Rapper Crougs Freestyles About Black Women And The Bitter Black Sisterhood Responds



This guy was 100 and straight on point with his freestyle, everything he said everybody here at Slaying Evil has talked about, I have written many articles evidencing the same aswell as covered the majority of the issues he addressed in my book Negro Wars. Of course as per usual the angry and bitter black sisterhood couldn’t refute any part of his rap so in typical ultra feminist liberal fashion they resorted to name calling and slogan slinging instead. The website Bossip ran with this headline:


Struggle rapper??? You’ll notice that in the eyes of black women conveniently nobody is ever qualified to critique them, anybody who steps up to scrutinise and examine black women, black women will immediately scramble to find fault with that individual as if this somehow nullifies the points being levied against them. Lets see how black women and their simp advocates on Twitter responded to Crougs’s honest and accurate examination of them:

Of course the angry and bitter black sisterhood and their simp brigade didn’t stop there, they went and found Crougs’s girlfriend on Instagram and as per typical black female scum fashion, began going in on her aswell:

Another white woman stepped in and rightfully stated that Crougs’s girlfriend has nothing to do with his freestyle, however you already know that black women are allergic to logic, common sense and truth like vampires to garlic and holy water:

Notice how with black women the theme is always the same, name calling, slogan slinging, shaming tactics but not once do they ever deal with the points he raised, pathetic:

For his honest critique of a group of women who have now become the pestilence and the scourge of black society, Crougs and his white girlfriend have been dragged through the coals. However, black women and their attacks on black men who examine them thoroughly and fairly mean nothing. You’ll notice how black men in 2017 alone have been coming out of the woodwork thick and fast to air their grievances concerning black women and to explain why they no longer deal with them.

Black women have become a laughingstock by themselves, however the simps that are still attempting to defend them in vain look even more stupid and ridiculous. It’s not as if the shortfalls of the modern day black female are hidden in a corner, her transgressions and iniquities are wide-spread, everybody can see them yet black women are still behaving as if nobody can see their dirty laundry.

You’ll notice how black women whenever cornered will bring up anything irrelevant in their efforts to remove the focus from them. They claim that nobody knows Crougs as a rapper, so what, every rapper begins from a position of being unknown and gradually over time builds up his/her reputation. Besides, what does this have to do with the points Crougs raised, nothing.

Referring to Crougs as a struggle rapper again does not make what he stated in his freestyle null and void. This is how stupid the majority of black women and their simp brigades are, they seem to believe that if they can somehow tarnish your, character, reputation or find fault with something in relation to you that is outside of the topic being discussed, in their eyes this automatically means that facts now become non facts. Do you see the disjointed mentality of black women at work once again?

While searching on the internet for more on this story I came across these two clowns who also decided to put in their two pence worth about Crougs’s freestyle, check it out:

A light-skinned black female by the name of Megan Thomas and her light-skinned black male crony simp soldier Tahir Moore. Firstly, notice how simp Moore was going in on Crougs in his efforts to try to impress this woman. What does Crougs’s haircut have to do with the freestyle? Dumb Negro males behaving in exactly the same manner as the single black mothers that raised the overwhelming majority of them. That is all Tahir Moore does in the clip, tries his best to impress his “god”. His hairline isn’t exactly high tide either, thus he ought to be very cautious when talking about other people’s hairstyles.

Notice the black woman Megan Thomas making all of the usual black female facial contortions and in addition making the usual hand gestures like a baby beginning to discover itself and it’s surroundings. Black women believe that making strange facial expressions, making random hand gestures aswell as clapping and bashing their hands together whenever they talk somehow makes what they are saying true. You’ll notice how the simp Moore was also making clown facial expressions in his effort to bolster his “quean’s” position.

Here are some examples of what I am talking about:

These black male simps are even more of a pestilence than the black women they jump up to bolster and defend, if it wasn’t for their persistent simping black women would have bottomed out a long time ago. Simp Moore is doing black men a great injustice by pretending that black women do not have major issues that need to be dealt with immediately.

