How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God – Part 5


Thinking black men, can you see yet further evidence right here supporting the reasons why you ought to abandon black women and seek love and companionship elsewhere? Do you see how black women as a collective have no problems throwing black men under 10 buses in order to mount the penis of a white male so that they can have babies with “that good hair”? Yet when black women see black men with non black women, we are called every derogatory name under the sun, hypocrisy at it finest.

Did you notice how when the white man asked her why she just didn’t get a “nigger man”, she responded following his lead stating how she’s not into “niggers”? Why wouldn’t she simply respond by saying that she’s not into black men? It’s because black women as a collective hate black men, not only that but they themselves also hate being black and despise anything in their vicinity that reminds them of who they truly are. Do you see how black women are just as racist against black men as racist white men are? Always remember, black women and white men are two sides of the same coin.

As per usual black women have no problems channelling Jezebel and bending over backwards sexually for their white lord and saviour, most of us are familiar with the porn sites Ghetto Gaggers and Cum Bang to know that the overwhelming majority of black females have no problems degrading and dehumanising themselves in the most degenerate debauchery in order to minister to their white masters. Unlike black men and non black women, black women worship white men, they see them as literal gods.

See, this is all black women are seen as useful for in the eyes of most white men, the fact that black women additionally advertise themselves as whores and sluts only amplifies that perception. This is the 5th part of an ongoing series which not only demonstrates the black woman’s disloyalty to black men, but also how far black women are willing to go in order to land themselves a white knight, literally.

You’ll also notice the assortment of books in the image written by various black women instructing the sisterhood on how to snag themselves a white man. This is how pathetic most black women have become, you don’t see books written by black men on how to attract non black women, we simply present ourselves as we are to non black female counterparts and they readily accept us. Black women on the other hand because of their deep insecurities feel the need to promote themselves in their attempts to hype up non black men into believing that somehow they are “missing out” on something great, however nothing could be further from the truth.

You’ll also notice that black women will completely change their speech pattern whenever they are around white males, they sound totally different, in fact they sound like white women. Yet aren’t these the same black women who will accuse black men of speaking like white men when we are simply well spoken and articulate in our speech? Christelyn Karazin is one such example of a black woman who frequently channels the “valley girl” alter ego:

White men honestly are NOT impressed by the black woman’s betrayal of her male counterpart, in fact they are quite disgusted and no doubt it was a white male who leaked this conversation. Black women somehow believe that they are gaining brownie points by sticking knives in the backs of black men, however in doing so they are simply demonstrating their treacherous nature and why they shouldn’t be trusted under any circumstances. Traitorous women are not good for any kingdom.

At the end of the day black women can write as many books and interracial novels as they want on attracting, dating and marrying white men, the fact of the matter is white men simply aren’t biting, especially in light of the way that the modern day black female has presented herself in the public sphere for at least the last 40 years, more so specifically the last 10 years through the internet.

I’ve already explained in an article I wrote back in December 2016 how white men who had no problems dating black women in the past, even they are now beginning to stick up their noses to black females in favour of more feasible alternatives. The future is not looking bright for black women at all, though it is clearly evident that feminism has failed them miserably, they still continue to subscribe to the religion.

As I have already stated in Negro Wars, black women are only being used by white men to ensure that black society remains on its face aswell as to prevent black men from re-establishing their leadership positions and thus getting to work to rebuild black communities. I have to laugh whenever black women talk about black men not be able to lead them knowing full well that their very task according to their white father aka the state is to ensure that black men DON’T lead them. Of course for services rendered black women get bent over the office table and dicked down by their white lord and saviour.

Black women will go out of their way to sabotage any constructive works black men set upon to build, remember what the angry and bitter black sisterhood did to Nate Parker’s film Birth Of A Nation. Black women were given their marching order to smear and damage the image and the reputation of the film pre-release and they happily followed through on those instructions.

