Tariq Nasheed Told Black Men To Date Interracial And Head Out To Brazil Years Ago

Check out this video of Tariq Nasheed back in the day basking in the sun on some of the pristine beaches of Brazil:

Be sure to check out the YouTube channel House Of Cons 2 for more videos of Tariq telling the truth for once in his life before he decided to head down pimp black folks avenue: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFap1y3U9bEZg3CWfVENSfA

Even thought the channel itself seems to have been set up by pro blacks who are using some of his videos from back in the day to expose him in terms of how he was back then vs now, the material nonetheless is key in demonstrating the fact that even Nasheed recognised that there were and still are serious issues and concerns within black female society that have yet to be resolved.

You’ll notice that the woman he was “chilling out” with was practically white. This is the version of Tariq Nasheed I like, the classic version, the man who told the truth. The old Tariq had his fill of black females, he knew they were the bottom of the barrel even from way back then, so he decided to head down to Brazil no doubt having heard that it is a haven for beautiful women.

And what did he find, more than he expected. Listen to how he emphasises how good-looking the women in Brazil are. Though I haven’t been to Brazil myself I have been to Colombia which is more or less the same in terms of the volume of good-looking women. What he talks about is true, there are as he refers to them “dimes” everywhere you look, unlike living in the west good-looking women over there are in so much abundance.

Nasheed told you black men years ago to abandon scraggle daggle aka the modern day black witch and head out to Brazil instead. The YouTubers Charles Tyler aswell as MadBusDriver have also been preaching the same message for quite some time, leave the dregs of modern day black female society alone, get yourself a passport, travel the world, experience and pick up higher quality women.

Notice in the video how Tariq talked about the women of Brazil having their natural hair as opposed to the weave rats of the west. The reason why black women start blowing smoke through their nostrils whenever they hear black men talking about going to Brazil is because they know full well that they cannot compete with such an abundance of female beauty.

They know they cannot bring their hyper foul attitude, masculine looking and bad behaving selves against beautiful women who are feminine and down to earth, so instead they attempt to shame you into sticking with them by saying that you are only going to Brazil for the prostitutes(a stupid statement when you think about it really because if you want a sexual hookup there is always Backpage), for some reason they honestly believe that thinking black men are going to opt for the garbage over the gold and the diamonds, what a joke.

I personally believe that the best option for black men if feasible is to eventually aim to live in another country other than the US, UK or any other western region as in times of an economic collapse you will be able to manage yourself better in a third world country as opposed to a first world one(as long as you live in the countryside and avoid the cities). Another viable option would be to make a second home elsewhere in the world and reside between that place and your western home base.

Obviously the Tariq of 2017 is preaching a completely different message, he just like Umar Johnson is now all about “keeping it black” even though his wife is of mixed heritage. A picture of Tariq and his wife can be seen in an article I wrote before on him and his use of the word crispy to describe dark skinned black folks, that article can be seen here.

In terms of sex, dating and marriage I recommend that black men not follow the advise of the new Tariq, instead listen to the old one. The old Tariq wasn’t hustling black folks, he laid down the facts and gave you his honest opinion concerning the state of black women in the US vs travelling to a foreign country and meeting a totally different calibre of woman, the classic Tariq was advising black men to save themselves.

You’ll notice what the classic Tariq stated about travelling and your mindset changing, I can testify to this myself, once I began to travel to different parts of the world, I never gave western black females a second thought, in fact upon the realities of the higher quality of women from different countries setting in, I began to berate myself over the fact that I ought to have raised my standards and started travelling a long time ago.

Again, having had prior experiences with black women Tariq knew that he would have to dilute the black bloodline in order to increase his chances of finding a good-looking, feminine, submissive female. As I have stated many times before concerning black women, the closer to black you get typically the more problems the woman will bring to the table. Diluting the black bloodline or departing from it completely is the best way to go.

SYSBM gents, as the classic Tariq has shown you, you don’t have to tolerate the rubbish these modern day, masculine looking, foul-mouthed black harpies bring to you, reject them, focus upon yourselves, get your paper up, get that passport and reach for higher levels. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

49 thoughts on “Tariq Nasheed Told Black Men To Date Interracial And Head Out To Brazil Years Ago

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    • Keith,

      His speech and position have both done a complete 180 degrees from how he was talking about black women before. Now he won’t even call out black women unless they conveniently fall under the title of bedwenches, yet most black women either fall under the category of straight bedwenches or potential bedwenches because we already know that black women lust after white men.

