Black Women – A Walking Embarrassment To Themselves


For those who may not have known, the article above that I wrote back in September 2016 recently went viral and brought out all manner of characters from the angry and bitter black sisterhood aswell as their simp brigades. Where I didn’t expect the article to garner so much attention, the vulgar and vile comments being left(mostly by black women) didn’t surprise me at all as this is how the majority of black women function and is one of the major reasons why this website focuses heavily on them.

For those who haven’t yet witnessed the carnage I would recommend that you go to the comment section of that article and see for yourselves just how black women as a collective react whenever they are called out on their garbage(especially by outsiders). As I have mentioned before in previous articles because black women have set up white women are their gold standard, white women now have the right to lord over and dictate to black women how they ought to conduct themselves aswell as reprimand them for their dysfunction.

White women are not fussed nor concerned with these so called black queens, white women are fully aware of the fact that black women by and large are highly insecure individuals. In 2017 black women are the ones trying their utmost to attain to whiteness, hence the non black hair wig/weave wearing, the bleaching of their skin and the wearing of grey/green/blue contact lenses. In the article above you’ll notice how the white woman talked about the fact that they were looking out for and sweeping up the educated black men, the same group of men black women openly reject. Well, as many of you remember the following month I followed up with this article below:

In that article I showcased an example of a white women swooping in and snatching up a black man from the clutches of his horrible black girlfriend and additionally stated how white women are fully aware of the fact that black women in general treat black men like trash. These forms of sniper strikes by white women aswell as other non black females are occurring regularly and black women are making it all the more easier for them to happen by continuing along the path of death and destruction. The angry black woman is not a myth, it is reality.

I find it funny how many black women will act as if they don’t care about more black men deciding to cross the fence until they actually see black men in the streets with non black women, it is then you actually observe first hand the bitterness and the venom in their hearts rise to the surface. You’ll notice how black women believe they have the right to stick their noses into the dating and marriage affairs of black men in the same manner they do concerning our finances. As I have stated before, black women do these things because they view us as slaves, not free human being with feelings, emotions, needs etc.

In the viral article I talked about, black women as a collective in the comment section showed themselves to be a bunch of callous, unprofessional, angry, bitter, unintelligent individuals, they referred to the woman as a “white bitch”, they couldn’t refute any of the points she made, they additionally labelled me as a coon and an Uncle Tom for merely agreeing with the points the woman raised, and black women wonder why they are taking serious L’s left and right.

However, this wouldn’t been the last time that a white women would call black women out on their dysfunction. Remember I featured yet another article in December 2016 with another white woman calling black women out on their desires to be white:

And don’t forget this article written back in February this year in which a white man also called out black women’s dysfunctional behaviour, especially in relation to the way they treat and raise their children:

It’s pretty much a wrap for modern day black females, they talk about white people appropriating black culture yet they walk around with blonde European weaves and wigs upon their heads, how stupid and hypocritical can you be? Then they talk about white and another non black women rushing out to get lip and butt injections because they wish to emulate black women, however with black women going well out of their way to climb the mountain of whiteness, non black women now feel emboldened seeing as they are now viewed as the standard that must be reached. Black women through their insecure nature have caused non black women to gain more confidence.

Black women could’ve set many new trends by themselves, however instead they have decided to follow and emulate those same women whom they claim are beneath them. Black men, since black women are openly declaring that non black women are better through their own actions, it only makes sense to start dealing with the superior models as opposed to the imitations ie the knock offs.

For those who haven’t already be sure to check out my book Negro Wars where I thoroughly deconstruct the modern day black female and her dysfunction. Also those who find this information useful are free to donate at or become a patreon at

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

118 thoughts on “Black Women – A Walking Embarrassment To Themselves

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  2. These black women of this ilk with their bitterness need to get out of the way and die and let​ their replacement of decent thinking women outside the westernized black matriarchy show it how it’s really done to get and keep decent thinking brothers. Amen! SYSBM!

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      • Exactly, and brother are definitely on their way to breeding them out big time with the amount of biracial kids you see today. Black bitches need to take a long and very hard look at the UK where black male dating and marrying out rate is at a wonderful 48% and studies show that by 2030 biracial children/adults will make up over a quarter of the UK population. So brothers are well on their way to breeding out the black bitches in the UK, all that is needed is a small number of black females for the purpose of breeding more black males, after that they will serve no useful purpose. So black chicks be afraid…be very afraid because the bm interracial dating/marriage numbers are rising astronomically.

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  3. Black women fail to understand or admit that it is their behavior and actions that make them a worldwide laughingstock known for violent outbursts, horrible attitudes, and a ridiculous physical appearance due to their never-ending desire to be a white woman.
    Above all black women don’t have a simple understanding of how to behave like a rational feminine human being. Black women don’t comprehend the reason they are the least desired group of women on the planet earth is because of how they act. It is always every excuse in the book other than the fact that black women behave and look like animals.
    Blackmen are gay, there is a white standard of beauty, white women want to look like black women, white men desire black women, white supremacy, abusive Blackmen, etc, etc, etc, are all cited as the cause of black women being allegedly marginalized, overlooked, and targeted. The black woman never says to herself, ‘ Gee, maybe it’s my absolutely offense personality that makes me the least desired, most laughed at woman on the face of the earth. Black women are liars and deceitful creatures by nature. So in addition to black women being dishonest with everyone around them, black women are supremely dishonest with themselves. Black women are not able to be honest about how evil their behavior is. It’s always everybody but them.
    Black women are being exposed to more and more for the disingenuous, confrontational, delusional, combative, mentally ill beasts they are everyday. Black women claim the reason Blackmen are with white women is because these Blackmen hate themselves, hate their mothers, White women allow Blackmen to walk all over them, Blackmen can handle a strong black woman, white women are weak, etc, etc, etc, etc…….. All of these excuses are pure folly. What black women cannot get through their stupid head is that white women have mastered the art of actually behaving like women, and Blackmen see this, appreciate this and want to be with such women.
    Black women are still under the impression that Blackmen should have some type of loyalty to them just because they are black women. Forget about the attitude that the black woman has, forget about her ridiculous appearance with multicolored weave and fake hair, forget about how deceitful and vindictive black women are. Forget about the mountain of evidence that proves how that black women are pure evil. Black women have this idea that all these things should be put to the side by Blackmen, and Blackmen are just supposed to except all of these things that black women do.
    What person in their right mind would ever believe that a man is supposed to put up with these traits from any group of women? But because black women are so delusional and have spent so many years behaving just like this, without being called on it or criticized for it, they believe that this beast like behavior should just be accepted and never questioned.
    And when Blackmen look for an alternative to this ridiculous behavior on the part of black women, by dating white women, black women throw a tantrum and start name calling. Black women do not want Blackmen to be happy. Black women want Blackmen to be miserable because black women are miserable.
    As I’m writing this the news here in New York just showed footage of a fight in a middle school in Georgia between a black teacher and I believe a black assistant teacher. Two big weave wearing black women that look like football players throwing punches at each other like MMA fighters would in the middle of a freaking classroom.
    And black women and simps actually question why Black men are seeking White women more and more to be in a relationship with.
    Black women are basically finished. The days of black women doing or saying whatever they want to without being challenged are long over, and black women know it.
    This is why the post before this one was flooded with a bunch of mentally ill, sick black women, who would stop at nothing in a vain attempt to somehow silence the message that we are spreading on this website. Black women make me sick to my fucking stomach.
    Avoid black women at all costs. Your life literally depends on it.

