Coen Naninck, The Return – Final, Part 4 – A Challenge To Slaying Evil And Its Commenters.

The Last Part:

While I disagree of course that my motives are (as you stated) “nefarious”, I do see – given the context of the articles on your website – how you may have come to that conclusion. When I started these videos about black and mixed race women I did what I always do – praise women. I simply do not believe that tearing women down for supposed wrongdoing is the answer to any problems. Men should support their women. Men (along with women) are BORN out of women, yet if we are to engage in a war against them we are disrespecting the womb whence we came. Now you may see my motives as “cashing in” on black women or perhaps as something else, you are of course free to think, interpret, and assess my reasoning in any way, shape, or form that you like, I leave it up to you to conclude whatever you must, but these are my motives. You have been very courteous in answering my questions and since you seem adamant on your views it would be unfair if I didn’t allow you the same courtesy in return on your request for this information, which I have now provided by email. I didn’t post this information in the comments section on your article when I first read it because of the reason I outline at the end of this response.

Concluding this, to address your comment that I do not respond in the comments section on your website and that if I would that I supposedly know I would receive a “thorough grilling” I can say this: I don’t have an issue with addressing any matters that you or your audience have. What do I have an issue with is the format (or medium) that you discuss it in. I would be more than happy to host a live streaming wherein you and your followers debate said matters with me on video with audio, but I know this won’t happen because you and your followers prefer to hide behind the anonymity of made-up names and profiles without photos revealing your indentity. You and your followers are what I colloquially refer to as ‘hiding behind the pencil’, a preferred method of trolling individuals so as to avoid identity recognition, under the guise of ‘privacy concerns’ and ‘identity theft’.

This represents a larger problem in that most of you who occupy yourselves with this fruitless quest can never back up your rhetoric with actual identities, therefore your arguments are both in common and legal sense null and void. I won’t enter into a public discussion where the parties are covered by anonymity, because for the educated individual that means nothing, just names and words on a screen, as opposed to moving images with sound and attached identities. And for that reason I will not post in your comments section because I won’t deal with a group of people who hide behind ‘privacy’ and other cowardice excuses as a cop-out to avoid embarrassment while having no problem to slander others from anonymity. I already get that on the daily in the comments section on my videos. What makes you think anything that you or your followers say has any merit when you are afraid to reveal your identity?

Because that’s what it is, you’re afraid of your face (and faces) being shown in public, and you’re also afraid of being put on the spot. I challenge you and your audience to talk to me live! But we both know you won’t do it, for said reasons AND because you’d be out of your comfort zone, far and away from the safe and edited keystrokes that have provided a safe haven for you and your followers up until now (and as per my prediction forever more). That’s also why on your YouTube channel you only post videos from and about other people, never revealing your face, nor on your website, nor on or in your book, or anywhere else for that matter. What are you going to do when I pose you a question you that you need to think about for an hour first and subsequently edit five times, meticulously wording your retort like you might do with your website articles or your response to me via email, while I give you answers to your and your audience’s questions in real-time? To be frank with you, while I respect your courtesy and certainly can appreciate your intelligence and candor in our past conversations, it is my opinion that your followers – and you in particular – are a cowardice lot, demonizing the very women representing one of several races of progenitors of life on this planet, too afraid to show yourselves; you want to play ball or play with your keyboard?

Let me know if you’re man enough to face me live Mr Umanah and I’ll give you my word that I shall redefine the term ‘grilling’ for you single-handedly. 😉

With compliments,
Coen Naninck

You’ll notice that he pulled the old pro black rhetoric about not disrespecting the womb where we came from. As I have stated before not all women are to be praised and uplifted, only a fool would blindly allocate accolades to women across the board. Would you uplift women like this?

I certainly wouldn’t. Men are only to support those women who are worthy of support. The last section of his email is the main part that I wanted to deal with. Naninck seems to believe that if somebody is responding to him but he cannot see what they look like then somehow their response is invalid. At the end of the day it is Naninck who is the individual on trial here, not Verbs2015, Afrofuturism1, Bill Smith, Sigma Jones, Mike TO, Frilla77, Michel, FLCLimaxxx, Daniel BrotherDan Ward, Whtgrlsrawsome and the rest of the good fellows who frequent the website and leave their comments. How a person chooses to present themselves on the internet is entirely up to them, there is no universal law or statute that requires a person to take the same approach as Naninck, in fact many black male YouTubers because of the controversial topics they discuss rightfully remain anonymous for the protection of themselves and their family members.

Naninck doesn’t seem to understand that within black society one is not allowed to hold to a different opinion than the group and that those who do decide to break away from the collective mindset are treated very harshly. When you phone up the customer service department in any business, at the end of the conversation do you turn around to the representative and say that the information they gave you is not valid because you couldn’t see their face?