Let’s not forget the story of Ari Nagel aka The Sperminator, A Jewish professor out of New York who engages in the practice of providing free sperm to single women and lesbian couples. Of course who is his greatest client base, that’s right, black women, here is a link to the article below for those who may have missed it:

You pro black men who jump up to defend black women at every opportunity given, what is your explanation for this……………………………just as I suspected, crickets. Then we also are reminded of how black women really feel about us black men:

The evidence is off the chain, how can anybody look at this and not conclude that black women do not have the best interests of black men at heart? How can anybody look at the evidence and clearly not see that black women as a whole do not like black men? This modern day black harridan does not have our backs and the sooner that black men wake up to this fact, the sooner they can free themselves from the chains and shackles of false loyalty and allegiance.

Of course the pro black, back to Africa, red, black and green squads will have their excuses at the ready in order to justify their “queen’s” treachery, yet black women are now beginning to turn their backs on the very men that love, support and uplift them, remember the short article I wrote back in August 2016 illustrating how black women were beginning to give hoteps the middle finger:

In light of the colossal amount of evidence available which clearly shows that black women as a collective want white men and white men only, I have to scratch my head and wonder why certain black men would still jump up to defend these women, black women don’t want them anyway, what is to gain from embarking on such a fruitless endeavour?

Lastly, I have to scratch me head whenever I hear black men encourage other black men not to give up on black women. Don’t they realise that black women already gave up on black men and the black family 50 years ago for feminism and fatherless home welfare policies? Walk away black men, simply walk away, you can do much better for yourselves and you deserve better. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

47 thoughts on “How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God – Part 5

  1. Good article. I seen this snapshot of this conversation on Facebook recently and it’s getting bad for many westernized black women and their chance for true, organic love because most of them aren’t built for it. GW3 Extreme released a video yesterday about one of the white male contestants on the Bachelorette reality television show in the United States could be a suspected racist based on some of the stuff he posted on his Twitter page last year and you got this black female Bachelorette might keep him on the show. SYSBM.

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    • lol she wud still **** him raw.

      One thing I disagree with in said video is that most black female interracial relationships are Organic. No they aren’t. **** like this image proves it. There’s no reason to see the majority of black women as anything but potential bed wenches.

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      • >One thing I disagree with in said video is that most black female interracial relationships are Organic. No they aren’t. **** like this image proves it. There’s no reason to see the majority of black women as anything but potential bed wenches.

        Black female interracial relationships are about as organic as a bunch of six-month old rotting fruit.


        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the bedwench clowns get their rude awakening!

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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        Black female interracial relationships are straight GMO, anytime you have to take on the persona of a different race of women, that is not natural, neither is it organic. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        They continue to tell on themselves and I continue to report on it. The relationship is not organic when you as a black woman have to take on board a white woman’s persona. I would say the opposite, black male interracial relationships are organic in that both parties genuinely remain as they are.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Black women continue to show their deceitful and wicked hand. No other race of women will allow themselves to be disrespected in such a manner. Yet another deep look into the disjointed psyche of black women as a whole. SYSBM.

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      • As Kid Organic says, these women are stinking up the place.

        The best thing that could happen, besides their extinction, would be one of them having a full on bedwench meltdown on tv in front of “da good whiet folkzes”. Let everyone see once and for all how classless they are.

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      • BlackGirlNoMagic,

        I hate dysfunctional black women and do you know what proportion of black female society they make up, the overwhelming majority.

        So yes, I hate the majority of black women because they engage in behaviour which is worthy of disdain and hatred. It’s not like you don’t deserve to be hated ie you haven’t done anything wrong, on the contrary, your reprobate behaviour warrants hate, hate you rightfully deserve.


