But I Thought You Aren’t Trying To Look White – Part 2


As talked about in Negro Wars black women as a collective are forever attempting to climb the mountain of whiteness, they hate being black and are trying their utmost to distance themselves as far away from their colour and heritage as is humanly possible. This is one of the main reasons why the majority of black women hate black men, black men are a continuous reminder of who they are and thus are a hindrance to the black woman’s “escape from blackness” project.

Have you ever wondered why most black on black relationships are so volatile and what is one of the main reasons why black men and black women as a collective simply cannot get along? The black women’s agenda to erase her Negro heritage is one of the main causes behind the extreme rifts between black men and black women. One of the other principal reasons is the fact that most black women are mentally damaged, mentally insane and mentally unadjusted individuals.

The picture above speaks a thousand words, it confirms what we as thinking black men have been pondering for the longest while and been witnessing everyday walking our local streets, black women trying their hardest to look like white women. Black women never consider the fact that they look stupid and utterly ridiculous with blonde, red, green, purple, black European style hair stitched in or glued to the top of their heads, blue/green/grey contact lenses, fake eye lashes, fake nails, fake eye brows, construction site layers of make up, butt injections and the list goes on.

I mentioned in Negro Wars how black women having been given the illusion of inclusion by their white father by somewhat being brought into the fold through the corporate world and state welfare, not only have they decided to kick black men to the curb in order to profit themselves alone, they also believe that they can replace white women as the white man’s number one choice of companion. However, thinking black men already know that this is NEVER going to happen.

As I have stated before, since most black women are clearly going out of their way to look like white women, I might aswell deal with the original. Why should I waste my time messing around with the knock off when I can pick up an original which is of much better quality? Of course black women will immediately throw their toys out of the pram and claim that I am simply looking for any excuses to deal with white women.

Err, no, I do not require any excuses to deal with white or any other non black women, I’ll just do it. I’m not obligated to deal with women who walk out on the street everyday looking like circus freak attractions. You honestly expect me to walk down the street with a black woman looking like the woman in the above photo, are you mad?

The black woman’s freakazoid nature has now stretched to new heights, not only does she look like a freak of nature but she also expects black men to accept her without question in her altered, freaknik state. No thanks, not me, I have high standards, integrity and I don’t deal with circus clowns. This is one of the pinnacle reasons why Becky is winning over Keisha, Becks is remaining true to her heritage. She isn’t walking down the street with afro hair stitched in or glued to the top of her head, the white woman is doing the white woman.

White women do not fear black women as white women can clearly see the self-destructive course black women have embarked upon in their attempts to enhance their looks. The white woman is the new gold standard and she has been placed in this position by none other than the black female herself, in fact black women are more obsessed over white women than they claim black men are.

Whenever black men talk about dating out who is the first group black women bring up in their reckoning as to who we will opt for, white women. Whenever black women are examined, scrutinised and their feet held to the fire of accountability, which race of women do they immediately throw into the mix in their efforts to excuse their own foul actions, that’s right, white women again. Black women have white women on the brain 24/7, have you ever heard black men say “white men do it too”?

No, exactly, this is my point, for a group of females who are forever accusing black men of being obsessed with white women, black women are observably much more fixated on white women than us, they are constantly talking about white women this and white women that, how black men love white women and how white women are trying their best to copy black women(which in 2017 is a complete and utter joke).

White women and other non black women are winning and they are doing so with little to no effort involved on their part. The black woman’s masculine demeanor, her foul and hostile attitude, her violent, unloving and cold nature plus her chosen path of calamity are some of the main catalysts which are driving more and more black men into the hands of non black females.

Some black women complain of “white women taking the best black men”, indeed the same black men that they have rejected because these particular black men didn’t have swag, remember those same black men which black women labelled as “educated lames”, the same ones they dismissed because black women instead wanted to deal with J Boogie and B Smooth from the block.

Black women simply do not see any value in black men until we get with non black women. Black women also wish to have the first right of refusal, however times are now changing and more and more black men are showing black women that they are not willing to participate in the first right of refusal industry. Thinking black men are now emerging and are beginning to put themselves and their needs first.

At the end of the day black women as a collective look stupid and ridiculous trying to out white women white women, it isn’t going to happen. Black women also need to keep it stepping with the culture appropriation talk until they strip the European weaves from their own heads and stop bleaching their own skin. Already being the biggest hypocrites and culture appropriation culprits on the planet, black women are in no position to accuse others of the same.

The lame “protective styles” or the “switching it up” excuses aren’t flying over here either, you are just trying to be white plain and simple and somebody needs to call out this insanity for what it is. The bottom line is most black women are incredibly jealous of white women and highly insecure and they wear their jealousy and insecurities upon their shoulders for the whole world to see.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset)

Most High Bless

37 thoughts on “But I Thought You Aren’t Trying To Look White – Part 2

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  2. The next time a black man is scolded for drinking too much alcohol or watching lots of sports on television, the black man can respond: WHITE MEN DO IT TOO !!! LOL !

