White Woman Yet Again Calls Out The Dysfunctional Black Sisterhood On Their Poor Choices Of Men


Black women are dumber than a box of rocks if they believe that other races of women cannot see how horribly they treat good black men. Black women are even more retarded if they believe that non black women cannot see the types of low-grade, reprobate men they deliberately choose to date and procreate with. This is why the majority of black women will be cast upon the mountain of singledom and rejection until the day they hit the grave.

Black women are even more foolish if they still believe that they can bring feminism and their obstinate, dysfunctional nature into any relationship and it be successful. I keep on telling you, this is what it has now boiled down to, more white and other non black females recognising the value in hard working, upstanding, decent black men, them swooping in and scooping up whatever men they choose and there is nothing black women can do about it.

Thinking black men, it only makes sense to go where you are loved, appreciated, respected and celebrated. You absolutely will not find any of those attributes dealing with modern day black women, they have categorically shown you that they hate you with a passion plus they give you the middle finger on the daily especially when they continue to refer to black men as “niggers”.

Look at the picture, do you see how happy the brother looks? Haven’t you noticed that whenever black men take pictures with non black women, they more often than not are smiling? There is something else I want you to note about the above photo, do you see how they’re sharing the photographic moment as a couple, as a team, yet whenever I see pictures of black men with black women, black women will frequently go out of their way to make themselves be the theme and the focus of the photos in their attempts to steal the limelight.

There is no unification nor comradeship with black women, I already told you this in Negro Wars, black women simply put out the illusion that they have the backs of black men in order for us to remain in a position where they can continue to shaft us at will as per the instructions of the state, I’m not stupid, I know exactly what is going on.

Take a look at the brother once again, we thinking black men already know that the overwhelming majority of black women would label him as an “educated lame”, they wouldn’t give him the time of day, yet they will be the first ones in line to label him a coon, sellout, Uncle Tom, Uncle Ruckus, Sambo etc once they see him with a white woman. But wait, I thought you never wanted him to begin with. The fruit loop nature of the modern day black female on display right there.

As the YouTuber MBD stated some time ago, good black men hold no value in the eyes of black women until they decide to start dealing with non black females. It is at this point that black women will come out of the woodwork berating us, claiming that we couldn’t handle strong black women which is the reason we chose to date and marry non black females instead. Remember now, these are the same black women who claim NOT to care about the dating choices black men make which exclude them.

Again I don’t need to emphasis what is obvious to most folks looking on, when black women get together with non black men they are congratulated, the angry and bitter black sisterhood high fives each other and they push those unions in the faces of black men as if we are even bothered or interested. However, reverse the equation with a black man getting together with a non black woman and black women immediately throw their toys out of their prams, Tyrese Gibson, Eddie Murphy, Nate Parker, Mike Colter(the actor who plays Luke Cage), Tyler James Williams(the actor who plays Chris from the TV show Everybody Hates Chris), Taye Diggs are just some of the cases in point, the list goes on and on, feel free to add to it.

At this stage black women can simply be viewed as a laughingstock, in fact such has been the case for the angry, bitter and insecure regimented black sisterhood for the past half a century. White and other non black females are simply laughing at black women because they are perplexed as to why black women would treat the decent men of black society like garbage while at the same time worshipping, exalting and allowing themselves to be impregnated by the low brow, bum, thug, gangster types such as Tyrone and J Boogie from around the way.

Thinking black men remember, this black woman is all about stamping out your self-esteem and self-confidence, she is afraid of the huge potential you have concerning the dating and mating market, which is why she will deliberately go out of her way to belittle and shame any and all black men whenever they make the decision to cross the fence and take their chances with non black females.

Note fellas how the woman in the picture is not fat nor is she ugly, isn’t this the typical jargon we hear coming from the black sisterhood’s propaganda machine, that black men can only get with fat, ugly white women? And to think that these quotes frequently come from black women who on average look like tug boats and fully loaded oil tankers ready to set sail. Well, let’s put that rumour to bed right here, #SYSBM:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear From Scraggle Daggle

Most High Bless

107 thoughts on “White Woman Yet Again Calls Out The Dysfunctional Black Sisterhood On Their Poor Choices Of Men

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  2. You said black women “dating and procreating”, yet it’s really more of the latter. When’s the last time you saw black couples engaged in the type of tender moments seen when black men get with non black women? Hell, being honest, it’s hard to even imagine black women in a romantic light!!!

