Black Women And The Clown Syndrome


Much appreciated to the good brother I was talking to over the weekend who gave me the idea for this article. When we honestly examine the modern day black female and everyday clowns, there are really no differences to be found. Both share a very similar if not an identical lifestyle. Your average clown before going out to perform on the job will completely plaster his/her face with makeup and will put on a brightly coloured wig in order to stand out.

Your modern day black woman is no different, she like the clown will cover her face with huge layers of make up forming a mask. This is a complete contrast to black women 30-40 years ago who for a large part simply used cocoa butter on their faces and they were good to go. However, seeing how most black women today are insecure and desire to be white, they will follow the trends of the same group of women they claim are trying to look like them, go figure.

Black women will also use fake nails, fake eyebrows, fake eye lashes in addition to weaves, wigs and make up, they for the most part look no different to transsexuals and drag queens. The worst thing is black women who engage in this behaviour actually believe that they look more attractive with all of these extras, however nothing could be further from the truth. The overwhelming majority of them in reality resemble hideous mutants you would expect to find in the sewers.

The black woman again in similar fashion to the clown will walk the streets with hair upon her head that does not belong to her. Indeed, just as the clown is to be laughed at and ridiculed because of the way he/she looks, the modern day black woman in taking on such an outlandish and clownish image must also be laughed at and looked upon as a joke.

Of course at this point the black woman’s usual retort will be “white women do it too”. You have to laugh everytime black women introduce white women into the equation in order to somehow make their own skullduggery look feasible. Under normal circumstances black women would say that white folks cannot understand the struggle of black people, however as soon as black women’s feet are held to the fire of accountability, all of a sudden they will bring up white women as if they can now relate to them and vice versa.

Black women use white women and white folks in general as a convenient scapegoat in theirs efforts to bloat out their own transgressions, however no other race of people do this. White people will examine the shortfalls of their own folks without comparing themselves to other races or individuals. Only in black society does the crazy and illogical idea exist that when looking at our own sins, the sins of others must also be examined a long side at the same time.

You’ll notice that clowns for the most part physically don’t have anything to say, the black woman is the same however in terms of not having any words of substance and worth to bring to the table. Here is an example of one such individual who attempted and failed miserably to critique my article on 12 good reasons why black men should abandon black women. If you scroll down to the middle of the article you will see where this harridan makes reference to the link:

Did you notice how instead of dealing with the points raised, in typical black female fashion she attempted to play the role of a psychologist in trying to assess me as a person? You also noticed how she reached for the typical argument black women use about the examiner being “hurt”. This is why just like your everyday clowns, the overwhelming majority of black women are never be taken seriously.

How much do you want to bet that this woman is a single mother and fits many if not all of the demographics mentioned in that article? You’ll also notice how she never came out and stated that anything in the article wasn’t true, rather that I was speaking in absolutes and being vindictive(whatever that means, how can one be vindictive with the truth). This is why black women as a whole stay losing, unlike thinking black men they can never deal with criticism on the merits of the issues discussed, they instead must resort to smearing the image and the character of the examiner, they honestly believe that this is gaining them ground and winning them the debate, what a joke.

Back to the topic at hand, the clown deliberately dresses in bright and outlandish clothing, your average black female in her mission to seek attention will do the same thing. The clown engages in silly, foolish, ridiculous and dangerous behaviour, in seeking attention the average black woman will do the same especially if there is a camera filming nearby. Another trait that clowns and black women share is the art of trickery and deception, just take a look at the before and after makeup pictures of these women above, enough said.

Lastly you have some clowns(at least in the world of fiction) who take things to the next level, who are extremely violent and who are cold-blooded killers, the Joker from the Batman universe is one of the most notable examples that comes to mind. Compare the Joker to your average black woman today, there isn’t really any difference.

Most black women have become incredibly violent, they love spilling the blood of the innocent, they commit the highest numbers of abortions, most will attempt to maim or inflict some kind of bodily harm on you just for disagreeing with them on any issue. Worst of all most black women today are completely cold-blooded, they feel no remorse, shame or pity once the evil deed is done, woe unto the person who is a victim of the black female’s wrath and terrorism.