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  3. The gall of these beasts. Using Micronesians (who AREN’T black) as justification for you platinum blonde, Farrah Fawcett weave addiction?

    More and more reason to BREED THEM OUT!!! How can you keep creating creatures like this, that hate themselves and everyone around them…..except SNOW KING!!! ❄️ ❄️ 🔔 🔔

    I hope that 99.99999999999999% of black Women are replaced with speckled, freckle faced half breeds with red hair, green eyes, and skin like mine or lighter!!

    I’ll do my part and probably get any future wife of mine pregnant at least 5 times. Honestly wouldn’t be opposed to polygyny either.

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  4. I once saw a black woman with a bright red colored wig on, like Ariel, from the little mermaid. I was looking at old vinyl records in a thrift shop, that’s when I saw her. it was cringe worthy, If they only knew how ridiculous it made them look. I wonder do they realize a lot of black men have long hair, so why can’t they. I’ve seen black men with longer hair than black women, its the weave,wigs and relaxers damaging black women’s hair. Its amazing how people can be this obsessed with hair. I like my beard, but I will not hesitate to cut it though. I just think some black women devalue black hair, and consider it ugly, I sure hope not though.

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    • I see it everyday in real time, these black female beast with the ridiculous multi-colored weaves on their heads, absurdly long fake nails and a ton of skin- lightening makeup plastered on their faces. black women literally walk around in public looking like clowns who belong in a circus but somehow in the demented warped psyche of black women; They actually believe they are somehow appealing. (Thanks to the simps).
      It has been said before on this forum and It bears repeating; Black women are demonically possessed and It shows in their appearance as well as their behavior.


  5. (Please delete my previous post due to incompletion.)

    You know it has gotten worse for this ilk of westernized black women to use a picture of an innocent little boy and kids for that matter from Melanesia who have naturally produced blond hair from birth and try to associate it with their cause.
    Melanesian people’s blond hair is real and black women’s blond hair is fake but you will hear from these same black women saying that white women dye their hair blond too.

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    • Sean,

      Agreed, black women are addicted to wigs, weaves and the products used to maintain such madness, they won’t be going far at all. Chin Sung can ruffle their feathers, punch them in the nose, spit in their faces and they will still return worshipping and grovelling at the feet of these Korean beauty supply owners.

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      • Sean, I just finishing viewing the article that you’ve provided via the link. I saw an article that was associated to this one with the 100+ black owned beauty supply stores throughout the country and I found this one that’s in my area (Edify Beauty Supply, 7216 Hull Street Rd, Richmond, Virginia) but unfortunately there will be four to five more Korean owned stores outnumbering the black ones because the black matriarchy. When it comes down to these black haircare store’s products, do they carry alternative and all-natural products or chemical toxic waste from the nuclear factory? The dysfunction continues.

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    • @ Sean…Oh Lord. The dark-skinned whore advocate. I wouldn’t take anything this Dark-Whore Advocate Chrisse/Chrissy has to say seriously. I wish her well on her quest for “Dark-Skinned Chick” media representation & promotion. It does not matter how good a dark skinned woman looks. Black Women don’t get that. Their reputation and actions are a hinderance and follows them where ever they are.

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  6. This falls under the category of weaves and fake shit. Most of these Afro-Succubusses will claim there just “switching it up” or trying something different. They don’t want to be white. This whole weave and blonde hair phenomena actually says something more about Black Women psychologically and the core values. When they wear weaves, especially the blonde ones more specifically, what they are telling you is that they believe in White Feminism, the Euro-Beauty standard, and willing to assimiliate under any cost.

    It’s a signal that screams “Look at me, I’ve given up. You have won White Master. You are my lord and savior. Please give me a mid-level job. Some mixed kids. Or at least some of that White Dick. Trick off some of that money my way.” Many of these blonde weave wearers I believe are not trying to surplant White Women. It more of an envious, “I wish I had her lifestyle,culture,resources,and access to Men”. They are literally trying to assimilate or attempt to wish to have traits of a White Woman to lure a White Man.

    It never works as White Men (statisically speaking) are usually the most desired & have a range of options before a Black Woman. Especially African American. Its usually a fetishized, Trick & Sugar Baby/Master & Slave dynamic which engage in these relationships. Many BW will claim that marriage to WM last longer, that’s true. Only because of the dynamic that BW percieve many WM have assets & resources. And she will somehow be engaged to another culture far from her own. She isn’t willing to ruin her meal ticket. Most BW will tolerate and accept all types of verbal & physical abuse. This has been exposed many times via Tamera Mowry, black womens news articles, and statistics.

    Black Women, despite altering their physical apperance and even less than stellar attitude to get another race of man, still are considered the last choice to date, marry, and procreate with. Online dating stats and Marriage numbers show this. Black Women are the least responded to online dating site but propostioned for sex or escort solicitation the highest. These alterations and additions are adding anything spectacular to modern Black Women. They don’t get it that with all these things done, they look no different that a CraigsList Tranny. Mannerism, Weaves, Tattoos, and all.

