Most Black Women Will Remain Stuck On Stupid For Life

Exhibit A:



As I stated in Negro Wars most black females today actually think that they are alchemists, black women honestly believe that they can change things from what they really are into what they want them to be. The above Facebook post is some of the biggest crock of nonsense I have ever come across, you really have to wonder what universe the majority of black women are living in because it sure isn’t this one.

Here we have yet another example of a black woman attempting to rewrite history in her own image, however we as thinking black men already know that this is a fool’s errand. Black women truly believe that if they continues to repeat lies and suppress the facts, the lies will change to truth and the facts will morph into what they desire.

I have seen so many attempts by black women to circumvent the history surrounding their treacherous nature and their treasonous manoeuvre to accept fatherless home welfare policies and feminism as opposed to maintaining the black family structure and keeping it strong. Remember as feminists victimhood is one if not the principle pillars of the religion, it must be exalted and maintained at all times and at all costs.

Yet again we see a black woman attempting to play out the victimhood role and as per usual place the blame behind the destruction of the black family structure upon the shoulders of black men. Black women have an alternative version of history waiting at the ready in replacement for any true historical facts that paint them in a negative light. Their move towards feminism and the welfare state in the 1960s has been the biggest thorn in their sides that they have failed to remove unto this day.

It’s not surprising looking at Miss Edward’s Facebook page that yes she is another statistic, a single mother. She purports to be one of these conscious black women, however we already know that the overwhelming majority of these pro black females are whores who are attempting to relabel and repackage themselves in order to make fresh appeals to men once again.

At one stage her website doubled as a soft-core porn site which she was trying to pass of as something creative and unique by including poetry, this screams of attention seeking, yet at the same time I have to laugh. Black women are so desperate for attention yet when they actually land a man who will give them all the attention they want, they run him off. Another point that I thought I would raise to illustrate the mental illness most black women suffer from.

Black men, watch out for these hotep, pro black females, most of them are whorish loose cannons who still adhere to and subscribe to feminist and matriarchal principals in some form or another. I remember commenting on another brother’s blog and having a run in with one of these Egyptian type black females who was determined to preach to me about Africa and its “matriarchal” history.

I don’t believe it, however even if I did what difference does it make? We can clearly see using today’s black society as our example that black women cannot run a bath yet alone the communities they have been placed in charge of. Just look at the current great divide within black society that has come about as a result of the black woman’s rule over it, can we really believe that black women in the past lead successful kingdoms? I don’t think so, those who state otherwise will have to provide the evidence to support their positions.

Just look at the rubbish Edwards has rattled off here, she talked about the black family structure already be broken because of the black man’s disrespect, what kind of stupid statement is that? The black family unit was 85% intact from the end of slavery right up until the 1960s, census records can easily prove this. This is a clear demonstration that black men and the black women of those times were extremely respectful of the black family structure and the black nation.

Only when we see the introduction of welfare, feminism and black women’s acceptance of both do we then observe the black family unit begin to roll downhill rapidly. Black men, stop listening to black women who come to the table with “alternate facts”, they are trying their utmost to erase that part of black history which reveals them to be the selfish, traitorous, treasonous snakes that they are. The Moynihan report which was written by a gentleman by the name of Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1965 accurately predicted the downfall of black society as a result of welfare reform:

The history is already recorded and set in stone, black women cannot alter the historical facts even though many black women have and are still trying to. A few black men creeping around here and there was not the cause of black society’s collapse, the black woman, her love for her white father and his riches is what sealed the deal and placed the black nation on a collision course towards a horrible fate.

