Coen Naninck – Another White Pimp/Simp Strikes Black


Do you know why I am constantly referring to my book Negro Wars, it is simply because many of the things I talk about on the blog I have already talked about in the book and more. In Negro Wars I specifically dealt with black women and the pimp aspect, how they enjoy being pimped, used and placed upon the merchandising chopping block(just talk to your local on the corner pastor).

I also talked about the fact that there are merchants lining up around the block to get a piece of the pie realising just how dumb and stupid the majority of black women are. The European court jester from the Netherlands known as Coen Naninck is no exception, yet another pimp/simp who has decided to “cash in” upon the black woman’s insecurities. At the time of writing this article Coen Naninck has receive 8 Patreon subscribers on his interracial Patreon site, as we all know it is only a matter of time until more black women begin to throw even more money down at Naninck’s feet.

All of the pimp/simps follow the same pattern as the institutional church beast pastors, lie to black women ie tell them what they want to hear, don’t ever hold them responsible nor accountable for their actions and bad decisions and simply wait for the money to pile in by the bucket loads. Everytime without fail this formula is guaranteed to be successful, why, because as I have stated many times before black women as a group are not only the dumbest individuals on the planet, but they are also extremely attention starved, a fantastic combination for any and all seeking to take advantage.

Naninck’s YouTube channel dedicated to interracial dating has been around since October 2011 yet he only decided to start making videos concerning black women and “how great they are” 9 months ago. Note: Coen Naninck has since contacted me via email and asked me to make the following amendment concerning his timeline with regards to producing interracial dating videos. This is what he stated:

” One correction I would like to make – and I leave it up to you if you wish to update your article – is that I did not start making videos about black women as of nine months ago, for I have made videos about them first in 2014. The oldest videos you see on my channel prior to my first ‘8 things…’ video are all from 2014 leading up to 2015, but originally were posted on my other channel. I took them down there because I felt I was diluting the topic of that channel. Because I had mentioned here and there that I had backups of these videos I got several requests to upload them again but did so on my personal ‘coennaninck2011’ channel. After I saw the popularity of the videos again (they were quite well viewed on my other channel back in the day too), and because I was (and am) lacking inspiration for my other channel, I decided to make more videos about the topic. Well, the rest is history. I’m glad though that other men have taken the torch (so to speak) and carried it on, such as my black brother named ‘Jay’ who speaks on the topic of plus-size women (he goes by the name of ‘Every Wednesday’ on YouTube)”.

Now at this point I know that black women are going to accuse me of being a hypocrite because of the fact that I advise black men to date out, yet here I am going in on a white guy who is encouraging white men and black women to do the same.

Err no, the huge difference between Verbs2015 and Coen Naninck is I am not pimping black women, I am not simping for black women, I am not placing them upon the merchandising chopping block and I most certainly am prepared to tell them the truth which I do in article after article. Unlike Naninck I will not give black women a pass on their dysfunctional behaviour, nor will I allow them to play the victim at anytime. Naninck must be called out because he has a hidden agenda. Here is a man openly making money off the backs of black women yet black women won’t call him out on any of this because to them he is god.

Of course I am not calling him out for the sake of black women, they have made it known in no uncertain terms that they enjoy being used, abused, pimped and merchandised, so more power to them. No, my highlighting of the white pimp Naninck is to illustrate how stupid most black women are and to reinforce my reasoning behind why black men should abandon black women altogether. Remember, this site is primarily geared towards the thinking black man and those thereafter of a non black heritage who also have ears to hear concerning the rancid state of the black witch.

Naninck ought to be ashamed of himself, not only has he chosen to uplift by far the worst race of females on the planet, he also has set up another channel which is dedicated to uplifting and exalting, fat, overweight and obese women. The link for that channel can be seen above as well. This court jester’s pimping and simping game knows no bounds, first failing to hold black women accountable for their multitude of transgressions, then further committing even more iniquity by encouraging women in an unhealthy state to remain that way.

Didn’t I just deal with this very issue concerning the simp/pimp Derrick Jaxn and his “Stretch Mark Lover t-shirt in my previous article? Do you see the strategies of these players, how they purposely choose to home in on and take advantage of particular groups of women who they know will have the lowest self-esteem and whose confidence will most certainly be in the toilet?

