Black Female Pyromaniac Strikes Again


In 2017 you’ll notice a common trend of black women going out of their way to destroy other people’s property because somebody said something that they didn’t agree with or they had discovered some upsetting news. How many times before have we seen black women smashing windows on houses, smashing windows on cars, scratching cars, using their vehicles as a ramming device, running over people with cars, setting cars on fire etc?

The above video is an example of the everyday psychotic, mentally damaged, inconsiderate black female, yet according to the pro black narrative “deys our queens yo, we gotta protect and respect dem”. They can keep it moving with that mess. However, this is nothing new, as far back as 1995 the film Waiting To Exhale warned us about the modern day black woman and her propensity to berserk completely out of control and engage in all manner of reckless and dangerous behaviour. Does this clip look familiar:

Did she even bother to think that the reason he was leaving her was possibly because of her psychopathic nature? This is mindset of most black women today, you’ll notice that you cannot break up with most black women without some sort of fireworks and drama ensuing. It’s funny how most black women go out of their way to open their legs to the lower dregs, playboys and the unproductive males of black society but then get upset when the playboy does what he knows best when she is with him, play around.

Why would a womaniser change his ways when he is able to attract women to his corner because of his womanising nature? Black women as a collective refuse to understand this until it is too late, then when they are 2 children down without a man in the home, this is when logic and common sense finally kicks in and they now desire the men they labelled before as “educated lames” to come in and clean up their mess.

The above videos are just some of the reasons why I advise thinking black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere, removing the drama and the unwarranted aggravation out of the equation, black women as a whole have simply become too dangerous, violent and unpredictable to deal with. What man is his right mind would want to deal with a woman who could fly off the handle at anytime and cause an untold amount of destruction?

Remember this video of the black woman who decide to seek revenge on her ex boyfriend by setting his car on fire but she ended up destroying somebody else’s vehicle instead:

Or what about the black woman who decided to set her babyfather’s vehicle on fire over child support issues, from what I can remember that particular child support payment was late:

Or the black female who decided to set her boyfriend on fire because she found out he was cheating:

The video which is the focus of this article from what I understand occurred in Milwaukee and as a result of this pyromaniac’s devilish actions, a 72-year-old man lost his life(please see the link underneath the video). However, as we already know black lives simply do not matter to most black women, this is the reason why they murder so many unborn children. How are you going to set an apartment on fire without any consideration of the fact that there are other people living in that apartment block?

How much do you want to bet that she will only receive a slap on the wrist for a criminal act which should clearly be levied against her as first degree murder? She deliberately set the apartment on fire, as we all can clearly see this was no accident. Even more baffling is the fact that nobody bothered to stop her when they saw her carrying the petrol can, black folks and their desire to get their 15 minutes of fame is off the chain.

SYSBM thinking black men. By the way this does not bode well for black women in the “swirling” industry as white men will look at this woman’s actions and realise that the black women has the potential to do this to them aswell if they ever cross her the wrong way. You want to know some of the reasons why swirling is on the decrease for black women, look no further than the video above.

Walk away black men, just walk away, I personally don’t deal with mentally ill and mentally retarded black female psychopaths and I strongly recommend that you don’t either. The modern day black woman’s dysfunction simply cannot be ignored any longer. Maybe so many black women love fire so much because they recognise where they will be going to in the afterlife. The Negro Wars continue.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

22 thoughts on “Black Female Pyromaniac Strikes Again

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  2. Lol as speak, I’m already working on THIS week’s batch of videos, and the first one involved the crazy mother of 3.5 that was shot by the cops and why I don’t feel sorry for her.

    Black chicks are NUTS!!! That’s that incest and bad genetics at work.

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  3. Lol i was just watching this shit on TJ’s channel. This was sick and a good example of what you were talking about without a doubt. Blacks need to separate from the hoodrats that don’t want progress. Another thing i noticed and Someone pointed out was that those who filmed it did nothing but watched passively as the woman went and poured gasoline in. We love conflict and drama. If this bullshit took place in a white neighborhood that woman would have been tackled and held to the ground until the cops came. So yes,there is definitely fucked up mentalities that exist is in our people that we need to address and fix and be willing to do so.

