Racist White Men – Much Like Black Women An Open Enemy Of SYSBM

Thanks to Joey for sending me the following short news story:


As well as black women there is another group of individuals who are incredibly jealous of black men especially when it comes to the area of dating and marrying non black women, racist white men. Once upon a time white men completely dominated the non black woman playing field, they were the outright first choice of every race of woman on the planet.

However times are now changing, the international privilege that white men have concerning women from across the globe is now being revoked, non black women are  beginning to reject white men in search of something different, something many of them have never tried before. This is where black men come in and this is one of the reasons why racist white men are becoming extremely reckless and coming after us.

Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Dylann Roof state that the reason why he gunned down those black folks in the church was because of black men dating white women? The killer simp Elliot Rodger also expressed his disgruntlement at seeing white women choose black men over himself. You need to understand that racist white men are watching us black men rise through the ranks and they feel extremely uncomfortable with our reach and power especially in relation to attracting white women. Mind you black folks are the poorest people on the planet, however this is making no difference to the interracial dating outcomes.

Just imagine how your average white man feels, John for example has the majority of the wealth, money and the power, all the things that women in general are attracted to, yet here comes Simon, a poor black male who is attracting the same level of woman as John. You can just imagine the anger and the rage that is seething in John’s heart, how can this Negro have the same reach as me concerning non black women yet I have far more resources and much more money than he does???

The fact is in the same way that Becky can swoop in and scoop up Simon from Laquanda, in like manner Simon can fly in and remove Suzy from the hands of Brad at anytime. Racist white men are very aware of this fact and have tried their hardest to discourage their women from crossing the fence, even resorting to teaming up with black women and distributing racist propaganda in universities in order to blemish the black male’s reputation. However, this technique hasn’t worked, if anything it has caused even more white women to cross the fence in order to see what all the fuss is about.

Women in general aren’t stupid, they see insecurity from 10 miles away, insecurity is a big turn off for females, this is why racist white men continuing to turn up the heat on black men will only drive more white women into our hands. A large part of the reason why more non black women especially white women are now opting to deal with black men is because white men themselves through their own insecure shenanigans are causing non black women to lose interest in them.

Remember, these are the same white men who during the days of slavery were castrating black men left and right, do you really believe that jealousy and hatred for you from 400 years in the past has disappeared?? Not at all, it is still here but for the most part it has been hidden and expressed via different channels of control and suppression. Racist white men are and will resort to incredibly desperate measures the more they see themselves losing power. Always remember that back in the day white men fought very hard to prevent black men from dealing with and marrying white women.

In the latter times racist white men just like their black female apprentices will hunt down black men in the streets, they will pay particular attention to those black men who have White and Asian women as girlfriends or wives, remember I talked about this same future prediction in Negro Wars. Remember, white men have dominated the Asian female market for the longest while but now even in this department they are beginning to be rejected by Asian women, many of whom are opting to deal with black men instead. Seeing black men muscle in on the Asian female dating market is not a pleasant sight to the racist white male. To be honest black men aren’t even muscling in, it’s simply Asian women making different choices regarding who they wish to date and marry.

The mainstream media won’t deal with the fact that many of these racist attacks against black men are being fuelled by white men’s jealousy and hatred of us dating and marrying white women, this jealousy and hatred really comes to a head when these same racist white men see a black man with an attractive young, fertile Suzy or Kylie on his arm.

This seems to be the case all around the world where men of various countries will go out of their way to trouble and harass a black man if he is seen with one of their women. Anywhere the black men ventures he is seen as a threat even though he is the poorest individual on the planet, make that make sense. Also, I find it extremely perplexing that the same white men who declare their hatred for black men are the same ones viewing volumes upon volumes of interracial pornography featuring white women being dicked down by black men, make that one make sense.

SYSBM black men, be free, be on your guard and be on the lookout. Isn’t it amazing how we as a collective have no advanced weaponry, very little resources and yet we are still seen as an enemy and a highly potential threat no matter what part of the world we travel to or reside in?

At the end of the day racist white men wish to see black men remain on the plantation with their apprentice the modern day black female continuing to rule over them without mercy. Like black women racist white men do not like to see black men free.