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      • Hi vibe I’m really enjoying your vibe and views on Black American Women and I do agree /disagree
        The Death True Of African Black Women Stared segregation welfare public housing government control that’s the true death of the American black woman the minute she accepted that welfare check over her true king she can form two white America’s ways it became easy for them instead of tank going through the struggle they took the cheap way out and sold themselves out now Not all True Black women in America are guilty of this and some true Black African queens don’t want no white man don’t even want White America.
        That’s been my observation since I’ve been residing in America

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      • Naeema,

        The harsh reality is most westernised black women are defective beyond repair and what’s even sadder is there are increasing numbers of African women who have now set the Afro American female up as their mascot and role model.


      • You are correct, and I agree with you to an extent, but keep in mind that the political and social climate of the world has changed since the “Mack Lesson” days as well. It is more important these days for Black people to build some form of home base to at least fall back on, which ideally would include stable Black families and communities, even if many of the people on this site want to go interracial.

        The reality is that Black communities are likely not going to be built with non-Black women, and as Black men, in many places, we are not going to be accepted into other societies, especially not near the top of even in the middle.


    • “Diluting the black bloodline or departing from it completely is the best way to go.”

      i disagree with this.

      There are plenty of fine Black women in Latin America, Carribean, and Africa.


      • @Verbs2015 Hoteps and Pro-Blacks sure do love “redbones” and “light brights”. I guess the racial purity doctrine goes out the window when looking for “quote on quote” a authentic black women.

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      • TheAmazingSecularist,

        Exactly, they see the same patterns we talk about here, the closer to pure black you get, typically the more trouble the woman will bring you. They realise that the “gotta keep it black” doctrine is outdated and inflexible as it doesn’t take into account changing circumstances ie black women derailing and turning against black men. Other pro black men like Brother Polight have finally begun to acknowledge this, hence why Polight is now open to all types of women. You cannot build with a Rottweiler.

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    • Maybe the HHH squad “got to him” LOL. Sorry I had to use my matrix type conspiracy theory. Most black men (for some reason, I don’t know why) seem to crack under the pressure of the evil BW. Y’all have spoke on Sotomayor doing the same things a few articles ago. So it happens, even though we hope it won’t…

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    • Real Afrikaans are shame of how our women become it’s a disgrace to our country I do understand the American black struggle but this country can never hold the black family together when it was built on destroying the African black family when they kidnap them from Sierra Leone Africa


  2. Tarig Nasheed did not lie. I have my own first hand proof. Whatever flavor you like. If you have the means please experience it at least once in your life. It might change your whole understanding about Black women as it did mine. After Rio I changed some previously held beliefs about women in general, Black women in particular. It all depends on your access to quality. Its hard to find gold in your backyard, not impossible, but difficult. I have some video of my own…i preferred the Copacabana side (Brown) to the Ipanema Side, i repeat the Brother aint lying…


    • Imhotep527,

      I never said that Tariq was lying about Brazil, he was telling the complete truth on that part, my issue with him is the fact that he is trying to pass off his mixed race wife as black and the fact that he no longer calls out black women on their skullduggery unless they can be placed under the title of bedwench. The overwhelming majority of westernised black women are messed up but he acts as if it’s only the black women involved with or trying to suck up to white men who are the problem. How could I dispute what he is saying about Brazil, he has video evidence to prove it plus Charles Tyler and others have shown us the same things.

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      • No beef here my verbally dexterous brother. I say let the skullduggery pass, observing the symptoms as you do, to keep us alert. Supply and Demand. If brothers stay disciplined, we can change what is and isn’t available with our selection process. Sorry about the double post, couldnt pull it back.

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      • Most black women in the west are messed up in the head. I didn’t know this part about tariq it makes sense though. He knew from long ago how fucked up most if not all of our women are in the US. Black women are the only women that have to shame or lie to their man in order to get them into a relationship with them. And that is in order for you to raw dog into them and then they have a baby and they got you. They got you aka as a check and they got you as a way to be in your life no matter how dysfunctional that’s better than seeing you be happy with another woman that isn’t black.