These pimp/simps are akin to birds of prey, they observe their naive victims from afar baiting them into cooperation through plucking at their emotional heart-strings, then at the opportune moment they will swoop in and scoop up the money once the harvest is ripe. In 2017 pimping black women is an extremely lucrative business, at this stage black women might aswell walk around with signs on their foreheads saying “I’m A Dummy, Come And Take My Money”.

Naninck is quite late on the scene, Jacob Michael Mason, the white man that every black woman loves, drools over and worships launched his simp to pimp campaign over 2 years ago and has only gone from strength to strength, all things being made possible by the black female dollar. There is no doubt that at some point Naninck will collaborate with the high priestess of swirling herself Christelyn Karazin who has also decided to set up a Patreon in order to fleece black women even further, take a look for yourselves:

I don’t blame folks from all different walks of life for lining up waiting to get their turn to syphon money from the black woman’s coffers, since she is being so stupid, ignorant, reckless and irresponsible with her cash, then why shouldn’t she be exploited? If Naninck plays his cards right and works the simp to pimp formula correctly, he stands to make quite a bit of money from dysfunctional black females.

At this stage Naninck should simply step forward and openly declare his simp to pimp agenda, because he is a white man, most black women genuinely won’t care and will most likely embrace him even further because we already know that black women worship white men as gods. Since black women love being fleeced, pimped, used, abused and merchandised so much then so be it, any prospective pimps who wishes to plunge their folks into the black woman’s financial pot are advised to do so.

Black women in driving black men away have now become easy victims as they lack the intelligence, the logic, the reasoning and the discernment required in order to protect themselves from sharks, vultures and other predators looking to make a quick buck off their blacksides. Additionally since black women claim so much strength and independence, they can now look after themselves.

Who knows, Naninck might even end up getting with a black woman(if he doesn’t already have one) and later on down the line getting her pregnant so that she can have children with that “good hair”. Personally my hunch is that Coen Naninck is simply in this for the cash. Black women ooze with so much self-hatred and they wonder why they are beginning to be rejected more by black men.

Thinking black men, we have to continue to reach out to younger black males in order to save them from such idiots. Note, there is nothing wrong with Patreon and supporting folks with genuine causes, however as we have witnessed time and time again many folks who seek financial support are not genuine and have hidden agendas. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset)

Most High Bless

86 thoughts on “Coen Naninck – Another White Pimp/Simp Strikes Black

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      • You’re an unwanted gay extremely dark skinned bug eyed big pink lipped bad teeth fat smelly unemployed garage opener. Lololololol


    • To all if you repulsively ugly nigger men who thinks the Sun rises and sets with you, and call black women bad names, and act like we are worthless, know this, I wouldn’t touch one if you ugly as sin niggers with a fucking 90 foot pole!!..go off yourself so you can be with your daddy Satan, you race traitor ugly as fuck NIGGER MALES!!!


      • Marie Michelle,

        Most of us men are here on this site because we don’t like black women, so it’s not a loss if you wouldn’t touch us with a 90 foot pole, please proceed.

        I also note how you call us niggers multiple times like your White Zaddy taught you to, congrats. If we are “nigger males,” then what are YOU, black woman? That’s right a NIGGER FEMALE.

        Good talk.

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  2. I honestly have no clue why ANY non black man would slum it up with a black woman, let alone a white man. That’s like being surrounded by Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and you choose the dirtiest looking McDonald’s possible.

    Trolling black women into thinking people actually like them is the new hustle. If they were actually desired like that, it’d show.

    Also, saw a trailer for some movie in which an uppity mulatto actress, who once railed against white women for “cultural appropriation” (while having straightened hair), is lusting for some white meat! I wonder if SHE’S “black enough”?

    At this point, black women need to be replaced and turned into a bunch of Alicia Keys/Summer Kellsey lookalikes.

    Also, Verbs, you need to get on that patreon. Maybe a new book? I think a sequel to negro wars is due.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      True, if disingenuous buzzards are setting up Patreon accounts, how much more myself who is standing up for black men and genuine causes. I’ll get on it later on today. On the issue of a Negro Wars sequel, that will depend upon how much support I get through Patreon and current book sales. Obsidian said it best, if black men want their voices heard then they are going to have to financially get behind who are speaking up for them.

      I honestly don’t understand besides money how non black men can still claim that there is something special about today’s modern day black woman. Nethertheless this is the battle we face as thinking black men, it is these liars who have postponed the bottoming out of the black witch.

