaay too much weave. Its like that shits gonna come to life & strangle us & swallow us whole!!!! 😦 😦 😦


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    • >Instead of going to war against North Korea, Donald Trump needs to hit the red button now on these black matriarchal ghettos. Nuke it out of existence. SYSBM.

      That’s called Trump’s 2 for 1 special.

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  6. I cannot feel sorry for the modern black USA female. They made the decision to get hair weave and procreate with the wrong kind of men.

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    • >I cannot feel sorry for the modern black USA female.

      Being of Caribbean descent, my parents warned me about the black USA female as far back as my childhood days. And as usual, they were spot on! That, and the fact that the Beckys took quite an interest in me since grade school – I used to walk to and from school with an extremely cute Becky who lived on the same street (my family was one of only a handful of black families in the neighborhood). So let’s just say the Becky influence was ingrained in me from the beginning πŸ™‚

      And thus unknowingly (at the time) started down the righteous path of SYSBM!

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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        You know what’s funny, Africans do the same. This US black female and western black women have been recognised as defective beyond repair for a very long time, however many of us took a bit longer to accept the writing on the wall.

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      • The only thing about this is many women from the modern Caribbean/African descent are hypocrites and just as bad lately (Ghanians, Nigerians, Senegalese,Jamaicans, Haitians, Barbadians,Bahamians, & Puerto Ricans). They are doing the same as AABW so it’s really in literal terms “The Pot calling the Kettle Black”. The only one I see that aren’t in the same classification (and doesn’t carry the same mindset and dysfunctions) are usually Afro-Latinas (Not US born or raised.Central & South American) or East African Women (Etrieans, Ethiopians, and Somalians). They are so the opposite of what modern AABW or Afro-Caribbean embody.

        As a person from a Caribbean descent thebackhandofreality like yourself, I’d really not chance it with women from the Caribbean and take them with less than a pinch of salt. I know how reckless, dysfunctional, loud, aggressive, abusive, and neglectful these women can be. I have women like this is my family. They have fallen off and no different than their American counterparts.

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    • Michel,

      This is obviously not true, me and many other thinking black men have already cleared this up time and time again. We aren’t concerned about being rejected by black women, our problem is the fact that when everything goes belly up down thug avenue, these same black women now want the thinking black man to step in, take up the slack and clean up their mess.

      This is the problem we have, black women not being prepared to accept the consequences of their dysfunctional decisions as well as the fact that we have to deal with the fruits of their stupid decision making(remember the rasta dude who gave you and your Becky some dirty looks a while back – case in point right there).

      This article I wrote at the end of June dealt with the real issues behind black women and their thug love fever. Its now the standard for black women to desire unproductive black men, this is why the single mother rate in black society is currently through the roof:

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    • It’s curious he doesn’t mention what happens after that “thug love”, or his own relationship status. And as intelligently as he writes, he’s sadly resorted to the “whining and complaining” swerve, straight out of the BW playbook. Well good for him.

      Me, I already did the “mirror gazing”. My conclusion? Going where I was appreciated, with them White girls. They and non-BW women saw my potential without the pretense of being a “thug”.

      Fuck the community and fuck that old Rasta, his thug life plan worked out in the long run for him didn’t it?

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  7. >however many of us took a bit longer to accept the writing on the wall.

    As the saying goes Verbs – “better late than never.”


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  8. While at the mall at usual, saw an older black man with his white wife, who were followed by their gaggle of halflings. I’m sorry, but these girls were almost inhumanly stunning.

    I eventually saw the oldest one again in the anime store, and had to take a closer look. She looked like an Arab goddess, and I was honestly awestruck. Even the damn dad seemed cool, and was asking for freaking Tekken figures. Who wants to bet he was considered a “lame” by black women?

    It is amazing how you mix a little bit of non black blood in them and they typically turn out looking great. Conversely, she was VERY courteous and respectful towards me. Sadly, she was SEVENTEEN!!!! Damn it!!!

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    • @afrofuturism1 I was recently on a Sarge video and the Shines in the comment section were worried about black Americans being diluted and becoming a possible mixed ethnic group in the future. Pro-blacks can’t halt the inevitable it’s going to happen sooner or later whether they like it or not. With all the rampant genetic defects, mutations, arising from inbreeding in Black America. I Say they “NEED” all the “biodiversity” that they can attain as a group. #SYSBM

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  9. Afrofuturism1, seventeen is usually the age of consent in most states. Just saying, Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
    And the offspring of interracial black and white relationships, usually come out looking very attractive. Even the females of black/white relationships who aren’t that attractive, are attractive. Lol.

