The Savagery Of Black Single Motherhood


Notice the skin tone of the children involved, I keep on telling you that dark skinned black females are the worst representatives of black female society bar none. The are also the most savage and the most violent. 9 out of 10 fights involving black women will be black females of the dark skinned variety guaranteed, and these are the same women who cry about black men not wanting them because of their skin complexion.

Rejecting dark skinned black females has nothing to do with their skin tone and everything to do with the fact that they are the most aggressive, masculine, violent, rebellious, stubborn, prideful, belligerent black women within black society. This is why I keep on stating that in order to find a decent woman, the black bloodline must either be heavily diluted or departed from altogether.

These are the savages that black women churn out who then grow up to be menaces of black society, yet we thinking black men in raising these legitimate concerns are told that we are simply “whining and complaining”. Whining and complaining may have been a legitimate argument if the consequences of the modern day black female’s reckless mating choices were benign, however as we can see from the condition of modern day black society this is not the case.

Whining and complaining can be put towards issues that have little to no negative effects on an individual, however I don’t see how this same argument can be applied when you are for example dodging bullets while exiting your neighbourhood on the way to work or going to the local corner store. When your life is in danger and hangs in the balance its clear to say that the situation has gotten real and definitely requires some serious attention.

These children above will grow up to be the local hoodrats who will in turn churn out more of the same. Notice how sons and daughters raised by single fathers for the most part do not turn out like this, why? It’s simple, black fathers unlike single black mothers are not savages towards their children, they show their children love, affection, care and give them ample attention in order to ensure the child’s foundation is secure and that he/she grows up having a stable character.

Also, did you notice how the young girl carrying out the brutality used the word “bitch”? Now who do you think she picked up that language from, second guesses are not required in answering this question. Also, how much do you want to bet that she has either seen her mother fighting and using that word or she has been called a bitch by her own mother? That is how most black mothers roll. Check out yet another black female savage in the making:

A gun in one hand, a taser in the other, rapping and repeat usage of profanities including the word “bitch” once again. This is how black women as a collective raise their children. Remember, black women have a contractual obligation towards the state to keep black society broken, therefore they must raise their daughters to be savage whores, sluts and harlots, meanwhile the boys are raised to be violent, hyper masculine gang bangers or fruits ie homosexuals.

And the pro black, Pan-African pundits such as Dr Umar Johnson not only expect us thinking black men to marry defective beyond repair black females, they also demand that we wife up those same single black mothers as well. No thanks, not me, I’ll pass. Defective black women as well as single black mothers must be shunned and shamed at all times, the idea that single motherhood is a normal practice within black society must also be eradicated.

Travelling across to the continent of Africa, take a look at how this black woman treats her child:

This is why I personally am of the idea of staying away from most African women as they tend to be extremely brutal savages when it comes to raising children. Remember in Negro Wars under the chapter Black Women And Children I went into some of the most barbaric practices African woman inflict upon their own seed. If you insist on keeping it black then I would recommend getting a woman from Ethiopia, Eritrea or Somalia where many of them are mixed anyway or heading over to a non western country where family values are still upheld and the man is looked upon as the head of the household.

Did you see how she slammed her son on the floor with little to no regard for the child’s welfare? This is in the Motherland. I told you in Negro Wars that the mental illness of the modern day black female is an INTERNATIONAL PROBLEM. Stop believing that defective black females are only a problem in the west, violent, barbaric, savage black women are a worldwide phenomenon. Don’t believe me, remember this video also stemming out of Africa:

And this one which I featured in Negro Wars:

I told you already, most black women are possessed and cursed by the evil spirits that reside within them, don’t believe their talk about the bible, God and Jesus Christ because that same bible that they claim to believe in states that Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light(2 Corinthians 11:14). Now let’s go back across the pond to the Caribbean namely Trinidad, does anybody remember this black mother who decided the best form of punishment for her son would be to beat him with a shovel:

There are examples for years illustrating black female brutality, most black men and black women can give you account after account of being beaten from pillar to post as well as being brutalised by their mothers on the daily, this is why I have to laugh when black women use one of their favourite slogans “your mother’s black” as if black mothers generally are an upstanding class of parents.

The videos above are your standard black females and how they interact with their children from day to day. I’ve told you many times before black women hate themselves and thus will in turn hate anything that comes from their wombs reminding their blacksides of who they really are. I can keep placing the evidence in your laps black men, however it’s entirely up to you what action you decide upon if any in light of what is being presented.

Stay away from these black female savages, your life depends upon it. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Broken Beyond Repair Black Women

Most High Bless

94 thoughts on “The Savagery Of Black Single Motherhood

  1. Seems like there is a constant cycle of highly abusive Black Mothers + absence of Black fathers in the household. This plays a huge role in why many Black Women are angry, undisciplined Beasts and should be avoided at all costs. It boggles my mind why any brotha would want anything to do with these “women”.