Don’t fall for the rubbish that Miss Edwards is spouting off talking about black women leaving because of disrespectful black men, utter rubbish. No, black women as a collective are selfish scoundrels who through feminism and fatherless home welfare policies saw an opportunity to put themselves ahead and took it. The black woman’s treachery runs deep, she did the same things during slavery, nothing has changed. Here is a further example of the stupidity and ignorance of most black women today:

Do you see how BeautifulBrwnBabyDol believes that having a good job and some qualifications behind you as a black woman somehow negates your bad behaviour and irresponsible choices? Haven’t I already told you that black women operate in a completely different realm? Of course in attempting to dismiss the home truths and stereotypes concerning the black sisterhood, she herself fulfilled every one of them through her bread and circus, minstrel show performance in the video, the head wagging, the snapping and the excessive moving of the fingers and hands, the typical caricature faces that most black women make whenever they believe they are making a point, the excessive make up, the exaggerated movement of the body etc.

I leave it up to you guys to pull more nuggets from that video, all of those degrees yet black women on average still only have a median net worth of $5, que pasa? Again, education and intelligence are not one and the same, if this were the case then black women wouldn’t be opening their legs to Ray Ray, J Boogie and getting knocked up by them at such alarming rates. Did you also see how BeautifulBrwnBabyDol attempted to pass off single motherhood as just another normal choice in life? I’m done with both of these black women here.

Reason 30,488,589 as to why black men should abandon black women and seek out love and companionship elsewhere, stop dealing with mentally retarded and brain-dead black females who not only refuse to accept true history but also refuse to accept the writing on the wall concerning their dysfunctional behaviour and as a result of it their pending doom. Don’t become a casualty and a victim in the up and coming carnage, separate yourselves from such contaminated individuals.

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

29 thoughts on “Most Black Women Will Remain Stuck On Stupid For Life

  1. I just shake my head at these black bitches. My nephew sent me a group pic of his prom date and his friends prom dates as well.. 6 black dudes, 6 white girls for prom dates. I was so proud that he and his friends will have nothing to do with these black whores.

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  2. Men, especially in the USA, are judged primarily by the ability to make an income. A 17-year old black male teenager can join the military and earn a higher than average income for his age group. Later in life, this same black male can get a government job or private sector job and have a higher than average income. Black males are taught, from an early age, that they can compete with white males. Women, in the USA, are judged primarily by their physical appearance. I suspect that Hillary Clinton would have had more appeal to female voters if she were a better looking women. Women are often the harshest judges of another female’s physical appearance. Even black women accept that the white women is number one in physical appearance. That is why black women spend so much money attempting to imitate the physical appearance of white women. The result is that black women know that they cannot compete with the physical appearance of white women, or any other group of women, in the USA. This knowledge drives black women crazy. Many black women will be delusional and only partially accept their low sexual market value. Many black women will attempt to be second-rate copies of white women. Whatever the black woman does, she knows that she cannot compete with white women in the area of physical beauty. This knowledge upsets black women to the ultimate degree. Black women, as a group, have some serious mental health issues and low self-esteem issues. One does not need to be a mental health expert to notice these matters with most black women.

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    • Just notice how this woman just HAD to get glamped up with the clown makeup to make this video.
      Also, the borderline retarded movements, gestures, and neck twirls are funny, if only because of the sad caricatures that black Women make themselves (which spell checked as the “the wenches”, lol) out to be.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        You’ll find most black women who appear on YouTube will splatter their faces with 50 layers of makeup, they can never present themselves plainly as they are. You have to laugh really, watching most black women today is no different than viewing a Manga anime feature.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Well said. It’s a wrap for the modern day black female. The temporary state treats and benefits had to come to an end. Was their short lived trip into the hands of European aristocracy really worth it?

