CDC Statistics Prove Black Women Overall To Be The Most Disease Ridden Individuals In The United States


Of course the angry and bitter black sisterhood will look for some excuse to dismiss this data, even though they are the ones frequently asking for statistics. Present information that does not paint black women in a positive light and you are guaranteed to hear the words “show me the stats” come from their mouths.

Of course black women don’t have any problems accepting and working with statistics that function in their favour, thus they will immediately throw up the HIV/AIDS statistics which show that in 2015 black men were diagnosed with HIV at around 3 times the rate of black women, that link can be found below:

However, you’ll notice that the vast majority of HIV cases found in black men are with those who are bisexual and homosexual, this is to be expected as the homosexual lifestyle is extremely high risk. Take a look at this graphic from the same page:

You’ll notice that HIV cases amongst black heterosexual women are over twice the rate of heterosexual black men. You’ll also notice that we are NOT given any statistics concerning the HIV/AIDS rate amongst black lesbians and bisexual black females, interesting. Since the HIV rate amongst straight black women is over 2 times the rate of straight black men, I wonder what would be discovered if black lesbians and bisexual black women were also factored into the equation?

I’m pretty damn sure that the figures would surpass that of homosexual and bisexual black men as we already know that most black women love channelling Jezebel and dropping their panties for every man that walks by. Of course we have to factor in the 80/20 rule, that is 80% of women sleep with only 20% of men. I personally believe this figure ought to be 90/10 within black society as the overwhelming majority of black women deliberately seek out no good, unproductive black men to date and procreate with.

You’ll notice that unlike other races of women, black females for the most part do not grow out of the “loving the bad boys” phase, non black women as a collective normally discard of that fetish towards their mid twenties. They unlike black women have the sense to recognise that they will have a much better chance of landing a mate in their prime years rather than leaving things late and attempting to grab themselves a companion outside of that window.

Take a look at this chart which illustrates HIV distribution in the UK:

Do you see how black women even here in the United Kingdom lead in HIV cases? HIV in the UK amongst black women is 4 times higher than black women of the US. When I stated in Negro Wars that the dysfunction of the modern day black female is an international problem I was dead serious. Don’t be fooled into believing that it is only black women in the US who enjoy getting their Jezebel on, black women in the UK are just as feral, however where black females in the US make up approximately 7% of the total population, here black women make up close to 1.5% of the total.

Again, as with black women in the US, black females in the UK are diagnosed with HIV at twice the rate of black men, from these horrific figures you can begin to understand one of the reasons why the interracial dating rate in the UK for black men is over 53%. Black women in the United Kingdom as a collective are literally diseased rats, I never said it, the statistics clearly show it.

Again, don’t forget that you can click on the images and you will be taken straight to the sources. I have to laugh really, I was reading some of the Negative reviews of my book Negro Wars on Amazon and I came across two that piqued my interest, take a look:

A common trick many black women play is to attempt to pigeon-hole the examiner into providing data only via statistical form. This is dumb and stupid on its face because data, proof and evidence all come in many different formats. Also, the form of data presented will largely be depend upon the information being brought forward. For example, demonstrating how violent black women have become would be proven via the use of audio/visual aswell as testimonial and personal experience data.

Additionally most black women enjoy arguing against the facts regardless of how well and solidly they are presented, this is the modern day black female’s new Kansas City Shuffle in her attempts to stall the conversation concerning her ultra dysfunctional behaviour. Black men, do not allow black women to take up the positions of judge and criminal at the same time, they are the ones being placed on trial, therefore THEY HAVE NO RIGHT to determine what evidence is brought against them nor in what format it is presented in.

You’ll notice as with most black female detractors they can never point to anything specific that they can label as false or incorrect. Daphne above believes that because she can write well and construct coherent sentences, this somehow makes what she is saying true without the requirement to produce the evidence to back up her claims. The same goes for Maria, she also provides no proof in relation to her personal critique of the book.

