Coen Naninck Responds To My Article Concerning His True Interracial Motives

Yes indeed, the simp to pimp proselyte Coen Naninck has reached out to yours truly(privately of course) and had the following to say. My responses will be in red:

Dear Mr Umanah,

I just read your article about me on your website and I wanted to reach out and say thank you. I had a good laugh reading it, what a way to start my day! 🙂

Also, I find it really refreshing to see someone write so eloquently (not just a black man, but in general I mean). In the comments section on my videos I get many people who can’t even put a simple sentence together let alone write a thorough article such as yours, so you can imagine what it’s like for me to read on-topic material written in the way you have done. And it doesn’t take much to notice the sheer amount of enthusiasm you have for this subject, even though it may be rooted in a (might I say) negative emotion, but the latter is more of a presumption on my part of course. Still though, if your motivation for your website’s content is indeed sourced from a negative emotion then it is not a sin. As a great black man once said:

“Revolution is not an event! It’s a process.” ~ Professor Griff

See, I believe the reason why Naninck stated that he had a good laugh reading my article is most probably because of the fact that he has observed that here at Slaying Evil we know exactly what the score is. We know exactly what he is doing, Naninck knows we know exactly what is going on. Naninck is not the first to line up in order to pimp black women and he won’t be the last. As we speak black women are being pimped and merchandised by all manner of individuals, just talk to your local on the corner black pastors who have been syphoning money from black women’s coffers for years.

You’ll notice that he himself stated that the material is on topic. Indeed, Slaying Evil is the home of free thinking intelligent black men, because we constantly root ourselves in the truth and honesty, unlike most black women and their simp brigades there is no need for us to use excuses, name call, slogan sling, use shaming tactics or deflect on any of the subjects discussed here. I also suspect that had Naninck commented publicly, he would have received some very harsh criticisms in addition to being asked some extremely pertinent questions, questions I believe he would have had great difficulty in answering HONESTLY.

He also talked about negative emotion. I simply lay out the truth and the facts, what you’ll find is those particular people who do not like truth and facts which do not paint them in a positive light, they are the ones who seek to use negative labels against me(you hate black women, you hate your mother, you’re a homosexual, you’re an agent, a black women gave birth to you, Uncle Ruckus, coon, Uncle Tom etc).

The positive way in dealing with the multitude of transgressions black women have accumulated is to do exactly what I am doing, expose them and further show them that there is indeed a remnant of black men who will not accept such sub-par behaviour and who will walk away and seek love and companionship elsewhere as a result of it. Negativity comes in the form of black men who fail time and time again to check dysfunctional black women aswell as black women who continue to make excuses for their own degenerate mannerisms.

One correction I would like to make – and I leave it up to you if you wish to update your article – is that I did not start making videos about black women as of nine months ago, for I have made videos about them first in 2014. The oldest videos you see on my channel prior to my first ‘8 things…’ video are all from 2014 leading up to 2015, but originally were posted on my other channel. I took them down there because I felt I was diluting the topic of that channel. Because I had mentioned here and there that I had backups of these videos I got several requests to upload them again but did so on my personal ‘coennaninck2011’ channel. After I saw the popularity of the videos again (they were quite well viewed on my other channel back in the day too), and because I was (and am) lacking inspiration for my other channel, I decided to make more videos about the topic. Well, the rest is history. I’m glad though that other men have taken the torch (so to speak) and carried it on, such as my black brother named ‘Jay’ who speaks on the topic of plus-size women (he goes by the name of ‘Every Wednesday’ on YouTube).

I’ve also had a look at the rest of your website and your unrelenting passion for your topics comes through in your writings. I commend anybody who utilizes our innate ability to express our passion in our works. Thank you for reading this and should you decide to post this letter on your website then I hope you will feel comfortable knowing you have me full permission to do so.
Kindest regards,
Coen Naninck


If you visit Naninck’s channel as of today(8th May 2017) he has 43 videos posted. I simply went along with the timeline of his videos as you all can check out for yourselves and saw that his first video on black women was posted nine months ago. The other details concerning other channels and older material I wouldn’t have known about, so in terms of dealing with this channel alone, I called it as I saw it, however I will amend that particular area in the first article and simply input the above paragraph.

You’ll notice that throughout Naninck’s email there are two things missing, a challenge on my position concerning black women and a defence with regards to our reckoning on his true motives. It is as I responded to Coen Naninck via email, you cannot defend that which is indefensible. The modern day black woman in her current condition cannot be defended on any level. The pro black simps to no avail attempt to defend black women all day, however the black female long ago flushed her own image and reputation down the toilet through engaging in deplorable and nefarious activities.

Naninck cannot succeed where the pro black bread and circus minstrels have failed which is why his motives to stand up for and defend black women have to be rooted in earning some extra cash. As I have stated before we have seen this same Texas Two Step being executed by many other individuals, these tactics aren’t anything new. I’m not angry at Naninck for doing what he is doing because at the end of the day it is black women who choose to throw their money at the feet of individuals who give them dodgy accolades and inflated praise.

