Escape From Blackistan? Not A Chance Black Woman


If these black women believe that they can somehow escape the endless misery, pain, death and destruction they have brought upon black society with their own hands then they had better think again. The cup of judgement is already sitting at the table awaiting them, black women have an approaching appointment to drink down the recompense of their transgressions and there will be no escaping that coming judgement. They’ve created the very same environment that they are now complaining about and wish to escape from, what kind of stupidity is that?

Since black women claim to believe in Christ and the bible so much then they most definitely would have stumbled across the following scripture, Galatians 6:7 which reads:

6:7 – Be not deceived; God is not mocked: FOR WHATSOEVER A MAN SOWETH, THAT SHALL HE ALSO REAP.

Even if you don’t believe in the Most High, at the least you are beginning to see the black woman’s judgement coming to fruition, thus confirming what is written above. There is no escaping from Blackistan for the overwhelming majority of black women, most of them will have to learn this the hard way. Let us quickly deconstruct the points made in this Facebook post:

1. Eliminating negative people from your life is a good thing, the problem is black women as a group are negative by default. It’s all well and good getting rid of negative people, however at some point unless black women actually deal with their own hearts(which they never will), the mission to improve and excel will be fruitless. The modern day black woman is her own worst enemy.

2a. They chose to carry the weight of black society upon their backs by betraying their male counterparts at various points throughout history. As for having empathy for everyone, this is a lie, black women only have empathy for their lord, saviour, master and father, the European man. Black women as a collective do not have any empathy for black men, looking upon their actions that is certain.

2b. As for feminism, more fool them for continuing to subscribe to such a disjoined, decadent and dysfunctional religion. Notice how Dred Lioness doesn’t talk about abandoning feminism altogether, of course not, because black women must hold onto the victimhood status at all costs plus they enjoy trying their best to be men.

3a. Black women operate in a fantasy land far removed from this reality, black society is matriarchal and has been that way for quite some time, exactly how are black males benefiting in a black female run black society, I’ll wait? The talk of eliminating black males from their dating pool is a joke within itself, black women act as if they have other options. Remember, they are LAST in dating and marriage, LAST.

3b. Black men despite the uphill battles we face have a higher median net worth than black women, if anything at their $5 value they are worth nothing to us. Eliminating black men from dating in reality for most black women means them either turning towards other black women or alternatively an assortment of sex toys, dildos, vibrators etc. Also, as has been discussed many times before, there are plenty of good, productive black men to choose from, the problem is the majority of black women simply don’t like them because they much prefer the thug, criminal, gangster, unproductive type fellows.

4. Some of the main tenets of feminism included laziness and self-hatred, throwing off who you are by default and self disrespect. Feminists are lazy as standard, if black women expect to get in shape while embracing the feminist culture then they had better think again. Trying to do something positive all the while holding onto an extremely negative religion, not even Hollywood screen writers could make this stuff up. All the best on that.

5. Black women are the ones who have created these hoods to begin with, again for the overwhelming majority of them there will be no escaping the works wrought by their own hands. Again, notice how they completely ignore the fact that they are the ones who have created these hostile environments within black society, typically narcissistic and psychopathic, and these are the women we are told to date and procreate with?

6. Do you see the modern day black woman and her delusional mind state, who exactly are black women going to “marry up” to, which non black men would be willing to accept black women en mass? Precisely, very few if any. Again, do you see the master/slave mentality pouring out of this woman’s mind? Note what she is saying, black women have to be bought, thus no love or companionship is ever brought into the equation. Everything is about money and material possessions to black women, this is one of the main reasons why they make the worst girlfriends/wives bar none.

7. The women they ought to be hanging around with are feminine women who are married, of course this goes directly against the protocols of feminism so rather than seek out women who will actually bring some value into their lives, they will continue to hang around the like-minded scum and somehow believe that they are growing and gaining a new understanding of life. Delusional to the core.

8a. Do you see the delusional mind state of this black witch, who on earth is shaming and guilt tripping black women into marrying down, can somebody please point out these individuals to me? Black women run the black community, if anything they are the ones who continually attempt to shame and guilt black men into not expanding on their dating and marriage options, they are the ones who specialise in guilt tripping and shaming tactics.

8b. Black women make bad decisions without any outside influences, the most sensible thing she encouraged black females to do is to NOT have children out-of-wedlock, however the rest is a crock of nonsense. She talks about blackness yet we see as plain as day black women attempting to escape from theirs by wearing weaves, bleaching their skin and hoping to get pregnant by a white male so that they can have children with “good hair”.