Crougs freestyle was tight, he labelled black women chocolate demons, something which we here at Slaying Evil have been talking about for a long time. Here is an article I wrote giving proof of that:


I have so many articles on this site documenting the evil of this modern day black siren, the fact that black women are walking devils in the flesh is no longer up for debate. Black women have provided us with the evidence of their ongoing evil themselves, it’s not like we have to search high and low for it. Crougs is practising SYSBM and no doubt is a much happier man for it, horror stories relating to black women treating black men in a nasty, vicious and evil manner are not unique to Crougs, many, many other black men can give similar reports.

Crougs knows what he is talking about, there are so many other areas that he covered in that freestyle, every line was on point. As I have stated many times before, you cannot defend that which cannot be defended, in 2017 black women cannot be defended on any level. Anyway, enough rambling from me, your thoughts.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset)

Most High Bless

60 thoughts on “Rapper Crougs Freestyles About Black Women And The Bitter Black Sisterhood Responds

  1. BLACK BITCHES are the very definition of a VIRUS. They infect , destroy, multiply and then move onto the next host. Most black females literally make me sick to my stomach when I see or hear them. I glad the brother learned at an early age to leave the black whore bitches alone..#SYSBM

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      • Articles like this and stories like this make me exceedingly joyful that I do not live in the USA. Being a mauritian woman living in Australia I can guarantee to you that your generalisations are baseless outside of your own timezone. The problem with this rapper “crougs” and this article and most of the males present in the comment section is that all generalisations are acutely limited to experiences had with black AMERICAN women. Now i dont claim to know what black women in America are like but contrary to what the wider population of America believes, a whole big world exists outside your continent and a MAJORITY of the black population reside far from you! Just a suggestion, if you wish to have any credibility at all, I’d suggest changing this to black american women if that is what you believe. Make generalisations and statements sure, but don’t risk sounding ignorant in the eyes of the rest of the planet who live completely differently from what you have experienced in the US.

        Just some commentary by a female from Mauritius (that’s an island near the coast of South Africa just fyi 😊😊.


      • Mercy Wanyonyi,

        This is an international problem, if I came to Australia I would catch black women behaving in the same dysfunctional manner, maybe not on the same scale as in the US, however they will be found behaving dysfunctionally guaranteed. I don’t understand where many of you women get off actually believing that general statements can never be spoken. General statements are allowed to be made when a trend has formed, remember that. Yes, I am fully aware of where Mauritius is, an island once upon a time that was inhabited by majority blacks, however now it has been overrun and taken over by folks mostly from India.

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      • How are black women a virus? Explain.
        It’s so obvious that you PATHOLOGICAL BLACK MALES are saying everything that YOU are doing……. you are guilty of……and adding “Black women” to it.

        You are the savages who can’t pave a road in Africa or feed your kids anymore than you can run a city in America.
        YOU are the ones who sold blacks into slavery to whites (and still do)
        YOU are the ones chasing whites for sex and dating blacks who look white. EVERYONE knows it since most rich, famous black women marry DARK black men, but even whites laugh a how niggas with money go light or white.

        You apes have the highest rate of interacial sex (kids, domestic violence, murder, ) per your population.
        (IT’S INSANE! YOU VILE, DEMONIC BLACK MEN LITERALLY BELIEVE YOU CAN TRANSFER YOUR CRIMES TO BLACK WOMEN. You are doomed. And I’m glad. Black men are Dinosaurs. You are going crazy because you don’t belong here. You are LOSERS.)


      • “Slave Plantation,?”
        Of course, you nigg-boys can’t make excuses and blame others without bringing up slavery.
        Slavery was…..and is….the fault of BLACK men. You are vile and have always abused you women and your People.
        You, Verbs2015, are just DUMB….like all the other Niggs here. None of you knows anything about history or geography. You just MAKE STUFF UP! All Black guys do. It’s almost funny.

        Then you all say “But dey can not refute it. You love repeating certain words like “refute”.
        6 point Scrabble word to say the same unintelligent, nigga racial conspiracy theories.

