RnB Music From The 90s Warned Us About Black Women


You’ll notice how the video begins, 2 black women plotting and scheming about obtaining credit cards from their men so they can spend their money to the hilt in order to satisfy their childish lusts for material possessions, in this case clothes. What have I been repeating time and time again on this website, the fact that black women as a collective see black men as assets ie slaves. Most black on black relationships are typically one-sided, it’s all about what the man can bring to the table for the woman and you’ll notice that through all of this gift bearing, black women still are never satisfied hence why most black on black relationships typically do not last.

Note the deception being portrayed, these women never loved these men to begin with, they were simply putting on an act in order to syphon more money from the men’s coffers. This unfortunately is most black women today, they wallow in deception, are extremely dishonest and disingenuous, fake hair, fake eyebrows, fake eye lashes, fake nails, 50 layers of make up clinging to their faces, blue/green/grey contact lenses, butt implants, lip injections, let us not forget to mention the fact that most black women are perpetual liars who are constantly plotting and scheming evil works.

Yet these are the same individuals who will talk down concerning other races of women as if they are a better choice/selection, not by a very long shot. Part of the chorus to the song says “no more late night creeps” which would indicate that these women are whores, effectively prostitutes who are going around sleeping with different men in exchange for some sort of payment. Didn’t I already mention in Negro Wars the fact that typically whenever a black man deals with a black woman in any capacity, she expects payment in some way, shape or form?

Of course right here the angry and bitter black sisterhood will immediately point out the fact that there are women of all races who use men. I find it interesting how black women claim that all other races of women cannot identify with them or their struggle until their feet are held to the fire of accountability, then all of a sudden all races of women are permitted to be used as comparators, do you see how that works?

In the video the first singer talked about how he loved his woman and treated her well but she was still acting hostile towards him aswell as engaging in nefarious activities, doesn’t this all sound familiar? Of course while in the shop looking for clothes two other men walk in and these two sirens have no problems giving them availability signals, but I thought that black women were loyal to their men, right?

The best part of the video is towards the end, did you notice who the two guys replaced their former girlfriends with, NON BLACK WOMEN and mind you this song was released in June 2000. Ruff Endz were telling us something even from way back then, non black women are less hassle, more cooperative and more pleasant to be around overall. Even the guy who is representative of the “educated lame” right at the end of the video reject those black women’s advances, he knew what they were all about, hence why he drove away leaving them standing.

Of course this is isn’t the only RnB song from back in the day that was telling black men to implement SYSBM, do any of you remember this song:

That’s right, the RnB group Next and their song called Wifey which was also released 2000, a month before No More. As with No More do you see which women are being promoted as the better, long-term options for black men, once again NON BLACK WOMEN. You’ll notice how 17 years ago black women weren’t complaining as prolifically about darker skinned women not being featured in black music videos as they are today. Even from back then black women were being replaced by females of other ethnicities.

This modern day black female has been broken beyond repair for a very long time, it’s just that back in the day before the internet became available black men never had the means to compare notes with other black men on a wider, international level concerning black women, thus in their minds they probably believed that the problematic black female was not a widespread issue. Oh how wrong they were. Remember this song:

This was the song which put Adina Howard on the map, Freak Like Me was released in January 1995. Having sex with your significant other all day and all night is not the problem, however did you hear what type of man she was looking for to fulfil the roll, that’s right, “a rough neck brother”. In other words, Tyrone, Dey Dey, Skeet, J Boogie and Dirty Dick Rodney from the block.

Yep, the type of unproductive men who these black females will more than likely end up getting pregnant by and when those men predictably fail to step up to their responsibilities as fathers, these same women will then declare all black men to be useless scum. Of course Adina Howard wasn’t the first black women to declare that she prefers the unproductive, criminal, gangster element of black male society, who remembers this song:

Mc Lyte was gracious enough to give us the finer details of the type of man that was required to satisfy her sexual needs, however at the time many of us thought nothing of this, as educated lames ie classic black men we still believed that we were able to pique the interests of black women. It’s only as time has gone by and the fruits of the black woman’s calamitous choices have began to manifest themselves on a much greater level do we now realise the full severity of the black woman’s dysfunction and just how bad the problem really is.

I’m sure that there are many other songs out there that can also be brought forward as revelatory nuggets of truth, feel free to mention them in the comment section. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

49 thoughts on “RnB Music From The 90s Warned Us About Black Women

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  2. Noticed that he inquired concerning hitting it from the back……

    lol if u even look at some of the 90s new jack swing (MY genre), you’ll notice that, even in the case of the not as light skinned ones, miscegenation was clear in the video girls’ heritage. The only time non-mixed and fairly “black looking” black Women are used is literally when they’re just showing their butts.

    I keep hoping to make a video soon to showcase this short haired, redhead mixed woman who is light as can be. I think once you see her that all would agree, she would have front row seats on the d1ck roller coaster.

