The Jezebel Spirit Is Strong In This One – Feminism Stretching Out Its Wings As Per Usual


This Russian woman named Anfisa is a typical example of the type of woman that you don’t want. Now, much as in the case of Rob Kardashian Jorge was warned by his family concerning Anfisa, his sisters saw through her garbage, however Jorge refused to listen. Now, from the off I have to say that this woman is not very attractive at all and it looks like she has had some kind of surgery done to her lips because they look odd and out-of-place. In fact her whole face looks out of joint.

Secondly, from the time a woman you are meant to be dating scratches your vehicle, she needs to be kicked to the curb immediately. We as black men are all too familiar with our property being damaged at the hands of black women, black women feel that they have a right to destroy what they please and for the majority part the authorities give them impunity to do so.

Jorge’s phones were also smashed yet he still tolerated this woman. This is the problem with some women in general and most black women in particular, they enjoy letting Jezebel out of the cage and allowing her to roam the yard freely and unsupervised, however as a man you must put your foot down, immediately, check that woman and show her in no uncertain terms that her Jezebel type behaviour will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.

The problem with a lot of men is that they instead choose to facilitate the woman’s bad conduct because of the fear of the particular female leaving and them not being able to find another woman of a similar or higher beauty standard. Men need to purge that idea from their minds, do not sacrifice your manhood and psychologically castrate yourself for the sake of some rebellious and belligerent vagina, it simply isn’t worth the trouble and you are doing your character growth as a man absolutely no favours whatsoever.

You see, a lot of women like Anfisa get confused, in the man providing for them they believe that satisfying their childish lusts for money and material possessions are included in those provisions. No, a man is supposed to provide for you as far as your NEEDS and based upon your continued obedience and fulfilling your role as a woman, treats and indulges can be thrown in ON OCCASIONS.

However this heifer here believes that she is supposed to be living a celebrity lifestyle and Jorge continues to injure himself by attempting to cater to the way of living she desires. Jorge much like Rob Kardashian is a grade A simp, he believes that he can buy her love, however as we all can see for ourselves, the Jezebel spirit is never satisfied. He is lavishing this woman with gift after gift and it still isn’t enough. Check out this clip where Jorge’s sister calls out the Jezebel for who she is:

Do you see the difference between white women and black women, do you see how white women by and large will look out for their siblings as opposed to most black women who will instead side with the female opposition in their efforts to take you down? Many of you black men have seen this for yourselves first-hand, your own female family members will have no problems forming Voltron against you if your enemy happens to be another black woman. With black women the dysfunctional, angry and bitter sisterhood comes first above all, even if it means throwing male family members under the bus.

I encourage you to type into the YouTube search bar, “90 Day Fiance Jorge Anfisa” and you will find many more video clips of the dynamic duo. Notice how she slapped him at the end of the clip, again, as I stated before in my recent article dealing with black women, their propensity towards being violent and confrontational and how black men must not tolerate such behaviour under any circumstances, violent females where feasibly possible must be met with physical aggression. A man must never waive his right to defend himself just because the aggressor is a woman, NEVER.

Take a look at this clip here:

Notice how Jorge’s sister was extremely sceptical about the relationship, especially when she asked about Anfisa’s modelling career prior to coming to the US which as Anfisa admitted outside of sexually provocative photos on Facebook was non-existent. This was obviously her plan, use Jorge to get over to the US from which she could kick-start of modelling career. It’s as clear as day that Anfisa has no interest in Jorge outside of him being a human ATM.

Thinking black men, doesn’t this behaviour look familiar? Remember how I’ve been stating how most black women view black men as commodities ie slaves? Jorge literally is a slave to this woman but to be honest I don’t feel sorry for him at all because he did it to himself. He could have curbed Anfisa from the beginning, however because of his low self-esteem and in the toilet self-confidence, he stuck it out not believing in himself and believing that he couldn’t achieve better.

Yesterday as a good friend of mine advised me upon viewing the first video clip, if you are going to go abroad to find a woman then it is best to avoid the major cities because that is where the worst of the worst will be because of the high decadency, degeneracy and dysfunction associated with city lifestyles. The better quality of women by and large will reside in the countryside as there is much less contamination to be found in rural areas. You’ll notice that all of the crazy stuff like shootings, bombings, terrorist attacks, debauchery etc almost always occur in the cities.

I personally am a country boy at heart, I always have been, however I know a lot of individuals who much prefer the city life. Gentlemen, don’t be like Jorge, vet the women you deal with properly, if they do not fit your requirements discard of them immediately and move on regardless of how good she looks. Stop dealing with mentally ill, mentally broken and mentally insane feminists.