      I’ll keep in saying it, SYSBM is the only viable way forward for the thinking black man and non black men would also do well to take notes as they can also save themselves from grief and hell by avoiding black women altogether.

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      • A sequel with chapters on the simp/gassers, the white racist man, the incest/inbreeding in the community and maybe a chapter on the so-called black media would be great additions to the original book (a revised edition or a sequel). But Negro Wars is as close to the bible for thinking brothers, how do you add to what’s being proven again and again out there?

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      • Kawaski,

        I hate DYSFUNCTIONAL black women as they are the ones who have destroyed black society, there is a big difference. I don’t have any problems with functional, feminine black women at all.

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      • I hope to God that if you ever have a black daughter that she’ll not only date a white man but also marry him, let him be her pimp/simp. Hope hypocritical of you to criticize a man over his preference of black women and he only wants us for sex, and doesn’t put us on any pedestal except to get our money, yet here you are speaking of us as though we are less than and encouraging black men to date white women while we should stick to only dating black men. How convenient and hypocritical of you? What is it to you if a woman chooses to throw herself at the white man or spend her money that you DID NOT EARN on him? Why should black men dating white women be any different than a black woman dating a white man? What problem is that of yours? The only thing your “article” screams is egotistical, hypocritical and self hate. As long as black man can date outside it should be no problem or any concern of youra for that matter unless it’s your child what race a black woman chooses to date. As for the rest of your commenters you’re just as hypocritical as this person is not to see that the exact same thing he is accusing the white man of is exact thing he is doing, yet you’re agreeing, how about get a mind of your own and date whoever you choose to date and not who the black man tells you to date and if you have a problem with another woman dating interracially, here’s advise, mind your God damn business.

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    • Ok after reading a few of these comments I see what’s going on here. All of you are the black men that black women doesn’t look in the direction of, because a black woman knows her worth and know that you are black boys that are at the bottom of the hiearchy, the only that only white women choose from and you do graciously run to, because you aren’t desired by your own race of women, and you so desperately want to be accepted and loved by someone, anyone for that matter, but the only person that’s stupid enough to look in your direction is the woman with interior qualities that will allow you to feel as though you are important, because they aren’t as strong as the black woman, who doesn’t need to choose from the bottom when we can not only have white men but also the black men that are at the top and desirable. How pathetic you all are, it’s sad actually, I really do feel sad for you. But sorry you just aren’t desirable it wanted by the black women and even the desirable strong black men know this. And know that you are the crabs in a barrel who want out but just can’t get out.

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  3. Several pointers to let brothers know:

    Coen’s name in Dutch is pronounced “coon”. So that’s your first clue.

    Second, he lives in Europe but is pimping out black American females? Big red flag.

    Third clue: Any black woman he decides to get with will be local to him, so in Holland that would be either a Moroccan, African or a prostitute.

    Yep, he’s a conman. No condemnation from me, though. They’re still heading for hell.

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    • He’s also a Trump supporter..back in December he said he “loved Donald Trump” and that he’d be great for the country. Coen’s probably a little embarrassed about that now, as he’s since deleted the video, and any comment bringing up his Trump love is immediately deleted. Coen has mental issues, and always, ALWAYS does something to fuck up his channel and make his viewers turn against him. He did it with the fat girl channel, and he’ll do it with the black girl channel..stay tuned!

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    • Where is Oshay Duke Jackson? Poland? And he cusses y’all out when you don’t “hit the likes” or Super Chat. I’m not saying not to feel the way you feel. I’m just asking how is Coen being Dutch any different than Oshay’s situation
      …soooo let the name calling and avoiding the issue begin…


    • I was on his site just to see what he was all about. All he talked about was sex. I informed him, I was not one of his naive followers and told him I didn’t drink the kool aid. I left him instructions to Google that. He’s not slick at all.

