Woe Is Me – The Victimhood Kansas City Shuffle


Gentlemen, please be aware of mentally damaged black women running around like headless chickens on the internet claiming that they are the helpless victims of endless online persecution at the hands of black men. Understand that black women in their efforts to defend themselves from the truth about their unsavoury mannerisms which are now being brought to light are still attempting to prop themselves up as victims as per the edicts and the tenets of feminism.

The major uphill battle black women are facing at this point is convincing the world that they still deserve to be viewed as victims as folks from left to right are beginning to grow tired of the black woman’s pleas for victimhood acceptance even though she presents herself through various forms on social media as a vindictive, violent, non cooperative, uncouth, sex crazed, rebellious, immoral, decadent savage.

Persecution to most black women is simply being questioned and confronted with the truth on their low brow, sub-standard behaviour. As far as the spastic black female is concerned, nobody is permitted to question her on anything because in her own eyes she can do no wrong. That right there is an obvious sign of mental illness and mental insanity, what right does the black woman have to be exempt from scrutiny and examination? Ask a black woman that question one day whenever the opportunity arises.

The fact of the matter is this has nothing to do with black women being harassed, bullied and persecuted online, this has everything to do with black men finally mustering up the courage to question black women on the irreparable damage they have brought upon black men and black society through their continued irresponsible and reckless activities and in typical feminist fashion the response from black women has been to shout from the rooftops “woe is me, help, I’m being attacked, save me I’m a victim, these black men are bullying and harassing me” etc, etc, etc.


Black women have a major problem because through the internet we black men are now able to get our side of the story out to a much larger audience. As I have explained before and wrote in my book Negro Wars black women had no issues when there was no internet available and they were free to run to the media arm of their white father and use it liberally(pun intended) to denigrate, damage and graffiti the image and the reputation of black men.

Black women are the type of individuals who enjoy attacking black men as long as we are defenceless ie we don’t have the means to respond, this was indeed the case until recently. Now that black men finally have a medium through which they can air their grievances and concerns black women are running to and fro crying their eyes out citing urban legends, myths and fairy tales of unfair treatment, bullying, harassment and inequality.

Black women don’t ever deal with the truth, they wallow in lies and falsehoods 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, this is one of the main reasons why they are so afraid of Negro Wars and are running scared whenever the book is mentioned. As I stated before their dying hope is that Negro Wars won’t gather traction and thus black women won’t be faced with the embarrassment of not being able to deal with a thorough examination of themselves as a collective.

Not one black women thus far has been able to challenge me on the contents of Negro Wars, they can’t because they know it’s all true so instead they are opting to ignore the book and any mention of it hoping that it will go away(which is not the case, more black men are finding out about the book and making the necessary purchases in order to free their minds). That is not going to happen, Negro Wars is here to stay and there is nothing that black women and their simp mangina advocates can do about it. I receive messages from black men everyday thanking me for having the courage to write such a masterpiece(these are their words not mine), it is my pleasure to help thinking black men.

All black women have left are insults, shaming tactics, personal attacks, old wives tales, urban legends and myths. You have to laugh at black women whenever you place cold, hard facts on the table in front of them and you immediately observe them becoming uncomfortable, fidgeting around and looking uneasy with themselves. I will continue to bring the truth to the table concerning black women and all things related. Unlike many black men I am not afraid of black women.

This is yet another reason why black women’s cries for help shouldn’t be taken seriously, most black men still love, worship and praise black women, it is only a very small minority of black men including myself who are on the opposite side of the fence calling black women out on their ongoing skullduggery.

Black men, for your own safety, security and sanity you need to stop dealing with these mentally deranged and morally corrupt individuals called black women, they mean you harm(the evidence concerning this on my site alone is a slam dunk), they do not have your best interests at heart and they will back stab and shaft you whenever the opportunity presents itself, you can take that to the bank. Walk away black men, simply walk away. #SYSBM.



Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

36 thoughts on “Woe Is Me – The Victimhood Kansas City Shuffle

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  2. Just look at the video someone posted the other day about a black chick feeling victimized for being “forced” to play with the black doll.

    Black Women are the ultimate victimizers, but won’t you to think that they’re the ultimate victims.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Victimhood to black women is a trade, as per the edicts of feminism the victimhood status must be held onto at all costs. You’ll notice that whenever their feet are held to the fire black women will immediately attempt to invoke that victimhood spirit. They won’t get a victimhood card over here, this is why they typically don’t visit this site except when an article goes viral.

