Coen Naninck Calls Out Black Men – Read Between The Lines


Let’s be honest here, when we read between the lines Naninck is really calling out black men, however to avoid a barrage of black men flooding the comment section of this and some of his other videos, he has cleverly packaged his message under the guise of “white men do it too”. Therefore the title of his video ought to read as follows, “Types of BLACK guys BLACK women should AVOID”. So as far as I am concerned I am simply going to interpret the video as if he is talking about black men(which he is in code) and I will show you the reason why shortly.

He talked about black men not being able to “deal” with black women who are independent and who are what he called “pro active”, however the fact of the matter is feminism(which Naninck confesses to be a supporter of in the video) hasn’t helped black women in the slightest. Feminism hasn’t liberated women, feminism instead has failed and enslaved them. Yet again Naninck continues to bolster my case against him which suggests that he is a charlatan and genuinely is not concerned for the welfare of black women at all.

Why would Naninck encourage black women to continue following a decadent movement that has done nothing beneficial for them whatsoever? Not only that but within the feminist infrastructure there is no solidarity at all between white and black women(but black women will still foolishly subscribe to the religion anyway, go figure), even so called black feminists have come out and admitted that this is the truth and have also complained many times about the fact that white women simply do not take the affairs of black women seriously.

However, because black women as a collective have so much venom and hatred in their hearts towards black men, they would much prefer to subscribe to a religion of death and destruction which gives them a temporary victory over their male counterparts, rather than use common sense and logic and for their own good abandon the movement altogether. Again, notice how Naninck attempts to paint the many dysfunctions black women suffer from as a “perception” issue with black men rather than the reality and the truth.

The reason why men desire to be the protector and the provider is because that is the order of nature concerning man and woman, it is black women for the most part who attempt to buck the natural order in favour of their own disjointed regime whenever dealing with black men. A valid question to ask at this point would be this, if being “independent and pro active” ie masculine and rebellious is so great and natural then why in 2017 are most black women single? Coen Naninck only provides temporary patch and mend, feel good solutions to black women, he refuses to address and deal with the core issues which would actually bring black women true healing and permanent restoration.

You’ll also notice how Naninck threw white women under the bus for not taking much initiative, in other words he penalises them for behaving how women ought to behave. This is a true male feminist right here, he praises black women for being unruly, belligerent and violent yet he scolds white women for being feminine, submissive and allowing the man to take charge and lead. This is one of the pinnacle reasons why more white women are beginning to date and marry black men in place of white men, they see how soft and malleable the western European man for the most part has become and they no longer want any part of him.

One thing that has to be mentioned here is the fact that black women behave very differently with white men than they do with black males. Isn’t it funny how black women become the submissive sweet girlfriend/wife whenever they snag themselves a white male? Remember, as I have mentioned many times in Negro Wars, black women as a whole hate being black, hence why they assassinate so many unborn children in abortion clinics, why they beat their darker skinned children black and blue and why they are always contending with black men.

Their desire is to evade their blackness and getting a white man and having mixed race children they feel in their minds helps them accomplish the great escape. A black woman who has a white man and mixed children will now live her “white life” through her white male partner and her offspring, this is a brief look into the disjoined mindset of the modern day black female. The black woman is a completely different creature once she has a white man by her side, here is some proof:

This is why I have to laugh whenever black women state that white men know how to treat them better, they purposely omit the fact that they behave themselves whenever they’re around them, they conduct themselves as women ought to whenever they get with white men, this isn’t white men treating them better, this is simply white men being able to take up their natural role as leaders, something black men would easily be able to do if black women didn’t behave like a bunch of degenerate savages whenever they are around us.

Again, notice how Naninck readily feeds black women more myths, urban legends and fairy tales about there existing many white men who like them, however if this was truly the case with black women already being submissive to them white men would be snapping black women up by the bucket loads. Yet this is not the case, why? It’s simple, black women are on the bottom of the dating pool, most white men desire their own women first plus the fact that white men observe how horribly black women treat their own counterparts. Couple this with the black female’s dysfunctional nature and we can see why white men even those who had no problems dealing with black women in the past are now beginning to give them a wide berth.