This is a ridiculous argument on its face, this is more based around Naninck’s curiosity and nosey nature to want to place faces to names and is exactly how black women operate. What does a person’s face have to do with the truth and the facts? If somebody is speaking the truth but wishes not to have their image on the internet this doesn’t make the truth they speak any less valid. Truth is truth no matter what the source, the same goes for facts, a faceless source doesn’t change them either.

Naninck’s accusation of trolling is utterly ridiculous, I have never visited the comment section of any of his videos, I was only supposed to write one article about him, however when he responded I decided to do another. Trolls troll, they don’t lay out the facts and make valid points, they simply pester, irritate and make ignorant comments devoid of any substance. His claims of identity have nothing to do with anything at all, he is simply wanting to be nosey. Again, as I stated before many black folks have valid reasons for wanting to keep them identity private, especially those who talk about the shortfalls of black women. I don’t have a problem with people seeing my face, however the time of that moment will not be dictated by other people.

Again, the talk about our responses being null and void because he cannot see our faces is complete garbage, something that has been fabricated in his own mind, a classic straw man argument. Then he went on to talk about how we are cowards and we hide ourselves to avoid embarrassment, embarrassment of what exactly? Isn’t this the man who has written such a long essay in his attempts to convince us that he isn’t a fraud, yet he did this without seeing my face right? This right here goes to show you the identity issue he has raised is simply a straw man argument, as I stated before Naninck is not the authority on how people are to present themselves on the internet, people have the right to choose the method of presentation they feel most comfortable with.

My identity has nothing to do with anything, it is the information that I am bringing to the table which is supposed to be the focus of the discussion, not what somebody looks like, this is childish behaviour. I’m not afraid to be put on the spot at all, it is simply the case that I have moved on from this subject. The only reason why I am posting this long email now is because he wanted me to in order for you guys to see it. As for a live audience, maybe later on down the road, however now I am dealing with other things.

I have no idea what Naninck is talking about in relation to us being afraid to come out of our comfort zones, in reality what Naninck is attempting to do here is provoke us into taking action according to HIS parameters, however as I stated before, he is the one who is on trial not us, he cannot perform the position of judge and criminal at the same time. He doesn’t get to dictate the rules and the regulations surrounding my critique of his movement. Do you see how he is shifting the focus from the information presented to showing one’s face? Again, in the same manner that he introduced other races into the mix when dealing with black women and their violent tendencies, here he is doing the same thing once again under the guise of “proving who we are” via imagery.

You’ll notice that there are quite a few black female YouTubers who make videos without showing their faces, yet he won’t go in on them and call them cowards because they are “mother earth, queens and gods”. As for me not being able to answer questions on the spot, I just finished a 3 hours radio interview with the Obsidian Radio Network yesterday(Wednesday 17th May 2017), I will assure Naninck that I am just as sharp on my feet being questioned in real-time as I am on the blog, don’t be fooled simp, don’t be fooled.

At the end of the day I wrote the article on Naninck, not the reverse. There is nothing he can “ask me on the spot” pertaining the black women that I cannot answer immediately, again I simply ignore this empty jab as it is another attempt trying to provoking a response under his rules. This is the dishonesty of Coen Naninck on display once again. As far as I am concerned I had already moved on from the second article I wrote about him, this will be the last time I will write an article about him unless of course he does something else to embarrass himself once again.

Coen Naninck is simply disgruntled at the fact that somebody has called him out on his simp to pimp operation, oh well that’s life.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

43 thoughts on “Coen Naninck, The Return – Final, Part 4 – A Challenge To Slaying Evil And Its Commenters.

  1. Reminds me of the Mad Bus Driver’s trolls constant pleas of “Show your face, nigga!” Doesn’t change the message.

    And if he thinks I’ll show my face to suit his ass, he can fuck off.

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  2. My Lord, this response by Naninck went from wow to wowzers, from a calm Bruce Banner to the angry Hulk. He must been indoctrined by the stereotypical black woman’s culture and watched numerous online videos produced by these degenerate black women dogging out all black men based on what the low-tier black men did to them. Mr. Naninck, out of respect, ha, like you deserve any, I decline your live stream invitation for the debate. You’re not worth it.

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      • The flip side: “black men are kings”, by default, is also debunked. It is in my opinion. Black men have never been kings, princes or anything but trash.


      • Gina Gregson,

        Yet here you are attempting to engage in conversation with so called “trash”. You modern day black females are nothing but a joke. Why would you even drop comments on this site to begin with?


