Twerking And Fat Acceptance, The Black Woman’s Hustle – Part 2


In 2017 I’m afraid this is the mentality of your average black woman who walks your local streets, she believes that walking around looking like a fully loaded oil tanker about to set sail is normal. She also believes that being overweight and out of shape is part of everyday life. Worst of all the black woman has now begun to embark upon a mission to have black men also accept this non healthy culture of obesity and for the most part it has worked.

Check out some of the comments especially those made by black men:

This is exactly my point, do you see how anything that is decadent and degenerate black women will openly promote? The women in the video are morbidly obese yet you have black men calling them thick. For your information, this is what a thick woman ought to look like:

Thick does not mean fat, thick means still in shape, not heavily overweight. Do you see how fat black women are altering definitions in order ensure that they are accepted and taken on board in their obese state? It’s not making any difference though, they are still being rejected en mass, hence why they are constantly resorting to using shaming tactics attempting to force black men into liking them.

Examining the video seeing as all of the women were weaved up to the hilt, I’m actually surprised that the director of the shoot was able to get these black women into a pool. You know most black females already, they’ll attend a pool party but you’ll never be able to get them to enter the pool because they have to protect their fake hair from the natural element of water, smh.

Of course as per the usual fashion these overweight women were wearing all the colours of the rainbow upon their heads. For some reason black women expect to be looked upon as normal wearing blue, orange, red, green, purple, pink hair. Most folks however whenever they see a black woman with all manner of colours on her head will assume that she is retarded and treat her as such. How can you walk the streets looking like a barbershop pole and expect to be taken seriously?

Of course in her rap Ms Jada Blaze exhibited all the typical traits of modern day black women, masculine sounding, potty mouth, telling the man that he has to provide her with money which she nick named “bread”, bragging about her sexual potential in the bedroom. Exactly what is this woman bringing to the table that I should part with my hard earned cash and send it in her direction? Answers on a postcard please.

Then Miss Blaze has the cheek to say that BBW is still winning, indeed, winning diabetes coupons and high blood pressure vouchers, where do fat black women get off? I do understand that in some cases being overweight may not be linked to overeating, however under no circumstances should anybody be bragging and boasting being in such a state.

You’ll notice that even though 80% of black women in the US are overweight compared with black men at 60%, you don’t see black men bragging about being fat, instead you see black men embarking upon missions to lose weight and openly encouraging other black men who are also obese to do the same. Show me the memes or the videos of black men bragging about being obese, I”ll wait.

Of course you won’t see such folly coming from black men because unlike most black women we’re not stupid, we recognise that being overweight is a bad thing which requires prompt rectifying. Of course black women have to prove that they are more manly than black men, see how this chick is behaving as per the black woman’s usual protocol, additionally as on cue note her use of the word “nigga”.

And black women wonder why their single rate is running at such a high clip. Exactly what is attractive about Miss Jada Blaze and her crew, perhaps there is something I missed. Morbidly obese, fake hair with bright colours, fake eye lashes, 50 layers of make up slapped on their faces, according to Miss Jada Blaze “big bitches is doing it”, do you agree? #SYSBM

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

100 thoughts on “Twerking And Fat Acceptance, The Black Woman’s Hustle – Part 2

  1. You notice you don’t hear non BW racing to reach BW in this category, because they belive that being overweight is not sexy to their potential mate.

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    • Alex C,

      Exactly, it’s one thing to recognise that you are overweight and to actively seek solutions to the problem, however most black women who are overweight are not doing that. You’re right, fat non black women are not held up as the standard female look in non black societies and for the most part those women accept this.

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  2. To each his own about the woman in the photograph. She is not slim enough for my tastes. I will state, however, that the black woman in the photograph is one hamburger away from being fat. Most NFL linemen, I might add, tend to drop their thick frames after they retire.

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  4. I thought the video was supposed to have women in it? All I saw was a bunch of Macy’s thanksgiving day parade floats a few months early.

    Fat as HELL, foul mouthed, manly as a son of a gun, but have the nerve to get mad at you seeking alternate sources of female companionship and then having the gall to say “y’all just get fat white women!”

    BLACK WOMEN raise their sons to love fatties! And typically, the fatass white Women at least look like actual women, and not 9000000 lb line backers.

