Black Women And Bad Customer Service


This is one of many reasons why you must never have a majority black female staff especially on the front line of a business. You’ll notice that throughout the video you can hear black women cackling and yapping away in the background, engaging in idle banter instead of getting on with their work. When I told you in Negro Wars that most black women are lazy slobs, did you think I was joking? Just look at this appalling customer service right here. Remember, black women dealing with customers especially other black folks in this manner is commonplace.

Just out of interest when the woman called the police did you notice how she lied to them, telling the police that they had already put the man out of the store when in fact all they did was asked him to leave? This is how many black men end up getting roughed up and shot by police, because of nasty black women in the video and their devilish mouths which are so eager to utter lies and fables.

Here is yet another example of a black woman on her “best” behaviour in the workplace:

Black women typically are a pain in the backside whether they are customers or employees. Did you see how quickly this black woman came from behind the counter ready to fight? How many times before have we seen this same scenario being played out? In case you cannot remember, here is the video where black female employees at an Ihop restaurant decided to stage their own royal rumble whilst still being on the clock:

Black women cannot seem to leave their nasty attitudes at home, everywhere there is a predominantly black female workforce you are bound to run into trouble. Of course the overwhelming majority of these black harridans are weaved up to the hilt. Caribbean restaurants are renowned for their coarse and hostile customer service, I have yet to hear a good report concerning a grease spoon and good service towards its customers. You’ll notice in these particular establishments black women never smile, their faces are always fixed on angry mode and they behave like they wish they were some place else. Black men give slightly better service, however not by a large margin.

I’ve noticed a common pattern with many black men stating that whenever they frequent business establishments if possible they will try their best to avoid dealing with black women simply because of their foul attitudes and the extra aggravation they will give especially towards black males. I have also heard of many cases where black women in the workplace have deliberately given black men the wrong information concerning either products or services out of an ingrained hatred and a spiteful mindset, yet another reason why black women shouldn’t dominate the workshop front line.

Here in the United Kingdom the situation is very different, apart from hair salons and grease spoon(Caribbean) restaurants, the female workforce in any shop or business premises is dominated by non black women. This is good because black women here are forced to tow the line or face the prospect of being booted from their place of employment. I dread to think what the outcome would be if we had customer service set ups where black women dominated the work floor like in the US.

However, I’ll be honest and say that there have been some moments where I have encountered a few black women who have attempted to get out-of-pocket, however realising that they will not be spared if I chose to pursue a complaint, they quickly brought themselves back into line. This is the way it should be, unless a customer is being an outright irritation, a bum and a dummy, there is no excuse for desiring to channel Keisha, Laquanda or Jezebel during work hours. Keep your foul attitude outside of the workplace, in fact keep it to yourself and show people respect unless you are disrespected by them yourself, it’s that simple. Here is yet another example of black women being themselves at work:

And here is a black man’s testimony confirming not only what has been written here but what many other black men have also been complaining about for the longest while:

What are your experiences with black women and their questionable level of customer service, feel free to leave them in the comment section. As a rule I still try to avoid interacting with most black women if I can as they seem to believe that they have the right to extend their foul treatment towards you simply because you are a black male. The fact of the matter is if black women disappeared from off the face of the planet tomorrow, they would not be missed by anybody at all.

This is how much of a curse, a pestilence and a beast of burden the modern day black woman has become, more and more people are going out of their way to avoid black women at all costs, free thinking black men are on the front lines of this movement. The current condition of black women is one to where they have now become liabilities and thus can no longer be considered assets. Your thoughts.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset)

Most High Bless

66 thoughts on “Black Women And Bad Customer Service

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  2. Black Women are notorious for this. If you have black men working around anyone but black women, they’ll actually have some work ethic about them.

    I’ve shared my nightmares about the ghetto Speedway near my school. Understand that said speedway is KNOWN in the area for its bad service. And ain’t a man in sight, and the only work a crap employees are mixed or white Women.

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      • @FLCL I need to start doing that. Because whenever you get either an all black staff led by black women or made entirely of black women…it is 100% guaranteed trash service. I can’t tell you how many times the McDonalds down the street has screwed up an order, and one of those women will sit there and ARGUE with you….ridiculous

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      • @FLCLimaxx, That’s a good rule to follow. Personally I prefer not to see a black woman at any establishment that I frequent, either working as an employee or as a patron; Their disgusting and hideous physical appearance along with their toxic, evil nature tend to sour any positive experience you plan on having, especially if you have to interact with one of those savages. Unfortunately, liberal affirmative action policies have all but forced companies to hire those lazy, incompetent and rude black whores.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I’ve talked to so many brothers from the US who have mentioned the same thing. As the end of the day it is simple, if you want to run your business into the ground, hire nothing but dysfunctional black women and put them on the front lines. That will put any business in the toilet for sure.