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    • JW,

      The abuse black mothers inflict upon their children is off the chain, I’ve seen this my entire life growing up. Black women as a collective enjoy brutalising, beating and generally abusing their children, at the same time they refuse to hug, kiss, show love, affection and attention towards their offspring.

      Professional black females collectively abort their children while the hoodrats collectively mentally and physically abuse theirs. What kind of look is all of the above, and they wonder why non black men more and more are giving them a pass. What man in his right mind would want to deal with such animals?

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      • The brutality in the videos above I have witnessed in everyday society in the US. I thought as a child the view times I saw females “spank” their children were isolated incidents. That is until I grew older they are natural everyday occurrences for the typical black female. Especially if there’s no father in the home or a weak male in the home. I would be fearful of even associating with anyone related to savages like these. I advise all men to steer clear of twisted black women and the less than 1% of decent black women to never associate with men who come from a family of damaged black females like this.

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      • “The abuse black mothers inflict upon their children is off the chain.” This is true. Both physical AND psychological. I know this first-hand. They take out their insecurities and frustrations on whoever is closest to them… and that includes the men in their lives (good or bad), who then walk the fuck away.

        The kids, however, can’t walk away… and the sons are a constant reminder to them of the man that walked away. …And you know what that too often means — the kid is a “stand in” for the father… a surrogate on which to express the hatred she has of that man and black men in general.

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      • JayJay5077,

        That’s one of many reasons why I stopped dealing with them, too much drama and in their quest for attention they go out of their way to start trouble. Whatever the circumstances behind this she shouldn’t be putting her hands on the dude, that’s green light to get put down right there.


      • Dark skin black women are not demons. Please refrain from using generalities or a couple of isolated cases to portray black womanhood. Discipline and obedience are not things to joke about with most decent African moms. They are aware of their responsibilities to bring up accomplished adults into society. I have heard of countless stories of other races inflicting much worst abuse on their offsprings. So please stop whining and complaining about black womanhood and start acting like decent godfearing black males, sticking up to values and principles instead of quick sexual gratifications, stop flaunting your degrees or possessions to impress women.
        Take the time to study and know your love interest bearing in mind that marriage could be eventual.
        Yes I have sadly observed the bizarre attitude of black american women. I have also seen a few rising back to amend their lives. It’s a matter of choice. It is definitely not a fatality.
        I can’t give you a figure of how many so called educated , law abiding ” brothers” have approached me in the hope of getting some even after just one conversation. I had not even been taken out on a date! I was ridiculed most of the time or cursed at for sticking to religious principles pertaining to chastity.

        Damn guys what the heck do you want???

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      • Corine Tiess,

        A couple of isolated cases??? That statement right there proves that you ought to be locked up in a mental asylum for life. Most black women bring up their children according to the above protocols, this is not the 1970s where information concerning the ill practices of black women were predominantly heard about through word of mouth, this is the information age, we know that this behaviour is occurring on a very wide scale.

        Don’t introduce other races into the equation because they are not relevant to black folks, I will concentrate on who affects black men and black children FIRST, besides the men of other races are there to check their own women on their shortfalls, they do not require your assistance. The whining and complaining Kansas City shuffle rears it’s ugly head once again, lol.

        I stopped dealing with black women years ago, I am simply putting the information out there so that other black men both young and old can avoid the many pitfalls of dealing with modern day black females. Sex is an integral part of life, to act as if it isn’t is highly disingenuous on your part. Don’t worry about black men wanting to satisfy their sexual needs, instead you ought to be reprimanding the sisterhood concerning their very poor dating and mating choices.

        Most black women today are simply unfit for dating and marriage, this is why I encourage black men to look elsewhere. Really, how do you expect black men to approach you when most of the members of the modern day black sisterhood openly advertises themselves as whores and sluts and so called “decent” black women fail to check these reprobates within the group?

        I tend to find that black women who claim to stick to religious principles can be some of the worst whores and sexual freaks imaginable. Most if not all of the women above would call themselves Christians despite engaging in some of the most barbaric practices, besides, I have already dealt with black women and their claims to Christianity in both Negro Wars and The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure.

        Black women who are true followers of the principles and commandments of Christ(assuming you are a Christian) are extremely few and far between.


      • @ Corine Tiess

        Lol you’ve really flipped your wig!! I mean that literally & figuratively. BW are a cess-pool & no one wants them anymore!! Its as plain as daylight. You say to “study your love interests” I do that every single day & trust me NONE OF THE WOMEN I LUST AFTER OR LIKE AS A PERSON ARE BLACK!!! I only study, flirt with, date, have sex with, admire & befriend: non black women!!

        As for love interests in a BW?? Y’all are just an easy lay, easy prey. Men only want to use BW for sex because that’s all BW are good for!! They are not marriage material or girlfriend material. Well stupid men use y’all for sex, smart men go after the “devils” that y’all hate so much LOL.
        And we don’t have to “flaunt our degrees to attract women” like you said. The non BW will naturally come to us because she sees a hardworking black man making a difference in his community. BW only see “brothas with jobs” as a come up. So miss us with that righteous God fearing crap!!