    Also, how is it that these black chicks are many times WAAAAAAY bigger than their men, and yet live long ass lives while black men die around 50-60? You hardly EVER see huge groups of old black men, but old cackling black hens are everywhere!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is a serious hustle for most black women, rather than simply lose weight they have become lazy to the extent where they would rather force black men into accepting them in an unhealthy state. You’ll notice that there are very few black women who are overweight who accept that they need to shed some pounds.

      This is a completely unhealthy culture that fat black women are attempting to force upon black society in general, black men in particular. Yep, because even though you’ll have fat black men, they still have to work, They don’t receive welfare, hence one of the reasons why they typically die earlier.

      Another main cause of early death amongst black men is the reason why I refer to black women as witches, they literally suck the life force out from the men that are around them.

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    • I think a large part of the reason why black men don’t live as long is due to black men emercing themselves in thug culture in order to get access to sex from black women.

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      • A Brother that is in shape and seeking upward mobility should not be with a fat woman of ANY race. No fatties, no fuglies, no faggots. Always say no to the 3 F’s.

        Now, on a strategic level, a fat woman is of lesser value, regardless of her race. Being with a fat Black woman at least keeps some money in the Black community (for a few seconds before she spends it on weave and Popeyes, of course), and prevents us from looking like the garbage man for other races.

        I do not defend being with fatass, fugly Black women, or fatass, fugly women of ANY race for the record, but I wanted to express the potential logic behind what you are seeing.

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  5. For more signs of how black chicks make their sons think this is sexy:

    Notice how, once again, it’s the WOMEN who teach the language to the children, and then act like straight whores in front of them. I’m sure that both children had walked in on either their momma, grandma, or both getting their back beat out.

    Of course, also sure the momma thinks she is “thick”. Yeah, and I think my d1ck is 36 inches, but I’m sure several ladies would disagree with that!

    Also, actual thick yellabone up there is FINE! Would let ride or HIFTB. Wonder what that means, lol.

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    • Afrofurturism1,

      I see black women once again advertising themselves, showing the whole world what they are good for, whoring. What you said is true, its standard practice for black children to walk in on their mothers getting dicked down, sad but true.

      They have to move the goalposts in order to ensure they will still be accepted, therefore overweight, obese and excessively obese all now get redefined to “thick”.

      That light skinned chick looks really good, she’s right up Kodak Black’s street too, lol.

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      • I’ve actually heard from a few dudes about how they saw their grandmas sucking some Mexican dude’s burrito. Why do black chicks love being whores even into old age?

        And please tell me that an article on Blac Chyna’s dumbass mom is coming. Celebrity news or not, that rant spoke volumes.

        And yes, Ms. Light Skin would have the rocket firing in 20 seconds or less, lol.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Sad though I’m not surprised. Elder black women thesedays are no different to the younger generation, remember that black Granny who was being bent over in the back at a cook out? Black Chyna’s mother, rant, have I missed something?

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      • Black women are also real quick to go for weight loss surgery… They’re always with the “short cut” solutions in fact.

        Short cut to beauty? Wigs and weaves, colored contacts and other quick and easy artificiality.

        Short cut to decent figures? “Lap band” surgery.

        Short cut to self-esteem? “Self love” while of course, being absolutely shitty to others, especially black men. And taking tons of anti-depressants, of course. And oh yeah — dressing for cheap indiscriminate sexual attention at all times, just to feed their egos. And (almost forgot) — getting chicken-scratch tattoos all over their bodies.

        Short cut to a clear conscience? “Do-nothing” christianity, which allows them to believe “anything goes, because it’s all forgiven”. They’re mean as hell… they don’t apply “brotherly love” to anybody (especially not the people closest to them)… they have so little spirit of forgiveness that they’re constantly at war with other people (including other black women)… they can’t even manage to “forgive” a PERFECT STRANGER for the “sin” of being black and male… Yet calling themselves “christian” damn near to a one. lol. It allows them to rationalize all their worst behaviors.

        Constantly looking for the easy, “short cut” solution… which is no real solution at all.

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      • Check Urself,

        Black women love cutting corners, they for the most part are extremely lazy. I feel sorry for the youth as they have to deal with degenerate black women who are much worse than the black females of say 20-30 years ago. I’m glad to see that there are so many young black men rejecting black women and the fake isms that they subscribe to.

