A Little Thin On Top Eh Baldy?


Black men watch out, there are quite a number of bald-headed black females roaming the streets attempting to keep their shiny craniums a secret from the world, I don’t mean bald-headed as in they have decided to shave their hair off, no , I mean bald as in their hair has fallen out due to weave wearing, relaxing, perming and general abuse.

Watching that video, did you notice how once the fight began the woman in purple went straight for the other woman’s head apparatus, she already knew what the score was, she knew that the woman in the yellow trousers was a baldy attempting to keep her shiny scalp hidden from public eyes. The fact of the matter is women typically don’t go bald like men do so what is going on with black women and these increased cases of baldness?

Omitting the spiritual aspect of this issue for another time the causes can be summed up quite easily, black women wearing wigs, weaves, perming and relaxing their hair in their attempts to climb the mountain of whiteness, however in 2017 I would say that weave wearing is the main culprit. As has been mentioned many times before on this site, black women are the biggest sell outs to walk the planet, they hate being black and are doing everything within their power to distance themselves from who they are.

And to think that these are the same women who rush to call black men Uncle Toms, Uncle Ruckuses, coons, sellouts and even niggers. Tell me, who can be more “coonish” than a group of individuals who go out of their way to cover up their own natural hair with hair that comes from non black women? You really have to marvel at the brasen audacity of the modern day black female.

Did you also notice in the video how the woman wearing purple once the head top gear of the other brawler had been removed, went in to finish the job by plucking the remaining tufts of hair out from her victim’s head. This is how cold-blooded, ruthless, spiteful, nasty and wicked the overwhelming majority of black women are, when involved in battle they will always seek to inflict as much pain and damage on their opponent as possible.

You will also notice that you don’t have to worry about the possibility of running into non black women with balding and patchy head tops unless they have cancer and are going through treatment or they suffer from some other ailment, a result of which may be some hair loss. Tell me, when was the last time you saw non black females with receding hairlines due to weave use?

Tell me, when was the last time you saw a non black female with patchy hair due to weave wearing, I’ll wait? Weave/wig wearing amongst black women already is a definitive sign of mental illness, hence why despite the damage being caused to their hair by wearing weaves, black women still choose to continue upon their path of hair destruction.

This is yet another reason why many black men are choosing to vote with their feet and are opting for non black women instead, what thinking, intelligent man on this planet is looking for a woman who not only covers over her own hair with non black hair but who also is losing her hair at an astonishing rate to where her head resembles a world map or an uneven hedge which requires urgent trimming?

Yet another peril to look out for amongst many black women and additionally yet another reason to avoid them. Even with the black women that are not yet bald, their hairlines are still being pushed back from all of that fake hair use. Over 90% of black women I have seen wearing weaves have a receding hairline guaranteed. The hairline is meant to start at the front of one’s head, not on top of it. Black men, expand on your dating and marriage options and feel no shame in doing so, in addition please be aware of and stay away from balding black women. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

58 thoughts on “A Little Thin On Top Eh Baldy?

  1. Great article. Do any gentlemen have thoughts on not using the terms “hair relaxer?” The products labeled as hair relaxers actually shock the hair, scalp, and body with harsh chemicals. The products do not relax the hair but, instead, shock the hair. I typically use the words “hair straighteners.” Some research informs that the harsh chemicals in hair straighteners are harmful to black women and any unborn children that she may be carrying. I also add that white women have been known to use lemons and the sunlight to change their hair color. It, however, appears that most black women must use harsh chemicals or intense heat to get the straight hair look. These are my humble thoughts on hair straighteners. Gentlemen. What are your views?

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    • Great article. Do any gentlemen have thoughts on not using the terms “hair relaxer?” The products labeled as hair relaxers actually shock the hair, scalp, and body with harsh chemicals. The products do not relax the hair but, instead, shock the hair. I typically use the words “hair straighteners.” Some research informs that the harsh chemicals in hair straighteners are harmful to black women and any unborn children that she may be carrying. I also add that white women have been known to use lemons and the sunlight to change their hair color. It, however, appears that most black women must use harsh chemicals or intense heat to get the straight hair look. These are my humble thoughts on hair straighteners. Gentlemen. What are your views?