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    • Bruh, I just looked up the video, gonna make a video on it myself.

      Those women looked like the reincarnations of Harambe, and weaved to a hilt. Please tell me again why anyone would think the average black woman is no less attractive than other groups?

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Just come back home from seeing off a friend at a train station, the same thing once again, black women looking rough and coarse, weaved up to the hilt as per usual. Its grim bro and to think 20-30 years ago they never used to look like this.

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  4. Black women many of them look exactly like the two beasts in that video. But when people speak about black women online the imagery or the photos they always pull up are of black supermodels or the thinnest most beautiful most feminine black women you could imagine.
    But those of us who are honest understand exactly what black women really look like and how they really behave.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  5. Afrofuturism1, true. This is why when I actually see a marginally decent looking black woman in public, I almost in a state of disbelief. Most black women are just plain ugly unattractive. And Gregory Chandler most black women in America are fat as FUCK. But I assumed that was already common knowledge, so I didn’t choose to mention it lol.

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    • Sadly, in terms of the ugliness, many times the obesity and the exaggerated breasts that it gives is the only way nowadays to make sure it’s female. Most skinny black chicks look like accidental dykes!!

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      • Most young skinny black women don’t just ( look like) they are ‘accidental’ dykes. Many of them are actual dykes/lesbians. Black women and nowadays the younger ones, delight in being contrary to nature and being perverted in every sense. Many of these young black females you see, are a very violent, hate filled, breed of nigger woman, who hate Blackmen, want to take the place of Blackmen, and want to see Blackmen exterminated from the face of the earth.
        There is a new vicious, violent, manly form of nigger bitch that is walking around really thinking that she is a black man.
        Those black nigger woman dykes you see walking around with their girlfriends on the street, are the most lowly, perverted, demonic, violent, degenerate animals you will ever encounter in your life. Be aware when ever you are around large groups of black people. And be aware of these black nigger dyke perverts.
        Please someone remind me. Is there any redeemable quality that 99.9% of black women have? The vast majority of black women are simply human garbage.
        Actually let me rephrase that. The majority of black women are garbage. Because most black women aren’t human.
        Avoid black women at all costs. Your life literally depends upon it.

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    • Bill Smith,
      I agreed with brother, I notice that I don’t see many fine/good looking black women anymore looking the streets of NYC like it used to be back in 1990’s or even up to around 2005, Since then I notice the huge drop off in looks and weight of the many black women.

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      • that’s because dudes raised by whores have no standards and will fuck anything . growing up I never knew men with a preference for a big fat nasty bitch now you can post a pic of an elephant in a thong and niggas start drooling and proposing marriage ..smh

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  6. Are you related to Tommy Sotomayor in any way? Because the arguments and mannerisms are almost exactly the same. Is that you bruh? Ain’t no way you gonna tell me that all black women are of this same horrible disposition and to be honest,these white women are no better and I have no interest in them that last post in december 2016 was disrespectful as fuck not only to black women but to black men. seems like it’s some triggered snowbeast talking about how they run and rule over everything but a thief and a murderer will gloat over how many victims they’ve had too. unrepentant creatures of their crimes against humanity as always but their time is near its end and they are on the genetic decline. When fake jews and muslims finish destroying what is left of White Europe,I am gonna celebrate like a motherfucker on a 24 hour siesta. They sure as hell don’t look better than the average Caribbean black girls here I don’t care what you niggas are smoking. A black woman has features naturally granted to her in which she doesn’t have to cake her face in makeup just to feel like a woman on average but becky has to. For example this bitch: . So with all being said if you check the black women who exist outside the USA we do not have this problem at least not as much. I have seen some fine black women in the USA too(I am not talking big booty) great cheekbones,good skin,great attitude,high aspirations in life probably more than the white whores most of you colorstruck negroes seem to be lusting after everyday but to each his own. If harridans exist in the Caribbean it is because they are adapting the ways of black women in the USA,the ones that really need to check themselves as you have talked about but it ain’t all of them man. So best you change your post to “American Black women- A walking embarrassment to Themselves” because American blacks are the only ones whose souls and minds are this tortured right now. Everybody else are too busy creating platforms and means to increase their social mobility whether in their own country or as an immigrant. Other blacks in the caribbean and in the motherland love each other still. We just have serious problems with our state leaders but between genders we don’t have these problems you highlight in american black women. So it’s obvious that the peckerwoods of Amerikkka had successfully destroyed the minds of American black women through white feminism and the welfare system. So if American black men who are not coons want to have meaningful relationships with a female of his own race,He only needs to look to the rest of the Americas or to the motherland.

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    • What city and state do you live in? I live in Los Angeles, and Black women are fucked up out here. LAPD and LASD do not take Black female domestic violence victims seriously, because they know nine times out of ten the Black female was the aggressor.