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Stay Individual

Most High Bless

56 thoughts on “Racist White Men – Much Like Black Women An Open Enemy Of SYSBM

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  2. White men, black women. Two sides of the same coin.
    That’s why they’re both fighting a heated effort to eradicate black men and disparage white women as well.

    Notice how similar the arguments of “awalt” and “dem white girls gon’ gitcha” are.

    The time has come to erase pinky winky and scraggle daggle off the face of the planet.

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  3. Men all over the world are trying to keep “their” women to themselves. It should be noted that there is a female shortage in China. This shortage is created because female babies are often aborted. Therefore, many Chinese men are angry about Chinese women being with black men from sub-Sahara Africa. I read about this anger turning into violence by some Chinese men. Many of these sub-Saharan Africans are students with little money. Despite this poverty, the Chinese women are still getting with these sub-Saharan African men.

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      • Tru,

        Dumbass donkey, what is traditional about weave, heavy make up and bleaching the skin? African women are following right in the footsteps of the black witch of the US, at this stage outside of the Horn of Africa, most African women are gutter trash just like the western sisterhood.

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  4. afrofuturism1. In China, given the female shortage, almost all females are wanted. The Muslims/Arabs, despite what the Black Muslims claim, are probably the world’s most racist group against Blacks. The Muslim/Arabs do not want Black men liberating the females in the Arab countries.

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  5. Elliot Roger is a product of something which is common. many white supremacists, while nationalists and alt rightists have asian wives/girlfriends and mixed/hapa children. many children of racist white men and asian women are dysfunctional and they are unable to find white women would would tolerate thier racist, anti-social natures so they go after asian women who don’t know any better.

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  6. Beat-Man, true. ‘The Eurasian Writer’ on YouTube is a hapa guy who has great insight into the mentally of these racist white men who have Asian wives. He really goes in on what is taking place amongst Asian women who exclusively date and marry white men.
    Verbs2015, of course racist white men and the defective mentally ill black woman have a deep desire to see black men destroyed. The white man knows that the ONLY thing he has over black men in general is financial. Other than that the white man knows that the white woman would be with black men most of the time, because white women are attracted to black men, whether they admit it or not.
    Black women want to see black men destroyed because black men are able to do everything black women can’t, and black men don’t have to imitate or mimic ANYONE in order to do these things and live their lives.
    Yes, black men should be very aware when in public, especially if you are out with a white female. Funny black women claim Blackmen ain’t shit, and white men claim they are superior to Blackmen, but both of these groups can’t stop focusing on, thinking about, obsessing on, and eternally attempting to slander Blackmen or bring them down.
    Despite all the nonsense that Blackmen have to put up with in society, we are still what’s happening, still trendsetters, and still the most manly, attractive, wanted men on the planet earth.
    These are facts.

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  7. I feel you on every one of your articles and you are 100% correct on everything about black women and everything surrounding them so thanks for telling the truth on them because a lot of dudes have been tired of them for years. You even managed to get at Sotomayor on some bs he does and I didn’t think anybody could see something wrong he’s done because he tells the truth as well but something always seemed off about him to me. I also got tired of dude trying to brag about having girls come through his spot all the time instead of staying with his content it was getting annoying, not saying I’m hating or anything but it’s like cmon dude if you didn’t have money these chicks would not be messing with you like that and he knows that but still wants to talk about that probably more than he goes in on black women now. Nevertheless, I wanted to ask, I listened to Jesse Lee Peterson and Sharazad Ali on black women and they say the same things you do because you all are saying the truth but they also say we as black men have to take back control of black women for them to stop acting like this. I can kind of agree with them on that because I have talked to some black women that it felt like they wanted me to control them but they still did all the attitude and bs black girls usually do, even the girls with kids I messed with back when I didn’t know any better. I just didn’t feel the need because some had kids and the others that didn’t have been ran through and I don’t think I should put effort into fixing a chick like that. My question is though, do you agree with them or think that we can as black men need to take back control of them and in some cases stop being weak with them to get them to improve their behavior? Btw I know that will be hard to do with damn near every black dude a simp now but hypothetically speaking.