        And WTF you mean “discipline & obedience” from those African moms in the child abuse videos!!! That’s torture!! Fuck you for even taking up for child abuse!! You think your god loves when BW beat their kids??!!!???

        And to answer your last question….
        What the heck do we want? The answer is simple: WE ONLY WANT NON BW!!!

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    • Pookie deals with black women because they are easy and other women will tell pookie to find a job etc. Pookie can drop his seed and leave(as she knows he will)then she can concentrate on her destruction of all things black!

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  3. Aaaaand this is the biggest reason why these ebony demons should be avoided, and of course, notice the shade!

    If you think I’m being a self hater or colorstruck, **** you, too. Once your eyes have been opened, you HAVE to start looking at these things and framing them in the trends that they follow.

    Dark skinned black women are literal demons, and once again, will justify this stuff using the same Christianity that they were enslaved. This Stockholm syndrome is one of several reasons why no one can respect us.

    Do not let ANYONE dick police you or make you feel bad about dating out. I wouldn’t wanna be SEEN with these chicks, because some black idiot will think “look at black love, there is a chance”. I hope the world more and more starts looking at them as a plague, and I’m sorry, but this is why I have a hard time taking black people seriously when they wish to be seen as equal to everyone else. In Eastern European and East Asian countries, no way in the HELL would this have happened, let alone in the rural countryside! This is supports my theory that blacks as a whole have never been what we could be due to literally being held back by these demons raising our children.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Agreed, this has to be one of the top reasons not to deal with black women hands down. The harsh treatment of black children by black women goes back years. I remember being in high school and hearing the horror stories from fellow classmates concerning how their mothers punished them and enjoyed it. I talked about the same thing in Negro Wars, black mothers pride themselves upon how much injury they can inflict upon their own seed, physically, emotionally and mentally.

      Yet these same monsters will be the first to tell you “yo momma black”. They still believe that we are in the 1960s where information about their gross misconduct was mainly passed on via word of mouth, this is the information age, all people need to do in order to see the black woman’s dysfunction for themselves is switch on a television or computer screen.

      As you continue to point out, in non black societies it is the men who are the problem, albeit because they are still the leaders things still get done. Not in black society, black women have been put in charge, nothing gets done, in fact things are quickly falling apart as we speak.

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    • @afrofuturism1 Watch out, Hoteps will try to champion the idea of ethnic enrichment by forcing lightskin men of the “Al B Sure aesthetics” to procreate with darker skin females under the guise of diversifying the black gene pool.

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    • Gregory Chandler, the black women in most of our families are nothing to write home about either, or else we wouldn’t have gone full-on SYSBM. Hell, as I’ve written before, I’m an older brother who went SYSBM long before there was a name for it. I haven’t messed with a black chick since 1990.

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  5. I am almost in tears after watching that African cunt slam her naked son. I want to jump through the screen and bash that worthless cunt’s skull open with a brick.

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  6. The only thing I have to say after viewing this article is to nuke these bottom of the barrel, dirt poor, ratchet black women of this ilk off of the face of the earth and you can see why many black African men from these African regions are saving themselves by going towards Chinese and various European women or even going to East Africa.

    You got pro-whackers like Umar telling blacks to move back to Africa and set up shop where it’s mostly dictator-run, violent and a desert due to famine as you can see in these villages and countries like its sistren of urban Black America with the projects and ghettos. Oh, he’s talking about the areas where it’s plentiful like paradise with little to no crime and with democracy similar to the wealthy surburbs. It’s a wrap.

    Here’s a recent video of a fight at a Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant where these ghetto black women basically wrecked the celebration for everyone there. This will be a reminder for me and my future kids not to go to this or any Ghetto Cheese location. Where there’s more than three, I don’t want to be.


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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      “But deys our queens tho, wez supposed to be uplifting muder earth”.

      Umar Johnson and the pro black Pan African pundits like him are fools if they believe that I am going to be unifying with and wifing up one of those savages. Just as Kirigakure Jones said in one of his latest videos, for a black man in 2017 the risks are far higher dealing with Scraggle Daggle as opposed to dating and marrying non black women hands down.

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    • @Brother Dan
      Well they just ruined & (possibly) traumatized those kids at their b-day party. Just a bunch of fat ugly BW acting a fool in public, nothing new, but still, WTF?? Was that one bitch trying to attack that brotha while he had a child in his hands?? And they say “BM are killing the kids” SMDH..
      And Chuck E. Cheese huh? Wasn’t that company’s mascot a rat? I rest my case…

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    • “Where there’s more than three, I don’t want to be.” Well said BrotherDan…I forgot where I heard this but when you go out to a lounge or bar you normally dont have problems if its older or thinking black men. The problems arise once the scraggle daggle or Chief Keef wannabe shows up. The moment I’m out and enjoying myself and hear that trademark loud ass and ratchet black female walk in…I’m out. These chicks always give a warning when they enter the room via their mannish behavior, loud voices, and constant profane language….HEED THAT WARNING BROTHERS.