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  4. As usual the majority of black folks seem to take a great deal of pleasure in watching people suffer. Only black people are dumb enough to stand there and videotape someone walking back to a house with a gas can, and do absolutely nothing while the person sets the house on fire. Black women are so used to people bowing down to them, obeying them, and giving into them, that black women literally snap when they cannot get their way. Black women actually believe they have a RIGHT to do and say anything they want at any time and nobody is supposed to challenge them. It shatters the control driven mind of black women when they cannot get their way, so the only way they know how to deal with rejection or not getting their way is to destroy things.
    What black women do best is destroy. Black women destroy property, destroy the minds of young black children, destroyed the lives of Blackmen, and destroy the lives of other black women, because black women are seemingly in a never ending argument, dispute, or conflict with another black woman.
    Truly sad thing is that black women are often applauded for acting like psychotic, destructive beasts by other black people. Black women will often applaud another black woman for smashing her boyfriend’s car up, ripping his clothes to shreds, setting things on fire, etc, etc. Black women will often say things like ‘ you go girl’, ‘ the nigga deserved it’. This is the mentality of not only the majority of black women but the majority of black people that were raised by single, black, mentally ill women. These Negro males that was raised by these disgusting women have the same destructive, emotional, reactionary, violent mentally as these black women demons do. How many times have you seen a black man flip out and be ready to fight everybody around them over something trivial or meaningless?
    Violence in the black community is not something that’s look down upon, it’s something that’s encouraged. Whether it ‘beating a child’s ass’, ‘punching a nigga in the face’, or ‘smacking the shit out of someone’, these type of reactions to situations are laughed at, applauded, and encouraged by black people. I mean how many times have you heard a black male say ‘I’m punching that nigga in his face’ or ‘I’ll smack the shit out that nigga’?
    You hear these things all the time amongst black people because seemingly all black people know how to do is be violent and destroy things merely over words or difference of opinion. Black people seemingly have an inability to resolve conflict without violence or destruction. And the reason why most black people have an inability to do things without violence is because they spent their entire lives watching their mentally ill single black mother fly off the handle, curse people out, break things, destroy things when she can’t get her away or has a disagreement with somebody.
    Black women actually applauded the scene in the movie ‘Waiting to Exhale’, when Angela Bassett set her husband’s car on fire for leaving her for a white woman.
    Black women are literal demons, who only know how to destroy, cause conflict, cause problems, and delight themselves in all manner of evil. Any black man who was not enlightened enough to understand what black women are really all about deserves the hell that awaits him even dealing with a black woman at this point.
    What a disgraceful, vile bunch of animals they are. Avoid black women at all costs. Your life, sanity, and happiness depend upon it.

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  5. Jayjay5077, so true. That is why I try to avoid most black people. The truth is usually where black people are gathered, the chances of something negative or bad happening are increased exponentially.

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    • Bill Smith
      I notice that too, btw I witnessed my friend a darkskin black guy with his nice looking lightskin black girlfriend, she was punching and kicking and then she spit in his face and then he beat the shit out of her, and after that she got her male friends to beat her boyfriend (my friend) up its not even his fault, it’s so sad.

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  6. If you are a thinking black man you have to do 2 things: 1st. Get yourself a CCW permit, and 2nd when that day comes when you have to use it against the black devil bitch keep pulling that trigger until you run out of bullets.

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  7. In New York, a CCW permit is about as easy to get as a winning lottery ticket or a black woman who isn’t evil to the core. To get a CCW permit in New York, you have to be a celebrity or a business owner, and it’s still difficult to get one. A CCW permit in New York is close to impossible to get for a ‘regular Joe’.

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  8. There’s your Black community right there, standing back to watch a black woman demon bitch light up a house. And there are some people who believe they can fix that?

    Your only obligation is to stack your green and get the fuck out of the plantation field, known as the “black community”


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  9. niggas been in america as long as anyone and still talking like slaves , I take offense at anyone putting me in the category with niggas . as far as the video I hope that witch never see the light of day that was attempted murder plain and simple

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    • Knutz,

      This is exactly what racist white men and black women do everyday, lump the unproductive black men together with decent, hard working black males. As for the woman, she deserves to be sent to prison for life for this criminality right here. This is how the majority of black women operate, they go around doing what they want and the government allows them to do it with impunity.

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  10. You guys are stupid to lump all black people in with the “troubled” ones. You’ll never get a leg up when you encourage the whole world to see you and your kids in such a negative light.

    I agree that there are bad currents in our culture, coming out of the fact that for most of our history, we’ve been a marginalized, disenfranchised, disrespected, taboo, divided and brutalized minority. The crack epidemic has also had untold negative impact on black people, including the minds and outlook of black women. And yes, black women for the last 3 generations at least, have “fueled the fire” and run decent black men away, helping to destroy the culture.

    … But what you guys say sounds just like the people who hate us from birth and want the worst for us. You need to remember: the decent black person is ALSO black. The decent black person is just as black as the ones you describe in your essay. And there are bad currents in NONBLACK underclasses as well — though their problems aren’t as critical as ours for various reasons.

    Anyway, don’t let the fucked up cultural values of the so-called “queens” turn you into a “useful idiot” for the people who hate black people the most. Some of the comments above would be quite as home on a white supremacist website… and those people are ENEMIES, not allies. I hope you understand that — otherwise you’re worse than the most clueless of “queens”.


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