The Standard Black Single Mother Household, Black Man Reveals All – Negro Wars The Book Vindicated Once Again


The first thing that stood out to me about this video is how the guy sounded fruity, however when he revealed that he was sexually abused as a young boy this all made sense. On top of this he stated how at one time his mother actually walked in on the abuse and still did nothing for him. I talked about this very issue of black mothers allowing their children to be abused in Negro Wars, this is why black women as a collective hate it everytime I make reference to the book. That’s right, most black women will allow their children to be molested.

You notice how he talked about his mother only caring about “dick and perfume”, this is the standard black woman right here, she cares not for her children. As I stated in Negro Wars most black women hate children and only have them as a means to get on the government payroll aswell as to use them as a weapon against the father when required. Recall how I always talk about black women and their childish lusts for money and material possessions, this example right here is a case in point.

See most black children especially black men have been through the same if not similar to what this black man has suffered at the hands of his black mother, some may have escaped being sexually abused, others were not so fortunate, however most black children has suffered some form of abuse from their mothers. You’ll notice how black women will commonly dismiss these cases as one offs, however this is the age of the internet, people can now gather much more information from many more sources than they could’ve done in the past. The black woman’s secret is now out.

Single black mothers abuse their children as standard, some people have stories to tell concerning sexual abuse, whether at the hands of their mothers, the live in boyfriend, some other member of the family or a family friend, however nearly everybody has an account of their mothers beating them with any instrument they could lay their hands on. Growing up I especially remember hearing these horrific accounts of physical abuse amongst Caribbean and African boys and girls.

Nearly everyone in the black community know that there is a major problem with the overwhelming majority of black women today, however we have a situation where only a few people are willing to be open and honest and talk about it, this young man here is one such fellow. Most black men and women will defend their mothers in spite of the heavy abuse they received from them growing up.

Notice how in typical black female fashion his mother couldn’t handle the truth about herself, this is standard with most black women as they enjoy wallowing in lies and their own filth. Of course the guy also talked about the fact that she had a live in boyfriend, didn’t I talk about this very issue in Negro Wars under the chapter entitled Black Women And Children?

Most black women will get pregnant but by the time the baby is born they would have already split from the biological father and would have gotten together with a new man whom they will speedily move into the house. The new boyfriend has access to the children 24 hours a day, however the biological father if he is worth a damn must go to court and sit through various tedious hearings in order to try to see his child.

This has to be one of the major reasons why I advise black men not to have children with black women, they don’t care about the children to begin with and they will allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to hang around them. This is why black children are so easy pickings when it comes to paedophiles and sex offenders, with the mother not giving a hoot about the welfare of her children, the door is wide open for predators to step in and take advantage of the vulnerability. Most black women are too dangerous to have children with because they don’t value them.

Remember in Negro Wars how I talked about black women handing their children over to authority figures and people whom they look up to, to be abused. This is the psychotic nature of the black woman right here, she is always seeking harm to come upon her offspring. I’ll say it again, THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF BLACK WOMEN HATE CHILDREN. Didn’t the man talk about the fact that he cut himself as an experiment to see what his mother would say and she said virtually nothing? I’ll repeat what I stated again, THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF BLACK WOMEN HATE CHILDREN.

Remember, black women love effeminate black men because they are no longer a threat to the leadership positions black women have been given over black society by their white father, this is one of the primary reasons why they go out of their way to effeminise young black boys or throw them into the hands of strangers to be abused, whether physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or all of the above. The instinct in black women to protect their children has long gone, black men ought to be aware of this if you are still thinking about snagging yourselves a “black queen”.

The other significant issue the man raised was in relation to his mother not knowing him, most black women never get to know their children, because of the mutant form of feminism 95% of black women subscribe to, they are never able to form a bond with their children like non black women do with theirs. Black women don’t hug their children, they don’t kiss their children, they rarely if ever show any love and affection towards their children, they give their children little to no attention whatsoever. Again, the child’s purpose in the hands of the black woman is to be used as a tool only, nothing more.

Of course as per the edicts of feminism his mother like most black women attempted to invoke the spirit of victimhood. They don’t do anything for their children but yet they always claim that they have sacrificed so much for them, sound familiar? Everything this guy mentioned in the video I wrote about in Negro Wars, the same book black women cannot deconstruct the contents of so instead they choose to psychoanalyse me and try to figure out who Babatunde Umanah is as a person.

Again, who I am has nothing to do with the facts that they are unable to refute. Attacking me personally doesn’t win them the argument, however most black women either haven’t gotten that memo yet or they refuse to read the writing on the wall. Finally the man finished off by saying that he hates what he sees happening around him with women taking advantage of their children. This adds even more credence to the fact that this type of behaviour is commonplace with most black women. Most black children live in a constant state of fear when around their mothers.

Black women and their lack of compassion and care towards children is one of the main reasons why I advise black men to walk away from them and seek love and companionship elsewhere. Why would you choose to have children with a group of individuals who do not like and care about children to begin with? Again, if you haven’t already be sure to check out Negro Wars where I go into more of the horrific acts black women frequently carry out on their offspring.

Section 8 is going to be drastically reduced in the coming years and I too cannot wait to see this happen. SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

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  1. They can’t stop the truth from spreading bro! Thanks to Social Media, the entire WORLD can finally see what’s the true root of black dysfunction and FUCKERY! that black Bitch!! Their savagery has been going on for damn near 50 years but it was silenced!!! Keep up the excellent work bro!

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      • We need to pray on behalf of these men and women. It’s all fine that we “bun fire” on these degenerate black mothers but like the man say, “this is the ugliness she is bringing out in me” (the vulnerability, homosexuality, homelessness, rightful anger, bitterness etc.).

        As followers of Christ, we should all pray in private in the spirit and have true, unwavering faith that this man and such like him (including ourselves) will be directed to the Most High and everything he can do to clean and heal this man and people like him. In fact we all need this kind of deliverance. Let us not be joyful in the downfall of a man who does not know the true and almighty existence of the Most High God.

        We should acknowledge that we can only help people like this if we look to be filled with the holy spirit who is our only strength, and with that spirit can we combat the evil that is going on in this world.

        Lets put on the armour of god and witness the true strength and mercy of the Most High to people like that.
        We were once in that man’s shoes somehow. We should trust in God to do the rest. I say this with same principle I have to use as a wife and mother the Most High has instructed me to be like in my home.

        I cannot really say any more as I am a woman and I cannot usurp the role of my husband who leads. I am just saying this as a friend in Christ and not in any type of pastoral sense…………you all know what I mean..

        Blessings in the meantime


      • M,

        We each have different roles and functions to fulfil, my role at this moment is to expose the dysfunction that the modern day black woman has brought upon black society. For those who feel moved to pray for the man and others like him then they should do so, however this is not the calling for everybody who believes in Christ. As a car has many different components which perform different tasks, so in like manner is the body of Christ.