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      • Flakka is some bath salt-based drug that’s being sold as the “Zombie drug”. I’d say he be on some PCP instead…

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    • Dondopa,

      Still pandering to black women for Scoobie snacks and doggie treats and black women still aren’t giving you anything in return, haven’t you learned anything from the blueprints of Ray Ray, Tyrone and Skeet from the block? The white woman called out black women on their dysfunctional behaviour, the same thing I have been doing here for years. I find it interesting how you aren’t chasing down black women with the same rigour encouraging them to change their ways for the better, they disrespect themselves through their own actions, not via my words.

      What high grade flakka are you smoking bruh? Black women will spend large amounts of money on fake up aswell as other cosmetics, Trick Daddy told us this or have you forgotten already:

      You pro black minstrels are dishonest in that you refuse to admit that good looking black females have become very rare, in order to increase your chances of finding a good looking black women you must dilute the bloodline. What I also find funny is the fact that you pro blacks claim that there are good black women out there but most of you still remain single, what’s up with that.

      This is an international problem bruh, the black women over here in the UK are engaging in the same disorderly nonsense, you’ll find dysfunctional black women in the Caribbean, Africa(especially in the west), western Europe, Canada, Australia etc, this is not exclusive to the US. Whenever you find your prize treasure of a black woman please let us know.

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      • Notice the same dude pointed to Zienna’s Instagram page in a previous article. Its like Dondopa has to convince himself of his pro-black position when a hot Becky like Zienna gets a brother.

        Methinks his head will turn eventually, just needs to suffer a bit more, begging for black pussy and getting none.


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      • We can have a nice debate if you like but keep your self-hating bitch groupies aside so we deal with business one on one. Do you not understand how this is going to fuck things up for all of us? I will gladly break it down for you. Tell your bitch Michel that if he has a problem with me linking to that dusty broad then all he gotta do is not read my posts. He shouldn’t be projecting his personal feelings and just be a man so he should quit the ad hominem and strawman BS and just critic what i said and show me how I am wrong.. I used Zienna as an example of how white women powder their faces in makeup. That broad would look like freddy krueger if she didn’t have her makeup,she looks weird even when she has it on. So it is an example,whatever you fuck niggas wanna make out of that example that’s your problem not mine. Once again its projecting.If any of you have a white bitch you fucking it ain’t my business but dont expect me to big you up about it or give you a pat on the back because these relationships don’t help black people. So you do you and let the rest of the people who actually give a fuck about their community do what they gotta do. That’s fair. You are free to call the sensible decision to build with the black community and the black woman as “simping” and “hotep” the same way i consider interracial relationships to be based on fetishes,ideals,self-hatred and not real love nor progress. These relationships seem to have festering self-hatred in both individuals,it’s either a black man talking shit about his own race of women or its a black woman talking shit about black men. I am not taking up for black women either who swirl either so you don’t accuse me of being biased so let me make that clear. Furthermore, I don’t police another man’s dick if you niggas wanna fuck everything that lives and breathes you can go ahead! The point is this-the claims that you make about black women or when you make retarded ass comparisons that generalize a whole race of women in favor of white or other non-black women need to be evaluated. All of my posts have always been against the idea of swirling or participating in behaviors and modes of thinking that destroy development in the black community. It is our job to fix it, we are the men,we take control,we fix this shit, the women must follow and if they have no leaders anarchy will ensue which is what is happening now. Do you honestly believe that black women just lost their minds one day and started putting on weaves or acting ratchet? Everything has a cause and effect and the deeper reason why these Sotomayor goons and you yourself are reluctant to admit,the real reason for the plight of the black woman is that most black men,whether by tradition or feel it is in their genes, will go out and have multiple babymamas, to fuck one,breed one then dump one. You treat your own women like pump and dumps and then blame them for their condition? Jesus Christ how are you any better than the white supremacists that go around calling black people lazy when they create the very system that barred black people from achieving social mobility and economic progress? This is what I am addressing. Now I agree that even though this has happened, it doesn’t mean that black women are children who don’t need to be accountable for their actions the same way we as a collective need to do some introspection into the things going on in the community itself. Of course some black women need to do better,the way how i see it it is american black women that need to do better and if the UK black women are ratchet then they have to shape up too but none of you motherfuckers are going to tell me that ALLLLLL black women fit into the disparaging categories you display. Do you know why I don’t believe nigga? Because I was raised by a good black woman. There is still hope left and we need to work on that. It defeats your entire fucking argument when I am experiencing the opposite of what you experience not by anecdotes or feelings but by hard evidence and empirical experience. How the fuck you gonna deny that? You need to stop using generalizations and learn the art of using these two words,two fucking words nigga. They are called “some” or “most”. Once you do that you will be alright. You will be on the right side of logical reasoning unless your platform is not about logical reasoning given the bullshit I see in the comments section in retort to my messages. You make valid points about black women buying these weaves and having ratchet ass attitudes and when they swirl they do the same thing to black men as you and your cronies now do to black women So we are at each other’s throats for the amusement of other races. The black family is almost completely annihilated by faggotry,interracial marriages/unions,general propaganda and self-hatred. Nobody,at least I speak for myself, is denying your arguments bro and I want all of you to understand that I agree with some of the points you make but it doesn’t mean that the solution to our problems is abandoning your own people. Brighten your corner, We need to mend the broken relationships instead of giving up every-time the going gets tough. Have you tried? It seems that for the past few weeks none of you,neither Reggie and his white worshipping ass nor you can understand the moderate,rational,practical advice I am giving you on this platform. Everybody has a right to an opinion. I am sorry that I cannot morally accept what you like or advocate but you don’t wanna respect that. So if this website and the soto-bitches who support it gets triggered every-time somebody says something different or opposing their asinine biased,lunatic ideas about their own race of women You wanna start the namecalling shit. So guess what? I will do the same and everybody gets caught up in their feelings and no rational sensible,meaningful debate gets done right? Is that what you want? Because I find this shit both amusing and sad that grown ass niggas talk and think like this. This is an all-time low. You all need psychiatric evaluation because this is a den of coons who only bask in their own ignorance and gang up on people with dissenting views,shit out ad hominem attacks and project their warped fantasies unto people. I have nothing to gain,This isn’t about defending black women to get some pussy( i don’t know why you would think that is what im doing and since when were you so concerned about my personal life?why you dick policing me bro?) but it’s about moving forward as black people both in our relationships with each other and our economic standing. My views and my concerns are concerns that aren’t about me or what i hope to get. If it is selfish to desire unity,self-love,industrious self-reliance among our people then by god im guilty. It’s time to stop being so selfish and think like a community again-a real one. Why is this such an alien concept to this generation?