Do not allow women to shame you into not having standards and requirements, as we have seen with black women they have no problems putting their standards on the table(for black men, of course non black males get a free pass). Under no circumstances tolerate any women who exhibits the traits of Jezebel and entitlement, such women are no good emotionally, physically, mentally and most of all spiritually. Lastly, check out these finally nuggets, this disrespectful siren actually referred to Jorge’s sister as a bitch, yep, the same sister who is looking out for her younger brother and Jorge did very little if anything at all to defend his own blood, smh.

And the end of the day Anfisa has been rumbled, Jorge’s sisters aren’t buying her garbage, they know what the score and so does Anfisa, however Jorge is still extremely reluctant to read the writing on the wall. White men were the ones who introduced feminism into western society, I find it ironic that they are by and large the ones now complain about the fruits it has brought to the table. What exactly did they believe was going to happen:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

47 thoughts on “The Jezebel Spirit Is Strong In This One – Feminism Stretching Out Its Wings As Per Usual

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  2. This woman is crazy as hell, and the dude is stupid for dealing with her. I remember that in the first season that they met, this Cuck bought a new car for her, and she said she didn’t like it. Wtf?

    Sadly, you know that both feminists and mgtow will jump on this: the former to say that “them foreign women gon gitcha”, and the latter to prove that “all women are like that” to excuse their perpetual lack of sex and families. As stated before, these two groups are two sides of the same coin, since, can you really expect either mindset to try to rebuild families and societies, when they are both so hostile?

    Once again, much with rob kardashian, I don’t feel bad for this dude, and as you mentioned, his sisters WARNED him about this woman, not side with her. That’s a world of difference between the bitter black sisterhood always teaming up as well as a hole in the logic of the mgtow mantra.

    I’d say honestly that this tv channel set some of this up and either had her play a part or sought the worst woman possible, just to make foreign (namely Eastern European) dating look as bad as possible. Remember, do you see cases like this in those Eastern European countries, where there is actual patriarchy?

    For proof this, the stories of the African and middle eastern men using the American women on this show will not get showcased as much, once again as it fits neither gender group’s agenda.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Dude was extremely dumb for dealing with her even after his sisters warned him. Feminists even though they will try can’t come against marriages between western men and foreign women as they have the lowest divorce rates. MGTOW need to admit that the problems they experience with women overwhelmingly come from westernised females who love and embrace urban living, you’ll have a much higher chance of finding decent women in less densely populated areas.

      I’m not fooled, if their objective was to have me believe that Eastern European women in general are just as bad as western women then the picked the wrong guy. Eastern Europe has the best white women by far precisely because of what you mentioned, patriarchy still being in place. To be honest I’m more angry with Jorge than Anfisa because as you keep saying over and over, its the men that allow these types of women to spiral out of control and become the Jezebels that they are.

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      • Indeed, dude looked like a beta male in every facet of life. And I can’t get mad that she just wanted money when that’s what he lead with (and lied about). It’s like if I advertise that I have a 12 inch d1ck and get mad that everyone just wants to ride it.

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  3. This is going to be controversial but I find myself on Anfisa’s side the more and more clips I watch of their “relationship.” She, unlike most gold diggers was honest and straightforward about her intentions from day one and TOLD him in plain English that she was only with him for his money. Jorge instead chose to ignore this and peruse a relationship with her anyway despite being told by several family members not to do so. In addition to having extremely low self esteem Jorge is also a liar. He lied about his finances and about being a millionaire when he was really in debt, all because he wanted a “pretty girl” with big boobs and now that his elaborate scheme is falling apart before his very eyes he wants to cry foul…..please…

    The truth is they’re both as shallow as each other….

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    • Hmmm.

      With that information, yeah I can’t even take her to task. Open intentions make a world of difference, she said she just wanted him for money, just like many men want women just for sex and no relationship (the true neaning of fornication). I’m now not even sure if I can put this one on feminism, as her intentions were clear from the start and this dude seemed like a pushover in all walks of life, not just women. He wouldn’t even take his sister’s advice, thus, just like with most white men, it’s on him.

      Also, you really can’t get mad at women for just wanting money when that’s literally all this guy and several others lead with (and many times lie about).

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        The reason why I brought feminism into the equation is because of the entitlement aspect of her personality, the “gimme gimme, gimme” type attitude which is classic amongst feminists where they expect to be waited on hand and foot just because they are women.

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    • Oddysey,

      I personally don’t side with either of them, however I do see you point, she was open about what the deal was from the beginning and the dude still walked into the trap deluding himself into believing that she would change, not a chance, not at such a young. You’re right, dude was a fool to lie about his financial status, he could have easily gotten a prettier woman who would have accepted him for who he is, however seeing as his self esteem and self confidence are both in the toilet, this will always be a hindrance to his cause.