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    • All you black piece of filth so called brothers on this page are demons from the pit of hell who are jealous of white men and beautiful African or African American women who don’t want ya’ll ugly, beasty, out of control sex crazed animals. All ya’ll do is go around fornicating, committing adultery with multiple women, trying to be pimps and womanizers of all women. You black guys hate all women, you have no love in you for any women if you hate the race of women who bore you ugly black male devil’s into the world. I don’t think you black guys are safe for any women to get with either Caucasian women, Latina women or any other races of beautiful women for that matter. They would be doing themselves a serious disservice to even bother with ya’ll stupid ignorance. The black men like ya’ll on this page is a loser no matter how much money ya’ll make or different race of woman ya’ll try to hide behind to promote ya’ll evil, sinister egotistic, womanizing agenda it will never make ya’ll a great catch. Ya’ll are ugly and disgusting and disrespectful towards all women, no matter her race, you will manage to defile her and then move on to the next like a energy sucking, stank, evil vampire. Ya’ll are social parasites to society and a disease to the race of women and other race of men who love women, have respect for women no matter their race and sees the good and beauty in a woman, then here ya’ll jealous, hating, ugly, black demons come to tear that man down and the woman because ya’ll are ugly inside and out and jealous of the white man. It’s no wonder ya’ll evil ugly selves have no power, because if ya’ll did you would be worse than the white man by far! Women of color are the way they are because of how ya’ll evil black demon guys abuse them and their mother’s. I’m glad the universe is looking out for humanity than to allow ya’ll evil demonic black piece of manure black guys to have any power. Intelligent women of color are so much better than ya’ll black evil dummy black guys on this page and elsewhere that think like ya’ll in the world, and no woman should ever curse herself to get with one of ya’ll. Just gross ugly beastly demons from hell plaguing the race of women all over. I’ve seen how ya’ll treat women from other races too, how ya’ll are bitter and abuse sweet women from other races who fall for ya’ll phony pretending asses pretending to be a gentleman. Ya’ll are evil and this piece of crap article should be banned and a crime to humanity. It’s no wonder that the majority of black guys are in jail! All you black guys supporting this pages hatred need to be put in jail for crimes against humanity and the precious woman race. I’ve seen how ya’ll treat women of color who are intelligent and beautiful, how ya’ll try to bring her down. Bunch of ugly demons. I pray God saves the race of women from the hatred of the evil black male who don’t deserve to live.


  4. And of course when you read the comment section on his videos, it’s full of black women professing to do everything they can to monetarily support this guy and his ‘mission’ or ‘movement’.
    All you literally have to do , especially if you are a White man, is make a few videos extolling the virtue, beauty , femininity, strength, and ‘glory’ of black women, and you will have black women falling over themselves in an attempt to give this white man their last time because he said a few nice words about them. This is how simple, easily led, and starved for attention black woman really are.
    As someone earlier stated, this guy isn’t even in America. He has no dealings with the black American women face to face on a daily basis in any aspect or regard. So how the hell is he able to sit in the Netherlands thousands of miles away from America, and talk about how great black women are?
    He is not able to do this. He is simply making things up in an attempt to gain the trust of stupid black women in order to extract money from them.
    This guy is actually attempting to say that black women are some type of valuable treasure when he doesn’t even deal with them or see them on a daily basis.
    Despite the ramblings of some white ConMan Simp clown, we as thinking men all understand what the truth is regarding black women. No honest man in his right mind could ever publicly praise black women unless, he is a brain-dead simple Negro who was raised around single black women and knows no better. Or he is a black Con Man who is publicly praising black women in order to make money off of them. Or you are some white man who was attempting to take advantage of the insecurities of black women, by telling them how beautiful they are in order to extract money and sexual favors from them.
    In the last video this guy put up, he speaks for about 10 minutes on how he needs ‘financing’, in order to keep his channel and videos going. I’m sure as I type this black women are on PayPal accounts and Patreon giving this guy money.
    The utter stupidity and naïve nature of black women is the reason why they are on the other bottom of everything. Black women are ruled by irrational emotion rather than logical thought. So as opposed to questioning the reasons and motivations of why some Whiteman in the Netherlands is making videos about black women and asking them for money, black women just get excited and start screaming about how ‘ they are appreciated by White men’, ‘ white men actually love them above all other races of women’, ‘ Blackmen could learn from Whiteman on how to love and appreciate a black woman’, etc, etc.
    This is all the garbage you hear come out of the stupid mouths of black women anytime a White man says two nice words about black women.
    In the dictionary next to the word stupid is a big color photo of a black woman.

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      • afrofuturism1,

        That hustle wouldn’t work for you, you’re not white. There are several black simps on YT who praise BW, but nobody even watches their videos. But let a white or Hispanic dude praise BW and the cash registers start ringing.

        Sorry, buddy.