Again, using Naninck as an example my aim is to continue appealing to thinking black men and to demonstrate that you simply cannot build with numbskulls who deliberately allow themselves to be bamboozled and hoodwinked by smooth talkers. Go and check the comment section of his videos, exactly in the same manner as Jacob Mason black women as living sacrifices yet again are voluntarily throwing themselves upon the altar of simp to pimpology #SYSBM, be free black men.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset)

Most High Bless

41 thoughts on “Coen Naninck Responds To My Article Concerning His True Interracial Motives

    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Thanks bro. Since Naninck gave me his permission to publish the email, I decided to respond to it publicly, this wasn’t our dialogue. This is me simply responding to his email on the website.

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  2. Notice that this white man didn’t do what most black simps do and start “yelling” (in type face), “man dey queenz! Yo mama black!!”

    This white man knows you can’t defend the undefendable. Better to pretend to like them (which is what he’s doing, and it’s so obvious) and make money!

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      • FLCLimaxxx,

        How can anybody feel sorry for a group of women who go out of their way to be pimped and fleeced? It isn’t as if you warn black women, they learn from the mistake, move on and never fall for the same Okey Doke again. Nope, these black harridans will waltz straight back into the fire and then curse you out for reminding them what they are returning to. They wish to be pimped so badly, therefore give them what they want.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      in 2017 this is all the majority of black women are good for, exploitation. As I’ve already stated I’m not angry at Naninck at all. He can simply be used as yet another example to bolster the case of black men needing to implement SYSBM.

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  3. As usual this idiot is clueless. He himself make negative comments about black men in the youtube comments section. Also him defending overweight and obese women is out right dumb. Women are dying due to obesity but he makes sending a message it’s ok to be fat as fuck.
    No matter what he says black men are marrying or dating out of their race. It will only take a few generations for the black women to be gone.
    As for making personal attacks makes me laugh because he has no logical arguments. I never had an intelligent conversation with a black woman in my life while with white I had a few. No matter how educated a black woman is desire to have intelligent conversation is ZERO.

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    • MikeTo,

      Oh, now this information I didn’t know about, however I had a feeling that the squeaky clean image Naninck is attempting to portray was not up to par. After all, simply look at these highly questionable activities he is engaging in concerning black women and his so called “love” for them.

      Agreed, telling women that is is ok to be a tug boat is highly irresponsible, that type of conduct is not to be saluted at all. As I keep on saying, black women cannot be defended on any level and you will notice that those who do jump up in their attempts to defend them end up looking like buffoons themselves.

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    • I have to disagree with you about this man being clueless. In fact, I think he’s quite brilliant, albeit shameless. He has tapped into a niche market – the fat black woman who lusts after white daddies and is beyond stubborn – and is able to make good money out of it. He fully understands the way black women think, and has realized that he can take advantage of the situation.

      You could say he’s a conman, but at the end of the day, if black women are that stupid to fall for his act, let him do his thing. At least he’s distracting these black beasties from giving grief to black men and children.

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      • He is clueless, he made a disque post telling the author not to be negative. It was about windows 10. Never mind that hackers are negative. They look for exploits to have a positive impact. On his other patreon he is getting zero dollars. He could do better. His bad hair is pathetic.

        He does have a niche market however he isn’t that successful compared to Derrick Jaxn.

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    • Why do u think these losers blow smoke yo fat womens’ enlarged asses? Easy access, and easier cooch.

      A low self esteem walrus is the fastest to let you, as the negroes say, “hit it from the BACK!”

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  4. Verbs2015, on a side note did you see the video of black women fighting with police when their Spirit airlines flight was cancelled? What a embarrassment black women are. And of course they were released with a ‘slap on the wrist’. Once again black women are allowed to run wild without any serious consequences whatsoever. Pathetic.

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  5. Verbs2015, if you Google the ‘Spirit Airlines Fight’, you will be able to see the story, and video. It’s absolutely unreal how black women behave in public and in private. Utterly disgusting, animal like behavior.

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    • I only heard about the melee on the radio coming from work today. Something in the back of my mind told me some black snatch involved in the situation. Not surprised. As far as pasty white guy is concerned, pimp on dude. BW are to be taken for all their worth. But the way he was corresponding with Verbs was cheesy and useless at best. There was nothing but sideways compliments and even veiled insults in his writing. Emotional? Verbs2007? I don’t think so.

      What I can get emotional about is how his pasty/sweaty looking ass looks down in his videos. He looks like a textbook pervert with some sex trafficked child at his feet just out of camera range.

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      • Frilla77,

        I explained to Naninck that if somebody had written a critical article about myself, I would have been in the comment section in a flash. Yet to date he has failed to defend his position on this website, I believe because he simply can’t do it. Also as I stated before Slaying Evil is home to intelligent, free thinking black, non black men and women, he knows that he would receive a thorough grilling here, hence why he will only respond privately via email.

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  6. And as you view the video, notice the pretty white blonde in the lavender top and black and white stripped dress looking on in disbelief. But I forgot ‘ white women do it too’.