Masculine women are not a normal phenomenon in life, women who are masculine ought to learn this for the fact that men in general avoid them for that reason. You cannot have two men in a relationship. Naninck is doing black women a great disservice by avoiding telling them the truth about how their violent, rebellious, belligerent, selfish dispositions are the main reasons why the majority of them remain single for life. However most black women will listen to Naninck regardless and thus will continue flushing their chances of ever finding true love and companionship down the toilet.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset)

Most High Bless

69 thoughts on “Coen Naninck Calls Out Black Men – Read Between The Lines

  1. Educated black women are doing poorly they are going bankrupt or facing financial hardships because they spend a lot of money on stupid stuff like weaves. We all know men spend far less although a man can spurge on a nice car mind you that comes much later in life.
    Look at China where independent women are single. These women have a lot of pressure from society to marry. You know what the younger Chinese women are doing? They are learning from the older independent ones. The younger Chinese women are more feminine and wanting to marry a lot sooner typically they ask about marriage in a about a year. Asian women are adapting because they are smart.

    Black women are not because they are stupid. They think feel good things going to make them change. Let’s face with MGTOW most white men aren’t wanting to marry. Only 28% of men as a whole want to marry so black women have to compete for 28% of men. Asian women are the ones winning because they can marry Asian, white, or black men. Asian women don’t need the feel good bullshit like black women want. Let the black women have their feel good carp. It’s only matter of time they will regret their mistake.
    Most black women doesn’t have respect for anyone period. I have observed this. Btw there are white women willing to pay for dates and I knew a few that asked out men. I knew a MGTOW who was a dating a woman who paid for all dates because she made a lot more money than he did. You won’t see a black woman doing that because she is too greedy.
    black women are in dreamland, competing for 28% of men and they at the bottom! lol

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    • MikeTO,

      It’s exactly as you stated, most black women are completely unprofessional when it comes down to how they manage their finances, non black women as a whole tend to be a lot smarter with their money. Black women have no interest in marriage or family whatsoever, they live for themselves and themselves alone.

      To be honest Asian women at this moment are the best option for any man because they have been the least contaminated by feminism. So while Naninck continues to cater to the bottom of the barrel westernised black female, non black women are simply getting on with life and making the most of what they have. If he was pandering to top notch women then his position would be understandable, however the modern day black female is a failure, what is this guy doing?

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      • Verbs 2015,

        I agreed with brother most educated black women don’t handle their finances very well and they make silly decisions, And lots of times if black women is married to black man then she will try to put her black husband in debt by using his money. This also why a black man shouldn’t have have a joint bank Account with a woman at all.

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      • JayJay5077,

        Agreed, joint accounts are definitely a no no, it’s typically a woman’s nature to spurge once she sees that she has access to large amount of money. Indeed, your average black woman will run a black man’s finances into the ground, just look at what happened to the famous bodybuilder Kali Muscle and his ex wife, I even wrote a blog on that situation.

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    • my asian gf doesn’t see me as an ATM in 2013 when she was ill,she wants me to come to see her. i ask her if she need any orange juice or some juice that you would drink when you are ill she says no. she only wants me. when she wants a new cell phone. she choose a plan that is not too expensive for me to pay. when she got another cell phone for work. instead of letting me pay for 2 cell phones. she decided to give me money every month to pay for that cell phone

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    • very sad l once wonder why black women was so hard core, now l know why. this been going on generations, the Black are calling for help but to angry and confused, especial black women. plus women lib was and is a great mistake for all including for the children, stay home and take care of your babies. men go to work 2 jobs if u can.


