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Why is it that there is a constant flow of stupid and ignorant pro black/hotep Negro males who always feel the need to speak on behalf of black men as a collective? Exactly what is there to appreciate about this modern day black female? An obesity rate of over 80%, the fact that she is the number one killer of unborn children, the fact that she is willingly working against black men at the behest of the state, the fact that she is masculine, the fact that she is lazy, the fact that she embraces feminism, the fact that she no longer has any maternal instincts, the fact that she hates black children, the fact that she desires to be white, the fact that she loves and prioritises white men over her own counterparts.

The fact that she is, rude, violent, a cold-blooded killer, unappreciative, unloving, without affection, has the foulest and nastiest attitude on record, a Jezebel who loves hopping from one penis to the next, a woman who sees nothing wrong in indulging in her childish lusts for money and material possessions, a person who loves wearing the hair of non black women upon her head, an individual who loves bleaching her skin, a female who does not take pride in keeping her genitals and sexual reproductive system clean and healthy, a woman who loves effeminising young black boys and turning young black girls into sluts and whores, a woman who enjoys abusing her children aswell as allowing them to be abused, exactly what is there to appreciate about this modern day black female again?

You have to understand that these pro black/hotep men for the most part have been programmed, indoctrinated and trained to accept, low-grade, gutter trash as standard. As has been mentioned before by many other critical thinking black men, the modern day black female outside of a large behind(which more time is floppy and sloppy)brings absolutely nothing to the table.

She can talk all day about having x amount of degrees, a good education, a good job and a reasonable standing socially, however when a man chooses a woman, in general he is not looking at the social, academic and economic status of that particular female, her CHARACTER AND PERSONALITY TRAITS are of much more interest to him.

This is why I have to laugh everytime your average, garden variety black female is quick to brag and boast about how much money she earns, what material possessions she has, what level of education she has achieved etc because at the end of the day her character and personality are still in the toilet, the things that really matter and are vitally important towards the longevity of a relationship she completely neglects, overlooks and ignores.

Moreover the pro black/hotep simp continues to embark upon a fool’s errand in his futile attempts to salvage the black woman’s already failed reputation. In fact when challenged to defend black women from their daily transgressions these hotep bread and circus minstrels crumble when the rubber hits the road. This happened to one such fellow I wrote an article about back in April of this year, he made it known in the comment section that he was none too pleased with my criticisms concerning his blind exaltation of black women, however when I challenged him to defend black women he was unable to do so and subsequently left, that article and the comments related can be viewed in the link below:

At the end of the day the majority of the pro black/hotep posses know full well that this modern day black female is a pile of junk that isn’t worth a fart in a wind-storm, they just like other simps feed her fantastic lies of being a deity and royalty in the hopes to get some easy access to sex, however as I have pointed out many times before, if they’d only take a leaf out of Dequan, J Boogie or Tyrone’s book, they would quickly realise that far more black women would fall into their laps without the need to disrespect themselves.

Despite what most black women say the easiest way to get into their knickers is to disrespect them and treat them like trash, it is the black men who implement this protocol who tend to have an abundance of black woman flocking in their direction, again, black women have already admitted themselves that they much prefer the, low brow, gutter, unproductive black man over the intelligent, thinking black male, remember these clips:

Also notice that of the novels black women write concerning black on black relationships, why is it that the male character concerned the overwhelming majority of the time is an unproductive thug, criminal, gangster type? Here is proof of that:

Don’t take my word for it, just type in “thug love” into the Amazon website search bar and see for yourselves. Since when have you heard of black women writing novels involving the female character getting together with a college/university educated, critical thinking, productive black male, I’ll wait? Again, never listen to the words black women utter whenever they try to deflect from the fact that when it comes down to black men, they love the bums, always look at the actions and make your judgements from there. Old boy breaks it down here:

And to think that there are many black men out there who are still marrying these black whores. Thinking black men, SYSBM is only viable option for you, unlike the simps and the pro black minstrels you can clearly see that the black woman of 2017 is of extremely low quality. In fact she has gotten so bad that her value has sunk into the negative, at this stage she isn’t even worth a bar of soap. I find it funny how pro black men talk about those black males who date out one day experiencing that “nigga moment” from white folks, however most black men have already suffered many niggas moments at the hands of their own peers, people who look like them, so what’s new? #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

61 thoughts on “Delusions Of Grandeur – Speak For Yourself Bootlicker

  1. This is something to think about, the average slotep hotep(s) that panders behind bottom of the barrel black women will most likely get friend-zoned until they (black women) need these same slotep simps to save them from their own constant bad decision making selves. The typical low-tier black woman sees black male thugs as strong, tough, masculine, street smart and worth to die for while decent thinking, productive black men will viewed as weak, soft and so forth. This shows when low-tier black women prefer thugs over thinking brothers, it all stems down to that the former type of men is a reflection of this ilk of black women meaning dysfunction attracts dysfunction which will further breed more dysfunction by the way of their children. Good article. SYSBM.

