Coen Naninck, The Return – Part 3

Continuing on from part 2:

Now, on to the final two matters, donations and motivations.

I understand the reasoning you and many people have regarding asking for donations for the work that I – and others who do similar work as me – do. For me it is kind of a chicken and the egg story, which came first? In my case, I started making videos on November 8, 2012. Even though the topic was different (fat women as opposed to black women specifically (although I did also talk about fat black women)) my motives for doing so weren’t very different. YouTube had barely put in place their monetization system and it wasn’t until six weeks into my newly started channel that I was prompted to become a ‘YouTube Partner’ (i.e. enable monetization on my videos). I clicked this blue ribbon bar away a number of times (i.e. canceled it) because at the time I was opposed to the idea of making money on my videos and in the bigger picture the entire project (including its website which I launched in May of 2010). Because the amount of time that I spent on answering comments and emails from people increased, and thereby the time for making more videos (to avoid repetition of answering the same questions over and over as opposed to simply referring to a video) also increased, I realized this wasn’t sustainable. It wasn’t sustainable for the fact that I had a full-time job that demanded a set amount of hours per week from me, as well as the mental clarity necessary to perform my duties. At the time I communicated this to my audience and it was suggested and later proposed that I opened a donation page to remunerate my time which I could then offset from my day job. I was still getting the YouTube Partner notifications and canceling them.

Fast-forward a few months. I had a talk with a good Nigerian friend. He owns a magazine about fat women and has organized parties for them and their admirers. I explained the situation to him regarding what I wrote above. He then suggested that if I did accepted the YouTube Partner program invitation and thus started making money from my videos that I would be able to spend less time on the day job and more time on advancing my YouTube channel, its website, and the project as a whole. It made sense, but I argued I wasn’t in it for the money. He in turn said that in order for anyone, anyone at all, to advance any sort of mission, they need financial backing, even non-profits. After that phone call I enabled monetization on my videos and the rest is – as they say – history; I adopted his view and became a non-profit, which has continued to this day… or well, not actually really, as I find myself still investing more hours than I can afford, or, in other words, when all is said and done I make far less than the minimum wage (with the videos alone anyway) in either my country or the US for that matter (I believe my country’s minimum wage is higher, but regardless it’s lower in either case).

As for my channel about black and mixed race women, monetization was enabled on my channel long before I had any videos about said topic on there (I used the channel for other types of videos before I turned it into a black and mixed race women-only channel), so in light of what my friend suggested for my Curvy Shrine channel I applied the same principle there. At present I still work part-time on other things but most of my time is invested in my videos.

That’s as far as the donations matter goes and the argument whether or not I (as per your words) “cash in” on black women (or fat women for that matter). You’re a smart man, I just don’t know if you’re a honest one and can discern fact from fiction.

As I stated before, I don’t have a problem with Naninck making money from black women, since they have already proven themselves to be numbskulls with their finances and since they tend to throw their money at anybody who whispers sweet nothings in their ears, then so be it. I still believe that money is a big motivation in his mission. He talked about how his channels were monetised a long time before he decided to make videos on black and mixed race women, Ok, so you were making a little money before, now you stand to gain a whole lot more. Again, I don’t have any issues with him collecting money from black females, however I am simply demonstrating to Naninck that not everybody buys into things through emotion, some of us use critical thinking skills in determining the true motives of certain individuals.

Now for the matter of my motives for my channel. They aren’t very dissimilar from those of my Curvy Shrine channel; it’s Mission statement says:

“For women regardless of their size, weight, or body shape, to feel beautiful and attractive, to be treated equally in and by society, and to restore the concept of and belief in natural beauty and attraction.”

I aim to do the same for black women, with the only addition that I want to dispel the media’s (and in turn large swaths of society’s) view that black women are substandard. You yourself are still attracted to black women who have not adopted the lifestyles of the black women you oppose, are you not? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, those women are also targeted by the media and society, surely that must concern you as well; or perhaps not. Well, I also include those women in my ‘motives’ and the other group you oppose as well; I don’t distinguish between them as you do.