        I am no wise am celebrating this man’s downfall, I don’t believe anybody here is doing that, what we are doing is using his example to further prove the point of dysfunctional black females and the endless suffering they bring upon others especially their own people.

        Yes, we were once in this man’s shoes, however my duty is to examine his position, identify the cause and put out information accordingly. At least now there is a website and a book available to where people(particularly black men) can turn to and discover that being in such predicaments they are the victims not the villains. This is my work according to the Most High being fulfilled.


      • Dear Brother Verbs,

        This is M,

        Many thanks for your reply to the comment I made about praying for the victims of these miscreant black mothers and the mothers themselves etc.

        I am so sorry that it appeared that I was being scolding (completely far from it). What I meant was to compliment/suggest to what you were doing already on this brilliant blog site. I already know that you are a follower of Christ and you are executing your role in this world to expose the sinful nature of the weak vessels that bring forth nations. It was just an addition and suggestion for the other people on the blog more than anything, just so that we are reminded not to to be prideful or self-righteous in our varied walks of life, especially when it comes to people damaged horrifically by their early environments and teachings and how we can each help them in the way that the Most High has assigned us individually.

        I apologise once again if I was slightly misunderstood.

        You are dead right all the way though. I have read your whole series and both books. I still seek the truth on an individual basis through the Word of God, as well as with family etc…………

        May The Most High/Holy Spirit continue be central in your ministry and those of the others reading and commenting on the blog.

        Kindest regards,

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  3. As mentioned, the guy is pretty fruity. This is what happens when you let children be raised around NOTHING but females, let alone the worst form of female life in the universe! Black Women go out of their way to effeminize these boys so that they’re no threat.

    He also mentioned the lack of love, care, and affection that these women show their children. Easily the WORST group of women, the worst mothers possible! NO other group of women is so unaffectionate towards their men, their children, or anyone else. That’s why black relationships are so one sided and basically just sex. You can not romance what is basically a welfare zombie!

    He also mentioned the extensive abuse (which no doubt helped push forward his obvious homosexuality) he suffered. Black women will let all types of men around their children, except for their FATHERS!!

    THIS is reason numero uno why we’re producing so many fruits in the black community, and also why black Women are the worst mates imaginable. I’d rather a child be raised by a freakin tiger!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Most black women are evil cold blooded individuals, the lack of care, love, affection and attention they display towards their children simply isn’t of this world. This is why I have no hesitation in calling them devils walking in the flesh as only Satan and his cohorts both physical and spiritual have this much hatred for their fellow man and their own youth.

      I cannot remember the last time I saw a black woman hugging her child, kissing her child, showing some love and affection towards her child, the overriding majority of black women always prefer relating to their children through terrorism, fear, hatred and intimidation rather than through love and kindness.

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    • Legit West African lady with her two young daughters screaming at one of them whilst on her mobile (cell). The type of screaming that made you look up and think something serious was about to go down.

      Did I mention the two girls were dark skinned?

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      • Michel,

        I remember way back when I was younger saving a woman’s son from getting run over while she was too busy yapping away in a phone booth to care. A west African woman aswell. As I keep on saying, this dysfunction amongst black women is international.

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      • As soon as all this went down, I thought, yep, “Negro Wars” the book.

        Just imagine what’s in store for these children: beaten with belts, beaten with coat hangers, beaten with flex cord, beaten with slippers….

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      • @Afrofuturism

        I was raised alongside a lighter skinned family member, still black but not as “crispy” as me. Guess who got the consistent rough end of the shit stick? Guess who had to climb out the abuse by themselves? And try to guess who’s now having mental issues as a result of being spoilt rotten?

        #SYSBM. It’s not a joke.

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  4. Black women seem to enjoy or derive pleasure from beating, screaming at, and mentally abusing black children for absolutely no reason whatsoever. How many times can we collectively remember seeing black woman snap and flip out on black children, for nothing other than the children simply acting like children.
    I want to see family members over the weekend and I asked my aunt how her three-year-old grandson was doing because he came for a visit. She said with an attitude, ‘he’s a crybaby’. And then she went on to describe how when he was crying her and her middle son just left him in the living room alone to cry while they went downstairs. This is her grandchild and this is her freaking attitude toward him. And of course her middle child is an effeminate alleged fruit himself.
    This is the type of cold emotionless attitude black women have toward everyone and everything around them. And black children seem to catch a particular type of hell from these mentally ill black women demons, because not only are these children absolutely and utterly defenseless and dependent upon these black women demons in order to live, many black children grow up believing that being beaten, screamed at, and flipped out on on a regular basis is not only normal, but that’s the way they should treat their offspring.
    Black women actually take pride in and think that it’s a correct thing to do to beat children senseless for nothing more than simply acting like any child would. And these black children grow up acting the same way toward their children that their mentally ill black mothers and grandmothers were toward them. And the vicious cycle continues.
    How could anyone in their right mind think that it’s okay to take a three or four or five or six-year-old and beat holy hell out of them with the damn leather belt? But I’ve seen black women do this in public to children, so you can only imagine the type of abuse that goes on behind closed doors.
    The vast majority of black women are simply cold hearted, emotionless, abusive, vicious, violent beasts. The only things that black women seem to know how to do well is be abusive, confrontational, aggressive, antagonistic, argumentative, and never be satisfied unless they are involved in an argument or confrontation or in the process of whipping their child’s ass for no reason.
    And Blackmen are still being told by simps and black women that they should have some type of loyalty to a group of women that are loyal to absolutely no one but themselves and their perverted worldview.
    My heart really goes out to most black children, especially those who are raised in single households controlled by black women. The black children raised by the single mothers actually have to be afraid to simply be children. Because they know at any second their mother will flip out on them for the child just being a child and acting like any child would. And then we wonder why black adults including the men are so violent, confrontational and reactionary. They have probably been getting their ass beat their entire lives by there better mentally ill black mothers or black caretakers.
    And Barack Obama actually had the nerve to say that black women are the backbone of black society. I think Barack Obama meant to say that black women will break your backbone if they think you are not ‘behaving’ correctly.
    Funny black women are so quick to beat their children’s ass if they think they are not acting in a proper manner, but everything about the behavior of the black woman is incorrect and improper. But they cannot be disciplined or corrected or questioned by anyone, without black women getting an attitude and talking about how they are being ‘bashed’.
    Black women have been literally bashing their children for decades and decades unchecked. Abuse of children is normalized, accepted and encouraged in the black community. And black women are the main force involved in this consistent abuse we see rampant in the black community.
    I feel sorry for any black man who at this point is stupid enough to get involved with a black woman. Black women simply are not good people.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • I really do feel fortunate dude. Compared to my peers, I really did have it made despite growing up poor. If I had any complaints about my mother it would be her naive spirit and kindness which many people would take advantage of. I really don’t have any horror stories about black women either. I think they knew I was different and just weren’t into me. Plus most of the black girls I was around were into drug dealers and gangbangers, and even the middle class, proper black girls I met when I was in high school were pretty much into white guys, but based off a lot of what you guys say on here and what I’ve seen, I’m glad I’ve never been romantically involved with one, maybe I would be screaming on the internet like Tommy if I did lol.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Black women pride themselves on how much damage they can inflict upon their children. They don’t play or interact with with their children at all apart from when it is time to administer the rod of correction. This is the only time when most black women will pay their children full attention. Everything else you said is spot on.

