Women Are More Of A Liability Than Men

Please check out this podcast recently made by Obsidian:

Whilst surfing the internet I also came across this article:


The saying “a woman’s place is in the kitchen” rings true, I’ve said it and I am not sorry for saying it either. When it comes down to the workplace women generally speaking women are more unreliable than men. They take more time off, they generally demand more privileges and benefits, thus as Obsidian has correctly pointed out women are more expensive than men.

Now I understand that economic circumstances have forced a lot of women to have to march into the workplace environment, however what is happening to them today is largely to do with their acceptance of feminism back in the 1960s. Before this recent wave of feminism took swing women overall were quite happy, they were much more content and satisfied than they are today, just take a look as these articles:



Women overall today are miserable, in embracing and accepting feminism they believed that they had struck a good deal, however nothing could be further from the truth. Feminism is a religion of slavery and oppression, the dainty treats and benefits it offers are temporary and very short-lived. Of course many women are beginning to find this out the hard way, black women especially, however unlike non black women who in general are being honest enough to admit that they have been tricked and bamboozled by the movement, black women instead are doubling down and putting the peddle to the metal as they trundle down feminist avenue.

You have to really laugh, in black society black feminists and black women are one and the same, the practice of feminism is a standard feature amongst the overwhelming majority of black females, yet at the same time feminism has done little to nothing for black women other than give them a small advantage over black men economically.

Yet after all the chicanery and back stabbing black women have carried in their attempts to be accepted into white society, they still have a median net worth of only $5. Was this trip of treachery really necessary black women?

What is the reason behind such a low net worth? Well, it’s simply this, black women as a whole are the worst on the planet when it comes down to managing their finances, black women will typically spend their money on worthless relics and valueless junk, black women know little to nothing about investing money in order to make some kind of return or to secure a future for themselves and their children.

Most black women have a “keeping up with the Jones” mentality, they have this idea that they have to uphold a fraudulent image of being wealthy and by the way this religion of flossing isn’t only prevalent with black women from western countries, black females from non westernised nations are also jumping in on the act, take a look at this video from this siren from Nigeria by the name of Princess Vitarah:

Look at the style of the video and its contents, now where could she have gotten these ideas from, ahhh yes, none other than from the mascot of destruction herself, the Afro-American female. She is the one leading the charge which many black women from around the world are now beginning to follow. The above is one of the reasons why black women have such a low net worth, compare that with white women whose median net worth is over $40,000.

Of course you’ll notice how these mainstream media liberal spreads are extremely reluctant to divulge the median net worth of black men which is over $7000. Now how does that work, we are the most disadvantaged individuals in this western system yet we have a net worth which is at least $6995 more than black women. Aren’t these the same black females who continue to brag about their educational, social and economic advances past black men?

Of course black men are going to have a higher median net worth than black women because despite everything else by default men are builders. Those who create will be worth more than those who don’t, sorry women, you don’t create nor do you build. Additionally by and large black women are the laziest women on the planet, in my book Negro Wars I explain how most black females due to their colossal embrace and practice of feminism have turned into decadent, lazy slobs who are always looking for free handouts and an easy ride through life.

Of course there are some non black women who cannot wait to spend a man’s money. Black women are the quintessential examples of this religion of leachism, this is why they always seem to have a list of prerequisites in order for a black man to even be considered a worthy candidate for them. However, you’ll notice that those same qualifications are immediately thrown out of the window whenever black women deal with non black men. Remember, to black women non black men especially those of the white persuasion are viewed as gods.

Women should’ve never left that kitchen, had they remained in their places under the authority of the man as they are supposed to then they would not be in the miserable predicament that they are facing today. The conclusion is simple, women are unhappy, women are a liability, women are more expensive than men, women require more looking after than men. Feminism simply doesn’t work and women need to wake up and smell an industrial strength cup of coffee before the excrement hits the fan and they find themselves in even more hot water.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay individual

Most High Bless

36 thoughts on “Women Are More Of A Liability Than Men

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  2. Notice how happy those housewife, damn near Mormon women are. And what color are they?