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    • All this time I thought it was something wrong with me. No matter how respectful I am 9/10 I am treated with disrespect. I too have watched white men in line before me get treated the right way but than when it’s my turn I get the attitude. I really thought it was something I must be doing wrong all this time. I wont say all black women but 9 out of 10 my entire life have been ignorant to me and my God don’t let them be a judge or in an authoritative position. I use to be angry over it, now I just walk the other way or leave the place. I love black women but I strongly dislike how most treat us. Ps, I’ve witnessed a lot of these same females treat a disrespectful BM with the utmost respect.

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  3. Another good article. I try to avoid most black women cashiers when checking out merchandise and returning items. Even the small few decent black female cashiers I avoid due the majority of their ratchet sistrens’ bad attitudes. The question should be why in the world are these black women put into the position of power as managers?

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      They’ll employ a dysfunctional black woman over a decent, hard working black man any day of the week. It all about giving black women more money and a greater spending power than black men, this way they can remain as the dysfunctional leaders of black society.

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      • @Verbs2015,
        That is the absolute truth sir, Its just a continuation of the same failed liberal policies from the 1960’s( That the traitorous black woman sold herself out for) that removed the Black Man as the head of the household, destroyed the black family and started the downward spiral of what was once a thriving black society to the toxic waste dump of a “community” that you see today. Led and created by the filthy black female scum.

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  4. Oh man Verbs you really hit the nail on the head with this article. Me and my friends have been discussing this topic for years now, black women provide the worst customer service in the world hands down. How could you work at a place like Walmart or Target and literally get upset when someone ask you what aisle a particular item is on. Help me out here you choose to work at a customer service job but do not want to provide customer service, also like you stated Verbs BW have angry looks on their faces at work and just nasty attitudes. Something I have noticed in some Starbucks locations BW do not speak or say how are you to BM but as soon as a white man comes to the counter they light up how are you doing today sir. Back in February I got the manager on a BW for not giving me the same customer service as she gave to a white man who was being serviced before me, the hell with that you are not going to give me attitude when I just saw you give this white man the royal treatment. Needless to say she tried to say she did not do that but to my surprise there was an older BW who witnessed the incident and she took my side. This is not the first time I have went to a manager on a BW I do not play that mess if I might spend my money at a store, restaurant, or coffee shop I want good customer service you would think that these ingrates would know that if you work at a big chain like Walmart, Target, Starbucks that you will interact with all types of people and you have to accept that fact but not BW the scum of planet Earth.

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    • I frequent a certain Starbucks cafe inside a local Barnes & Noble(where i met my wife to be) and they use to employ this light skinned, possibly bi-racial black chick with dreads. She was tall, skinny and clearly of the swirling variety.

      This place is in an affluent white neighborhood but it’s close to a community college and a major shopping mall so it is frequented by blacks often. Successful black men working in the area and black male students alike eat and study there. This bitch would always ignore all black men, never served us. I would be right behind a white guy that she happily served with a smile and small talk, then she would pretend to be re stocking things, checking coffee pots, etc. until a white female worker or someone else came to take my order. This went on for months. I’d see her do it to plenty of black men, or sometimes she would just walk away to the bathroom and tell another employee to wait on the black guy.

      Someone must have reported her to corporate or maybe she let that nigga bitch temper slip and got herself fired because she was there one day, gone the next all of a sudden. Also in a high end bakery(by Chloe) in NYC i had some 6’1″ dark ape bitch giving me shit about cookies i wanted and had the nerve to roll her eyes when i asked if she could check for a fresh batch of chocolate chunk. She shook her head walking to the back and muttered something under her breath. I told the white woman there that this bitch need to be sent home or something and she apologized. When her smoky ass came back out i grabbed my girlfriend(white natural blonde, ice blue eyes and sexy) and kissed her for more than 20 seconds right at the counter as the dusky bitch rang up my order. She was livid and i grilled her ass on the way out and through the window walking away.

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      • FLCLimaxxx,

        I love it, I love it, I love it. I knew this particular topic would bring out the horror stories by the dozens. Quote:

        “When her smoky ass came back out i grabbed my girlfriend(white natural blonde, ice blue eyes and sexy) and kissed her for more than 20 seconds right at the counter as the dusky bitch rang up my order. She was livid and i grilled her ass on the way out and through the window walking away.”