Its funny, when Negro Wars was first released I was told by various black men that black women would not be able to refute the contents of the book and that they instead would resort to setting up straw men arguments in their efforts to deflect from the painful truth, the words of those black men have rung true to this day. I even stated in the book’s introduction that of those black women who would read Negro Wars many would inject things into it that simply aren’t there and black women for the most part have succeeded in proving me right.

The bottom line here is black women on the whole are a horribly failed group of diseased individuals who are heading straight for oblivion. Black men with any sense and intelligence would do well to avoid black women at all costs lest they also end up suffering the same fate through association. This goes for black men internationally.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Black Women At All Costs

Most High Bless

76 thoughts on “CDC Statistics Prove Black Women Overall To Be The Most Disease Ridden Individuals In The United States

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  2. Nasty as hell!

    These women many times carry rabies, due to their screwing of the family dog!!!

    Once again, black chicks screw anything and everything on earth, namely relatives, and are obviously sexually irresponsible, due to the high number of children they have by guys on their way back to the half way house. Is it any wonder then why diseases run rampant in their demonic, feccid, cooch?!!! And of course, they have the nerve to talk about how white women are loose!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      They’ve become worse that the white women they frequently point to as having gutter standards. I was shocked when I look at the HIV stats for the UK, it’s even worse over here. SYSBM is the only viable way to go for the thinking black man hands down.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Once upon a time black women used to pride themselves upon the fact that they behaved very differently to white women, now whenever black women are called out on their dysfunctional behaviour they cannot wait to introduce white women into the equation, smh.

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      • @Verbs

        Those UK HIV stats are alarming, just shows #SYSBM really is a matter of life and death.

        Black men here already know the deal, over 50% have already saved ourselves, White girls *dig* a brother, there’s absolutely NO excuse.


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  3. I often say that USA black females have an extended teenage girl period. At a minimum, most USA black females will be in the teenage girl phase from age 12 to age 32. Many USA black females will remain in the teenage girl phase of life well beyond age 35. White women tend to leave the teenage girl phase at around age 22. The long teenage girl period for USA black women is a fact, rather than a mere opinion. This long teenage girl period explains the marriage rate, STD rate, unwed mother rate, poor parenting, and net worth of USA black females.

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  4. What Blackmen get out of being in a relationship with a black woman is endless confrontation, bickering, fighting, a horrible attitude day and day out, and a never ending stream of problems for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than the fact that black women like to fight and they are mentally ill, unstable wretches.
    Now as far as black women leading in the sexually-transmitted disease category, that’s no surprise there at all. Black women seem to not know that birth control exists, black women fail to understand the gynecologists are there for a reason, and black women have no problem being in a relationship with one black man, and having multiple other sex partners behind his back. Black women are simply sexually irresponsible. This is why they have children by different men, they are filled with diseases, and they stink as well.
    And the mentally ill demon Cynthia G had the nerve to speak about how Blackmen need to stop defining themselves by the number of sex partners they have. Who has more sex and more sex partners than black women do? This is why you have black children who don’t even know who their father is a neither does their mother because their mother was out being a whore with various different men and having sex with them unprotected. How many black women have children with at least two or three different guys and still aren’t married to anybody?
    Everything about the way black women conduct themselves is ass backward and disgusting. But if you mention these things you are simply bashing black women. As if a black child not knowing who their father is for their entire life is in some type of abuse or ‘bashing’ of these black children.
    Business as usual in the black community and businesses usual for black women.

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    • much props u r rite,black women are acting properly. if they were still in Africa. not the usa uk or Canada..
      febuary is going to be black history,because that’s all they’ll be ..for god sakes there already aborting 75% of there childern


  5. It should be noted that men who have sex with other men, msm, are bisexual and homosexual. Ironically, Black Americans have the highest percentage of non straight people, 3.4% to be exact and as stated by the CDC, are the most affected group by STDs.

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  6. Brother Verbs… are truly a Jedi Master when it comes to breaking down the dysfunction, savagery amd overall “F*ckery” of the Black Woman!! Again…i salute you!


