The Devil Spawn Black Women Produce


These are some of the devil spawn soldiers being produced and churned out onto the streets by the modern day black female. The man you see who was punched in the face is a mentally challenged individual. The above Facebook link above is in relation to the incident. We already know that most if not all of those young black thugs in the video probably come from single mother households, this are the rabid infested rodents that most black women manufacture today.

Yet these will be the same black females who will constantly complain about how black men do not respect them and treat them like garbage. Of course, this is the case with many black males because this is how they have been raised by black women. This is how stupid and absent-minded most black women are, they complain about the same products that have been created by their own two hands, make that make sense. In addition remember the fact that over 70% of criminals come from broken households.

Let’s make something clear, the low dregs, the scum and the unproductive of black male society are the culprits behind the foul treatment of black women, however it must also be noted that black women by and large are attracted to those kinds of characters, in fact it is because of the bum’s nature which makes him a magnet that most black women flock to. Also never forget that black women as a collective do not respect themselves to begin with either.

Yet black women will complain when the bum fulfils his role and his duty as a bum and does not change how they imagined he would once he got with them. In the same way that a hoe cannot be transformed into a housewife, the low dreg, criminal thug types cannot be converted into saints either, however it seems that most black females either haven’t gotten that memo yet or are still refusing to read it.

The worst thing about this is it is normally upstanding black men who have to deal with these savages on the streets. As mentioned in my book Negro Wars and in many articles I have written, young black children growing up in single mother households for the majority part are intimidated, bullied, beaten from pillar to post and treated like garbage on a daily basis.

Black women as mentioned before as a collective DO NOT love their children, they don’t show their children any kindness, care, attention nor affection, with all of these things taken into consideration can we really be surprised that young black boys and girls are growing up to be ruthless barbarians just like their mothers? In most cases as with any product you will get out what you have put in.

It seems that black mothers train their children to pick on the innocent and the vulnerable, this isn’t the first time young black boys and girls have been involved in beating up mentally challenged individuals, let us not forget the four rug rats who accosted a young white male with mental disabilities, tied him up, duck tapped his mouth and beat him until he bled:

These reprobate black youths are courtesy of black women and racist white men working together to keep black society broken aswell as ensuring that black men can never build anything of worth and value within black communities ever again. However, the heavy miscalculation on the parts of both parties is that black women are a requirement in the black man’s efforts to build something new.

As I have mentioned before black men can build their own newly forged community WITHOUT black women, since black women have already made it clear that they are not interested in anything that we(thinking, producing, educated, intelligent black men) have to offer, it only makes sense that we ought to take out black sides elsewhere.

Also notice another phenomenon, whenever thinking black men have anything to say you’ll notice how very few if anybody in black society pays attention, yet whenever air head black females decide to open their mouths and proceed to talk about nothing, all of a sudden everybody is supposed to stop what they are doing and give them their undivided focus.

These reprobate youths are an example of the pestilence that black women have unleashed upon black society, additionally black women view nothing wrong with their evil actions and will reprimand anybody who criticises them. This is one of many reasons why I advise black men to date out, being around such individuals first and foremost is not good for the spirit. Secondly, there will be absolutely no relationship growth when engaging and interacting with these types of women.

You’ll also notice that relationships with most black women typically go nowhere, there is always constant conflict due to the black woman’s continual attempts to usurp the man’s position, her unwillingness to listen, her violent nature, her foul attitude, her sporadic, loose cannon behaviour, bad habits and many other things that are not conducive to a relationship going the long distance.

As per the input from black mothers the youth commonly turn out exactly the same way, they for the most part cannot be reasoned with and they typically react emotionally instead of using logic and common sense which makes them extremely volatile and dangerous to be around. They like black women derive joy and pleasure from inflicting pain, misery and suffering upon others, hence why the scumbags in the video were laughing when the one thug punched the guy in the face.

This is what concealed carry licences are for, to deal with scum like this on the spot whenever they decide to get out-of-pocket. Youth like this must be broken, literally. This is exactly how many black men end up with bullets in them, they engage in dumb behaviour they believe is funny until the individual at the receiving end rightfully pulls out a gun and puts a couple of slugs in their chest.

Lastly, let us never forget about the incredibly destructive habit of disrespecting children most black women have adopted, is it any wonder that the youth nowadays have little to no respect for their elders? Black women are especially fond and proud of disrespecting their own children in public areas in order to draw attention towards themselves, here is such an example:

Black women through regimented, continual ritualistic abuse set their children up for failure. Black men, avoid black women at all costs, they believe their dysfunctional behaviour is a normal practice and should be accepted, I don’t deal with mentally ill, mentally damaged, mentally broken, Satan worshipping individuals and I strongly recommend that you don’t either. The scum of black society must be avoided, black women and their devil spawn seed are included.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

36 thoughts on “The Devil Spawn Black Women Produce

  1. Verbs, you bring the cold, hard truth and “they” hate you for it!! But know for sure that us good, decent, husband’s, father’s, grandfather’s, son’s, etc got nothing but love for ya! (No homo)

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  3. 99.999999999999999% of black society needs to be exterminated in the most violent ways possible and made examples of. Period.