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  3. **NEWSFLASH** A contestant on that bachelorwench AINT being questioned on those racist tweets he sent out etc. Now I’m sure yalls B.O.L.O. radars is going crazy right now with all this uh? I call this…”Calgon Blackistan” soothing lotion because EVEN if rae rae KNEW dude was a crackkka skinhead, thats all MORE excitement for the show…and for HER!!! WHY!? after he bones her, HE is gonna tell her what she told Brotha Demario….”GET THE F*CK OUT!!” Smh, man these goddamn tratchet’s summer is gonna be looooooong hot one like a MUTHAF*CKA Ya Undastand ME???

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  4. Where did those conversations took place and whose phone conversations do they belong to? I thought it was only Caribbean people who used Whatsapp? And if this was based in the UK I have never heard limeys saying the word “nigger”. Must be an American trait. Anyway, I understand you what you saying. It is true without a doubt that some of these women do not deserve to be called “a lady” much less a queen. They’ve done despicable acts-I can add in Ghettogaggers where a group of white middle-aged crackers and black bedwenches are “sexually abused” and “physically tortured” through gagging, raceplay humiliation, racist mockery, and violence as another example to that pile of evidence you got, so we have a bunch of bitches and bedwenches who really need to get checked for what they are doing. So any pro-black person will tell you that it is not every black woman that is a queen nor is every black man is a king. They have to demonstrate it through their thoughts,their words,how they carry themselves and their actions. To be pro-black doesn’t mean that you have to hate on everybody else that ain’t black either. It’s just that your loyalties and your goals are aimed to helping black people as a collective. That’s what it means to be pro-black at least to me. As far as i know these bitch niggas and hoes who deal in dope/crack,the bitch ass Christian pastors who encourage fuckery by abusing their power as an authority figure to behave the same way pimps do and the black women who defend them. No they are not considered part of the movement or the establishment we are trying to build. Not even fake ass hoteps could look you in the face and give you excuses for that. But it is disingenuous to say that ALL black women are the enemy. I don’t believe that the evidence doesn’t show that either. Your evidence points to a niche group of black american women whose minds and sanity have been long compromised beyond salvation. I and many others hold the opinion that this whole fuckery started in America and it spread to UK blacks and Caribbean blacks. That’s why I am seeing weave trucks. This shit spreaded like a virus but not every black woman has caught this virus. Not every black woman is like this bro,not even in America alone. There are the few who are not like what you describe and categorize as. Why not build with them and help to clean out the black community that is filled with the ones bringing our race and our communities down? Why jump ship and say “fuck every black woman they ain’t shit” including the ones who are not part of the fuckery,who are feminine,submits to the authority of her man,is loyal and supportive to her man,is ambitious,ain’t stupid nor make stupid decisions etc.) you ain’t giving medals for these LOL?

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    • What’s funny about the so called “wealth of good black women” is that they are REALLY slack when it come to calling out the “****ery” of their sisthren. EVERYONE finds time to call out black men, including black men! So why can’t the good sisters do the same for their end? This is even worse when placed against the backdrop of the fact that it was black women who intentionally left/helped destroy the black family and the black community in the first place.

      You see how black women engage in the behavior as shown above, how they blatantly imitate “Becky” in the vain hope of being screwed by some white man for the chance at a mixed child, and how they are the ones raising the terrors in the streets of the black community, and yet you wish black men to still sift through the proverbial (and honestly literal) rubbish to give the so called good ones a chance?

      Life is too short and I don’t owe most black women a thing, save maybe a return on the violence they’ve inflicted on the black community. Literally sleeping with the enemy, the pawns of the white man. Give me a break!!

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      • @afrofuturism1 I agree. I’m not a community eunuch, I wasn’t put on this planet to save black America. It’s asinine how these Hoteps want “thinking black men” to play the role of captain “save’em” and cohabitate with supposedly upstanding (talented tenth) black women who are small minority in a deteriorating community. Really bruh, that’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Of course not all black women are bad but in the words of Tommy Sotomayor “it’s like having a snake in your house. I don’t want to know if it’s poisonous or not… I don’t care. I just want to keep it away from me so I don’t get hurt”. All this jibber jabber is to refrain classic black men from engaging in relationships with non-black women and doing what’s in the best interest for themselves socially, economically, and politically.