9a. “Men are men”? Sorry, that is not how most black women think, for starters they worship white men as gods, this is why Amazon is packed full to the brim of interracial novels written by black women channelling their pipe dreams of being either married to a white man, being his side piece or yet still his sex slave. Don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourselves:

9b. Black women will readily accept a white male who is homeless, living out of a cardboard, wearing clothes that are in tatters and haven’t been washed in months over a clean-cut, suit wearing, decent, hard working black male who is earning a good salary and living comfortably. Always remember that the rules black women apply to black men are instantly removed whenever they deal with men of a different ethnicity, don’t let this siren fool you.

10. How about this, make the right decisions to begin with and you won’t have to worry about terrible consequences hitting you down the pike. This is the problem with most black women today, they believe that once they decide to turn their lives around that somehow the judgements from their bad decisions of the past will stop coming, no, that is not how life works.

This woman calls herself a lioness yet she follows none of the principles of a real lioness, one of which would be to submit to male authority. Black men, abandon black women, they simply refuse to understand that improvement in one’s life begins with one’s self. This involves accepting accountability and responsibility for your own actions in addition to be honest, things which most black women are allergic to.

See, unlike black women we black men being the 2nd most desired males on the planet indeed have the options of interracial dating freely available to us. We can talk about abandoning black women and dating out and can execute these actions with the same ease as speaking them. Bottom line, for the overwhelming majority of black women there will be NO ESCAPE FROM BLACKISTAN, NONE. Gentlemen your thoughts. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

40 thoughts on “Escape From Blackistan? Not A Chance Black Woman

  1. LOL. I always advise black men that if one has $10.00 of net worth that there is no way that he should date or marry a black woman. It is nonsense to advise black women, with an average $5.00 net worth, to marry up when the typical black man has a financial net worth that is much higher than hers. Black women are delusional at a rate of 90% to 99%.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      This is why in the near future black women are going to up the anti and get very nasty with their assaults upon black men as they realise that their fate is sealed concerning the mess they have created, that is modern day black society.

      They continue to forget about that minuscule median net worth of $5, unless they are within the infinitely small upper crust, they aren’t going anywhere.

      Indeed, a lioness is very fit as she is the one who hunts for food for the pride. The delusional state of modern day black female is something to behold.

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    • Haha. What’s really sad is the fact that the only time a black woman is ready to lose the fat, it comes with a “don’t date black men” side note. I’ve seen other black women online begging black women to lose weight so that they can make themselves as a group more palatable to white men…

      They’ll get in shape for other kinds of guys, but if a black man says black women need to become healthier, he’s labeled a “race traitor”. Sad state of affairs.

      That in itself should be an eye-opener for black men. We simply aren’t worth them bringing anything decent to the table, by virtue of our being “black males” as she put it.

      Even the most soft-hearted of simps should get the message these days. Shit is real — they’re going through some kind of mass psychosis… and since they completely reject self-examination, things are not going to get any better. THE CLOCK IS TICKING black man — always improve yourself, and find yourself a woman who is going to have your back and keep you relaxed, and is therefore worthy of sharing in your success.

      For that black girl’s part, you can sense the anger and frustration in what she has written. Let her suffer by her own hand. I’ve always said this of people who hate black men: if they can cockblock you, you suffer. But if they cannot, THEY suffer — because they just can’t stop watching. That’s the bottom line.

      Two pounds of success on your part = 10 pounds of SUFFERING on the part of the people who hate you. … So don’t let them cockblock you (socially, financially or otherwise)… If you rise in the face of their impotent hatred, their defeat is AUTOMATIC. …Just make sure their hatred stays impotent.

      And that starts with making up your mind about them, so they no longer have inroads into your psyche.

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      • “They’ll get in shape for other kinds of guys, but if a black man says black women need to become healthier, he’s labeled a “race traitor”. Sad state of affairs.”

        When Tyrese told black women they should lose the weight, the sistahood lost their minds.

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  3. Why are we supposed to feel sorry for the hell black women go through when they lit the fire?

    The debauchery, the broken homes, the dusty men, YOU built that, b1tch!!!

    The best thing that could happen is if the hoods were bombed, but if that’s too harsh, just sterilize them. They won’t be making anymore children and thus they’ll kill each other off in NO TIME.

    And dodging rapes, lol give me a break. Not only are we talking about the biggest WHORES on the planet, but also the ugliest!

