Horses Now Being Robbed Of Their Hair – Black Women Stooping To New Lows In Weave Addiction

Thanks to Afrofuturism1 for bringing this to my attention. Please take a look at the following short article:

To be honest when I first heard about this I was a little surprised, however I quickly remembered what I wrote in Negro Wars about there being no level that black women will not stoop to. But white women do it to right? Show me white women going onto farms and cutting the hair from a horse’s tail in order to stitch or glue that same hair onto their heads, I’ll wait.

From what I understand this robbery of horse hair has been going on for quite some time, here is another article from 2013 dealing the same epidemic:

I keep on telling you that the black woman of today is a mentally ill, mentally unstable, mentally disjointed and mentally damaged individual. We don’t need to put 2 and 2 together in order to understand what the end goal of these horse hair thefts are, we all know what the deal is. Not even the animal kingdom is safe from the modern day black woman.

The black woman’s desire to look like a white woman has gotten so bad that now she and her simp brigade cronies are resorting to cutting the hair from horses in order to feed the black female’s weave/wig addiction. Yet these same pro black slugs will tell you that “the black woman is god”. Since when does “god” openly practice self-hatred and resort to theft, I’ll wait again?

Hair theft in order to meet the weave addiction of the black woman is an international problem. I remember coming across articles in 2013 where women in Venezuela were literally being robbed for their hair at gunpoint, here are a few of them:

Now, they are saying that the hair is being sold onto local salons, however we already know that there is an international demand due to the fact that black women are the number one consumers of hair extensions worldwide. I told you that the black woman of 2017 is a pestilence and a curse, no matter where she is in the world, trouble and chaos will always follow her.

The self-hatred and the mental illness is real, free thinking black men at this stage simply need to implement SYSBM and deal with non black women, we can start another race from scratch. The nonsense being put out by black women we are under no obligation to accept. And to think that simp/pimps such as Derrick Jackson, Ebrahim Aseem, Angel Ramirez Jordan, Jacob Mason and Coen Naninck would have us believe that these black sirens are the best thing since sliced bread.

Date out black men, be free, at least with non black women you don’t have to deal with this garbage. And to think that these same black women will brag about how much the hair glued or stitched onto their heads is worth, hair that belongs to another person whether dead or still alive and they still expect to be looked upon as mentally stable. White women are jealous of black women, I don’t think so, much rather the reverse. Your thoughts.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset)

Most High Bless

44 thoughts on “Horses Now Being Robbed Of Their Hair – Black Women Stooping To New Lows In Weave Addiction

  1. Where is PETA and those other animal rights groups? Probably hiding under a rock because they know better than to mess with the she-beast. What a shame, this only shows that if horses are getting this treatment, it’s only a matter of time before non-black women are next.

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  2. Black women would rather shave one thousand rats, and form a wig or weave out of rat hair than they would walk around in public naturally. Black women actually walk around in public with a shower cap on their head, then be seen with their natural hair.
    Black women will readily scream ‘White women do it too!!!!!!’. But have you ever in your life seen a white woman walking around in public with a freaking shower cap on her head in an effort to cover up what her natural hair looks like even if it’s undone?
    It’s like almost every day the world is seeing more and more proof and evidence of just how mentally ill and destructive black women actually are. Not that the world needed this evidence, because everyone already understands that this is how insecure and insane black women are. But it’s good to see black women continually exposed in the media on a daily basis.

    And if you guys want a real laugh, check out the new video by super Simp Angel Ramirez Jordan titled ‘WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH A BLACK WOMAN’.
    The level of simping can only be described as utterly laughable, and couldn’t possibly be authentic or real. I know this clown is a big time Simp, but after I listened to his almost 4 minute poem, about the love he has for black women, I am inclined to think this guy couldn’t possibly believe a word of that garbage.
    But you can believe black women will, and that’s why he speaking the way he is about black women.
    Can 99% of black women please disappear? And can 100% of Simp Negroes please jump off a building?

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    • Sadly, the black women build the simps. Remove their queens, and simps can possibly be saved.

      Yesterday, I walked into Walmart (after the aforementioned incident of the black Woman complimenting my “good hair”, and probably wanting to **** me), and no joke, saw an ugly hoodrat with shorty short short shorts on, and yep, she also sported that luscious shower cap! Black Women are SO sexy!!! Who wouldn’t want them?!!

      Robbing horses, how much lower can black women sink? The white man had it right, these dummies belong in CHAINS!!!

      We need to breed them out! Show this story!!! More than any other story, share this one! Let it be known how dysfunctional and stupid they are! They are DEMONS!!! BREED. THEM. OOOOOOUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • As a white guy with a black girlfriend, just know that she has a degree in nursing, graduated with a 3.6 from Princeton University and is now practicing to be surgeon. She’ll knock the dogshit out of all of you scared, bored, gay and pathetic losers lmao. Her (natural by the way) hair is past her bra strap. If you want to keep your white bitch with the fake ass, fake lips and fake titties then go ahead lol. I’m good over here


      • Peter Scott,

        Why do you sound just like a black female???”

        I know that was a rhetorical question. Every black bitch online has a degree, a white boyfriend, her own long, flowing hair, and calls straight black men “gay.” A dead giveaway. They can’t even catfish successfully. LMAO

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    • And for the simp and cuck white boys who keep saying AWALT, please show me photographic and/or videographic evidences of non-black women cutting off horse hair, putting that same hair on top of their heads, and walking around like nothing happened. Don’t worry, I’ll wait……


      Still waiting…..