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    • People Trash Now,

      Many thanks for the compliment. Large numbers of black men, non black men and those very few decent black women who are left have been grieved by the modern day black woman and her dysfunctional nature for a very long time. A lot of people have been thinking about what I am saying however some have been afraid to express their opinions for fear of heavy reprisals from the angry and bitter black sisterhood.

      Sotomayor simply doesn’t have the fire in his chest that he did when he first began making videos on YouTube, you can hear in his voice that he is tired, it seems that he has given up the ghost on the issue of black women. Couple that with his current exploits and extra curricular activities with black women and you can safely conclude that in relation to battling the bitter black sisterhood, he has thrown in the towel.

      What makes me laugh is more time the same black females who come to his house he complains about afterwards, make that make sense. As I have stated before Sotomayor is addicted to black vagina, that same black vagina will be his downfall.

      As for taking control of black women I’d say the wisest thing to do at this point is to abandon ship because there are too many black women walking around who are broken beyond repair to turn the tide. Implement SYSBM, get yourself a mixed, non black woman or better still a foreign woman and you will be set. Besides, because black women have been spitting in the face of black men for such a long time, how on earth can they ever be trusted again?

      Unfortunately black women as a collective won’t learn until they are judged, their recompense is upon them, payment is due and quite frankly I don’t want to be around the vast majority of them once the fireworks begin to kick off lest I become a casualty and a victim myself. The problem with most black women today is you have to behave with them in an abnormal manner in order to get some sort of peace and cooperation, the trouble just isn’t worth it.

      You have to understand the overwhelming majority of black women like being evil, they are not interested in self improvement, their only interests are death, misery and destruction. Trying to get them to improve their behaviour is a fool’s errand, they will only change for the better if they themselves want better for their own lives. Change comes from within, not from outside.

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      • Good looking out on the response, and I hate to say it but your right. I just hate to see black people go down the drain because of them because my parents and extended family are from the early 50s and before then when black people were good including the women and they were just some of the best people I’ve seen in history back then but we’re broken down now because of black women I thought we might be able to get back to being the people we were and could be but it’s starting to look unlikely. You also right about them changing too some of them need to be locked away for good where they can’t mess up people’s lives and have kids that go out and do the same thing and I also wouldn’t want to change who I am to deal with the bs they do to get them to change because that’s not my person and it is a lot of unnecessary effort for nothing. Keep doing your thing.

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    • @People Trash, yes Jesse Lee Peterson & Shaharazad Ali is right. Imo Jessie Lee & Larry Elder are still coons,because they still think that white supremacy doesn’t exist. As I told Black women Ban up on her youtube channel ,non-bm have not raised black women marriages rates. White people are at negative birthrate & again wm addiction to opioid & painkillers cannot be dismissed. I know 3 bw who date exclusively date wm & they are having problems because of their addiction to painkillers. I love black women, but I agree with Verbs, that bw will have to hit rock bottom with wm draining their bank accounts & even then most won’t get it. By 2025 ,bm will be more educated than wm,will out marry wm & slowly replace wm in the workplace.GOD BLESS

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      • White men draining black women’s bank accounts?!
        Since you niggs claim black women are only worth $5 …. that shouldn’t matter.
        But SERIOUSLY…. you black males loss MILLIONS paying for white women and mixed kids after you break up (or you leave them).
        Kobe, Cosby, OJ, Tiger, and Michael Strahan have literally paid WHITE WOMEN enough to support a Caribbean nation.
        You black males love pinning YOUR behavior on others. How’s that working for ya…..dinasours?!