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      • Verbs2015, so true. Sadly when my second cousins come to visit their father (my first cousin), who lives in my (deceased grandparents) home, with his mother, two uncles, two brothers, and one of his brothers wife and new born baby, the two second cousins are not taken anywhere, are given no activities to do, and are basically left to inhale Newport cigarette smoke all day. Then when they start to cry or say they want to go back to their mother (who of course lives with her mother), they get called ‘crybabies’ or they are being difficult.
        And of course my first cousin, their father, has no problem hitting them if he thinks they are behaving badly. They are just young children, who are in an environment they are not used to, and is totally unproductive overall. Atleast at their other grandmothers house they do things, take trips, etc, etc.
        I didn’t even mean to get this personal regarding my family business. But it is just disgusting to see the way black children are treated, even certain ones in my family. And yes as Verbs2015 stated, the only time that these children will get any real attention is when they’re getting their asses beat for simply acting like children.
        I’m sorry, but black women are the main abusers of black children, but these black clown allegedly men, many of them are just as guilty as these black demon women are, because they have picked up on, and mimicked the same destructive behaviors that black women have taught them, and that black women display on a daily basis for the world to see.
        This is nothing new for me, but I am literally done with the majority of black folks in general. And as far as black women go there might be 1 or 2% of black women that are actually decent redeemable human beings.
        There is simply too much irrationa,l reactionary, unintelligent behavior that is prevalent, applauded and supported amongst the majority of black people for me to actually believe the mentality can be changed or corrected.
        Separation, avoidance, and repudiation is the only solution for thinking Blackmen in regards to the majority of black people and black women in general.
        Save yourselves Blackmen is not just a slogan. Save yourselves Blackmen is actually a battle cry and a way of life that needs to be followed and adhered to no matter what.
        Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good. (Ezekiel 16:49-50)”


    • Bill Smith,

      I agreed with you 100% that black women do abuses her kids I witness it happen to my friends, cousins, nephews an nieces.
      My older brother was married to a black women for 18 years he recently divorced her due to her cheating on him with a thug, I seen my brothers kids get beat and abused by extension cord or belt by their getto mom its sad man.

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  5. Hey Verbs, I lived in those ghettos, went to predominantly black schools, and it was an absolute hell. The mothers in these neighborhoods had no love or affection for their children. There wasn’t a day that went by where a black child wasn’t being verbally abused, physically abused, sexually abused, neglected, and despised. My mother was probably the only decent mother I knew growing up. She was always looking out for other children in the neighborhood, me and my sibling would always invite other kids into our home for food and entertainment because most of the time the kids would be locked out of their homes for the entire day because their moms were too busy doing drugs, sleeping after a night of clubbing, or screwing some degenerate to be bothered with their children.

    Most of these mothers were either crack addicts or alcoholics. The children were out of control at home and school. Most of my peers even in their preteens were already sexually active and doing drugs. As soon as the black girls would develop, they were already prostituting themselves and their mothers knew, in fact, they encouraged it, plus if they had kids which they often did, then it would mean more welfare.

    To be brief, just like the man’s story, in my experience, probably over 95% of black children I ever met were never truly loved, but despised, and the only reason why most black people are even birthed in America today is probably to be used as pawns or leverage against some dude just so these women can keep a man or to live a life of ease off the state.

    This has to stop and only black men can stop it by refusing to be apart of this anymore. All you can do is save yourself at this point and if you have to have children, pick a woman who comes from a culture where being a mother is an actual responsibility not a welfare hustle.

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      I had the unfortunate experience of hanging out with a few sons of single black mothers for a very short period of time and let’s just say that it was hell. Nasty and vindictive individuals just like their mothers, always up to no good and constantly thinking upon evil works just like their mothers, it was a nightmare.

      I remember being bullied by one of these hoodlums and an older white guy stepped in to defend me and was willing to fight to prove his point aswell. The so called “white devil” was the one defending and saving me from one of my own kind, make that make sense. Yet according to the black female’s narrative we as black men aren’t supposed to talk about these severe anomalies and dysfunctions that they have created within black society.

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      • It’s indeed a smile world after all Verbs. The sons of these single moms are indeed some of the biggest a-holes you will ever run into. I was bullied in middle school and I hardly stood up for myself. My mother didn’t teach me to be violent and I didn’t believe in being violent to others myself, so I was a target. I also find it funny how the so called “Blue eye white devil” was never a factor for the suffering in my life, but instead most of the suffering I endured was at the hands of those who looked like me. I hardly ever had a problem from white, Hispanic, or Asian kids.

        But I will say this in defense for the young black boys and men I grew up with. Despite how morally bankrupt and violent they could be, at times I did see decency and remorse in them. I believe that if most of them got out of those neighborhoods away from the toxic influence of black women and dated outside of their race they would have been better people.

        For the young black girls and women I grew up with unfortunately, there was hardly any decency or signs of remorse in them. In fact, they facilitated most of the violence and crime in these neighborhoods. You may think I’m crazy, but the trafficking of narcotics wouldn’t be a problem in black communities if not for black women. Most of the black drug families I knew of were ran by the mothers and grandmothers of these men and they would order the violence if they didn’t encourage it themselves.

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      • Yes Verbs2015, there is always talk about the ‘white devil cave beast’. But it’s interesting, the best friends I’ve ever had have been these ‘ white devil cave beasts’, and the people who have messed with me or have caused me the most problems have always been these overly masculine, brain dead, confrontational black men, who for absolutely NO REASON whatsoever feel the need to harass other black men for reasons I couldn’t begin to explain.
        But white supremacy and white people are supposed to be the main causes of the problems black people face and deal with on a daily basis.
        I’m simply done with the majority of black people. Life is too short to deal with a group of evil natured, violent, confrontational animals who live to cause problems and destroy everything and everyone they come in contact with.
        And these Black men who feel it’s their purpose in life to ‘fuck with’ other black men, have been raised by and picked up on the evil nature and the evil intentions of their black mothers.
        You simply cannot win with the majority of black people. Don’t even waste your time trying. Just separate from them and pray to find like-minded decent black people and nonblack women to mate with.
        I am thankful the truth is being revealed, and the lies of these demonic black women and these effeminate black male simps are being destroyed as we speak.
        Save yourselves Blackmen. Life is too damn short to deal with nonsense.