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  4. Afrofuturism1, like I’ve said before, I don’t think the majority of black men have access to nonblack women, so the chances of these Blackmen interacting with nonblack women and being able to breed black women out is very very slim.
    But those of us Blackmen who are in circles where there are nonblack women, or we can do is do what is necessary to find a nonblack mate. And the more of us men who are able to do this will be an example to other Blackmen and nonblack women, proving that the options for Blackmen aren’t limited to mentally ill, disgusting, stinking black women.
    The greatest revelation in my life has been the understanding to avoid black women in every shape, form or fashion. The life of a black man is literally in danger whenever he’s involved with a black woman.

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  5. I have no words…..

    Incidents like these just motivate me to redouble my efforts. Brothers who will listen to reason must #getout of the Gynocracy!!

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  6. What fresh fuckery is this???? Just when you thought black hoes couldn’t sink any lower. Even the poor horsey ain’t safe from the ghetto beast. LMAO!

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  7. Gentlemen. Warn your brothers, nephews, cousins, etc. There are few black women that are worthy of you being with. An educated black women, with a good job, usually has the same mentality of a hood rat. Education and income simply allows the black woman to have a more expensive chemical hair style or more expensive hair weave. The black women outside of the USA are also copying the bad behavior of USA black women. Black women should be abandoned for the good of the world. Perhaps in a decade black men can return to black women.

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  8. Good article. I will say, however, that one must not confuse hair weave and hair extensions. 99.9% of hair weave is worn by black women. White women, sometimes, wear hair extensions to return to their pre-hair cut style. Almost every white woman has had long hair at some point in her life. [When you drive past an elementary school, notice the hair on the young white girls]. White women wear hair extensions that match their natural hair before the hair cut.

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  9. Well, now it’s official – the Quean Express has fallen off the rails, and over the cliff onto the jagged rocks below.

    On a more positive note – on a recent vacation to the West Coast with my Becky, I’m noticing an ever increasing number of brothers – young and old alike going the SYSBM route with some fine-looking non-black women. So needless to say, the word is out and continues to spread!


    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  10. Gregory Chandler, the reality is that the ‘best’ black women have usually been raised amongst or around white people. These black women have been able to firsthand see how a civilized feminine woman is and behaves, and these black women are able to imitate that.
    In terms of the nature versus nurture argument, my feeling is it’s definitely nurture. If you were to take the majority of black children and place them in white areas and white communities, amongst white people, these black children would grow up to be better behaved, more productive, more civilized, and be better human beings then if they were raised in a majority black area.
    Now of course I’m not dismissing the socio-economic elements that go into the reasons why many black communities and black people are in the mental state that they are in.
    But to hell with making excuses for antisocial behavior. Many times when a black child is adopted into a white family, or a black child has the opportunity to be raised around or among white people, these black children simply have a better manner of being. This is reality. Despite these pro black idiots screaming about white people being cave people, devils, Neanderthals, and all this other garbage that black people scream about white people. The reality is that if a black child has the chance to be in a white community, area, or school system, that black child will have a better chance to succeed in life.
    And I don’t give a damn if any pro black idiot calls me a coon or an uncle Tom or anything else. These are facts, and this is the reality of life.

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    • Bill Smith. Yes. I made a comment recently about Michelle Obama, former first lady, and Craig Robinson, her brother. It was common for me to see Michelle Obama on the television rolling her eyes and acting ghetto. Craig Robinson, raised in the same family, is a decent acting guy in public. I never saw even a small amount of ghetto guy behavior in Craig Robinson. The brother dropped the ghetto guy behavior. The sister never dropped the ghetto female behavior.

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    • I guess I agree to an extent. Your environment can effect your mannerism and personality. But you’re saying that as if white people don’t have their own problems. The same white schools you’re talking about has school shooters. And what race are they? I never seen a black school shooter I’m white myself but my race is fucked up.


  11. As a white guy with a black girlfriend, just know that she has a degree in nursing, graduated with a 3.6 from Princeton University and is now practicing to be surgeon. She’ll knock the dogshit out of all of you scared, bored, gay and pathetic losers lmao. Her (natural by the way) hair is past her bra strap. If you want to keep your white bitch with the fake ass, fake lips and fake titties then go ahead lol. I’m good over here


  12. I’m asking out of curiosity, what’s your ethnicity and where did your hatred for all black women come from? Aside from the dramatized opinions, do you hate them all as a whole or just the ones you see on social media who deliberating act out in a “ghetto” and non self respecting manner?


    • RM187/dxtcvi/Jailyn Michaels/Brandon Powell/,

      This is why typically I don’t engage folks like yourself because you remain dishonest. There is nowhere in any of my articles where I’ve stated that ALL black women are dysfunctional, I confirm the same position in my book Negro Wars. However, the reality is most black women are dysfunctional, the overwhelming majority of black women use social media for the same degenerate purposes, from your ghetto hood rat type to your professional, educated corporate working black female. Here are some professional black women engaging in dysfunctional behaviour, the ratchetness is across the board with black women regardless of class/socio economic status:

      Don’t worry about those who speak out against the dysfunction, instead focus on FIXING IT.


      • I don’t know who Brandon or dxtcvi is but “most” & “majority” still doesn’t mean all, you live under a lonely rock brother my cousins and sisters aren’t who you say they supposedly are your stereotypes and opinions and videos of individual women won’t get you far


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