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  3. Like someone once mentioned on here, weak white male dogs continually dig out their women (who are the way that white men made them) and black women dog their men. And of course, the union of white women and black men is as criticized as they come. Yet, is it any wonder why these two continually get together after being attacked by their counterparts?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      On my white woman speaks out and puts dysfunctional black women on blast article there were a lot of black women who kept saying that the interracial relationships that are the most strongest are white men and black women and that black male white female relationships have the highest break ups. Not surprisingly it is predominantly because of the evil coalition between black women and white men as to why those relationships fail so much. Both black women and white men go out of their way to sabotage them.

      However, now that the dynamic is beginning to change, black women and their white father’s attempts to sabotage and ruin such unions will be weakened.

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      • Just had a mini-encounter with a smug White man with his Black woman… Nothing serious, just a bit of alpha posturing… Just as well I wasn’t out with my Suzy, otherwise she’d had said something politically incorrect and unpleasant.

        #SYSBM until the motherfucking wheels fall off.

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      • Her? Well she went with the shea butter sista look with the wrap skirt and the natural hair. Nothing to write home about, really.

        Also seeing a few more of these couples on the tube, one fat grey balding guy with a hefty BW (weave!) all over him like a rash (made sure I saw it too).

        Yeah there are quite a few IR couples about on the other side and is usually the white guy that will try to brag to me about how he “just took yo’ bitch”. Well great! Good for them. Now watch my response with my Suzy…

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    • UPDATE!!!: I have often spoken about my girlfriend and her loveliness. Now her best friend after dating around, putting up with white men and their bullshit and still not finding that guy…has been hanging out with a black guy!!! LMAO! She is not dating/fucking yet, but clearly she is opening up and looking in the brothers’ direction now after seeing her friend find a good guy(me).

      She was talking about an ex who use to hound her about weight(she is not fat) and judge her and make snide comments if she ate stuff like cookies or whatever, saying that she will just turn into a blimp one day. She was saying how sweet it was to see him now with a fat girl, after he gave her shit for eating what she wanted in moderation like that(she’s vegan btw so she doesn’t even eat crazy).

      The three of us were hanging out and she was talking about a guy friend of hers. She then revealed that he was a black man who is not a typical hood dude and likes country music and outdoor activities. She was saying how people look at him funny for liking it and they went to a show and people were shocked a big black dude would be there lol.

      so she will soon get real with this brother and be done with white guys. this is a regular, upper middle class suburban white woman with green eyes, cute face, average body and good education.

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  4. A low-tier, effeminate, weak white man in the defense of over-masculine, lower-tier, angry black women calling out high-tier, decent thinking black men with good morals and standards and being sought after by upper-tier, decent thinking women of all ethnic groups in the world whose strength is in their femininity and softness​, not masculinity and hardness. Maybe, it’s a good thing that most bitter black women listens to suckers like Naninck and keeps on flushing their chances of finding true love and companionship down the toilet because they are incapable of loving and to love in the first place due to their corrupt upbringing. Let them die. Good article.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      You’ll notice how just like the pro black simps, male feminists like Naninck(which are more or less in the same category) for the most part remain single. There was a black woman in the comment section of I believe it was this video who actually asked Naninck if he has a black girlfriend. Of course he didn’t respond to the question.

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      • Mr. Verbs2015,

        The pro whack simps, male feminists and their female audience will either remain single or virtually jumping from dysfunctional relationships to dysfunctional relationships with the end of death.

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  5. Nannick is a snake and a racket. He doesn’t know anything about Black American women, let alone Black women in general. He’s a typical sniveling white dude who think he can lecture Black men about the treatment of Black women when in reality white and asian men are the ones mistreating women all the time.


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      • Afrofuturism1,

        We’ll see if Naninck actually manages to land himself a black woman through all of this pandering, bootlicking and simping. Mind you, we already know that women in general do not like simps, they much prefer alpha males ie men who ARE going to take charge.

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      • He’s only in it for the money, but let’s see how brazen he gets with the “bashing” and we’ll be here, ready and waiting to call out his bullshit.