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    • Let’s hope you never get in a situation where you need or look to the help of a black woman, because we are too stupid and unpraise worthy, let’s hope the white women that you so love for once in their life will actually stand up for you and defend you to their death for your safety. You are one of those men who not only hate themselves but everything about you, I’m sure if you could change your race within a heartbeat you would, let’s hope you don’t have a daughter, white mother or not your damning dna will make sure she’s a black woman and a black man out there that she may end up dating will tell her how unworthy she is because of her father’s DNA that’s if you haven’t already taught her how to hate herself, and then I hope you watch her fall into the hands of a white man that will be her pimp/simp. How big of a failure you are to know the very thing you hate it’s what you made. It’s sad that you not only have so much hate for black women but also for yourself. I hope one day before you die with all your debts and failures in life you’ll learn to love yourself.

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  5. Black women are the most nurturing of women. Black women are there for Blackmen when nobody else will stand beside them. Black women solely carry the burdens of black society upon their shoulders, and they do so without looking for reward or praise or thanks.
    Black women, many times alone, because Blackmen have abandoned them, are there to raise black children and to teach black children the correct and proper way of living a productive, respectful, and prosperous life.
    Black women are admired and imitated by all races the females on the planet earth. Black women have skintones, bodies, full lips, and strong hair that all women on the planet earth want but can’t have.
    Black women show Blackmen a special type of love, that Blackmen just cannot receive from any other group of women on the planet earth. The loyalty, respect, support, and admiration that black women show Blackmen on a daily basis, cannot be matched by nonblack women.
    Now please help me continue to support this powerful message I am trying to get out to the public by sending money to my Patreon account.
    Does this sound like the typical Negro / white man Simp con man hustle?
    And black people wonder why they are at the bottom of everything? The stupidity starts with black women, and the Simp Negro clown finishes the stupidity. Pathetic on every level.

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      • afrofuturism1 why are you so bitter and full of self-hatred. I’m sure someone inflicted some kind of hurt and pain on you. Poor baby. I will just keep you in prayers. God can help you because prayers work.


  6. I’m sitting here utterly baffled to why that Coen Nannick or Jacob Mason would want to “slum it up” with Black Women. Given their known reputation and nature. I’ve tried to reason and process why any man of forth-right thinking would seriously date or marry a Black Women. I really had to psycho-analyze why two White Men, presumably in the middle class, would want to be initimate with a Black Woman in the current location and conditions we’re in.

    And it all came to me. These two morons are probably former MGTOW or Red Pill guys who were cucks and/or betas. Couldn’t afford the going the foreign route or failed at it. And decided to pick up on a niche of women who are deemed by most unattractive and/or undesirable. Knowing Black Women’s delusional mindest & Euro-worship is just as bad (if not worst) than Asian Women, they decided this is a demographic they should tap into.

    They are easy prey and knows BW’s subservience & docile nature will come to light with them. White Men have punishment mechanisms to keep BW in place and “rewards” that these slags consider valuable. And if nothing else, White Men can use Black Women as modern day concubines and sex slaves. Let not pretend BW are as strong and might as they think. They put on a show in public, but we all know it’s just ghetto gagging and racist cos-play behind closed doors. While she’s with him, she’ll only be seen as the Side-Whore Nigger Bitch.

    Most White Men I’ve known had a hierarchy of women he would desire before any Black Women. It’s usually;

    3)Latino/Hispanic (White or Bi-racial)
    6)Native American
    7)Pacific Islander

    Given the options their skin color,race, and reputation affords both individuals, I cannot fathom how these White Men would pick from the bottom of the pool. Their is nothing to gain from pandering and catering to Black Women. Maybe easy access to sex but other than that, they bring nothing to the table that is tanglible. Or nothing that makes a man’s everyday life easier at least.

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    • Interesting that you’d note the mgtow angle, as they seem to love defending black women and talk about they’re just as sexy as white Women and not any worse.

      I’d hate to sound like a pro black, but why white Cuck who compared a loud mouth feminist Becky (that other white men gave legal power to) to a violent, horse hair stealing shaniqua, is a WHITE DEVIL

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      • I’d adjust your White Male Pussy League Table thus:

        1) Eastern European/Russian
        2) Asian
        3) Anglo-Saxon/Nordic
        4)Latina/Hispanic/South American
        5) Indian/Pakistani
        6) Middle Eastern
        7)Indigenous American
        8) Pacific Islander
        9) African (Black)

        The Asian girl would be second in the United States if Eastern European girls started rocking up across the Atlantic.
        It’s the feminine Eastern European girls that the White guys really want, the Asian girl being the hard fought colonial prize in the opium wars.