        I’m telling the truth about you, black males on YouTube and beyond. I’m not the only ones.

        (No matter, most of you will die after another nigg-boy shoots you or a white woman says you beat, harassed or raped her. Haha!


    • Black Women exceed black boys (yes, boys) in higher education, degrees, and home ownership. No wonder y’all mad. And still bumming. Could be going toe-to-toe with the White Man, but we know you pea brains wont. bye


      • BlackGirlsAren’tMagic,

        But black women are failing miserably in life overall. If you black women were successful at life in general then you would have something to brag about, however pointing to one or two areas of success yet being bums and failing in the rest is not an achievement, take a seat and try again please.

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    • How are black women a virus? Explain.
      It’s so obvious that you PATHOLOGICAL BLACK MALES are saying everything that YOU are doing……. you are guilty of……and adding “Black women” to it.

      You are the savages who can’t pave a road in Africa or feed your kids anymore than you can run a city in America.
      YOU are the ones who sold blacks into slavery to whites (and still do)
      YOU are the ones chasing whites for sex and dating blacks who look white. EVERYONE knows it since most rich, famous black women marry DARK black men, but even whites laugh a how niggas with money go light or white.

      You apes have the highest rate of interacial sex (kids, domestic violence, murder, ) per your population.
      (IT’S INSANE! YOU VILE, DEMONIC BLACK MEN LITERALLY BELIEVE YOU CAN TRANSFER YOUR CRIMES TO BLACK WOMEN. You are doomed. And I’m glad. Black men are Dinosaurs. You are going crazy because you don’t belong here. You are LOSERS.)


  2. I saw this on Twitter days ago and I knew the dude was going to get trolled to death. His rap was really good and honest. Yet these jerks couldn’t take it and did the unthinkable and attacked his girlfriend. I hope Crougs has the determination to bounce back from this and continue his Christian rap career. The truth must really hurt because they’re constantly running away from it like Vampires avoiding sunlight.

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      Indeed, black women hate truth and the light. The guy was talking nothing but 100% unadulterated truth and as per usual black women scurried back into the shadows and cast their sticks and stones from the darkness.

      This mentality most black people have in relation to deliberately skipping over the sins of black women is extremely irritating.

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      • LOL! Black Women exceed black boys (yes, boys) in higher education, degrees, and home ownership. No wonder y’all mad. And still bumming. Could go toe-to-toe with the White Man, but we know you pea brains wont. Attacking women and girls. What a piss poor race of boys. Yes, boys. So glad I don’t do all that marching when y’all get shot. Lets hope you’re next bye!


      • BlackGirlMagic,

        So you felt the need to post the same comment several times, but I thought that black women are supposed to be educated? Retarded is more of a fitting description. Your educational, social and economic achievements mean nothing, at the end of the day black society is still going down the toilet under your watch.

        Your attempts to play the victim here won’t fly. Perhaps you ought to be raising your children correctly to begin with, then they wouldn’t grow up to be gang banging, getting shot by each other aswell as by the police.

        We are going toe to toe with the white man, we are dealing with his proxy agent the black woman. Who do you think he is using to further destroy the black community, YOU black sirens and most of you are equally keen to offer up your traitorous services for government Scooby snacks and doggie treats.

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    • Youre a weirdo black guy fixated on white women! There are numerous races and ethnic groups on Earth that are neither Black or white……but you pathetic black men fixate on WHITE women because you are inferior.


    • Sad. You’re either a racist white girl (white girls a “rawsome” is OK , but “black girls should own the color yellow was EVIL and racist to Crougs and the nigga on this site?)
      OR….. you’re a black guy who’s racistly fixated on white women.
      I know black males are violent , angry, failures WORDWIDE, but I don’t post “LatinMenRule” or use the screen name “WhyteMenR-Awsum”. Why? Because I’m not PATHOLOGICAL like black males.