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    • @Daniel BrotherDan Ward,
      Your analysis is on point and that is also why the “black community” is in the shambles that it is today.
      I have nothing but contempt and disdain for black women, their bitch made simps, their miscreant, savage goons and their homosexuals, all of whom were created by the black female demon. That wretched “black community” needs to be abandoned by all Decent Black Men, my hope is that they will wipe themselves out of existence through inbreeding, disease, gun violence and incarceration.
      Meanwhile Decent Black Men can build a new , exceptional community with the preferred, beautiful women of other races.
      How anyone can be “pro black” anything in 2017 is beyond me but that’s the ass backwards mentality created when one is reared by the immoral, inferior black female ignoramus.

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  2. Many Black children are dysfunction due to most of them being raised by single mother households. That’s one of the worse things that in the black communities.

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  4. Notice these pictures of “black love” are never a black couple in love, just some egyptophile painting that some hotep made in the 70s.

    Also, that video and one of the guy’s other videos shows how insanely ugly black Women are. You couldn’t pay me $1000 to have sex with these women, but they raise these little simps to do it FOR FREE. We’ve all heard the saying about cows and free milk. Let’s just say, DAMN dem some UGLY ASS cows!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These guys love to live in the past, they simply cannot accept the current broken state of the black woman. They constantly have to flash back to times in the past, the fact that these hoteps cannot show us decent black women today ought to be a serious red flag. All they do is show photos of rare, exceptionally attractive black women and somehow they believe that this is good enough for everybody else to go along with.

      I haven’t seen an exceptionally attractive black woman in the flesh in a very long time, it’s nothing but wild beasts and cyclops in this neck of the woods. The simps can have them, in fact if the pro blacks spent less time calling black men who don’t deal with black women coons and actually took advantage of the fact that this situation frees up more black women for them, maybe(and that is a gigantic maybe) they might snag themselves a black woman or two(not, lol).

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      • No joke, I’m doing a video on a black female professor, and I got to say, she’s on the ugliest b1tches possible.

        Conversely, the sights in the local mall shows SYSBM on full display for all to see. The one swirler I’ve seen was (over)dressed to the nines, as her “white knight” was covered head to toe in tattoos and piercings. Ah, there’s just something about them that makes a black girl smile!

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  5. Verbs, your second paragraph of this article is a masterpiece.

    I find it funny how these lazy-azz slowtep pro-whack niggaz who talk about returning to the so-called motherland NEVER do it.

    How the fuck are slowtep niggaz are talking about “building” in Africa when there are boatloads of Africans wanting to get out of Africa everyday?

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    • Michel,

      This is the truth right there, the reality of the situation is in an excrement hits the fan scenario you would much more likely receive help from non black folks as opposed to Negroes. This modern day black female has injected an ultra selfish, socialist, feminist mindset into black society, black folks just aren’t the same as they used to be. I cannot remember the last time black people helped me out, the overwhelming majority of folks that have helped me have been non blacks. The US isn’t called the land of opportunity for nothing, it’s not like here in the UK where the government deliberately puts things in a man’s path in order to hinder success. Though the US does have its problems and restrictions, you are more likely to make a success of your life over there than here in the UK.

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      • It’s like I always say:

        Those hoteps know how good they have it here in America. Freedom of Speech, welfare, etc.

        Never mind the fact that they never mention which specific country in Africa they want to move to, they know that in many African countries, there is no freedom of speech: you speak against the government, you either end up in the joint, or you end up missing. There is also no Welfare, Constitution, and no Bill of Rights.

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  6. As I contemplate the next move in my life, I look back at the people who have helped me in my career, those who have been kind and those who have been there for me.
    Not one of them were Black, in fact a good majority were non-Black women.

    So when anyone talks about “unite” and “uplift” for the Black nation, I ask them “were you there for me when I was struggling?” Then I them to go fuck themselves.

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    • I hate the cliche “you have to give back to your people”. In essence all it means is “Give me all your resources that you worked hard to attain”. My question is why do you feel like you have the moral obligation to extract all the benefits and resources that I have when you weren’t their when I was a nobody.

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  7. @Kameron Brown

    Also, speaking of Hotep hypocrisy and how they attempt to superficially big up blacks, why is it that basically no country with a majority black popular is ANYONE’S vacation spot, let alone live there? Asian and European people have SEVERAL countries that many wish to visit, spend time in, and even dream of moving to, though the latter group now has to deal with goat raping Muslims.