How many examples have we come across of black women running people over with vehicles for the most trivial disagreements, how many examples have we come across of black women committing some of the most vile and evil acts imaginable against children whether they be inside or outside of the womb? How many examples have we come across of black women lying their mouths off even in the face of the truth being revealed, how many examples have we come across of black women involving themselves in violent confrontations and instigating street brawls for fun(this currently seems to be the black woman’s favourite pastime)? How many examples have we come across involving black women stealing hair? How many examples have we come across of black women using other ethnicities as scapegoats in order to make their own sins seem trivial?

The westernised black woman has become the modern day court jester, she is to be viewed and used purely as a form of entertainment and nothing more. SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

46 thoughts on “Black Women And The Clown Syndrome

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  2. Why am I just now noticing this article?

    Black women stay broke yet have tons of money for crazy weaves, purple hair, pink contacts, skin bleach, tattoos, and weird whore clothes. All for some attention, and if they’re lucky, some dick!!!

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      • Late?

        Another new thing is the shower caps/chef’s hats/bonnets/bags/mushroom head things that black women are flaunting around town in. That’s the new school equivalent of rollers in the hair.


      • Afrofuturism1,

        I normally post in the morning or early afternoon. Black women as a collective stay disgraceful in whatever they do. Decent black women at this stage are slim to none.

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  3. One major difference between a black woman and the clown is financial. The clown gets paid for his behavior. Note that McDonald’s Hamburger uses the clown named Ronald McDonald. McDonald’s is about $$$$$. Black women act like clowns and have a net worth of $5 on average.

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  4. Another absolute masterpiece Sensei Verbs!! Your critical, truthful analysis of this savage, female CLOWN was spot on! Bravo! Bravo! Encore! Encore!!

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    • Reading this actually disturbed me even further. Yeah sure, we have all heard someone call a female “a clown” BUT to actually compare the behaviors side by side really sheds some light on this very REAL ISSUE.

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      • Dwight Hayes,

        Good to hear from you brother, yes, this is very disturbing indeed. The modern day black female literally lives the live of a clown.


  5. Hehehehehehehehe………………………….lololololololololooooooooooooooooool! tears down my face with laughter………

    I used to see these monstrosities EVERY SUNDAY MORNING (an actual day where could have done without the sun, as it just illuminated these ugly creatures) AND PARENTS EVENINGS………………

    No wonder why our housing estate was called “QUALITY STREET” but in a derogatory way. Basically these brightly painted black women who cared not how ridiculous they looked, were constantly insulted behind their backs by every other culture of women who lived there…………………….it’s not that there is any real issue with wearing make-up though it is much better not to at all, it is the TOTAL transformation that takes place when black women do it. It is too deceptive and they need to stop it…………..I will never forget when a boy came home from school and walked straight passed his mother, who had taken the day off from work that day and he did not know. He just did not recognize her AT ALL, as he had never seen her without her make-up EVER. The mother even had the nerve to grab up her son, scratching his chin severely with her false nails in the process, in the street for “disrespecting” her when she greeted him and he making no reply or at least not in the way one would greet their mother. This was one of the reasons for the term Quality Street, very much a box of chocolates, you had no idea what was inside the tin or in the brightly coloured wrappers. You all know what I mean.

    If those black women you displayed with the skin conditions, did not put so much foundation on etc. their skin would be able to breath and their pores would not be so blocked up.

    I thought we needed more funding from our local councils for the repairs pot holes in the roads etc. It appears that the rents and council taxes that should have been paid to fund these costly public repairs, have been diverted to funding the FILLING of the numerous black female holes they possess (such as, between their legs, evil spewed from their evil mouths, ears hearing only gossip and evil things about people who are genuinely struggling, holes in their nostrils to sniff out victims that they can humiliate publicly, arseholes, which is used to describe the disgusting attitudes of black women and the only hole that black women know how to talk from or allow the devil to crawl into………………..