    Now that you think of it, I’ve never even seen a black housewife. It’s such a strange thing to even think about. Black Women actually BRAG about having gone to work before the white woman was pushed to do it. At this point, is it really any question who REALLY birthed the spirit of feminism? I’d say a certain someone and her certain color daddy….

    Speaking of which, I’ll be doing a video this week (yeah already working on it!) about an upcoming swirling romancd movie about a black woman in love with a Hitler youth officer!!!! Wtf?!!! Black Women are a JOKE!!! There’s NO WAY they can be taken seriously now!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Afrofuturism1,

      It’s the same reoccurring theme with housewives, by and large they are happier women. Black women pride themselves in abnormal or unusual activities. Black women have really taken their mutant form of feminism to the next level. Black women have no standards when it comes down to dealing with white men, a racist, homeless white guy living out of a cardboard box will still be considered as a potential candidate for dating and marriage by most black females, this is the truth. They don’t like black men so what are we hanging around for?

      Liked by 2 people

      • I swear you need your own TV show. This a brillant article as usual. I have a question…Where did you find the median income for black men information? I’m having a difficult time finding it. I knew it was around $6000 but I couldn’t find tangible information on it so I can send to the black female whore gangs. Your input would be much appreciated.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Keith,

        I posted the median net worth of black men once before in one of my articles but I can’t remember which one. Obsidian and Sotomayor have made reference to the same figure. I’m going to try and look for it again because that is vitally important information and serious ammunition for us. If I find it I’ll be sure to post the link in this article, stay tuned.

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      • Keith,

        Because that would put the black men aren’t worth a damn mantra to bed. They(the mainstream media) have to continue making it seem like black men are completely in the gutter and way below black women economically. They have to keep their sacred cow ie the black female looking pristine and clean(even though she is throwing their efforts in the toilet by twerking and fighting in the streets).


  3. @Verbs
    It is close to Dalton, full of Mexicans lol
    You colorstruck!!

    Hopefully I’ll finish this week’s batch earlier. Still can’t get past the story about a black chick/nazi romance movie

    Liked by 1 person

    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, COLOURSTRUCKFORLIFE, lol. I can’t wait to check that story out, and black women have the cheek to accuse black men of being colourstruck. How many stories have we come across of black women dating, marrying and have sex with racist white men?

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      • Lol but that be Day troo luv n $h1t

        Lol and I gotta ask what Mrs. Verbs looks like. I’m a be disappointed if you say she’s basically a hobbit with teeth like a damn badger.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Afrofuturism1,

        Oh, she looks good. That’s the thing with Latinas, there are so many good looking ones they constantly are competing with each other. I’m just a little darker than a brown paper bag, she is just a little lighter than me. That’s why I laugh at black women when they come to the site and talk about me chasing after white women, my misses is mixed race and her mother is black too, lol.

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  4. @verbs

    Lol like I said, I need wedding invites. I’m assuming it’ll be “Yoruba” tribe style lol

    Also, went to the mall today and the sights were frightening at the very least. One woman, who was tatted up like crazy despite being too dark to see her tattoos clearly, was like 4’6 and fat as hell. Did I mention that her weave was kool aid blue?

    Also, some rapper named Kodak Black is in hot water from dah sustahood for, you guessed it, being COLORSTRUCK!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      You’ll be the first one to know, promise, lol.

      It’s nothing but horror stories walking the streets here, like I said before feminism has really done a number on the black woman’s looks. Being honest it is a relief to look at non black women as there is a greater abundance of them who are more pleasant to the eyes.

      I’ve heard of Kodak Black, I’m going to have to see what the fuss is all about. See how we as black men in the eyes of black women aren’t allowed to date out but they can?

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