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  8. I will never understand these Hotep/black racialist types. If the controversy surrounding Shea Moisture didn’t snap these guys out of their stupor, then I don’t know what will. But hey, sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

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  9. Afrofuturism1, I’m not sure where you are, but you might want to think twice about moving to Atlanta. The level of nigger nonsense in Atlanta is probably the highest in America. I know certain black people who moved from basically hoods in New York to Atlanta, and after a month or two are dying to get out of there because of the level of stupidity displayed by most of the black people in or around the Atlanta area.
    As far as these clown ass ho-tep negroes go, it’s the same mythological, made-up, fantastic idea of what black women represent and who black women really are.
    Black women, despite all their claims of being educated, Queens, how White women want to look like them, how they are the backbone of black civilization, how they are goddesses, princesses, and mother Earth, anyone with half a brain could see that black women are the lowest scum on the planet earth.
    Why do I say this? Because despite all their claims of greatness, black women attract, revel in, thrive in, the most negative, degenerate, lowly, behavior imaginable. And these black women choose to be with the most negative, lowly degenerate Negro males on the planet earth. How many times have we seen a so-called ‘educated’ black woman with a baby’s daddy or ‘man’ who is the lowest piece of garbage you could imagine?
    No matter what the so-called ‘status’ of a black woman is, she will always gravitate toward utter negativity, darkness, dishonesty, confrontation, and evil, and all aspects of her wicked, rotten, disgusting life.
    But there is simply no way to convey these eternal truths too the majority of black men, because most Blackmen have this almost superhero like idea of what black women represent in their heads. You have more of a chance of your average black man punching you in your face for saying one thing that is absolutely truthful regarding black women, then you ever would have as far as that black man admitting with the truth about black women really is.
    As far as these disgusting black women demons go, and these simp minded simple Negroes go, they are all in the stupid Negro boat that has been sinking, and will continue to sink.
    Some simple Negro I work with, who is married to someone weave wearing black ugly ass woman, actually tells me stories about his adventures cheating on his wife while his wife is at work. And you can be sure that his ugly fake hair wearing wife, who has of course a child by some other guy, is screwing some other brain-dead Negro on the side, while this clown is at work.
    And this dumb Negro wonders why every time he invites me out to have a drink with him, I politely turn him down.
    The vast majority of Negro culture, has for so long been dominated by black women, and this ‘I do what I want when I want to’ attitude that most black women have. That most black men don’t realize that the way they behave is a direct reflection of how stupid and idiotic the single black women (mothers aunts cousins etc) that they have been a raised around, have influenced them to be.
    Did anyone see the utter madness of Kevin Durrant’s mother after the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship?
    If you want to see just how much influence black women have over the minds of these weak, pathetic, stupid ass Negroes, I would advise you to seek out and look at the way his mother is treating a almost 30-year-old multimillionaire superstar after he won and his team won the NBA championship. Pathetic.

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      • The scene with Durant and his mother was truly cringe worthy. Black women simply do not know how to behave in any situation whatsoever. Instead of his mother allowing Kevin Durant, newly crowned world champion, to have his interview on national television by himself, and then getting all emotional with her son in private, the stupid black woman, because she always has to be the center of attention, would rather yank her son’s face around and scream at him about some nonsense rather than let that man get his moment to shine.
        Black women as always are internally concerned with nothing but their own selfish needs and desires. Black women attempt to mask their self-centered nature by claiming that they are looking out for and loving their children in an ‘expressive’, ’emotional’ fashion.
        You would think by having a multimillionaire worldwide celebrity athletes for son she would learn how to get some manners and etiquette, and use those things accordingly when in public. But as usual you cannot change the beastlike nature of black woman, no matter how much money they have, no matter how much education they have, and no matter how much status they have, because the vast majority of black women are simply animals, behave like animals, and have a reactionary, void of thought, way of behaving, that is animal like.

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      • Bill Smith,

        Since a number of people have mentioned that Kevin Durant/mother moment, I had to look it up on YouTube. His mother’s behaviour was nothing short of disgusting, dragging his face from side to side as if he was a child. She was emasculating him in front of the camera for all to see, what she did was disrespectful to the maximum and you could clearly see that Durant was uncomfortable with what she was doing. You’re right, black women always have to be the center of attention, they simply won’t allow black men to shine. You obviously know that Steph Curry’s parents would NOT be acting in the same manner.

        Watch this up and coming father’s day, black women will be coming out of the woodwork claiming that they are doing the job of both mother and father, however I have a Sunday special coming that is going to deal with all of that “both roles” nonsense. Black women especially get ticked off whenever black men shine outside of their parameters ie when they are involved in interracial relationships or they simply don’t have any black women around them.

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      • Kevin Durant is a momaboy simp, his mother has control over him. Its sad that black women have control over blackmen.