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      We tend to use different terminology over here in the UK to describe the same products, at this time I’m simply using the terms that people readily understand and are familiar with.

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  2. Gentlemen. Another thought is the harm to your unborn children from chemical hair straighteners. Black children, of the present generation, are born to black mothers that often use chemical hair straighteners. If a young man cares about the health of his unborn children, it may be wise for him to stay away from black women that use chemical hair straighteners. What are your views?

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  3. This is what you get after years of using and abusing your hair, scalp and your entire body with these unnatural haircare chemicals from the toxic waste dump and black women stupidly keeps on using this stuff from their neighborhood beauty supply store owned by Orientals. Superb article.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Make that make sense, using chemicals that damage your hair yet you continue to use them. This is part of the mental insanity of the modern day black female on display right here.

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  5. She looked a dude I used to go metal scrapping with.

    These chicks are literally DUDES!!! Notice how there’s a hell of a lot more black women fighting in huge swathes than black men. Men, you can build with an sob who’s more violent and aggressive than you.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Since when do you see black men fighting in huge groups for sport? It just doesn’t happen, scrapping it out anywhere and everywhere has become the modern day black female’s favourite past time. And to think that some random dude tried to rebut my 12 good reasons to walk away from black women article with this weak clap back right here:


      When will these dudes learn that black women in their current degenerative state cannot be defended on any level? These pro blacks are still trying to act as if everything is great in black female society, yet these dudes are the first ones these same black women give the middle finger to in favour of Skeet and J Boogie from the block, lol.

      Of course he’s calling me a coon and as per the usual tactics black women use, he is going out of his way to be dishonest, after all this is the only way black women can be defended, going into complete denial.

      Of course we already know that black women won’t thank him for licking their muddy boots clean, you know how this goes already. This is the typical black female scum guys like the above are defending, God help us all.

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      • This dude won’t get a sniff from these women’s feccid crotch pads, let alone some tail. Then again, when you’re going through all that, and THESE chicks are the prize?!!! You’d think these chicks were fine as hell and suddenly turned into homemakers once this was done. QUITE the opposite actually……

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    • @ Mr. Afro

      LoL them hoes ARE MEN!! Did you see they way they squared-off & circled one another? Looks like an after school fight from my elementary days LoL. Actually looks like Tyrone vs. DeQuan fightin’ in the middle of the hood!!

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  6. WTF was that??!!?? LOL I can’t lie I re-watched that “scalping” of the woman in yellow about a dozen times so far. And a dozen more within the next few mins LoL.

    That weave/perm theory is true, it will fuck their hair up & ruin they scalps. I’ve seen plenty of them “Kojak” looking hoes in my younger days & I’ve seen a million more in my current days.

    Also considering these hoes REALLY, REALLY, REEAAAAAALLLLLLLY WANNA BE MEN…… THEY GOT THEIR WISH!!!! Now they have more bald spots than any dudes I know. Shhhiiiit how much you wanna bet BW will try to reverse this shit & act like being bald is sexy???


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    Another sad thing is: MOST NON BW ACTUALLY LOOK GOOD WHEN THEY HAVE A SHAVED/SHORT HAIRCUT. They still look feminine & lady-like. (Not feminist LoL) When most BW with short hair look like a damn man. Hell most BW look like a man even with weave/long hair.

    Personally I prefer a chick with some hair LoL. But I was at the store the other day & I saw a very attractive WW with a short pixie-cut, almost kinda shaven & she was so fuckin sexy!!

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  8. also checkout that video of a Nigerian long jumper where her weaves falls off her names blessing okagbare
    blk women are toast its over for them the only decent blk chiks left saves ‘dey sefs for Massa’ like that bachelorette …also these white men are now guilt tripping women to the date them lmao obviously they knew that bachelorette bitch would pick a wm over a blkman to not offend Massa.

