Are Black Men Whining And Complaining About Black Women? Another Weak Kansas City Shuffle Deconstructed


Here is the YouTube video where this comment was made:

Note that Obsidian Radio has already weighed in and responded to Alan Roger Currie’s comment and more, his response can be seen here:

Black women have been trying their utmost to shut down the voices of black men, the whining and complaining Kansas City shuffle is one of their favourite techniques and unfortunately some black men in their efforts to appease the angry and bitter black sisterhood have also jumped on this bandwagon, Alan Roger Currie being one of the most recent guilty culprits.

The reason why I am writing about this issue is because in his comment he mentions that he’s witnessed a lot of men on Facebook, Twitter, VARIOUS BLOG SITES and YouTube complaining about not being chosen constantly by women. Now, let’s read between the lines, Currie is really talking about black men conversing about black women, however he is being slick and deceptive in his approach, I believe as to avoid an onslaught of comments and criticism from black men. This is the same underhanded tactic the simp to pimp strategist Coen Naninck executed against black men in his video White Men Black Women Should Avoid. I have already given my critique on that video which can be viewed in the link below:

The “whining and complaining” Texas Two Step is the black woman’s attempt to shame black men into not raising legitimate issues and critiques concerning their dysfunctional behaviour. I know that this comment amongst many others is most definitely a shot in my direction because I have raised the very same points that Alan Roger Currie commented on many times before here.

Firstly it should be made abundantly clear that we thinking black men are most definitely NOT concerned with black women refusing to choose us as we can already observe that the quality of black women as a collective has sunk deeply into the negative, in 2017 the modern day black female is not even worth a bar of soap. Thus in light of this we thinking black men laugh whenever black women pull out their criteria list as we recognise that they(already being on the bottom) are in no position to be making any demands, yet alone the ones on their personal dockets.

Secondly, as Obsidian mentioned in his podcast, the issue is NOT the fact that black women are choosing the worst kinds of men to date and procreate with, as thinking black men our issue is the fact that black women once they have made their calamitous decisions are NOT prepared to drink down the consequences of them and thereafter will quickly seek out the very men they rejected from the beginning and expect them to now perform the services of a sacrificial goat ie take on board the black female’s transgressions and recompenses, no sir, not me.

Currie cascades upon black men for “whining and complaining” yet I wonder what he would have to say with regards to black women who do the same. Of course when black women do it, it is conveniently relabelled under non negative sounding terms and titles. Additionally at the same time everybody is encouraged to immediately stop what they are doing, listen attentively and take what is being said seriously. Whilst digging through the crates on YouTube I stumbled across this:

Mind you, this was from the early 1990’s at a time when black men didn’t have access to a platform to get our side of the story out. It seems to me that black women have been on this same whining and complaining Currie accuses black men of doing for the longest while. Here is another black woman doing the same, attempting to dick police black men on their dating and marriage preferences. Will Alan Roger Currie be holding the feet of black women to the fire, somehow I doubt it:

What Alan Roger Currie is failing to realise is that this goes deeper than being disgruntled because of rejection. What about the fallout ie the fruits of the black woman as a result of her propensity towards making stupid choices? Thinking black men have had many encounters with and are still having to deal with one of the consequences of the black woman’s buffoonery, the devil seedlings she produces.

Allow me to demonstrate some examples of this, remember this guy, a thinking black man who attempted to help out his local “black community” by turning his father’s house into a community center, however scum Negroes kept breaking into the house. Yet when he finally caught the scum red-handed and asked them why they were doing what they did, look at how they rewarded him:

Take a look at the video I posted in this article I wrote earlier this month, yet more scumbags decent black men have been forced to deal with:

What about this guy here, another thinking black man who had decided to expand on his dating options, here he is sitting down to eat with his white girlfriend and he is forced to deal with a fruity pro black minstrel who attempts to cascade upon him about his choice of woman, remember this video:

What about the countless black men and children who have been caught out by gun fire, have been run over or have been killed by these same black women that according to Currie we are not allowed to raise concerns about or their decadent devil spawn seed?