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  3. Pertaining to the three music videos, the song “Wifey” by Next and “Freak Like Me” by Adina Howard has opened my mind further on the message of each song. The biracial or non-black women was giving these brothers a chance in this “Wifey” video. This is the first time I’ve seen this music video of the song because I was used to listening to it on the radio or audio playback. “Freak Like Me” is a different story, right now by listening to the song closely for the first time to the lyrics she spew out about ‘the dog in her’ but black women in this ilk has a huge problem of being called b*tches by individuals that’s not part of the stereotypical black woman crew. Her posse that was riding alongside her in the car was sporting off their long fake finger nails with every color seen in the bag of Skittles known to man and the scene at 1:06 with her and her female dancers popping out their rear ends and they wonder why they’re being viewed as sex objects. This is the first time I’ve seen this music video throughly too. Mc Lyte lacks femininity. Her attitude and behavior appears to be much harder and masculine than the average black man within the first two decades of the 21st century western society. Lyte will have Queen Latifah beat by light-years in black female masculinity category of yesteryear. Early 2005 when I was a senior in high school, I began to listen to R&B of the 70s & 80s and mostly 90s, some early 2000s contrary to my upbringing with mainly contemporary Christian and black gospel music with some mainstream country music in the home. #SYSBM and good perfect article.

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  4. My older brother listened to Bell, Biv, Devoe , the song was “Poison”…and the tag line was ” can’t trust a big butt and a smile” they where fortune tellers for sure. #SYSBM

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  5. >Of course right here the angry and bitter black sisterhood

    Those 90’s songs are a hint-and-a-half for your ass!

    Heed the message in those songs, or else suffer at the hands of the Sistuhs of Blackistan!

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  6. LOL gentlemen how are you doing this fine day??? And I use that term loosely cause you cant be a gentleman when dealing with or discussing disgusting BW!! First off, I LOVE 90’s era hip hop / R&B. It was a time when REAL MEN WERE REAL MEN. No skinny jeans or BW taking up for fags. And yeah the rappers & singers tried to warn us!! But the BW were poisoning our minds back then hating these truthful songs, even tho’ all of them shake they azz & twerk to today’s horrible millennium music that’s more degrading than any Too $hort song we grew up on…

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  7. As far as that MC Lyte “Ruffneck” video, I was a young lad when that video was released & even then I knew the bullshit trend it was gonna start amongst BW. Hell my older black female cousins where doing every type of black hoe dance moves you could think of to that song. Mimicking all Lyte’s words about needing to fuck a thug. And these hoes still chase after ruffnecks. Be waiting for ’em at the prison gates on Tyrone’s & DeQuan’s release dates. Uh oh I just made a whack azz rhyme, I should jump on BET. All I need is 12 big booty hoes. LOL..

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      • Yes they are. They are GF material. Wifey material. Shiiiit they fit the description of anything you’d want in a real woman.

        I always said that Spanish women are “day-walkers” like the Blade movies lol.
        They have all of BW strengths: natural fat azz, real hair, good attitude & hygiene. Can cook. Actually enjoys sex & is good at it!!
        And none of their weaknesses: weaves, bad attitude, fucked up looking badly-proportioned body. I could go on & on.

        Actually let me re-phrase some of the above: those are the strengths that BW wish they had!!

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      • Yes sir they have!! And its only a matter of time before they are erased from earth permanently!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        Since I’m a music lover (all types) and this is a hot topic in my eyes, I’d like to add a few more visuals for proof. Because seeing is believing LOL..

        First off, I NEVER LIKED JA RULE’S MUSIC or this song. But I LOVE THIS VIDEO for obvious reasons LOL. At the 0:37 mark you’ll see why.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

        By the way this video is circa 2002…

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  8. Lets not forget Mr. P. Diddy himself!! We all remember how he was in love with J. Lo during the late 90’s. When they broke up we all know he dedicated this to her:

    Shit Diddy loves Latinas so much he made a remix LOL:

    I don’t blame him. Latinas can change a man’s life but in a good way. πŸ™‚
    Oh yeah look at the 1:25 mark in the 2nd video. πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

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    • 3rd Leg,

      As much as I love my Latinas I can’t stand Diddy(Puff Daddy as he was known back in the day). His simpleton rapping style was annoying plus the fact that he was the one who was brought in by the Jewish cabal to soften hiphop. If I remember correctly his official solo debut was 1996 or maybe just a bit before that.

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      • Mr. Verbs you’re 100% absolutely correct about Diddy. I hate his music a well. Just used his videos as an example LOL.

        I remember in the 90’s BW would complain about the lack of dark skinned women in videos. Now they’re lucky if they even see a BW in any videos LOL. Unless the BW is the actual music artist!!!!

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      • 3rd Leg,

        I’m hearing that bro. Black women have been defective beyond repair for a very long time, the white man brought her in to destroy black society and now that her usefulness has ended, he’s giving her the boot.