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      • Hey Verbs2015, I agreed

        Back in 1998-1999 when I was in junior high school in Brooklyn NY at a school called Francis Scott Key JHS 117, I seen lots of bull shit, most of the black kids and specially the female students were savages because they used to bully other kids who was good in class, roaming the halls, having big food fights in the lunch room, girls having sex at 13-14 years old on the staircase with thugs, the female principal we had didn’t put the school under control until she left a young black man took over and starting to kicking lots of bad students.

        I was also bullied by few of these assholes (boys and girls too), then I starting using martial Arts on these assholes even the girls too, And I realize that these kids are mess up in the head due to their up bringing in a most likely a single mom household with no mad figure around.

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      • JayJay5077,

        This is the standard procedure with most black mothers today, have a problem take it out on the children as they are the easy targets. This is sick but not surprising. Yet another reason why I recommend that black men seek love and companionship elsewhere, you simply cannot procreate with child killers.


    • I agree with you brother.
      When I was in Junior H.S in Brooklyn NY, lots black kids were just bring his/her angered to school these kids was bullying other kids, don’t listen to teachers and I seen some girl on school staircase giving four young thugs head.

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  6. I watched this video last night. It didn’t surprise me at all since I have been doing my research. I hope the mom goes to jail because she has committed fraud by signing his name.
    I have never seen a respectful black mother here in Toronto, not a single one.

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    • MikeTO,

      This is what the overwhelming majority of black children go through, however black women will still attempt to paint the narrative that these types of incidents are rare to non existent. Most black women still live in the past, do they even realise that the Internet has revealed so much more than was previously known?

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      • Fled home at 16 because of abusive environment………….following self prophesying advice from police and social services, who said, three years earlier, “Miss so and so, we cannot write down everything you have told us concerning the abuse you have experienced in your home. If we did, we would have no choice but to place you into care, and quite frankly, it is better that you put up with what you are going through at home than to go into care”

        Nearly 30 years later, you hear that people placed in care in the 1950’s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s etc. were all sexually and physically abused relentlessly by all kinds of adults, such as, the family court judge, the keyworkers, the care home staff, school teachers, the church ministers, you name it………they were all at it, sexually and physically abusing children in care, and now you have people in their 40s, 50’s, 60 plus, having to relive the memory of their childhood abuse in the care of the state. But can you imagine a child having to make the choice being abused at home, as you cannot be helped out side??????????? As a child, you are unaware that this what goes on in places where they say they can save you form the abuse in your home and the social workers and police will not expose their incompetence of protecting children in either environments.

        Thank the Most High I survived the abuse at home, but that knowledge of my having stay at home rather than going off with the social worker into foster care, gave my mother the supreme power to upscale her abuse until I was “old enough” to leave home. The thing is, 16 is not an age anyone should consider OLD ENOUGH to leave a good home much less an abusive environment…………

        Especially when:

        1. You do not have the emotional/spiritual tools to deal with the harshness of the BIG WIDE EVIL WORLD

        2. You are naturally naive and will do anything that “resembles” anything better than what you had to endure at home.

        3. You cannot get a job that pays enough for you to have a decent roof over your head (because you are under the age of 21), leading you to stay in youth hostels with people just as young and messed up as yourself, leading one another to hell in some way or another. You may even end up on the streets. Most jobs before 1996 could be cash in hand but there was also no law for “minimum wage” so if someone decided that they did not want to pay you at all or pay you 10p an hour, there would be no legal repercussions on the employer. If you were working full time but getting paid a pittance, you were not entitled to housing benefit regardless of your wages. It is the “full time” employment” status that made the person ineligible for any social assistance.

        4. You cannot “sign on”, as your parents are still getting child benefit until you are 18.

        5. You can kiss good by to going to college/uni, as the school wants to know your parents income before assessing whether they help you with any sort of financial assistance. You have to prove that your parents had kicked you out of their home, therefore you need a letter from the social services, the same people who said you are better off staying at home and getting abused by your parents, therefore you have no social worker to vouch for you.

        6. People automatically assume you to be a criminal, drug addict, prostitute etc. Some of those people will force you to commit those terrible acts in exchange for a half decent meal………………or whatever

        What horrible catch 22 situations young men and women have to face SMH.

        The point is survivors of abuse will have possibly done some seriously degrading, disgusting things to get by before going on the holy road to recovery. Many people commit suicide before knowing the love of God, as they are too ashamed that they have finally made it (survived it all) but was what they were forced to do to get there.

        That man in the video needs compassion and deliverance. We all do…………..the black mothers needs to see stories like these and that call of duty video about the black mother who had to face the terror she had caused in her home and apologize to her children……………….to realize that they are causing their children to jump from the fire, straight into the lake of fire and brimstone……….

        Before anyone say’s anything……………..yes, human beings have a choice over a lot of things they do in their lives, but if you have been abused in your home and you are forced to leave before your time, Satan is right there for ya and he already knows that you have by then lost all faith in God, as with a child’s mind, you have asked if God is really there to allow this to happen………………

        You only realise God is there when you have reached the end of the road with all the wickedness you have participated in on your road to survival…………….


  7. Whtgrlsrawesome, your post is so on point. I’m thankful to have never been raised in a ‘black’ community, or attend majority black schools. But believe me everything you describe I’ve seen when visiting my black family members who do live in predominantly black areas. It’s literally like black women have babies, take care of them of them until the child is about 5 years old, then after that these children are basically on their own.
    And yes black children are given birth to in order to receive government benefits and a place to live or in order to get revenge on the father and make his life a living hell through child support, etc, etc. Black children generally are not loved. Black children are merely tolerated.
    After the initial euphoria of how cute the newborn little baby is wears off, the black child is looked at as an nuisance, an annoyance, and an annoying burden, that needs to be beaten to be silenced, so the black mother won’t be ‘bothered’.
    Black women love and enjoy the attention they get from having a newborn baby. After a few years when the newborn baby is not so little anymore, and needs to be taught and actually raised, as opposed to just lifting up feeding and putting down so they can go to sleep, black women get the ‘baby itch’, and feel the need to have another baby in order to relive the only moment of attention and glory they have ever received in their pathetic lives.
    This is why black women with multiple children act like the older children don’t exist or are simply a bother to them.
    We’ve all said it before, and I will say it again. Black women are simply evil, soulless, cold, selfish, violent, abusive, confrontational, argumentative animals. And nobody on this planet can convince me otherwise because the proof is set before our eyes and our ears every day we are alive.
    Avoid black women at all costs. Just look into the eyes of most of the black women you see in public. All you will see in coldness and pure evil.

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    • Black women would be better off being cat ladies or having a bunch of small dogs that constantly give them attention. That way, their incessant need for attention is fulfilled, and they never breed.