    Nope, not ugly or fat, which is more than I can say for like 90% of black Women. Those who are skinny are either some crackheads from way back or saving themselves to get dicked down by Brad and Chandler for a lite skinded bebeh wif da gude hayer!

    Conversely, the female halflings in the photo will grow up to be praised yet envied by black Women, who will namely be mad that SHE didn’t make them with a snow king.

    Remember fellas, white chocolate is the best, milk is WAAAAAAAAAAAY overrated, and dark is BITTER AS HELL!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Agreed, Black women are not loving and affectionate individuals as I continue to say over and over again. You very rarely if ever see black women walking hand in hand with black men in public.

      The overriding majority of black women are anti family, they simply aren’t fit for any function.

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  3. Great article verbs, I have added more black men that have been harassed for not being attracted to black women or in interracial relationships .

    Malik smiley, Reggie bush, Tiger woods, Kobe Bryant, Tiki Barber, Ice T, and Derek Luke.

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  4. White women are straight killing the game and the internet is really helping them to push forward because now black men can view into that world more than they could before and it’s causing them to see things they would normally never be exposed to.

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    • Reggie James,

      There is no doubt about it, white and other non black women are winning hands down and more black men are simply choosing to vote with their feet. Why settle for Shanika who hates your guts when you opt for Suzanne, Lopez, Pindar and Ling who are willing to show you love and appreciation?

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    • @ Reggie

      You wanna know what’s the saddest part about them killing the game:
      Non BW don’t have to try hard at all to “steal us” from the queans lol. Non BW just act natural & being themselves will get a brotha hooked for life!!!

      And “stealing us” ha ha ha!! I thought [not T.H.O.T.] that black men weren’t wanted by anyone!! If no one wants us, why are they “stealing” us?? Hmmm. And no ones gonna steal anything unless its of value. Cat burglars aren’t gonna leave jewelry & cash laying around!!

      BW don’t know shit!!! They just smell like it!! Plus they’re full of shit!!

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    • FLCLimaxxx,

      They didn’t want him yet now they have a problem with his non black girlfriend. There is no satisfying black women as a black man unless you are miserable and single like they are. They claim not to be concerned with the dating and marriage choices of black men yet they are always lurking about trying to see what black men are up to, smh.

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      • “I really don’t care who anyone dates, even if it’s a transgender. While me and other people are quick to say such things, I also understand how black women feel.
        Black women often feel left out and are made to feel inferior because black men are always putting them down… But hey, be like the rest of us and simply stop giving AF.”

        WTF? All because his girlfriend happens to be white? I can’t even….

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      • Whtgrlsrawsome,

        Black women simply don’t want to see black men happy outside of their reach. Black women are the ones who continually put good black men down, this heifer Denise is spreading lies as per the black woman’s creed to always claim victimhood.

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      • FLCLimaxxx,

        I saw that, questioning a man’s sexuality is a typical jab black women will throw at black men who dare to free themselves and walk away from the plantation.

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    • Let’s be honest if he tried to talk to them they will call him the basic shit these whores will call a thinking black man “lame”, “nerd” “corny” “no swag”.etc. He’s not dumb he knows what’s up.

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  5. “Prams”?

    In any case, these black broads want and NEED us to be jealous of their “swirling” so called “relationships”. Why do you think that they insist on rubbing their swirl relationships in our faces?

    They need us to be jealous because not only it gives them power over us, but also because it’ll validate their entire existences to have men pining over them.

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    • Kameron Brown,

      Most brothas know they cannot dictate who grown women choose to date and be with, hence why most of us won’t give a shit about them “swirling”. But Black beasts aka Black Women on the other hand legitimately feel they OWN Black men so they should be able to dictate and micro-manage who Black men are allowed to be with.

      Those clowns celebrate so hard when they are able to get a White or Non-Black man but yet still feel they should be able to control who brothas date? These dumb black whores kill me like no one wants you keep it pushin’.

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  6. Dicked down by Chandler ? Not this Chandler !!!! Anyway, white women leave the teen aged girl phase at around age 22 and are mature enough to look for good men. A black female, in her 20s and early 30s, is still in her teenage girl phase.

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    • @ Gregory

      Sad & true!! BW don’t deal with “reality” until they hit their 40’s & 50’s. So you can actually say BW don’t mature & act like 20 something adults until they are waaaaay older.


