Black Men Band Together To Put A Delusional Black Female With Entitlement Issues Back In Her Place


This deranged black harridan thought that she would be smart posting this nonsense on Twitter, however as has already been established as fact, black women as a collective love men who are broke with no jobs and who sit around the house all day playing video games. These are the guys most black women end up getting knocked up by, don’t let this Jezebel fool you, J Boogie or Tyrone from the block would seal the deal without any trouble and additionally without requiring a penny to be in their pockets yet alone their bank accounts.

However things didn’t go too well for Thato Molete, black men quickly banded together and gave this delusional no edges, weave wearing black heifer a much-needed chin check. Here’s how it went down, note that the tweets are not in order:

You’ll notice when looking on her Twitter page that Thato(she ought to be called Thoto) is from South Africa, yet the language she is using against black men sounds terribly familiar. Now I wonder where she would have picked up the term “broke niggas” from, I’ll give you two guesses but somehow I believe that you will only need one. That’s right, the mascot of destruction, none other than the modern day black female of the United States. Just like their white father black women love and enjoy using racist terms against black men, remember they are both two sides of the same coin.

Haven’t I been stating for the longest while and didn’t I mention in Negro Wars how many black women from countries outside of the west are now beginning to model themselves after the Afro-American female? Haven’t I been telling you that the problematic black female is an international issue, not only limited to western countries?

Do you see how black women from the west especially the US have injected their degeneracy into black women who not only come from different parts of the world and who also follow different cultures? This is why I advise black men who wish to travel in order to pick themselves up a black woman outside of the US to be extremely cautious as you may end up with that you have been trying your utmost to avoid.

This channelling of Jezebel and the entitlement mentality is an international problem amongst black women, though not impossible it is becoming increasingly difficult to find decent black females period. At present the best source for black women is in the East of Africa, countries like Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea still have some vestiges of decent black women remaining. As I have stated many times before in order to increase the chances of finding a good woman you must either dilute the black bloodline or depart from it completely, that is the truth that a lot of black men are still refusing to accept.

I haven’t really got anything else to say on this folly, the men who put lost edges in her place need to be saluted to the maximum. Part of me feels that she put that tweet out in order to garner some attention(as we know that black women crave attention 24 hours per day, 7 days per week), however I’m not sure that this was the type of attention that she was seeking.

Be sure to check out this woman’s Twitter page, even now folks are still going in on her. I still for the life of me cannot understand how black women can claim using weaves is protecting their natural hair when the weave is actually causing the very hair they say is being protected to recede, make that make sense. This woman’s hairline is getting pushed back really hard like the release date for a greatly anticipated album, protective styles huh, ok if you say so!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

46 thoughts on “Black Men Band Together To Put A Delusional Black Female With Entitlement Issues Back In Her Place

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  2. ……I don’t understand half the **** they were saying. Some Umar speak perhaps?

    I’ve noticed that Nigerian women specifically are gaining the ghetto attitude, which to me is a double whammy as they lack the more mixed look even more so than the average black Woman in America. You really do have to get one that mixed, non-black, or an Eritrean who will look Arab anyways to find an attractive one.

    Also, notice that women can automatically demand that men have jobs, but men can’t do the same to them. And honestly, it’s MEN who push this idea onto women. MEN teach their daughters what they should feel entitled to, but never what they should have to do to keep a man happy. Especially prevalent among “da whiet debbil” (to quote Pharoah Ra Ali Bey Ben Hotep) who, once again, is the real cause to Blake for feminism.

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    • @afrofuturism1 If I was looking for an attractive women in Africa, the only regions I would visit is East Africa, North Africa, and Madagascar specifically.

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      • Can’t lie, I’ve met three Ethiopian chicks in Knoxville who I would not have minded forming a harem and planting a field of babies with. They were sweet, feminine, thin, olive skinned, and looked like arabs or half breeds. Is it any wonder why colorism amongst the women exists at this point?

        Keep in mind, black women (namely dark ones) complain that “Ethiopian women are OVERREPRESENTED in modeling”. I think we know why that is, lol. It’s the same thing with mixed ones like Summer Kellsey, Zendaya, and Alexandra Shipp. If you just HAVE to have a black Woman, get a mixed breed that will actually look/act feminine and attractive and she’ll be considered just as black as the others.