  3. Good article. It’s fair game if you want to critique Crougs about his critiquing on most black American women but his mother and his girlfriend is off limits and this Megan Thomas should stay neutral because she’s a product of a interracial relationship according to her but she wants to please the side of females that probably did her wrong more due to her lightskin but SYSBM. Good article.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      I’d never even heard of this Megan Thomas woman, her sidekick simp Moore or The Drop until today through researching this situation further. Moore’s simping was absolutely disgusting and Thomas damn well knows that black women have severe issues that require immediate attention.

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      • Black mass media is a complete joke. Every single one of their outlets sign up to the unholy edict “Thou shalt uplift thy hungry hippo”.
        SYSBM is everywhere, we can all see it, even aspiring thug rappers with their snowbunnies, but for some reason Bossip, Atlanta Black Star, The Breakfast Club and this “Drop” thing all have exact same blinders on. Don’t ever expect them to ever go after the demon within.

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      • Michel,

        Their efforts to defend a failed group of women is simply a fool’s errand, this is exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars, black women and their apologists attempting to salvage the black woman’s reputation which is already in the toilet. Giving black women more time and more space to change for the better won’t make any difference as most black women love wallowing in the gutter of their own filth. You’re right, Bossip, ABS, The Breeky Club, The Drop etc are all behind the times much like the dinosaur mainstream media.

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  5. Everything Crougs said in his freestyle was absolutely true and exactly on point. Even if that white girl with the glasses who they said was his girlfriend, is actually his girlfriend, what exactly is wrong with her? Black women love to attempt to tear down Blackmen who are happy with White women. So some mentally ill black woman probably went through a thousand pictures of his white girlfriend, and shows to pull-up the most unflattering picture they could find. But even the picture they pulled up is not even that bad.
    The truth is growing, and more and more black men are beginning to see the light, and are beginning to understand that Blackmen don’t need black women. Everything that this wise young man stated in his rap freestyle is absolutely everything that we are discussing on this website.
    Black women simply cannot handle when Blackmen speak the truth about black women, because black women actually know that what we are saying is true. Black women just don’t want people to speak about it.
    I would suggest that we find this young man’s YouTube videos or video, and show him that we support his message and what he is saying.
    And did you see this stupid ass Simp Negro in the video with this black woman demon? Just look at the look in his eye. 9 times out of 10 when I see a black man in public with some fake hair wearing black woman demon, that black man looks unstable, mentally ill, prone to violent unpredictable outbursts, and is generally a reflection of that black woman demon that he is walking around in public with.
    I actually make it my daily business tonight become involved with the majority of black people period, but black women are by far the number one on my ‘must avoid’ list.
    From time to time I will meet a fellow black man, who actually has some sense, is civilized, knows what’s going on, and can be spoken to and reasoned with in a civil manner.
    As far as black women go, I probably encounter 3 to 4 black women on a yearly basis that are actually feminine, sane and attractive.
    And 3 out of those 4 are mixed or very light skin black women.
    There is literally a spirit of death negativity, violence, confrontation and destruction that follows the majority of black people. And it all begins with these black woman demons, who have been given total control in the black community, first by white daddy, and then by the Simp ass, stupid, birdbrain Negro clowns.
    I just cannot stand the majority of black folks at the stage. The mentality of the majority of black people is on the level of a retarded sixth-grader.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Here is Crougs YouTube channel:


      He doesn’t seem to post on it much, I believe that he is more active on Twitter. Indeed, he spat the truth and the bitter black sisterhood couldn’t handle it. SYSBM is moving at full steam ahead, it seems that we can’t even go one month without black men or younger black males coming out and exposing their preferences towards non black women. All black women have left are guilt tripping and shaming tactics, they cannot present black men with any logic and common sense arguments as to why we should choose them over non black women. #SYSBMFORLIFE.

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    • Hahaha! Fake Hair demon?! You black men are genuinely INSANE!
      You fail a INTERRACIAL relationships more than anyone else. The highest domestic violence and murder rates in interracial world. BUT it’s black women’s fault?
      You apes beat, abandon and kill your interracial partners in EUROPE too! And those men are African and Caribbean – not the product of weave head American women.
      Every 10-15 years , you apes blame someone else for your behavior.
      HEY…..funny, that new study saying black males from rich 2 parent homes will still fail and go to prison, but black females from lower income backgrounds will do better. HAAA!))