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    • Sorry Guys but BW don’t change their dysfunctional ways or get “mature” with age. There are women in their 40s and 50s rapping, stripping, and escorting.

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  7. Incredible that Tyler James Williams has not insulted Black Women in any way yet the author of that article is still trying to insinuate that he “put them down and made them feel inferior”. Whose fault is it that Black women know deep inside that they cannot compete with White and Non-Black women? Black women are truly desperate and insecure pieces of shit.

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  8. Praise be to the saved Brother, his White Queen and the kids. He’s been blessed with a White girl who recognised his heart and corralled him to a happy family life!

    Praise the Most High! SYSBM

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  9. I guess Everybody (Still) Hates Chris…except his white girlfriend. Hahahaha! Good for him. I honestly thought he was gay IRL due to his role in “Dear White People,” good to know he’s into women of any race!

    Verbs pointed out in another blog post about how Becky was on sniper missions to steal good black men right from under sista’s noses and it’s true. Love sitting back and watching it all unfold. Glad I lived to see this moment.

    You know the pillow talk between the couple shown above includes how shitty he was treated by black women and how happy he is to be with her. This is what would give a white woman insight into writing a post like she did above.

    An old YouTuber named Rick Scorpio made a video in 2012 about the coming Wall of Silence. Five years later, the prophecy is coming into stark relief. The comeuppance is real. I don’t feel sorry for these sistas.

    Apologies in advance about the video link; embedding is disabled and I don’t know before I post if the link will be live on here.

    #SYSBM, brothers!

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  10. And yes we all know that black men look unhappy when they date a BW!! The look gives it all away!! But all of the so-called “coons & sell-outs” just a be cheesin’ & smilin’ & showin’ they teeth when they date outside the race. You guys want proof?? Look at yourselves in the mirror ha ha!! My smile has to be surgically removed when I’m around my Spanish Goddess. I bet y’all would be looking & feeling miserable dating a quean!!!

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  11. Notice this lunatic Kissy Denise claims ‘black women feel left out, and black men are always putting black women down’. Black Women are left out because of their absolutely ridiculous way of looking at life, their self-centered attitude, their indifference toward actually attempting to build a strong relationship, their combative nature, and their often laughable physical appearance.
    Why would any black man in his right mind want to include such women in anything that they do. As usual black women don’t find the connection between their behavior and the way their behavior garners a response from Blackmen who actually have a brain in their head. It is really killing black women to see Blackmen actually publicly calling out their nonsense and stepping away from them in mass. So in typical cowardly black woman fashion they will never look at their behavior and actually attempt to change it, they simply will continue acting like animals and claim that black men are ‘always putting us (black women) down’. If you have groups of people who come into a store and steal every day, and then you catch these people stealing, and call them thieves, are you bashing or putting down the thieves or telling the truth about these thieves?
    This is the mentality of black women. Black women really believe that they should be allowed to do or say anything and nobody supposed to question them about it or call them out on it.
    As far as Tyler James from everybody hates Chris and his white girlfriend, just look at the comment from this idiot Kissy Denise. Kissy Denise says black women who are upset that he is with a white woman, should do like the rest of black women and stop giving a fuck. But do you notice that Kissy Denise actually gave a fuck enough to write some amateurish article about it. She also claims that black women don’t give a fuck about him dating a white girl, but everywhere where there is an article written about him and his white girl, there are thousands of comments left by angry black women about it and at the same time they’ll claim they don’t give a fuck daddy is dating a Whitewoman.
    Black women are truly insane human beings. Nothing that black women do or say makes any logical sense whatsoever. And I am supposed to feel some type of guilt or social pressure for not wanting to be involved with a group of people who can’t seem to do or say the simplest things without making a fool out of themselves or turning it into a confrontation or a fight.
    Remember misery loves company. Black women are so utterly miserable with who they are that they want to drag Blackmen down into the abyss with them. Black women don’t care about Blackmen, don’t support Blackmen, have nothing but ill will toward Blackmen, want to control Blackmen, and they want to see Blackmen as miserable as they are.
    Black women know that when they see a black man with a Whitewoman that black man is actually happy. And this is why black women become so enraged when they see a black man with a Whitewoman. Because this is a black man who they cannot control, make miserable, and eventually destroy his life.
    Black women want to try to force Blackmen to be ‘happy’ with Black women only. But those of us Blackmen who can think for ourselves understand that the only time black women are actually happy is when they are making the lives of Blackmen miserable.
    This is why black women in their delusional minds actually claim that Blackmen are bashing black women somehow, but it is actually black women who day in and day out, on the Internet and in real life scream, whine, cry, complain about black men and call Blackmen every name under the sun.
    But I forgot Becky the Whitewoman is the one who’s out to get me as a black man and destroy my life.