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      • @ Verbs2015…You should see the train wreck lunancy of a former bedwench who is Cynthia G’s sister.
        I think it’s a great idea for Black Women to swirl. There is someone who has to deal with the lunancy of modernized Black Women.

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      • Ryan,

        This is what happens when you make deals with the devil, you end up getting shafted in the process. Evil spirits now control the overwhelming majority of black women. What, did they think that they could embrace feminism without paying some sort of price?

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  7. I believe I earlier referenced how black women are using dark skin aboriginal Australians and south Pacific Islanders with blonde straight hair, as some type of proof that dying your hair blonde or wearing blonde weave is not trying to be white, because there are ‘black people’ with naturally straight, naturally blonde hair.
    We clearly see the extent that black women will go to in order to justify their absolutely pathetic, crazy, irrational, and unexplainable appearance and grooming techniques.
    Those aboriginal Australians and South Pacific Islanders who do have the dark skin and naturally blonde straight hair, are a racial and ethnic group far removed from the majority of ‘black people’ on the planet earth.
    Please show me a black American person or black person from the Caribbean or Africa, who has naturally straight blonde hair? You simply will not see that amongst black people from America the Caribbean or Africa.
    But because black women have such a need to make excuses for looking ridiculous, they will find the smallest, rarest group of ‘black people’ (dark skin people), and a small geographical area, on the other side of the planet earth, to somehow allow black women to say that them wearing blonde weave in their hair, is not them trying to be like white women, but these black women are simply changing their style and looking like other black people with blonde straight hair.
    How many of us men in here have actually seen another black person or a person with a dark skin with blonde straight hair in real life? You simply don’t see them, because they exist in a very small, specific area of the world.
    I’ve said before, if Idris Elba, LeBron James, or Denzel Washington were walking around with a long flowing blonde wig or weave sewn into their hair, these men would be laughed at and ridiculed all over the planet. Now in response to these men being ridiculed for looking ridiculous, if these men (LeBron, Denzel, and Idris) were to respond ‘ there are black people in Australia and in the South Pacific with blonde straight hair, so I’m not trying to look like a white person, I’m just simply displaying the variety we have as ‘ black people’, how fucking ridiculous wound this sound?
    Black women are without a doubt the most insane beasts on the planet earth.
    Most Blackmen sadly have no other choice but to deal with these animals. Thank God I actually live in an area where there are mostly white people and white women. And even if I didn’t live in my area, I would rather die alone then to deal with 99.9% of these insane black women demons.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • And that’s why most blkmen would flipout if you told them the truth about their qweens.they have no choice or social skill in dealing with nonblkwomen.many of them were raised by single blkwomen who embraced hoodthug culture.

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  8. Verbs,

    Just so you know the kid with the blonde hair in the pic with that idiotic black woman is NOT black – as in he is not a Negro. He is, in fact, Australian Aboriginal, which is an entirely different race. It is not uncommon for these folks to have blonde/light hair.

    Goes to say how far black women will go to justify their actions.

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  9. As low seeded black females become walking billboards for their replacements… why on God’s green earth would I go for a fake when I can (and did!) get with the real! The irony in all this that my Japanese wife looks BETTER using so called black hair care products than anything else. Yup that long, silky smooth, jet black hair… something these low character women would kill for!

    #SYSBM brothers!

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    • Kirigakure Jones,

      Oh you know black women are ultra jealous of your wife and her extra healthy long silky hair, why would anybody get with a group of women who openly place their self hatred upon their shoulders for the world to see? They don’t love themselves yet they expect others to love them, smh.

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  10. TBH, Black women may put on blond weaves, skin lighteners, and. blue eye contacts. One thing a sista cannot give white men is a white children. Only a White woman can give the White man the white babies Black women envy. Besides, white men have legacies to protect. For him to squander it to ghetto Black women is foolish and unthinkable. Black women need to get over it and accept facts. Ain’t no white man going to replace his woman with Black and brown women period.

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    • Stephaniegirl,

      Agreed, however disingenuous buzzards like the high priestess of swirling herself, one Christelyn Karazin continue to feed black women the lie that they can land themselves a white man with little to no effort, however nothing could be further from the truth. Black women are trying so desperately to escape the mess that they have created in black society, however their judgement has already been set.


    • Reynagirl14/Stephaniegirl,

      That trailer is openly showing that black women are expendable and that white men will always put their women first, however most black women won’t catch that punchline, smh.

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  12. Actually the boy in the picture that you say is “the proof” you’re not trying to be white , he’s actually not African or black at ALL! He’s Pacific Islanders (melanesians, Micronesians, Polynesians, Solomon Islands, and Moana) and Pacific Islanders have literally NO African/black blood or DNA in them at all. And actually the reason why these Pacific Islanders have sometimes blonde hair is because of their diet high in fish and constant exposure to the sun as well as their isolation from the world which held them preserve their traits. I wish black people would stop saying these Pacific Islanders are black because they are not! These Pacific Islander people are genetically closest to Asians. So no this is not a justification that “black ppl who are not mixed can have natural blonde hair” because they can’t unless they’re albino which is not common.


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