Everyday black men are having to deal with the fruits of the black woman’s idiotic choices, yet we shouldn’t ask questions and raise legitimate concerns about this??? By the way, just for argument sake let’s just say that black men are whining and complaining, wouldn’t that indicate that there may indeed be some problems with black women that need to be addressed?

Continuing along this train of thought, in normal everyday life when people complain it is because there is a problem, when they continue complaining it is normally because the problems have not been rectified ie are still ongoing. Not only is the dysfunction of the black woman an ongoing issue, she additionally is now bringing new problems to the table on top of the old, yet we aren’t supposed to talk about this??

At Slaying Evil my position is this, I document the dysfunction and the skullduggery of the modern day black woman so that thinking black men can be educated, forewarned and better informed. As a black man who can articulately explain and expound upon the many issues surrounding black women, it is my duty and obligation to educate and to warn others(in particular black men) concerning the perils and the pitfalls with dealing with black women in 2017 and beyond.

Another matter that should be raised at this point is the fact that the women of any said community are meant to be a reflection of their male counterparts, thus if the women are out of joint then this automatically is a bad look on the men. Therefore, because black women as a collective have severely derailed and point-blank refuse to put themselves back on track, it is now the duty of intelligent black men to denounce those black women and their dysfunctional behaviours and to show that we do not approve of nor associate with degenerates of that sort.

I don’t like scum of any kind, I don’t associate with scum and I will call out scum at every opportunity, black female scum especially. So no, black men are not whining and complaining, we are simply raising legitimate issues and concerns relating to black women and their current reprobate status.

Lastly, the term “whining and complaining” indicates that in the hearts of black men there is still some hope that black women as a collective will change, maybe with the simp squadrons, however this is not the case for the thinking black man. I am constantly advising black men to seek sex, love and companionship elsewhere, the YouTuber GW3 Extreme has a video series entitled No Hope No Change For The Negro Female. Additionally I refer to the overwhelming majority of black women as defective beyond repair all the time. Defective beyond repair means just that, DEFECTIVE BEYOND REPAIR. No, we black men of critical thought have already counted the modern day black female as a write off and have moved on.

Currie’s comment is straight out of the simp/mangina chronicles, as a man who is clearly intelligent he ought to know better than to deliberately mislabel the actions of black men in relation to them calling out the many dysfunctions of their black female counterparts, come better than that bruh. Black men take notes, there are other black men who wish for you to remain in the dark and to continue suffering at the hands of black women as your entrapment ensures the cheques continue to flow in their direction, beware. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

65 thoughts on “Are Black Men Whining And Complaining About Black Women? Another Weak Kansas City Shuffle Deconstructed

  1. The video with the three black women from the Ricki Lake show, you can literally smell their stank attitudes through the footage. The black woman in the middle was complaining about non-ghetto women taking their men as if they own them, well, these are the same decent thinking black men that never had a chance in the first place in the eyes of black women in this ilk. Also, “there’s not enough black men to go around because they’re in jail, drugs and so forth” line needs to be debunked because these same dysfunctional black women chose to be with the minority of black men from that lifestyle than the decent ones then complains that all black men ain’t sh*t when the minority of men burns black women. Good article. SYSBM.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Black women behave like slave owners, they believe that they own black men, hence why they are always kicking up a stink whenever black men exercise a preference towards light skinned and non black women. They put the same black men in jail they claim there aren’t enough of, what a joke. Exactly what you said, there are plenty of black men to go around, however the overwhelming majority of black women only prefer the thug, criminal types. Since I’m not a thug nor a criminal this means that I am not wanted by them which is all the more reason why I have taken my backside elsewhere. SYSBM.

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      • They only complain after White men rejected them in favor of White or Asian women. The majority of White men would rather overdose or be gay than to date black females. That fact makes swirlers extremely angry and hateful.