    Artacking a visibly slow person, these niggas are mentally insane demons. I’m sorry, but at this point, what I hope happens is that all of these little thugs get kidnapped by the Klan, raped and lynched. Aaaaand that the streets are painted with their piece of $h1t mothers’ blood.

    Black Women are the bootleg sweatshops of humanity: they produce nothing but cheap garbage!

    The best thing that could happen is if black women suddenky all became infertile. I don’t even deal with Christianity like that anymore, but if it happened and became national news, I would thank God and praise Jesus’s name from here to South Carolina!


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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Funny you should talk about infertility, the bible has pegged that coming to black women in the near future because of the continued abuse of their reproductive systems aswell as their incessant addiction to aborting black children, I wrote a post on this very matter some years back.

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      • You should post that link. I PRAY for the genetic purge to take place. I want these evil demonic whores begging in the streets starving as people turn their heads, spit on them, and even try to run them over. Their simps can join them.

        Made phase 2 of this week’s batch of news videos, the last third should be ready tomorrow. It’s gonna be a crap ton.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Here is the link, it’s a short article:

        You are right though, black women are pegged for total rejection, there are other scriptures especially in Isaiah 3 which deal with black women health wise and how they will be even more riddled with disease in the future than now. I believe I may have dealt with that in my article about the horrid future of the black woman. Through serving Satan(who is obviously cursed himself and destined for the Lake Of Fire), black women have cursed themselves which is all the more reason why thinking black men must separate themselves from these seedlings of the Devil.

        How can you curse out and beat your own flesh and blood on the daily, not show them any love, affection, attention, care etc, abort well over 1500 children per day, sell black men and black society down the river for the temporary treats and benefits of the state, whore yourselves out to the lowest bidder, yet after all of that still expect to reach the pearly gates and be accepted into heaven, it’s not going to happen and black women are fooling themselves into believing that the Most High is going to “let them off”.

        Their recompense has been set, the cup of judgement has already been poured out and black women will drink down their penalty undiluted and at full strength, voluntarily or by force.

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  4. “Let us never forget about the incredibly destructive habit of disrespecting children most black women have adopted..”

    Embarrassing the child in front of guests, mocking and highlighting flaws in the child constantly, calling the child “a little shit”, ritualistic beatings…

    Know it well sadly.

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    • Michel,

      Yet we are still expected to procreate with such cold hearted barbarians, no thanks, I’ll pass. Cussing out their children is all most black women do, they especially love emasculating their young black boys in public.

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      • Exactly. That’s one reason why there are so many fruits in the black community, and so many HUGE swoll men who are afraid of black women.

        Also, why does Mother Earth curse out her children way more than the men do?

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    • And this is MOTHER EARTH!!!!
      We have bar none the most violent women, and the worst group of women to choose from. The white man sits back and unleashes these demonesses on us, all the while sitting back and complaining (like a b1tch) about his woman. Black women, white men. Two halves of the same wet turd.

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  6. Verbs2015, It’s actually appropriate that you put this post up. I get off of work at around the same time the elementary schools and the junior high schools that are close to my house get out of school. What I generally see are large groups of young black kids and girls being as loud, as rude, as foul mouthed, as stupid, and as badly behaved as you can imagine.
    I have to assume that the majority of these ignorant acting, demonic Black children are being raised by ignorant acting, demonic Black women.
    These black children who act like idiots and terrorize society are following the example of their mother, who believes that they can do no wrong and anything they do or say is supposed to be tolerated or accepted because nothing they do could ever be seen as being wrong.
    These young black people, teenagers and very young adults are the most evil, violent, untrustworthy animals on the planet earth. And it is their mothers who are responsible mainly for their idiotic behavior, because their mothers more than likely felt that they knew more than the fathers of these black children and try to challenge the black father and basically drove him out of the home or relationship due to the aggressive, rebellious, confrontational nature of the black woman.
    Anyone with a brain in their head knows that it is the woman who gives the man the opportunity to be in a relationship with them or have sex with them. Black women many times choose the worst type of Blackmen to have children with, and then they talk about ‘niggas ain’t shit’, when the lowlife negro who they CHOSE to have sex with and be in a relationship with, does them wrong.
    Black women act as if the reason why their children are delinquent, evil, violent demons, and the reason why their relationships end up horribly, is the fault of Blackmen.
    Because black women are so delusional and so evil, the ego of black women doesn’t allow black women to ever look in the mirror and question the decisions they make regarding the men they choose to have children with, the way they act in public, the way they raise their children (as single mothers usually), or anything regarding their behavior in general.
    The majority of those roving groups of ill mannered, obnoxious, loud, poorly behaved black children who you see running the streets are being raised by and are actually mimicking the behavior they see by their evil black mothers.
    Black women simply cannot raise black children by themselves. But black women will be the first to scream ‘I don’t need no man to raise my child’.
    Hey stupid black woman, YOU might not need a man to raise your child, but your children do need a man to help raise them, you dumbass.
    I actually think we might need to shut this website down. I mean how much more proof or evidence do we need to prove to Blackmen and the world just how stupid, ignorant, disgusting, violent, ugly, confrontationa,l bitter, angry, illogical, irrational, and mentally ill black women are?
    Unbelievable. Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • youre right about these teens being devils i lived in london then then newyork.same mannerisms both sides of the atlantic i visited paris the same shit from these blk girls stank attitudefrom these satanic offsprings cold nature and bully decent folks for no reason..worst part is like sharks sense blood they can sense decency in people and try to bully these decent ppl scary scared of bringing kids to this world because i might have to teach them to be evil to survive these demonic animals.the scary part now is defective white kids who hang enough around these ppl now display same characteristics its a behaviourial virus.

