Dragon Ball, Superman And The Bible Prove Black Men Can Pass On Their Genetic Potential WITHOUT Black Women

The above characters are from the Japanese ongoing animation series Dragon Ball Z, through Dragon Ball GT and now Dragon Ball Super. From left to right and below the characters are as follows: Bardock, Goku, Gohan and Goten. Bardock(now deceased) is the father of Goku, Goku is the father of both Gohan and Goten. Bardock and Goku are full-blooded Saiyans who originate from the planet Vegeta(now destroyed), however Gohan and his younger brother Goten are half Saiyan, half earthling because Goku married a woman from planet Earth by the name of Chichi.

Even though Gohan and Goten are only half Saiyans, they still have the same supernatural powers as their father Goku, in fact there was a short period in the Dragon ball Z saga where Gohan as a younger boy surpassed his father in strength. This here is a clear example showing you that the gene potential is passed on through the father regardless of who the mother is.

The above two characters also from the Dragon Ball series are named Vegeta(left) and Trunks(right). Vegeta is the father of Trunks, Vegeta like Goku comes from planet Vegeta which was named after Vegeta’s father of the same name. Vegeta in the same manner as Goku married a woman from the planet Earth by the name of Bulma, making their son Trunks a half Saiyan.

Trunks in the same fashion as Goku’s sons Gohan and Goten has the same supernatural powers as his father Vegeta even though he is only of half Saiyan blood. Yet we again we had another situation where in the Dragon Ball Z series for a short period Trunks surpassed his father Vegeta in strength. Again we have yet another example which clearly illustrates the genes of the father are passed down to his children irrespective of the mother.

Remember the film Superman Returns which was released in 2006, do you recall in the film that it was revealed that Superman was the biological father of Lois Lane’s son and do you also remember how his son’s supernatural powers were revealed when Lois and their son were taken captive aboard Lex Luthor’s luxury boat, Lois was being attacked by one of Luthor’s thug goons and their son in defence of his mother launched the piano which crashed straight into the goon killing him? A short clip to refresh your memory:

Yet again we have another example of like father like son. I’ve gone through those examples to say this, black men, don’t listen to these pro black, hotep minstrels persistently telling you that you have to procreate with a black woman in order for your gene potential to be passed down and to remain intact, it’s a crock of nonsense and even film makers and animation creators know what the real deal is.

Here we already have 3 examples of aliens with supernatural powers interbreeding with women from another planet(in this case earth) and producing offspring with the same supernatural potential. We even have yet another example in the form of the bible itself, where in Genesis 6 the fallen angels came down from heaven, interbred with the women of the earth and produced what we refer to as the Nephelium or giants who yet again had extra ordinary powers beyond this world.

Any race of woman on this planet is a suitable and sufficient candidate for a black man to procreate with in order to continue his bloodline, heritage and family tree. This talk about having to keep it black is complete and utter garbage given the above evidence and data. SYSBM black men, go forth, get you a non black woman and start a new race from scratch, as a black man your genes will most definitely be passed down to your children. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

24 thoughts on “Dragon Ball, Superman And The Bible Prove Black Men Can Pass On Their Genetic Potential WITHOUT Black Women

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  2. Damn, Verbs is on a role this week! I think that’s 7 articles this week alone!

    Indeed, black women are not necessary for the propogation of the black race. They themselves consider half breeds blacks, look at obama! Just like how half breed saiyans were seemingly more powerful then the real deal, half barred blacks are typically more successful and accepted in life than (to quote our fabulous queenies) “crispy” blacks.

    Who would you want as a mate black men: a sexy and submissive Russian woman who loves you, teaches your children in a respectable instruction, and rides you 2 or 3 times a week, or; a horse hair stealing b1tch who looks like $hit, smells worse, and raises the worst demons possible?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Lol, Yep, I’ll post every day of the week on occasions, especially if I have a lot of material to cover. The spam comes in thick and fast when you post regularly aswell, lol. There simply is no competition, the woman from Russia would win hands down everytime. The spell has been broken, black men are breaking free and black women are set to take even bigger L’s the rest of this year and going into the future. Black women simply aren’t a requirement despite what the simp/mangina/white knight squads continue to propagate. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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      • I’ll be postin a video today or tomorrow about some thievin @$$ “queens” who stole 22 bottles of liquor!!!