        I have a feeling that you rolling in there with a Suzie really added some gasoline to the fire, lol. You already know how most black women react whenever they see black men practising SYSBM. Black women behave like devils off and on the job.

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    • Sean,

      Since black women already view white men as gods, it is only fitting that they would extend their worship and admiration of their lord and saviour to the work place. It’s the same old customer service story over and over again, white folks get treated like kings and queens whilst black people get treated like trash.

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  5. If those IHOP females [???] were on an NFL team, they would be the most manly looking players on the team. Very few guys in the NFL look as masculine as the persons above.

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  6. Black women, for some strange reason, like to say: WE GOT BIG BUTTS !!!! The black women at the IHOP have butts as wide as a pickup truck. Those butts above are floppy and sloppy.

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  7. I’ve mentioned this on previous posts in the comment section. Most Black Women are doomed to lower level customer service position or at best, a mid-tier management position. Most Black Women are not built for dealing with the general public or customer service. Out of every 10 you encounter, maybe 2 or 3 will give good or descent service. This also spreads into other career fields. Verbs2015, you also forgot to mention they make awful Nurses and Health Aides.

    Most Black Women in the Healthcare field are sub-par & actually abuse their patients. I’ve witness this in Hospice and Medical Care Facilites. Many of these women also tend to be from a American or Carribbean background. If I ever get physically ill, I hope I have enough money to NOT have a Darkie-Nigger Cunt to console and care for my condition. Black women (in general) lack many qualities a woman supposed to have. Nuturing, caring, empathetic, and engaging.

    It doesn’t matter what position a BW does usually. She ends up ruining that position and dissolving clientle in the process. “I have also heard of many cases where black women in the workplace have deliberately given black men the wrong information concerning either products or services out of an ingrained hatred and a spiteful mindset.” Verbs2015, you are absolutely correct. But they would not dare give this same type of service to other races.

    BM, when you visit these establishments and this type of events happens, this is what you do. Go ABOVE the GM and contact the District Manager. File a complaint and state your claim. Then go to above the DM & contact the SDM (State District Manager). What you will find is a wench that now has to job hunt for another place to seek employment. I had the misfortune to run into these types of low life slags at the Hooters in my area that I frequently patronize.

    Shit weave, bad attitude, horrible service, and just terrible person from what I concur. After having a mishap with this server, I did exactly what I stated previously in the last paragraph. Lets just say she is now back to “Backpage modeling” and “Thot Marketing”. Her true callling and destination in her absolute shit-stain of a life.

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    • (To quote black chicks) yaaas! Black chicks are the WORST in the medical field, outright flunkies in the field.

      Most black nurses don’t do it out of outright interest or passion for the career, they do it because they can sleep through cna classes at a local junior college, get a degree in it, and claim to be professionals.

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    • She needs go to prison for potentially causing the deaths of hundreds of people.

      When it’s your job to be an emergency phone operator, feelings are irrelevant. This bitch needs to know the consequences of her selfish actions, preferably by the families of the victims, hopefully in a violent manner.

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  8. Most Caribbean restaurants aren’t like that. You typically get that at the Jamaican ones. I’m from the Caribbean and we don’t treat customers like that especially when we know that they’re foreign. Remember, there are about 27 different countries in the Caribbean. Blessings brother

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    • Jabari55,

      In the UK the overwhelming majority if not all Caribbean restaurants are run by Jamaicans, we don’t really have Caribbean restaurants run by other Caribbean folks over here, thus here whenever we say Caribbean, the automatic understanding is that we are referring to restaurants owned and run by Jamaicans.

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    • @jabari55-I disagree as a Caribbean person. As a person of Jamaican descent born in the US, I’ve had bad service from Jamaicans but in reality,most Caribbean restaurants have problems. In no particular order,all the nationalities from the Caribbean I’ve had problems with are:

      1)Puerto Ricans (Surprisingly)

      You can say “Most Caribbean Restaurants Aren’t Like That” but you convienently forgot the racial,colorism, and classist problems that are in the Caribbean. Jamaicans may give shitty service. But many places, you will get mistreatment or refused service due to your color or race. This is huge in Guyana,Trinidad/Tobago, and the D.R.. Even in the US, “Hispanic” restaurants give different levels of service to different nationalities. I’ve witness and experienced this first-hand.