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    • She looked like an Arab Alicia keys lol. Even better then Summer Kellsey, haha!

      Long braids, olive skin, pretty face, thin and waif frame, and a sweet voice and disposition. She even had on some Arab looking dress and looked completely feminine.

      Damn, and colorism is supposed to be a problem? Why?!! “Colorism” complaints from black women are just the rantings of ugly chicks. I honestly hate looking at most non-black females at this point as it’s just an awful reminder of how unattractive our group of women compared to others. Saw a chick yesterday at the theater and she looked like Diamondback from Luke Cage.

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  10. With these pro-black idiots in these black women fail to mention when speaking about colorism, is that it’s not just their color that makes them attractive, but it’s their physical attributes and how they carry themselves that makes them attractive.
    You have plenty of beautiful women in Ethiopia Somalia Eritrea and Djibouti, that have brown or dark brown skin. So it really has nothing to do with color but about how the person physically looks.
    These black women who complain about color resume and light skin women are just mad because they’re ugly and usually the light-skinned women are simply more attractive than they are, and black women are mad about it.
    As always the jealous, envious, and bitter nature of black women always comes to the surface.

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  11. Hey Verbs, I think it’s important to highlight what the woman said in the second video when she stated, “All the bread bags is tied in knots, I never use the twisty thing, you know I bag up n****s dope!” Even if she is joking, the sentiment is very much true. As I’ve stated before with my experience growing up in the ghetto and observing the criminal element, almost none of these drug dealers/thugs would be able to carryout their criminal deeds in the urban environment without the aid, assistance, and enabling of black women.

    Most of these drug dealers I saw as a kid had outstanding warrants, were recent parolees, had extensive criminal records, and were heavily monitored by law enforcement. Because of these limitations, these thugs weren’t able to move freely, couldn’t sign for or lease anything, nor could they pass a background test. So it made sense these lowlifes would often live off their mothers, sisters, aunts, girlfriends, and baby mothers. So driving their mothers and girlfriends vehicles while using their signatures for anything they needed was ideal. But honestly a lot of these guys were just freeloaders.

    Finally I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed black women aid these men in violent assaults, robberies, or assistance with fleeing from the cops. As the young woman stated, lots of her other female relatives lived these lifestyles as well, meaning it’s generational. So my last point is this, if these women truly cared for black men after witnessing generations of their male love ones meet tragic, yet inevitable demises, then why continue to allow current and future generations of black men to meet the same fate, a fate that wouldn’t be a factor if not for your complicity?

    Answer: Because they don’t care about black men or black people. They are the ultimate narcissist, opportunist, and sycophants. Anyone arguing being bitter because of rejection, “uplifting,” apathy for group economics, or lack of “building” is an idiot. Let Rome burn.

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  12. Everyone look up the Olympic high jumper Yuliya Levchenko. Holy shit, talk about beauty!!!!!! White women just look good. No honest person could say otherwise.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Just checked her out, she is a beautiful woman. I have to agree with you, I was walking the local streets today and it was the same old story, black women on average looking like swamp monsters whereas the white and non black women on average looked decent. I see this everyday, black women have really taken a hit in looks big time and all of the internal and external appendages they use in attempting to enhance their beauty only make them look worse.

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    • @Bill Smith,

      Thanks for sharing, I believe I’ve seen her before, and I have to bring more attention to her on the blog. All the Neo Nazis and so called bogus rape charges that white women supposedly love to hurl at black men won’t deter this proud sellout coon. Too legit to quit gentlemen!

      And Wikifeet the truth bruh! LMFAO

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      • When you think about it, where are all of these rape charges and abuse charges that white and other non-black women thro at black men? If we’re being honest, black men are honestly getting away with a lot of stuff with these parties.

        The same ol “white girls gon gitcha” fear mongering that black Women and mgtow/”meninist” white men throw at black men is simply not backed up by evidence, be it statistical or anecdotal. Again, this is just a scare tactic that both of the aforementioned groups use to keep black men away from “Becky”, all fueled by insecurity.

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      • The places where the rape accusations were made (Germany, Sweden) are the same places where brothers are mopping up the floor with White girls. Coincidence?