    And the bullets they claim to dodge are fired by either their sons or their boyfriends, so boohoo, b1tch!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I agree, the overwhelming majority of black women need to be prevented from breeding as they bring nothing but devil spawn into the world.

      They refuse to accept the fact that they are the ones responsible for this modern day black society which is a pile of ashes and rubble.

      Separation is the key, don’t associate with them yet at the same time be aware whenever you are in the same vicinity as these feral black females.

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  4. So much I wanted to say but dammit you said it ALL!! This so-called “Lioness” is as sick in the head as they come. We need to just avoid these Devil’s, and I do mean that term literally, at all costs. We need to focus on ourselves, physically, financially and spiritually. Gentleman, let them eat cake!

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    • Nasafiyel,

      Agreed, the fact that black women don’t see themselves as a problem, are further digging themselves into oblivion and are determined to take everybody else with them is a matter not to be laughed at. As I stated to Afrofuturism1 at this stage separation is the key and the best way forward for thinking black men. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      Do you see how her feminist lawyer has completely switched this entire situation around to where Blac Chyna is instead being looked upon as the victim? Now its about nudes of Chyna being leaked by Rob, not the fact that she is the whore who cheated on him to begin with which prompted that reaction.

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  5. >This woman calls herself a lioness yet she follows none of the principles of a real lioness, one of which would be to submit to male authority.

    This woman is more like a hyena – which has a matriarchal structure. Get the picture?


    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the hyenas are back in the zoo.

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  6. This bitch honestly thinks black women are gunna stop sloring around with Tyrone and DeRay? Why else do you think these bitches give these niggas a place to stay? Why do so many black women open their legs and crap out multiple babies out of wedlock to these multiple deadbeat men who can’t even speak a lick of English and have no intention of staying with them or being fathers? Once again black women are the authors of their own misery…..

    Also I find it hilarious black women are talking about “marrying up,” when every single online statistic shows black women are chosen DEAD last in the dating market talk about delusions of grandeur…..

    Also black women will never workout because they’re scared of getting sweat in their fake weave hair…..

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  7. Just to let you guys know that the comment section in the Off Topic page is now open, had some technical difficulties before, however the problems has now been resolved. Just moved my comment concerning Brother Polight hanging out with hot Beckys in Hollywood to that page.

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  8. Reggie James. Black women have “…their hair…” in the sense that each black woman is the owner of the hair weave on her head.

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  9. With the stupid black women fail to realize is that they could attempt to modify their behavior all they want to, yet nonblack men, but mainly the white men who they desire, still would never think of marrying them.
    And notice how black women are willing to modify their diet, their behavior, and everything about themselves in order to attain or appease nonblack men. But black women would never think about doing those things for Blackmen. And then as usual black women will try to put the blame on Blackmen and say that black men only desire black women when they are attempting to look like nonblack women.
    Black women have dug themselves a deep grave. And now black women see that the only group of men that was willing to deal with them on a large scale (Blackmen), has grown sick and tired of the nonsense that black women bring into relationships, and are seeking better options amongst other groups of women. So in response to these facts, black women are now attempting to claim that they are the ones who need to look for better options, they are the ones who have options other than Blackmen, they are the ones who are pressured into being with Blackmen, etc, etc, etc……
    Black women are attempting to use what we have been saying for years in an effort to Petray themselves as something other than what they actually are.
    What we are saying on this website is actually valid and very true. What this black woman demon has stated is more delusional and fantastic thinking on the part of a black woman who has convinced herself that fantasyland is reality for black women.
    As usual black women prove themselves a laughable embarrassment.

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    • Bill Smith,

      “And notice how black women are willing to modify their diet, their behavior, and everything about themselves in order to attain or appease nonblack men. But black women would never think about doing those things for Blackmen.”

      Exactly as far as their concerned black men are beneath them and are the dreggs of society so how dare we try to appease them. Black men should just be happy a black woman even gives us “worthless black men,” the time of day and even then they only acknowledge dusty black men who they can control…..

      As I’ve mentioned before while I don’t 100% condone IR relationships I cannot blame black men in 2017 for seeking to date out. Black women have proven that most of them do not want to change and are unwilling to change for black men and if non-black women are treating black men better how can you blame black men for dating out?

      Lastly I’m not for violence against women at all but black women living in America (the skankiest group of black women anywhere in the world) UK and other Westernized countries are lucky they don’t live in Africa or even Jamaica where violence against women is more tolerated and interwoven into the culture and society. Men in those places have no problem beating a woman’s brains out and chopping them up if she gets out of line….

