Another Black Man Breaks Free

Please take a look at this Tweet:

There are some who are claiming that he’s just trolling, however I believe that this tweet is serious. Either way it really doesn’t take that much to trigger black women, they are highly insecure, have low self-confidence aswell as a self-esteem which is in the toilet. At the end of the day what the man is saying is a fact, when you stop dating black women the drama, strife and complications in your life begin to disappear.

Note, since writing this article it seems that Mario has seen removed the tweet and made his account private, no doubt the angry and bitter black sisterhood descended upon his page and were giving him maximum grief, hence why he has stopped dealing with them altogether. Of course black women are permitted to celebrate their interracial relationships all day, however in their eyes black men are not allowed to do the same.

What, are we just going to ignore all of black male celebrities both old and young who have come out this year alone and stated that they have crossed black women off their lists? Most black women simply don’t get it, we thinking black men aren’t going to stand there arguing with you, we are simply going to allow our feet do the talking.

When his account was open I looked through Mario’s page and he seems to be very happy with his attractive non black woman, the fact of the matter is every time I talk to black men who have taken the plunge and decided to date out it’s always the same story, they are extremely grateful that they made the decision, a huge weight was lifted from their shoulders and their lives became stress free almost immediately. Again, the dysfunctions of black women are out in the open for all to see, at this point it is futile to claim that only a minority of black women are problematic.

If there really isn’t a problem with the overwhelming majority of black women then why are over 70% of them single? You understand that 70% represents a majority right? I would go as far as to estimate that in 2017 the figure would be more closer to 80-85%. Black women cannot seem to understand that feminism and good relationships cannot mix together.

It’s funny how the white females who gave black women feminism have slowly and quietly backed away from them realising what buffoons black women were and still are in subscribing to a religion that hasn’t brought women freedom but has actually brought them misery and slavery. As I have mentioned before black women have now taken feminism to a whole new level, the feminism that they subscribe to today was not the type of feminism they picked up and ran with in the 1960s.

Whether Mario’s tweet is serious or not it is the truth for many black men. Don’t be fooled by black women and their simp advocates running around claiming that black men who date out simply “can’t handle black women”. Black women who run this Kansas City shuffle are simply attempting to shame black men back onto the plantation, ie trying their best to pressure us into accepting their dysfunctional behaviour as normal.

Do not fall for this psychological operation, anything in life that gives you much trouble and headache you will surely get rid of, black women are not an exception to that rule. How can you get rid of everything else in life that brings you many problems, yet when it comes down to black women all of a sudden that same universal rule is not supposed to be applied, really?

Mario is to be saluted to the maximum degree and congratulated on taking such a big step. It’s obvious that he was experiencing serious troubles with black women, this is how the cookie crumbles for most black men, especially those who are worth a damn. Black women have taken some major L’s this year and their lashes are set to continue.

Black women on the whole really aren’t a very nice group of individuals and more and more their true colours are beginning to show. Troll or no troll the man’s tweet rings factual and true for so many black men including myself. #SYSBM, the only viable option and way forward for the thinking black man. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most high Bless

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  2. Conversely, look at what super simp Umar said: he can’t RESPECT a black man in an interracial relationship!

    I REALLY need to get on that SYSBM TN knees I have. And I WILL upload some videos tonight.

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  3. I’m extremely suspect of these so called black “men” who are obsessed with where other black men are slinging their dicks. Are they mad that the dick isn’t being slung their way? That would be the only reason why they’re so obsessed with dick monitoring black men. The SIMPS should be rejoicing that so many black men are jumping the fence and dating/marrying white women because that’s more infected black pussy for them to dive into…RIGHT? I’ve mention before on other posts, I’m 23 and stopped dealing with the black female pestilence back in the 8th grade thanks to my wonderful uncle. I will never date a black female, I have to much respect for myself and value my health, finances, sanity and life to much. #SYSBM

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      • He has a white wife and he told me all the gory details of his interactions with black chicks growing up and into his 20’s, and 30’s. Of course my mom and sisters wasn’t to happy with what he was telling me, but everything he said I witnessed on a daily basis, meaning.. obese, belligerent, violent, weave wearing, tatted up, even in the 8th grade many of the black chicks had kids, many had several kids. So it wasnt until I transfered to a predominantly white high school where I saw the real difference between white girls and black chicks and it was absolutely startling. The white girls acted like.. “GIRLS”, you know feminine, nice, pleasant, no face, neck, chest or titty tattoos, no baby daddies, not twerkin and fighting in the hall ways every other day and you didn’t have to guess if the white girls where girls or dudes by looking at them. So from that day on I’ve never even considered dating a black chick. #SYSBM

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    • Those dick monitors are either carrying out their masters’ instructions, or as you say are looking for dick themselves. I say to them, unless you want some “mind your own goddamn business”.