    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      This is my point, I moved on from the second article I wrote but he continued to return(via email, privately of course) in an effort to prove that his cause is genuine. Yet we aren’t real because we don’t show our faces, what a joke. Why put so much effort into proving yourself to people who you believe are cowards because they choose to remain anonymous?

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      • Verbs 2015, his image was on trial here on your forum based on what he made available publicity. If anyone of us goes on his platform and expose our identities to him then basically our identities is subject to be on trial there where we will have no control. He will do to us what he’s accusing us of doing to him. No thanks!

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      • You’re right. I don’t know why he wastes time responding to entities like you. As for myself, I’m bored on my day off. I’ll never be back to this page of disgruntled niggers. I just don’t have the free time. LOL,


      • Gina Gregson,

        Nobody invited your dirty and contaminated reprobate behind over here to begin with. I find it amazing how so many black women who claim to have moved on from black men will still find the time to try to engage them in conversation on the internet, pathetic souls the overwhelming majority of black women are. Be gone witch.


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  4. If Coen is “man” enough to join the BW “struggle”, he’d come to the States to join them and pick one for himself.

    But he knows better to stay in the safety and comfort of Europe and take their American dollars. And he’s calling us cowards? The cheeky bastard.

    The Euro exchange rate must be bad for him…

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  5. I wonder why men won’t show their faces. lol
    Look at Vegainator who was doxed by the black women who hated him because he didn’t want to swirl. Also a black man named BWGTOW was doxed by a black woman pretending to be a man. His name and where he worked was posted.

    What does not showing your face have to do with a debate? lol A debate doesn’t really involve showing your face it’s more about using logical arguments or facts for data.

    What Coen doesn’t understand black women was bashing black men during the 80’s with the main stream media. Then a few rapper bashed them in their own songs. Then a group of black women had their complaints about black men on youtube. Then a SWP and a few other black men had their own fruatation on youtube, they were silienced by black women but getting their channels taken down.
    After that Tommy Sotomayor came about. It’s the black women who crated this mess and black men have been warning black women for years about their behavior.

    Common things black men pointed out about black women.

    Obesity. Black women are dying due to obesity while having birth or other disease.
    Black women with fake hair. Black men warned the dangers of wearing waves.
    Black men warned about welfare, that you can’t trust the government forever.
    Black men pointed out their shitty behavior. This is why men of other races don’t want to marry them.
    Black men warned about single mom mothers raising violence sons.
    To claim all this is acceptable is plain stupid. And how men will watch the black community fall apart and say we told you so.

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    • Black women did not bash BM during the 1980’s. Stop lying and deluding yourselves. Black men were rapping bashing be during the 80’s and making films like Dolemite and Superfly bashing be in the 70’s.

      Vegainator was not doxed by anyone. Why would black women dox him when it was black MEN he took money from and made fools of. All I know is that black men were and still are terrified of this white man just like they are of all white men. Everyone can see this.


      • Ah, this old Vegainator took BM money line. Do you have a scintilla of evidence this happened?

        And I’m not surprised you ignored 30 years of the likes of you on Oprah, Sally Jessy, Geraldo, Jerry Springer, Montel, Ricki Lake telling the world “Niggas ain’t shit”, “Niggas need to step up”, “Where dem niggaz at?” “I’m skrong and innepennen'”, “I don’t need a man”.

        You’re paying for it now. You didn’t think that wouldn’t catch up on you?

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  6. “Men should support their women. ”
    This is factually wrong. Women are suppose to support men. Men are suppose to be leaders. That means mr clueless that you are suppose to guide and even criticize women if required.

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    • MikeTo,

      That is exactly how men support their women, by leading them and pulling them up whenever they go astray, however Naninck doesn’t seem to believe this, and he wonders why he’s most probably single.

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  7. I only have this to say for Mr. Naninck, and I hope he sees this post.

    Mr. Naninck, you sir are the very definition of a cuck and a simp. It’s men like you that feminism is running rampant in the western world. Rather than being a man and taking control over your life, you chose to be lazy and be a womanizer just so you can get instant gratification. If that’s what you want in life, be my guess. But don’t come shoving your beliefs on us because you’re too weak to control a woman. So thanks for your shallow commentary, but I have no need for cucks and simps like you. #WinningAllDay

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    • No, Nannick is HETEROSEXUAL. Unlike you men on this blog and it’s author. This white man you call a simp gets women, he goes out to nice candlelight dinners and walks on the beach…with women. He is successful.

      The Vegainator is too. They get women. Vegainator even said so himself that he got a pretty black woman that black men WISH they could get! He took the money dark black men like the author of The Negro Wars gave him to bash black women and took his beautiful black girlfriend out to dinner and they both laughed at all you mentally Ill, thirsty black men! They took thirsty, hateful black men’s money and went on vacation! It was so funny. Black men were made FOOLS of!! Oh my god…


      • He’s simping for fat black women in America whilst he’s in Europe!
        How successful does that sound? He can’t get a local bitch?