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  10. And I just watched the video posted, and I can honestly say that not only did I not see ONE even remotely attractive black woman, among all the dozens and dozens he scrolled through, I didn’t see ONE that WASN’T absolutely, stomach turning, disgusting looking.
    The funny thing is every black female in everyone one of those photos was posing like she was model in a European fashion magazine. Black women actually believe that they are attractive, when they look like the ugliest, fattest, blackest clowns you’ve ever seen your life.
    And you still have the stupid Blackmen chasing these ugly, beastlike looking, freaks around claiming that black women are the most beautiful woman on earth. Every day I see more and more evidence of just how hopeless the mentality, and the situation for most black people really is.
    But I forgot White women are attempting to get surgery, live their lives, and attempt to emulate and mimic black woman in order to look like black women.
    You seriously cannot make up how stupid and delusional the majority of not only black women are, but Blackmen also.
    If you want any peace in life you need to be wise enough to know to stay away from and avoid the majority of black people.

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    • @BillSmith Sad but true. In order for a intelligent respectable black person to succeed in society one has to stay clear from the majority of black people. As a college student that is transferring to a four year university I’m glad I’m not going to an HBCU, it’s too much dysfunction at those campuses. Besides, I never liked attending all-black schools anyway; I prefer being around a diverse group of people.

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  11. These hoteps are pathetic they are noting but circus clowns looking for a cause in life and they picked the worst cause the modern day black woman. They are funny to me because they will be in the pit of hell with the black women scum they support. Bill Smith you are right it is very hard to spot attractive black women today even though I am not looking for their ass it’s just in my daily travels you do not see attractive black women.

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      • Persian women check for brothers hard. It just so happens that this one is a billionaire.
        She gets her ultra rich lifestyle she’s dreamt of, he gets to save himself….and beat her back in. #SYSBMworldwide

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      Nigerian men are international when it comes down to the dating and marriage arena, from White to Chinese women. As for Serena Williams’ father filing for divorce, that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Can you see why black women only have a median net worth of only $5 dollars, they simply cannot control their childish lusts for money and material possessions. He should have gone for a Lucy, a Ming, a Gomez, a Patel or a Sadiq instead. This is all the black witch does as standard, sucks what ever little resources the black man has dry.

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      • Verbs2015, Thebackhandofreality,

        Yep, I wish the Williams’ father would have sat down with Kali Muscle, Mike Epps, Robert De Niro, and others before saying I do to that. And it seems like Bill Cosby will walk after all just like, OJ, Kobe, Nate Parker, and others, but you know who didn’t get to walk? Tupac, Mike Tyson, and Brian Banks and they weren’t accused of raping white women lol, it was the “queens” who pointed the finger at them.

        Some black men are really going to have to learn the hard way who in fact is truly out to get them. And it’s going to be a heck of a lonesome feeling when they come to the conclusion that most of us have already arrived at.

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  12. Verbs2015, spot on regarding the ridiculous behavior of Kevin Durant’s mother. Anyone with a brain could see how super uncomfortable and embarrassed he was by the way she was acting. And instead of her realizing, after he pulled away from her multiple times, just how uncomfortable he was and backing off, the stupid black woman literally starts yelling at him like he is 7 years old.
    Mind you this is in front of not only America but in front of the world, and the black woman still cannot control herself, still has to make herself the center of attention, and still has to have control over her black male sons, to the point where Kevin Durrant looked like an elementary school child who just got punished by his mother after misbehaving.
    Kevin Durrant’s mother, because she is so ignorant and stupid, made her world champion, multimillionaire, world-famous, almost 30 year old son, look like a weak, damn fool in front of the planet earth.
    And people still question why we have the opinions we do regarding black women and their ridiculous behavior. Pathetic, as always.

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  13. Verbs, I do not understand why these famous black men are still marrying black women the blueprint of taking them to the cleaners has been given to black men time and time again. It baffles me to no end and Kevin Durants mother is a old attention seeking hoe.

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  14. What are your thoughts on the latest scandal of Demario Jackson losing his job and getting his reputation damaged because one white bitch(Corinne Olympios) just gets up and claims she didn’t consent to having sex with him on Bachelor’s in Paradise? What’s your take on the situation?


    • What a surprise, our resident pro-whack reveals himself to tell us about a White woman accusing a Black man on a REALITY SHOW of sexual assault. Nothing’s been proved, but of course, but who cares? “Dem wheit gurlz gon git you lock dup”, didn’t you see the movie GET OUT???

      Of course a pro-whack nigga will seize on this to scare us brothers from “that wheit debbil”. Oh well, guess Tyson and Tupac kept it Black in prison. SMGDH.