      Salute Mario, an #SYSBM soldier!

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    • Keith,

      Indeed, this idea of monolithic thought and action within black society is a pestilence. This is why guys like us walk away from black society as a whole because there isn’t any room to engage in individual thought and be different.

      The simps are exactly like the black women they pander to, they don’t wish to see other black men happy ie leave the plantation and do better for themselves so they attempt to shame you into sticking with the black female trash.

      As I have stated before I wish I’d stopped dealing with black women much earlier on in my life, I would have saved myself from so much unnecessary headache.

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    • Never could understand black men dick policing other black men. The logical response to black men dating white is to be happy because there’s less competition for black women. But I’ve come to the conclusion that when you hear a so-called black man spouting off some shaming rhetoric, that’s not really him you’re hearing, but it’s the programming from his bitter, single mama that he’s parroting.

      I’ve never paid attention to or respected Umar Johnson as an intellect, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

      @Keith, I too, had an uncle with a white woman who was a force when I was growing up (mid-to-late ’70s). He was a true street man, straight-up blaxploitation style. It was seeing him and her together that made me want to date white girls. My mother never really liked him but for the fact that he had money. He’s the kind of male figure that black women slowly phased out of the home as a challenge to their matriarchal programming.

      @Verbs, white and Jewish women pulled a funny bait-and-switch on black women, IMO. They convinced the BW that BM were “oppressing” them, and offered their former maids, servants and housekeepers “equality” under feminism. Having driven a wedge between BW and their BM, those same WW swooped in to take those abandoned BM (including the best and brightest of us) and do all the things for them that BW were suddenly too good to do, including WW’s legendary sexual favors. I always thought that white female access to black men was at least partly behind first-wave feminism. And of course, decades later, confused BW still haven’t figured out that deft Texas Two-Step.


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      • The deprograming of the beta black male SIMPS is going to be a longand painful ordeal. The only way to even start the deprograming process is to rescue these young black boys from the claws and clutches of the bitter, insecure black females. These black so called “women” have had decades of unfettered access to program this slop into the minds of young black boys. My mom & dad where married so I didnt witness any of the household chaos that is the norm in most single black female households, I had to go to school and my friends homes to witness the chaos. One of my friends had 4 younger brothers and they all had different last names. So I thank my uncle for steering me clear of that debauchery and chaos. . #SYSBM

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Black women will never put the pieces of the puzzle together, they’re so invested in feminism and attempting to please their white father that they would much prefer to shaft themselves in their efforts to be accepted by white men and white society in general, rather than being honest and acknowledging the fact that walking the road of feminism amounts to nothing but failure and throw in the towel for their own good.

        The bait and switch executed by white and Jewish women is incredible and fitting at the same time because both groups and others swooping in and scooping up the best and the brightest of us as you put it coincides with the black women’s deep seated hatred of black men. We have other options, black women don’t.

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  4. Man i see alot of butthurt lol. I seen that on facebook and laughed. My cuzin said it hurts cuz she a woman. Well take that danm weave out. Take them danm green contacts out. Fucking do what men tell you. Femenist means without men. They got what they asked for lol

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    • But I thought the black queens where suppose to be so skrong and I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, and she didn’t need no man because she can do “baaaaaaad allllll by herself”…ok then bye, see ya, don’t let the door knob hit you in your fat ass on the way out. I don’t give a damn about black chicks feeling when it comes to black men dating interracially #SYSBM

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    • Cortez,

      Agreed, black women know exactly what to do however the idea of submitting to black men irritates them down to the bone. They simply cannot bring themselves to submit under our authority, the hatred they have for us is too deep.