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      • Idgaf,

        This is exactly why separation is of the utmost importance. The sharks as you call them will eat up decent black folks for breakfast, this is why I have a major problem with pro black pundits who will attempt to get good black folks to accept the scum and the dregs of black society, moves like that are suicide. The bad apples need to be cut off, not coddled and embraced. As I have stated before, I don’t like scum of any kind.

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    • Bill Smith,

      It’s the same story here in the UK bro, the children are unruly and loud trying to draw attention towards themselves and acting like a bunch of wild hyenas. Like you stated, the children behave in exactly the same manner as their mothers.

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  7. And let me also say this. I didn’t watch the first video posted, before writing my first set of comments. But after viewing the video, I must say this. Why is it that the majority of black people seem to find it funny or amusing to be torturing, beating, assaulting, robbing or abusing another human being (and most times it is another black person)?
    It’s like evil,destructive,abusive, degenerate, behavior is amusing or funny to most of these demonic Black people who have been raised by single black women for the most part, or degenerate Black men.
    ‘White people do it too’….. Please show me videos somebody being assaulted, where white people are laughing, jumping up and down and screaming with joy and delight at seeing somebody getting physically beaten for no reason whatsoever.
    Let us be honest. The vast majority of black people are simply degenerate, violent on untrustworthy, uncivil, animals.
    And because black women are so prideful , and want to become or take the place of Black men, they do not have the logic or capacity to understand that they cannot take the place of Black men in terms of raising children correctly.
    Are all of the problems in the black community the result black women’s actions?
    But, 99.9 percent or maybe 98 percent of the problems you see in the alleged ‘black community’, stem from the actions, behavior, and thought process of these black women demons, who have been given complete control over the black community in general. And have been given the authority buy their white daddy, to rule over Black men, and have been allowed to be the decision-makers in the relationship between black men and black women.
    Black women should simply be avoided, and ignored if you want to lead a healthy, happy life.

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  8. When these bastards get shot by the police, I feel no pity for them. They made their bed now they sleep in it 6 feet under the dirt.

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  9. Verbs this article is bringing the heat I moved to a county which is mixed with productive whites, productive blacks, Asians, and Spanish people. Even though it is an expensive county I did it to get away from scum and provide a better situation for my kids. The school system is excellent and the kids have respect it is no way I would have my kids growing up around scum.

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    • Sean,

      Scumbag blacks believe that thinking black folks like us are cowards for not wanting to stay around them and allow them to take advantage of us and our children(for those who have them). Only in black society are you looked down upon for moving away from the lower dregs of the black community and wanting to better yourself and your family, smh.

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    • In other words, you moved to the White man’s country. LOL. The White man is the Black man’s daddy because every country you run is a total shitshow. Yet, here you are blaming Black women for your failures. Thousands of Africans drown trying to get to Europe every year. You, the Black male are the cause of your own demise. White men should kick all of you sorry negroes out of their countries and FORCE you to build up your own nations instead of trying to pass the blame to women.


  10. Verbs2015, so true. Only in the so-called black community are you looked down upon, singled out, and picked on for actually doing the right thing and behaving like a human being. Negativity, ignorance, and violence reign supreme in the so-called black community. And anyone with half a brain would want to be separated from these negative elements. Sadly if you speak about these negative elements present in the black community and express a desire to actually separate yourself from this madness, you are called a coon, and receive a lecture about white supremacy and how evil white people are.
    You simply cannot win with the majority of black people.

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