      The best thing that could happen right now, outside of 99.99999999999% of the hood suddenly dying, is for that same number, at least of the black Women worldwide, to become infertile and sterile.

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    • Bill you really put it perfectly. I don’t think most outsiders could begin to fathom the evils we witnessed and experienced at the hands of these women. I rather not talk about it really but I felt for the young man and I knew so many other young black men who suffered as he did.

      Even if black men wanted to, there is no getting even with this level of evil or making it comprehend, but you don’t have to let it infect you or turn you into someone you never wanted to be. Don’t let these women taint your soul and seek out happiness wherever it may be. I only wish men like Tommy would get the memo, sad.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The mother was a beast. I have to give her daughter her props for recognising that her mother was a dysfunctional piece of trash, moving out of the house and not getting knocked up by either J Boogie, Smooth B or both like her mother did when she was younger.

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      • Exactly brother Verbs, those stinking black mothers destroy their children’s lives even AFTER they have left home!!!! Well as they say, it is the nature of the beast………………….

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  8. We must understand that there is only a small remnant of ‘ black people’ ( men and women, but more men) who are actually civilized, moral, thoughtful, and have the wisdom to discern between what is good and what is evil.
    Sadly, for the majority of black people right or wrong doesn’t exist. The only thing that exists is how they ‘feel’ at the moment. Most black people have an attitude toward life that basically consists of ‘whatever I want to do, I’m going to do, and nobody can tell me different’.
    Fighting in public, cursing their husbands or boyfriends out in public, or beating their children in public, are viewed as normal behavior on the part of black women in the black community.
    If there is any black man reading my words, know and understand that if you can possibly do it, avoid the vast majority of black women.
    When you actually think about and consider everything we of spoken about on this website, you have to simply laugh and shake your head and how absolutely and utterly, vile and evil the majority of these black women really are.
    Black men, be aware. And don’t let any Simp Negro or evil black woman, attempt to guilt you into dealing with black women for any reason. Blackmen you should basically just avoid speaking to Simp Black men or Negro women about any of these issues whatsoever. The majority of black folks simply don’t have the intelligence or the intellect to even be able to grasp most of what we are saying on this website.

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    • @BillSmith The black people who demonstrate the ability to think critically and use logic and reason are considered sellouts, house negro’s, uncle toms etc.

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      • TheAmazingSecularist, true. Any black man who displays any sign of intelligence or individual thought, is immediately looked upon as being contrary to the overwhelming force of stupidity that is prevalent in the black community. And anytime a thinking black man says something or displays an attitude that is contrary to the nonsense that we see in the black community on a daily basis, you can be sure that that Blackmen will be singled, targeted for abuse, harassment and probably physical violence carried out by other black people.
        If there is a thinking black man with half a brain in his head, he will be wise enough to know and understand to never deal with a black woman and to literally avoid and be wary of the majority of black people in general.
        But I forgot, I’m a coon for speaking about or mentioning these indisputable facts of the life. The main fact of life that holds the majority of black people back, is the inability of the majority of black people to admit the truth.
        This website cannot be stopped. Because the truth is present here. And no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper.
        Brothers stay strong.

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    • Bill smith

      I agreed with you 100%, when i started get out the matrix little by little since starting around 2008, I am glad I was able to most black women for they’re evil and they tainted the black children its sad, this why black kids the way they’re today raised by single mom homes.


  9. Whtgrlsrawesome, as far as Tommy SotoMayor getting the memo, he has the memo and has had the memo for years. There is simply something in the brain of Tommy SotoMayor that prevents him from simply leaving black women alone permanently
    Tommy Sotomayor is like a heroin or a crack addict, who knows that what he is doing is slowly killing or destroying him, but the addict simply doesn’t care, because the addict is more in love with the drug then his mental or physical health.
    Tommy SotoMayor, despite all of his talk, and for some unknown reason, cannot stop associating with or giving attention to black women.
    It’s one of two things with Tommy SotoMayor. He is a complete and total fraud who never believed a word of what he was saying, or he believes what he has been saying for years, but he is too addicted to black woman vagina and he simply cannot stop associating with them or paying them attention.
    I feel it’s the latter. Tommy SotoMayor simply is addicted to black women for some ridiculous unknown reason. And despite the fact that he has been burned by black women time and time again, he simply keeps going back to these mentally ill black women demons.
    Now to give perspective on this subject, Tommy SotoMayor is allegedly on the forefront on exposing these black women demons. Now if an allegedly enlightened black man like Tommy SotoMayor who has been speaking about the atrocities of black women for years, can’t leave black women alone, how do you think these simple average Negro males will behave around and react to these evil black women?
    Most black men are simply too weak and too stupid to ever stand up and actually behave like men around black women.
    Blackmen don’t need to be afraid to speak the truth in front of black women anymore. But being that I don’t deal with or speak to black women in that capacity anyway, I will never have a reason to speak the ‘truth’ around black women anyway.
    Avoid black women, ignore black women, don’t speak to black women and don’t respond to black women for any reason whatsoever.
    These are words to live by.

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    • Indeed. I don’t even make it my mission to highlight the so called GOOD black Women, because 1. Uplift yo damn self! And 2. Simps will sit there and, seeing the 1/10000000000 good black woman, will claim that their is an abundance of worthy queens.

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    • I agree Bill, Afro, Verbs, and I talked about this some time ago. I actually believe the love he had for Lana has a lot to do with it as well. I remember seeing Tommy with Lana on his live shows and he never looked more confident and happier, even with the trolls he was dealing with like Tyrone Thomson or whatever. I don’t think anyone has ever loved Tommy like Lana did. When Tommy and Lana finally broke up, he was really depressed and suicidal, but somehow he pulled through.

      I believe Tommy has settled for black women because, well, it’s familiar and he’s used to their abuse. They can’t hurt or disappoint Tommy any further. Tommy knows them, and he knows what to expect. I’m far from being a psychologist, but I think after all these years of abuse has left Tommy a broken man. Although Tommy knows interracial is probably his only means of finding happiness, (because he hasn’t and won’t find it with black women) the fear of suffering another heartbreak like he did with Lana would send him over the edge and he knows he wouldn’t come back from it, he barely survived it last time.

      I really hate to say it like this, but in his own way Tommy is taking one for the team. I think he knows in his heart that there is no fixing black women and is just waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. Tommy has referred to his life as a “cautionary tale” many times. Well I think many black men will see Tommy’s life and decide not to become the man he is and not to subject their children to the abuses that Tommy suffered.

      I stopped being a fan of Mr. Sotomayor years ago, but I still respect him, I wish the best for him, and I hope he finds the courage to give happiness another chance. He really deserves it.