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    • Observe the above:

      A niche group of women (80% obese)

      “Not All” Black women (yet 75% single mother rate)

      “Build” (BW created the dysfunction but YOU must fix it)

      Agreeing with the points raised, distancing himself from “fake hoteps” but not acknowledging the root of the problem – BW’s collective treachery.

      It’s a very smooth Texas Two Step shuffle from our resident pro-whack nigga to persuade BM to stay on the plantation field. Nice try.

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  5. I find it so funny that black chicks, who claim to be so strong and independent, constantly beg black men to “uplift them”.

    Ironically, white conservative women don’t need to beg white men to “represent/showcase” them, they just go out and protest abortion. But “dey all da same”, right?

    Black Women are literally retarded children.

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  6. First, it is hard to find the few good black women that some posters speak of. Second, the good black woman is often transformed into the typical black women. Among black women 80% are fat. 10% of black women will be skinny substance abusers. The other 10% of black women do not want to engage in physical workouts because exercise damages straightened hair and hair weaves. SYSBM.

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  7. Take a look at this video, these black women have no respect for themselves.
    Clearly the single mother problem isn’t about black men only.

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    • I see the SIMPs are rolling out their vanilla-flavored product line.


      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the SIMPs and Queans breed themselves out of existence.

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  8. I would comment, but everything Verbs2015 said is basically what I would have said. Black women simply don’t want to be black women. Black women want to be white women. Therefore, black women, in a pathetic attempt to appease white men in an effort to try and replace white women at the side of white men, will do absolutely ANYTHING, if they think it will make white men choose black women over white women.
    But black women are too stupid to realize that they are just being chosen to be whores by white men. White men view the black women who go out of their way in order to attempt to swirl or be with white men, as sex slaves who are to be used, treated like the garbage they are, and then throw in the trash.
    How many of these black women who claim to be swirling ever actually are able to marry, settle down with, and have a relatively decent life with the white man who they done everything in their power to be with? Very few of them.
    The vast majority of these black women who offer their lives and their vaginas to white men get nothing in return for doing so, and eventually end up with the black man who she was doing everything in her power to avoid and claim was an inferior form of man when compared to her white god.
    And the truth is when a black man is with a White woman, that Blackmen and that Whitewoman are not going out of their way to imitate or mimic somebody and they are not going out of their way to just sexually use and get rid of after they get their ‘rocks’ off.
    When you see a white woman who is with a black man that White woman has made a definite choice not to be used for some type of sex slave by her Blackman, but she’s with that black man because she truly loves him and despite the entire world being against her decision to be with this black man, she is with him because she truly loves him and wants to be with him.
    And the black man who is with the White woman, is with that White woman because he wants to be happy and this White woman makes him happy.
    Most of the time the relationship between a black man and a White woman is the total opposite of the relationship between a white man and a black woman.
    The relationship between a black man and a white woman most of the time is based upon actual true, authentic feelings of love and respect between that Black man and that White woman.
    Usually when a black woman is with a white man, that black woman is simply playing the role of a second rate clownish amateurish imitation or impersonation of the White woman who she wants to be like and replace, and the white man she is with knows that she will do anything he commands her to do because she is literally his slave.
    Black women have got to be the most transparent, phony creatures ever to walk the Earth. Have you ever seen a race of women go so out of their way to look like imitate and mimic another race group of women, all the while claiming they are ‘strong’ black women and ‘independent’ black women?
    Black women are the weakest, most dependent group of women on the planet earth. Black women claim that Blackmen can’t handle a strong black woman, but when black women get with white men they instantaneously transform into soft docile, friendly, agreeable, non-problematic ,smiling angels, who would never ever think of giving a White man the attitude or the problems they feel it’s their duty to give Black men when they are with Black men in a relationship.
    The difference in the way black women behave, even when they are not in a relationship with a White man, but simply speaking with him in public is vastly different than the attitude black women have toward black men in every facet of life.
    And then these mentally ill black woman demons claim that white t treat them better than Blackmen do. Of course in this simple mind of black women there is never a problem with white men because these black women don’t ever give white men any problems whatsoever for any reason. Black women are become angels when they are around white men. So why would a black woman and a white man ever have any problems?
    The reason why black men who are in relationships with black women have so many problems is because black women do not respect Blackmen in any way, shape, form or fashion.
    I guess I did have something to say regarding this topic. Lol.
    If you want happiness in your life Blackmen, avoid black women at all costs. Black women by nature hate Blackmen, are liars, are utterly deceitful and everything they do or say, and simply cannot be trusted for anything.
    How many lives of Blackmen need to be destroyed by black women in order for Blackmen to admit with the truth about black women actually is?