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  12. Afrofuturism1, Bill Smith, 3rd Leg, Schadenfreude, Gregory Chandler, Michel, JW, JayJay5077, Kameron Brown, Alex C, FLCLimaxxx, TJ Onumonu, Reggie James, Whtgrlsrawesome:

    Doesn’t this scenario look incredibly familiar:

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  13. And black men willingly get involved with these type of beasts in real life, go through hell with them, and still are talking about how they only want to deal with black women. Once again black women think they need to act this way, or they are weak, or aren’t ‘real’ black women.
    Black women want everything to be handed to them on a silver platter, claim to have the highest standards, and they can’t deal with a man who doesn’t have x, y, and z. But the same black women bring absolutely nothing to the table, in reality have no standards, and literally have absolutely nothing.
    And these type of black women have the biggest attitudes, the most wants, the smallest brains, and absolutely the most delusional world view there is.
    But I forgot we can’t defeat white supremacy unless I’m with a black woman. Unreal.

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  14. It’s funny because I’ve heard Black women say shit like “Look at that coon looking all happy with that White Girl” numerous times upon seeing a Brotha in an interracial relationship.

    Incredible how they don’t even try to hide the fact that they hate seeing Black men happy. They’d rather have it where brothas have no option but to deal with their bullshit on a daily basis. Too bad for them.

    These Black hoes have been sleeping and the #SYSBM movement is giving them a rude awakening. Black hoes might as well start dating each other as even more Brothas will begin to save themselves and get non-Black women in the near future. Good riddance Black bitches this is where we breed you out!

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      • @ Afro & JW

        Simps come in all shapes, colors, genders & sizes. These BW whores are just that: whores, for anyone with a little $$$. Dykes / lesbians are known for tricking all their $$ on their ‘partner’. That’s why all of a sudden you see MORE SO-CALLED BI-SEXUAL BW NOW, MORE THAN EVER BEFORE IN HISTORY!!!! [in my booming soap-box voice LOL]

        They’re warped, confused & fucked in the head!! They know the real dykes are just as bad, or even worse, than the male simps!! BW of 2017 are cheap azz prostitutes rolling with whoever can buy her a Gucci purse LOL.
        So when these “OVER NIGHT LESBIANS” start saying the dykes treat them better, they really mean the dykes spend more $$ and put up with their shit. Ha ha!!

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      • 3rd Leg,

        Even the lesbian relationships they have are plagued with problems, from what I understand they are the most tumultuous and violent of all relationship combinations. Black women believe that turning towards homosexuality will solve their problems, however nothing could be further from the truth. They are the problem, thus wherever they go automatically problems will follow.

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      • They might as well grab the strap-ons LOL. I mean it, cause pretty soon these bitches aren’t gonna have anyone left, except each other!!!!!! They’re gonna be forced into lesbianism. Just like smart brothas were forced into SYSBM. I say FUCK ‘EM!!! Since they hate us sooooo much, them bitches can have each other LOL….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜₯ :)HA HA HA

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  15. My tips for brothas wishing to save themselves: Step your finances up, keep your body in shape and monitor your HEALTH. Your health is crucial as the goal is for all of us to live long, happy lives with beautiful non-Black women and our mixed kids. #SYSBM

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  16. Talk about the meeting of the minds!!! I notice in the comment section WE GOT AN ALL-STAR TEAM IN THIS MUTHA FUCKA TODAY!!! It’s like a United Nations meeting in here, and the black whores are NORTH KOREA IN THE FLESH!!! They’re the biggest threat on the map, they’re evil & hostile, they start shit for no reason & they MUST BE ISOLATED!!!!

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    • It’s just a trend. Black women are slaves to fashion… They may indeed be waking up to how ridiculous the weave and relaxer industry is… They may indeed be waking up to how masculine and dirty they look when they cover themselves in tattoos… But give it about 10 minutes, & they’ll be on to whatever next comes into fashion…

      And note that it is forever and ever and ever about SELF-CONGRATULATION for them — including this “natural” movement. They’ve hated black men for years for daring to call out the ridiculousness that is the weave… Now they pat themselves on the back because a few BW have given up the weave. …But what goes unchanged? Their hatred for black men who dare to talk sense.