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    • @ cosmic

      Ha Ha I HAD to check that out.
      LoL damn Nigeria??!! Fuck!! The BW disease had spread world wide!! I’d respect Africans who rock their natural hair, even if its nappy Lol. Blessings should’ve just gone natural.

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      • Brother Verbs is Nigerian unless I’m mistaken, and has been preaching for years that the ratchet virus has spread to the Motherland. Anyplace with a TV and a large population of BW is susceptible, except for Brazil apparently.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Indeed I am, however I was born in the UK. Yes, the ratchet nonsense has indeed hit Africa especially in the south and the west, in order to have a higher chance of finding an African woman in those areas who has not been contaminated you have to head into the remote villages or go deep into the sticks(countryside). You’re spot on, the lower the population of black women in any particular area of Africa, the more of a chance one will have of finding an uncontaminated individual.

        If I was single I personally would simply head over to East Africa, they have the best women by far and a lot of them are mixed anyway.


    • Cosmicbodi,

      I just checked out that clip, I have to keep referring back to Negro Wars because I told folks in the book that the black female dysfunction issue is an international problem. Nigerian women are some of the prime examples of black female failure.

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  9. Seeing is believing. Not all women can rock short hair & make it look cute, especially not BW!! But these women make it look good:


    Like I said earlier, I PREFER A WOMAN WITH LONG HAIR, but I wouldn’t turn down any of the ladies in the pics LoL…

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  10. Speaking on “I’m Gonna git you sucka” remember at the start of the movie that dude Junebug died of “O.G.” (Over Gold from wearing too many gold chains).
    Well I think it’s time we died of “O.C.” (Over Coon from dating too many non BW!!)
    Now that I think about it, O.C. is a pretty good way to go!!! Die with a smile on my face!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  11. Dammit man! Homegirl had a hairline like George Jefferson and duked up like George Foreman! The fuck is going on with these black women? Forget the mythical “Black Man Shortage,” there’s a real shortage of viable black women! As was noted above, the best ones are saving themselves for Massa! SYSBM is the only way forward unless you want to be one of the simps taping these bulldaggers fighting in the streets!

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  12. Also, today a Latino woman came into Jimmy John’s, as she’s in training for the Metro PCS next door. She’s ckesrly a zambo (latin mulatto like Mrs. Verbs lol), and Jesus Christ, the OLD black dudes were checking dat FAT ASS. Do they all look like that, of the Dominican/Colombian/Brazilian variety? I’m on board with this particular fetish, and now fully understand why Verbs and several others have made known their enjoyment of hearing “Aye, papi!!” In the wee hours…

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The best variety of Latinas in my opinion come from Colombia and Brazil hands down with the women in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico following closely behind them. This is what I’m saying, once you get your passport and begin to travel your whole perspective changes even further.

      I remember when my friend took me to Colombia for the first time I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Sure I’d experienced women from the Dominican Republic before but nothing prepared me for the women of Colombia.

      It’s funny, when you said “Aye papi” you reminded me of that old Jay Z song, Hey Papi, lol:

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      • Lol from what I’ve heard, the phrase is usually uttered when taking her on a trip to pound town…..

        Yeah this chick is Dominican I think, and honestly, just looking at them, is it any wonder why they pride themselves, namely the women, above the non-mixed Haitian women next door?

        It’s ironic, Mexico is what most Americans are bred to think of in relation to Latinos, and yet, in the categories of how the men behave, how the women behave and look, and their culture in general, Mexicans are easily the absolute GUTTER of the Latin world. Once again, other Latinos DESPISE Mexicans and resent that they are the face of Latin culture.

        And of course, that Dominican woman look like pure sex that barely squeezed into jeans. Most Mexican women are dumpy, have no necks, and look like spongebob.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        That phrase is indeed most associated with extra curricular activities, lol. Latina women unlike black women know that because there is an abundance of good looking women, they must go the extra mile to please their men. Many Mexicans have become so westernised its ridiculous, they chase after the things of the US so much, the women for the most part are the same. You have to go into the Mexican countryside in order to see true Mexican culture. I much prefer the women of the Dominican Republic to the Mexican women any day of the week, though Mexico does have some decent looking Afro Latinas.