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      • Dondopa,

        The problem is white women by and large are not insecure individuals like black women, you don’t see white women going around trying to shame white men who prefer other races of women into dating them. That’s all black women do all day, they feel it’s cool to deal with non black men but when a black man gets with a non black woman all of a sudden black women and their army of pro black simps come out of the woodwork attacking the individual. Why are you not checking black women for this skullduggery right here:

        That white chick you highlighted, so what, she may be wearing excessive make up however unlike your average black female she is not dysfunctional. By the way I advocate for black men to deal with all non black women, however I notice that you pro blacks just like the black women who raised you always like to home in on white women. You have white women on the brain more than me bruh.

        You aren’t helping black people yourself because as always you refuse to check black women on their dysfunctional behaviour but you will stoke up the fire in your chest to go in on black men all day, especially those who do not subscribe to the black community status quo. I don’t understand why you are still trying to defend a group of women who couldn’t give two monkeys about the black community nor yourself. Don’t you get it yet, black women aren’t interested in helping black people, they only want to look out for themselves.

        The very woman who has been instrumental in the destruction of black society you continue to give a pass to, and you still think that you are going to build some new kingdom from these ashes and the rumble, really bruh? I told you in Negro Wars that there will be NO PROGRESSION WITHIN BLACK SOCIETY AS A WHOLE UNTIL THE MODERN DAY BLACK FEMALE IS CHECKED, HELD TO ACCOUNT AND PUT IN HER PLACE. The problem is you still think that you can build something by going around that problem, however to date no progression has been made. I told you, deal with the black woman first, stop going after black men.

        Stop deluding yourself, there is no black community left, I simply use the term “black community” because people are familiar with it. Black women have systematically destroyed over 75% of black society, those black folks in the 25% realising that what remains of black society cannot be salvaged have simply moved on and formed their own small communities elsewhere. I told you before I refuse to form a coalition with the scum and the dregs of black society, they are the main reason why there has been no progress. If you build something new with these destroyers still around, how long do you think what you had built will last? Not very long at all.

        You aren’t building anything bruh, that’s the irony, most of you pro blacks are all talk and absolutely no action. You spend most of your time reprimanding black men who simply aren’t interested rather than finding like minded black men and women who are. Show me a black woman that you can build with, where is your woman bruh? Do you see the problem? What, do you expect me to build with these women right here:

        When I see you able to build with scum buckets like this then I will begin to take you seriously. My girlfriend is mixed, there is no fetish nor self hatred issue with myself, I simply realised that in order to increase my chances of finding a decent woman, I had to dilute the black bloodline or depart from it altogether. The closer to pure black you get typically the more trouble that woman will bring to the relationship, that is the truth and the reality you are not yet ready to face.

        You are the one dick policing bruh, didn’t you get kicked off Whtgrlsrawesome’s website because you tried to dick police him by going in on him concerning his dating preferences? I don’t dick police here, I simply show thinking black men the numerous problems that plague black women and based upon the evidence I advise them to date out.

        As I have stated many times before, you can make generalisations when a trend has formed. Most black women are not fit for dating and marriage, they did this to themselves by subscribing to feminism and fatherless home welfare policies, thus because of their betrayal aswell as their desperation to want to fit in and be accepted by white society, the insecurities began to set it. That is not my fault, that is the black female’s fault, you need to take this up with them.

        Recognising that they had severe mental issues I stopped dealing with black women years ago, the pump and dump culprits you need to be confronting are the Dey Deys, Tyrones and the Skeets from the block, these are the men black women are stupidly going after, again, why aren’t you reprimanding black women for deliberately making bad choices concerning the men they choose to open their legs to? Nobody here is dealing with black women. See, you won’t confront Tyrone from the block because you know that he will won’t take too kindly to your words and you may have some trouble on your hands.

        Black women destroy black society but both black men and black women need to be held accountable together, really bruh??? Nope, I’ve seen this equal distribution of blame racket many times before, in the end black women always end up walking away scott free without fail. Nah bruh, you hold them accountable ALONE for their own transgressions.

        Here you go again with this “all” deflection when the word “all” hasn’t never been mentioned nor implied. Do you see how you pro blacks think just like the black women who raised you? Using the words “black women” together is a general statement, it does not mean ALL unless the word “ALL” in placed in front of those two words, this is basic English 101 bruh. Show and tell, if you are saying that there is a multitude of decent black women available then why don’t you have one yet? How long are you going to keep this nonsense up before you will admit that there is a problem?

        I heard you say that you were raised by a good black woman but I didn’t hear you talk about a father. How good of a woman was she if there was no father involved in your life? You know what I realise and what so many other black men tell me is that the reason why many pro blacks jump into the defend decadent black females so much is because most of them were raised by one and talking about the many ills of her nature hits many of your pro blacks straight in the chest.

        Again black women are the cause of the problem, therefore the solution is to abandon them and the decadent offspring that they have produced. I don’t really see how you can possibly build with unproductive individuals, if you have any ideas then I am all ears. There is no mending of the broken relationships, the breach is too wide, the damage is too far gone to be rectified at this point, this is why I advise black men to save themselves as all this talk about saving black communities and uniting once again is a pipe dream, it will never happen again and you can thank black women for that.

        Again, why aren’t you going after black women for talking down upon black men, I’ve got plenty of evidence on the website showing they do, in fact many of us have experienced the rough end of the black woman’s mouth. You are starting with the wrong people, you need to be dealing with and cascading black women FIRST. This is not a “we need to build the black community up again” website, here I deal with the many shortfalls concerning black women, I lay the evidence at the feet of thinking black men, I advise them in light of the evidence to date out and what they decide to do afterwards is up to them.

        Like I stated before at this late stage you are going to have to show and tell, if black women are so viable and still a great option then why don’t you have one yet?


      • Who said I didn’t have one? I am not gonna show you my personal life. I dont fuck with you like that homie. Nice try tho. I got one and I am happy. That’s all you need to know. Like I said I don’t care who you fuck, just think about how we are gonna fix this shit as a collective.