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  6. Absolutely on point as usual. I remember seeing a picture of that whore Nikki Minaj a few months ago wearing a blonde wig/weave, bright red lip stick,tight pants showing off her large fake ass and big ass baby blue shoes on looking exactly like the clown she is. Just go to the typical so called “black community ” and all you see walking around are 300lb, tatted up, multi colored weave wearing, 5 baby daddy having black female whores strutting, or should I say waddling down the street looking like complete clowns.

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  7. Black women are real-life evil clowns. Is there any thing about black women that is true, honest, or authentic? Sadly, the true answer is NO.
    I really think black women are too stupid to realize how ridiculous they look appearance wise every day of their miserable lives. How could you walk around in public with multicolored, fake hair sewn into your stinking filthy head, ridiculously long stupid looking fake braids sewn into their heads, tattoos up and down their arms, chest, back, neck, legs, feet, ankles, wearing contact lenses so blue, that the most Nordic, white, European, Aryan, blonde ever created never had eyes that color, and on top of this be out of shape, fat, ugly, with horrible skin.
    I don’t think most black women understand the concept of drinking water.
    And yes, black women are the most coldhearted, evil natured, lying, deceitful, irrational, destructive, confrontational, reactionary, combative, beasts ever to walk the planet earth. Black women are literally like the evil villains in comic books or horror movies. Only this is how black women are in real life.
    And of course when black women are questioned or challenged about how utterly ridiculous their appearances or how evil their behavior is, the first thing out of their mouth is about how white women, and that white women ‘do it too’.
    The difference between clowns and black women is that clowns actually remove the wig and the make up and actually become themselves. Black women refuse to remove the multicolored weave or the wig, and refused to remove the make up. Everything about black women is fake. Black women have fake hair, fake attitudes, fake personalities, fake words, fake promises, fake intentions.
    If Blackmen were doing 1/4 of the things that black women are doing in order to change their physical appearance, Blackmen would be laughed at around the planet earth. But black women leave the house looking like a fucking cartoon character and nobody is supposed to mention it or say anything about how utterly ridiculous they look.
    And what the hell do white women have to do with anything black women are doing? White women have nothing to do with how stupid black women behave and how ridiculous they look. But because black women are obsessed with white women and want to look like and be White women, the lives of black women literally revolve around attempting to mimic the look and appearance of white women and justify anything they do by somehow attempting to bring white women into the equation, when White women have nothing to do with it.
    And can somebody please tell black women to stop putting those three-foot long, stupid looking fake braids into the hair of young black girls. Not only do black women look ridiculous, but they actually force their daughters to look equally ridiculous.
    This sad state of black woman would actually be laughable if it wasn’t true. Black women simply don’t realize house stupid and ridiculous they look appearance wise. And black women somehow attempt to justify how stupid they look by claiming ‘white women do it too’.
    Does the stupidity of black women ever stop? It doesn’t appear so.

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  8. TheAmazingSecularist, the Nordic white woman is beautiful. But then again so is the German White woman, the Russian White woman, the Ukrainian White woman, the Romanian White woman, the Croatian White woman, the English White woman, the Czechoslovakian White woman, Irish White woman, etc, etc, etc…..
    White women are simply very attractive. I actually think that Eastern European White women are probably the most beautiful category of white women out there.
    But let’s be honest, white women over all simply look better than, are more attractive, are more feminine, are easier to get along with, and are more fun and pleasurable to be around then 99.9% of black women.
    If you had a choice to go to two events where you were the only man there, one event had 100 White women and the other event had 100 Black women, which event would you go to?
    White women simply understand how to be women. White women understand what femininity is about. White women understand what being pleasant and being friendly is about. White women understand the concept of being in a relationship in order for both people in the relationship to be happy.
    And the bottom line is 9 out of 10 Times, White women simply are more attractive and look better than black women do.
    Sure there are attractive black women out there, but most of the time when I see a beautiful female and public she is usually white or nonblack.
    White women are beautiful. But somehow we as black men are not supposed to admit this truth or speak about it. There is a reason why black women are playing catch-up and attempting to mimic everything about white women. And these fake, white man worshiping whores like that WWE black woman clown, who say she doesn’t date Blackmen, and that White men and black women make beautiful or pretty babies, go out of their way to totally imitate the mannerisms, femininity, inflection, voice, tone, and everything that White women naturally possess.
    Black women are easily analyzed, and easily exposed as the lying, low self-esteem having phony beasts that they actually are.
    But yet and still you still have black people attempting to convince Black men that they are somehow supposed to be in relationships with black women because black women are ‘black’.
    Black women can’t compete with white women on any level as women. Blackmen know it, white women know it, white men know it, and black women know it. But black women sit around and actually tell themselves that it is white women who are attempting to follow and mimic black women.
    Black women are simply a joke.