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  5. Umar Johnson said that ‘he can’t respect black men who marry or date non black women’. What a delusional mental patient he is to think that someone with a brain would actually care what or who Umar Johnson respects or doesn’t respect. That guy is truly insane.
    And I listen to Cynthia G and some other black woman go live last night and I was trolling them hard in the live comment section. You should’ve just heard these two black women demons attempting to pull out every ‘lets blame black men’ excuse you could think of in order to justify the behavior of black women.
    I have much more to say, but right now I’m too damn tired from work today, to really think straight.
    If you guys want a good laugh just look at the Cynthia G video partially titled Umar Johnson vs Roland Martin. At this point black women are just pathetic, sad, bitter, beings, who are driving themselves more insane than they already were, are frustrated that their world of being able to control the actions of Blackmen is crumbling around them, and they can’t do anything about it.
    All these black women demons can do now is get together in groups of two or three at best on YouTube and bitch and whine and cry about the shortcomings of Blackmen and the evils of white women.
    And you should’ve read some of the comments in the live section, and heard with Cynthia G and this other mentally ill black woman were saying about White women. You just could hear the jealousy, anger, and bitterness in their voices, regarding white women and black men. Most Blackmen women in a weak attempt to somehow defame Blackmen who are actually smart enough to get away from black women, and the white women were brave enough to love and support these Blackmen, make themselves sound even dumber than they prove to the world they are every day.
    All of the ‘Becky is with Blackmen not because she loves you but for sex’. Blackmen and White women only have a superficial relationship because Whitewomen can’t relate to the Blackman’s struggle. Black men who are with the white women have a secret desire to actually be White men. Becky is a lace infested, cave beast. Becky is trying to be a black women through surgery and hairstyles. If Blackmen continue to get with white women the so cold black race will become extinct. Black men aren’t brave enough to stand up and fight white supremacy at the side of black women, etc, etc, etc.
    As this black women are interested in fighting anything with their natural hair and Blackmen. It was actually kind of sad to listen to too lonely bitter black women sit there for almost 3 hours and obsess about white women and who Blackmen are choosing to have sex with and marry.
    Black women are truly sick individuals
    Looks like I had more to say than I thought (hahaha).
    But I’ll be back later with more about this Umar Johnson and the mentality of the Simp Negroes who actually believe that by kissing black women’s ass they’re going to get black pussy, money, and be adored by black women who hate Blackmen no matter what they do or say.
    Avoid black women at all costs no matter what they do or say. Black women live to destroy and control the lives of black men in every aspect imaginable. Any Blackmen who refuses to believe this or accept this fact, at this point in history is beyond being helped.
    Those Simp black men are also to be avoided at all costs. Damn, I just keep going and going and going.

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    • Sentence structure errors corrected are………..
      Most black women and a weak attempt somehow defame Blackmen……..
      If black men continue to get with white women the so called black race will become extinct.
      As if black women are interested in fighting anything but their natural hair and Blackmen……

      Writing using this voice command somehow gets your intended sentences very messed up.

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  6. Honestly, today pissed me off.
    A black chick who I had spoken to from the area wanted to meet me, and she said that her friend (who had been at a funeral all day) wanted to come along as a cheer up. I thought “what the hell, let’s see how she acts in real life” and that I would at least get to try a new restaurant.

    This black witch got on my damn nerves!!! I had noticed the typical black woman attitude when she texted me, but I was trying to be nice and think that maybe one could be a friend, she was actually knows people that I’m friends with. EVERYTHING she said was with an attitude, her comments were all the typical stupid “classy” ghetto mannerisms (or trannyrisms” of black chicks. She made fun of me for liking anime, which I had mentioned ONCE (in reference to a subject that SHE brought up) and said that it was all I talked about (wtf?). Her white female friend was at least somewhat nice to me and actually had to explain my blatant, common sense remarks to her dumbass black friend.

    Even when I complimented her and told her that she was looking nice, she STILL gave me crap and an attitude. The whole thing could’ve just been an event where all of her words/phrases were replaced with “boy, stop”, “boy, bye!”, and/or “Nigga, please”!

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  7. Part 2
    I left and texted her afterwards that she should lose my number. When she asked “why so hostile?”, I told her about her bad attitude that was typical of black chicks and even called her a bitch!

    I honestly felt bad about this. When she talked with me, she remarked how she was lonely and didn’t have many friends. I wonder why?!!! Hindsight notwithstanding, I related and also wanted to help another lonely person after losing my Anna. Now, I can’t stand the chick and get mad thinking about the way she treated me.

    Still, at the time, I feel bad. Call me a simp, but I don’t like lashing out at people like that, especially women. I hate having called her a bitch, but I hate her being one too. Still, just because of how she said she didn’t have many friends, I related and did feel bad for her. Why does this hurt? Am I just weak?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      You are in a vulnerable position right now because you are seeking out love and companionship, however today is a lesson well learned and a strong reminder as to why you just don’t deal with black women. I told you, defective beyond repair means just that, DEFECTIVE BEYOND REPAIR. I understand that there was a small part of you that felt that she could’ve been different, however you soon found out that this wasn’t the case.

