Katie Hopkins – Take A Look In The Mirror First, Then Take A Seat – UK News




Who is Katie Hopkins? According to Wikipedia Katie Hopkins is an English television personality and newspaper columnist for the UK Daily Mail. She is a very outspoken woman and I happen to agree with her on many topics especially feminism and the destruction that it has caused throughout both male and female society, however posting the above tweet simply shows her ignorance on black related issues and how black society became a mess to begin with. White folks in general tend to have very short memories when it comes down to them shafting others, however on the flip side they will never forget whenever the shoe is on the other foot and they get the rough end of the stick themselves.

I have been witnessing this particular Kansas City shuffle from white people as a collective for a quite a long time, where they move in and initiate the process to destabilise a society, stand back and watch as that particular society unfolds and crumbles and years down the line point to that same society in its dysfunctional state and ask the question as to how that society became such a mess as if they had nothing to do with its downfall.

This is why the Natives Americans stated that the white man spoke with a folk tongue when Europeans first landed on the shores of what we now call the United States. The current dysfunction in black society has two main culprits behind it, the state and the modern day black woman. The state which is majority comprised of white folks for the last 40 years in the United Kingdom just like in the US has taken upon themselves to sponsor black women to sit on their behinds doing nothing and to use their wombs irresponsibly and produce bastard child after bastard child.

The UK being the deep gynocentric, ultra feminist liberal country that it is already gives women a perpetual pass on their dysfunctional and unaccountable behaviour, of course black women are included in the equation. Couple this with the fact that black women have been brought on board as assets of the state in order to keep black men and black society fragmented and on their faces and you have quite a volatile recipe for ongoing failure.

We have seen the same pattern of white sponsored destruction on the international level. Just look at the many countries around the world that have been destroyed through Western European conquests. Why for example can people clearly recognise that whites have been and still are responsible for the destruction of countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, yet these same individuals cannot or do not want to recognise that the same infrastructural and economic terrorism orchestrated by Europeans has also been unleashed upon black society?

The same people warring against various countries in the Middle East are the very same individuals, organisations and governments waging war against black nations worldwide, however in the case of the Negro white folks have begun to use the dysfunction amongst blacks as their scapegoat and their reasoning behind why they refuse to listen to and take our issues and concerns seriously, even though they are the very people behind the dysfunction to begin with.

White folks such as Hopkins need to start dealing with black issues honestly or take a seat and don’t speak about them at all. This deceptive method many white folks use of judging a situation mid journey instead of investigating the matter from its origin point is irresponsible, pure evil to the core and deserves nothing but rebuke and mockery. The reason why most whites refuse to look at dysfunction within black society from its origin point is because they know full well that they are the ones behind the programme.

If Hopkins and other whites like her wish to see a more structured, organised and stable black society with much less dysfunction the solution is simple, stop sponsoring single black mothers to have children irresponsibly without fathers and stop giving lazy black women free money to sit on their backsides all day doing nothing. The saying “the devil makes work for idle hands” rings true especially when dealing with black women.

Black women are being sponsored by the state to keep black society broken and to have children without fathers in the home. This is why black society is in such a mess, this is why there are so many stabbings and killings in the black community and these are the issues that most white people are deliberately failing to cover whenever they take pokes at black folks.

Hopkins is already aware that most criminals come from broken homes, was this trip of folly really necessary Hopkins? Is it too much to expect white people as a collective to be honest and truthful on any issues especially those concerning black people, many including myself would say yes. It seem that the only time white people tell the truth is when they are exposed and have no other choice but to, they don’t seem to be very good at it from a voluntary perspective.

If Katie Hopkins truly wishes to be informed and to know what is going on within black society then she ought to first be looking at her own people, second be reading Negro Wars and third visiting this website more often. This way she can avoid putting her foot in the excrement speaking on issues that she is not fully clued up on.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

31 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins – Take A Look In The Mirror First, Then Take A Seat – UK News

      • Kate Hopkins won the English ” The Apprentice” show, hosted by Alan Sugar. She then turned it down and asked Alan Sugar to give it to the other contestant, who was runner up. She realised that she would not be able to focus her time and attention to her very young children at the time, and there was no way she was going to pay a nanny to take care of them. Good choice, she put her children first and paid her bills via doing other things that would enable her to choose times around the needs of her children.