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  9. And actually now that I had a little bit of time to think about it, Italian women are probably the most beautiful category of white women I have ever seen. I live just outside of New York City, and the Italian American/ Italian women are just the most beautiful dark-haired, brown eyed beauties you have ever seen.
    Natalie pasquarella is a newscaster here in New York . Stephanie Tantillo is the daughter of a popular Italian-American chef here in New York. Look at the videos of these two beauties, and tell me that white women are not more attractive, more feminine, more beautiful than black women are .
    Italian women are simply beautiful, gorgeous, absolutely stunning women. And black women actually believe that white women are trying to look like them.
    Black women are actually good for a laugh, because black women are a running comedy show.

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    • My best friend dated a beautiful looking Italian woman with a nice shape, this lady was nice and good to my friend, the best girlfriend he ever had in his entire life wow, but he end up breaking up with her because his mother and his female family members put pressure on him by bully the lady, and saying crazy shit like “white Italian women will put you in jail and her male family members will kill you mobster style” and a couse we have some white males in the white female’s don’t want their daughters with blackmen. And now my friend is with a black woman whos straight up hood and look like a beast, she got tattoos all over her body, then she lied to him that she was on birth control then he find out he got her knocked up and now he’s paying child support while she with another guy who’s a thug who move in her house with her and my friend son. Its so sad

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    • My best friend dated a beautiful looking Italian woman with a nice shape, this lady was nice and good to my friend, the best girlfriend he ever had in his entire life wow, but he end up breaking up with her because his mother and his female family members put pressure on him by bully the lady, and saying crazy shit like “white Italian women will put you in jail and her male family members will kill you mobster style” and a couse we have some white males in the white female’s don’t want their daughters with blackmen. And now my friend is with a black woman whos straight up hood and look like a beast, she got tattoos all over her body, then she lied to him that she was on birth control then he find out he got her knocked up and now he’s paying child support while she with another guy who’s a thug who move in her house with her and my friend son. Its so sad.


  10. Verbs,

    I think this is one of the best posts you’ve posted. It never occurred to me how similar black women are to clowns. The analogy truly works. Like you said, just like clowns, they indulge in ridiculous wigs, silly clothes and are plastered with makeup. And in accordance with the image of the clown, they either behave like ridiculous buffoons, or are terrifying creatures of nightmare. And just like the clown, we either laugh at them or are fearful of them.

    Perhaps another thing you can tackle is how black women have gleefully embraced black stereotypes from the past. Black men used to be portrayed as coons (selling out for white folks) and brutes (violent and bloodthirsty), while black women were mammies (obese female Uncle Toms) and Jezebels (slutty). Today the black women have taken ALL these stereotypes – they kiss the white man’s ass, are violent, obese and subservient to Mr Charlie, and promiscuous.