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      • @Michel You seem to take my question as a personal attack to your preferences by responding with ad hominem attacks, generalizations,straw man arguments and personal projections. I do not want to hear about your insecurities. I ain’t no dick police so i don’t care who or what you want to fuck bro even if i do not agree with your preferences. No need for that sucka shit makes you look weak. It was simply a neutral question because I wanted to know what the author’s take on the matter is. That is all. Part of learning and critical thinking is knowing the opposing views. I read this blog and the comments because i want to understand the opposing views. I cannot learn anything from a man that sounds emotional as fuck anytime somebody who doesn’t agree with his stance shows up. Verbs answered me professionally despite our differences and I will give him more respect than a bitch made punk like you.


      • You called me a weak bitch, I’ll call you a slowtep, pyramid head, pro-whack ass nigga. Sounds fair to me.

        Oh I know why you and the other “keep it black” brothers are here on a blog that doesn’t quite speak your language. People like you come to seek intelligent black men in order to distract from the root cause of black society’s dysfunction, the person you deliberately ignore and automatically forgive in order to push “black love”. Pages and pages of what your darling “queen” is doing behind your back, and yet, its the “white devil evil bitch” that we need to look out for.

        Take your dick policing elsewhere. I see you.

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    • Dondopa,

      From what I understand Olympios’ family and her man got wind of her sexual exploits with Jackson and have pressured her into making up the story. We’ll have to see how the story develops. Remember, there are many witnesses who are saying the opposite, however you are reminded that the overwhelming majority of false rape allegations against black men are made by black women, most black who are in jail today have been put there by black women, not white women. An exception to the rule doesn’t buck the general trend. This exceptional event still doesn’t help your case, black women are by far the number one enemy of black men, the evidence I present here on the website bears that out clearly.

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      • Wouldn’t be surprised if she was pressured, we must remember, especially whenever they bring up that bm/ww marriages end the most, is that it’s the one pairing that pretty much everyone is against.