      She and other black women like her is the reason why you’ve implemented SYSBM to begin with. You shouldn’t feel bad at all for what you did because she felt no way treating you like garbage in ghetto fabulous style. You have to take a militant stand with black women, the moment they detect that you are kind and considerate they will eat you up.

      Notice how in order to get some semblance of femininity from a black woman you have to treat her like gutter trash, which can be very difficult if you are not a man of such character. The feminism is inbuilt into these feral women, even if they want to be nice dealing with a black man they simply cannot do it unless they are dealing with Tyrone, Skeet or J Boogie from the block.

      You momentarily forgot the code about diluting the black bloodline, you thought that you could get around this, however you soon found out that Verbs was right. Keep your distance from these black harpies, they mean you no good. Whenever you are nice to non black women by and large they’ll appreciate the kind treatment, however this is not the case for the black witch.

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      • I wasn’t even trying to date her, just get to know her since she was friends with some of the ppl i know and I felt bad for her since we were in similar situations. I don’t know what hurts worse, being treated like that or having to lash out like that…

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      • @Verbs2015,
        The absolute truth! “Defective beyond repair” It has been proven by every one of the articles posted on this site and It continues to be proven on a daily basis. Black women are beyond being a lost cause as a viable dating or God forbid “mating” option, as another commenter already stated black women are the Black Man’s worst enemy on the planet. They live to cause pain and strife in the lives of Black Men because they ultimately want to destroy Black Men. I’m sorry( actually I’m not sorry) but It’s virtually impossible for me to have compassion or remorse for any harsh fate or unfortunate outcome that befalls a black woman simply because they have no heart, no soul and have no human decency about them, 99% of them ( If not all of them) are demons and deserve whatever Hell awaits them.
        There are just no redeeming qualities about black women and outside of the occasional “no strings attached sex” they serve no purpose to decent Black Men and even with that comes a host of detrimental, life destroying possible aftereffects such as HIV, other STD’s, unwanted children, child support, etc. etc.
        Black Men need to completely abandon and discard black women in every way shape and form not only does this assure success for the Black Man but it also solidifies the extinction of that treacherous pestilence that is the black woman. #SYSBM!!!

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  8. Also, a few hours afterwards, I spoke with a friend of mine, the nice white girl who I had mentioned in the comment section of I think the last article. She talked about how she was getting ready for a Wednesday night service at her church that her grandfather pastors. She felt that she needed to support him because there are not many congregants and she knows her grandpa must feel bad about this.

    Know, I’m sure you all know my thoughts on abrahamic religions and especially Christianity, but this honestly touched my heart and kinda made me more pissed at what had happened earlier. Here was this sweet young lady wanting to support her grandfather when many others will not. Conversely, I actually feel sorry for the old man without even knowing him. My feelings on Christianity and church aside, it must feel bad to want to share something you believe in so fervently and help people and yet they aren’t coming.

    This girl is very sweet and reminds me a lot of my Anna. She herself has mentioned that she deals with mental issues stemming from loneliness and depression, somewhat similar to myself and the black girl. The difference is, she does not drive people away and so kind to me. I honestly can’t stop crying because you have pure sweethearts like my Anna who had to GET SICK and DIE as her own mother was forced to bury her and explain why she gave birth 3 times but only has two children to show for it now, or my friend who is as sweet as can be and just wants help and be there for her grandfather, then there’s this black BITCH who lashes out at guys just wanting to lend a friendly presence and a shoulder to cry on, and proving every stereotype about black women in the process.

    And yeah, the girl had mentioned NOTHING but female family members before and even said that her dad wasn’t in her life, and said that her and her mom sighed DEEPLY when they realized that I had the same name as her father. Ad she was godmother to her (probably dyke) “mentor’s” from high school daughter, but didn’t mention the woman having a husband. Hmmm, huge red flags.

    I know that I’m socially awkward and not the typical person, but when you make a person feel like they’re stepping on landmines and give them attitude for no reason, it definitely won’t help! At this point, honestly, black women (and a few other groups, namely the men of certain groups) need to go extinct, period.

    In better news, the food was good.