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      • One close relative had pictures sent to him from police in Jamaica…. of a dismembered black woman.

        They’re not for play.

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  10. Oddysey, very true. Black woman in America, who have completely accepted a lesbian, feminist ideology, love to complain about the abuse of women at the hands of Blackmen. With the stupid black American females don’t realize is that if they were living in Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican republic, or Africa, most of these loudmouth, combative black women, who have no problem yelling and screaming and getting in the face of Blackmen, would have their heads chopped off in those countries for even thinking of doing half of what they do to Blackmen in America.
    Black women in America have the easiest lives you could imagine. But because black women are delusional, spoiled , and unappreciative, they still bitch and complain about every little thing, and believe they deserve more.
    Life is way too short for Blackmen to sit around waiting for black women to correct their behavior. If ‘Becky’ is willing to be nice to me, be respectful toward me, and be in a mutually supportive relationship with me, I’m going with that Whitewoman.
    You have Simp black men sitting in their home alone, typing on the Internet, about coons, white women are cave beasts, black man who are with white women are sellouts, and how they could never be with anyone but a black woman.
    Meanwhile the black woman who this simp idolizes, looks down upon Blackmen, hates Blackmen, and would jump off a building if it meant she could be at the side of the White man.
    And of course there are a handful of very good black women out there. But good luck finding one. And if you do find one, more than likely she is with some white man. And usually the reason why the black woman who is with the Whiteman is decent, is because she made a decision to actually attempt to behave like a woman for that white man. Something she would never think of doing for Blackmen.
    And these stupid Negroes are actually attempting to make Blackmen feel guilty for wanting to be with women who actually treat them decently?
    But none of these pro black clowns ever say a word about these black women who date and marry White men, because black women need to be happy, and the happiness of black women comes first.
    But I suppose Blackmen are not supposed to be happy. Blackmen are supposed to be forced into a life of misery with black women simply because black women are black.

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    • These chicks only act like actual females for white DICK!

      Also, the jackass pro black who spends 18 hours a day calling other black men coons for dating non black Women spends the other 6 hours of the day squeezing his mayonnaise blaster to interracial porn on xvideos.

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  11. Afrofuturism1, funny. Yeah those pro black anti coon SIMPS probably are members of Not that I know anything about that website…………

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  12. This would be the perfect survival scroll “Ten Commandments” for Black Women. The problem is Black Women (American or “Americanized” Black Women) for the most part, have ruined their reputation beyond repair worldwide. Between Janet Jackson, Aisha Tyler, Halle Barry, etc. (you see where I’m going with this),they are proven to be bad girlfriends, wives, and possibly mothers. There is no possible way anyone is thinking of marrying a Black Woman from the U.S. Especially with the Chyna Black-Rob Kardashian debacle.

    Black Women have no stake or pull in any relationship anymore.They have the nerve to make demands like they bring anything of value or an asset(s) to the table. Most come with kids(s),debt, vices, dyfunctions, terrible habits, and mental defiencies. The most hilarious quote I found was not settling as a “Baby Daddy” for Chad. That is and would be the absolute best she (as well as most AABW) can hope for and find. White Men haven’t forgot about Chyna Black, Halle Berry, Paula Patton, Shar Jackson, and the other defunct IR relationships people have forgot about with BW in them.

    Most White Men find Black Women in America (& even the U.K.) as easy lays and entertainment. Or a doormat and enabler to manipulate and use. I just opened the “Pandora’s Box” on the dark side of swirling…Oops…lol. Black Women do not get it as even if she does date outside her race and dated/married up the social latter, this new age of Gen-X’ers and Millieniums are either “Red-Pills” or “MGTOWS” in there own way or manner. Most have absolutely no interest in American Women and the the judicial machine behind it.

    As well, the person she is basing her standard on and seeks would never touch a woman of her rank. Invariantly, Wealth, Class, and Familiar-Geneological Background takes a huge play in who one dates and marries. Especially in Race. There are very few Black Women that marry millionaires in comparison to other races. Even their own Men. Black American Women time & time again have shown Black Men to be a liability and a hinderance to Black Men. But a meal ticket and a “Come-Up” for White Men usually.

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  13. Also I forgot to mention…I hate to say. I think Black American Women were in style like the 90s. I think that was the last time I seen an actual Black Woman. Most presently are either fat and/or really fuggin ugly. And their wearing this garbage bag-jiffy pop bag shit on their heads. And if they are attractive, they have alot of fake shit on themselves or a fuggin tranny. Even the “Mixed” ones are starting to fall off heavy with the fake shit and tattoos.