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      • Dondopa,

        You claim that you already have a woman, however that is very hard to believe observing the way you’ve gone in on black men who choose to date non black women.
        There is no collective fix, this is what I’ve been trying to tell you for the longest, the black community is a goner. The one thing black men like yourself could’ve done to turn this thing around they refuse to do, that is to check black women and put them in line. So in light of this now it’s all about saving one’s self, forging a new path and destiny.

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      • @Dondopa

        Oooh, I’ve hit a soft spot with you, going by the length and vitriol of your post.

        Don’t worry, I, and Verbs see you. You can cross the fence now, it’s safe. Build for yourself, brother.


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  7. Black. Natural hair. Great body. Educated. Married to a wonderful black man. I just want to know who raised you? Who are the mothers of these black men who hate the women who are probably very much like women who raised them?I don’t really care who men like you date. Black women of good ilk don’t overlook good, educated black men. However, we do overlook arrogant assholes who would probably mistreat us because they hate us. It’s ok. Really. No one cares if men like you “abandon” us. There are plenty of awesome, beautiful black men who are willing to marry, provide for and procreate with us. The fact that white people are quickly becoming the minority proves this. So, run along. Xoxo

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    • First, he never said all black women. You cannot deny, however, that a large majority of black women fit the description; obese, violent, uncouth, rude, obnoxious, and stupid.

      Second, spouting all your so-called achievements online means nothing. You could be Mama Klump from the Nutty Professor, for all I know.

      Third, to claim that there are plenty of black men out there willing to marry you. How do you then explain why 70% of black households are run by single mothers? How do you explain the fact that black women are the LEAST desirable females in the planet?

      Brothers, beware the Hair Hatted Hooligan. The lies she spouts comes as second nature

      Liked by 1 person

      • Shawn James,

        Agreed, I talked about black women and how they lie prolifically in Negro Wars. You have to double, triple and quadruple check anything that comes from their mouths.

        I’ve had quite a number of black women come to this site pretending to be white women, black women in general remain in deception and mischief.


  8. Well, well, well Verbs, look who it is! Mr. Dondopa has made his triumphant return to Slaying Evil in defense of the indefensible! Notice how dude couldn’t address any of your arguments or refute your points. Nah, he goes on his pathetic pro-black simping routine of chastising the brothas for seeking greener pastures, telling said brothas what they should be doing and saying, exalting the numerous fine sistas that are probably partaking in some degenerate raceplay with white men while spewing his black supremacist crap and cheering for the extinction of non blacks. You can’t make this up!

    Notice how he won’t address the unjust vilification of Shea Moisture, the Ex-WWE Star Cameron for her worship of white men, how him and white nationalist had nothing to say about ABC’s Bachelorette and its promotion of race mixing that they hate so much, or the black infant who was tortured and burned by its mother for over three hours just to get back at the father? Nah, nothing to say about that or the other numerous accounts of anti-black male shenanigans by the women he adores so much.

    Dude I have no sympathy for these pro-black racialist simps. They’re going to learn the hard way, the same way Tupac, Mike Tyson, Brian Banks, and Merlin Santana did. Oh well, sucks for them!

    #ProudCoon #UncleRuckusWasRight #SellOut #ISelfHate #ILoveWhiteWomen #TheWhiteWomanIsGod #GetYouAWhiteQueen #FTheBlackCommunity #NotYourTrashMan #RideOrDieWithBecky #NothinButACaveBitchForMe #TeamWhiteGirls #WhiteGirlsWinning

    Liked by 2 people

    • #awhitegirlwifeforme

      I thought I recognized that jackass.
      Acting like the majority of non mixed black chicks are THAT hot, please. Those chicks typically look destitute as hell.

      Where do these simps come from?!!

      Liked by 2 people

    • I would like to study the groupie niggas commenting here as to what form of mental illness they are suffering from to talk and think like this. This is amazing! Seriously!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dondopa,

        When you begin addressing your black queens with as much eagerness as you do black men and when you finally have your own “queen” then and only then will we begin taking you seriously. Again, why is it that you pro blacks bat so hard for black women yet most of you don’t have one by your sides, huh?

        Liked by 2 people

      • Here are a list of my symptoms , Dondopa:

        #ProudCoon #ProudSellot #ISelfHate
        #ILoveWhiteWomen #TheWhiteWomanIsGod #GetYouAWhiteQueen #FuckTheBlackCommunity #NotYourNegro #RideOrDieWithBecky #TeamWhiteGirls #WhiteGirlsWinning

        Now get to fuck, with your thirsty single SIMP ass.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      Indeed, Dondopa is beating a dead horse, I had to ask him why he never reprimands these same black women who are flushing their own images and reputations down the toilet. Of course we know how these pro blacks operate, they have the maximum fire in their chests to go in on black men, yet they will always give the angry and bitter black sisterhood a pass on their skullduggery.

      It’s always the same story, disparage the man talking about the dysfunctional behaviour instead of dealing with those who are actually taking part in it. He would rather live in a sewer water infested apartment when there is a clean house ready and waiting to be occupied across the street. Remember, as I demonstrated in my Dragon Ball/Superman article, our genetic potential will be passed on to our children regardless of the race of women we decide to get with. Straight talk, the simps will burn in hell with the black women they fought so hard to protect.

      Liked by 2 people

      • This SIMP cannot fathom why we black men are more interested in real women…

        And here is the underlying belief – Black men aren’t allowed to think anything different outside of the group hive mind. We are insane to go want a white (or non-Black) woman who has her own hair, who lets us be ourselves, who will support and uplift *us* and isn’t interested in seeking to destroy and emasculate us…

        And it’s us with the mental illness? Fuck outta here, SIMP.


        Liked by 1 person

    • @whtgrlsrawesome
      What’s good bitch nigga? I see you still cooning. niggas be mad because i dont like fat white bitches with 3 necks talking about simping. Nigga you look ridiculous with that dumb ass blog. You use swirling bitches who are doing the same shit as you do to validate your behavior? I am addressing this retarded ass paragraph you wrote:

      “Notice how he won’t address the unjust vilification of Shea Moisture, the Ex-WWE Star Cameron for her worship of white men, how him and white nationalist had nothing to say about ABC’s Bachelorette and its promotion of race mixing that they hate so much, or the black infant who was tortured and burned by its mother for over three hours just to get back at the father?”