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  13. Yes, (it’s like a mock confessional) I am a proud sell out, uncle Tom, sambo, coon also. Verbs2015, it’s almost as if the more black women try to make themselves attractive, the uglier and more ridiculous they appear. And absolutely when in public the ratio of attractive white women to attractive black women is astounding.
    Sadly there is no WIKIFEET page for Yuliya Levchenko:(
    Don’t you guys LOVE WIKIFEET??? What a great resource for all the white woman feet you could ever need. Anyone see the track and field championships in London where the blonde from the Netherlands beat all the black women in the 200 meters? And yes I understand that mostly black females dominate in track and field. But my point is every stereotype that these pro-black clowns in these angry bitter black females make about Whitewomen is proving to be not true every single day.
    I must admit that Tori Bowie who is a black American female track and field superstar from Mississippi, gets me very excited. There is just something about how dark she is, and how incredible her body is that gets my….. Well you know. And yes she has a ridiculous looking weave, but I can over look that nonsense, because I just find her dark ass hot for some reason. Her pics don’t really do her justice but if you watch the video footage of her and you see how nice her body is you might be convinced. Her face is alright, but she has a great freaking body. Enough semi drunken rambling.
    I’m turning into a Simp before your eyes. Someone help me!!!!! Lol.

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    • I was just about to leave a comment about the track &field world championships In London and it was in reference to how absolutely hideous looking the American black female contenders were.
      It was on full display for the world to see how disgustingly unattractive black women naturally are no matter what extremes they go to in order to alter their beastly appearance. I did not see one decent looking American black female in the whole competition, as for the white women that competed It was a totally different story.
      Both of those White women who were finalist In the high jump were equally sexy as hell, the blonde one and the dark haired lady, given the choice between the two, I think I would have to just flip a coin heads I win, tails I win LOL.
      As Bill Smith referenced, that 200 meter gold medalist from the Netherlands Dafne Schippers was also stunning but a little too muscular for my taste but for my money the American steeplechase gold medalist Emma Coburn was the sexiest woman alive at that event.
      As for Tori Bowe…….Ahhh…. I’ll say this much; She probably would have set a world record in the 100m If she didn’t have that extra 10lbs. of weave on her head slowing her down LOL.
      Overall, even though It was an athletic competition, It was also further proof that black females especially, American,Jamaican and Sub-Saharan Africans are by far the least attractive women on the planet, It is what It Is.
      As always SYSBM!!

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  14. Afrofuturism1, you are absolutely correct. But there are some females that some guys just find attractive for some unknown reason. I admit she isn’t even close to Yuliya Levchenko, but I just find Tori Bowie kind of attractive.
    Every guy has a female that he exclusively finds attractive, but NOBODY else does. Tori Bowie falls under this category for me. I like how dark she is, and I think she has an incredible body. Call me crazy (which I probably am), but I am very sexually attracted to her. And she is a straight up, southern country, weave wearer. But I don’t care. There is just something about her I find attractive.
    I told you guys I was turning into a Simp, I asked you guys for help, and got no response. No you guys see what I’m becoming!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Avoid black women at all costs. Unless that are Tori Bowie………

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    • There’s some chicks I might screw just to get my rocks off, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call them attractive. That chick at the Chris brown concert is one of them.

      And yes, I must admit, …….I would not mind busting a few nuts in amy schumer and rebel Wilson…..

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    • Bill Smith, I’ll give you a pass on that Tori Bowie LOL only because my selection In that category of unique “personal preference” Is Amy Schumer. I think she’s sexy as hell and most guys don’t for some reason, I would totally blow her back out or die trying LOL!

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      • Claude Legree, cool. We all have our particular preferences that other people might not like. I personally find Amy Schumer to be an absolute disgusting sloppy looking pig. And I’m sure others feel that way about Tori Bowie.
        And yes that other high jumper with the dark hair was tall, thin, super long legs, and was almost as fine as Yuliya Levchenko.
        And of course all the black women were woefully behind all the Whitewomen in terms of overall attractiveness. It wasn’t even close. And how the fuck do you actually run a race with 5 pounds of fake hair on top your head. But as usual black women care more about trying to keep up some false image as opposed to what would make them the best people they could possibly be.
        Why doesn’t Usain Bolt wear a wig or extensions on his head when he races? Oh yeah, there is a completely different set of rules for black women which allow them to do the most ridiculous things on the planet but they are somehow given a pass.
        Black women are a joke.