        In all honesty black women these days as a collective look horrible, they don’t take care of themselves and as you pointed out they are extremely cold hearted. When I was reading your short cut list I said to myself that the individuals being described have to be straight up devils. Black women need to be avoided at all costs, this is the only way forward for the thinking black man. SYSBMFORLIFE.

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  6. New to this site…

    1st & foremost keep up the good work!! You are the real “Morpheus” waking brothas up from the Matrix. Or as I refer to it as “The Wastrix”, cause its a waste of time dealing with BW.

    2nd of all that thick light skin chick in that pic can get the dick from me 8 days a week! And I don’t even do BW anymore, so that says a hell of a lot LOL!

    But you are 100% correct. Because even when I used to date BW (once upon a time… seems sooo long ago) I ALWAYS went for the thin/skinny ones. And guess what? I ALWAYS got in confrontations with some damn land-whale bitchin’ & cryin’ about “Why U alwayz out here witt these skinny bitches for??! Its juss kuz U kan’t handle a REEEL woMAN??!!”
    You notice “man” is capitalized for they are manly-looking beasts.
    Also now than I have been dating outside my race, I STILL REFUSE to deal with a land-whale. Regardless of skin color. So no… black men DO NOT chase after fat white women. Well the smart ones don’t LOL…

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  7. Now that I think about it…. exactly what good is a FAT BITCH???

    1. She has NO STAMINA. So long romantic walks in the park are out of the question. (BW hate that shit anyway & then wonder why they are single LOL).
    2. The sex will suck for obvious reasons. I will not go into details. Some of y’all have to eat later on LOL.
    3. She’s too DAMN BIG for anything. I like to pick my women up & carry them around. Guess that’s not happening either. Hmmm.
    4. Constant sweating & body odor. Even when they’re sitting still. Yuck! Sweat IS SEXY but ONLY when its made during sex with a hot, thin, toned woman. Oh yeah sweat is also sexy when watching an attractive woman exercise.
    5. Heavy-breathing & deep voice. That’s NOT SEXY AT ALL!! I don’t want no bitch that sounds like Tone-Loc in my ear. Let alone a bitch that looks like Tone-Loc. Probably tougher than him also!! Ha ha!!
    6. The Weave. The weave. That’s kinda self-explanatory…

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  8. To be honest I used to know a few “lazy-niggaz” that didn’t want to work & do grown-man shit. So they would move in with fat bitches!! And the horror stories I heard from them about how they’d have to fuck that fat, smelly, manly, ugly, horse-haired bitch would frighten me more than my 1st Stephen King movie as a child!! So I’m also glad I’m a hard working black man that has his own place, so I don’t have to fuck a fat bitch just to keep a roof over my head LOL!!

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      • Yes sir. Its real out here. Once again I love the site. I’ve been a fan from “a distance” for a few months, but I said fuck it!! Its time I joined these discussions. Because I learned you can’t help the movement if you’re just watching from the sidelines!!

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    • Holy God on a Bike, that bish is ugly. I couldn’t get past the thumbnail let alone click the video. Black America is straight breeding this garbage. Thinking black men, save yourselves!

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  9. Whorish behavior runs rampant in Blac Chyna’s family.

    D.S.L. = Dick Sucking Lips
    S.D.L. = Sucks Dick for a Living

    Oh yea they have the above also…

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    • 3rd Leg,

      Black women are never satisfied with black men’s dating choices no matter what we do, because most of them are mentally damaged and mentally broken they cannot be taken seriously on anything. The feelings they harbour concerning our dating and marriage options as far as I am concerned are irrelevant.

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    • Actually a BW like this presently would

      A) Be a femiinist

      B) Date a low-level caucasians thinking she is dating up

      C) Whore herself on Craiglist, Backpage, Twitter,SnapChat, & Kik while advertising “No AA/Black Men”

      The twigs are no different from the land whales. And they are trying to escape from “Blackistan”.

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      • What you said is actually true. Someone on here said something similar. About how thin pretty BW are really staying in shape to save themselves for a white man.

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    • “She ain’t blaaaack! You’s a self hater and a coon. How dare you have standards in Blaaaack women when yo mamma fat and dark skinned, etc, etc.”