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    • Agreed, the black female beast will do anything including make complete fools of themselves ( Which is hard to do since their normal state of being is foolishness.) just to grovel at the feet of white men even though they know that the overwhelming majority of white men have absolutely no interest in black women and why would they? and actually why would anyone? Its just another example of their sheer amount of self-hatred and desperation to be accepted by anyone non-black; Speaking of such, that black whore on the “Bachelorette” show is prime example of what this article speaks of.
      She is just your typical everyday black female: Ugly as hell but tries to mask it with a clown face of make up and a ton of weave on her head.
      I guarantee that if you saw a before makeup and weave picture of that ugly bitch, she would rival those hideous looking black female creatures that were shown at the beginning of this article.
      As Verbs stated, black women are just modern day court jesters. They prove this daily in their appearance as well as their behavior.

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    • Shawn James,

      Much appreciate for the compliment, a good brother I know suggested the concept and I put it into writing. Black women do indeed look ridiculous, and they would expect me to walk down the streets with them looking like a Christmas tree, no thanks, I have standards.

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  11. Verbs2015

    That stuff happens in NY and NJ to a lot of good blackmen who date a good looking white women whos good to him, they end up breaking up due to social pressure from his black female members or white men, Then he ends of making the bigest mistake of his life of getting back with hoodrat black women who will likely to set him up for child support or get him jump or killed by another simp thug black man she knew.

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    • JayJay5077,

      There is an incredibly large amount of black men who are still refusing to read the writing on the wall concerning this modern day black female. Black men who date out must follow through and not cave in to pressure from family members and friends, in fact those who put pressure on the man to break up with a non black woman because they wish to see him return to black female failure need to be cut off. I may actually have to write a short blog on this issue because it is important for black men to realise that their lives are at stake whenever they give in to social pressures, not the lives of the people around them.

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      • THIS is why those relationships end at the high rates. No one is against most other interracial pairings.

        That’s also y evil white men and black women get along so well. Two sides of the same coin.

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      • Verbs2015

        That would be a good idea for you to write a short blog on issued about blackmen need pull through dating non black women, because I seen a lots of good brothers end caving in.

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  12. Great article BW look like clowns and are evil like Pennywise the clown from it. I do not understand why they think all that make up, colorful weaves, and tats are attractive. BW walk around looking like absolute fools. Steven Rogers I need that info on Romania.

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  13. As a black woman, I use the term loosely, I have to say that I agree with your points. I have tried to point this out to my sisters and some have gotten violent. It’s disappointing, I have wanted to walk away from the black community, impossible-but true, because it seems that they refuse to be accountable for their actions, their responsibilities and their duties. I don’t believe it’s all black women but it is prevalent among mainstream thought and that in itself it severe. I hope that you continue to write your articles but perhaps communicate in a way that acknowledges you are referring to some not all. My mistake if you intended this for all of us. Either way, the message is the truth and it needs to be heard.


    • Chloe Sánchez,

      This is the loose cannon nature of most black women today, they will resort to violence when confronted with the truth. Most black women hate the truth, honesty, responsibility and accountability, this is why I advise thinking black men to walk away from such individuals and seek love and companionship elsewhere.

      The thing is black women aren’t stupid, they already know that I’m not talking about all black women because the word “all” is never mentioned nor implied in any of my articles. However because of the hive mentality of the angry and bitter black sisterhood, the goal is to defend all black women not matter what, this includes reprobate and degenerate black women. Now I put the information out there and simply allow the lots themselves to automatically fall upon the guilty parties. As the saying goes, hit dogs will holler.

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  14. Interesting fact: black women married to white men have the lowest divorce rates of any pairing (includes same race marriages) 3-5% ; black men married to white women have the highest divorce rates at 300%. (Not trying to be passive aggressive, I read a lot and I thought the stat was surprising and it got me thinking- so I thought I would share.)


    • Chloe Sánchez,

      The dynamic with black men/white women marriages is slowly changing. The reason why the failure rate of those marriages is so high is because racist white men and their partners in crime black women frequently go out of their way to sabotage such unions. However remember that black men are dating out at over twice the rate of black women. Black men have far more power and reach in the interracial dating market than black women do and black women have had access to the said market for a longer period of time.


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