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  15. Afrofuturism1, I would impregnate Rebel Wilson. But I think Amy Schumer is absolutely disgusting. It would take a lot of alcohol or drugs for me to be able to get it up for that pig Amy Schumer. But I would probably (on second thought, definitely) do Amy Schumer. But I’d do any female, so that’s no big admission on my part.
    And I’m not saying Tori Bowie is not attractive in a universal sense, but she is attractive to me. And yes her weave is stupid looking, like all black women with weave look stupid. But there is just something about her whether it’s her skin color or her body that I just am attracted to. I have to be honest.
    Alright, enough of Tori Bowie. Who wants to hear my list of hottest porn stars in 2017??? Abella Danger, Lisey Sweet, Linda Lush, Gina Valentina, Keisha Grey, Veronica Rodriguez, Lily Rader, etc, etc, etc……….
    And dam Whtgrlsrawesome, I didn’t even know that blog was in existence. Where the fuck have I been, and why didn’t I know about that blog?????
    Excuse me while I go investigate……..

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  16. Whtgrlsrawesome, great blog. Just look at the photos of those white women on that blog. And that’s just scratching the surface. Yet these pro-black Simp morons and these bitter jealous black women actually try to make the world believe that white women are trying to look like black women and black women are actually the most attractive woman on the planet earth.
    You just have to laugh at the delusional mind of black women and the absolute and utter weak, cowardly, black women worshipping nature of most black men.
    Yeah okay, Whitewomen want to look like black women and black women the most attractive woman on the planet earth.
    Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the ugliest Whitewomen are better looking than the vast majority of so-called attractive black woman, and that’s a fact. Blackmen beware of Becky the White woman, she’s out to get you and destroy your life. Get with a black woman, and be eternally secure, happy and safe.
    We must uplift and support our black queens not bash them.
    Simp rhetoric 101.

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  17. >We must uplift and support our black queens not bash them.

    We’ll uplift them alright! On a Space X rocket heading towards the deep dark reaches of Space. Let the space aliens with the queans.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the queans are in another galaxy.

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  18. Uplift them on to a rooftop, and then throw them off. And has anyone seen the latest white female to drive black women absolutely crazy?
    She goes by the YouTube and Instagram name of Woahvicky. Now I must admit she does act like an absolute and utter buffoon. But she still is driving black women absolutely crazy because they claim she is attempting to mimic what black women act like and speak like.
    If Whitewomen was so insignificant why does it only take one buffoonish clown acting white girl, like the ‘catch me outside girl’, to drive black women absolutely crazy?
    All I can say is just check out a few of the videos of Woahvicky, and tell me what you guys think. I think she acts like a complete idiot. But the greater point is that all it takes is one white girl to do anything and thousands and thousands of black women will come out of the woodwork and get crazy and emotional about the actions and words of some allegedly cave dwelling white girl.
    Black women are absolutely insane!!!!!!

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    • Black women would be jealous of a brain dead toothless and mute white woman with no legs and three fingers.

      Literally, the white Woman could be a retard in a program and black women would be jealous as hell if this invalid got a FRACTION of attention.

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      • I can’t quite decide if she’s the new Rachel Dolzeal or a genius.

        I think the latter… she’s deliberately doing this to her haters to drive home a point… BW are being replaced, and this melanin queen is leading the charge.

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  19. Afrofuturism1, couldn’t have said it better myself. Black women claim that white women are inferior to them and black women are the most beautiful, most admired woman on the planet earth. So why is it anytime a Whitewoman gets any type of attention from the so-called black community black women lose their freaking minds?
    But you notice no matter how much so called attention a black woman gets, Whitewomen don’t bat an eyelash or even think about those black women.
    Now let’s just say LeBron James impregnated a Whitewoman, the Internet would have exploded with black women calling LeBron James a coon, a sellout and an uncle Tom.
    But Serena (the gorilla) Williams can get impregnated by a white man, and black women are mysteriously silent about it on all fronts. Black women are hell-bent on destroying Blackmen. Black women are the biggest hypocrites, deceivers, and liars on the planet earth. No matter how nice a black woman seems, no matter how nice a black woman is to you, always keep in mind that 99.99% of black women have a seriously deep-seated hatred for Blackmen whether they show it or not.
    And at any moment all of that rage and hatred that black women have for Blackmen could come to the surface, and then you as a black man are in deep, deep danger, and are in serious trouble.
    For those black men who are new to this site, or for those who haven’t read my words or any of the words of the brothers on this site, please understand that dealing with a black woman in this day and age is extremely dangerous and will eventually destroy your life.
    Is it all black women? No. Just 99.1 percent of them (my thorough scientific research led me to this statistic, lol).
    If you want to be happy in your life leave black women alone. If you want a lifetime of fighting problems and misery then by all means get with a black queen, and receive the misery that black women will undoubtably bring to your life.