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  10. 2017 has been a real eye-opening year for me. its shown me a lot.


    BW have a T.H.O.T. PROCESS

    which one will take you further in life??

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  11. Black females are nothing more than a circus act that has performances 24/7, 365. They are obese, belligerent, violent,tatted up, baby mama, whorish clowns who ar the absolute dregs of society. Black men please.. please.. please continue dating out and share this information with your black male friends, brothers , nephews, uncles and male cousins. As I mentioned before in other other posts , my wonderful uncle educated me on the black female parasite back in the 8th grade and he encouraged me to find companionship with other races of women. . but primarily white women. I took his advice and ran with the speed and grace of Usain Bolt to white girls and have never..and will never look back, and I encourage other black men to do the same when ever I get a chance.. “REACH ONE..TEACH ONE” #SYSBM

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    • Very true. The difference with me was: I couldn’t pull a Usain Bolt, but I was able to sneak away with the ease & agility of a Navy SEAL. Just to escape from these seal-looking bitches. And when I say “seal-looking” I mean the animals & the male R & B singer LOL..

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      • And yes you have my permission from a few quotes above LOL Don’t worry I may have to “borrow” a few words/quotes from the brothas on this site haha!!

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      • “Just to escape from these seal-looking bitches. And when I say “seal-looking” I mean the animals & the male R & B singer LOL..”


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  12. The funny thing is, you NEVER hear skinny/thin women trying to shame you into dating them LOL. Just fat bitches. Then again, BW are the only women of anything that play the “Shame Game”. Not even fat white women shame anyone to date them haha!!

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  13. Geez, this is what you get when you don’t travel outside your local black matriarchal ghettos, you’ll end up like SANHII G. in the above snapshot post, settling for a local landfill/city dump smelling woman instead of a fresh, aroma-ing woman that smells like lavender on a cool spring day or a clean, crisp tropical paradise. SYSBM

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    • Lol, sellout coon! You’re telling me that you’d take one of those skinny mini Beckys or Mings over a sexy plump black GODDESS??!!!!

      I tell you, when I see a white woman that weighs under 200 pounds, I just stay limp. But when a big booty black beauty bounces that butt my way and makes the ground shake and quake in her diabetic wake………ooooooooh, I gots to HIT IT FROM THE BACK!!!

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Once you get a passport and begin to travel, your entire perspective begins to change, you raise your standards and you no longer tolerate the same rubbish that you may have put up with before. That’s the problem with large numbers of black men, they’ve never travelled thus they have no idea what awaits them in other places.

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  14. Most major metropolitan areas are in severe danger of sinking due to these mastadons roaming about.

    #BLAXIT from Jurassic Park

    SYSBM ’till the stone wheels fall off and a meteor strike sends these mastadons into extinction.

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  15. Hey Afro,
    Lets make it like Hunger Games: Ratchet Edition..
    Last whore winning gets all the fake nails, weaves & coach bags she wants LOL..

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  16. I’m actually very lucky I grew up in a family with thin BW so I didn’t have to be brainwashed into loving fat chicks. Even tho’ its still some land-whales in my fam but their opinion no longer matters..

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  17. Ahhh I understand now,
    When a fat bitch says she’s getting the “D” she doesn’t mean Dick!!
    “D” is for her Diabetes medicine.
    “D” is for her Driving everywhere cause she refuses to walk even short distances.
    “D” is for her Delivery man (pizza, mail-order weaves, cheap Avon make-up, etc..)
    “D” is for her Ducking the landlord once they cut section 8 and evict her ass.
    “D” is for her Ding-Bat way of thinking aka the “T.H.O.T. Process” of the BW..

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    • WOW!

      sysbm until the wheels fall off and the axle breaks and the universal joint rust off
      #classicman #pullemtotheside #rpb #ebm #nomam #ibmor #WOS #dontdoitebonymaneject!

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  18. These scalawags and their simp cohorts will use the murder of Bakari Henderson to scare brothers into NOT traveling abroad for happiness and having to settle for this shit here!