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    • Verb
      I’m interested in your views and beliefs I witness the same things y’all Black Kings are Talking about. Would you like exclusive from personal Arfikann Queen. Side of Black Women email me we can talk you might be 2nd book ๐Ÿ˜†


  3. Nasheed, Umar, and Polight are scheming huxsters from way back. Literally, the same methodology that they’ve honed on the streets as pimps/gangbangers/thugs/drug dealers is employed as the salesmen of the “consciousness”.

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    • Ameen Afro it’s America it’s poisonous this country was built on crime it was built on the backs of kidnapped African people this country would never be right and then they fluctuated people’s minds with garbage from TV to keep the people more oppressed they got the men wearing dresses they got the women want to be men I mean what happened to our King’s what happened to our Queen’s when it came falls down a queen is supposed to support the home when the king is gone if anyone knows how to play chess then you understand life is a chess game and when the king is captured before the king gets captured the queen job is to protect the kingdom by any means necessary the family must not be divided or destroyed


  4. And I don’t give a fuck what the simps or the beasts say, its still safer to travel overseas. OR, we can stay in America & be at risk of one of these things:

    I’m a pretty fearless brotha most of the time, but that shit scares me cause its gonna be a nation-wide epidemic…

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    • What the FUUUUUUU-………

      Dude, what the hell was that? Did you hear it’s VOICE?!!! It literally sounded like a ghetto swan. A BLACK swan, lol!

      That beast’s hide probably would’ve repelled bullets, and it was clearly driven by pure evil.


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      • LOL the demon beasts are upon us!! Hell on earth! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
        We must use weapons against them like Blade uses on vampires.

        Our version of holy water would be job applications!!

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  5. @3rd Leg

    No, for these chicks, their kryptonite is a magazine of actually attractive women, pictures of black dudes dating interracially, a cat, natural hair care products, and a piece of healthy food.

    After throwing this at them, have a white man run in, yell “I don’t swirl, BITCH!!!”, and punch them full force to finish them off.

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  6. HAHA!!


    I like that!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    It also explains this epidemic causing these overnight symptoms. Or as I call them “SIMP-TOMS”

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      • @afrofuturism1 Let’s be frank, every ethnicities’ “plain Jane” looks better than “our” supposedly gorgeous ones. Obesity, Transgenderism,Feminism, and inbreeding has taken a major toll on black women as a whole.

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  7. Gentlemen. There is a severe lack of diversity among USA black women. The figures: 96% of them voted for Hillary Clinton, 80% of them are overweight, 90% of them shun natural hair, 70% of them are unmarried. The next time some FOOL tells you that all women of the world are the same, do not even attempt to argue with such a clown. I do wish that USA black men had greater diversity. I do, however, see more diversity among black men. For example, 13% of USA black men voted for Trump. If you have had a conversation with three random black women, you can understand the mindset of every black woman in the USA.

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    • Sad but true. VERY TRUE. I’ve noticed that any black man with any intelligence or wittiness, is usually dating outside his race. Why? Because BW hate intelligent black men & half the witty shit we say goes right over their heads (weave & all…!!)

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  8. Verbs, I have the same mindset as you I wish I was traveling the world in my early 20s but I was caught in the Matrix. I had my passport then but would travel with my girlfriends and eventually traveled with my wife but even then I noticed how attractive and nice foreign women were. I have been to Brazil if you guys want some black and brown Brazilians Bahia in Salvador would be a good spot to hit if you venture outside of Rio and Sรฃo Paulo has a big Asian population there when you see the Asian Portuguese mix the beauty is mind blowing. A passport is the holy grail, verbs what part of Colombia have you been to I am planning to go for the first time before the year is up I want to hit Medellin and Cartegena like you said the women there are beautiful as well some of my friends have been.


    • Sean,

      I’ve been all over Colombia, Barranquilla(which I believe has the highest concentration of good looking women in Colombia), Cartagena, Medellin, Cali, Bogota, Riohacha, Santa Marta. Medellin is a must to check out, very attractive women in that place, Cartagena is cool though a little expensive. The best spots for women I believe are Medellin and Barranquilla though Barranquilla is not a tourist city.


    • Sean,

      That’s the thing, black women no longer hold to family values, they embrace single motherhood which is a branch of feminism, hence why they ought to be abandoned.


      • Hey Verbs thanks for the info but I like going to spots that are not for tourist as well you get the real everyday experience of the people.

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      • Sean,

        I’m hearing you loud and clear on that brother, this is exactly what I do when I visit the Dominican Republic, I stay with friends who live outside of the tourist areas. You’re right, their way of living is completely different.


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