        A post on the stealing nature of black women would be welcome.

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      • Verbs2015, yes Russian and Ukrainian women are beautiful, and super open to black men. I remember at a store nearby where I live it was a Ukrainian girl who was a display model for some electronic cigarettes or something like that. I spoke to her for like 20 minutes, a very deep and heartfelt conversation when my mother was very sick and dying.
        As I was walking away when we finished speaking, she yells to me ‘I love you’!!!!! I just said something like ‘thanks’, and walked off. I was in as complete fog because of my mom being sick, so I didn’t respond to her as I should have. And to this day almost 3 1/2 years, four years later,, I still regret not turning around and getting involved with this beautiful Ukrainian girl.
        But the reality is black women can hold a candle to most nonblack women and especially white women. And those white women from those Eastern European bloc countries, are some of the most beautifully stunning women you will ever see in your life.
        Even the ugly ones are attractive. Lol!!!!!!
        Black women are just a joke.

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  3. Truth. I don’t know what else to say. Just look at all the professional baseball, football and basketball players who have black fathers and white mothers. Those men have the genes and strength of their fathers.
    As I’m typing this, Tommy Sotomayor actually posted video of him on a gun range with some black porn star and a 6’8 black dyke who plays in the women’s national basketball association. The funny thing is that a couple of years ago Tommy made a video after this big, tall, ugly dyke, physically assaulted her girlfriend and was arrested. Tommy in this video was calling her names, ridiculing her physical appearance, and basically making fun of everything about her.
    Now this Negro is at a gun range hanging out with her and having fun with this disgusting creature?
    I know he’s been discussed here before, but sometimes I’m just amazed at how much this guy has turned into a Simp clown hypocrite, and has contradicted everything he’s ever said by his actions. I actually questioned him on his live stream, and was put in ‘timeout’ by a moderator.
    I think I’m done even attempting to listen to him anymore. His show sucks and is hard to listen to.
    Sorry Verbs2015, I won’t mention that clown again. I just needed to vent for a moment. Unreal what he has turned into.

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    • Bill Smith,

      There is no censorship here, feel free to talk about what you want. It’s exactly what I stated before, about him no longer having the fire in his chest and the same conviction he had back in his earlier years on YouTube. After his break up with Lana he hasn’t been the same man since. I wouldn’t know what channel to look for that video on because I don’t watch Sotomayor anymore. The only time I know about his questionable activities is when you or other brothers here comment about them.

      He’s obsessed with porn stars, he admits to loving porn too. Let’s face it, the guy is a mess just like the black women he used to cascade and reprimand, this is why he enjoys hanging around dodgy characters more than he does intelligent, free thinking black men. Remember the saying, birds of a feather flock together.

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  4. https://www.eurweb.com/2017/05/biracial-winner-kappa-alpha-psi-miss-black-ut-pageant-draws-backlash/#

    @Verbs2015. They need to be replaced. It’s called natural selection. An obsolete and useless species that they are, you will see numbers of them suffer & perish. 2017 forward, BW will be on the “Endangered Species” list. I put this article up there to show you how even in their own pagnents, they don’t win. How shitty of women can they be when they can’t win their own. And this isn’t the first article I’ve seen like this.

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    • This is payback for the farce that was Miss Helsinki. If a dark skinned woman can win a Scandinavian beauty contest, a biracial (damn near white) woman can win Miss Texas.

      Serves then right.


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      • I didn’t even know about this Miss Helsinki business until now. I just Googled it. Holy God, what a travesty! That chick’s butt-ugly and she won over all those fine white bitches. Are you kidding me? She wouldn’t even win a Nigerian beauty contest! Definitely some far-leftist, feminist skullduggery afoot! Thor, Odin and the other Nordic gods are hanging their heads in shame on this one!