  8. People Trash Now, Verbs2015 pretty much said everything that I would’ve said. Tommy Soto Mayor has simply lost his edge. As much as he spoke about the negative attributes of black women, he simply cannot stop dealing with black women for some reason. How can a man who is been speaking publicly about how bad black women are in every aspect, still continue to have them over his house, interview them for hours and hours, and joke around with them and complement them during his interviews? Something happened to Tommy Soto Mayor and he’s just not the same person that he was.
    As far as Blackmen taking control over black women, that simply isn’t going to happen. Not that I would ever personally want to take control over a black woman, or ever have anything to do with a black woman, but black women are simply too hostile, too bitter, and too angry with Blackmen, for them to ever let a black man lead them or be in charge of them.
    The best advice is to just leave black women alone. Like Verbs2015 said, there may be a handful of good black women out there, but 9 times out of 10, any black woman who you meet is more than likely a bitter, angry, confrontational, reactionary, delusional, mentally ill demon, who will eventually if you become involved with her, destroy your life.
    People Trash Now, I would suggest that you continue to read every article, thread and comment on this website, and exercise judgment going forward in your life .
    Don’t trust black women , believe anything black woman tell you, and never ever think for one second that a black woman is on your side or in your corner.
    Black women simply are against Blackmen, and they hate Blackmen. This is the reality of life as we know it today.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • I think we’re being a little harsh on Tommy Sotomayor.

      Sticking your neck out in the midst of the hell and publicly call out the BW for the demon she is, Sotomayor got doxed, smeared, cyberstalked, threaetened, censored, repeatedly insulted- basically being the lightning rod for all of the BW / simps psychotic anger. It takes an extraordinary amount of energy maintaining a one-man operation on YouTube when the established mass media can very easily counter his position with much more money and clout. Sotomayor has personality fault but in his position, I too would have been extremely worn out attempting to reason with troglodyte scum daily for the past 10+ years. I’m not surprised his fire is gone.

      Hate Sotomayor for contradicting himself and becoming a simp, yes. But he’s a pioneer and is still here. Early YouTube brothers like Sarge WP have also been worn down and turned but if it wasn’t for them, would we currently have Hardcore Tito, Gw3 ex, Mad Bus Driver or Kid Organic also calling out black fuckery?

      I view Tommy Sotomayor as Icarus – the kid who aspired to fly to the sun and got burnt. The alcoholic that got clean, but slipped (and is slowly being consumed altogether). A victim of his environment and the ultimate self- sacrifice.

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      • Michel,

        “One man operation”, that is one of the major problems right there and this is the reason why he is so easy to attack. The guy doesn’t even associate with any other black male YouTubers or black male bloggers because he has that Head Negro In Charge mentality. In terms of attacks I will never sustain the level of injuries that he does even if I were to take to YouTube myself because unlike Sotomayor I am willing to work with other black folks who hold to a similar mindset like myself. In the comment section of one of his videos I told him that he ought to form a small network, then at least when he is attacked there are others around him who can lend their support.

        People come to this website, they see the articles are well written, then they see the sharp, no nonsense responses from you guys, so they think twice before running up in here with stupidity. If you look at most of the negative comments on that Section 8 post, they were calling us out as a unit because that is how they see Slaying Evil despite the fact that there is only one man writing the articles.

        Not willing to be a team player is one of Sotomayor’s greatest impediments. You’re right though, he is the pioneer of this movement, nobody can ever take that away from him and it is indeed sad to see him turn into an industrial simp who chases down black female sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths etc. Had he been willing to work together with other decent, intelligent black folks from the start then he would have retained that fire in his chest.

        Lastly, another major reason why he has puffed out is because he leaves the door open to black women he knows aren’t worth a fart in a wind storm. As I have stated many times before, if you give dysfunctional black women an inch, before you know it they will break down the entire door. Its sad to see the direction he has now taken, however when you are selfish then you will bear fruits according to those works.

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      • Head Negro in Charge

        A perfect description of his behaviour. It was easy to him to remain selfish, since he essentially built his own platform by himself, and once there he saw the rest of us as mere ants.

        It’s frustrating to see other black men (non SYSBM) making videos, agree with Tommy, shout him out and getting ZERO response from him. Cadillac Kadafhi even got slapped down for using his videos.

        Apart from the Mad Bus Driver Tommy hasn’t done a Hangout with any other member of the Black Manosphere… He prefers to simp for these horrible black strippers just to get some sex.

        So yeah, doing it by himself has cost him a relationship, his movie project, his privacy and if he’s not careful, even more child support money.

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      • Michel,

        He did a hangout with MBD, was that one recent?? I remember he did a one on one with Minister Jap a while back. Yeah, I don’t like how he did Cadillac Kadafi.

        People who are selfish at some point tend to crash and burn, he’s heading along the same path of destruction that black women are venturing down.