      And how many dusty black men betray their own race of women,perpetuate the cycle of broken families through abandoning their children for their own selfish pursuits whether it is monetary,carnal or otherwise? Does that excuse you doing what you are doing? Can a policeman claim that he has the right to commit crimes because thieves are doing it? What’s the moral high ground you are supposed to take? It doesn’t matter who started cooning who started the fire bitch nigga, shouldnt you motherfuckers think about the future? but you cant say that it was black women who first started cooning and swirling when it was a daily notion for black men to abuse and mistreat their own women throughout the years starting in the 1970s with all the misogynistic,self-serving rap/hip-hop music that still continues to this day. You once again deflect the fact that while black women are not excused for the shit they are doing,the black man is supposed to lead. When there are no leaders,there are anarchists. Are you going to blame anarchists for not governing your own household nigga? And now karma is a bitch that takes no prisoners. Y’all are trying to get revenge on each other? is that what this is? Because it sounds like it. But none of you buck-dancing negroes think of the long-term consequences and the people who suffer in your vendetta against your own kin. You don’t realize that betraying your own people will come back to bite you in the ass. From the very beginning black men treated black women like trash,the white devils see this and capitalizes on the disparity between the black man and women. Why do you think there is a black bachelorette bitch nigga? it is sum total of what black men have done to black women. You destroyed whatever loyalty she may have had. This shit started with the men. Why cant you take responsibility for that? Why cant you own up to that fact. I can give you sources if you like so you can read up yourself but i know you wont you want to continue jacking off to wrinkly crackers who cake their face in makeup. I dont excuse Cameron for the fucking comments either so don’t put words in my mouth or try to make it seem as if im excusing her.fuck you for being so dishonest and delusional. This is why i cannot understand with you niggas. nigga you cant read my mind so dont think you understand my motives or my argument.

      Liked by 1 person

      • @dondopa

        Dude I’m going to address you one last time because arguing with strangers online is a complete waste of time. We’re never going to agree, but I actually have pity for you and I hope you one day realize the truth. Despite your black racialist/pride rhetoric, it’s really disheartening how little you think of yourself and black men as a collective. You’re so pro black, yet you continue to blindly parrot white nationalist/black feminist mythologies of the ultra violent, shiftless, no good, irresponsible black male.

        Yet if you took the time to look at the stats or actual history, you would see that black men are more involved in the lives of their children than anyone, have a high participation rate in the workforce, and since the Civil War have fought and died for this country without even a word of gratitude. Yet you want me to believe in some bogus narrative of a “no good” black male? Maybe if I was illiterate or raised in the wild, I might entertain that nonsense.

        Black racialist as yourself will always bring up vague notions of building or infrastructure, yet you won’t address the culture. A culture of infantilization, a culture of victim-hood, a culture materialism, a culture of anti intellectualism, a culture of the superficial, and a culture of decadence. It doesn’t matter how many skyscrapers you erect or pretty roads you pave if the people who inhabit that civilization or community are complete savages then what’s the point?

        If you look up the word “institutionalize” and how it affects parolees, you would understand that it doesn’t matter what kind of cushy job you set up for him, decent living arrangements, or even a support system, if the parolee doesn’t have the mindset to want to do better or do whatever it takes not to fall into old habits, then there’s a high probability that he might end up back in prison because his morals and values are so skewed that he can’t assimilate into society.

        And why should black men build or maintain infrastructure when we can look at events from the past few years like the demise of the Detroit 300, Baltimore Riots of 2015, Ari Nagel, the outright sabotaging of Nate Parker’s the Birth of a Nation, and the uproar over Shea Moisture’s attempt to branch out? If you actually took the time to listen to black women online like Breukelen Bleu, Christelyn Karazin, Simone56, etc, you would understand how silly this notion of “building” is, especially when so many black women are telling you that their reason for disliking you is solely because you’re a black male, and nothing else.

        Dude you can do what you want, but I don’t owe you or anyone else a thing because of skin color, nor am I obligated to care for a community and culture that discarded me decades ago. Stop trying to impress people, especially black women. If you’re going to build something than do it for your sake and your happiness.

        I can’t speak for the other men of Slaying Evil, but I have no ill will or bitterness towards black women. I don’t even talk about them on my site and comparing them to white women is the most ridiculous thing in the world. But I consider Verbs a friend and he truly does have the best interest of black men at heart and it’s about time someone did because hardly anyone cares.

        I used to beat myself up plenty when I was younger and I’d be damned if I let anyone beat me down today or try to convince me that “I ain’t s**t,” especially to appease a black woman or the “community.” Life is too friggin’ sweet and there is so much to live for other than to just remain the “community’s” whipping boy.


      • @Whtgirlsrawesome

        To answer your question, I’m here to understand why I received a shitty childhood and this blog is the answer’s here, so I’m simply changing course with a different woman.

        As for @Dondopa, yes I would like to read your sources as to why BM are responsible. As you feel like the failure of the “community” is your fault, as a Black man what are you doing to build?

        Me? I couldn’t give a shit. I’ve saved myself. #SYSBM


  9. Exhibit A Laronci

    3 kids by two different men.

    43 years old

    Two evictions

    One conviction for Welfare Fraud

    Occupation In home Health Aide/LVN

    When I met her she was 39 years old. She didn’t even have a pot to piss in.

    She tried to get me locked up on domestic violence charges, but failed.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Kamila aka Kamilla aka Welfare Queen

    36 years of age

    one daughter

    Never had a job

    Tries to fight men like she is a dude.

    She has been knocked out 10 times

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Also, take a look at this disgusting $hit. If this doesn’t show how jealous and pathetic they are…..

    Notice the valley girl crap. Notice the playing in the hair. Notice at 5:02 onward!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Afrofurturism1,

      That video was a joke, these black women are completely different creatures whenever they get with their white god, the devils settle down once they are in a position to touch and worship master. As yourself, I and many others have stated here before, black men don’t need to put on a fake persona in order to deal with non black women, we can just be ourselves and they will accept us. This valley girl spirit that most black women channel when with white men is pure comedy.

      Liked by 1 person

      • And Of course, acting like white Women are SO jealous of them. I see much better looking white Women running around in t-shirts and jeans at Walmart.

        Notice how she had to randomly adjust her makeup or whatever and did the “ohmyGOD” crap.