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      • Reynagirl14,

        This is what most black women are reluctant to understand, they are never going to be the first dating and marriage choice of non black men especially white men, however folks like Christelyn Karazin continue to persuade black women otherwise with pipe dreams and false hope.

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  3. Notice how long this has been going on….

    Why would anyone simp for what is literally the whoriest group of women possible? That’s like paying for a free sample!

    Also, notice the pro black in the one video. Why are there so many gays in black movements, even the ones where the gays should probably be nonexistent, i.e. The church and moral movements.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The modern day black female is at the bottom of the barrel, exactly how are good black men being wounded by them rejecting us in favour of drug dealers, criminals and unproductive thug type black males?

      As I stated to Daniel BrotherDan Ward, since we aren’t wanted by them, we have simply taken ourselves elsewhere, it’s that simple. Notice as we all have mentioned before the fact that non black females do not have any problems accepting classic black men, hence why we now opt for them instead.

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  4. ARC is just another example of a black man who is scared to call out the sisterhood. He has a business in dating and advice…he knows these negro females would have his shit shut down quick if he didn’t co-sign them. It’s been obvious black men don’t give a damn about the choices of these raggedy ass women…rather that these choices have destroyed the community and once the damage has been done…these reprobate females will have the nerve to call thinking black men to the table so he can wife up some used up, ugly ass, mentally ill, slut single mother and quell her violent dysfunctional dread head bastard man-child. Also, he is supposed to come back…KNOWING that he is not her first choice. Black men…go where you are wanted…its plain to see black women down want you #SYSBM

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    • Steven Rogers,

      There are very few black men out there who are willing to call out black women, the last couple of years especially have been very telling. This is my point right here, I have been illustrating for the longest while how because black women don’t want quality black men, those who haven’t yet should simply take themselves where they are wanted as you stated.

      It’s always been about the consequences of the cruddy choices black women have and still are making, many men like Currie much like black women will continue to bring up straw man arguments, things that are not even part of the debate. #SYSBM

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    • I agreed with brother
      The same blackwomen that rejects the good Blackman when she’s 18-29 years old when look her best then all of sudden when she hit the wall like serious weight gain, multiple kids by thugs that’s when she wants a good Blackman the same guys that she rejected while she’s at best years. It’s sad man.

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  5. I think what you have to take into account is that many of these dating coachs and gurus, have a product to sell. If he talks negatively about black women he’ll lose money. So he has to sell a dream.

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  6. ARC, Locario and other relationship experts are just hustlers with a product to sell. They believe black American men are a market to sell to. They may be having difficulty having said market buy what they are selling and the statements he made reflect his frustration. The message is to change yourself to gain access to dysfunctional black women on their terms. They state that this is women’s true nature and you have to adapt. This is true you have to understand women base feral nature. But not to appease it for some ass but in order to avoid it or change it. Men in the past already knew about women, that’s why the were strictly controlled. Women do not civilize men, men civilize women. It is shown in other cultures around the world. There is a reason intellect, hard work and achievement are rewarded in other cultures. It is why when these complaining men travel abroad or go expat, they find that they are treated better by other women of other cultures. There is a large part of society that has a vested interest in black men who have issues about their treatment in black society to sit down, shut up, and accept the fuckery around you. They want you to find your place in it whether as a disrespected cleanup man for black baby mamas, or a clueless dude who buys books and lectures from other men looking to exploit you. These same dudes will tell you they have never had the issues the majority of black men have with women ever, but buy their book and maybe you can be like them. Even though they were preselected by women there whole life.

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    • Well again you also have to understand that their is an entire industry that profits from black dysfunction, it’s the prison industry, the police, and the welfare state.

      I still can’t understand why so many men are learning “game” so they can score with women who already have some dudes ball residue on her lips or some dudes (probably two or three) sperm dripping down her leg.

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      • TheStraightShooter500,

        I still cannot believe that either. It simply goes to show how so many black men are still bewitched by black women and have no problems dealing with sloppy, defective beyond repair goods.