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  1. Isn’t she the chick that called out fat people? Lol

    White society, even conservatives, refuse to really deal with what ails the black community. In doing so, they would have to deal with the state sponsored terrorists, aka, black women. They refuse to do so because I believe that even white conservatives, namely the men, do not wish to see black society prosper. Thus, by doing nothing to remove the black woman, instability is maintained.

    This is why white conservatives will big up any and all black females with the slightest bit of conservatism, no matter how stereotypical and caricaturing. Just look at Diamond and Silk, as well as Brunell.

    Notice that when white men and women call out feminism on the white side, the simp Cuck men still won’t talk about how they capitulated to feminist demands and put gynocentric laws in place.

    The reason they won’t talk about it concerning blacks is because 1. The situation is way different and would showcase the dysfunction of black women and the evil weakness of white men, and 2. They don’t give a crap about blacks.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      All true, they keep their advantage over black people in place by deliberately failing to deal with the black woman. This may be in the UK, however as you can see the tactics are exactly the same as used by white folks over in the US. You’re right, they don’t want blacks to prosper, this is especially the case here in the UK where the youth are out of control, they use the violent black youth as a mechanism to keep black society in the toilet.

      You only have to search “London crime” or “UK stabbings” to see just how bad things have gotten over here. And to think when black folks started coming over here in the 1960s they were mocked, ridiculed, beaten, excrement was put through their letterboxes etc by racist whites, however all it took was the government to offer the black witch some money and state benefits and she was ready to integrate. #BREEDTHEMOUT #SYSBMFORLIFE

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    • The so-called “Black Feminist” movement was created and manipulated by the CIA from the very beginning. The only difference between Black Revolutionaries and Black Feminist on this issue is that the Black Revolutionaries KNOW they were infiltrated and manipulated—But Black Feminist are still unwilling to admit that they were infiltrated and manipulated, largely because they are highly invested in the hateful brand of Black feminism. As a result, the “Hate Black Men” movement has become MORE THAN just a political point a view: It is now a central part of the CULTURE of Black women and this fact has led to the destruction of the Black Revolution and the complete distortion of Black relationships. And the CIA had a direct hand in creating this situation.

      Here is an article: http://whale.to/b/how7.html

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      • Feminism is a Jewish creation. An organization of radical white feminists called “Red Stockings” outed Gloria Steinem as a CIA agent. When Red Stockings tried to publish a book called “Feminist Revolution” in 1979 with a chapter that detailed Steinem’s CIA connections, Steinem and her powerful CIA-connected friends forced Random House to delete the chapter on Steinem. Nevertheless the chapter on Steinem’s CIA connections appeared in the “Village Voice” on May 21, 1979, but only after the “Village Voice” had been threatened by Steinem’s lawyers. The book “Feminist Revolution” is still available. You can buy the censored version from Redstockings for $8.00. For $4.00 (or free if you buy “Feminist Revolution”), you get the censored section which contains detailed material on Steinem’s early work with the CIA, and an account of how this story was censored after originally being scheduled for publication.

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  2. This is more reason for black men to get women from other cultures, and then build their own. Have big families, and then head to black countries so we can be amongst our own and clean the gene pool. Emancipate from the white man so you don’t have to hear him bitch.

    I also reiterate how black women, as well as the children and societies that they create, continue to ruin black peoples’ reputation.

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  4. Not only does this black woman need to be bred out, but so doe her father the white male….their reproductive numbers are falling too and they know it.

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  5. Off topic Babs, but are you familiar with an author named JK Rowling?

    He wrote the Harry Potter books (most notably Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone).

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  6. Katie is brainwashed like a lot of white people by this notion of European/American exceptionalism. I’m no fan of that BLM/social justice cringe fest of a show “Dear White People” and its open antagonism towards whites, but Katie shouldn’t stoop to their level.

    I love how white nationalist will use their favorite trump card when facing criticism of making non western cultures out to be inferior when as you stated Verbs, America and the west has flourished off of destabilizing other nations and centuries of imperialism. But white nationalist will just put it on all the Jews when their follies are being scrutinized. Funny how non whites don’t get the same excuse. No, our shortcomings are because of our inferior IQ’s and culture. What a bunch of bull.

    And I refuse to talk about black crime or other issues regarding blacks because these people never want to get to the root of the problem because their remedy for addressing the problem is to perpetuate the myth of the absentee black father and violent prone black males. They will never discuss single mothers, feminism, and welfare policies of the black community because that doesn’t coincide with the agenda to tarnish the image of black men.