        Black Women are PATHETIC. That white dude is probably just looking for something to bend over, no way in hell hes legitimately settling for THAT. He HAS to know how fake she is!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Afrofuturism1,

        Agreed, I’ll be very surprised if he forges anything long term with her, that valley girl persona is a serious mental illness and Christelyn Karazin is one of the primary quacks channelling that nonsense.

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Notice the mentally ill black woman demon says black women ‘overlook arrogant assholes’ (ie the black men on this site who she disagrees with), but she can’t ‘overlook’ us enough to refrain from commenting about what we are speaking about on this site.
    Notice the black woman animal always has to mention how she is ‘educated’. Have you ever seen someone who is actually, truly educated, ( like a doctor or a lawyer) screaming about how ‘educated’ they are? Black women have to yell and scream about how attractive they are, about how educated they are, about how married they are, how great their bodies are, etc, etc, etc, because the reality is the majority of black women are none of these things. And the black women who are screaming that they are these things, are probably none of these things in real life.
    Notice the mentally ill black woman demon claims that she doesn’t care that Blackmen are abandoning these black female animal beasts. But if this black woman animal doesn’t care what Blackmen are doing, why the hell is she taking time to comment about what Black men are doing or saying or thinking on this website?
    This is a black woman claims that there are plenty of beautiful, awesome Blackmen that are willing to provide for, marry and procreate with black women. If this is the case, and the mentally ill black woman demon who chose to respond to this thread is one of these women, once again why spend one second responding to anything that’s being said on this website?
    But we see you once again that black women feel they need to control the thoughts, actions and speech of Blackmen. Black women simply cannot leave Blackmen alone. Even if a black woman has no association, affiliation, or relationship with a black man, any random black female feels it’s her duty to ‘correct’ the thoughts of black men.
    Black women think they are smarter than Blackmen. Black women feel they know more than Blackmen. Black women actually believe that they are there to teach Blackmen how to think and how to live their lives according to how black women ‘FEEL’ black men should think and act.
    And notice how in the typical angry pro black woman ravings, the mentally ill black woman is claiming that white people are on the verge of extinction, or are quickly becoming a minority.
    Hey stupid black woman, white people have always been a minority on the planet earth, so what the hell is your point black woman?
    Black women never have a point. Black women only rant, rave, and exude bitterness, hostility and anger toward everyone and everything around them, but especially Blackmen.
    As far as the simp who commented on this thread goes, I won’t even take the time to respond to such an idiotic buffoon.
    The majority of black women and all of these idiotic, Simp, Negro clowns all need to jump off a building and die.
    Avoid black women at all costs. Your life literally depends upon it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • The first thing a Black female demon mentions is how educated she is. LMFAO. She should taken up “keeping your legs closed 101”

      Liked by 2 people

      • Nigganomics 101: (Course Description) How to reach your goal of a $5 net worth, and stay there!

        Weave Installation: (requires lab fee) Learn the basics of applying that BOSS bundle and SLAY at the club!

        Fellatial Arts: How to have him squirm when you blow dat worm! No Becky can compete with you after you take this course. Pre-requisite: Intro to Hand Jobs

        Liked by 1 person

    • Oh because my black niece just finished her physicians assistant degree.. As just in case you’re as ignorant and pathetic as your post appears….. She makes more than RNS.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Katherine Young,

        And black society is still going down the toilet because of black women as a whole, what is your point? Your degrees never translate into the betterment of black society, never.


    • >Notice the black woman animal always has to mention how she is ‘educated’. Have you ever seen someone who is actually, truly educated, ( like a doctor or a lawyer) screaming about how ‘educated’ they are? Black women have to yell and scream about how attractive they are, about how educated they are, about how married they are, how great their bodies are, etc, etc, etc, because the reality is the majority of black women are none of these things. And the black women who are screaming that they are these things, are probably none of these things in real life.



      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Darth Hideous and her ilk only have sex to offer men. LMFAO. The type of men they desire want more in a relationship. They probably use Janet Jackson as an example. A billionaire paid half a billion to have Janet Jackson, because she is Janet Jackson. I seriously doubt Darth Hideous ilk are at Janet Jackson status. Once again, I will sit back and enjoy the tears from these pathetic ass Black mentally bitches.

    Liked by 2 people

  14. I apologize for being rude. I am Damien Welford aka the starter of the anti Black bitch movement. I have been around since the yahoo chat days. I am well known in the dark web. Black cunts have tried to hunt me off line and have me killed since 2002. I have had my hand in motivating Black men to start online movements to destroy the lies Black bitches have told about working class Black men.

    My email is I welcome any brothers to contact me.

    Liked by 2 people

  15. How do you guys feel about getting rid of laws that make it hard for men? Domestic Restraining orders and Child support are unconstitutional. If anyone is down to those laws to the United States Supreme court let me know.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. As I write this, I’m at a chicken shack (chicken shop n $hit, as MBDX once said), and there’s a Becky, who, while a little chunky, is still fine as hell and would not escape the “back beating” if she asked.

    Black women can’t compete with the REJECTED white Women!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Afrofuturism1,

      You’ll notice that black women always use the line about black men only being able to get with fat and ugly white women. Not that this is true but let’s just say that it is for argument sake, what is that saying about black women? Black men preferring to deal with fat and ugly white women over black women is an embarrassment upon themselves, not a diss on black men.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Verbs2015, I have always said that a fat White woman is much more attractive than a fat black woman. Black women simply lose on all levels when compared to any nonblack woman.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. I would think that after 2010, Black women would have wised up and figured out that their foul behavior makes them unattractive.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. JayJay that is what I have been saying black women do not look like they did in the 80s and 90s it’s hard to find attractive black women most are weaved out and look like lesbos. BW are constantly taking Ls it’s funny how people come on here and talk about they don’t care but you made a comment. Once again this site is for free thinking black men not crusty black females and Simp Lords. Lol@Nigganomics 101. Verbs I was on vacation but I’m back bro.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sean,