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      • I know you asked the question of somebody else and not me. But genetics is everything. When you have a group of people who stay in the same neighborhood who screw or fuck or have sex with the same women and men, eventually the descendents of these people who don’t leave the same’s 3 mi.Β² radius, will eventually start to have sex with their half-brothers, half-sisters, half cousins, cousins, so on and so forth.
        This is why you have many half retarded, mentally ill, criminals running around in black communities in America. Because family members are having sex with other family members unknowingly. Black people love to talk about hillbillies, and inbred white people. But incest and inbreeding is going on in the black community on a mass scale.
        I think I need to get on a plane to Moscow, Russia and then get on another plane to Siberia and just live there. I’m just sick of black people. And it has nothing to do with self-hate. I don’t hate black people, because I’m black.
        What I hate about black people is their attitude toward other black people, their attitude toward existence, their attitude toward life, the attitude that black people have in general toward Everything!!!!!!!
        But I guess I am a coon for speaking in these eternal truths.

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  7. They need to do these bitches like in the Middle-East & publicly execute them!!! I hate seeing child abuse its wrong! It’s hard enough being a kid nowadays in this crazy ass world. But the “mother” that supposed to nurture you would rather torture you! I had so much hatred in my heart watching that black whore slam her child on the ground. WTF bitch. Die please, die, die, die!!

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    • We need Boko Haram to come get these black bitches en masse. Offer free weave, put it inside a big container box (the kind they ship cars in), lock the door behind them and ship ’em right out.

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      • @Schad
        Hell yeah & I’ll be the one to lock that pad-lock extra tight!! I still say shit that container to the Middle-East. Since BW love covering their natural hair with wigs & weaves, they’d fit a hijab perfectly haha.

        Hijab = Muslim women’s head-dress.
        But it’s some smart brothas on here y’all already knew that. I figured I’d leave a definition for the BW stragglers that seem to make their way into this site..

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    • 3rd Leg,

      They hate black children plain and simple, hence why they go out of their way to destroy them as per the edicts of white supremacy. Yet the pro blacks won’t call their queans out on this gross misconduct.

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    • 3rd leg, straight fact. Black women are so concerned about what Whitewomen are doing that they overlook the fact that their behavior is the reason why Blackmen are walking away from them in mass.
      Black women seem to be unable to admit that they are the main reason why black men are walking away from them. It’s not that Blackmen woke up one day and said oh I hate black women or black women are evil or negative. It’s the garbage that Blackmen have to put up with coming from black women on a daily basis that makes them want to walk away from black women.
      But black women are so stupid, that they will still try to place the blame on Blackmen for the reasons why Blackmen are leaving black women on a mass scale.
      It’s Becky. It’s white supremacy. Blackmen are coons. Blackmen want to be with the daughters of their oppressor. Blackmen are weak. Blackmen can’t deal with a strong black woman, so they go to a white woman who is weak and they can walk over.
      This is the type of rhetoric that we see spewed in the black community in order to get Blackmen from being with women who want to make them happy.
      Every black person on the planet earth could call me a coon, a sellout, a Sambo and an uncle Tom, but I would rather be called a coon, and be laying in my bed with a white woman who treats me good, respects me, and who I could wake up tomorrow, knowing that she’s not gonna try to destroy my life. Then to be laying in the bed with a black woman, who could possibly call the police on me, or stab me in the eye at any moment because she felt disrespected or thought I was cheating on her.
      And obviously I’m not saying this about all black women . Just 99.9% of them. Blackmen, you are probably better off with an allegedly fat sloppy Whitewoman, then you would be with the black woman who is allegedly beautiful. That allegedly fat Whitewoman will treat you better than 99.9% of black women ever would. And this is the straight truth.


      • Bill Smith,

        BTW I seen many good looking and in shape Blackmen are with black women looks a man, so fat out of shape, or even with a black woman who’s preloaded with kids from the previous guy who more likely a thug, I these blackmen need to wake up and SYSBM.

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  8. And that dirty little bitch in the front seat with a gun & a taser?!!? Really are you serious?? She’s a whore in training & how much you wanna bet she’ll catch a case before she graduates from school. I mean that taser hoe was really bi-polar & psycho, just look at her mannerisms & I can actually hear a demon in her voice..

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    • Steven Rogers,

      Leaving their children in hot cars to get their hair done, leaving their children in cars to attend concerts, beating their children till they are black and blue, the child abuse and neglect never ends with black women.

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    • @ Steven

      And then they want to WONDER WHY NO MAN (regardless of skin color) wants to procreate with these bitches. I’m serious, BW DON’T DESERVE TO GIVE BIRTH ANYMORE. They’ve proven they’re un-fit parents. It should be mandatory for BW to pass a psychiatric-evaluation before insemination lol!!!