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  9. No matter what black women say, never trust black women, or attempt to become involved with them. No matter if it’s a physical or sexual relationship or not, black men should not even attempt to speak to or communicate with black women for any reason whatsoever.
    I have said time and time again, avoid black women at all costs. That means speaking to black women, looking at black women, and attempting to communicate with black women for any reason whatsoever.
    Nothing personal, but when will Blackmen learn and understand that black women are demons , who hate Blackmen, and couldn’t possibly understand the concept of being friendly, affable, feminine, women.
    Blackmen, please learn to understand that your greatest enemy on the planet earth, is your alleged sister, the black woman whore.

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    • I feel so ashamed, yet still feel bad for “being mean”. Ive never had to deal with someone like that, let alone a female. I don’t even know how to feel besides ashamed. I should’ve stuck to #SYSBM, but I was trying to be friendly because I thought she was a kindred spirit.

      Why am I such a pathetic simp?!!!

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      • You *are* being a simp, bro. Man up. These bitches wouldn’t think twice about clowning you so why the crocodile tears? You yourself mentioned how this broad dogged you for liking anime, how typical. I’ve been where you are, that needle-in-a-haystack sista does not exist. I’ve tried to be friends with certain black/mixed chicks just to diversify my social circle, but they’re not good for even that. I grit my teeth and keep it at hi & bye when I have to associate with black chicks. Let the white boys, thugs and simps deal with them.

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      • Because I hate being mean to people, regardless! I’ve NEVER had to just lash out at someone like that. I wasn’t trying to “find s good one” just thought this was a kindred spirit and I wanted to reach out regardless of who it was because I understand loneliness and being abandoned.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        I hear that however you have to test the spirit of the person first to see whether or not your outreach will be appreciated. As I’ve mentioned many times before, if you don’t have a heart of ice then it will be near impossible to interact and deal with the overriding majority of black women. That’s life, sometimes you have to be harsh in order to not only set others straight but also yourself.

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      • Hey brother,

        I know how you’re feeling, because most of us Ebony men were raised to literally worship the black female as gaaawd, and almost all black females have been raised to put ebony men in their “place”.

        It’s natural to have these emotions. What I would suggest is use them to your advantage instead of repressing them. Your feelings and your consideration aren’t bad in and of themselves, but they are being directed at the wrong individual. Try to consider how bad it feels to be disrespected by that female. Take the guilt and the burden off of yourself and place it squarely where it belongs, on the conduct of the low seeded black female you were dealing with.

        She didn’t even know you like that, but she assumed she had every right to treat you like garbage. Think about the fact that she was disrespectful and her behavior is uncalled for.

        Pearls before swine brother. These black females will never appreciate the gems of your care and compassion. Never.


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      • Afrofuturism1,

        We all live and learn bro, I take my hat off the men like Keith and others who abandoned black women earlier on in their lives. As they will testify, life has been much easier without dealing with black females. It’s actually good that this situation occurred because it has given you a fresh reminder of just how bad things are in black female society and why SYSBM is the only way forward for thinking black men like us.

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  10. Afrofuturism1, nice guys finish last. Black women, but women in general are just evil beings. Once you get emotional with a woman, you will be disappointed and destroyed every time. I know this to be true because I’ve lived it and seen it, time after time.

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    • Bill Smith,
      A friend of mine a light skin black woman I been knowing her since elementary back in 1992 when I was in first grade, I won’t never forget what she said to me back in 2014, she told me that “good blackmen finish last in the dating scene, because black women don’t like good blackmen until she’s about in her late 20’s or 30’s thats when she settle down, black women are tainted with a very nasty attitude, are preloaded with kids from players, drug dealers and thugs, she also said when a women have sex with a guy without a condom and thug nut inside of black woman and specially if thug gets the black woman pregnant the thug’s spirit from his sperm goes to her system/brain causes her mind to get even more crazy then she currently is, Then my friend was telling me that a good black men like me are better off to date non black women (such as white women, hispanic women and etc), then she said black women is too much trouble right now.

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  11. I’m sorry that I had a temporary lapse of judgement and tried to be friendly to that witch. I’ve developed a newfound hatred for them and will never allow myself to be emotionally vulnerable again.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The very few black women that I still talk to as friends I have known for many years, they are feminine plus they are nothing like the monsters and Krakens that we see today. But that is the point, they are part of an extremely small remnant that are almost extinct.

      Don’t sweat it bro, at least you came out of it relatively unscathed. You simply have to be on your guard because of being in a vulnerable position. Don’t volunteer any outreach services to black witches, they won’t appreciate any of your kindness and will turn around and spit in your face as you have already found out.