      Good to have you back bro, the fireworks here have been off the chain, but it is settling down now with a few riff raff stragglers from the angry and bitter black sisterhood commenting here and there, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. The comments here are so on point. The video of this black demon with her white boyfriend is more proof of what we’ve been saying on this website. Black women try to imitate white women in every way physically. But black women are only able to imitate the personality and the attitude and the mannerisms of white women for white men. Black women instantaneously transform into docile, friendly, happy good-natured angels when they are with white men. But black women are somehow on able to display the same personality traits when there with Black men.
    Black women show white men respect that they never would give a black man under any circumstances. And why you may ask? Because black women hate black men, worship white men, and believe they can replace white women as the mates of white men.
    Does any black man in his right mind think that a black woman would go to the lengths this black woman demon is going to in the video to prove just how friendly, happy, funny and easy-going she is, for a black man?
    Black women only seem to know how to act like women for white men. And despite all of these facts, you still have simple Negro men talking about how we need to ‘understand our sisters’ and ‘do better for our sisters’.
    The only thing I want to do for black women is pray that they disappear from the face of the earth and hope to forget that they exist.
    And Verbs2015, that phony valley girl persona that these black women who are with white men put on is utterly laughable because it is so forced and so obviously fake. But black women have no problem putting on their valley girl persona for white men because doing this allows black women to live out their fantasy of becoming a white woman and taking the place of white women.
    Black women are the phoniest, most disingenuous, haters of Blackmen on the planet. But to listen to black women it is Blackmen who are unjustly singling out and ‘bashing’ black women for no reason. Never trust anything that comes out of the mouth of a black woman and never trust a black woman for any reason at any time.
    Avoid black women at all costs. Your life and sanity depends upon it.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. And one more thing, have you ever in your life seen a black woman smile as much as the black woman did in the video with her white boyfriend? A simple minded person might say ‘she’s smiling because she’s happy being with her boyfriend’. But I would say she’s smiling because she is doing everything in her power to imitate and mimic the mannerisms of a white woman. She knows and understands that that black girl attitude just will not work with her white god. So she is going out of her way to smile and laugh and be as pleasant as possible, because she understands that this is how white women are naturally.
    Black women only know how to pretend to be women. And they can only pretend to be women when they are around or with white men. A black woman wouldn’t pretend to act like a woman for a black man if you paid her to do so. Even Blackmen who are financially in a good position do not get the treatment that black women give white men. And the reason that Blackmen never get this type of treatment and never are on the receiving end of smiles happiness and friendly behavior on the part of black women, is because black women have absolutely no respect for Blackmen whatsoever.
    Avoid black women.

    Liked by 2 people

  22. Black women always tell me I have autism or mental retardation. I eventually made an appointment with my primary care provider. He evaluated me and asked me why did I waste my co payment and his time. Since I have a PPO through my employer, I made an appointment with a psychologist. She evaluated me, and told me there was nothing wrong me and who told me I had those issues. I told her that several Black women I took up time with told me that. She asked me what they did for a living. I told her most of them were In home health aides and two of them were LVNs. She signed me up for several sessions. She told me to stop listening to dumb fucks who never went beyond changing bed pans.

    Lesson learned.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Damien Welford,

      You’ll notice that black women as a collective frequently speak on things that they know nothing about, they are always handing down diagnosis on other people yet the overwhelming majority of them aren’t doctors or psychologists.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. Men do not care about your money. We won’t to be fed and fucked. Women are cheap, so no matter how much money they earn, we won’t benefit. You’re only good for sucking dick, getting fucked, cooking, and cum facials.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stephaniegirl,

      It reminds of this article I wrote back in August 2016:

      Not only do we have a situation where black women as a collective are engaging in gutter and degenerate behaviour, we now have a situation where programme producers and various channels are adding fuel to the fire by advertising the garbage. BET fell off a long time ago. Its funny, I couldn’t help but shake my head as I watched the video and noted the presenter wearing a extra long brown weave in conjunction with her eagle claw fake nails. This is exactly what I talked about in my article on the similarities between black women and clowns. What is it with most black women and their pride in being a side piece? See how they don’t even respect and value their own selves, yet they still expect others to, smh.

      Liked by 3 people

      • WOW I swear I had this thought earlier this week Jada Pinkett has a new movie called “girl trip” coming out and judging from the advertisement it’s about a group of black females chasing dicks WTF of course what else would black bitches be interested in and go see . anybody want to bet at least one of them will hook up and fuck a white dude , you can bet the odor of fish goo will be strong in the theatre that weekend . Imagine trying to raise a daughter in this culture

        Liked by 1 person

  24. Hallo. I find this all very amusing. I am black and do not fit into any category that I have seen mentioned here, but at the same time, I figure from the pure hatred, that makes no difference to you. Nevertheless, I’m not the slightest bit offended by any of it. Maybe I’ve got a warped sense of humour, because the only thing I’m thinking is, people need to laugh at themselves more. Those dishing out the insults and those on the receiving end. One day we are all going to die and stand before someone far more powerful than ourselves – either in remorse and regret or in relief. Life is far too short to waste it on bitching about others, even if some of what we are saying is true. The world is a massive place. Go out there and find some people you DO like and write about them. Look for the good in others and if you can’t, start by wiping your mirror and seeing all the dross that needs cleaning from your own heart. It’s so much more rewarding!


    • Beatdepression776,

      You’re claiming to be different yet you’re still wearing a Becky style/European weave/wig on your head, make that make sense, smh. I am ready to stand before the Most High and give an accounting for my life, at the least I can say that I warned other black men concerning the perils and the dangers in dealing with modern day black women. Warning others about clear and present danger does not equate to “bitching”,sorry, that Texas Two Step won’t work over here.


      • You’re so funny! I haven’t yet read what the angry sistas said but it must have been exhilarating for you to see how they fell into your trap. I remember how irate some of them were on the Oprah show when a black guy said he only dated white women. Oh my, they were ready to hang him. Listen bro, I’m not offended by anything you say and your description of me made me chuckle so much, I’ve got tears in my eyes. I’m happy being who I am and I don’t care who comments about my appearance. I get great joy out of pulling people up, not down and I make no apology for being an encourager, even if my nappy hair is stuffed under strands that used to belong to a weirdo or an Indian momma. I imagine you standing in a safari with fresh meat in your hands, luring the lions to come and attack because you have a large rifle hidden in your pocket. I bet you really riled those sistas and I bet they are real mad at you. What a laugh that must have been for you when you realised they rose to the bait. No hard feelings – I wish you peace.


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