    Liked by 4 people

  20. Once again, the best looking black women are either mixed or Eritrean/Ethiopian/Somalian, who are basically mixed with Arab anyways and look as far away from blackness on average as Summer Kellsey.

    I go back to the Arab looking mixed girl I saw at the mall. They wouldn’t be considered the most most inarguably unattractive species in the galaxy if they looked like that, which is once again why the bloodline MUST be diluted, purified, and basically redeemed at this point with halflings.

    I can’t stress enough how most non mixed black women look like ticking time dykes or even undercover fruits in drag! I’d be scared as hell dating black chicks, namely in Atlanta. Tranny capital USA!! And of course notice how north, south, east, and west, city and country, for as “homophobic” as people claim they are, blacks are heavily accepting of LGBTQRSTUVBBQCSINCIS types.

    Liked by 2 people

    • @afrofuturism1 @BillSmith Let me interject and add my two cents; I think the best black women are those of a northern African background(I.E. Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt) , eastern African background (I.E. Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somali) or of mixed ethnicity.

      Liked by 2 people

      • TheAmazingSecularist, I agree. But the women of Tunisia, Mauritania, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, and Egypt, even if they are darker skin are more than likely Arab women. Those countries are majority Arab.

        Liked by 3 people

      • The light skin, curly hair Moroccan women are absolute goddesses. Look at Layan Bubbly on YouTube, she is just delightful.

        Liked by 1 person

      • TheAmazingSecularist

        It’s all a matter of personal taste but I’ve always found African American and Afro-Latina to be the best looking black women. Never understood the hype around East African Women just not my thing……but I definitely like the North West African women too like Fulani and the Berbers (The black ones)

        Unfortunately the Black American woman has a detestable personality and her behavior is one of a wild feral animal. So my level of attraction towards them means nothing I will never deal with an African American woman (even just for sex) without a tranquilizer gun, steel cage and padlock. The East African women actually have some femininity about them I’ll give them that. Afro-Caribbean/Latina women are better then African American women but are too slutty IMO……Jamaican women in particular are too loud and are potheads….

        Liked by 2 people

  21. Sadly most black people are accepting of any backward, perverted, degenerate lifestyle placed before them.
    And yes the women of Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, and Djibouti are the most beautiful ‘ black women’ on earth.
    And you actually have SIMP negro clowns drooling over that gorilla looking ape Serena Williams. Negroes……. Smdh.

    Liked by 2 people

    • When you realize that Williams and that long jumper above are deemed “sexy” to black society, you realize that most black men, because theyve been raised to be attracted to that, would bend over and nut up in a gorilla.


      Liked by 3 people

  22. Black women are the longest running joke in the history of mankind. How anyone could actually walk around in public, with 5 pounds of ridiculous looking fake hair sewn into their head, and then try and justify this madness by claiming ‘ white women wear weave too’, speaks volumes about the mentally of black women.
    I’ve said it before and I will say it again imagine if LeBron James or Idris Elba was walking around with a blonde wig on their head that looked like the texture of Brad Pitt’s hair how stupid would they look?
    But black women walk around looking like literal clowns, and if you say how stupid they look as a black man, all of a sudden you are a coon, and hate your mother.
    But black women have no problem criticizing Blackmen on a daily basis and calling every black man who they find fault with a homosexual. Keep black women away me.

    Liked by 3 people

  23. There are 8 billion people on the Earth. Perhaps one can find two or three persons, other than black women, that wear hair weave. By the way, hair extensions are different products from hair weave.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. @Ryan

    It is a grim sight indeed. Once again, judge a group most not by how they are around white folks in America/UK, but by the state of their own countries.

    The Haitians I have met (the women at least) are pieces of $h1t, rude, awkward, ugly, and not to mention smelly. One chick ALWAYS stank of sweaty pig dick, without fail. But other than that, they’re totally great!