      Stay away from black females, the overriding majority of them are just horrible people who pride themselves on how nasty, evil, cruel and vindictive they can be towards others.

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      • The reason this hurt me so much was because, black chick or not, I’m not used to cruelty or using the same behavior against others that’s been used against me. Maybe that’s part of “manning up”, but I can’t normalize the same thug behavior that I bemoan. But it helps I guess if you don’t interact with people you’re forced to be an asshole with.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        I’m the same, I’m not a thug, I’m not about that unproductive life. The thug is the character that most black women feel comfortable around hence why black women as a collective should be avoided at all costs(as Bill Smith would say).

        You’re right, you already know that if you hang out with folks who are dysfunctional, they will force you to take on board dysfunctional mannerism in order to fit in, black women are a prime example of this.

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    • Hey dude I understand and I’ve been there with the “usual suspects” years ago who I thought were different because they were into anime and the music I was into, but I found out the hard way that nothing really good comes from befriending them. I also hate being “mean” or putting people in their place, but as you get older you’ll find that it’s necessary, especially if you’re introverted and I understand being socially awkward as well.

      I hope you know that the onus isn’t on you to find the good in people, especially when they show you nothing but contempt. I really hope you won’t put yourself in a position like this again dude by being the “nice guy,” if I’ve learned anything from Rob Kardashian it’s that people really hate nice guys. (although he did bring it on himself) So reserve your kindness and generosity to those who actually deserve it.

      And as far as the usual suspects go, when I was at my lowest they weren’t there for me, and I foolishly believed that they were my friends since I knew most of them from high school. I would advise you not to even bother or waste your time with them. You don’t need the anger and bitterness weighing you down, believe me it will make you sick.

      Put yourself and your happiness along with your love ones who truly care for you first, everything else is irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.

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  12. Exactly, just look at how blacks who grew tall about having to act like Rambo just fit in. And these combative ass negroes are SHOCKED when people don’t want to deal with them?

    I’ll be damned if I waste my kindness again on ppl who treat me like $hit! I’m rebolstered now. You’re right, dilute the $hit out of that black blood. Let it become a freaking rumor!!!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Its so much better than dealing with scraggle daggle. My woman is good looking, feminine, she listens, unlike the black witch she does not like getting into arguments and if we do have a disagreement she is eager to return the atmosphere back to normal. Best of all she was raised by two parents who are still together.

        She is accountable, responsible and honest. I actually get treated as a person of value, she is eager to please me and doesn’t go out her way to upset me, this is the difference when you dilute the black bloodline or depart from it completely.

        Obviously non black females still have their issues, however as we all know regardless of those you will by and large have a much higher chance of finding a stable woman amongst them as opposed to black women.

        My woman is a God send and is a direct result of the implementation of SYSBM. There’s no going back to the plantation for myself, I’m free and I will remain that way.

        Kirigakure Jones is married to a Far Eastern woman, Michel and FLCLimaxxx are dating Beckys, they will all tell you the same thing, in fact Kirigakure Jones talked about the importance of SYSBM and the things we as black men no longer need to worry about no longer dealing with the black witch:

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  13. Black women strike again, this time up in Canada. Like I keep on saying, the dysfunction with black females is an international problem. No one is safe from this modern day black harpy:

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    • Sweet Jesus on a Pogo Stick, look at that 2-ton Precious get that cute, white queen in a headlock! And that bald, cannonball shaped bitch! Ugh. No wonder they were trying to attack the white cuties! Fat, ugly, jealous, dark-skinned heffas. And this is in Canada, where people are supposed to be well-behaved! The pestilence is real! Black men save yourselves!

      In the words of Mikey, The Dark Puppet, “SYSBM, family!”


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  14. White women STILL look like actually women even when fighting. Black women turn into Mike Tyson during a fight.
    And usually the only time you will see white women in altercations like this is when they are drunk.
    Black women wake up in the morning wanting to fight. But I forgot ‘Becky’ is out to get me.

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      • Yep and he blamed Sotomayor hahahahahahahahahaha. I’m gonna Mr a video on whether this destroys the credibility of these pro blacks. As if Tucker Carlson on Fox News bending Nasheed over a barrel already didn’t.

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  15. The more the Queans tighten their grip, the more thinking black men will slip through her fingers!

    Brothers – Escape the Death Star and get with Rey!

    #BLAXIT from The Matrix

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the Death Star implodes

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