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    • Stephaniegirl,

      Naninck isn’t too happy at the fact that he is being called out on his simp to pimp programme. His lack of knowledge on black women in general is one of the main giveaways to his pimping scheme.

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      • Women in general have more respect for men who tell it like it is and who are 100% honest with them than these bootlicking yes-men who are around them.

        That’s why the man who doesn’t care usually gets first dibs on her panties.

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  6. Look at the mug shots of these two ‘educators’. There is nothing in their eyes but pure evil, a lack of a soul, and a definite threat of danger, simply by looking at their ugly, fat faces.
    The truly scary thing is, both of these ugly (American) football playing looking animals probably have multiple children. Who the hell in their right mind would ever lay down with these two stinking filthy beasts? The answer you might ask? Simple Black men who have no choice but to deal with these black female animals. Actually these Black men do have a choice to not deal with these black women, but the Black men who impregnated these two beasts ( you can be sure they both have children), probably have never been around any of the group of women than black women. So their options are limited, and the pickings are slim.
    As far as this white man from Europe who claims to be so concerned with the lives of black women, I believe I addressed him once on a previous thread. But I currently don’t believe this white man is worthy of me commenting on anything he is doing or saying, and I actually don’t think he is worthy of or merits anyone paying attention to anything he is saying or doing.
    I have no comment about this non entity.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  7. One more point I wanted to make regarding these two black ‘educators’. Black women are rampant in the American school system, and especially in black neighborhoods in the ‘black school system’.
    These are the types of black women who are teaching ,rearing and influencing black children on a daily basis. The minds of black children are polluted on a daily basis by these violent, confrontationa,l whorish, deceitful, lying black women. White daddy has given these black female whore animals the authority to destroy the minds of black children throughout America and worldwide.
    And then black people actually question or wonder why black girls are getting pregnant at 14 or 15, and why young black male teenagers are running the streets robbing people and wreaking havoc everywhere they go. It’s bad enough that these black children are being raised by these degenerate black horse single mothers. But you would think when they get to school they would actually be in an environment with responsible, intelligent, civilized instructors or teachers.
    But the reality is, black children are going from a home environment that is horrible, into a school environment that is horrible, because both environments are ruled, governed, and controlled by animalistic perverted, violent, evil black women. You literally could not make this shit up if you were writing a fictional book.
    Avoid black women at all costs. Your life and your sanity literally depend upon it.

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    • Bill Smith,
      I agreed with brother.

      The NYC School system was horrible when was in Junior high school back 1997-1999, 7th and 8th grade, I went to a junior high school in Bed Stuy Brooklyn, Francis Scott Key J.H.S 117, about half of the students in that school were savages even through the school was about 64% black, 25% Hispanic and 11% white. The students roaming the halls, having big food fights in the lunch room, girls having sex with young thugs on staircases. I also seen 2 black female teachers fight each other. But also I notice black male, white female, Hispanic female teachers class, the students perform better in those classes then black female ones for some strange reason in that school.

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  8. JayJay5077, I’m from New York also. Luckily I was able to attend Hommocks junior high school in Mamaroneck, Westchester county, and graduate from Mamaroneck high school in Mamaroneck New York.
    The schools I attended were like 88 percent white, and many of those white students came from very wealthy families. I am still friends with the guys and girls I was friends with during those years. I am thankful I never had to attend a majority black high school or school ever. But by simply going to visit certain family members of mine who live in predominantly black areas, I was clearly able to see the effects of having to exist in an all-black academic environment governed and controlled by mostly black women.
    The entire mentality of most black people is beyond insane. And this insanity is mainly due to the overwhelming influence that black women have over every facet of the lives of black men, black children and black everything.
    Black women have literally and figuratively been transformed into Black men. These delusional disgusting black women really believe that they are the leaders in the relationship. Black women really believe that they are the smartest and the strongest in the relationship. And black women believe that they should be the ones who are ultimately making the decisions regarding the course of the relationship and how black children should be governed.
    Black women are the only group of women on the planet earth who really and truly believe that they should take on the role of men. And then the same filthy, disgusting, delusional, irrational and illogical black women will turn around and attempt to blame Black men for the problems, confusion, and disarray that is present in the ‘black community’.
    You couldn’t pay me enough to deal with or be in a relationship with 99.9% of black women. Black women are simply too difficult, too stupid, too bitter, and too angry to be dealt with in any shape, form or fashion.
    When will Black men understand that the sole purpose of black women is to destroy the lives of Black men, because black women hate black men. Any black man who thinks otherwise is a damn fool. Avoid black women at all costs .