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  4. The bitch looks looks like Josef Stalin. LOL wtf? On a serious note,it’s good y’all realized that thots exist in every race and culture. This is almost like a similar situation with Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. I dont support that fuckery either and im more mad at Rob for simping so hard. Regardless of his color he brings shame upon us as a man. It is also an eye-opener to see black women defending Blac Chyna’s actions. As you can imagine,her supporters would be just as trashy as she is. These hood-rats are far removed from morality and conscience and they are hell bent on destroying everything they touch. And any black woman or woman in general that defend this kind of shit is not somebody in their right mind either. Thankfully it is only the hoodrats and thots defending that plastic,skin-bleaching specimen.


    • The two situations aren’t even comparable as NO ONE is defending these two idiots, whereas black women swooped in for their “susta” Chyna. Also, an idiot walking into an advertised mine field is nowhere near the same what goes on in black culture. I can’t stand when these idiot white boys act like their bad choices are synonymous with what black society is FORCED to deal with.

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    • Dondopa,

      I had a feeling you would come out of hiding with this article, fits your narrative about white women being up to no good nicely eh sir? Not at all, that Sophia A Nelson woman is also defending Blac Chyna, professional so called upstanding members of black female society and their simp squadrons are coming out and backing Chyna, not in the same high numbers as the hoodrats and the thots but they are still present none the less.

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      • The more that simps/mgtow/feminists/racists push the “white girls gon gitcha” meme, the more black men say “**** it” and jump in the proverbial pool (and literal bed) with them. It’s like saying “Yao Ming is a giant, therefore “All Asians Are (Tall) Like That”. Stupid ass logic.

        Conversely, I don’t think, even if they were in abundance, that I good get with a good black chick. I can’t bring myself to be in a position to bring forth more non-mixed black life. Then again, since ol whitey is gonna get us, can you blame me?

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        The “dem white girls are gonna get ya” rhetoric is dead, black men can clearly see that their own counterparts are bringing them far more detriment than non black women, these are simply the facts.

        I hear you, the fact that so called good black women refuse to speak out makes it even worse. The reputation of the modern day black female is too far tarnished and destroyed to be redeemed.

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    • What a surprise, a negative story about a white woman attracts our “fist-in-the-air” “black power contingent. Just for the chance to reinforce their racist hate towards white women.

      As predictable as the sun rising every day.

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  5. Maaaaaaaan look! YO! yall think rob kardashian was bad….THIS MUTHAF*CKA HOLD THE BELT!!!
    Check this out fam…and I’ve said this on a youtube video…
    “I guess eh? Being a “bragger” here in western society really gotcha the woman huh?
    Damn another blue piller who committed financial and social suicide. But then, here’s the typical russian female who was a damn entitled BRAT about everything! Both of them are stupid as hell naw. they deserve each other…She lied…He Lied…And the “marriage” died.”

    And here’s the where the SHOTS FIRED!!!!
    B*tch said this sh*t…..with a straight gasface!!! No Duckface…GASFACE!!!
    “I hate being married to Jorge!!!”
    And this fat hipposimpamous only WEAK ASS PUNK ASS Comeback was….
    “…And we’re off to a good start!!!”
    Yaaahahahaaaaaahahahaaaa *CLAP!!!!* Hollywood screenwriters can’t make this sh*t up!!!

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  6. Also, I will try to upload some videos of the stuff I’ve worked on since last week, but I will only get a few because the mother load method wears me out lol, and I’ve been feeling like crap for the past day.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I was wondering how long it would take till the mother load got to you, you need to take a break. If I was uploading articles like that I would be fried too, lol.

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  7. lol it’s taxing, namely the uploading/writing tags part. Once I get the stuff that’s about a week late up, I’ve got some blockbusters planned, such as a black chick that bit her man for not wanting to BBQ, a rebuttal against the modern church, a similar rebuttal of (ironically) white men and thee fruit they’ve sown with feminism, and I’ve actually got a little documentary idea, hehe.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Looking forward to all of that. Yeah, I know that it can be tiring writing article after article and the fact of the matter is producing videos require more work.

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      • The doc idea is called #SYSBM TN, and I would interview couples (black men with non-black women) about how they came to be and the struggle they’ve faced. I’d cover Tennessee, namely Cleveland and Chattanooga, and later, Knoxville and Nashville too.


  8. Verbs, I watch 90 day fiancé now Jorge is a fool for going forward with the relationship she did tell him up front she wanted money. But the disturbing thing is she constantly hits and assaults Jorve and nobody says anything about it that is part of the feminist entitlement a woman can hit a man but women cannot defend themselves against women. If Jorge was doing the same thing he would be in jail.