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    • Like Verbs said, there’s no way that these relationships are Organic when one party is going out of their way to imitate someone else.

      That’s like me telling a woman my name is something that it’s not. Do you think I’m really interested in dating her, or just potentially screwing her?

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  9. One more thing, I get suggestions for videos from YouTube from time to time for some unknown reason and a video from Simone56 came up. After listening to about five minutes of this disgusting, vile, black, animal woman, and reading the comments of other vile black women, I must admit I have been going easy on these mentally ill black woman animals.
    My level of hatred toward black women has been elevated simply by reading and listening to these disgusting, black, beast women, dogs. I usually don’t spend one second listening to or paying attention to ANYTHING black women say about anything. But just a few minutes I spent listening to this black woman Simone56, and reading the comments of these filthy black women, has shown me ( not that I didn’t already know this to be true), how black women really want to see Black men is peril, destroyed, decimated, in pain, and dead.
    No black man with a brain in his head, should ever have any mercy on a black woman, ever give black women the benefit of the doubt, however believe that black women for one second are on your side or want to see good come to Black men.
    Black women have the deepest, merciless, most unforgiving, hatred toward black men on the planet earth. Black women if given the choice would eliminate black men from existence. Alleged white supremacy can’t come close to the amount of hatred and contempt black women have for black men.
    And I actually spent about 8 minutes listening to this idiot Umar Johnson (don’t ask me why), rant about black men dating white women. How any black man with half a brain could believe that black women are somehow good or positive to be dealt with in a relationship is beyond me. But then most of the actions, thoughts, or speech that proceed from black America and black people in general is beyond me anyway.
    I absolutely and utterly despise and hate 99.9% of black woman. Black men don’t EVER for one second allow black women or anyone convince you to become involved with, be loyal to, try to understand, or try to ‘understand’ black women.
    The only thing to understand about black women is they want to see black men humiliated, obliterated, poverty-stricken, disenfranchised, embarrassed, and dead.
    The comments on the videos of Simone56 left by these black whore animals, prove what we all know regarding how black women feel toward Black men. But for some reason me reading these comments utterly removed even the remote possibility of me ever even attempting to give a nigger bitch a chance.
    Sorry for the rant, but every day black women prove to be the most bitter, irrational, illogical, hate filled, mentally ill, whorish women or should I say beasts on the planet earth.
    I hate black women with every ounce of my being.

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      • Michael, it’s titled ‘Dr Umar Johnson speaks to black men dating married to nonblack women’ on YouTube. It’s like 53 minutes long, and I don’t have the stomach to listen him rant for that long. But just what I heard is enough to not only make me sick, but enough to reinforce the opinion I already had regarding the majority of black people.
        Umar Johnson is beyond stupid, and black people not only listen to this clown and give him money, but believe he has some type of solution to the problems that plague black America.
        What an ignorant buffoon he is.