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    • The school was actually mix whites and hispanics but it still majority of black students due the school sit at western end of bed stuy and white students mostly came from brooklyn heights and downtown brooklyn that school covers parts of three neighborhoods, I notice the white students was doing better academicly, wasn’t as bad as the black students, lots of black females students was fighting teachers and school safety officers, fighting male students like they men.
      Also I notice the students that live in single mother households was off the hook as opposed to black students with fathers in the households and white households.

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  9. Even though my family lives in Jamaica Queens on farmers and Merrick Boulevard. One of the rules I’ve always had is to never go to Brooklyn for any reason Lol!!!! I hear what you are saying but I can’t relate brother.
    My family is in the hood in Queens, and many of us always said that Brooklyn is like another planet. Peace. But for me Brooklyn might as well be Chicago. I simply will not go to Brooklyn for any reason whatsoever. But this is really New York talk, that might not be meant for this website.

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  10. >Coen Naninck Calls Out Black Men – Read Between The Lines

    As far as Coen Naninck goes, I have only this to say:


    Brothers, ignore the SIMPS, avoid the bullshit of the so-called “community”. Be free!

    SYSBM ’till the damn wheels fall off and every SIMP is stuck in the child support payment cycle.

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    • Let the red-black-green, pro-black, thirsty, pussy begging, baby oil, feminine, simp-ass niggaz calling for unity (return to the plantation) eat Battenberg cake. Let them learn the hard way.

      #SYSBM until the motherfucking wheels fall the fuck off.

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  11. So my cousin’s have on BET on Memorial Day (kill me now) and during commercial breaks, classic Eddie Murphy movies are “commented on” (i.e. RUINED) by some dude and none other than that ugly wench Jess Hilarious.

    Words can not described how unattractive on every level this woman is. Seriously, the average black chick looks just like this tranny looking fiend, with a nose wide open enough to drive 17 trains through.

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  12. The douche bag accuses me being a black man lol Black women messed with fellow MGTOW brother CSMGTOW. They created me to go after them.

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    • Lol…she went in on Simp and didn’t let up! He was resorting to criticizing the spelling/ punctuation of her posts (CLASSIC Coen, btw), calling her “coockoo” (pot, meet kettle), and, finally, “Screw you all! I’m taking my ball and going home!” Lol! As for his “Don’t bother replying, I’m not even gonna read it”–oh, he’s reading it, alright! His massively-insufferable ego demands it. I only wish we could witness his inner struggle to not reply. Yep, the meltdown is starting- -didn’t I say it’d be entertaining?

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    • MikeTO, JhonHus,

      You know another reason why Naninck is losing the plot is because when you put his name into a search engine, my articles about him are on the first page along side his YouTube channel and Curvyshine website. His dodgy shenanigans are being exposed before they have even gotten off the ground, lol. He has already stated that he will not be commenting on Slaying Evil, the real reason being the obvious, the fact that he cannot defend his position as a simp pimping black women.

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  13. I hope the “queens” drooling over Nanick have big, fat, cellulite- filled asses and make bikini-twerking videos, ’cause that’s the only way they’ll get Coen’s attention, I’m just sayin’. ..

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    • Lol…you don’t know the half of it! This is a guy who hid a camera in his baseball cap and followed plus-sized women around, taking videos so that he could “show examples of different body types”! Iirc, he got a lot of shit from his viewers over the creepiness of it all. He also got kicked out of a plus size swimsuit fashion show, because he somehow made it backstage and was standing around looking like Lurch, staring at all the models.