  6. ‘I actually make it my daily business to not become involved with the majority of black people period, but black women are by far number one on my must avoid list’…….
    Is what I meant to say. Still waiting for the post edit option. Lol.
    And did anyone see that Gw3 Extreme got banned from YouTube for like 2 months?
    Gw3 Extreme needs to get a BITCHUTE channel like Brian Solange did, and say fuck off to YouTube.

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    • awww…. do you pray everyday wishing you were white? I’m sure a nice white family will take you in so you can serve them. You’d like that wouldnt you.. wahhh


      • I have never seen black men change their appearance to look white, unlike you….
        -99.9% of black women wear weave, wigs
        -blue, green, grey (anything other than brown) eye contacts
        -bleaching your skin
        -valley girl white accent
        -desperate for white dick you change how you normally act- attitude, violent, combative, wanting a man to led you and the family, etc.

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  7. Verbs2015, yes according to Brian Solange, Gw3 Extreme has been banned until July or something. I’m not saying I know this is a fact, but combined with the fact that I haven’t seen any new postings from him in weeks, and that Brian Solange said so, I actually believe that it’s true.
    And yes more and more young black men are waking up to the truth about black women. In the days of old, even if Blackmen knew the truth about black women, they really had no support system to allow them to understand that what they are thinking and feeling is true.
    But today, black women cannot stop the truth from coming out. So black women are in scramble mode trying to silence every black man who has something to say about their animalistic behavior and attitude. But it will not work.
    We can clearly see that black women are in trouble, when you have young black men I’d say 25 years old and younger realizing how evil and negative black women really are.
    Blackmen, life is too damn short to be shamed into or guilt it into being with a group of black women who only understand confrontation, negativity, violence, arguments, being loud, being phony, being destructive, and making life a living hell for any living thing they come in contact with . If black women are attempting to say that the girlfriend of Crougs is ugly, I would say ‘bring me 1000 of these white women look like her’.
    Because I would rather be with that white girl in the picture, with the glasses, then be with 99.9% of black women.
    There are not enough words in any language on the planet earth to describe how much I hate black women .
    I simply hate them. And the so-called black men were raised by these black women animals, might be worse than these black women demons are.
    Find a white woman or a nonblack woman and live. Become involved with a black woman and you will receive a life of hell and a death sentence.

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    • It’s laughable, being called “ugly” by Big Booty Bimbos… Hungry Hungry Hippo Bitches with ramen noodle hair… his girlfriend HAS her OWN hair… On that. Take a seat, and don’t forget your L….

      Once again, demon bitches and their fanny pack soldiers are unable to refute anything that Crougs said, so they attack the white girl (that they’re secretly envious of).

      Notice that one tweet from the white girl saying she’s off limits…. Now her own personal network will see how low BW will go to cover up the truth. Watch their response. Bet they will make power moves in the future involving brothers… Which we will greatly receive.


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  8. Crougs was flowing and everything he said was on point funny thing is for a minute now rappers have been putting foreign women and non black women in their videos and the black beast stay mad at that. They are taking major Ls and i hope they keep taking Ls. I have nothing else to say about the simps they will not learn until they are burning in hell with their black queens who do not give them any play foolish souls they are. The movement is growing against BW, Verbs keep doing your thing and i hope it is more Crougs out there. Do you see all the makeup this Meghan Thomas has on looking like a clown.

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  9. Just saw another “they’re all that way” comment on one of my videos. Probably some white dude.

    Look here, peckerwood. Until you have just as many videos and just as common of occurrences of your women fighting violently, in huge groups (from middle school age to adulthood, in the same vicinity), fighting over weave, leaving weave on the ground, diving into dumpsters over weave, commanding huge swathes of simps to attack stores and businesses, flossing Michael kors while having net worths of $5, flood lighting their Facebook photos to convince you they’re lighter than they are, and producing the most violent bastard children on earth, shut up! The women that pink skinned twinks have to choose from, and subsequently complain about, is the REAL white privilege!!!