    Jamaicans are violent as hell, and of course you’ve the “grass burning” element among them. Food is damn good though.

    In terms of Africans, once again, non-Eritreans’ situation is grim indeed. Nigerians are especially horrible, with the exact same weaved up manly whores as us (do I even need to bring up the 20 inch dick chick?) and just as bad pimping pastors. Ethiopian women however are where it’s at! I met one in Knoxville and wanted to treat her to a great meal automatically. I talk a lot about women I’d like to hit from da BACK, but I honestly just wanted to make sweet love to her because she looked that gorgeous and was so sweet.

    Also on the Nigerian thing, they smell too! Idk what the women put in their hair (probably some boabab and sweet potatoes or something) but it STINKS!!!

    And is anyone else familiar with the phrase cat eater in relation to Haitians?

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is going to be controversial but I enjoy it when black feral animals attack whites and other races because that’s exactly how they do us in their home countries…..especially if we date one of their women..

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can’t the logic in enjoying violence perpetrated against any human beings. But this is the reason black people are hated worldwide, because we believe violence is an acceptable reaction to situations. And white people allegedly do to black people is not a justification to attack innocent people. The mentality of most negroes is absolutely disgusting.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bill Smith,

        I disagree on the violence aspect as being the reason why blacks are hated worldwide. The reason why we are despised worldwide is mainly due to two reasons:

        1) Skin color, if you check other nations and cultures around the world dark skin is usually hated. India and China serving as two excellent examples as they have a history of hatred and violence against dark skinned members of even their own group. This is also why biracial’s tend to get better treatment then full blacks especially the higher up the social ladder you climb.

        2) Power or lack thereoff for black people. People will generally oppress and not respect those who have significantly less power then them this always happens throughout history. The Ancient Greeks and Romans at the height of their power despised the Northern Europeans because in their words they “Lacked intelligence and political organization.” (At the time)

        3) Jealousy, The truth is there is some jealousy from other males despite our poor economic and social standing in the world. People are fully aware of black men’s athletic, musical and even sexual prowess this is why message boards are full of insecure males from other races asking whether it’s true if black guys have bigger penises or not and why they view a girl that has had sex with a black guy and ONLY black guys as damaged goods…..

        The violence aspect while it plays a role is not as significant as you think. White males have perpetuated violence against the entire world through war on a mass that is probably unmatched by anyone else in history. Yet they’re still revered by the world…..

        Even in recent years if you look at the increased amount of terrorist attacks by Muslims and while hatred has increased against Muslims in general they’re still treated better worldwide then black people. (When I say Muslims i’m talking about Arabs and other Middle Eastern populations)

        Liked by 4 people

  25. You guys see the video of Tommy Sotomayor being punched by stupid ass pro blacks in NYC? Why Tommy would choose to place himself around a bunch of losers who hate him is beyond me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bill Smith,

      Tommy is an attention seeker that’s why. That’s why he says he “hates black women,” yet can’t stop sleeping with them….

      Liked by 2 people

    • I saw it and I also saw him whining about it in the cab afterwards like a bitch.
      He’s lucky that’s all that happened to him, I don’t know what he thought he would gain by associating with those pro-black hotep monkeys. Notice the series of dumbass videos leading up to that one; Tommy announcing that he’ going to New York, Tommy on the plane to NY, Tommy at the airport in NY, Tommy walking the street in NY, Tommy eating lunch, etc. etc.
      His channel is declining into sheer idiocy, his whole anti-black woman “message” is nothing but a hoax played upon his subscribers for you tube views and likes because he always reverts to dealing with those same ratchet black women. He cant help himself, the more you watch him, the more apparent it is that he was raised by a typical “aint shit” single black female and he cant get away from that affliction.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Verbs2015, go to YouTube, go to the channel titled ‘Tommy Sotomayor’s everyday life’, and then go to the video titled ‘Going to see Brother Polight in Harlem’. Watch from the 53:00 mark.