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    • ALSO





      Pay attention RYAN. They do not want you. NEEEEVVVVEEEERRRR. LOL


  7. Ryan, absolutely true. Certain white men focus on and concentrate on reeling black women in by saying nice things about them. Other than sexual favors and small amounts of cash (because most black women have no money), there is nothing to be gained by praising black women or trying to somehow support them. But I feel like most of these white men who go out of their way to praise black women, are simply doing so because they know and understand that black women are the dumbest, most insecure, lowest self-esteem having women on the planet earth.
    So anytime a white man pops up and starts ranting and raving about how great black women are, white men understand that they will have a following of black women who are willing to give them money, support, sex, and are basically willing to be slaves to that white man.
    These white men also prayed upon the fact that black women hate Blackmen, and will become hypnotized anytime a nonblack man says anything positive about them.
    But you have these black simps who are praising black women 24 hours a day seven days a week, and black women won’t give 1/10 of the respect or attention to the black SIMP who is saying the same garbage as the white con man Simp who is praising black women.
    I simply cannot stand black women. Even the ones in my family, although I love them because they are family, as people I can’t stand to be around or speak to the majority of them. And these are my family members. So you can imagine how I feel about the average black woman on the street.
    I just hate black women. As harsh as that may sound, it’s true. I just hate them.

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    • Interesting that you’d note how the white simps typically gain more than the black ones. The white ones probably realize how dumb what they are saying is, the black ones think it’s true.

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  8. Coen abandoned his “Curvy Shrine” channel because his videos were getting less than 200 views. He said before that his interracial topics always got the most views, so of course he’s gonna focus solely on that topic. It was only a matter of time before he started asking for money. When it becomes apparent that his audience aren’t throwing enough cash at him, he’ll go off his meds, start drinking, and put out a video calling his viewers “pathetic” and “predictable”, and ridiculing them for not listening to his “message” instead choosing to focus on his “beautiful blue eyes”. This always happens..the meltdown will be very entertaining.

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  9. He has two patreons. lol He is trying to make $2200/month total. Oh yeah the dude is balding, that’s why he has a comb over which looks like hell. I don’t know if he works at home but I hope he doesn’t go to work like that. For crying out loud he should shave his head again.

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    • MikeTo,

      The way black women are with their money he will most likely reach his goal if he is persistent with his agenda. He is already viewed as a god in their eyes so he is at an advantage off the bat.

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    • He doesn’t go to work “looking like that”, because he has no desire to get an actual job. True fact. His BBW admirers and other female fans are supposed to support him. He is self absorbed, irresponsible, and no offense, but showing how dominant he thinks he is as a white male by much of the content in his videos. He is in all reality, nothing but a self centered, unemployed BETA male.

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  10. This guy looks racist as hell. Come on. It’s obvious he’s saying what he’s saying for a reason. He has an agenda. Man black women are desperate.

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  11. This Nannick guy is so cute and nice. It’s so refreshing. This white man is handsome. And he is so well spoken! I thought he was Dutch or something! His English is great! Negro Wars author, please don’t bother showing your face. I did not want to see it. Nor do I want to hear your voice. Nannick on the other hand. Handsome and sweet. You BM have no clue what being handsome or sweet is. You are incapable and that is a fact.


    • Tracey Scott,

      Did you notice how your question went ignored? Typical of angry, misogynistic underachievers with slave mentalities. Why waste time with people who want to hold us back, when we can be with people who hold us up?


      • The Diva Of No Empire,

        Agreed, don’t let us hold you back from twerking and fighting in the streets, wearing non black hair upon your heads and opening your legs to every man that passes by. Stop deluding yourself, black women are going nowhere other than down the toilet. In that respect I will step out of your way and allow you to continue along your paths of destruction.

        Of course the question went unanswered, because it was irrelevant to the topic at hand. You black sirens enjoy attempting to derail constructive conversations with miscellaneous rubbish and trivial foolishness.