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  10. Also, today, kid you not, I had an older black Woman actually ask to TOUCH MY HAIR, and she subsequently responded that “you got that good stuff”. I’m honestly so embarrassed to be caramel colored sometimes. It’d be different if the chicks were at least attractive, and not fat. Next, they’ll probably just ask if they can see my d1ck! Insecure hoes!

    And yes, she dark skinned!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Watch out, these black sirens are looking for some lighter skinned ding-a-ling. They want those children with good hair so badly. “You got that good stuff”, the self hatred just oozes from these women, yet they will turn around to a darker skinned black male and call him nappy head, smh.

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      • Dark skinned Black chick sees light skinned Al B. Sure! Looking dude: ooh, light skin is Poppin! He needs to come over and beat my back OUT, I needs me some green eyed, good haired bebehs.

        Sees darker skinned black man with light skinned or white Woman: self hate! He colorstruck! He hate his momma! Dat n1gga ain’t $hit!!!

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      • Wow, you might be a tad racist. Look, I’m okay with interracial dating and stuff like that. I understand if you have specific preferences, but black sirens? You do realize not everyone black woman is the same right? And you do realize that every dark skinned black woman is the same right? That’s like if I said all white woman are evil she-demons who use men, I know that’s not true. And I really hope you don’t hate every black woman on the face of the earth.

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      • Rachel Alisha,

        Again, your shaming tactics will not work over here, deal with the points raised instead of nitpicking on minor, trivial issues. If you research what the word siren means then you will see that I am correct in my description of the overwhelming majority of black women today.

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  11. You should really watch more videos from the all def digital instead of bullying them and hating the entire black woman population. That was just a hurtful and mean spirited jab at the all def digital, like you calling them simpering is really uncalled for.

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      • At most they were being a little rude and the woman actually tried to defend him, but mentioned he might have came at in the wrong way. Also they are comedians, so they are mostly joking. How about instead of being a smart mouth douche bag, you can email them and tell them that you didn’t agree with their views instead of mentioning them in an article and calling them rude and disgusting names? You do realize attacking them is no better then if they insulted this rapper, right? You realize you are no better? No, I’m serious instead of calling them simpering and attacking them, why don’t you get in contact with them and say all of this, send them a link to this article too. I really do dare you and wish you luck.

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      • Rachel Alisha,

        The term is called “simping”, not simpering. I simply gave them back a taste of their own medicine, at the end of the day black women need to deal with themselves properly instead of constantly looking at others to find fault in order to not have to focus on themselves. The world is growing tired of this Kansas City shuffle. Your feelings are irrelevant, fix yourselves instead of nitpicking at others, this behaviour is a nuisance.

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      • Wow you must really really hate black woman. You just seem like a bitter person in here. I wasn’t shaming you I was just saying you came off as racist. I’m sorry if I called you that, but… wow I don’t even know what to say. You just seem very bitter and I swear I’m not trying to be mean to you on purpose, I mean in real life, you’re probably a really, really nice guy, but your replies aren’t helping.

        “Again, your shaming tactics will not work over here, deal with the points raised instead of nitpicking on minor, trivial issues. If you research what the word siren means then you will see that I am correct in my description of the overwhelming majority of black women today.”

        This actually made me cry, I’m not kidding, this seriously hurt because I don’t nitpick, I try to strive to be a good woman not only to myself, but others. I swear to god I wasn’t trying to shame you, please believe me! I’m incredibly sorry, I’m so sorry if I came off that way, please forgive me ): I’m not a siren I promise you please believe me! I’m a good person…. I’m a good person. I’m sorry. I really wish I had been more civil, I am so sorry, please forgive me for being so rude. I am a black woman and strive to be strong and nice, whenever I look in a mirror, I smile, but I can agree with you to an extent that some black woman can be insecure.