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  9. Great memories I remember ruff endz and next.
    The women in the wify video were pretty as hell I was about 14 when that came out..as for the ruffendz vid funny enough I knew blk WOmen were trouble even back then ,

    the video validated my feelings towards them but I kept it to myself..I had bad experience with darkskin blk women especially ugly ones hating me for no reason.I dunno if it’s testosterone or why they just always had that unpleasant vibe.

    I’d also avoid white women who act blk these white women are lost rejects that have been tainted by the blk shebeasts..I think verbs should research these blkacting white hoodrats.they hung around ratched blk women so much that they display similarities.

    I tell you white trailertrash women are far superior to these blkacting white hoodrats.blk hood culture is toxic.avoid women who looklike and try to emulate blkshedevils.

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  10. but 1 observation is to look at the Physics. The males back thenext were larger (compared to today) and the females were CONSIDERABLY more slender.

    Fast forward… these male nukkas built like twigs & the modern day black women like a middle linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens.

    God Help Us

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    • @ preme

      Ha ha so true. BW are waaay too manly looking nowadays & these so-called “men” are wearing skirts & packing purses, they not “packin’ heat” LOL. Shit, even back then in the 90’s the skinny niggaz were tougher. 2pac was a skinny cat but he was A MAN. Plus we now know about that Madonna love letter thing. So yea, someone one on here mentioned this already: even the “Thug King” knew about these BW hoes back then LOL.

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    • @THe Amazing

      You are amazing for that clip ha! James Earl Jones has always been one of my favorite actors of all time. And now he’s one of my super heroes LOL. He’s always been a well dressed, well spoken, classy brotha.

      And dammit late 60’s!! FOR FUCKS SAKE THIS MAN WAS UP ON GAME BEFORE ANY OF US WERE EVEN THOUGHT OF!! Hell in the late 60’s most of our parents were still children themselves. Some parents weren’t even born yet!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    • If you’ll also notice JEJ lived a looooong healthy life & had a loooooong healthy career. Why?? Because he married a non BW LOL. Them BW are like vampires & suck the life force out of everyone around them. If JEJ had married a BW, he would’ve died a loooong time ago in the 80’s-90’s.

      Its funny cause Sidney Portier, another intelligent classy brotha, also married a non BW & I’m sure we’ve all seen his fine ass half breed daughter πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      The point is: Sidney lived a looong healthy life also. See a pattern. hmmmmm

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      • @3rdLeg Yes he’s one of my favorite actors of all time behind Jim Carrey. James Earl Jones caught an early glimpse of what second wave feminism had done to destabilize the mental psychosis of the 1960s’ black women and fled for greener pastures.

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      • As I’ve stated before, notice that black women do nothing but sit around and eat hog maws and chitlins while being 60000000 pounds, yet live to 90, while the black men who are many times much smaller die in their 50s-60s.

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      • >As I’ve stated before, notice that black women do nothing but sit around and eat hog maws and chitlins while being 60000000 pounds

        Also known as hog-on-hog violence.


        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the hogs are turned into bacon.

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    • TheAmazingSecularist,

      I might do an article on this at some point soon. I noticed how he stated how black women were masculine and this clip was made back in the 60s and 70s. James Earl Jones was on SYSBM from day dot and his non black wife looked great too. He saw what was going on with black females and chose to stop dealing with them, wise man.

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    • ExposingTheEmperor,

      Good to have you on board. I just checked out that link, I had to look up the people because I’m not familiar with the show. Do you see how even though black women claim to hate white women, when white women want some lackies to carry out their dirty work black women are the first in line to serve?

      Patti Stanger(Jewish) sounds like a nasty piece of work. Hollywood is one of the most evil places on the planet, it’s an ultra cut throat environment, backstabbing and sleeping your way to the top is standard practice. Yep, these black women cannot wait to threaten and put their hands on black men, anything as per the instructions of their white father.

      And “black love, black unity” pundits like Umar Johnson and Boyce Watkins still expect us to settle for Shanika over Hayley, no thanks, I’ll pass.

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  11. Brother,

    Let’s be honest about these β€œfemales”. They and pro-wacks have no true and genuine race pride and even human pride. They always come off as scorned lovers more than Blacks with genuine concern for the race. This is why Black American females are radioactive with lots of isotopes. By the way, did you know that many of the stuff they put in their hair is also listed in the M.S.D.S., Material Safety Data Sheet?

    I prefer a racist White in the workplace over an American and Americanized Black female: Honesty!

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    • >By the way, did you know that many of the stuff they put in their hair is also listed in the M.S.D.S., Material Safety Data Sheet?

      These Queans might as well wear HAZMAT decals on their heads, as toxic as they are.

      Brothers – avoid the HAZMAT Sistuhs of Blackistan!


      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the toxic wastelands are cleaned up.

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  12. dam bro i was so poor when i was a child we could not afford cable i literally just saw the video for the first time this makes so much sense now. FYI the dude in the first video looked like gary Payton aka the glove lol. Thanks for the drop bro.

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