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      • @Afrofuturism1 @TheAmazingSecularist

        Remember this woman from Ethiopia who came out some years back and laid the smack down on US black females? She doesn’t look the greatest, however it’s the points she makes which are important:

        Of course the angry and bitter black sisterhood came after her with all guns blazing. Most black women reached the stage of irredeemability a long time ago, as thinking black men we simply have to vote with our feet and walk away.

        Black women are being replaced, MBD, KiD Organic and many others have talked about this. That foul attitude aswell their propensity to jump into evil is now permeating through their physical being.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Nigerian women are some of the worst when it comes down to the entitlement, ghetto attitude, don’t forget this woman here who said that she wants a ding-a-ling that is no less than 20 inches, lol:

      It’s as we keep on saying, the black bloodline must be diluted in order to increase your chances of finding a good woman. Eritrean women look fantastic by the way. This idea of entitlement that men namely white men have pushed upon society is now beginning to bite them in the backside.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        This is the point I keep trying to make about some black women from other countries outside of the west now beginning to setting up the black female from the US as their role model to follow. She looks horrible, how can black women as a collective be proud of the fact that there is no difference in looks between themselves and your average tranny from the block?

        Nigeria is westernised up to the hilt, Ghana is better though the corruption and contamination is beginning to seep into that country aswell.

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      • OMG did you notice that those dollar bills where all ONES!?!?!
        Nasty ass, broke ass, skank! Guys I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, JUST WALK AWAY.

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  3. Broke N***** On another post, some individual said that there is no proof that black women have kept the N-word alive to describe black men. The woman, above, is further proof of how black women describe black men. On the other man, I have no proof that the sun exists in the universe.

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  4. Verbs2015 is correct, that woman he presented in the first video is nowhere near the most attractive Ethiopian woman that I’ve seen but having said that, In my opinion she’s still considerably more attractive than 98% of all Black American and Sub- Saharan African women combined.
    It is widely known that black women who aren’t bi-racial are by far the most disgusting looking women on the planet and that’s even with all the fake, plastic and synthetic products they adorn themselves with, in order to mask their naturally loathsome appearance.
    This is also evident in the second video with that thing ” Princess Vitarah”, who is of course the typical, normal looking black female creature.

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    • lol don’t hurt em Spike!

      Seriously, that woman was a plain Jane at best compared to other Ethiopians and yet was a straight 13 out of 2 compared to the average black American and black African chick. #breedthemout like never before!

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  5. Man, she was rejected and transferred to the next available black male and was rejected again and over again on Twitter within a span of four hours. In one of her tweets, she said that she’s in a relationship but she’s still single. Let some below average non-black man have her. SYSBM.

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  6. Oh sheeeeeeeit! Shots fired ⚡
    And she thought she’d just leave that there for some hotep simp to fly in to save her? Nope!

    Madame Rogaine got a Twitter reaming so bad she’s shitting blue birds. Well fricking done #SYSBMSquad!

    All together now…..”DEY AW KWEENS DOH”!

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    • The Holy Scrolls of Umar
      The Book of Hotep Chapter 1: Verses/Quatrains 1-4
      1. In the beginning, came dah kangz. The kangz was us, and we wuz kangz.
      2. Blessed Takeishapatra, black goddess of the heavens, created the twins cities of Wakanda and Khemet.
      3. Pharaoh Rama Tut Ali did saw Takeishapatra, and she was good. Thus, he prepped his holy seed by gripping the ding of his ling, and verily did beat her back out.
      4. From this union came both Imhotep Jamarquavious Allah, the father of the black nation of Nubia, and En Sabah Nur DePookie, father of the wicked Yakub and progenitor of “deh whiet debbils”.


      • From the book of Slowtep 6:5

        Search ye for spiritual understanding, for thou hast haste and is violent with thy tongue toward ye big booty thy god.

        For ye who is enlightened doth steer his seed away from the daughters of Edom and toward the visage that is brilliant of Sharkeishus.

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  7. @Verbs

    I’m going to have to issue a warning over the Habesha girls here in the UK, because some of the younger ones also watch TV/web series from the States and are taking on the black girl characteristics too.

    Exercise fair caution brothers… personally I’d go for Berber girls instead.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Hahahahahahaha, I never listened to the track this time, I simply copied and pasted the link. That happened to me before so I this time around I decided to exercise some caution. I know what is like with stupid tunes going around in your mind, lol. Oh I’m feeling you on those chicks, looking really good.

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  8. On behalf of the Lame Nigga Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, we hereby reject Madame Rogaine, and announce a joint enterprise with the British White Girl Secret Society.


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