Exactly where would Naninck start? If he talks about black women and their hair this immediately falls on dead ground due to the fact that most of them hate their own hair, hence why they are always covering it with somebody else’s. If he talks about black women and their skin that would also fall onto dead ground due to the fact that black women are now bleaching their skin in their attempts to climb the mountain of whiteness. He cannot talk about their good behaviour because as a collective black women behave very badly. For every well-behaved, feminine black female there are hundreds of violent masculine brutes in place to outshine her.

He can’t talk about black women having a nurturing nature because black women typically treat the children they decide to have like trash, the other they kill off in the womb at just under 2000 per month. He cannot claim that black women are good-looking because let’s face it, most black women today look extremely masculine, I see many examples walking my local streets each and everyday. At the end of the day you cannot dispel the truth, most black women are not worthy to be uplifted.

As I have always stated, I do not have any problems with functional, feminine black women who know their functions as a woman, however black women who fit this demographic are very few and far between, in fact they are fast reaching the point of becoming non-existent altogether.

In a nutshell my aim is to lift women up, regardless of their race, color, creed, background, etc. which I do on both channels. I’ve created hundreds of videos on Curvy Shrine and for sake of not repeating myself (which I have mentioned in recent videos on that channel) I shifted my focus to my other channel about black and mixed race women.

A focus that can bring in much revenue, again we get it and we don’t have any problems with the program Naninck has implemented. However for the man to question my honesty while at the same time refusing to check black women on the same behaviour that has been destroying them for the past 50 years is a very tall order. From somebody who claims to love black women Naninck seems extremely reluctant to steer black women away from the very habits that are causing folks to walk away from them. If a person is not corrected when they do something wrong, they will most likely make the same mistake again. This is basic knowledge 101 and something Naninck ought to consider if he expects to be taken seriously.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset)

Most High Bless

14 thoughts on “Coen Naninck, The Return – Part 3

  1. In Naninck statement he stated, “In a nutshell my aim is to lift women up, regardless of their race, color, creed, background, etc”. Yeah, lift them out of their garments for some you know who. His focus is to help himself to help black women (the bottom barrel ones) because he can’t get the top-tier black one, one of his own or any other race that can see through his fog. It’s p*ssy pandering.

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    • Indeed. All men who pander to low branch women (fat women, ugly women, black Women, midgets lol, etc.) are doing it for one of two things: money, ass, or both.

      I’d say it’s more of the former with him, as I doubt he has access to too many hood hoes.

      Conversely, going off of what Verbs said about him defending their appearance, seriously, what is there to defend? Are they typically skinny? Ehh wrong. Typically have long luxurious hair (of their own) just like other women? Wrong. Typically Take care of their skin? Wrong. Typically Have soft, feminine facial features and build? Hahahahaha hell no.

      Speaking of skin, have you noticed that for as much as dark skinned chicks complain that they’re unwanted because of their skin, they take really poor care of said skin, with it many times looking scabby and craterous.

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    • Simping for low quality pussy whilst on the continent of Europe, with ALL them blonde Dutch girls and ALL them brunette German girls to pick from?

      Never mind a Heidi or a Karolina, it’s Quorneesha he’s dreaming of…

      He must be nuttier than squirrel shit.

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  3. “In a nutshell my aim is to lift women up, regardless of their race, color, creed, background, etc. which I do on both channels. I’ve created hundreds of videos on Curvy Shrine and for sake of not repeating myself (which I have mentioned in recent videos on that channel) I shifted my focus to my other channel about black and mixed race women.”

    And how does that work out? lol Look how now everyone gets a trophy. There are no winners anymore. I hate to break it to you, you can’t really uplift people. To be a better person in whatever area one must raise their standards. As Tony Robbins has stated you can’t pretend there’s no weeds in your garden. You must pull them out”. Also Toy Robbins teaches you have to accurate about the situation.

    Why do you need to uplift women only? Boys are doing badly in school. Black men being bashed by black women since the 80’s. I’m not asking to uplift men but it seems you are sexists. These obese women prefer a fit man.

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    • Uplifting fat women….a hernia in the making!

      Once again, he wants to erase the stain of the bad media image given to black Women who choose that image, but not the black men who are raised to have that image.

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