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  10. This is another true article and I agree with the comments on so many levels. #1 black women degrade their children #2 they don’t know how to love their children #3 they encourage violence #4 they put me before their kids #5 they favor light skin Children and the list goes on… This is why we have a generation of dysfunctional black children
    I remember being teased as a child because I wasn’t “black enough” they said I talked white…my parents required my brother, sister and I to speak in correct English…but in the black community that is frowned upon… These are things that this article and comments made me reflect upon…I know my son hears I love you daily and gets hugs..I have spanked him but he knew why and it was other options as well..spanking was the last resort.. Now he is a well mannered 18 year old that I’m proud of… I’m a Child welfare investigator and the homes I go into disgust me… The women’s thought process does not think of the child’s always some strange man around these kids and that’s where the abuse or neglect allegations come in…and it’s not just black women…it’s white women too… They are just so worried about having a man around they don’t worry about their kids.

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      • Actually afrofuturism1 my comment was about black womens homes that I go into to investigate and added that it’s white women too..I didn’t bring up any other races because out of 100 homes I get a report on 50 are black, 48 white and 2 are another race possibly Hispanic, but that’s rare.. This is just where I work though. Not trying to make anything in my favor just talking facts about the population I serve.


  11. Whtgrlsrawesome, despite his hypocrisy, I still can appreciate the overall message of Tommy Sotomayor. But the fact that he has spoken so much about the evil nature of black women, but he still can’t stop dealing with them, makes me take what he speaks about with a ‘grain of salt’.
    The problem with many Black men including Tommy SotoMayor, is that the ego of Black men clouds their ability to think rationally, and leads many black men to make decisions based upon pride, and for no other reason than ‘showing off’.
    Tommy Sotomayor had a very beautiful, seemingly logical, feminine, good white Russian woman named Lana, who he was in a relationship with. But instead of Tommy keeping his business to himself, he felt the need to display her and broadcast her all over the Internet. And in doing so made her a target for the people that wake up every day with no other thought in mind on how to destroy Tommy SotoMayor.
    If Tommy was smart he would have never ever put any videos of him and Lana online at all. Just like Tommy should not have never put videos of his daughters online. But being that many black men have been raised by single black women, these Blackmen always pick up on the ego that these black women have. So all of the attention seeking irrational actions that black women display on a daily basis, these black men who are raised by the single black women display this same personality traits.
    This basically sums up Tommy SotoMayor. I actually even still kind of like Tommy SotoMayor, but his actions far outweigh his message. So I really can’t take him seriously, because he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

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  12. Black women have actually convinced themselves that THEY are the ‘engine’ that makes all things move in black America and throughout the world. Black women seem to have forgotten that black men are the ‘engine’, that not only makes things move in the black community, but black men set trends and make the planet earth move.
    Black women are so delusional that they are now in a state where they literally believe that they should be the leaders in relationships, the leaders of the black community, the decision-makers in relationships and that they should be the ones telling men what they should do, how they should think and how they should behave.
    Just look and listen to that mentally ill black woman in the video. Does nything about her words and affect seem even remotely sane? Many black women are truly mentally ill. I don’t just call them this for no reason.
    Everything about the majority of black women is simply backward and contrary to logic and nature.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  13. And of course the nigger bitch in the video is attempting to paint Black men as if they are the ones who are in constant need of assistance from black women in order to live their lives. There is no group on the planet earth who is more needy, gets more handouts and requests more help from people than black women.
    But once again because black women are so delusional and mentally ill they’ve created this idea that it is somehow black women who are assisting the poor helpless, unemployed black man in his quest to be able to live life.
    It is really difficult for me to find words to describe just how deceitful, lying, delusional and how much black women hate Blackmen.
    But if you listen to these mentally ill black woman tell it, it is black women who are doing all they can in order to help uplift and correct the problematic behavior of these wayward Blackmen. As if Blackmen need black women for anything.
    The only thing I need black women for, is for them to fuck off and die. What an evil, wretched lying, deceitful group of beasts they are.

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    • Steven Rogers,

      “But deys our queens tho bruh, we’s supposed to respect and protect da black woman, she is god”.

      These simps and pro black minstrels will still muster up some sort of excuse for this woman’s deplorable conduct. Just like black women themselves these simps and manginas look incredibly stupid defending degeneracy instead of calling it out.

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      • You worship da wheit debbil!

        You’ll end up like Emmett Till, nigga!

        White bitchuz fuck dogs!

        You’ll dilute da race!

        Simps seem mad at us for not being on child support yet… Smh

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  14. Another excellent article Verbs, black women are the queens of bringing strange men around their kids not even knowing the men they will bring a man to live with them around their kids. I have seen this growing up from some female members of my family and from friends female family members. This is very disgusting to me and shows how these women only care about themselves. When i used to date black women many after only about 2 weeks were like do you want to meet my kids that was a complete turn off to me. And do not think these were hood rats these were college educated women and i would cut them off. Me as a father would never introduce my daughters to a woman i just met, i would have to really spend much time with a lady and know that it is serious before i even think about having a woman around my kids. These women could care less about their children this is one of the things that disgust me the most about black women their reckless behavior towards their own kids.

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    • Sean,

      Its the same old story time and time again, most black women hate black children and lack perception when it comes down to vetting who they should and shouldn’t have around their progeny. The live in boyfriend sometimes can be the worst predator in the vicinity. The mother brings the boyfriend into the house, he spies out her daughter who to him is looking “fresher” than the mother, next thing the daughter is being raped and in some cases ends up pregnant.

      There is also the flip side to the story with black women themselves with their degenerate, debauched and perverted mindsets molesting and fondling young boys and girls when the opportunities become available. It doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum you deal with, hoodrat or college/university educated, the same reprobate mentality runs through both individuals.

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  15. But all y’all got black mommas. How you gonna disrespect the black woman when yo momma is a black woman? Da black woman is de mother of civilization. White women tryin do get tans and lip injections to look like our black queens. Everything y’all talkin bout on this website, white women do it too. We need to understand, and respect de black woman, because she is a queen.
    We can’t call ourselves men, if we continue to bash our black sisters. The healing process starts with us black men admitting our faults, and asking our black queens to forgive us.
    Simp philosophy 101.

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  16. His second video exposes the black mother how she expected half of everything he has earned and speaks why he turned gay. His mom raised him to be gay and that she lied about domestic abuse to get section 8 which is common here in Canada.

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  17. I recently caught some articles and was blown away by the accuracy and seriousness of the truth being
    disseminated. Truth is always a good thing…But as Black men we cannot abandon each other or our women and children because we are all we got. We have to use this info to make better choices, and show better results WITHIN the community. RESULTS. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that the Caucasian Hybrid Mutants are running out of time. Look who is in the news daily now, killing themselves with opioids out of depression. Killing others because it is there nature to hate, unchecked. Christianity was more for them than us, we were already civilized, its something they are still struggling with themselves about. Let us not forget who turned sistas into these Need2grows. Hating sistas is a reaction and not a solution. Sexy and Fine is waaay overated. Remember in the ole days they used to say “that is a handsome” woman? Looks/Attractiveness didnt beat out other family raising skills like help with the farming, help doing everything! We can rebut the brainwashing of the materialism by being selective as a group. Unified group.

