Coen Naninck, The Return – Part 1

Here is the last email that I received from the simp/pimp Coen Naninck, I’m going to break his response up into 3-4 parts possibly more because the email he sent me is quite lengthy plus I wish to address his responses. As you can see he was insistent that I share this information so indeed I will. His comments will be highlighted in green and my responses will be highlighted in red. The comments in bold are the points I raised before that he is now responding to. Enjoy:


Please find below the information you requested. As before, you have my permission to share this email with your audience. I do hope you post it in full. It’d be interesting to see how you and your audience dilute the context of my message once again, you guys seem pretty good at that. However, I shall proceed, answer your question and thus give you my motives for doing what I do, and then you can make up your own mind. Whatever you conclude, I’m sure it will be another interesting read…

First I’d like to comment on a few things in one of your most recent replies to me.

“Shortfalls include black women’s extreme propensity towards violence”

I’ve seen the videos where black women seem violent. I’ve also seen videos where black men and videos where either gender from any race (including white people) exhibit similar behavior. What is your point? You’re focusing on one group of people so as to corroborate your point yet ignore highlighting or even mentioning the others.

Seem violent?? So now Coen Naninck is possibly suggesting that the violence that we black men witness and many have experienced from black women is just a matter of personal perception. Isn’t this the same type of argument black women use when you point to their many shortcomings as a collective, “that is just your personal experience”? He talked earlier about myself and the commenters here at Slaying Evil “diluting the context of his message”. Well, isn’t he attempting to dilute the reality concerning the violent nature of the modern day black female?

Here we go again with another typical black female tactic of introducing other individuals into a conversation who have nothing to do with it. I am not dealing with the violent aspects of other races, I am dealing with the race of people who are closest to me as they are the once who are afflicting black men through their violence first. This “what about those people over there” deflection I would expect to come from the mouth of a school child, not a grown man.

“their high abortion figures”

And why do you think that is? Has it occurred to you that when men get them pregnant it’s because they refuse to wear protection (or point the finger at her and say “She poked holes in my condom!” (as one member of MGTOW once told me))? And since the man doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions (actually his lack thereof) and she can’t support a baby on her own, then yes, she is forced to have an abortion. Don’t get me wrong, I am as much against abortion as you are, but it’s not you who has to raise that child. And we both know what happens to those babies when they go to foster homes (or do you?).

Again, thinking in typical woman fashion it is convenient for Naninck to begin from the “men should wear protection” position, yet refuses to hold these women accountable for opening their legs to men who are not fatherhood material to begin with. The sexual process begins with the woman, she chooses whether to allow a man to enter her or not. If black women had standards then they wouldn’t be continuously opening their legs to the bums and the dregs of black male society.

Additionally, it is well-known within black society that black women use abortion as a form of contraception, being the bloodthirsty savages that they are they would much prefer to kill the child in the womb rather than take relevant preventative measures in order to ensure a child is not conceived to begin with. Also, notice how Naninck attempts to negate the trickery many women(especially black women) engage in, in order to have children so that they can jump on the government payroll. This is the problem right here, simps who make excuses for women and give them a pass at every turn, this is how dysfunctional women have been able to continue in their degeneracy for so long, simps like Naninck have enabled them.

This is why most simps remain single, they lack the testicular fortitude to confront and reprimand women on their transgressions in order to build better characters in them. Any woman that gets with Naninck I predict is simply going to walk all over him and will most probably being seeing somebody else behind his back. The female nature when left unchecked can be an extremely volatile one, hence why women must immediately be brought into line whenever they go astray.

What Naninck also fails to realise is that the women within black society committing the most abortions are the corporate, professional, college/university educated, I’ve got 10 degrees black women, the supposed “upstanding members” of the black female community. They have the money and the resources to look after the child, however instead they choose to assassinate. Again, where is his scrutiny and examination relating to black women exercising precaution to begin with, nowhere to be found.

“their subscription to feminism and single motherhood”

Their subscription to feminism is rooted in a desire to be indepent, to say “To hell with submission to the man!” (from whichever race), and to be free thinkers with a right to their own destiny. Many men don’t like that, because they feel a woman should submit and the man should lead. In stable relationships there isn’t a necessity for submission, only equality. One important reason why there is feminism is because women are fed up with controlling men whose main motto is “My way or the highway.”.