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  7. To be fair black women complain about black men dating light skin women, biracial women and white women all the time. Even though they proudly boast about their preferences like height, swag and income level etc etc…..

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  8. Well I see that Ohshay has turned on us too. The dude got so bull hurt that he got me banned from I really don’t care I got banned when i did nothing wrong. Ohshay is crying that he is $20 000 in the hole.

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      • Verbs, I’m not really sure who is telling the truth. It’s rather a long story which even involves me. All I can say is that I suggest you don’t write articles for that website. Ohshay has a big ego, he doesn’t take any personal responsibility. Not only he had beef with Obsidian but he also had a beef with angryman. He hates both of them with passion. He did a 180 because of the conflict with Obsidian. I’m not blaming Obsidian btw.

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      • MikeTO,

        I remember when I was writing for the Negromanosphere before when Oshay and Obsidian were beefing, I told Oshay that I don’t get involved in all the beef and the drama. I try my best to steer clear of all the black YouTube contentions because at the end of the day all I see is through them is black women winning. I never knew Oshay fell out with Angryman, this is exactly what I am talking about, I don’t have a clue as to what is going on. I don’t understand how black men can beef so much, black women have the energy for it because that is what they are built for.

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      • Verbs, I really don’t understand Ohshay I don’t think that site is going to last. He has accused of Obsidian not following his promise to write on Sundays twice. That is what Ohshay told me. Obsidian claims he got fired due to Alan getting Ohshay. Alan refused to do business with Obsidian from what Alan has said. Obsidian was promoting Alan’s program. Alan said he doesn’t do business with the small guy.
        When Alan Rodger Currie wrote the article on the website a few days later I went wtf and told Ohshay this wasn’t cool since I gave Ohshay a good amount of cash to start a forum on the website which never came through. We had our disagreement he offered to give me money back he never followed through. I never bashed or called him names just a reflecting things back. Then the runs to saveyourselfblack and has me banned. I’m not sure what he said but he had make up some story because nothing I said wasn’t offensive.
        So Ohshay is guilty of what he claims Obsidian has done. The guy never took personal responsibility.
        He told me he invested $10 000 when he first started now dropped another $10 000. But the guy is paid writers ahead of time instead of trying to recover the money. My assumption is that he didn’t get loan. I can only guess he had money from a will or parents gave it to him. No sane person is going to invest $20 000 and be so reckless. I had to practially nag him to get on patreon.
        The guy disrespect me on live chat. With a greet unfriendly tone because another person donated more than me that month. I wasn’t jealous but I didn’t deserve to get disrespect when I helped me not with money but when he website went down due to too much traffic, I told him about cloudflare.
        I didn’t say anything to him just moved on but when I told about that I think that’s when he went to saveyoruselfblackman to get me banned. I didn’t really care about wtf. I wasn’t fighting him only criticism.
        II think 4 to 6 years tops a lot of write will leave the website and stop writing for him. He is pretty much black version of Paul Elam.
        Obsidian is an asshole he has stated that in his video but Ohshay think he is perfect and he think heisn’t one either, when he is. Watch the website go to shit. I don’t wish that it does but the way Ohshay behaves it’s going to end up just like avoiceformen.

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  9. Oh i forgot he couldn’t marry some hot chick he has sex with so he is trying to make a 6 figure salary. Of course if he talks the fuckery of black women that would lower his chances. He is just a simp in action. No different than any other PUA.
    Pretty much all the dating coaches I have seen is telling men to man up. Man up to worthless cheating slut? lol

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  10. This seems to be the trend, sadly. Everyone seems to be taking a page out of Mr. Controversy’s book by initially addressing the actual problem, then once they have you sucked in, they then turn around and start spouting this self flagellation crap and how in reality it’s your fault these women are like this. Painlessrisen and Akwesi100 have started to do is as of late as well by telling you after much reconsideration, they’ve had a change of heart, and there’s actually plenty of good “women” out there, you just don’t know how to attract them because you lack initiative, you don’t “build,” and these “women” in their pathetic state are actually a reflection of you, whatever.