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      • @Verbs2015 I didn’t hear about the part that she was pressured into it so it is clearly a case where it is not racial necessarily but an attempt to get some money. All I heard was that she was mentally unstable(most whites are in a sense its my biased opinion) in the past as she tried this shit with a white man too and he covered his ass. Whatever the case may be,the damage has already been done as he is now fired with a tarnished reputation. He might get his job back when more details arrive and the tape is released to vindicate him. So I still have that in mind. Ultimately black men need to be more wise in who they choose to fuck around with regardless of skin color as i know fully well that “not all skinfolk is kinfolk” either. A black woman could have done the same thing and they have done the same in some cases(e.g.Mike Tyson) to be fair. However, black men also need to understand the racial bias that whites will always have against them as a collective. So becky might really love you but the system that she is a part of isn’t vibing on the same frequency if you know what i mean. Her family might not be so accommodating and you have other hurdles to cross which you might be able to if you persevere and you have to bear the fact that entering into another culture of people that still find it “awkward” or normal to treat someone who is not white especially a black man who they find threatening. You have to live with that on a daily basis. Some of the cats who read your blog seem to brush this off or don’t even think it is a problem and they fly into bitch-made mode and don’t realize that fantasies are different from realities until they live with it.(I have had family members who almost got killed because of white bitches my stance is still valid even if i am one person you see so far that does not agree with you). So to answer your assumption about me using that question to help my case,it actually does but that wasn’t what i was aiming for my views extend beyond who is sticking their dick into which white bitch as i already stated i don’t care who wants to fuck who,its about us as black men protecting and building an empire that lasts. and most importantly of all protecting himself. This brotha took so many Ls not just because he fucked a white bitch but the fact that you are messing with a white bitch that you should have known had a bad history,that you should have known would do anything to be in the spotlight and instead of walking away from the heifer when she was drunk in the pool,he took the bait like a moth to a lightbulb and not got burned. Sometimes you can’t feel sorry for these cats because they set themselves up sometimes. They make it too easy for white devils to capture them. NO tact,common sense or self-control was exercised,just walked right into that shit. Even if the ho was not drunk he still should have thought about the situation. This girl has a man already on top of it. We are thinking too much with our dicks and not with our brains. We can’t build an enterprise with another culture that does not see eye to eye with us. These scandals and cases are just one of the many typical things that happen to men,especially black men regardless of which race of women setting him up. Blacks and whites have a special love/hate relationship with each other-well the love is one-sided considering that most of these white heifers see black men as sexual objects that they are more than willing to throw under the bus when they are caught or when it is inconvenient for them just like this Greek bitch. A black man is still a “coon simp” if knowing that these things can possibly happen to him or if they have already happened to him and still goes ahead to chase after white women simply out of spite from the bad experiences he may have with black women. No thinking or sense of self-respect is being employed here. He still didn’t solve his problem just by changing the skin color of the woman. Historically and even in this modern day Whites have problems with race, it was not so much us. So that’s why it is still not so favorable if you happen to date outside your race to do it with a race of people who are basically acting as if we are still mortal enemies( I am not trying to be funny). Meanwhile black women in America see black men as meal tickets in the court system ,a seemingly new aide to white supremacy. It’s a fact based on evidence as you pointed out that this is happening which i no longer dispute. However, does this happen when both the male and female are working,are in middle class occupations or from stable families with good values and ethics? I doubt it. So it is a problem that can be fixed. The black man must lead and progress and find mates that are compatible with his ambitions and his tastes otherwise he is merely throwing his pearls to pigs(white or black or yellow). Part of being a man is being able to acknowledge our failures,bad ideas and mistakes we have had or made about life,work and relationships. If you believe that not bothering with black women is your way of empowering yourself then by all means do so but don’t be a fool with tunnel vision about it. Most of your advocates here seem to think that an interracial relationship is the saving grace and a panacea to all of their problems. You might need to write an article addressing this. Some of your fans believe that I am pro-black or a hotep in the sense that i defend ratchets at all costs. I don’t know why they think that. I am pro-brotherhood in the sense that it is up to us to get the “harridans” as you say under control. We could have had them under control before white feminism and “white daddy government” could have gotten to their minds. I am all for responsibility. If we take responsibility we can make a difference,we can begin to fix things in America and beyond when we take matters into our own hands. Don’t just be a pessimist and say it cannot be done. What are the attempts being made? We have to do it because nobody else will. There is very little to empower young black males to be leaders,knowledge workers and influential men but of course you will see a myriad of programs for black women not that I have a problem with it but there is inequality and a sense of indifference to the plight of black males in America and beyond. It is natural for me to want to be with my own kind and most SYSBM brothas feel the same way even if we chastise black women. Being a critic of your own race of women is not a bad thing because you are trying to improve them and finding someone that suits your standards is the way to go about solving this problem we have with black women. Hence, I would want to find someone of my own culture/race who has the same aspirations as I do which i have already succeeded in that regard. Our responsibility as black men who want better in their lives is to stop fucking thots,bitches and hoes and mingle with the best of our race, the people who want to move forward. Also, we must stop giving these harridans an excuse to be thots,bitches and hoes. Because whether you care to admit it or not,we do share blame in perpetuating this cycle of fuckery. But it is too late now to repeal anything and i understand why you, Verbs want to jump the sinking ship. Now dissenters will jump at me at this point and say “but even the educated or high quality black women choose thugs over productive black males”. My simple response is this: How many do this? And get some game and ensure that you are not the problem. It could very well be that there is some “lameness” that puts them off from you and you would have had the same problem if you had seeked sophistication in other races of women as well. It is a general stereotype that women of all races love the “bad boys”. Black men in general ooze masculinity even the unproductive ones that you really don’t wanna associate with. This is fact. That is why we are generally the most envied and feared among men of other races and why when it comes to interracial dating and marriages, black men don’t even need to try. White,Asian and Latina and probably eskimo bitches will swarm his ass lol. The racial stereotypes created by cucks makes this fetishist attraction even stronger for better or worse. I want to add also that I don’t think that all sophisticated or educated black women want a productive black man to go out and be a gangsta rapper but to have something that makes him seem “cool” maybe his attitude or his way with words,some charm. Now what is cool or what is considered swag or charming to black women that is debatable because it means different things to each of them and i suspect that the problem some of you have with them stems in the fact that while they might have had a good upbringing they don’t have sense when it comes to what to look for in a man and that’s why their simplistic understanding of relationships would point them in the direction to thugs and think that this is how a black man is supposed to be. Even more so if they were sexually suppressed or conservative about relationships with the opposite sex that’s why you see church girls with so many damn kids. moot point. If you attack it from that angle then I cant say shit. You all are right on that basis and it would be best to move on to another race of women or probably another culture of black women because the Nigerians and Caribbean blacks don’t fuck with black American culture that way or act that way until they are ingrained into it as migrants-then they too are corrupted sadly as you also showed with some African and Caribbean women bleaching their skin and acting just like the African American women. This is why the UK blacks are acting out and some of the Caribbean blacks even in their own native Caribbean homelands are wearing weaves Verbs. It is only a matter of time before probably all of them are that way but there is still a conservative majority who doesn’t buy into the weave wearing feminist strong “black woman” bullshit or display crass masculine,loud mouth behavior and speech. There are some fine sistas both in the Caribbean,in Africa and in the Americas whose attitudes and thinking match their beauty which makes any other race of women look like shit compared to them. That’s why i can speak so highly of some black women so not all hope is lost. It is a cultural virus originating from America. Why do you think some black men were talking about going to Brazil? Case 1: . Even afro-latina is a good substitute for white if you need to swirl .There are black women who love black men just the way they are too even as geeks. There are black women who are geeks and nerds,intellectuals. But still our options are limited. I concede to this realization but it can grow if we choose to reform and encourage new age thinking. We have to guarantee ourselves a future because as appealing as it is probably to you and your readers to go outside of cultural and racial boundaries, you still have to consider the future,what do you have to fall back on when things go sour? You have to think like that. Self-preservation. Whites are thinking hard about it right now even more that their birth rates are low. That’s why you have these alt-right white nationalist faggots running around spreading hate. Do you really want to hassle with that shit? As for the already mentally destroyed communities of thots,bitches and hoes,we could have had them under control before white feminism and “white daddy government” could not have gotten to their minds. I am all for responsibility. If we take responsibility we can make a difference,we can begin to fix things in America and beyond when we take matters into our own hands. We have to do it because nobody else will. There is very little to empower young black males to be leaders,knowledge workers and influential men but of course you will see a myriad of programs for black women not that I have a problem with it but there is inequality and a sense of indifference to the plight of black males in America and beyond. So I am pro-brotherhood rather than pro-black in the sense that i would not lick black women’s ass-crack clean and act like she couldn’t do anything wrong or that the black community in general is “holy” and without “sin”. That’s not what i’m about. I am about seeing a real strong brotherhood that leads instead of bickers,that builds as a community instead of focusing on individualistic selfish gains and fuck everybody else and most importantly of all,is not ashamed of who he is. Because the system doesn’t care about who we fuck,its only concern is the emasculation and destruction of black masculinity and autonomy. A truly “woke” black man doesn’t suck up to whites he doesn’t suck up to black women or defend thugs and degenerative elements of black society. Most of us believe that wealth is about aggrandizing oneself and showing off. We don’t act in unison like the Japanese/Chinese in America and even in their respective homelands. There is no organization or discipline nor generational wealth passed down from father to son or values on how to be women passed down from a mother to her daughter. Everything is a mess but we have to make a start. We need to have a fucking “black renaissance” and we need it now.