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      • I don’t think you understand where I’m coming from. I’m not from either of those islands you listed. I was am from Grenada and I’ve never experienced that type of behaviour on our restaurants at home or abroad. I could only talk about my experiences. Also I’ve never seen that from Barbadians, Vincentians, St Lucians, Antiguans nor Domincans.

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  9. When I lived I Philly I quit going to the McDonald’s and KFC near me because of the bad customer service. I drove 10 minutes out my way to go to the whiter neighborhoods to get fast food.

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  10. Black women are so far gone and filled with negative ‘attitude’, they can’t even lose the ‘ black woman attitude’ in a work environment. Black women are so used to doing and saying anything they want, without anyone even questioning or challenging their behavior, they have no problem bringing their disgusting way of dealing with people into a place of business.
    Black women seriously believe they can act any type of way, anywhere and it’s just supposed to be accepted. Black women simply have the worst attitudes of any group male or female on the planet earth by far. The truly insane thing about black women is, if you actually question or challenge their behavior, their behavior instantaneously becomes more irate, more combative, more disrespectful, more aggressive, and more insane.
    Another ridiculous aspect of the attitude that black women possess, is black women actually take pride in being the way they are. It’s almost as if black women believe that they are supposed to act like disgusting animals when interacting with people on any level, in the world or in a place of business. I’ve never seen a group of women who think that being ‘sassy’, ‘nasty’, ‘hostile’ and walking around with a ‘chip on their shoulder, is ‘cute’ or the ‘way’ they are supposed to act.
    Pathetic as usual.
    P.s.- can somebody please tell me the last name of that very cute, t super light skin YouTube girl named KELSEY something? I commented about her, but I can’t find my comment and for the life of me I can’t remember her name. She might be one of the most beautiful females of ever seen in my life. She is just stunningly beautiful.
    Please help.

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  11. Many times when I see these mixed or very light skin black women, I am literally in awe of just how beautiful they are. I really understand why black women ( except for the handful of extremely beautiful black women) are driven to the point of insanity by the mere fact that these mixed or very light skin black women even exist. Black women are pissed off because these light skin or mixed black women have everything that these black women claim is solely theirs, and they take these alleged ‘ black women traits’, and beat black women at their own ‘game’.
    The replacement black woman is already risen up and knocked the black woman out-of-the-box, and black women know it. This is why black women, in addition to hating and being jealous of white women, hate and are jealous of mixed or light skin black women.
    Black women know and understand that they cannot compete with these types of women, so as a defense mechanism black women claim that they are superior, look better and are better form of woman than white women or light skin or mixed black women.
    Black women are a joke.
    I would write more, but I have to go to YouTube and watch SUMMER KELSEY videos!!!!!!!! Lol.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • The only two “black” women i’ve ever dated were super light, mixed race girls. One half ghanian-half french, the other half ethiopian-half norwegian. Both were raised in Europe. Amazing, beautiful girls, sadly didn’t work out with either one but they were in all honesty the most beautiful women i have ever touched. The half norwegian one resembled Kellsey except she had grey eyes and no freckles.

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  12. Hey Afrofuturism1, I DO NOT fap to Summer Kellsey videos. I admire her beauty too much for that. I simply watch her and enjoy her lovely, beautiful face and personality.
    If I wanted to fap, I would simply go into my porn dvd archives, that consist of German, Japanese, and Brazilian porn!!!!!!!! The beauty of Summer Kellsey is too good to fap to. I just go into a trance looking at how beautiful she is.
    If I wanted to fap, I would just pop in one of my 2 hundred or so ‘GGG JOHN THOMPSON’ German porn dvds, and enjoy myself. Lol!!!!!
    Afrofuturism1, you got jokes eh? Lol!!!

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  13. Afrofuturism1, if I met her, I would ask if she needed to use the bathroom. If she said yes, I would direct her toward my mouth.
    In addition to being an expert on negative attributes of black women, I am also a first class pervert and misogynist. Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. After viewing the videos of Summer Kellsey, I now realize that her younger redheaded sister is actually the most beautiful one of them all. If you want to see the most beautiful, cutest young female you’ve ever seen, go to YouTube and search ‘Bean Boozled Challenge Summer Kellsey’.
    I actually thought Summer Kellsey was one of the most beautiful female I’ve ever seen, but now that I’ve seen her younger redheaded sister, I realize that she’s the one for me. Lol!!!!!!!!!
    The way her younger sister looks is my absolute definition of beauty. I’ve only seen a handful of mixed black girls that look like her younger sister.
    Of course Summer Kellsey is absolutely dropdead gorgeous, but her younger sister is even lighter, and to me, even cuter. Most people would probably disagree, but the way her younger redheaded sister looks, is something that I have been fixated upon since as early as I can remember. Next black females that look like her younger sister are super rare.
    Man, I’m way, way too fixated on the way this girl looks. Please somebody go to the video I recommended on YouTube and tell me that she is not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen your life.
    My problem is when I see girls who look like the younger sister of Summer Kellsey, I literally become hypnotized by the way they look.
    My superficial obsession with light skin red headed mixed black women always get the best of me. But I have to be honest about what I like.