      It reminds me of the BW obesity issue — which had the same trajectory. When we said BW are too fat, we were the enemy. Then after absolutely killing black culture with their enmity toward us, they began to try to lose weight. That’s black women for you.

      One more thing you should note: when they finally try to make sense… such as giving up the weave and losing the weight and skipping the tattoos… these BW then “cross over” to worshipping white men. Note that BW “naturals” are overrepresented among the “swirlers”. Examples being Ms. Christalyn Karazin, and that beast who starved her black son while feeding her mixed kids by the white father… They try to pretend that they comfortable in their own skin when they mix, so they go natural, but they’re still fucking crazy… White boys will find that out (after knocking them up and leaving them looking like a lonesome nanny with that mixed child)…

      It saddens me to say it, but black women are HORRIBLE.

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    • It’s like I always say, mixed chicks count as 100% black when it comes to dating or marrying white men (Halle Berry, Aisha Tyler, Paula Patton, Meghan Markle) but when a black man dates a mixed chick over a darker one, all of a sudden they “lightskin” or “biracial hoes” who “ain’t really black.”

      And “Bambi Lane” is no Meghan Markle and no prince is checking for her black ass.


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    • @3rdLeg Really bruh, she’s acting white? How, when she is a racially ambiguous women that has black and white heritage?


      • @ The Amazing,

        You know exactly what I meant LoL. If a BW [mixed or not] acts proper for a brotha, the “queans” usually attack her saying “she’s acting like a white girl!” regardless of her heritage LoL. The only time it’s okay for BW [mixed or not] to behave themselves is when they become bedwenches!!!!

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  18. I’m dead serious y’all. The white kangz are starting to look sad in the face & eyes, just like when black men date BW lol. But you notice the bedwenches are just a grinning cause they have a white knight LOL.

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  19. And while I’m at it, here are some great black & indian couples Lol. BW hate them too, cause Indian’s real hair was the prototype for the 1st weaves ha ha!!!!

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  20. Next time you see a “wolf-pack” of BW, just hire the Pied Piper!! Y’all remember that story?? How he led the (hood)rats out of town. All he needs is a string attached to a piece of weave!! That’s like bait on a fish hook!!


  21. I am laughing because yes amber rose is a complete whore piece of trash, but I must admit as a guy ( yes im in super simp mode), she might have been able to rope me in, atleast to fuck her.
    But in all seriousness (and I was actually being serious lol), I can’t understand why these famous guys continue to have relationships with the same groupie whore bags who all the other celebrities have been having sex with?
    If I had that kind of money, I would go to south america or a Spanish speaking country in the west indies, and find the youngest, most beautiful, untouched female I could find. And not one, but probably 10 or 20.
    But the golden rule for these simple black men is, do the dumbest thing possible, go through hell with these women, and the turn around and do the same thing over again.
    I will say Amber Rose does have that ability to somehow draw men in, even if those men know what a whore she is.
    I am turning into a simp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I talk a good game, and then Amber Rose walks up to me, and I am on my knees begging for her to let me in her butt!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      That video was fantastic bro. Of course in the black community he would be called a coon for flying a plane. This is why thinking black men check out of black society, we are surrounded by idiots who believe hobbies and productive work is equal to being a sellout or acting white.

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      • Can the retard community even comprehend the concept of a brother flying a plane? Of course not, which is why he dated out.

        Praise be to the brother and his snowbunny! #SYSBM

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      • >Can the retard community even comprehend the concept of a brother flying a plane?

        The closest “The Community” will ever come to flying a plane is working at the TSA.

        Brothers – soar with the eagles (non-black women) and leave the turkeys (of Blackistan) behind.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the turkeys get processed into lunch meat.

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    • The racists are lit in the comment section. A young, black pilot flying off with a white woman, over the heads and beyond the reach of racist white boys. Good stuff! Also loved the admiration and respect of some older, black Air Force vets in that same comment field. This brother is doing it 100% right! SYSBM indeed!

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    • >And look at who is at his side. It ain’t (slang) Serena (the gorilla) Williams.

      Gorillas: “Hey! Hey there, William! Please refrain from our association with Serena Williams! Even WE have standards!”

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    • Whenever you see a black man crushin’ it, especially doing something non-hood approved a.k.a. outside the box, chances are slim that it’s a black queen at his side.

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