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      • Dondopa,

        I can’t respond to everything you’ve said because that is a huge comment, however I will say this, black women as a collective are not interested in what black men have to offer, I’ve said this many times before and I’ve proven it over and over again through many articles. Even if you were to set up a new kingdom devoid of white supremacy black women would either attempt to destroy it, they would refuse to take part in it or both.

        My How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God series illustrates clearly how black women want the white man’s seed. What about the Sperminator, he is still going strong, black women are lining up around the block and around the world for the dude’s sperm:

        Look through that article and observe who the overwhelming majority of his clients are, black women, the same females you wish to build a kingdom with. Why do you continue to overlook things like this? Even women from Nigeria want this guy to impregnate them(I’m not surprised there, black women in Nigeria are just as westernised as those who live in western countries).

        You need to accept the fact that black women don’t want us, I accepted this situation a long time ago, I have made the necessary adjustments and subsequently moved on with my life, I would recommend that you do the same.

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  15. @Verbs

    Curry’s parents are two light brights, but we wanna keep acting like “colorism” is unwarranted, namely with the women.

    Speaking of Curry, his half breed wife OOZES femininity and motherliness. Half the pictures I’ve seen of this gorgeous woman are her in the kitchen baking or with her kids. You really do have to dilute the living **** out of the black genome to get not only a good woman, but an actual female in general. I’m doing one video this week with this black college professor, who’s easily one of the ugliest things on earth. Watch it when I upload it and you won’t have erections for months. And you’ll know which video it is, lol.

    Speaking of the “both roles”, they don’t even achieve the motherhood role, namely due to how unfeminine they are.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Aysha Curry is the one, once again as you mentioned note the fact that the black bloodline must be heavily diluted in order for the woman to be feminine. I remember when I was posting on Facebook the simp Derrick Jaxn in typical bootlicking fashion had the audacity to claim that Aysha Currys are all over the place in black society, what a joke.

      Even though Aysha Curry is a very attractive woman, it’s her femininity that really seals the deal. You see her motherly instincts brimming over, unlike most black women who as you stated don’t know the first thing about motherhood. Looking forward to your next instalment of videos.

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  16. >Speaking of Curry, his half breed wife OOZES femininity and motherliness.

    While on the other hand, the average Quean oozes toxicity and destructiveness.

    Brothers – avoid the HAZMAT females and get with non-black women!


    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  17. Black women make false rape accusations against black men all day and every day. Have you ever heard of the football player named Brian Banks? A black woman made a false rape allegation against Brian Banks.