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    • The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.


      • Educated Black Women,

        Black women being the most unprotected people in the US is not true as black women belong to the state and things have been that way for the past 50 years. If you have any needs then you ought to be looking towards government to meet those requirements.

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  3. This priceless, I love theses black lizards sqirm. The word is out and the Daily evidence is overwhelming. Black females are the #1 reason why the so called black community is the pile of smoldering shit it is today..GREAT JOB ON YOUR MASTERPIECE “NEGRO WARS”, I’VE FINISHED IT AND I’VE EVEN HIGHLIGHTED CERTAIN PASSAGES.

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      • Same for me, the chapter “Black Women and Children” hit home pretty hard. It shed light on certain things about my childhood that never made sense, until now.

        For a book to tell you your experience was common and it wasn’t your fault is upsetting, yet truly liberating. Now I’ll be Goddamned if I’m going to repeat the same shit, which that means saving not just myself but my potential future children.

        #SYSBM all day, evert day – until the motherfucking wheels fall off.

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      • Michel,

        This is the point, black women are so mentally damaged they feel their destructive behaviour is normal. A lot of black men know that I am speaking the truth, however most are afraid to speak up and speak out for fear of reprisals from the angry and bitter black sisterhood. Black women really don’t want black men to be free, they want us to remain as prisoners on the plantation they are managing for their white father. Much appreciated for the support bro.

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      • I think these issues is specifically related to Black American ladies per se because black ladies attitude in America is f**ked up by and large and is a gulf apart from their Black African cousins . Black African ladies have stayed ground and cultured to a great extent because of culture and traditions however with the rise of the Internet some Black African ladies too are now beginning to pick up the “out of control disease” of the black American ladies.

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      • BLACK WOMEN are leading in education and in the workforce but I see you a hater so I know you not going to Wright an article about that FYI- your website trash just like your mentality


      • Educated Black Woman,

        Your so called education is not reflecting positively upon black society, you black women own degrees up to the eyeballs yet the black communities you run are still in the gutter and progressive becoming worse.

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  4. Making them look bad…….
    Not my fault that you embarrass yourself for the world to see, all the while shooting ghetto gaggers videos and draping the wall of its cnnfederate flags.

    Black Women are the ultimate coons.

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  5. Good article and this is a subject that I’m been familiar with for almost a year now outside of this topic but it can be use to describe on what’s going on here. Black women in this ilk engaged first by trashing good black men and when a decent black man/men tries to put a stop to the negative opinions that’s being said about them then you’ll see black women crying foul and calling themselves the victims. Verbs, I know this tactic way too well like I know the back of my feet. When the stereotypical black woman/women instigates, trying to get a rise out of black men to react. By these men reacting, they are giving the bitter sisterhood sistas’ power to retaliate against them and also the way the bitter sisterhood controls the narrative and communication, these ill-minded black women will try to convince the public based on how these women tell the story about being verbally “bashed” by the male opposition for no reason and black men started it, leaving out the fact that the bitter black women were the ones that provoked it from the beginning. Very device method indeed. #SYSBM.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Bro, these black women stay using trick after trick in order to be able to invoke the spirit of victimhood whenever required. The problem is nobody is looking at black women as victims anymore, folks today more view the majority of black females as a pestilence and a nuisance that needs to be eradicated.

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    • Daniel I can relate to all you said about these Internet warrior black American ladies lol hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. They are too blind to see why a lot of men give them a wide berth because of their leprous attitude.


  6. On the stats section of my WordPress, it’s showing me the key words and phrases that led people to certain articles on my blog. The top phrase of the day is “black women are being replaced”. Let that speak for itself.

    To echo some of the sentiments stated above, I remember when I first found this site. It was literally me just saying “yaaaaassss”, as the black chicks do, for hours on end lol. It really was liberating to find like minded folk who saw the bitter sisterhood for what it is.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Lol, through the reposting of my articles on your site I’m getting quite a few referrals aswell. The White Women Speaks Out And Puts Black Women On Blast For Their Dysfunctional Behaviour article is going nuclear at the moment, bigger than the Section 8 one. Many members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood are making their feelings know on that post as we speak. I’m already up to 88000 views just from today alone, mostly coming from Facebook.