        Liked by 1 person

  26. Tommy Sotomayor definitely does stupid things in order to prove something and in order to get attention. Why he feels the need to broadcast to the world, his every step, location, and action is not only stupid, but it’s not safe.
    And yes he shows traits of a black woman in his behaviour. At the end of his last live stream he was walking around midtown Manhattan screaming at the top of his lungs. He looked ridiculous.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. It’s a damn shame Tommy’s channel has devolved into pure trash. He was on fire for a few years with his content. “Stop Apologizing to Black Women”, “The Most dangerous place for a Black man is with a Black Woman”, “Snowbird Exposes Black Women as desperate and Insecure”,”The More Non-Black Women a Black man Is exposed to the less Black Women he will date” those were all Classics! I highly recommend any of our brothas on here to watch any of the aforementioned videos, the man was making too much sense. Tommy was destroying and shitting on Black women for years, dropping truthbombs that they nor their simps could counter.

    My beef with Tommy was once he got that beautiful Russian chick he shouldv’e rode off into the sunset with her. Why couldn’t he just stay with her and ignore Black bitches and their bootlickers from that point on? Why even acknowledge them once you have such a beautiful woman at your side? Tommy completely fucked that situation up with her. The dude kept putting her in his Youtube Videos, WTF? Black women and their simps eventually not only discovered who Tommy’s girlfriend was but even ended up posting her information and address online. Tommy just loves to broadcast himself, his family, and who he’s dating way too much and it keeps getting him in trouble. By now Tommy could’ve put a ring on the Russian chick and been enjoying life somewhere but no bro just had to fuck it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Tommy has an unhealthy need for attention thats why he has to broadcast every detail of his life for the world to see. He should have NEVER put Lana on camera, just like he never should have put his daughters on camera. but his constant need for attention leads him to do stupid thing.
    Why on earth would Tommy go around a bunch of pro black idiots who he knows want to do harm to him? because he wanted attention and to be able to get on youtube and brag about how he wasnt afraid to be around pro blacks. he just does stupid things for no logical reason.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Bill Smith,

      MBD doesn’t put his wife and children on camera because he has sense and knows what Negroes are like. It’s the same reason behind him wearing the knight’s helmet. Tommy ought to have adopted the same “never on camera” policy for Lana and his daughters. He’s still trying to appeal to black folks for acceptance, yet the problem is he is looking towards the worst kind of blacks to get it.

      Liked by 2 people

  29. Verbs2015, exactly. Tommy would rather put his children in danger, rather than risk getting a little less attention. And after all the videos Tommy has made for years, you would think he would know better than to be around a bunch of so called pro blacks. But in typical Tommy fashion he doesn’t practice what he preaches, and suffers the consequences. Tommy preaches about the negative attributes of black women, but can’t seem to stay away from them.
    Likewise, Tommy speaks about the violent nature of many blacks and the stupidity of pro blacks, and then jumps into the ‘lion’s den’, and chooses to go to an event full of black women worshipping, white people hating SIMP negro clowns.
    How dumb can you be?

    Liked by 2 people

    • As much as I like Tommy, I have come to see that you gentlemen here at Slaying Evil are 100% correct about him.

      Like I told the guy that runs this site: I used to look forward to his news stories (and to some extent, I still do).

      However, every time a new article is posted here, the old excitement and anticipation I had for one of his videos has shifted to these articles.

      Liked by 1 person

    • As much as I like Tommy, I have come to see that you gentlemen here at Slaying Evil are 100% correct about him.

      Like I told the guy that runs this site: I used to look forward to his news stories (and to some extent, I still do).
      However, every time a new article is posted here, the old excitement and anticipation I had for one of his videos has shifted to these articles.

      It’s like Jor-El told General Zod in Man of Steel:

      “I will honour the man you once were… not this monster you’ve become.”

      Liked by 1 person

      • @ Kameron, I used to be a fan of Tommy’s material and I still am to a certain extent, he’s a talented Brother and he used to have a very strong message but for the last couple of years he has constantly displayed some very irrational and illogical behaviors. Just as the previous commenters have stated; Why did he ever put his daughters and that white woman he was dating on camera? there was no sensible reason to do that. As another commenter said, he also seems to have some weird obsession for acceptance and attention from the same black women that he talks about no matter how detrimental Its to him or others around him.
        Of all people, Tommy should know how evil, despicable and vindictive black women and their simps are towards Black Men who have discarded the “community”.

        Liked by 2 people

  30. I do not listen to Tommy Sotomayor as much as I used to. I am one of the USA black men who does not like hearing the N-word. Sotomayor cannot go for more than 30 minutes without using the N-word. If Sotomayor, Chris Rock, Jay-Z, and others knew how much $$$ they are losing by using the N-word, they would drop the N-word in a hurry.

    Liked by 1 person

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