As for single mothers, the disgruntled black men that I spoke of to you, you claim to be raised by single mothers right? Why do you think they are single? Could it be because their men leave them en masse. Now you can say they leave them because of the behavior of their women. It’s really a question of the chicken or the egg isn’t it, which came (or happened) first? Or perhaps those black men have too much love for one woman? Isn’t it interesting how it is that those same black men always accuse white men of being only interested in one thing (that being sleeping with them)? Interesting indeed.

“From whatever race”?? Here he goes again introducing other races where they are not part of the conversation. I remember when I was in school and I got in trouble, whenever I tried the “what about him/her over there” argument, I was immediately shut down by the teacher and told that they would be dealing with that person later, but that they were dealing with me and my actions at the current time. In other words I was held accountable ALONE.

Nowadays most people in the world are childish, they cannot take responsibility for their own actions, hence why you will always hear them attempting to introduce others in order to either shift the blame completely(which is what Naninck is attempting to do) or to distribute accountability in the direction of other individuals or groups in order to dispel the heat from themselves(another tactic Naninck is trying to use).

Being a feminist is not being a free-thinker, a free-thinker follows nobody and forges their own path in life, how can this guy refer to women who subscribe to a government and NGO funded movement with various doctrines already in place as free thinkers? No, women who subscribe to feminism are sheep, they are followers. Of course men should lead, it not surprising that divorce rates are the highest in countries where feminism has been given a free rein, feminism is a failed experiment however male feminists like Naninck don’t seem to have gotten the memo or yet still they refuse to read the writing on the wall.

Do you see how these male feminists in the same manner as their female counterparts attempt to negate gender roles and functions? Again I cite non westernised countries adhering to traditional values as my proof that rank and file is of the utmost importance in order to ensure a relationship will last. Men and women are not equal to begin with(in terms of roles/functions, not in terms of worth) so I don’t understand how there can be equality in a relationship.

A woman has a womb, a man does not, no equality. A man on average is much stronger than a woman, no equality again. A man has a penis, a woman doesn’t, no equality yet again. Women tend to make decisions based upon emotions, men in general make decisions based upon logic, common sense, reason, intelligence etc, no equality once again. How can Naninck talk about being equal in a relationship when you will never start on an equal footing to begin with? How many of you are willing to bet that Naninck is still single? If is so the case you can now see the obvious reasons why.

If there is no submission then there is no stable relationship, what you have is a woman who is equal to an unruly child. Believe it or not most women like men being in control and putting them straight, they hate simps like Naninck who refuse to assert their authority and put the foot down whenever required. In relation to black single mothers, the overriding majority of them are single because they deliberately choose the wrong types of men to procreate with ie black men who aren’t built for long-term relationships or fatherhood.

That is how most black women operate, they choose the superficial over what is best for the future. We are already aware of what “came first”, black women made the decision that feminism and fatherless home welfare policies would suit them better than a man being in the home, this is the philosophy that most black women have stuck with ever since and now they are reaping the whirlwind as a result. Again, if you pick a bum to sleep with, don’t expect a miracle of change down the pike.

Stay tuned for part two and please excuse the length of this post.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset)

Most High Bless

20 thoughts on “Coen Naninck, The Return – Part 1

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  2. These white cucks are JUST like black women. “Other women do it too!”

    See how they discount the crap that black men go through, the violence in the neighborhoods? These idiots make feminists AND mgtow cucks KNOW that white/Asian/Indian/Martian/kryptonian women aren’t as violent, and that they aren’t running around hostage in their own neighborhoods in fear of them.

    This dude is trying to get extra bucks by taking down black women’s biggest critic. Sad!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Because black women don’t give white men the same aggravation as they do black men, white men don’t tend to take us seriously whenever we tell them just how evil and wicked black women really are. You’re right, Naninck is simply fattening his pockets, therefore it profits him to deliberately ignore information that doesn’t look favourable to black women.

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  3. I know that guy! I seen his video a couple years ago about him loving black women (which I don’t care) he has other videos saying how much he loves BBW women. It seems telling people what they want to hear pays off big, and most are not even genuine. It seems a lot of black women haven’t learned from those “pimping” christian preachers who tells them things to make them “feel good” instead of the truth. If he loves black women, then more power to him.

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  4. I wonder what Coen’s new fans would think if they knew that one of his fantasies was to go to a black neighborhood and pay the men to sexually abuse him because he felt he needed to be “punished” ? (He actually said this in one of his old videos)

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  5. It seems as nothing on this website promotes or uplift black women; or suggest solutions to the many complex of how black women act,etc. I challenge you to do


  6. Wow bro sounds like a white racist boy. Smh. So much hate. Trash bro. Get your head and your heart right.


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