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      • JhonHus,

        I’m beginning to think that these gems you keep dropping is one of the main reasons why Naninck doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to come here and state his case. He’ll argue with me on YouTube all day, yet he still won’t pluck up the courage to bring himself over here. Would you believe that he is attempting to tell me about being rejected by black women yet he himself has yet to snag a “black queen”.

        These simps are the worst, they enable black women to continue upon their rampage of destruction. Keep dropping those gems, something is seriously wrong with the fellow.

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  14. Verbs2015, I’m not so sure Coen isn’t here in the comment section- -under an alias (pretty ironic, right? Lol). He’s probably sweating, hoping that his lovesick fans don’t find their way here and read a bunch of things that’ll make them go “hmmmm…”. I was reading the hostile posts he directed at you on Veritas’ video (he don’t dare post that unhinged stuff on his own comment section), about you not being “man enough” to debate him one-on-one. All I can say is that Coen’s REALLY over inflating his one-on-one abilities, lol. He is extremely awkward socially..there are plenty of interviews he’s conducted on his other channel, and it’s painful to watch; a lot of blanking-out and awkward silences. Coen’s completely full of it; his complaints about the guys here “reveling” over Trump cutting section 8 is rich, considering he himself is a Trump supporter! Wonder what the black women would say about that?

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    • JhonHus,

      When you and MikeTO called this guy out as creepy, you weren’t kidding. Everywhere black men are speaking out against the evil deeds of black women, as sure as night follows day Naninck will be there championing behind black women in hopes of getting in their panties. I’ve even seen him lurking on Obsidian’s channels. Yeah, I went back and forth with him for a bit but then I had to catch myself realising that he is simply a waste of time. So much fire in his chest in the comment sections of other people’s videos on YouTube, yet he cannot come to Slaying Evil as he is and defend his position.

      It seems to me that he is exactly the person he accuses me of being, which is the typical behaviour you would expect from male feminists and especially from black women. According to his comments she(Veritas) went ahead and blocked me, I don’t know because I have no intention of commenting there anymore, if that is true then it would be funny how she called him out as a fraud in her video, yet he is allowed to continue commenting while I am blocked. Exactly what we have been saying on this website, white men and black women are two sides of the same coin.

      He really doesn’t strike me as the confident type, for starters he in typical woman’s fashion loves to focus upon one non issue after another. I read one of his comments where he talked about the fact that I am from the UK and I have an English accent. What on earth does that have to do with anything? He is a joke and still doesn’t understand that actions speak louder than words, writing long lectures in his attempts to justify himself is simply a fool’s errand.

      The legal action side of it was a joke, it’s not a case of his images being plastered all over the website ie within the articles themselves, the images I took were only used as thumbnails, something which under Fair Use I can do WITHOUT his permission. He’s just like your typical dysfunctional black female, whenever cornered always make reference to the law you know little to nothing about. Naninck is clearly a serious bowl of mixed nuts who sits in his apartment making video wishing he could leave his real nuts hanging out of a black woman.

      As bad as simps like Ebrahim Aseem, Derrick Jaxn, Angel Ramirez Jordan and Jacob Mason are, at least they have girlfriends, Naninck however has yet to tick the box in that criteria, his lame talk about not discussing personal business online is an obvious deflection and a blatant way of saying that he is single and lonely, lol.

      Black women love white men yet he hasn’t managed to snag himself a “black queen” yet, this tell us all we need to know, that he is the common denominator of failure and the reason why he is still jacking off to Pornhub(BBW category no doubt) or his own secret stash he created while on the creep(and he had the cheek to talk to me about gaining a person’s consent before using material, lol).

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  15. Oh dear, it seems that Coen Naninck has been rumbled faster than he could get his simp/pimp money making scheme off the ground, yet another black woman calling him out on his fraudulent garbage:

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