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  18. Pingback: Delusions Of Grandeur Continued – Deconstructing More Lies And Garbage From The Black Female Mindset | Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

  19. Again I read utter bullshit as if you guys never heard of the term “stay in your race” which is what most black women and white men claim these days it is wrong to go out of it, or have you even heard of a website called black people; you guys are aware many black women actually love black men so much they are married to them for 60, 70, and even sometimes 80 years as well white women with white men. In the majority of the time black women don’t make stories up about black men rapping them (those are your so called white devil bitches!) we actually “accuse” both of you (rape is force sexual interaction not just sex you dumbass Hoteps) and to think you would show more respects to the so called ugly fat cows who were designed to bring you in this world, but I am not tripping because if all women are bitches then that makes all of you SONS OF BITCHES; you do know you get features from your mom and dad so yeah you have the ugly fat cow in you. Oh in yeah a lot of in the black community statically are single mothers (it is actually more white women, you know the white Devils race you all try so heard to get rid of us with) but the reason 1) the fathers abandon their children because the women want abort it or because they can’t afford to raise or wait they don’t want to help raise and then get mad when the women makes them pay child support (yeah who’s the stupid ASS BITCH NOW) 2) the father has died before the child was born 3) have you ever heard of single men yeah their condition is reverse (and I’ll admit the women become the men in this scenario.) Kevin Durant’s mom was acting out of excitement hell her boy had gotten what he always wanted and the fact he showed her love back wasn’t him being a mommas boy it was him loving on his mother which is what every man should do, you guys know that the reason women getting more jobs men had is because of men right you realize while others bashed us others actually lifted us up and protected us; I think that is what a REAL Hotep would do or at least think that was what he was trying to do (and if you really want to see the root of feminism the look up the author to Wonder Woman I mean the first comic you’ll be surprised that a white men supposedly created to uplift women and put a female in the mix.) Also really half-breed you guys are so racist but yet you would get in bed with a fair white woman before ever touching a black women you constantly blame the black women for the reason black AMERICA (not AMERRIKKA) is the way it is when it really is the majority of the black men’s fault or really and truly the racist whites fault, if women go into extinction like you ask than there want be anymore of YOU; most of you will die along with the ugly fat cows you hate so much but not because of Karma but simply because reproduction will be no more (and were suppose to be your QUEENS) how about you prideful “Hoteps” go shit on somebody else’s parade with your brothers they ain’t ready for us or they are trying to control us BS. If anything black men just want admit when it is their fault at something most of the time and when one owns up they call him a coward but baby the real majority of black men that are self serving (Hoteps) are what is wrong with the black community other than blaming the whites for ALL our problems or holding old ass grudges preventing us from moving on to bigger and better things, in other words what is truly disgusting is how you would talk about your own! and blame the black women for everything because baby weather feminism existed or not this is a MAN’S World dammit woman are just living in it; the difference between a black woman and a black man is simple it is the when are still referred to as Women (we have wombs and are chest swell up making breast instead of pecs, although some men are born more feminine than others and so woman more masculine than some men) doesn’t mean we are responsible for GAYS that just means people are just rejecting their natural attractions and going with the opposite. Oh and we can’t possibly be demons due you research BIG BROTHERS ALMIGHTIES! demons are fallen angels the only one who isn’t one is the Devil who is a male angelic spirit the most commonly known fallen angel and the most beautiful which also means white men aren’t Devils because Devils are the actual correct term for the word demon (since you guys don’t know what the hell you are talking about but want shut your mouths up anyways is the utter definition of a Simp, and if you don’t know black women don’t just mature faster than men they have more intellect not a statistic but a PROVEN FACT time and time again) “Professing to be wise, they became fools” (true definition of a Hotep.) Or even “All mankind is stupid, devoid of knowledge; Every goldsmith is put to shame by his idols, For his molten images are deceitful, And there is no breath in them”. you see you aren’t SHIT, you guys are actually like cops you think that you are above the LAW but you are actually suppose to enforce it; you see you blame women for everything just to not feel guilty about your own misadvantages or to cover up the fact black men are killing BLACK MEN why because they hate each other (but a fool is only measured by the amount of words he SPEAKS) and is all you Hoteps are using useless, pointless, hypocritical WORDS) no actual evidence to back what you saw up but another races philosophy and theory all because you guys don’t know yourselves.


    • Shanariah,

      You’re talking to the wrong crowd, we classic black men left Blackistan years ago and we aren’t coming back, black women arguing against the facts and engaging in bold face lies are just two of many reasons why we checked out. Black marriage is in the toilet at just under 29% and in 2018 black women in the overwhelming majority of cases are the ones who initiate divorce proceedings.

      Coming here believing that you could spout off the usual lies and propaganda and not get checked on it was a big mistake. Again, the time for debate is over, you’re better off appealing to those pro black simps you created, they’ll be more than happy to marry your dysfunctional selves as well as take on board your bastard children.


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