    Typical Sarge WP 2.0 nonsense of “building” for a group of women who want nothing to do with you outside of being their personal ATM or babysitter. Sorry, but you can gravel and pander all you want, these “women” are only interested in scumbag cons like Derrick Jaxn or pathetic self-flagellating yes-men like Angel Ramirez Jordan if you’re black that is, but nerdy/average Joe is fine only when you’re white.

    I’ll think you’ll notice too that after those embarrassing Baltimore Riots of 2015, the “Black community needs to do better, lets expose the trash” genre on YouTube has severely dwindled since then. The world saw, especially if you were black that there is not reasoning with ghetto trash, you’re only going to be labelled an Uncle Tom, coon, self hater, a sunken place negro(which is all the rage) or attacked financially and physically. Plus all the non-blacks that viewed that content couldn’t care less, they just wanted a freak show and an open forum to make fun of black people.

    Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing Verbs. The fact that you’re encouraging black men to find love that reciprocates and to live their life on their own terms is enough for me. Sometimes you have to grow up and realize you can’t save everyone and it’s not your job to play cape crusader to a people and culture that has nothing but disdain for you.

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    • Exactly. Sad how many, namely the first one you mentioned, have neutered and watered down their message in exchange for attempts at treats, Scooby snacks, and potential mainstream crossover appeal. It’s REALLY apparent with Mr. Harris, with all the bones he’s been throwing lately to white men, namely MGTOW types.

      I could almost buy the “build first” argument with white dudes, since the decks are stacked in their favor. As mentioned before, it’s why I don’t really take their complaints seriously.

      Be sure to check out Verbs’, Hardcore Tito’s, GW3X’s, Kid Organic’s, and, most importantly (hehehe), MY content on YouTube and this blog. Be sure to share it wherever you can. As mentioned, there’s a void in the “black manosphere”, and it must be filled.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        We are literally some of the few remaining soldiers holding down the fort, I really don’t understand why many black men are flaking out for defective beyond repair goods.

        MGTOW is not the friend of the black man, look how many white MGTOW guys are complaining at the fact that more white women are opting for black men, but I thought these guys were all about going their own way? We already know what they are calling black men behind closed doors.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      I too have noticed that the amount of black men who are standing in the corner of the thinking black male is dwindling very fast indeed. It’s sad to see the way Sotomayor has gone, as I’ve stated before he was the pioneer of this second wave movement calling out black women and their skull duggery. To be honest nowadays you have to look at the smaller black YouTubers in order to find true soldiers still standing. I’m surprised that Akwesi 100 has begun to take this self flagellation route aswell. Even if he has finally found a black women, that still wouldn’t change the fact that the majority of them are still trash and need to be called out.

      You simply cannot build for or together with black women, as I have stated many times before if you build for them they will either tear down what you’ve built or they simply won’t pay your work and efforts any attention or interest. This is why I DO NOT reach out to black women, I’ve said it many times before, they simply aren’t interested in what black men have to offer. So, the obvious solution to this response simply is to go elsewhere. I am no one’s ATM machine, nor will I be performing the duties of a child carer.

      Yep, black women are only interested in those that pimp and use them, this is why they and the criminal, thug, gangster element of black male society get on like a house on fire. Notice how black women also have cosy, comfortable and convenient relationships with two other well know pimp/merchants, the state and black pastors. The black community is a goner, to embark upon a mission to fix it is simply a fool’s errand, it’s too far gone now.

      MBD is the man who started the SYSBM movement and he is absolutely correct, black men need to save themselves from black women, literally. Thanks bro, I will continue to to my part over here at Slaying Evil, there will be no selling black men short on this site, I fully well know what’s at stake.