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    • Sean,

      Indeed, we already know how feminists feel they have the right to hit men at will. That chick is taking full liberties with Jorge and like a grade A simp he is tolerating her violent antics. He keeps on saying that she is beautiful, however her face looks like a train wreck plus her dark heart make her look even more ugly.

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  9. @afrofuturism1 I don’t blame you brother for expressing that thought; I feel the exact same way, I want the best for my progeny. Even if you did meet those rare “supposedly” good black chicks what are the odds that those particular females will be gorgeous or of mixed heritage?

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    • Indeed, part of me still feels bad admitting, until I look at my own videos lol.

      I can honestly kind of understand why it takes so long for some dudes to get to this level, because, yeah, hate to say it, but “dey momma black”. It can definitely feel like treason at some point, especially when many are through with the black culture in general by the time they go #SYSBM.

      Speaking of which, was in Walmart, and saw a white woman with a ribeye of an ass lol. Was gonna get them digits, until I saw a black boyfriend/husband and a few halflings lol.

      The black dude in the aisle with me said “damn!” At the same time as me as she walked away. Seemed like a cool dude when we talked, might have to get him on that SYSBM, as if it’ll be hard (as if we weren’t) lol.

      Also, if he’s like most black men, how do u think that black dude hit that white Woman? Lol

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  10. Also, gotta write more about Jorge the dumbass.

    I really don’t feel bad seeing that he’s using her no less than she’s using him. One problem I have with the article is the insinuation that he’s “trying to buy her love”, when he clearly cares about that even less than she does. He KNEW she just wanted money, and puts up with her sugar daddy lust just so he can show her off and have her hanging off of his arm like a cheap suit.

    In terms of the city thing, I myself much prefer cities and can’t even stand the heat lol. However, many of these dudes (namely the aforementioned legion of white boys) go to the clubs/bars to find women, which is stupid. That’d be like looking for a housewife in the strip club!

    Though I don’t like the church or mainstream Christianity, the members of the white churches typically can at least feign conservatism much better than the lousy black church. My mother’s church (mostly white), as much as I hate Pentecostals especially, actually has a very large number some pretty decent single women, if you can breakthrough the indoctrination.

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    • @afrofuturism1 I never understood the club scene either I’m not really a dancer. I thought you were a deist since that incident with your girlfriend; I’m a secularist so religion is not my cup of tea. I can attest to that there are some faithful, intelligent attractive females at churches. I’m a nerd like yourself and I have a sweet spot for intelligent/nerd type females especially with glasses lol.

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      • Lol from what I can tell very little dancing is the point at the club, more likely drinking, doing lines of coke, screwing in the bathroom, and if you’re black, trying to not get shot.

        I honestly don’t know what I am. I’m not atheist, and still believe in some higher power. However, the evidence FOR Christianity is dwindling to me.

        I’m still confused on the definition of deist, as I’ve heard so many.

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      • The mall is a pretty General spot to get numbers lol.

        The best thing anyone could do is go to a social spot/business/establishment that caters to a particular hobby/interest of theirs. Comic book stores, book stores, art supply stores/art galleries, concerts/lounges/music halls, hobby shows, things of that nature. Basically, the same way you would seek out potentially like minded individuals of the same sex. Thus, scope out and find the cutest girl lol.

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      • Black women don’t like Blackmen who like real hobby such as comics art supply stores/art galleries, concerts, I black female told me I am boring due to am too nice and I like comic books. And she said she like tough guys.

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  11. I fell asleep to YOUTUBE and woke up to THIS. Not sure if you saw it or commented on it already. Being that it’s 2 years old, you might have already. If not, have fun!!!


  12. We don’t like black women because of everything this stupid black woman displayed in this video. Black women fail to understand just how offensive everything about the way they speak and act is in the act is, and Blackmen are wrong for not wanting to be a part of it.
    Black women seem to be able to attempt to mimic the appearance of white women, fail miserably at attempting to adopt the feminine, soft, affable,way that White women conduct themselves, and that Blackmen find attractive.
    Black women continuing to lose, and being too stupid to understand why. But I forgot ‘Becky’ is out to get me.

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  13. Also, Verbs, since you’re “Yoruba”, maybe you can explain Nollywood to me lol.

    I found out about it today from a friend and can’t stop laughing. This is the worst sh1t possible to put on camera, and the ones that aren’t bad attempts at action movies are “romances” full of the worst sex scenes imaginable.

    Just check out this GLORIOUS filmmaking expertise:

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  14. This is pure fuckery. Truth is that all races participate in this fuckery. Not just black women.

    The Russian gold digging woman shows this.

    And this is a non-black man she is gold digging.

    I don’t support or endorse corruption from either side of the angle.

    Only dusty people defend dusty people.


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