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      • Verbs,

        Yeah, MBD called in to one of Tommy’s live shows, a few of the British brothers contacted MBD to thank him for his commentary. It must have been around January.

        Tommy didn’t invite mbd at all, neither will he contact David Carroll, Tito or any other person on his intellectual wavelength. But he’d show up for a stupid dick swinging session with Tariq Nasheed at DJ Vlad’s house, smh.

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      • Michel,

        This is my point, he’s just like the black women he complains about, he’s attracted to those who will bring drama into his life, this is why his friendships with intelligent black men are either non existent or the very few he does have crumble very quickly.

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  9. I doubt I’ll run into a racist skinhead Klan fuck on this side of the pond, but there are plenty of salty folks about here.

    Saturday I went out to the park with my Becky, the amount of white boys walking past (and deliberately walking in between) looking at my Becky like she had been contaminated. The good thing is shes pro-interracial too.

    Don’t believe the hype, people are very interested in who a Black man is with.


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  10. Hey Verbs, I apologize for being off topic again, but I’m sure you heard of the Ex-WWE Diva, Cameron (Ariane Andrew) who in front of TMZ openly stated she loves white guys and isn’t attracted to black men. She even went on to say black and white make cute babies, and she wouldn’t date the Rock because he’s half black.

    Now, I support her preference and I really didn’t have a problem with what she said, but the hypocrisy is troubling, especially considering when Malik Smiley, a mere 15 year old was excoriated for weeks on social media months ago for stating his preference. Men like Trick Daddy and Tyrese were also attacked shortly after for stating their opinions.

    This story is at least a day old and the only black outlet to address it so far out of Madame Noire, BET, BlackGirlLongHair, For Harriet, Clutch Magazine, etc, was Bossip and it barely got any traffic compared to other stories on there. And the usual suspects on YouTube haven’t said a word about it.

    These outlets and personalities have also ignored Peter Selis, a white man who shot 4 black women killing one. The black woman weeks ago who recorded herself torturing and burning her infant son for over 3 hours, and a black woman who participated in a mock lynching for a race-play fetish. Yet there’s no outrage or condemnation of these women.

    I’m so glad Cameron came out and said what she said because young men like Malik Smiley who spoke honestly about his feelings but was crucified for it, are now vindicated, along with Trick Daddy and others. This is among many reasons why I prefer not to discuss this demographic of women or compare them to white women, but I thought I would bring it to your attention anyway.

    When I first started blogging, I’ll admit was immature, but I was frustrated how men like Nate Parker and Mike Colter were treated for marrying white women and I said things on here and on my site I shouldn’t have. I think people in general should avoid changing those who are toxic and intent on being malevolent. They can only change themselves and you will only be brought down by their negativity in the process.

    I’m grateful for everything you do Verbs. Some black men have no idea how bad it is, a real shame.

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      I saw that stupid heifer and her comments on TMZ, her tranny looking self won’t be missed. What she was doing was putting out an appeal to white men letting them know that she available. Her desperation was pathetic, however white men will use her for pump n dump purposes, nothing more.

      Not surprised that she talked about white men and black women making mixed babies, this is the modern day black female in a nutshell, she fawns over and worships, light skinned, mixed race and white children while at the same time she despises brown and dark skinned children.

      This is one of the reasons why I operate this blog, to show more black men that black women as a group simply aren’t interested in them. She would actually put her desperation for a white man and mixed children on display for the whole world to see but in 2017 this is how most black women behave. She felt no shame in what she said, sad.

      The hypocrisy is sickening, this is why black men simply need to walk away from black women, their opinions over who I choose to date are irrelevant. So many black men get dragged through the coals whenever they express a preference for non black women, however on the flip side black women are praised and congratulated whenever they land themselves a non black male.

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      • FLCLimaxxx,

        What you’ve stated is such a valid point, as a black man you simply cannot win with black women, this is why it’s best to just walk away from them altogether and deal with mixed, non black and foreign women. Most black women are mentally disjointed, trying to cater towards them will send any person insane.

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      • I known notice that when a blackmen date out he gets drag through the mud but when blackmen stay with black women his financial wealth will drop and he stuck to take care another man’s kids.