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      • I believe that most of us put a lot of stock into Sotomayor and his talents and abilities. These issues in the black community have been around since we were kids. Sotomayor platform was just all points being proven and refined. He’s always talked about how he ain’t shit and that he is a flawed person . It’s rather depressing at times . I respect Tommy and I’m a fan of his . But I’m thankful that I had a dad at taught me a lot of stuff and would easily point out the flaws of Tommy and will probably not want me watching him. Just because of the man lack of emotional capacity and dealing with people who doesn’t like him. The one thing I’ve always noticed about him, is that he needs a daddy. This is nothing new, as I’ve told him this after getting into back and forth with mentally unstable smaller YouTubers and he agrees. (Nothing to brag about since it’s kind of obvious) As I mentioned before Verbs, Tommy is not that much different from Oshay, angryman and maybe even to a certain extent swp. Tommy still loves black women and wants to be with them. I think most of it has to do with his two black daughters and finding a role model that looks like them. Again, a dad would tell you that is really about finding the best person of character, not no skin color that you cannot control. A dad would tell you to stop arguing with a group of people who you cannot change. He is like a masochist, like a battered woman. He said he trying to make strides with people who he disagrees with. Are used them to prove his point . Even if they do challenge your message, they’re still going to be the same. they still will think of you as the same. Even if you do make strides, you’re still looked at as the guy who hates black women. I wish these men would understand that it’s not about what actions you do, it’s really about how these people already feel about black people. O’Shea lately has been coming around. He has basically advised black man to form a wall of Silence around most women. He’s taking a lot of heat and criticism from black woman. But he still is on the fence.
        I also understand your perspective Verbs. You don’t accept wishy-washiness like this. These fickle decisions do bring into question your manhood. Even my dad told me that. I’m not surprised by anything Sotomayor is doing. Because if you listen to him, he would tell you he’s not shit himself. I don’t think he’s water down his message because he still says the same thing. It’s just that he hasn’t made that step that some of us have for going Beyond black woman. I honestly don’t think he’s going to do that. Especially now since he’s dating a younger non-American black woman.

        Now, Mumia Obsidian Ali that’s that’s a different story like my father and other men in my family he has a blue-collar background. There’s no Half Steppin with him.
        His articles and recent podcast have really separated him from others. Not to mention sir mad busdriver, the ebony Knight himself. matter to

        Mostly Latina and white women check for me anyway. Black women just now catching up to them, LOL! copycats. LOL!

        #CharacterOverColor #SYSBM

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      • Mack G,

        Sotomayor as I have mentioned before doesn’t have the same fire in his chest like back in the day, he is indeed preaching the same message, however I would still have to say that it is now an extremely weak, diluted version of what he was preaching 4-5 years back.

        I haven’t watched Sotomayor for ages, now I simply tune into smaller YouTubers like Obsidian, Hardcore Tito, MBD, KiD Organic, BGS, Jointron33SYSBM, K. Jones(though he’s not on YouTube anymore), GW3 Extreme etc who are actually still holding down the fort.

        You read me right, I’m not down with the flip flopping at all. Black women have been saying that black men are the problem for the past 50 years yet nobody has bothered to examine them until now. I speak to thinking black men, I encourage them to expand on their sex, dating and marriage options as there is no point in appealing to a group of women who see us as an enemy and who are working in tandem with the state against us.

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  11. Was at Penn Station Subs today to finally try the food. Not only was it good, but the cute and thick little redhead flirted her nice little butt off with me. Conversely, a short white girl with BIG TIDAAAAAYS in the mall actually gave me her number.

    Back to Penn Station though. There were two VERY dark skinned negroes making what sounded like a series of almost sex noises as if made by retards. So……
    1. Why is the black community, much like with gays/dykes, producing so many retarded people? Oh yeah, I forgot, INCEST!!!
    2. Why do dark skinned people, namely the women, take every opportunity they can to prove every negative stereotype about them? Do I even need to mention that the dark skinned woman, or at least the one that I knew was SUPPOSED to be a woman and not a dyke, looked like Ving Rames in a skirt?