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  9. oh yea I dare you to keep a straight face during this:

    But they still don’t know how to complete a resume’ for a job interview…
    The nerve of BW


    SYSBM 4 LIFE!!!!!

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  10. Lets not forget the SIMPS & the dick police. LOL:

    THis is just ONE isolated incident with a thirsty WW. You should see the comments section ( 8 ) by the “queans” still thinking non BW world wide fear them. Ohh they fear BW alright. They’re scared BW will hate on them, assault them, or make them do un-lady like things & get dragged down to the BW’s level. That’s what they “fear”… SMDH

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    • 3rd Leg,

      Don’t know why the guy is defending black women to begin with, they don’t even like him especially being a dark skinned Negro male. What are the chances that his mother roughed him up really good when he was younger, highly probable. Very few black men wish to speak on the abuse they received from their mothers when they were children, they try to play it off as if it was part of a normal lifestyle. Dude is simping hard, he’ll have to learn the hard way like Jesse Williams.

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      • Verbs

        So fuckin true. How much you wanna bet it was beaten into him literally as a child?? That Stockholm syndrome. Its like the reverse version of “Ike & Tina Turner”, the men stay with these hoes after years of abuse. Chances are these hoes didn’t want him when he was broke, but he was brainwashed, got his $$ still simping hard. And they still really dont like him anyway. They just wanna see him unhappy & as long as he fetches the glass slipper for KiwiShonda, its a done deal. So fuck Kofi Sambo Simpoe..

        Haha it reminds me of all the hate rapper Kendrick Lamar encountered by the dark skin hags because he had a dime piece light skin BW on his arm at an awards show. Even tho he stood up for his girl & she was all black, the dark ratchets still cried a river, I guess she was “too light skinned” LoL. So yea BW are so twisted they don’t know what happiness is..

        Avoid them!!!!!!!

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    • Kofi, clearly got the memo that if you want to become relatively popular amongst black women just say a few nice words about them and they will come running.
      I’d love to hear what these black woman have to say when this guy pops up with some blond haired blue-eyed beautiful white woman, at the premiere of some film.
      As usual black women become drunk at the sound of the few nice words pointed in their direction. This is why any run-of-the-mill Whiteman can come along and scream ‘I love black women’, and black women will fall over themselves running to this Whitman praising him, telling him how thankful they are that he understands and respects the beauty of black women.
      And notice all it takes is one Whitewoman to say one thing in regard to a black man, any insecure or mentally ill black women come out of the woodwork losing their minds because one allegedly inferior Whitewoman said something about a Blackmen.
      Does the stupidity and insecurity of black women ever end? Doesn’t look like it.

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  11. And even tho I just posted a few videos, that very top video, the girls fighting on the slide, still makes me sick to my stomach!! I mean really!! Those lil’ girls are too damn young to be fighting like they mama’s do in the street on stamp day!! They learned that shit early from their “mothers”. Even noticed how they gang-up on the smallest girl & tried to jump her, just like they mama’s would in the streets!!
    But the worst part is… NOT ONE ADULT IN SIGHT CAME TO STOP THE FIGHT!! WTF?? I didn’t even hear anyone getting disciplined!! The girl who got jumped was crying for her “mommy” at the end, which is the next question: where the FUCK was her “mommy” at? WHAT TYPE OF PARENTS DO WE HAVE IN THIS SICK FUCKIN’ WORLD??!!??

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  12. Is it really true that the dudes in the African countries are getting with Chinese women? HILARIOUS!!!!

    Genetics was the best discovery ever, and now we see why the best thing that could happen is a virus coming about that rendered black Women INFERTILE. Just THINK about how much better things would be. $hit, I got tears running down my face….

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      • @verbs

        I literally LoL’d as loud as I could once I read that. It was a laugh so obnoxious, Magneto himself would be proud!! SYSBM is world wide & it should be!! Because BW world wide are a disease & SYSBM IS THE CURE!!!