      It’s nice to run into like minded individuals instead of having to deal with scumbags all the time. The key objective now is to keep exposing them so that more black men can be rescued from the black woman’s clutches. Always good to have you on board bro.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Normally I get around 1500 views per day on average. For some reason that post has gone viral through Facebook. It got some traction when I first wrote it, however this is off the chain. Google changed their algorithms a while back, they can detect whether you are posting original content as opposed to reposting content. It’s been like that for quite some time. The more original articles you post the higher your ranking in the search engines. Being linked to Facebook and Twitter helps aswell.

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  7. According to Mad Bus Driver, the black woman was replaced about 30 years ago. The supposed black women in the fashion magazines are actually the offspring of black men and non-black women.

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    • Funny you’d mention that. Walked by and saw the outdoor ads for Cato and a clothing store named Express. One featured a very light skinned black woman, and the other featured a “black woman” that would’ve passed as white if not for her hair.

      As far I’m concerned, if black Woman who were my shade and darker went extinct, I don’t really think too many people would miss em. Who the hell would seriously miss THEM? I wouldn’t.


  8. And what is this website, if not a constant assault on the image of the black woman ?
    You guys have clearly been traumatized by a few unfit black women. I know black women who could make you wanna delete every copy of that “Negro Wars” book in existence.


    • Richard,

      Stop simping bruh, exceptional black women don’t take away from the fact that most black women today are scum. Deal with the points mentioned, stop attempting to psychoanalyse me because you’re not a psychologist. You still trying to defend degenerates like this:

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    • Apologies for tainting the perfect image of Black woman that you had in your mind with the truth, bruh.

      Black woman is God. God needs designer bags and weave apparently…

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  9. The black family and black community at large was stronger prior to the civil rights movement. This rush to integrate with genetic lessors coupled with the welfare system which ripped black out of the home while crippling his ability to get good jobs and training, is the single greatest crime committed against black people in America next to slavery.


    • The treachery of black women replacing the black men in the household with state welfare is a crime against the Black race. A crime that black women will pay for as they are being replaced wholesale by “genetic lessors”.


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  10. here is a classic example

    on the hapa reddit here is the exchange between me and black woman who came in to attack black men Sukinaa the race baiting hypocrite repeatedly claim i am bashing black women while she bashes black men all the time

    in another thread in the same hapa reddit another black man exposed her as a lying whining hypocrite

    she even attacked a white women when she was attacked for many people for hating here dating an asian man she even call the white woman a racist without evidence

    later she even claim that black women fight for me when her posting history shoes she is on reddit to attacking black men.

    in the black woman called asian men thread she finally gave up saying she won’t respond to me any more . she can’t handle a black man like myself who won’t fall her victimology nonsense

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    • I am so glad these idiots are being bred out of existence and replaced as we speak. I’m so sick of them, such an insecure and pathetic group. Let them go the way of the dodo and we won’t have the problem anymore.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Precisely, the fact that black women point blank refuse to listen to the concerns of black men only amplifies the need to seek love and companionship elsewhere.

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  11. As usual whenever confronted with the truth black women claim they are being attacked, bashed, or unjustly singled out for attack by black men. As if we was thinking Blackmen are simply ‘attacking’ black women for for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
    Black women are so dishonest with themselves and the world, that they simply cannot admit or acknowledge anything they do wrong at any time. But as Verbs2015 stated, black women have had 40+ years to publicly bash Blackmen, without the behavior of black women ever being called into question.
    Now that the Internet exists, Blackmen are able to provide counter arguments to the claims of black women, and actually prove that it is not Blackmen who are the cause of most of the problems in the black community, it is actually black women who are at fault in the main courses of the majority of problems we see amongst black people.
    Black women have been able to get away with their nonsense for so long, and never be confronted or questioned about it, the fragile ego of the black woman is shattered when they actually see men who are MEN enough to actually speak the truth about the atrocious behavior of black women.
    If you have an infestation of termites destroying your house, and you ‘expose’ the termites, are you ‘bashing’ the termites, or are you trying to expose the problem in order to solve the problem.
    But once again black women have been walking all over Blackmen for so long, without challenge, that black women probably actually believed that this would go on forever. But the ‘game’ of the black woman is coming to a quick end, and black women know it. So black women are doing everything they can to attempt to silence the message, and kill the messengers ( thinking Blackmen), but it will never work.
    What we are saying on this website is the absolute truth. And the truth can never be silenced.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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