    #SYSBM is growing like crazy, and I believe that with the controversy I hope to jumpstart with the upcoming video on the nazi/bw love movie will seal the deal.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Glad to see you getting you mack on, am most definitely looking forward to another mammoth load of videos, especially in relation to this black women/Nazi love movie.

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      • Lol
        Well…..I’m still kinda embarrassed to admit around other guys, especially when some of them have access to latin cooter (you know who you are lol), but…….I’ve still yet to cash in dat V card…..

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      • Well, same situation here, don’t worry!

        Times are such that nowadays BM no longer have to “stunt”, the women come to us. An opportunity like that was handed to you based on your personal “swag”, may as well probe further…

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    • Plus, I hope this BBB / Nazi love story film gets distributed worldwide, so that the parties involved- BW / neo-Nazis/ Hollywood can dig a very deep hole for themselves.

      An absolutely disgusting concept for a “film” that should see #SYSBM go nuclear.

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  12. I honestly question the literacy of most people, especially black people. We’re talking about facts and experience. How the hell are you whining and complaining when it comes to facts and experience that you trying to teach other men? Too many black people put their emotions into facts and reality, thinking that is going to change something. That’s inherently selfish and borders on narcissistic disorders. But this is what happens when you have weak parents. Or just single moms. That shows you how childish and mentally underdeveloped most black people are. Most of these men didn’t grow up with strong father figures so to me some of this should have been known. Let’s be honest the only reason why most black people are complaining about the words is because that’s the only Power they feel they can have. Sad to say most of them feel really powerless and invalid to the bigger picture. How the hell still complaining about the same damn issues that’s been in existence before I was even hitting puberty. Have black folks not evolve to change their mindset? At this point we know the solutions but people don’t want to execute them because they care more about their own generic self-interest then the bigger picture. I refused to call other blacks my people when they have the shitty ass attitude. They are of slave bloodline, not Warrior bloodline. Hell, it’s not like we all from the same bloodline anyway . Hell some of our bloodline is indigenous to America, like myself .
    I’m a stop there cuz I’m just going to rant and Rumble. Great article. Happy to see you and obsidian working together.

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    • Mack G,

      Thanks bro, this is what it is all about for thinking black men, departing from black society as a whole and linking up with other like minded individuals. Networking is very important, especially when dealing with black women and their dysfunction.

      Working alone may seem great at first until the angry and bitter black sisterhood come after you with their simp brigades, it’s only then you realise how valuable working with other people is. I’ve seen it happen to others, hence why I opened myself up to working with other like minded folks from the beginning.

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  13. @Verbs

    You’re kidding about the white mgtow complaining about white women and black men, right?

    JUST LIKE the black women! I thought they didn’t care ahoy their dating choices!! Once again, I’m proven right in my thoughts that mgtow dudes are basically the same weak white beta male cucks (beta male coons?) that they complain about. It’s like a dude that weighs 795 pounds pointing to dudes that weigh 800 pounds and saying “look at those fat ****ers!!” I really don’t take them seriously. They rule the freakin roost, and empowered feminism, so who cares if their @$$e$ get sued?!!!

    Notice that the WHITE MEN haven’t called out that nazi movie either………
    The devil and his demon are deeply intimate.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      You already know what the deal is, they are bemoaning the fact that their desirability is going down the toilet. Well, who’s fault is that? For some reason they believed that allowing their women to indulge in feminism was the right thing to do, however as you have pointed out before, that reckless decision is beginning to bite them in the behind.

      Yep, just like black women they are not happy that black men are able to expand upon their dating options, options which include their women. Again, who’s fault is that? Two sides of the same coin.

      What is the name of that black woman/Nazi love film again?

      Liked by 1 person

      • lol I’m saving it for the video, you’ll have to watch their hehehe
        Jk it’s called “When Hands Touch” I think. I $hit you not, this is a legit love story.