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  13. I just wanted to make a comment about the young black girl probably about 11 or 12 in the car screaming about ‘the gun or the Taser bitch’…..
    I will probably go back and read every comment on this thread and then make another post and I just had to say this. Obviously this young black girl was raised up around a bunch of aggressive, combative, violent, evil, mentally ill black women, who believe that behaving this way is how they are supposed to act.
    Now as much as black women as these pro black Simp clown morons scream about how evil white people are, how violent white people are, how white people are cave beasts, devils, rhesus monkeys, recessive DNA animals, etc. etc, take this 11 or 12 totally ghetto, aggressive, wild acting idiot, who was brought up this way by black women, and place her in a majority white environment for a few years and I guarantee you all this ghetto, aggressive nonsense would be eliminated from her personality.
    And if this young black girl was raised by white women from birth, she would never in a million years behave the way she is behaving. My feeling is one of the main problems that black people have is an inability to admit the truth. And the truth is that black women place all of their mental illness, aggression, and confrontational nature upon their young black children. And these young black children grow up thinking that being a reactionary, violent, loud, confrontational beast, is how they are supposed to behave.
    But somehow when you transport black children into the homes of the devil cave beast Neanderthal evil white people somehow these black children end up as upstanding, productive citizens and not acting or behaving like animals on the Serengeti .
    I actually feel kind of bad for the black girl with the fake gun and the fake Taser yelling bitch every five seconds. Because that black child never ever had a chance to become anything remotely like a human being because she was probably raised by a single black mother or a black mother with some weak ass stupid Negro who was probably the slave of that black mother.
    But Becky ( the lice infected cave dwelling Whitewoman) seems to be able to do a wonderful child at raising their black children.
    And you still have the simple ass Blackmen out here trying to tell other Blackmen not to be with Whitewomen because black women are the only ones who understand the struggle of black men and that black women are the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth.
    I don’t even know what else to say at this point. And you see hordes of young black children who act in the most atrocious manner in public, because everything they witnessed in their home mainly coming from them mentally ill black mother, is made to seem normal,correct,f and appropriate.
    Truly upsetting but not surprising.

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    • @Bill Smith

      Damn good post! And alotta facts that BW will probably hate but who cares LoL. It’s no longer about finding a woman who can “relate to the BM’s struggle” naw… We just want a female that will support us, is pleasant to be around & will act like a woman is SUPPOSED TO ACT! Them stupid BW whores will never correct their own mistakes but they will deflect all their attention & jealousy on “Becky” because that’s the most they can do. Even tho non BW aren’t savages when raising their children. That’s why 98% bi-racial children turn out proper & civilized, mostly if it was a black father & a non BW obviously..

      Remember the phrase: if you cant beat ’em… join ’em.
      Well BW never got the hint!
      Otherwise they would’ve learned from Becky & Maya & Chen Li, etc..

      And you were right about Kofi’s ass kissing just to get a BW fan base lol. That’s all it took. But I agree with you, let him hit the red carpet with a “white devil” & its all over ha ha!!

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      • Black women couldn’t get the hint, if you beat them over the head with a hint bat. Black women fail to realize that it is their behavior, and their attitude, that makes them the laughing stock of the planet earth. But if you were to listen to these mentally ill black women, it is Blackmen who are making mistakes and Blackmen for the cause of derision in the black community.
        Blackmen are trendsetters, international superstars in film and fashion and all walks of public media life. Black men are leading men in international world wide films. Please show me where black women are international film stars across the planet earth?
        But what this really boils down to, as always, is how black women are completely and utterly jealous of what Blackmen have been able to accomplish on a worldwide scale,y while black women can simply not do the same things that Blackmen can do. This is why black women hate black men. Because black women think they should be able to do what Blackmen are doing on a worldwide scale, but they can’t.b

        Liked by 2 people

  14. 3rd leg, straight fact. Black women are so concerned about what Whitewomen are doing that they overlook the fact that their behavior is the reason why Blackmen are walking away from them in mass.
    Black women seem to be unable to admit that they are the main reason why black men are walking away from them. It’s not that Blackmen woke up one day and said oh I hate black women or black women are evil or negative. It’s the garbage that Blackmen have to put up with coming from black women on a daily basis that makes them want to walk away from black women.
    But black women are so stupid, that they will still try to place the blame on Blackmen for the reasons why Blackmen are leaving black women on a mass scale.
    It’s Becky. It’s white supremacy. Blackmen are coons. Blackmen want to be with the daughters of their oppressor. Blackmen are weak. Blackmen can’t deal with a strong black woman, so they go to a white woman who is weak and they can walk over.
    This is the type of rhetoric that we see spewed in the black community in order to get Blackmen from being with women who want to make them happy.
    Every black person on the planet earth could call me a coon, a sellout, a Sambo and an uncle Tom, but I would rather be called a coon, and be laying in my bed with a white woman who treats me good, respects me, and who I could wake up tomorrow, knowing that she’s not gonna try to destroy my life. Then to be laying in the bed with a black woman, who could possibly call the police on me, or stab me in the eye at any moment because she felt disrespected or thought I was cheating on her.
    And obviously I’m not saying this about all black women . Just 99.9% of them. Blackmen, you are probably better off with an allegedly fat sloppy Whitewoman, then you would be with the black woman who is allegedly beautiful. That allegedly fat Whitewoman will treat you better than 99.9% of black women ever would. And this is the straight truth.

    Liked by 2 people

    • @Bill

      “That allegedly fat White woman will treat you better than 99.9% of black women ever would.”

      Something BW will never understand in a million years. Character over everything else. With WW looks comes as standard.