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    • @ afro

      Ouch!! That hurt 😦 :,( πŸ˜₯ πŸ™‚ LoL!! But i’ll live kuz I’ve actually been with a few mex chix in my day, but they WERE NOWHERE NEAR DUMPY OR SPONGEBOB LoL. I had a Salma Hayek look-a-like ha ah.

      It actually depends on if you go to Mexico or not. THEY ARE 1000% TRASH IN MEXICO. If you’re in Cali chances are you can find some mex stunners out there. Trust me I know πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ Make sure they were raised in USA LoL then they’ll actually care about looking good. But hey, my favorite Latinas ARE PUERTO RICANS & MEXICANS CAN’T FUCK WITH THEM!!!

      Funny thing is you’re absolutely right about Mexicans being at the bottom of the Latino totem-pole! Considering I’m a Cali-Boy & it’s diverse In California so I got exposed to EVERY TYPE OF FEMALE OF ALL CULTURES / RACES. And all the Cubans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, etc. all hate the Mexicans. So you can actually say the Mexicans are the BW of the Latinos lol the black sheep no one wants to claim haha!!

      P.S. – WHEN A LATINA CALLS YOU “PAPI” IT WILL CHANGE A MAN. When you start to hear it on a regular basis, you almost feel regal. At least I do Lol..

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    • @ Afro

      A pedro? As in Latino? Naw I’m Black LoL. But I do speak Spanish & I enjoy the Latino culture it’s beautiful how they stay united & actually take care of each other, just like black people should be doing Lol. I enjoy all cultures actually. I like to explore different things it helps to open my mind. I was raised in a hood where it was mostly Blacks, Latinos & Asians. A few poor white people where there too. So I learned to speak Spanish from my Spanish homeboys just so I could flirt with Spanish women ha ha! My first few Latinas where Mexicans Lol why lie.

      That’s kinda why your comment “hurt” 😦 😦 😦 Lol just joking. πŸ™‚

      I had some bad Mexican women of… in my opinion.. the highest quality ha ha, but they were Americanized & not from mexico that’s why they looked so good. I have more love for mexican women than BW but that’s a no-brainer!! But once I dove in a Puerto Rican goddess, with hair down to the middle of her back, with long looooong legs that can probably wrap around my waist twice, it was a wrap!!

      Game over man!! GAME OVER!!!!

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    • @ afro

      [Using a Scottish accent]

      And a very fine paddling they shall receive!! Sir my only request in this event of epic proportions: is that we bypass the tradition of using paddles, and we’d rather spank the stank with our bare hands. Just like the days of old. Aye gentlemen, bring on the assess!!

      [Don’t ask me why a Scottish accent, shit just sounded funny to me that way LoL]

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  13. It’s 2017 and Black bitches STILL are unable to grow hair out of their bitchass heads.These bitches love to cry about “self-hate” yet they spend billions on other women’s hair. Fuck Black Women.

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  14. Hey y’all this is some Twilight zone type of shit
    [cue that classic theme music]

    BW blow all their $$$ in beauty shops trying to get weave put in.

    BM spend their $$$ in barber shops getting their hair cut.



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  15. And black women use the excuse that weaves or braids actually helps their hair to grow longer. So stupid. Black women actually do have the ability to grow long hair. But black girls don’t, because their mentally ill black mothers put weave or extensions in little black girls hair when they are like 6 years old. Look at episodes of the Cosby show, Rudy had a SUPER thick head of long natural hair. So why do black women feel they can’t grow their hair long?
    It might be because black women are cursed or just plain stupid.

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  16. Even tho I don’t really like the braided hair look on Black males I know plenty of dudes who I play basketball with that get braids and within months their hair gets extremely long. Black men can get long hair within a matter of months meanwhile Black bitches are forever bald LMAO.

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    • JW

      Too true, my mother use to tell me that I had hair down to my shoulders when I was a toddler and that the next door neighbor was jealous (she had two daughters who couldn’t grow much hair) She use to always tell my mom “Your child is a boy he should not have long hair.” So my mum cut it….because she kept going on and on about it.

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