        Christ that black female professor video is getting some hits! That shows you how much the world at large is sick of black women!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs,

        I think we could have a whole article about the implosion/self-destruction white males are inflicting on themselves. I ran across this weak ass white supremacy meme on Instragram where essentially they tried to compare Africa and Rome 2000 years ago not acknowledging the fact that Rome wasn’t an ethnic European empire but a melting pot(with black emperors) and that Africa and Asia were just as advanced (i.e. Carthage/Sasanian Empire). The intellectual dishonesty for white men is at an all time high…as they have to hold their dream of white male supremacy as natural fact or their paradigm will shatter(which is what we are seeing now in the world). If one is TRULY superior…do they have to tell you or announce it? Shouldn’t it be evident. These so called superior men are killing themselves in mass via opiates…suicides due to crappy job prospects…and their women turning on them in favor of other men. If that’s white male superiority I applaude it….keep up the good work. #SYSBM #breedthemout

        Liked by 1 person

      • Just searched IMDB for the film and its our fault lol.

        It comes from the British director of “United Kingdom”, a well received film featuring David Oyelwo and Rosamund Pike as a married mixed couple against the odds.

        This new film won’t get the same type of positive reviews. The fact it’s a BW with an SS officer is enough to turn off most people (except for swirlers and closet Nazis). Gotdamn…

        Liked by 2 people

      • Michel,

        For some strange reason black women/white men romances never seem to get the same amount of traction as white women/black men ones. You’re right, only the swirlers and a handful of racist white men who enjoy bending black women over tables for sexual purposes will pay this any attention.

        Liked by 1 person

      • They’ll probably say “she’s a slut, whore!!!” When they’re not virgins themselves (or are they?) and talk just as candidly about sex. We all know why they would be mad at that. At this point, #breedthemout, both the black demoness and white Lucifer the Cuck!

        Also, chick was fine! And smaller than a thumb?!!! I’m suddenly a lot less embarrassed about mine lol. Just gotta cash in dat v card….

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  14. Brotha Verbs,

    This has to be one of your most hard hitting posts yet, and I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn what wrong headed people call me: Lame, Simp, Coon, Sellout, Sambo, Nerd, Self Hater, etc etc etc

    There is only cold hard facts. Evidence is evidence. The actions of Big Booty Bimbos, Ethnic Euro racialists and Pro Black Pussy Begging Simps speaks volumes.

    I’ll continue to keep sounding the alarm with the Righteous Men of Ibmor, SYSBM and EBM, now and forever. I’ve found real and lasting happiness and I want other brothers to do the same.

    Let the simps and the hypocrits drown in their delusion. We will be FREE and enjoying life to the fullest!


    Liked by 3 people

    • Kirigakure Jones,

      Agreed bro, the name calling and the labelling tactics simply don’t work anymore. There isn’t a black man yet who I have met who decided to date out and has regretted it, all of them have been glad they did it. You’re right, they cannot argue with the facts even though many of them try. Black women especially are always attempting to argue against the evidence presented and the facts whether they be historical or modern day. #SYSBM

      Liked by 1 person

  15. I actually agree with some of what the light skin black girl says…..not everything but some of it….


  16. I deff seen this coming. Arc you disgust me. Sure like you i have my pick of the litter get great treatment when women want you but your telling men to just deal with leftovers. Really? Than again as he states women have gave him money ect. His whole life is based around pussy never get advice ftom a man like that
    This the same type of man that would have people dying over pussy. Thats why the only men on youtube i follow are kid gw3 tito and mbd. The rest dont give a shit about men. They just know to present a diffrent side from women to get men money. O network angryman ect they arc they are all the same


  17. That fat, loud, lightskin chick with the scraggly hair in the second video, my God. Hates white people and jealous of “White Bae,” but wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt, aren’t they a white rock band? Her rant was 10 minutes plus, I made it to 2:37. This is who we’re supposed to build with, no thanks.

    PS: I Googled “White Bae” Rubia Garcia, damn she’s hot and likes black men and got these ashy broads triggered. Love it!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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