      Liked by 2 people

      • @ Michel & Bill Smith

        Damn straight!! Personality means everything in a woman!! That’s why BW are lonely because no one wants to deal with that bullshit attitude!! They only act nice when they get thirsty & desperate. Whereas non BW actually appreciate things we do for them. BW never look in the mirror at themselves as the problem, but they’re always in the mirror looking at that damn weave!!!

        Liked by 2 people

  15. It’s also true about BM being trend-setters world wide. From athletes to actors. To the hardworking BM in the work place. Even the idiot thugs, rappers, etc., set trends when it comes to fashion. Plus its more positive BM in the public eye right now if you think about it. For every jackass like Young Thug & Tyga, we have about a dozen or so Denzel Washington’s & Idris Elba’s. While all you see from BW is DRAMA. Even from celebrities (BeyoncΓ©, Rihanna, Solange, Blac chyna, etc). The entire planet has gotten so used to BW being violent & dramatic, that’s all the world expects from BW!! But at least they’ll give a BM a chance to prove himself, because we seem to be the more intelligent of the species. It’s easier to reason with a BM than it is with a BW. How interesting..

    And BW have set trends all right:
    Dressing like whores at the wrong time (there’s a time & place for that LoL)
    Acting ratchet in public & indoctrinating they’re offspring.
    Twerking in public & giving birth to 13 mini-demons.
    Fighting & killing over nothing. (Even the BM thugs have calmed down in the streets)
    And lets not forget the WEAVE!!

    I could go on & on & on..

    Liked by 2 people

  16. LOL. In the old days black women used to be popular singers. Rap music killed off the black female R&B singers. The only USA-born black female singers of today are: 1. Beyonce, 2. Beyonce, and 3. Beyonce. The only current black female athlete of note is Serena Williams. Both of the mentioned black women are over age 30. Black women in entertainment and sports are headed for extinction.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Rap really did a number on black music, I’m sorry but it’s true. Notice that there are actually more black male singers then black female singers, and now the black women, with their incredible insecurity and penis envy, are trying to rap like the men!

      Liked by 1 person

  17. You know what I find disgusting? When you have posts like this that show brutally against children at the hands of black women they’re nowhere to be seen on this thread. However talk about how beautiful white women are and how much you prefer them you’ll see black women rushing out of the woodwork keyboards locked and loaded! Black women are just so dam fucking selfish….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oddysey,

      Black women as a collective concur with this kind of barbaric and brutal treatment of children, this is why they won’t condemn this kind of reprobate behaviour from other members of the sisterhood, even those in different countries. You’re right in your observation, nothing but crickets can be heard, however when black men talk about expanding on their dating and marriage options, these black sirens will be sure to pass through and make their feelings known.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. I’m speechless from these videos. I must say that it was extremely difficult to watch. My own mother was a savage, hateful, narcissistic wench towards me (she is dark-skinned, I am very light). She hated me because my father would not marry her, and I am glad he didn’t. So she took her anger out on me and his family (lighter complexion). I know my mother has demons and one of my sisters. I am grateful that The Most High separate me from them, and that we do not have the same fathers, for fear of inheriting a full-on brunt of spiritual and psychic/emotional corruption.

    Yes, you are right sir, the majority do have demons. I stay away from them, and keep to myself out of concern for my spiritual and energetic health, and that includes fuck-girl Black female family members too. I don’t believe in treating children that way, and so I keep my distance from many Black females altogether, and yes, I am “Black” American female. I feel sorry for how children and Black men have been treated by them.

    The worst women are Black Christians as you noted. My mother never showed me affection of any sort for the majority of my life. And yes, you are right about something else–there are less than 1% of us decent “Black” females around who don’t have 8 abortions under our belts, who love children, who are upright and mannerable, and respectful, and who most of all, let *a proper* Black man lead. Black females wonder why they are single–it’s because of their behavior and emasculation of Black men.

    Liked by 2 people

    • EsotericOne,

      The only time black women engage their children is when it is time to abuse them. This is one of many reason why I advise black men to date out, I cannot recommend forming a union with such monsters.

      Liked by 1 person

    • @ Afro

      I’ve been telling people for centuries (LoL) that Asian women DO NOT AGE AT ALL!! BW DO NOT AGE WELL!! BW hate them as well. Not as much as they hate Becky, but hate none the less. πŸ™‚

      Remember the saying: “black don’t crack” that is true, but that only applies to black people who take care of themselves!! And we all know 97% of BW don’t take care of themselves..

      Liked by 2 people

      • I agree with you…the majority of Black women don’t take care of themselves, and thus, age quickly. Even if they manage to cover the external aging process (wrinkles, skin sagging/loss of collagen, cellulite, hair thinning, tooth decay) using cosmetic means, internally they are still dying.

        Personally, I love the Asian culture. It has taught me so much with regard to healthy living (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), etc.).

        I commend Black men for leaving and going their own way. Find happiness where you must. Don’t glorify your abuser.