    I believe the Creator is well aware of our issues as a result of kidnapping and slavery and abuse and humiliation. I believe the Bible illuminates us on how the Creator is going to handle this African American Issue in Revelations. Unfortunately not all Black people are going to get it, resulting in those Black People not making the cut. That’s maybe not a bad thing. If we’re going to start again from scratch do we need Need2Grows? or Newbeings (Nubein)! Need2Grows are like domesticated cows, dependent on the “man” to feed clothe and shelter them. When the sheit hits the fan, these Need2grows will be at a loss, and follow in the fate of their masters. For if perception is that difficult to change within their minds perhaps its better for the survivors not to have to deal MC Knucklehead and Shiquanda amongst them. The REAL REALITY is that if you haven’t been working on YOURSELF it may be already too late. Once you get YOURSELF on point, you will attract exactly what you need. Like planets revolve around the sun due to gravitational forces, you will attract exactly what you want. Just be very clear on what that is.

    Our biggest mission before this event is to TEACH as many as you can. Throw out the seeds, not all are going to take root, but…some may. The Bible says ‘Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.” That’s pretty straight forward. How many Black People can process having to leave America? How many crazed white people will it take? Need2Grows will not leave their master, ever. Alot of the women you describe in your examples will not go anywhere a weave can’t be worn. Imagine the slave women bumping into modern day women going in opposite directions.

    I love my sistas and my brothers. I pray the Creator can change our collective perspective and we can enjoy ourselves with ourselves without hate of disappointment.


    • B. Sam, please save the pro black, ‘evil Caucasian mutant’, ‘our black women and children are all we got’, garbage for someplace else.
      I have no children, and I damn sure don’t have a black woman (thank G-D). Despite all the articles and all the responses on this website by intelligent, thinking Blackmen, there is always some Simp clown ass Negro who comes in attempting to dispute or disagree with what’s being spoken here.
      Like I’ve said before, most black men do not have the intelligence to even grasp what we are talking about on this website, because they are too busy trying to support and uplift a group of black women who collectively do everything in their power to make the lives of Blackmen hell and difficult, and who generally hate Blackmen.
      But you can’t tell the simp Negro these things because he’s too stupid to understand or too dumb to believe what we are saying despite all of the overwhelming amounts of evidence present to support everything we are saying on this website.
      The stupidity of simple Negroes never ceases to amaze me.

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      • …coupled with a weird fascination with the drug habits of white people.

        What is it with heroin statistics that pro-whacks keep digging up? They ought to be more worried about the 50% herpes rate their “queans” are carrying.

        Uplift that.

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  18. Black women would love a world full of effeminate, homosexual black men, so black women could truly live out their fantasy of ruling being over black men, telling black men what to do, And being worshiped by Blackmen.
    Black women love homosexual Blackmen because these homosexual Blackmen look up to black women, idolize black women, and act like black women or something special.
    Black women are all about control control control. When black women cannot be in control or are actually challenged or questioned on anything they do all of a sudden they have a problem.
    Black women feel some unnatural need to be in charge of Blackmen. Single black women are notorious for raising effeminate, homosexual young black men. Black women are so delusional that they think they have what it takes to actually raise a strong man. But nine times out of ten a black woman either raises a criminal delinquent madman or a weak, effeminate, black woman worshiping homosexual.
    The vast majority of black women simply do not have the mental capacity, logic, standard of morality, nor the character it takes to raise a child properly.
    And then black women have the nerve to talk about the shortcomings of Blackmen. Who the hell is in charge of raising these Blackmen? Most of the time it’s a single black woman. But of course in the minds of black women they are to be held blameless for the conditions in the many black communities.
    Black women feel that they should not be held accountable or responsible for anything. Black women simply don’t have the honesty it takes to admit when they are wrong. Black women are filled with pride, huge egos, and a very dishonest and deceptive personality.
    The articles and responses on this website should be required reading for all Blackmen. Sadly many Blackmen are still under the impression that ‘ our sisters all loyal to us’, ‘ only a black woman could understand my struggle’, ‘I could never marry a white woman, because a White woman can’t relate to what I’m going through as a black man’…….
    This is the type of nonsense you hear from Blackmen who simply don’t know or won’t it admit what the true nature of black women is really all about.
    There is no bashing of black women going on this website. Everything we are saying regarding the mentality, personality, and attitude of black women is 100% truth.
    Only a mentally ill black woman, Simp, or effeminate, homosexual black man, would disagree with anything we are saying on this website.
    How many lives of black men have we seen ruined simply by getting involved with black women. Black women should simply be avoided by any black man who wants to find peace in his life. And of course it’s not all black women. Just 99.9 percent of them.
    Avoid black women at all costs. Black women are liars and deceitful creatures by nature. Do not trust black women.

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  19. Gentlemen, gentlemen. I offer only insight because I was where you are. But I got me a good sister now. Believe me I had to weave my way past the weaves and the tats and the attitude all that you accurately mentioned. But wouldn’t you know it, I got me a good one. Is she perfect? Am I? No. But once we rinsed the BS off, everything is all good. 6 years in, married and all that. Dude I circumvented the globe in search of my heart’s desire. Even visited and lived in Brazil (Which I highly suggest for perspective). What you solely attribute to Black women is actually apparent in ALL Western Civilized women, just different in levels and degrees. What my woman teaches me is kindness to my people. Not everyone is as blessed as You. We have argued, now we disagree and keep it positive. Complaints have their role. But are you suggesting that they’re shouldn’t be anymore Black People? All Black Women are shit? That is not wise or accurate. What is more accurate is that if you do not involve the Creator (Not religious doctrines) in your selection process, you are going down a tough road, period. But you have wisdom to see the pearls amongst the swine

    Honestly I had preferred a woman with children. I believed maturity would have set in by that time, reality check so to speak. Because sistas without kids egos are totally ridiculous. This is when I started feeling as you gentlemen do now. But being PRO BLACK is a good thing, if you still consider yourself Black, or part of a group of like minded melanated people. You know I still appreciate your hard stance, because its a wake up call. But don’t lose the positivity or you will miss all the heavenly glory.


    • …Except BW for the past 40 years have had a contract with the state to break up the black family. No other race of women have done this to Black men. So whilst I’m glad you found a good BW for yourself, this doesn’t change the fact that welfare has replaced the black men in the family, reaping generations of lost and unloved children, having to climb out of the hell of a an abusive mother.