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  5. Thanks Verbs2015. I know you permit free speech here, but I don’t want to get off the topic of the thread, and turn the discussion into something other than what the initial point of the thread was.
    Tommy was actually speaking about how the black porn star he was ‘hanging out’ with was actually a sweet nice person, and naturally beautiful. He also went on to say the big, gangly ugly, dyke was actually attractive, but she just doesn’t dress feminine.
    A disgusting black whore, and a perverted ugly black dyke, who Tommy Sotomayor previously made videos criticizing, are now his friends. Tommy actually said his problem is he loves black women.
    My question to him would be, after all you’ve said for all these years about black women, you still actually find some quality about black women that you ‘love’?
    Even those black men, who are seemingly the biggest voices that are allegedly exposing the evil nature of black women, turned out to be just more Simp clown negroes that are more worried about getting black ‘pussy’, than actually being genuine, and practicing what they preach.
    And can somebody please tell me why these Negroes are so obsessed with black woman’s pussy or vagina? I’ve been with almost every nationality of woman on the planet other then Australian aborigines, Eskimos, or east Indian Asians. I’ve never seen anything exceptional regarding black women in any way.
    So you would think a man like Tommy Sotomayor being in a position to actually deal with nonblack women, would exclusively do so. But yet and still Tommy continually reverts back to the same black women who he has been ranting and raving about for years and years on the Internet.
    Most Blackmen sadly are just weak, lame, black woman worshiping buffoons. Who will do and say anything and smile while doing it, if there is even the slightest opportunity of getting some black ‘pussy’.
    This is why those black men who have brains in their head will stay away from the majority of black people.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Its like the dog returning to it’s own vomit scenario. Sotomayor will stick to what he is used to even though at one stage his mouth proclaimed something very different. Do you see how there are very few black men who are genuinely standing up for other brothers 100% when it comes down to calling out the black witch? Reluctant Nabi, GW3 Extreme, Hardcore Tito, Kid Organic, Brian Solonge, Kirigakure Jones, myself, Afrofuturism1 on his YouTube channel, there aren’t that many soldiers left.

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  6. Look, I might be able to understand if Tommy Sotomayor had some sort of obsession with black women, and he dealt with them behind closed doors. But the fact that he puts it on the Internet for the world to see, speaks volumes about his personality, motivations, and intent.
    Does Tommy think that people don’t remember all the years and years he was ranting and raving about the flaws of black women. Does he think people don’t remember the video he made probably less than a year or two ago about Brittney Griner, and all the things he said about her?
    Or is he just so consumed with his desire for black pussy, attention, and a deep seated desire to ‘prove’ to everyone just how ‘great’ his life is?
    I’m really not sure. But Tommy has absolutely destroyed his credibility and the content of the show, by being unable or unwilling to separate from, and leave black women alone.
    What a clown he has become, and in the process destroyed his show.

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  7. I agree I always thought otherwise but this is true wateva the case if the father’s blk the child’s blk especially if male..males are stronger and can deal with hatred this racist world dish out to blkmen.cool article.I’m a huge dbz fan myself.

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  8. Sorry, DBZ stands for Dragon Ball Z. Sometimes I get so caught up in my other contempt for black women, that the simple surface level things pass me by for a moment. Lol.

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  9. Was just watching Return to Amish, and a fat thirsty black chick talked about how hot and sexy the main (balding and married, looks like Dale Gribble) ex-Amish guy is.



  10. Afrofuturism1, the average black chick would have sex with or marry a big mouth bass fish, if that fish would give that black woman attention.
    Black women believe that being ‘thirsty’, will bring an equal amount of thirst from the opposite sex. What black women don’t realize is them being so thirsty, translates into them looking as needy as they are, and translates and took them being used and thrown in the garbage, with no reciprocation from the opposite sex.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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