    I don’t blame Black Men one bit for building his legacy elsewhere…SYSBM

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  14. A couple of you have mentioned Aisha Tyler and Halle Berry. Both those bitches are paying their white knights spousal support. Aisha’s ex actually went to law school while they were together, passed the bar, then used his law degree to draw up his own divorce papers and spousal support decree. Hahahaha! Whitey got these black hoes right back on the plantation paying sharecropper rent, and what do you bet Aisha’s ex’s next woman is white? Since Serena is worth far more than the Reddit guy, expect the same in a few years. Bamboozled!

    But keep “marrying up,” ladies!

    Notice, black man, how you have to be Bill Gates, Tupac, Idris Elba, Superman, and 90s era Michael Jordan before you can even say hello to these bitches, even the ratchet ones! Yet they have no trouble carrying white men worth far less than them, and even pay out spousal support at the end. And in Aisha’s case, not even a kid to show for it. Show me a brother getting spousal or child support from a black female, I’ll wait!

    Also funny how BW know to lose the attitude and the weight when it comes to white men, but not for you, black man! You’re lucky to get Leslie Jones or Precious!

    The Ls are coming thick and fast for black women in 2017. I’ve literally waited decades for this. Thanks, Verbs, for chronicling the decline!

    These hoes cannot escape from Blackistan, black man…but YOU can!

    SYSBM, family!

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    • Exactly, black women cant escape from who they are!
      Here we have yet another example of just how delusional and mentally incompetent these demonic black females are in 2017. These same black females are the ones that created this “blackistan” going all the way back to the 1960’s when they traded what was a stable patriarchal black family unit for essentially a block of government cheese and a housing voucher.
      These black bitches along with their simp/thugs and their brood of savage urban monkeys ARE “blackistan”; If anything Decent Black Men need to create a blueprint or manifesto on how to escape the modern day “black community”, “blackistan” or whatever you want call it, as a directive for those Black Men who haven’t left already.
      Rule number one for such edict: Abandon and avoid the black female animal, All of them!!

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      • Claude LeGree,

        You’ll note the continual denial and the reluctance of black women as a collective to take responsibility for the mess they have created that is called modern day black society or blackistan. Indeed, for the above and more black women must be abandoned at all costs and thinking black men would be wise to take such action. You cannot build anything with a bunch of mentally ill, mentally broke and mentally damaged black females.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Its all good bro, we are all sitting back with popcorn and juice watching the show unfold, its getting very interesting indeed. 2017 by far has been the worst year for black women and the L’s are set to continue coming in higher volumes. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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      • >Its all good bro, we are all sitting back with popcorn and juice watching the show unfold, its getting very interesting indeed.

        And that popcorn is tasting better and better these days!

        Brothers – Steer CLEAR of Precious and get with Penny!

        #BLAXIT from BLACKISTAN!

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and Blackistan turns into the Lost Civilization Of Atlantis!

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  15. I agree with you Ryan I have not seen a decent looking black woman since the 90s myself. Also notice how this demon stated it is a man job to provide for them these black women beast never say let’s work together. When you work together in a marriage financially, spiritually, etc it makes the family structure better. These women are a joke as stated white men look at black women as slut toys that is it.

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  16. I’m new here & I’m a little late, buuuut my 2 cents:
    Sean & Ryan are 100%. Black women ain’t been shit since the 90’s! The decent BW from that era where really leftovers from the past when BW actually had their shit together. Come on, we all have BW in our families that ain’t worth a damn, but we also had those great respectable BW (mothers, grandmothers, aunties, etc.) but they had an OLD-SCHOOL mentality & could hold down a house hold & raised the children right. Obviously times have changed. So now these new millennial ratchets think the world owes them everything “just kuz”. I remember those hoe-quotes from that Ice Cube movie Players Club: “We gotta use wut WE GOT 2 get wut WE WANNTT!!”
    And what logical, respectable, hard working man (from any race) wants to take in some black whore with 14 kids by 11 niggaz??

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    • 3rd Leg,

      Welcome aboard, its always great to have new people coming through. Indeed, decent black females are long gone, we aren’t events dealing with the dregs anymore, we have straight contaminated goods now. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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      • Thank you & happy to be here! Places like this are great. Like an antidote for that “mind-poison” these BW force on us..

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