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  7. Damn these hoes are NASTY!!!! That data & chart is accurate & really fuckin’ scary!! If this doen’t scare black men away from black women, I don’t think anything will LOL. Fuckin’ a hood rat is dangerous as that snake-pit on the Indian Jones movies, poison & venom everywhere!

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  8. That Uk stat of over 53% of bm are dating interracially is wonderful. Here in the US we’re not at that level just yet I think it’s someting like 38% of bm date out, overall 25% of bm marry out and 30% of bm married with a college degree have a non black wife. So I would say in about another 5 to 10 years bm will be at that 53% range especially with the huge number of bm dating/marrying out within the past few years. We know the SYSBM life is working and we know this by ho these black diseased bitches go absolutely crazy when they see a black man with a white woman. KEEP IT UP BROTHERS..Breed these diseased black bitches out..#SYSBM

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    • BM WW couples will easily reach 50% in the U.S. and not a fucking thing hotep niggaz or racist tag teaming from WM and BW can do to stop it.


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      • @ Michel & Keith

        You damn right the BW+Simp army cant do a damn thing to stop this!!! All they can do is post shit online lol. But that just proves a point about the insecure “black queans of da universe” Lol. The shaming tactics are played out just as much as the BW’s funky weaves & bad attitudes!!


  9. White women can be just as sexually irresponsible as black women at times, but the big difference is, white women don’t have the high rate of STD’s and out-of-wedlock births. Why is that? Because white women have discovered this new invention called birth control. Apparently, black women have yet to make the same discovery. I’ve known many a professional white woman who’s on the pill because she doesn’t want to have any kids until she’s married. They also carried condoms in their purses to reduce their chances of catching anything. But it seems every black woman in the U.S. and U.K. is allergic to latex. Plus, black women’s hygiene leaves much to be desired. Many of those big booty bimbos that some men lust after have vaginas that literally smell like death. Their crotches sweat like pigs in a bacon factory while their vaginas marinate in their own juices, stuffed in tight jeans. That’s a perfect breeding ground for all types of bacteria.

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    • @ Morpheus

      Wow…. birth control. That is a new concept to BW isn’t it? So is hygiene & real hair for that matter.

      Non BW pussy smells like a floral waterfall I could swim in all day long!! BW whores can start a bakery with all them damn yeast infections!!! Put that bakery next door to that bacon factory you mentioned & you’ll have a SIMP SMORGASBURG BUFFET!!!


      SYSBM 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I think i got my point across Lol. Now if only BW will point their sagging titties to the ocean & march, march & walk under the water until the bubbles stop!!!!


    • Damn them WW have a sexy…. EVERYTHING!!! LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂
      BW just throw in the towel its a wrap!!
      And for that train station beat-down, that’s a sign to not even speak to these niggaz / negress in public for any reason whatsoever!!!

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  10. In one of your other articles, didn’t you say HIV is a harmless virus? If that’s the case then why is black women having high HIV rates a problem? Not defending black women but I want a better understanding of your point of view.


    • BW are sexually irresponsible when it comes to their own sexual health. Catching HIV is indicative of high sexual activity with a lack of personal protection.

      I’m not willing to even entertain the notion of catching a disease from a dirty bitch, but that’s just me. But go ahead if it’s harmless…

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      • @ Michel

        I know I’m a few days late answering your question on that old article about those Asian women’s pics I posted. [The ones that aged well.]
        And I did answer it & you are correct: those Asian women are all mid to late 40’s!!!!!!


    • Aaron,

      The nature of the virus is not the issue in this article, it more in relation to how promiscuous black women are. Also this is not just about HIV, black women lead in the majority of STDs which are harmful and can bring about serious damage, herpes being one of the culprits. HIV and STDs are an indicator of how sexually irresponsible any particular group is. HIV by itself is harmless, however when you begin to factor in all of the other viruses, diseases and infections black women carry, the picture still doesn’t look so good.