        Maybe if enough of Black men say “I’ve had it,” and decide to date interracially, then possibly will an upheaval occur and a light come on. Maybe then will Black American women be able to see the horrendous errors of their ways. They want to be worshipped, coddled, put on a pedestal.

        However, when the general public looks around, a great many bad apples spoil the bunch, hence the horrible reputation and stereotypes Black women have in the world.

        It’s about time their feet be held to the fire. Shine a mirror on these witches who cloak themselves with magic to look attractive, but underneath are absolute vipers. That allegory was literal, figurative, metaphorical, and metaphysical.

        Unwitting men will fall prey to the wiles of these harlots.

        Liked by 1 person

    • @ AFro

      Ha ha!! Its funny you mentioned that, its like a reversal of that when it comes to races.

      Example: Whenever I holla at a “Becky” or an Asian woman, I usually want to ask for I.D. because they look so well for their age & I feel like a bartender, “You sure you’re old enough?” LoL

      When I observe a BW (you’ll notice I didn’t say “holla at a BW”) they always look way older than they should. Saw some future section 8 queans at the store the other day. Weaves, attitudes, fat stomachs, stretch-marks & all. I passed by them quickly & continued shopping but I over-heard them mention something about a classmate from last year. I thought “DAmn them hoes look in they late 20’s / early 30’s & they only in high school?? WTF??”

      Liked by 3 people

      • @3rd Leg

        A lot of the horrible aging has to do with being corrupt from the inside out. I see a clear distinction between evil and worthless women who age poorly and those who have a bright positivity and gentle demeanor.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I also notice in the video thumbnails for all the “Simp & BW” crime teams, the SIMP has a really sad look on his face like: “Fuck my life is over! Why’d I deal with this bitch?!??”
      And you notice all the BW have a stone cold remorseless look on their face & a dead look in they eyes. PURE EVIL!! 😦 😦 😦

      Liked by 3 people

      • @ Michel

        All of them are in their mid to late 40’s…… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  19. @ verbs LoL

    And the abuse NEVER stops at the hands of BW. I remember one article you spoke on Kevin Durant’s mama embarrassing his ass at the finals on live TV. I was watching that like “Really? You’re gonna humiliate a grown ass man who just won a trophy & millions of $$$.”
    Sad thing is KD is still taking care of her & giving all his millions to his mama & she still treats him like shit on global TV!! Stockholm syndrome..

    BW NEED to abuse their off springs whether its physical, emotional, etc.. BW are so unhappy with their lives so they need to drag everyone down around them, this includes the children.
    And then when their kids turn out fucked up, the typical Christian BW will run to God, church, Bible, etc. & pretend why she doesn’t know why her kids are fucked up!!

    BW are stupid like that. They ruin people’s lives then “hide behind God” when they get scared. BW don’t know what karma is??? No one is immune to karma!! If you ruin your child’s life on purpose: KARMA WILL HAUNT YOU FOREVER!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • When you endure a physically/ psychologically violent childhood and try to figure out why such evil was meted to you… Then you realise it wasn’t your fault, and can now sit back and watch BW burn in hell for their transgressions.


      Liked by 3 people

      • @Michel

        Absolutely! Story of my life. I spent the majority of my life trying to figure out why my mother was so hateful towards me. Then, I realized that it had nothing to do with me.

        There was a website called “Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers” that helped me put it all together. My mother met every one of the nearly 40 proof points for being a narcissistic mother.

        SMH. I deprogrammed myself and set myself free in my early 20s. However, the stronghold was one such that I had to put hundreds of miles between she and I to get from under that witchcraft.

        This is the problem wit Kevin Durant. He’s up under his mama, and will forever be under her spell and control. It took me years to discover my true self because I was living my life based on what “mama might say.”

        I absolutely detest her for that. But at least I’m free and I have a beautiful, handsome, loving Black Man to spend life with.

        Meanwhile, my mother has her husband shackled in chains. The devil card of Tarot fits them nicely. I’ve seen countless Black men in that situation.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @Michel

        Then, my mother would put “bugs” in my ear about each decent man I dated because she saw in him an ability to strongly lead.

        Also, she was simply jealous and didn’t want me to be happy. Because I’m naturally deferential to my man, she took it as me being “controlled.” That bitch is used to wearing the pants or nagging her husband and everyone else until she gets her way.

        She would literally throw a tantrum by stomping and slamming doors in the house whenever she was in a bad mood. That witchcraft bullshit of “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY gonna be happy.”

        I’m so happy I’m grown and escaped. Had 4 kids, 2 of them before she was married and so seeing me defer to my man was alien to her.

        There’s a lot going on with Black men and women raised under those kinds of women. Sometimes, they never escape the spell. Be 70 years old still saying, “I gotta see what my mama wants,” and then they wonder why they can’t retain a husband or wife.

        Of course, the mother is in love with her son, and the daughter struggling to get her approval by jumping when she says jump.

        Liked by 2 people

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