        Maybe you can ask him for his sperm if you love him that much?
        Get you a light skinded bebeh wif da gud hayer?

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      • @ Talking to an old queen. Dark-skinned BW aren’t hard to get and aren’t worth a prize. Vegainator has dated down while the woman he is with supposedly is “dating-up”. There is nothing that many BW can offer to make a mans life better or be more of an asset in his life. So with the comment “he got a pretty black woman that black men WISH they could get!”. Negged…he can keep her. With the financial maintenance and return (on investment) you get from BW is absolutely shit.

        Wassam el Mana can verify that. She can look like Kenya Moore, Beyonce Knowles, or Meghan Good, she still (more than likely) will still be a shitty friend, girlfriend, wife, and mother. There is nothing to gain or positively extra-ordinary about BW. As for Nannick, I wish him the best. His pandering and fetishizing will work wonders for him. Desperate BW need a “White Savior” they can hope to have and save their sorry-asses one day.

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  8. I didn’t know who this clammy white dude was or even cared. Sure seems he cares who we are. I think the reverse psychology he is using is somewhat clever however. BM are openly rejecting the behavior, attitudes, and pretty much every aspect of BW. Verbs even covered the issue of the hygiene practices (or lack thereof) of BW. WM have easy access to BW. I can be a problem for his ego if there are masses of BM pointing the finger and laughing at him for even being seen with a BW and that’s what’s happening. Add to that the fact BW and WM have been in this quasi Master/Slave/Ghetto Gagger relationship for centuries and it is not some novelty. Of course you have the run of the mill simp protesting this kind of thing but overall, the BW is not the apple of our eyes anymore. Rotten apples is more like it. Enjoy white dude and we are not going to have our heads shrunk.

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    • Lol white boy is literally that dude at school that brags about having a girlfriend and how he beat her back out Raw over the weekend, and when it’s discovered how fat and ugly she is, he’s embarrassed as hell.

      Hahahahahahahahahaha, bye bitch!

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  9. @Ms.Talking to an old queen.I don’t agree with everything Verbs is saying, but in one of his blogs concerning Christelyn Karazin, there is a video about The Vegenator & he admits he never received any money from black guys.It was actually discovered that Christelyn Karazin made up Black men paying The Vegenator. And as far as black men being scared of white men,based off what.White men aren’t doing anything to black men, that they haven’t done since we got off the slave ships.White on white crime has surpassed black on black crime. White men are being less educated,are not getting married,are not having kids which explains white people’s negative birthrate. White men addiction to opioids & other painkillers is at pandemic rate globally.Also white Nationalists groups are rising because they are losing power. Their policies towards black people are no longer having the same effect as they used to.Hang in there black woman. GOD BLESS


  10. I suppose one should look at the video before commenting. But I peep game and discern WP with accuracy most of the time even without them showing their hands. But this guy has a history of trying to use subtle reverse psychology. This issue of us BM turning our backs on BW is no small thing with WM that want to hold them up. The ‘One mans garbage is another mans treasure’ does not apply in this case. The bottom is the bottom. BW are by almost every measure is at the bottom. Wheather it be obesity, desirability, diseases, attitude, and so on, BW are dead last. He is only trying to create a narrative to make his choices and position look as if is more and higher than what it is. In short, don’t tell me crap is gold. Enjoy white dude.

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  11. This is why I quit dating black men 30 years ago. It just isn’t worth it. They’re pretty pathetic if this page is any type of example. I hold out hope it is not. But as for me, I’m happily married (to a white man) and divorced from the black paradigm for the rest of my life and happier for it.


  12. Oh this is a blog for low life black men in America . LMAO, i can’t believe what I’m reading. So glad you were taking Into slavery by the so called white people, they clearly saw that you are nothing but a bomboclaat, I think you should be sent back to the plantation where you belong.
    🤣🤣🤣, Fucking low IQ individuals, the only race in the world who hunt and kill one another like an animal, as if thats not enough you now have a blog where you gather yourself together to insult the women of your own race. You are indeed a caused generation. rejected Africans. I spit on your graves.

    We real Africans rejects you and your stupidity.


    • Nanaya,

      Meanwhile the continent of Africa is being overrun and slowly being taken over by the Chinese piece by piece. You allow those decadents to set up police stations in various African countries while they fully discriminate against Africans in China, how stupid can Africans be to allow themselves to be hoodwinked to such an incredible degree? Clean up your own backyard before running your mouth concerning others, first get the Chinese out of Africa, then you can call yourself a “real African”, smh.


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