      I, for one will be going in a different direction. I have no obligation to uplift and save nobody but myself and my closest. The “race” is not my problem. My only concern is that the future mother of my children doesn’t have an institutional hatred of me and my children. And chances are she’ll be non- Black. If that makes me a race traitor then I’m a #ProudSellout.

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    • No one here cares about what is prevalent amongst other races of women in Western civilization. And who said anything about there not being any more black people? And who said anything about ALL black women being anything?
      And why are you assuming or suggesting to other people to live in or visit Brazil for some type of perspective regarding black women in America? I’ve been to Brazil and I’ve lived in Brazil for more than four months. What does Brazil have to do with anything we are speaking about on this website.
      This website is focusing mainly on black American women, mainly.
      But as usual this same weak, illogical, simple arguments that have been used for years and years by simps and mentally ill black women still are popping up and it’s absolutely fucking sickening.
      I’m not responding to this simp anymore. And what makes this simp think he knows anymore about heavenly glory, the creator or the Scriptures than anybody on this website?
      I just cannot stand these freaking simps.

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    • B. Sam,

      The point we are trying to make here is that you are an exception to the rule, your exceptional case doesn’t alter what will be the out come for the overwhelming majority of black men who pursue black women, failure. The fact of the matter is that there are too many black women who are contaminated for it being worth searching high and low for a good one.

      You are also reminded that this problem with black women and their dysfunction is not only limited to western countries, here is a woman from my home country of Nigeria talking about how she wants a 20 inch ding-a-ling. As I have stated before, many black women from non western countries are now beginning to follow the mascot of destruction aka the US black female, this is an international problem:

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    • Of course, the “it’s all of em!” Argument. When I see that white women have raised hordes of demonic street thugs that turn their once prosperous neighborhoods into ghettoes, then we’ll talk.

      And, like the Cuck simp he is, literally just told you that he would sit there and take care of another niggar’s bastard seed as if it’s an honor. Black men are idiots.

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  20. I got the exception part. I’m just giving credit where it’s due in my case …in hopes that it might assist someone else. You can hear what I’m saying or leave it alone.

    Bill I believe you may be too far gone. I could get into a beef with you but I’m not at war with my people. Do you speak for everyone on this blog? You use the royal ‘WE’ alot, and you sound selfish (looking out for me and mine philosophy, which is very similar to that which you protest) which may effect your selection process with any woman, regardless of race. You still have to have some level of skill in relating to women and brother you bristle with angst. I call you brother but you sound like you signed off on that too. Good luck with that.

    I’ll buy the book because I’m always in search of truth, that’s why I’m even commenting here. I don’t push, just offering another perspective. Solutions and results are my mantra.

    Here’s the other thing…I got 3 sisters, 20 cousins 12 aunts 2 grandmothers…and every single one of them is
    a gift to the man WISE enough to handle them. You can’t ride a tiger unless you know what you are doing, ask Sigfried about that, but its not impossible. If you want to ride bunnies and other more docile wildlife, then have at it. Just saying, it requires different training and different set of special skills. I like this particular perspective because of its accuracy in identifying the problem. The solution is based in how you respond to this information. Peace be unto you.


    • B. Sam, yes I DO speak for everyone on this forum. How about that? And you actually believe you were able to discern that I’m bristling with angst due to my comments on this website?
      And I was born in only child, so I have no brothers.
      And I CAN hear what you’re saying, but I don’t have to leave what you are saying alone. And I believe that it is you who are too far gone, to actually understand and admit what the truth is regarding these black, whore, demon, women.
      And of course another Simp Negro is talking about how we need to ‘understand’ how to ‘handle’ black women. Only a simple, stupid, ass, clown Negro would claim it requires a special set of skills or ‘training’ in order to be involved with black women.
      It’s interesting how no other group of men on the planet says that special training or special set of skills is necessary in order to deal with the woman of their race. But black men because they are so simple, stupid, and actually deep down inside understand how ridiculous and difficult Black women are to deal with, claim that a special set of skills or training is needed in order to even deal with black woman or be involved with them.
      These Simp black men have got to be the dumbest , most simple idiots on the planet earth.
      Black women are pure poison. Anything that you SIMPS have to say regarding black women means nothing to me.

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      • Special set of skills, like this son of a bitch is Liam Neeson, lol.

        He even admitted that black women are “tigers” and that other women are bunnies in comparison. And this is the DEFENDER of black Women, lol!!!!

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  21. Also let me add one more very important point… Spiritual Clarity. You can’t ask or expect something you are not practicing yourself. Once you are on the path of mastering self, then your women will reveal herself to you. I expressed earlier I traveled around the world looking for wife material…I also tightened my own game up. More disciplined. More perceptive. Humbled myself to the Creator…My wife turned out to be my sister’s best friend. I sat across from her at Thanksgiving dinner for 15 years, didn’t see it. I complained, bitch and moaned about black women in rooms filled with them, didn’t see it. I dated all types of women. I wanted full knowledge. Nothing worthy. I found things I missed not having a sista. I Asked my Creator to aid me in my discernment because my selections without it left me bitter and broke. My eyes were opened and she was right there the whole time. Bam! True story.


    • B.Sam,

      You’ll find that most if not all black men here actually wanted to deal with black women first, however due to the black woman’s incredibly dysfunctional nature this cause amongst others has driven thinking black men in a different direction. You talked about dealing with tigers, that is the whole point, you don’t, you leave them alone. You wouldn’t approach a tiger in the wild under any circumstances other than to kill it.

      From what I am gathering it seems that you have caved in to pressure and have now accepted the black woman’s dysfunctional behaviour as a part of normal everyday life. The training involved in those kind of actions are that of disrespecting one’s self. I have to wonder how much spiritual clarity you have actually discovered if you are willing to wrestle with a tiger.

      There is nothing noble or honourable in tolerating reprobate behaviour, it would also be interesting to note if your wife has any children from her previous relationships. This idea that black women have injected into black society about real men tolerating their degeneracy is a crock of nonsense, anything that gives you constant problems in life you will get rid of in favour of something which is less trouble and more reliable, the same goes for women.

      As a man putting up with any woman’s garbage is seen as a weakness, not a strength, you would do well to remember that sir.

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      • Verbs2015,
        I agreed with 100%, Also their’s no way I am going to wife up a black woman or any other woman who have kids from a previous relationships any blackmen who do that is sign of weakness and sucker, no way because these chicks are more mentally tainted .

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  22. Jayjay5077, I actually had some simple negro tell me I was weak because I wasn’t willing to deal with any black woman who had children. I wouldn’t deal with a black woman who didn’t have children, unless she was light skinned or mixed, and even then I would be super cautious.
    Black men who have screwed up their lives dealing with black women and dealing with Black women who have children always try to guilt you into going down the same destructive path that they’ve chosen to take.
    I won’t be pressured by anyone on this planet, who willingly makes stupid decisions, and then tries to get you to be as stupid as they are.

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