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      • JayJay5077,

        That is the way, this is why black men have to completely disregard black women’s opinions regards to our dating preferences. At the end of the day its your life not theirs. Indeed, most black women will drain your finances because they are absolutely terrible when it comes down to managing money because of constantly giving in to childish lusts of wanting to buy everything they see.

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  11. I just watched the video of Ariane Andrew say she doesn’t date black ‘guys’, and that she loves,’ white boy’s’. All I can say is, she is just another black demon looking for attention, and it doesn’t surprise me that she said that at all.
    What I noticed most in the video of her, is how hard she is trying to imitate and mimic white women. Every word, movement, and action performed by this black woman is a laughable attempt to be a white woman. As I and others have stated before, the dream of many black women is to become a Whitewoman, replace white women at the side of White men, and hate black men while living out their delusional fantasy.
    But any of us who have a brain, understand that this fantasy that black women have simply will never come true for them, because it’s not in the realm of reality.
    This Ariane Andrew has the weave, the inflection of a white woman, the weak attempt to act as if she is a white woman. But this mentally ill black woman daemon is only missing one thing- the fact that she is not a White woman.
    These mentally ill black women can say they don’t date black men, that they love White men, and make an attempt to look like and imitate white women until the cows come home.
    But these black women by stating these things in public and looking the way they do in public, are only embarrassing themselves, and are proving to the world just house stupid they are, and how deeply they desire to be white women.
    The mentally ill black woman demon is too damn stupid to understand that she can never be or replace white women, and she will never be able the first choice, or second, or third, or fourth, or fifth, or sixth, choice of White men, because White men simply do not want black women.
    Every day we see stupid black women embarrassing themselves in public, but these black women are too stupid to realize that they are embarrassing themselves by the way they act and what they say.
    And this idiotic black woman Ariane Andrew really thought she was being cute, by acting like complete and total idiot for the world to see. But like your typical mentally ill black woman demon, black women just want attention, and will do or say any stupid thing, simply in a weak and pathetic attempt to be noticed.
    Black women make me sick to my stomach.

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  12. I have noticed that supposed “conservative” and supposed “traditionalist” white men often have East Asian wives/girlfriends. This is odd because this type of conduct is not conservative or traditional among white men. Perhaps these white men have adopted the mindset that East Asian women are more conservative and traditional as to matters such as feminism.

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    • I think it’s more to do with clinging on to their most difficult and hard-won conquest, that being the women from the Opium Wars.

      The alt-right/racist white man regards the Asian woman as a trophy. When they see the IR tsunami around them, their women being “soiled” (as per their race purity doctrine) the self preservation instinct is to run to and protect the last woman on earth untouched by the Black man. You see the reaction to a White girl admitting to have slept with a black man is one of disgust, the same will happen when the Asian woman (who hasn’t forgotten about her people’s treatment) when she also begins to rejects the White man.

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  13. >non black women are beginning to reject white men in search of something different

    It’s not hard to figure out why. Just look at those land whales flying the confederate flags in the photo on the main page.

    SYSBM ’till the cows come home and the land whales return to sea!

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  14. It amazes me how much you bash and degrade black women then get all butt hurt about black women worshipping white men? Are we suppose to worship you, the black man who has a passion for insulting us? I don’t get it. I’m starting to this this blog was for attention because a lot of these articles make no sense and you are constantly contradicting yourself? I wonder which black woman broke your heart…cuz now you’re lashing out like a mf….I hope you get the help you need.

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    • Are you also amazed about how black women bash and degrade black women by wearing hair weave that comes from non-black women? The black women is # 1 when it comes to bashing and degrading black women. When it comes to wearing hair from the heads of black women, black women bash and degrade black women and say: NO !!!

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    • Jo Smith,

      Rather than ramble on about nothing, when you accuse somebody of a particular action, you are supposed to demonstrate your claim. Show me contradictions in my statements and stop making up straw man arguments. By the way, you’ll receive no victimhood card over here.

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  16. Two black lesbians, in a relationship, are the most violent type of relationship. Even black lesbians are refusing to date other black lesbians. —– Take care.

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