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  12. Soooo…? if it’s so easy to get black women money & over 30% of black males is out of work & would gladly beg the white man for a job, but you black males refuse to do, bur gets mad when someone else does it..?
    BLACK MEN, DO YOU NOT SEE YOUR SELVES..? DO, THE SAME & MAKE THE MONEY. Any bm with a 80+IQ Could do it, why don’t you’ll..? FOR THE SAME REASONS IT’S NEEDED & BW IS WILLING TO PAY FOR IT, Let’s be honest/rational here.

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  13. This whole “thread” or what ever is just filled with hate and tbh it’s trashy. No wonder most African American women are straying away from most black men to search for something new.


    • Vanessa Johnson,

      Most African American women huh, exactly who are MOST African American women going to instead of black men, exactly which non black men are accepting them in such high numbers, I’ll wait?

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      • with that being said, i think you should use the word “some”, to talk about black women. Because as you can see, all of us don´t have the same perception and opinions about this guy Coen Naninck so i guess it´s really important to not generalize. Everyone has their own point of view of things and their own way of living, but that´s just my opinion anyways.


      • Nata Gutiérrez,

        When a general trend has formed within the group to where a majority fit the demographic, it is no longer my job to differentiate, that becomes the job of black women. The problem is I don’t see these so called “good black women” separating themselves from the bad apples, if anything instead they jump up to defend the scumbags. The issue here is not the word “some”, the real issue here is black women actually taking action and getting to work cleaning up their deplorable behaviour and reputation.

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      • i didn´t understood your answer that much but anyways, i just wanted to explain and show my point of view of the situation in the comment below, but obviously, i´m not going to force my opinion on you to change your mind because everyone has different ways of thinking and i don´t have the right to do that either. Have a good day.


  14. The racism in these remarks stink to higher heavens. What’s wrong with you people?! May God have mercy on your souls. BTW, life began in African — or is everyone here a science-denier. Your genetics all link back to same one black African woman.

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    • That´s true, but let´s remember that every single person out there has their own mindsets, some of them are valid and some of them are not, anyways we can´t change that even if we want to prove our points, at the end of the day we need to respect the opinions of others, so, let´s continue with our lifes and spread positivity :3


  15. I wanted to leave a comment. I actually feel disgusted about every single thing this guy Coen Naninck says, i actually don´t buy none of that shit he says… Like, really, there are some black women out there praising this guy and putting him in a pedestal and thinking about him like: oh, what a “white woke daddy”.
    As a black women i do feel really dissapointed and disgusted on this girls who believe every word that comes out of his creepy mouth. I don´t know if any of you guys watched a video of his where he points out “things that white men find sensual on black women” or something like that… Damn, he even says that he finds sensual the way a black women apparently takes her phones out of her back pocket, the way a black women apparently points things with her finger when she buys something and he even had the nerve to use “chicken” as an example… wtf? he gets on my nerves -.-

    The amount of headassery in everything he says it´s just unbelievable u.u. He also claims that black women really pay attention to him when he´s talking to them “based on ther body language”. Correct me if i´m wrong but he seems like a fetishizer to me. He´s just saying non-sense and stupid things all over Youtube so with that some naive black girls fall in his bullshit and go weak at their knees for him in the comment section. I even started to think he´s one of those creepy guys who would watch a women minding her own business in the street to fetishize her and to fill the delulu mind of some of his black suscribers with ridiculous stuff. *i apologize if this didn´t make sense or if there are any typos*


  16. You sound angry and how dare you put down black women like that? I am one and was offended reading your post. In fact you sound like a hater, so what white men wants us what business is it of yours. Do me a favor and do you, stay in your lane regarding your preference and let him have his. Men like you sir make me sick that is why black women are starting to date outside our race because black men don’t recognize the queens that we are.


    • Kimmie D,

      You black women put yourselves down first through your deplorable, sloppy behaviour, black women don’t need help with making themselves look bad, via your own hands you’ve already put your image and reputation deep in the toilet. White men don’t want you, this is why swirling is on the decrease for black women, conversely interracial dating continues to increase for black men as non black women take advantage of the fact that you treat us like dirt and reject the best of us. Naninck is just another pimp who sees how stupid and gullible most black women are and is only too happy to take advantage. Enjoy yourself.

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  17. I feel so sad about this whole thread and the whole situation black women and black men find themselves in. I am a black woman of Caribbean parentage. Born and raised in the UK and living more than half my life in Copenhagen, Denmark. It upsets me so much that the European wheel of destruction has brought us to this point. They don’t need to do anything to us anymore: we are so programmed that, now, they can just sit back and watch us do it to ourselves.