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  4. I watched about 55 seconds of the video of that black lunatic ranting and raving about all the great things black women are doing. It’s so interesting how I never see white women making videos about all the things that White women are doing that are so great. Whitewoman just do what they do and don’t have to get on YouTube and make videos screaming to the world about all the great things they’re doing.
    But because black women are so insecure and know how inferior they are to everyone and everything on the planet earth, black women have to get on the Internet and make videos telling everybody how great they are.
    And as always why is it that 99.9% of black women all have that same annoying, repetitive ,disgusting attitude, way of speaking, moving their head, their voice inflection, way of blinking their eyes, everything?
    In addition to being the most deceitful confrontational violent beast on the planet earth, black women have also got to be the most annoying creatures to ever walk the face of the earth. Everything about black women and the way they carry themselves is just annoying, offensive, unfeminine, and extremely irritating. It’s like all black women are reading from the ‘black woman’s guide to etiquette’ book and following it Word for Word. The problem is that the book all these black women seem to be reading from his completely giving them the wrong advice.
    I really don’t understand how black women act the way they do, and believe that this is how they are SUPPOSED to behave. Black women are just so irritating it’s not even funny. And once again any black woman who seems to earn a degree has to scream from the rooftops about how educated she is and show everybody the proof of her education. When was the last time you heard a white woman with a college degree talking about ‘I’m an educated White woman’?
    Black women suck.

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  5. So, walking around Chattanooga near Best Buy, I noticed two black women who were even uglier than the usual ones. It was only after a while that I realized that these disgusting freaks were trannies, with one even wearing pink panties!

    It speaks volumes of how black Women seem to produce a lot of fruits, and how they are so ugly that trannies easily imitate them.

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  6. Bill Smith. AGREED. One would think that USA black women would be more diverse in their thoughts, conduct, and bodies. For example 96% of black women voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Black men, being a bit more diverse, voted for Hillary Clinton at the 87% rate. Black women love to say, “NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT.” However, the overwhelming majority of Black women have the same fat and bad body shape, same fake hair or chemical hair, the same bad conduct, and the same social and political views. You call it the “black woman’s guide to etiquette.” I usually call it the USA BLACK WOMEN’S PLAYBOOK. There is very little diversity among USA black women. 95% to 100% of USA black women are following the USA BLACK WOMEN’S PLAYBOOK. [By the way, movies and media have shown black women, outside of the USA, the same playbook. Now, the USA black women’s playbook has gone global].

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  7. JayJay5077. Actually most USA white women voted for Trump. Black women, however, voted for Hillary Clinton with 96% of the vote. Most dictators do not receive 96% of the vote. LOL !!!!

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  8. Michael, err, I mean Michelle Williams bears a strong resemblance to an NFL player in drag.

    Brothers, avoid the football playing queans and get with the non-black cheerleaders!


    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  9. I couldn’t get past 1:57. Chick would be kind of cute if she weren’t ranting and talking mad shit. At least she’s wearing her natural hair. I won’t even get into how all these black YouTube hoes are “life coaches” or “motivational speakers” or some crap. Black chicks are their own worst enemy. As I’ve said before, I voted HRC for business/economic reasons, but I approve of the Trump side effect of kicking these bitches off welfare. Let the government-funded “strong black woman” sink or swim on her own.

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  10. It’s so funny that black women are the only people who constantly brag about a degree that does not make you a better person. If you are evil, bent on causing destruction what the hell does a degree have to do with anything. This is why no man should ever try to debate with a black woman they are never wrong and do not take accountability for anything.

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    • Sean,

      Many black women have found themselves arguing to themselves or each other since black men have quietly dipped out of the room in record numbers.


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  11. Okay this is CRAZY what do you call a prejudice black men or the dumbest Hoteps you ever known oh wait Hoteps, you guys don’t even love your own black women using lines like “black women of today” almost ruthfully resembling “you people” go ahead and call us creatures dammit!; not only that but encouraging your son to date white women because you dislike them is just as disgusting (and we put make up to make us look better, as well as weave, and etc. because being pretty hurts; and you all claim you want to see us as we are but think we are ugly bare face I mean HUGE ASS LYING ASS Hypocrites I mean if you weren’t black you’d be racist because you all have to much pride you can’t tell most black MEN are stuck on STUPID (excuse me cough cough * Hoteps.)


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