      Here is a documentary the explains the HIV/AIDS hoax:

      Even if we remove HIV from the equation, other data still shows black women to be the most disease ridden individuals in the US and possibly walking the planet. Black women are still a bunch of nasty individuals regardless.

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      • These BW whores are just nasty & dirty looking Lol even if they’re disease free!! Besides who’d wanna fuck a BW anyway?? Minus a few celebrities ha ha.
        Besides BW have babies with broke un-employed niggaz who aint bout shit, so if she meets a brotha with a JOB, how do you think she’s gonna react?
        Breed outside your race. We need more half-breeds so the next generation of black men don’t fall victim.

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  11. Having a K-I-D with a BW is just like having an S-T-D. There is no cure & you will be infected forever because of it.


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  12. Soooo, BW are “queans of da entire universe that loves & repsects they kids!!!

    BW leave a lot to be desired when it comes to parenting!! You’d never see an Italian mother put her kids in a pizza box & take pictures…!!! Or an Indian mother put her kids on a plate of curry!! Should I go on?? LOL…

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol you don’t see Chinese women putting their kids in a box of rice

      You don’t see Japanese women out their kids by a pack of ramen

      You don’t see Mexican women put their kids in a burrito

      You don’t see Greek women put their kids in a gyro

      You don’t see Ethiopian women put their kids in injera bread

      You don’t see Australian Aboriginal women put their kids in a kangaroo pouch

      You don’t see Cuban women put their kid in a box of cigars

      You don’t see Russian women put their kids with a bottle of vodka

      Liked by 1 person

      • @ Afro

        Dammit I was gonna type all of that earlier, but I said fuck it!! They’d get the hint Lol. But its the truth..

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    • So how is that image different from this? Black Women. Doing the white man’s work since 1970.


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    Once again I’m on a roll & I apologize for posting all this shit ha ha!!

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  14. @Bill Smith

    Pro blacks will blame the asparagus esque stench of the piss of a black person in Nigeria on white people in Belarus. As mentioned constantly before, the best thing to do is just breed out the majority of black people and make sure that our little halflings aren’t exposed to the negroes and their grievances.

    As I mentioned in one of my videos, these hoteps that cry in the proverbial wilderness for blacks, what do they actually build for them? This is why other groups, whites especially, have countries with modernity, infrastructure, and actual civilization to look forward and proverbially go back home to when/if America falls, where as blacks really DON’T.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Afrofuturism1, so true. Black folks love to hear the sound of their own voice, especially rambling about white people and alleged white supremacy, but what the hell do they ever create or build?
      All they do is talk. As if whining and crying about white people, and calling white people names is going to accomplish anything.
      Black people can sit there and call white people every name in the book, but is doing that going to miraculously change the course of the lives of black people? Of course not.
      But these idiots say we shouldn’t focus on black people who terrorize, rob, and murder other black people on a daily basis, and the reasons why these black people are causing so much trouble for other black people, and we should instead ‘worry’ about police brutality and white supremacy.
      And black people wonder why they aren’t taken seriously, and can never collectively accomplish anything of substance. But these fools seem more concerned about calling white women ‘cave bitches’.
      What a bunch of utter buffoons.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bill Smith,

        Whites spend just as much time complaining about black people too have you not been all over social media? Youtube, facebook, twitter especially Youtube is home to white people crying, complaining and trolling black people 24/7 without offering any solutions to their issues. The so called alt-right has a significant presence on Youtube…

        Outside of the mainstream you also have dedicated websites like stormfront, niggermania, chimpout, american resistance, forumbiodiversity and armen where white people again do nothing but complain and whine about black people and “white genocide,” all day. So the same applies to them…..


  15. Oddysey, I’m not talking about white people. As usual black people can’t discuss anything without bringing up White people for absolutely no reason.


    • Bill Smith,

      I agree but white people also cannot discuss anything especially in America without bringing up black people.


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