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  15. One more piece of interesting info about Summer Kellsey, is that her younger sister (not the red head I was speaking about) Sunny was murdered by some black scumbag in a Memphis motel.
    Tommy Sotomayor did the story a few years ago, but I never realized she was the younger sister of Summer Kellsey.

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  16. i remember going to this dump in 08 when my ex girlfriend wanted to give a tour of Chicago she was going to Illinois at the time the food is not that great. The wiener restaurant manager in the Chicago did call my ex a bitch and to hurry your skinny malnourished ass up lol. My ex was a Jamaican suburbanite from Evanston or Skockie Ill. She was not skinny per se she was about 5’7 and 140 and had a track girl figure. But compared to that wale at the counter she was thin lol. I did enjoy the Hancock building and navy pier though and hated shopping at Michigan avenue boy she took all day. Women!

    Boy i cant stand black chicks in customer service this was one of the great ways to loose weight no fast food restaurant. especially in the hood

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  17. The sister who was stabbed to death, went on a crime spree with the black guy who ended up murdering her I believe. Seems like a classic case of a mixed black girl trying to over compensate, for being mixed, getting involved with the dregs of black society, and ending up dead, trying to prove something. Sad.

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  18. DAMN! Queans U Scary!

    Why are we sending our troops to battle when we can send these warrior women instead?
    The Weave Brigade would take over North Korea 24 hours after landfall! ISIS would turn tail and run at the sight of these Sistahs! The SIMPS will be behind the battle lines cooking meals for the Brigade.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  19. All this time I thought it was something wrong with me. No matter how respectful I am 9/10 I am treated with disrespect. I too have watched white men in line before me get treated the right way but than when it’s my turn I get the attitude. I really thought it was something I must be doing wrong all this time. I wont say all black women but 9 out of 10 my entire life have been ignorant to me and my God don’t let them be a judge or in an authoritative position. I use to be angry over it, now I just walk the other way or leave the place. I love black women but I strongly dislike how most treat us. Ps, I’ve witnessed a lot of these same females treat a disrespectful BM with the utmost respect.

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  20. Hello,

    May I assert an observation? The women misbehaving are from a lower class, presumably, correct? Then is this not more about a class-cultural phenomenon than it is a race-phenomenon? My girlfriends certainly do not behave in this manner, even as comediennes when we are off stage, nor are they prone to welfare, nor denigration of their own character. Though I would agree, that when I travel to Atlanta men are usually quite kind to me, while the majority of women will be nice the the male customer in front of me and behind me, and rude to me. Sad, if we look at it as a whole picture that women have been cross-culturally persecuted and lagging behind the rights of men for thousands of years. We should be lifting each other, not hating each other. as for the good men…what I wouldn’t give to meet a good man with his head on straight. Most men I am meeting know they are unicorns in a state ripe for being a player.

    Anyway… those are my thoughts.


    • CiCl,

      Hoodrat is a mindset, dysfunctional behaviour is across the spectrum in black female society, from the hoodrat, project estate types to the college/university educated, corporate environment, professional black woman. You are reminded that it is the professional, educated black female who is committing the most abortions and she is supposed to represent an upstanding member of the black community.

      And the end of the day as I have stated many times before, exceptions do not change the general trend. Your girlfriends have no bearing on the overwhelming majority of black women who do fit this demographic, additionally this is a common theme that non black people also elude to. You cannot uplift the scum of society, no society has ever prospered exalting the bad apples of its people.

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  21. Verbs2015. Yes. The black woman’s mentality extends to the educated corporate types. In recent weeks, I have compared Michelle Obama, former first lady, to Craig Robinson, her brother. I have seen Michelle Obama making angry faces and acting like a hoodrat. I have never seen Craig Robinson acting like a hood boy. These are people, of course, from the same family. The primary difference is that one person is a black female while the other person is a black male.

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