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      • Bill Smith,

        Umar Johnson still isn’t leading by example, if black women are so great then why doesn’t he have one yet? It’s the same story with the majority of this pan African, pro black, red, black and green squads, they whip up a great talk about how fantastic black women are(not this modern day black female by a long shot) but they for the most part never have one by their side. I already know what the format of the video will be, 53 minutes of his telling me that I have transgressed by not getting myself a black woman, the black woman is god, a queen, we must respect and protect black women etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. Johnson’s solution is sticking out with the same women who are shafting us day in and day out, no thanks, I’ll pass.


    • Afrofuturism1, it wasn’t anything particular other than the typical, pro black if you date white women you are indirectly supporting white supremacy garbage you always hear from these morons. I just was amazed at how stupid what he was saying was, and that he says it as if it’s the absolute and ultimate truth on the planet earth not to be questioned by anybody.
      The guy is just a complete imbecile. But those who actually listen to and believe his garbage are actually dumber than he is.

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      • @ Bill Smith

        I saw about 5 minutes of his “At Home With The Hotep” skit before switching it off.
        give him this, though… he’s slick. He’s good with the mouth, but he’s full of shit. Any thinking BM can detect his bullshit from a mile off.
        I also
        don’t believe he’s a Dr either. A Dr that wants to be taken seriously does not dress like a baller. Yes there are academics who look causal and are “down” with they peeps, but I don’t believe he’s even that. He’s a straight up hustler.

        Onto his talking points:
        White supremacy? The fact he keeps calling American Black men “African” is White supremacy right there. Keep the stupid Negros believing they come from far away, there’s a good slave…

        Buying black? Not even Black people buy Black. Shea Moisture anyone? And that’s without mentioning the innumerable Korean hair care stores BW are paying hand over fist to. Fuck outta here with that shit.

        White people are aliens? So are we. Up to 15%. Shall I mention the hidden aliens in his family tree, Dr Umar?

        Black men are saving themselves, creating a gang of biracial children, and its putting him out of work, with his racist demagoguery. Nothing much to see here…

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  10. Michael, Umar Johnson is a doctor like ‘doctor strange’ (comic book character), ‘doctor doom’ (comic book character), and ‘doctor no’ (character on television,I believe). His title of ‘doctor’ is completely made up.
    He really is a doctor of bullshit.
    And of course brother Polight, who was one of the most pro black idiots out there, as soon as he got the chance to be around or in the ‘white world’, and around those fine white women, that Fraud Negro jumped the ‘pro Black ship’ as soon as he got the chance to.
    All of these pro black hustlers like Umar Johnson or Cynthia G simply are phonies, who if given the chance would jump into the ‘white world pool’ with all their clothes on.
    The problem with the majority of black people as they are simply dishonest human beings, who lie about everything if they believe it will give them the opportunity to ‘get over’.
    This is one of the main reasons why I simply refrain from dealing with the majority of black people in general. Sadly they cannot be trusted.
    And that is the pure, unadulterated truth regarding the majority of black people.

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    • Just looked up a picture of Polight’s black wives and was damn disgusted. First off, why is this nigg@ looking like Pharrell Williams in a Steak N Shake hat? Secondly, he’s bragging about having multiple wives, yet NONE of the b1tches ACTUALLY LOOK GOOD!!! Bragging over them is like bragging over a bootleg handbag, you look like he world’s biggest jackass while doing it.

      These pro-blacks are showing you how ugly their “queeniez” are, considering their inability to find one that doesn’t look like the toxic sludge I just left in the toilet. Breed them out!!!


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  11. Reading this blog with delight, as usual. Note, gentlemen, how the black female gadflies are silent about this particular topic, yet so vocal and so quick to dispute and question and drag the black man in other threads. Conclusion: If it has to do with their White Knight and their collective desire to bedwench, black hoes are quiet as dead cockroaches. Even the “NOT ALL! NOT ALL!” crowd is silent. SYSBM, brothers!

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