        I really think you’re a good, well-meaning person and I guess this article just rubbed me the wrong way, but I think you don’t really hate every single black woman, that was stupid to accuse you of something so rude and shameful. I do get your point, some black woman can be problematic, so to speak, I’ve seen actually when I was at a hair salon and this woman was ready to fight my hair stylist because she couldn’t speak full English, it was so mortifying. And again I’m sorry for being so rude.


      • Rachel Alisha,

        I hate the scum, low brow black women because they are the ones who have been responsible for the systematic destruction of black society. Declaring the truth is not being bitter. I have said this many times before, I do not have any problems with functional, feminine black women, however the problem in 2017 is those types of quality black females are very few and far between. All the black women I talk to are feminine and are nothing like the modern day black women out on the streets today.

        You’re going to have to accept that most black women around you are broken beyond repair, hence why so many of them are single. I hardly have any black women coming to this site who acknowledge that what I’m telling them is the truth, most come here with a haughty and prideful attitude.

        There’s no need to apologise, I don’t get offended, so many black women have come before you and said worse, I’m used to it by now.

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      • Also sorry for calling you a bitter person and saying you hate black people. I have to ask though, do you or have you ever dated a black woman? Do you have a different preference?

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      • Rachel Alisha,

        I’ve dated black women in the past yes, however I’ve found that this modern day black woman is too much trouble. Other black men who comment on the site can attest to running into the same issues.


      • Like I said, I try to be the best person to everyone and my family is the same, you’d like a lot of them, but I guess thinking about I do have one family member who is very troublesome and mean for a black woman. Even when she’s trying to be nice, she still comes off as mean. I love her, but she can be a lot to handle. I don’t act like that. I go to college, make friends, I’m trying to get my degree even if it is tough stuff. Come to think of it I’ve even meet some mean black woman when I was living in the deep south… to be fair everyone was an asshole in the part of town I lived in… lol sorry for the swear word. Either way, I try to be a kind woman to everyone and I’m glad you have come across nice black woman like myself. There are more of us out there, I promise 🙂 I may not fully agree with everything you think, but I know you mean well and aren’t trying to come off as this jerk to black woman. Plus it’s freedom of speech, so I’m not gonna stop you from writing the truth 🙂 God bless.

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      • Rachel Alisha,

        There are not many of you left, you are a dying breed. You are surrounded by mean black women, be careful out there because they don’t like you either, they hate that which is good.

        Most High Bless

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  12. @Verbs

    You weren’t kidding about the Indians and Mauritius. Just google Mauritian women, not a weave head in sight lol. Caribbean countries will soon face the same thing (or “ting”), just look at how they are being overrun with Indians. Now, if it were just Indian men dropping off their women, and black men marrying said women and breeding black women out and making a bunch of Ayesha Curry (so sexy!) looking women, I’d have no problem, lol.

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  13. LOL! Black Women exceed black boys (yes, boys) in higher education, degrees, and home ownership. No wonder y’all mad. And still bumming. Could be going toe-to-toe with the White Man, but we know you pea brains wont. bye


  14. Generalizing black women will get you coons no brownie points.

    Raper Crougs deserved his roasting.

    I know plenty of well qualified black educated women and you coons are mad they won’t take your damaged goods.

    It isn’t black women’s fault that the black community is failing. You coons are part of the problem. No pride in your race. Dusty negroes are also destructive to the black community. However… whitewashed sysbm’s like the author of the stupid Negro Wars book are most destructive to the black community.

    Liked by 1 person

    • D32018,

      We aren’t after brownie points here, licking the muddy boots of black females won’t get you any Scooby snacks and doggy treats either. You don’t see to understand, we moved on from black women a long time ago, their preferences matter not to us at all.

      We here at Slaying Evil don’t take pride in the scum of our people, I don’t like scum blacks nor do I associate with them. But the coons aren’t the ones destroying black society though are they? No, it’s the Tyrones and the Pookies, the very products of the black women you are trying your best to defend.

      The black race is a goner, its all about saving one’s self, stop holding onto pride and simply accept what you see around you, a community that cannot be saved.

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