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  19. The Bakari Henderson scare tactics are working overtime. However, the most recent facts are that Bakari Henderson had no interaction with any women in the clubs. The hair weave women and the simps moved fast to say: THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN USA BLACK MEN GET WITH THE WOMEN IN A FOREIGN LAND. I see black men with the local women all the time in foreign lands. The typical man in a foreign land is not sweating about black men being with the local women. I will note, however, that China has a female shortage because of female baby abortions and a long history of female infanticide. Chinese men are not fond of even CHINESE MEN being with Chinese women.

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  20. Dam, 3rd leg is dropping knowledge like he is Bill Smith!!!! I would love to comment on this thread but I’m about to get on the plane to go to Key West Florida for a family reunion. See you guys in about a week.
    And when I get to Key West, I’m looking for non black, and mainly white women!!!!!! Call me a coon if you want, but any person with eyes can see just how attractive, and cool white females are.
    All you pro black clowns can have all the black women you want to. I’ve seen the light, and I will never look back. Not that I ever dealt with black women before anyway. But life is too short gentlemen.
    You have to get what you can, when you can, while you can. Damn if that white girl at the supermarket who manages didn’t have any children, she would be my wife.
    Key West Florida here I come!!!!!!!!

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    • Exactly, find your white queen and be happy brother. If I may ask a question…that white gurl with the child that you’ve had your eye on, is her child biracial or white? JUST curious. #SYSBM

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      • Oh ok…Well, I guess you’re going to have decide if you love her enough to put aside the fact that she has a child or if her having a child is an absolute deal breaker. Have a safe trip #SYSBM

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    • I advise you to get a white woman from another country. Particularly from Eastern Europe. Western white women are out of order. They’re too indoctrinated with feminism.

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      • Forgot to mention that Eastern European white white women have better cultural values than other white women but if you do date any be careful about bringing them back to America. Once they get here and start seeing the way American women act they might pick up the same behavior or they might come across another woman in the workplace who might brainwash them with their feminist ideology then the next thing you know she’ll end up becoming an American woman.

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  21. I knew it was only a matter of time before the HHH Squad (hair hat hooligans, LOL I’m bringing it back!) started these scare tactics about traveling overseas. Half these hoes wont leave DA HOOD anyways cause its no weave shops in most countries. BECAUSE MOST COUNTRIES HAVE WOMEN WHO WEAR THEIR HAIR THE NATURAL WAY…

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  22. Shhiiiiit its still safer to travel overseas than it is to go back to DA HOOD (most of us outgrew it anyway). Goin’ BACK 2 DA HOOD just so I can see Bumquitta & Shonae’ & Iskari’s 7 kids (each) by 4 baby daddy’s. I’ll pass. PASSPORT that is haha..

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  23. 3rd leg you are funny as hell. KJ They can talk trash about traveling overseas it will never stop me and what happened is not the norm anyway. But what is the norm is black women trying to fuck You over whenever they can. And a note about Blac China and her mom they are from the Southeast section of Washington DC I am from DC that part of the is very ratchet so that is all you need to know about those bitches does not surprise me at all how they conduct themselves. Blac China mother used to be a stripper also Apple does not fall far from the tree.

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  24. Can we walk,
    For a minute,
    Girl I want you to lose some weight,

    Can we walk,
    For a minute,
    Girl I want you to lose some weight,

    You farted,
    Just like a fat heifer,
    At that moment,
    Even a damn dog looked better,
    I wanted to get the **** away from you,
    Ooh baby

    But just like a simp coon,
    I lovez my queen,
    And from her fat titties,
    I am not weaned,

    I think of it every night,
    About how that thing MUST be tight,
    If we should ever head to the sack,
    I’ll hit it from da back!!

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  25. I am one of the few black men that don’t really have a thing for thick chicks . The lady in the picture would by definition be called obese but by the thirsty dudes they would call her thick. I just don’t get what is wrong with a in shape nice tight frame on a chick . As my older sister said a thick chick is just a fat chick in waiting. Then again i am from the North so sorry if i offended my southern bros the chick in the pic and video are not in shape they are obese with all due respect as the great Jalen Rose would say “I aint gone be able to do itttttt!
    #sysbm until the wheels fall off and the damn axle breaks and the universal joint rust off
    #classicman #pullemtotheside #rpb #ebm #nomam #ibmor #WOS #dontdoitebonymaneject!

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