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  7. Verbs2015, not to go off topic, Did you see the news about, Rachael Malonson the bi racial winner of ‘Miss Black University of Texas’?
    Black women (as usual) are going crazy on social media claiming she is not ‘black enough’.
    If you Google ‘Rachael Malonson lipstick alley’, and you go to the first search result that comes up, titled ‘WHITE QUEEN WINS MISS BLACK 2017 AT UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS!’ on the ‘Lipstick Alley’ website you will get an idea of how insanely upset and jealous these black women really are of any woman who is not black and ugly.
    Check this story out if you get a chance. Thanks.

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  8. Afrofuturism1, yeah it’s crazy. Hopefully Verbs2015 will make a thread about this story. The comments of black women regarding this are incredibly ridiculous. It’s always a different story when it comes to mixed black women. I have a lot more to say about this but hopefully I’ll be able to comment on the thread that is made about it (if there is one).

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  9. Its the usual “black whenever convenient” racket with black women. They were calling ex President Barack Obama black until the cows came home even though he is mixed race. I checked out the story of Rachael Malonson and as per usual it is the dark skinned black women who have the most shade to throw at this bi racial woman, why am I not surprised?

    It’s what I stated before in another article I wrote, black women in particular dark skinned black females will always have something to complain about, I don’t really understand why folks still try to appease them, it’s a fool’s errand to embark upon.

    Black women at this stage are simply a laughingstock, one minute a mixed race person is black, the next that same individual isn’t black enough, which one is it? Yet more mental insanity on display by the angry and bitter black sisterhood. It simply goes back to what Mad Bus Driver said about black women being replaced, its happening as we speak and their is nothing black women can do about it.

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  10. Verbs2015, so true. Black women because they’re so insecure, bitter, angry, and jealous because mixed black women look better than they do and get more attention than they ever will, look for any excuse to attack mixed black women. But I think it’s actually a subconscious attack on white women to be honest.
    The lives of black women consists of being jealous and envious and hateful toward white women, every second of every day. So when black women look at mixed or light skinned black women, it reminds them of the superior status that White women have because these mixed or light skinned black women receive better treatment than black women do, and are viewed as more attractive. Just like white women.
    But in the mind of the mentally ill black woman Barack Obama and Jesse Williams are Black men.
    Does the madness of black women ever end? I’m just so sick of black women. Do black women ever do or say anything that isn’t filled with complaints, arguments, dissatisfaction, and bitterness?

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    • It is this same complaint status that inspires dumb crap like the show in the tweet in the article. Black women teach their children to constantly rail against (translation: beg) white people, namely white women.

      Black men, at least good ones, say to hell with the white man and try to build their own thing. Tell me, do you see Asian or Indian people making “Dear White People” programs and constantly teaching grievances to their children?

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  11. Black women (and simple black men) don’t realize they embarrass themselves by making white people the ‘issue’, everyday of the week. And black women prove they are a joke to the world, because black women can’t seem to take a breath without mentioning white women. Black women are completely obsessed with what White women are you doing, what White women are thinking, how white women look, how white women are dressing, how white women are doing their hair, the fact that White women are cast in roles that black women have no shot at, white women, white women, white women, white women.
    It’s a never ending blame fest on the part of black women, who seem to hold white women responsible for some mistreatment, underrepresentation, or poor self image that is received by black women. If black women would stop being obsessed about White women for one second and actually look in the mirror and focus on what they’re doing behavior wise that is negative, black women might have a chance.
    But because black women are so prideful and stupid, and their insane behavior is supported by these brain-dead simple Blackmen, black women never have to take responsibility for anything they do.
    Black women just sit around and blame white women and Blackmen for all the problems in their lives. But at the same time these black women are doing everything they can to look like white women, and are having sex with and having babies with the lowest forms of black male scum on the planet earth.
    Black women are a walking contradiction, walking hypocrites, and walking evil.
    Oh yeah, as an American I have no idea who Katie Hopkins is, so I can’t comment on or about her. Lol!!!

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  12. Mad Bus Driver did a video about black women being replaced. If black men stop allowing black women to be unwed baby mamas, there will be few black females being born in the year 2020. A man should not have sexual relations with the typical black woman. If you do have sex with a black woman, who is not your wife, the world begs you to use a condom.

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  13. Gregory Chandler, Sadly most Blackmen have no choice but to have sex with black women. And most Bleck men will eventually start to have sex with black woman with no condom. It’s sad but true.


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