    From where I am viewing the world, I agree with your point about black women having deplorable, sloppy, embarrassing behaviour. I agree that they are seemingly unintelligent, aggressive, gullible and attention-starved. This is, at least, how black American women look to a black woman dwelling in Europe.
    From this part of the world black American men father children and leave them, they walk the streets with their pants sagging around their knees and are shooting and killing each other for little more than breathing too loudly.

    But, truly, do you not see how this is the entire plan of the European wheel of destruction? 500 years ago he took a knife and pushed it into the very belly of our black soul. And now we have taken hold of that knife and we are continuing to push it even further 😦 What they want is for us to push it so far in that we sever our spinal column. And then that will truly be the end.

    As a people, we are so utterly and completely damaged. I see it and has made me cry. They want us to cease to exist. They want us to die. Either die by self-inflicted violence or we just breed ourselves out of existence. We hate ourselves so much.

    It’s time for us to put down the pitch forks, take a giant step back and take in the big picture. The big picture being: who is it that benefits from our intense hatred of each other? That’s the enemy right there.

    Love & peace to you all.



  18. This is one of the most disgusting and hateful sites I have come across on the internet. Lots of loathing and self hatred spewed on this site. What did a Black Woman do to any of you to make you hate Black Women and yourselves so completely? I’m not sure if this site is really written by white nationalist or by black men who really hate themselves. If it is written and frequented by Black Men, the self loathing is so thick that I doubt any Black Woman would even want you in the first place. If it is written by white nationalist, Nice Try! Either way Black Women smell your stench miles away. Who would want to procreate with such vile creatures as yourselves anyway? Maybe that’s why there are only 2000 followers of this site. There’s enough hate in the world and idiots like you should fit in well at a MAGA Donald Trump rally just fine. Also, how interesting you speak on how this Coen dude just pimping Black Women by asking for money, but I see below you are asking for donations to help you support this Shrine of Self Loathing and Hatered Of Black Women. Ha! Pathetic! He Truth is your afraid of the Black Woman because she is strong, powerful, feminine, and way smarter than you ever could be. Maybe you are intimidated by the fact that African American Women are the most educated and degreed population in this country. What a joke ‘The Thinking Black Man’ LOL LOL. Basically all of you sorry excuses for men want a docile chick when in fact you are not even man enough to handle that. In fact you are not even worthy to latch my summer sandals or to kiss my beautiful sun kissed ass. So, I’m wondering what do you bring to the table besides your hatred? Hmmm Most of these women that are the list wouldn’t want you unless you can make $100k a year because after all you are a Black Man. Guess what if African American are the least diserable on the the list, what does that make you African American Male? Hmmm…not far below. You hate yourselves so much that now your trying to get the whole world to hate Black Women more than you think they hate you! Thus it will make you feel better. At first I was truly disturbed by this site but now I realized just how sad and pathetic you all must be. I bet your not getting any love from any woman-White, Black, Yellow, Red, or even Green (alien green)…LOL. We all can smell your stench of hatred-even the alien chicks can smell your crap miles above the earth. Ha! And to Char…sweetie if you think as a Black Woman Living in Europe you are anyway better than the African American Woman… you bought into the Great Lie too. If that’s not what you meant, than you need to restate yourself. What’s so interesting about all of this is that the World Standard is American Beauty, but the American White Woman has stolen everything they know and want to be about being a Woman, from the African American Black Female, then they bastardized it. It’s been going on since they brought us here. There is a reason why the slavemaster wanted us and white woman slavemasters loathed us. In fact, the world looks to the USA for its cultural influences thinking it is white folks that create it, not even realizing white folks have stolen it from black folks. All the tanning beds, lip injections, butt implants and lifts are all white women trying to be black women in disguised. That too is pathetic. Black women are hated because everyone knows we are the Mothers of the Earth. Everyone that ever walked the face of this Earth had to come through the Body of a Black Woman first. Without us, there would be no YOU! You owe us your lives and you hate that don’t you? I’ll answer that for you…Yes you do.


  19. These freaks commenting on this unkn invisible space couldn’t get anyone to pay them any attention. So they do what the other invisibles do, get a website, lol. I bet if you saw a picture you would throw up by the sight of them. Dogs would run away. Lololololol lololololol lololololol lololololol. No body cares about these freaks. Lololololol lololololol lololololol


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