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    • Bill Smith,

      I just watched the clip, as per usual black women are the main instigators of violence. I noticed the black guy who got pinned down by 3 police officers, yet the black women who kicked off the riot were lightly restrained. It’s typical, they need these black women back out on the streets continuing to wreak havoc in black society, this is the main reason why these harridans never face the true extent of the law, they are government assets through and through. And oh yes, no white women were restrained nor arrested in the making of that video.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        White MGTOW males don’t nearly have the amount of problems with white women as we do with black females, there simply is no comparison, black women are on a completely different level.

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  7. Verbs2015, The usual case is that black women will throw a tantrum or start doing some stupid illogical act, then the simple, stupid, black male simps comes running, in order to defend the irrational and illogical behavior of the black woman demon.
    Subsequently, this stupid black male who becomes involved in this nonsense that the black woman started, more often than not, will receive serious punishment, jail time, fines, etc, while the black woman is allowed to simply walk away without any consequences or punishment whatsoever.
    One of the main factors why black women have the disgusting attitude they have, and behave the way they do, is because white daddy allows them to do whatever they want. Therefore, when black women are dealing with Black men, black women an attitude like ‘ if white daddy ain’t going to stop me from acting the way I am, you niggas damn sure ain’t gonna tell me anything or stop me from doing what I want to do’.
    This is the prevalent mentality amongst most black women. And just so I can get this off my chest, these stupid ass black men who are raised in a world full of black women, and who have children with black women, and deal with black women (not all, but most), are the most dangerous, illogical, irrational, simple, most trouble making group of men I’ve ever witnessed in my life.
    A good piece of advice for all logical thinking Blackmen, is to simply avoid black women, and actually avoid the vast majority of black people. The toxic nature of the black woman has infected every aspect of the so-called black community, and the majority of these Blackmen are just as petty, reactionary, stupid, simple, problem causing, and negative as the black women who raised them.
    Because black women have been given the upper hand in the black community, it’s literally dangerous to be around or communicate with the majority of black people.
    I am so thankful that I’ve trained myself to stay away from and ignore the majority of black people.

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  8. I just watched the news here in New York, and this stupid ass, black weave rat dog, actually said, ‘Ive never been arrested, and I have a COLLEGE DEGREE’.
    On top of the fact that the majority of the so-called. College ‘degrees’ that these idiotic black women have, are basically worthless, and simply handed to them for doing nothing. Black women actually believe that because they have some form of educational certification (that is worth nothing), this alleged educational certification, allows them to do or say anything they want to, anywhere at anytime.
    Every word I’ve ever written on this website doesn’t begin to describe the order hatred and contempt I have for the majority of black women. I simply hate them.

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  9. Miketo I agree with you there is no way you can have an intelligent conversation with a black woman. Some may have college degrees but they are still stupid and have no common sense at all, just have a minor disagreement in a conversation with them they will act like savage dogs. @Bill Smith I saw that Spirit Airlines debucle you notice the black women attacking police were hood weave wearing monsters I had to laugh when I saw this because some people still want to defend these degenerate imbeciles.

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    • Sean,

      Yet these same “educated” black women can talk on trivial nonsense all day. Begin a conversation about Scandal or Real Housewives Of Atlanta and see how they will engage you for hours. Most black women put their energy into things that have no longevity and substance.

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    • You should try listen to TBA. This guy is good. He raised over $100 000 to create content for black people. I don’t agree with him on everything but does call out on black women a lot.

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  10. Stephaniegirl, very true. If you are a black woman, then you are one of a very small group of black women who are intelligent and wise.
    Now I’m simping for black women!!!!!!!! Lol. Just joking.
    And Stephaniegirl, thanks.

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  11. Sean, yes they were all weave rats who were involved in this fiasco. But like I mentioned before, did you see the white, blonde, cute female who was looking at the whole fiasco?
    The entire scene was almost a small sample of real life.
    Black women acting crazy, confrontational and violent, and white women simply being calm, being silent, and watching black women act like fools year round.

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  12. I just came across your article. Just curious and a simple question why all this anger and hatred toward black women? What has happened to you in the course of your life span that would cause you to develop hatred toward a specific race of women. RACISM IN ANY FOR IS A MENTALITY ILLNESS. I’m amazed at how critical you are of black women especially they ones dating outside their race yet it appears from your article that you encourage black men to date outside their race ? It appears you are just as racist as the black women you accuse of being racist against black men. Quite frankly your coming off psychologically unstable.


    • Volumea Zaftig,

      This is one of the main reasons why my conversations with black women are extremely rare. Black women such as yourself bring no new arguments to the table, you continue to circulate the usual redundant talking points(you hate black women, you hate your mother, a black woman raised you etc) and still expect to be taken seriously.

      I don’t have any problems concerning black women dating interracially, its when they criticise us black men for doing it, that is where the problem lies, their hypocrisy.


  13. “I find it really refreshing to see someone write so eloquently (not just a black man, but in general I mean).”

    ‘Nuff said. He’s an ass.


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