It’s NOT Your Day Women, So Stay Out Of It – Father’s Day Special


The above is the typical kind of feminist rubbish that takes place in western countries and to be honest can also be used as an indicator to determine how domesticated and weak people on the whole have become in developed countries. This type of disrespect towards men and masculinity is not occurring in other parts of the world where feminism and misandry do not rule and where men are upheld in their rightful place as leaders and the heads of their families.

Just out of interest you’ll notice that countries that reject feminism, misandry and gynocentric values, the men and women there tend to have the most successful relationships and marriages. Feminism cannot co-exist in the same space as a good relationship. It’s amazing how the west brags about its advanced nature, yet in terms of relationships and marriage western societies are going backwards completely and falling apart at the seams.

Foolishness like the nonsense above is one of the reasons why, you’ll notice(as far as I know) that there are no cards on the market praising fathers and giving them accolades on mother’s day. The idea that a mother can play both roles is utterly ridiculous, foolishness and stupidity on its face. If we take any car for example, if you remove the wheels from that car, there are no other instruments that can perform that particular function.

The same goes for the engine, remove it and tell me what else can take its place? This is my point, certain components on a car serve specific purposes, if you remove them then that car will now be compromised and will not be able to operate as efficiently as it once did, in many cases the vehicle will not perform at all. The same translates when it comes down to foolish single mothers who claim that they are playing the role of both parents, NO, THEY ARE NOT.

As a woman you can only perform the role of a mother and as a man you can only perform the role of a father. A mother cannot play the role of a father, in like manner a father cannot play the role of a mother, these roles are separate, they always have been and they always will be. If one party is missing from the equation then all the other party can do is perform to the best of their ability AT THEIR OWN ROLE. You cannot play the role for a part that you weren’t made for. Remove the wings from a plane or a bird and see if they both will still fly, I’ll wait.

I’ve been noticing in recent times that black women in particular have been parroting this “I’m the mother and the father” mantra, being spurred on at a distance by the feminist propaganda machine black women have dug their heels in deep and have bought into this notion, however as proven in the examples above, nothing could be further from the truth.

Seeing as black women for the last 50 years have been attempting to usurp the authority and the position of the black man, it is obvious and predictable that they would run with such garbage. They aren’t even performing their jobs as mothers to the best of their ability, in fact most black women today cannot perform motherly functions even at a minimum level.

Any woman who claims that she is playing “both roles” is a fool, a dunce, an idiot, a numbskull and a moron and sensible individuals ought to distance themselves from that woman as far as is humanly possible in the quickest amount of time. You already know the saying, when you hang around a fool and converse with them for long enough, eventually you will begin to transform into a fool yourself.

If black women are playing both roles and performing a great job as they claim then why are they churning out so many, emotional, effeminate, illogical thinking and often times violent black men? If you are involved in an accident, the only people who would be the focus of that event are those who were directly involved in it. I cannot blame a person in the US for an accident I have here in the United Kingdom.

However this is a popular Kansas City Shuffle many black women love to run. They will claim that the absent father is the reason for the child’s derailment, however the person who is present in the child’s life is at fault, not the individual who is absent. Most dysfunctional black children turn out that way because their mothers simply haven’t brought them up correctly, this is the bottom line. Most black women believe that they are involved in a magic show, hence why they are always blaming their shortfalls on individuals and forces which are not present.

Perhaps if more black women and women in general made better choices in terms of who they slept with then they wouldn’t have to resort to countless mental gymnastics in their efforts to deflect from the harsh truths and the dire consequences of their actions. Men in general, black men in particular, steer clear of foolish women who claim that they are performing the roles of both mother and father for their children, such statements do not originate from planet earth.

Much respect to FATHERS ONLY on this father’s day. Do not allow stupid and ignorant women to usurp your position and minimalise the importance of your role as a dad. Peace.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

24 thoughts on “It’s NOT Your Day Women, So Stay Out Of It – Father’s Day Special

  1. Those cards are disrespectful to the max. Sure the father may not have performed his duties in a lot of cases, but the hatred instilled in the children towards the men is evident in society, typified by these sort of “cards”.

    Let’s not waste the opportunity to celebrate mothers day TWICE. SMGHD.

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  2. And for full disclosure my own father died recently. His favourite saying was ‘my first kids are better than you’. However, I saw his divorce papers from a long time ago, which suggested the wife accused him of domestic violence. So despite his non-involvement in my upbringing, the circumstances became clearer. Not an excuse of course but Negro Wars wasn’t lying.

    #SYSBM until the wheels fall off and the pro-whacks get theirs…

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  4. Notice in countries without feminism how they’ll put women in their place. Look at how Russia dealt with the feminist group called “Pussy Riot”: whipping the hell out of them IN PUBLIC!!!

    A group of women taking themselves out to eat on Father’s Day is embarrassing as hell, and said women out to be avoided like the probable STD carriers they are.

    It is disturbing how there are literally NO men in many black communities, as they’ve either left for greener pastures, been shot, imprisoned, or made gay. Also, notice the growing trend of black BOYS and MEN literally DRESSING UP LIKE WOMEN!!!!!

    The fruits of single motherhood!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Case in point right here:

      This is exactly how feminists need to be dealt with, none of this tolerance crap. You’re right, black women have done a serious number on black men and black society through the religion of “I’m an independent woman, I don’t need a man”.

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  5. The black man has been removed from the so called black community (by design). But instead of black women realizing the value of Blackmen, and how detrimental the removal of Blackmen have been to the black community, black women in their delusional perverted minds, have convinced themselves that they can be the father and the mother to black children, and that Blackmen are not needed, in order for them to live their lives, and to raise their children.
    Black women literally believe that they are a combination of men and women, that can do everything and be everyone to everybody, including black children.
    Black women are delusional, perverts in every shape, form, or fashion. The thought process of black women is perverted, the way black women conduct themselves is perverted, the way black women speak is perverted, the way black women look is perverted.
    This website is the best there is, because there is no sugarcoating anything, in regards to how evil black women are.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  6. White feminism is a heavy culprit in the demonizing of men worldwide especially black men. When black women joined on the feminist BS that was one of the pivotal points where they became Jezebels against their own men. Of course,black women should have had the proper sense to not trust the witches and join their coven. White female supremacy is just as much a threat as the everyday systematic BS white men try to pull.


  7. Afrofuturism1, CHILL!!!!!!!! You are putting out too many videos and too much information!!! I might have to take a day off just to watch all the videos. I’ve looked at like 4 or 5 videos, and all I can say is, keep up the good work!!!!
    What black man in his right mind could possibly deny the truth about what is being spoken on this website? But being that the majority of black people are absolutely out of their minds, it doesn’t surprise me that they are too simple and stupid to comprehend what we are saying on this website.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  8. Here we go again with the simple, Simp negro, clown, spewing this ‘ white female supremacy’ nonsense. Yeah, ‘ white female supremacy’ is a big factor in my life. You really can’t make this up. Some Simp black men will just NEVER get it.

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  9. Verbs, when I saw cards for mothers on fathers a few years ago I just shook my head. This is buffoonery at the peak of Mount Everest these bitches will not let a man have one day without putting their stank pussies in it. To me this is one of the most ridiculous things that has happened women being acknowledged on Fathers Day.

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