Derrick Jaxn Still Pimping Black Women – And They Love Him For It


That’s right, as I wrote about in Negro Wars black women as a collective have no problems putting themselves on the merchandising chopping block, they love being pimped and used in exchange for being told that they are perpetual victims and nothing is ever their fault. This is one of the reasons why they will deliberately choose the no good dregs of black male society such as J Boogie and Smooth B over Simon, Nathaniel and Trevor.

Do not fall for the crocodile tears Kansas City shuffle many black women commonly engage in after realising that Tyrone and Slick Rodney are not what they’re cracked up to be, they know full well what kind of men they are choosing, post failure they are simply looking for simps ie clean up men to come and pick up the pieces and save them from the consequences of their bad decision-making.

Feminism has completely wired black women backwards to the point where they now believe that throwing their money in the direction of individuals who lie to them in order to make them feel good is a noble and honourable gesture. As I have stated before, to be honest if black women are going to be so stupid as to hand over their money to people who clearly do not have their best interests at heart, then they deserve the rotten fruits of such reckless and thoughtless actions.

Derrick Jaxn is one such fellow, a black merchant who makes quite a comfortable living telling black women what they want to hear instead of giving them the truth. For deceitful services rendered Jaxn is showered with money and black women additionally line up to buy his merchandise such as his various books and T-shirts, all of which can be seen by clicking on the following link:

Derrick Jaxn is running the simp/pimp formula, he panders towards black women to the maximum degree, as a result of their mentally disjointed mindset coupled with the fact that most black women are dumber than a box of rocks, Jaxn is able to swoop in and scoop up the piles of money black women are leaving at his feet. It is a simple system, another simp by the name of Angel Ramirez Jordan uses the exact same formula, however his turnover is not as fluffy and lucrative as Jaxn’s due to the fact that Jaxn has the black male sex symbol advantage over Jordan.

Giving black women a pass on their irresponsible and unaccountable behaviour is a top priority for Jaxn, the t-shirt he is wearing in the photo above illustrates a clear example of this agenda. “Stretch Mark Lover”, really bruh? The long and short the message is that overweight and obese women are acceptable in his eyes as they are the ones who typically have stretch marks. Do you see how simps and manginas within black society always push for the acceptance of tug boats and cargo barge black females as normal?

Stretch Mark Lover is not the only t-shirt made where Jaxn has transgressed in attempting to encourage others(namely other black men) to accept fat, overweight and obese black women, take a look at this one here:

It is very easy to run rings around the majority of black women, they seem to believe that being ignorant, allowing themselves to be used as living sacrifices and being trampled on is somehow a virtue. If black women are not being pimped by fellows such as Jaxn then they are being merchandised by on the corner institutional church beast pastors or the owners of pornographic websites such as Ghetto Gaggers, Cumbang and Round N Brown.

This is yet another reason why I continue to push SYSBM and encourage black men to date out, dealing with such an ignorant group of women can be more trouble than its worth and actually can be quite dangerous. Additionally, apart from bewitched simps and manginas who on earth would want to deal with individuals who pride themselves on being dumb and stupid?

In the same way that black women will jump up to defend a swindling black pastor, black female supporters of Jaxn will run to his defence and form Voltron around him in order to protect Jaxn from attacks, examination, scrutiny and criticism. Jaxn doesn’t need to lift a finger to defend his highly questionable image and reputation, he has black women to perform that service and on top of that they pay him, make that make sense.

Remember, this is the same Derrick Jaxn who has been pictured wearing a sweat shirt which reads “I Still Believe In Marriage”, yet turned his girlfriend into a baby mother ie another statistic. I believe that particular sweat shirt was from his shop, however after the controversy surrounding him impregnating his girlfriend while at the same time not being married to her, it seems that he has decided to drop that shirt indefinitely.

Remember, this is the same Derrick Jaxn who voluntarily placed himself on child support(not a bright move at all, quite a stupid one actually). Remember this is the same Derrick Jaxn who defends single black mothers spending the majority of child support money on themselves and leaving the scraps and crumbs of pennies left for their children.

Remember, this is the same Derrick Jaxn who is now encouraging black women to remain unhealthy, fat, overweight and obese. If this is who black women look up to as a role model then this simply confirms what I have been saying, that most black women are defective beyond repair. Walk away black men, walk away, do not waste your time attempting to rehabilitate numbskulls and idiots especially those who choose to be ignorant on purpose.

Lastly, you’ll notice how clowns like Jaxn as per the creed of your common black simp completely skip over evaluating black women based upon their current merits which are directly linked to the way they conduct themselves. Simps like Jaxn deliberately ignore the obvious shortfalls and the multitude of problems, sins and transgressions black women engage in. This is clear deception and blatant dishonesty at its height and it’s not surprising that black women heavily support such an individual seeing as they are a dishonest group of women themselves. The bottom line here is black women enjoy being pimped. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

63 thoughts on “Derrick Jaxn Still Pimping Black Women – And They Love Him For It

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  2. This is what black Women: a lame, effeminate, unmasculine dumbass. This is why black men should stop having sex with black women: the sons that you inevitably impregnate them with will be raised to act like this.

    Black Women are like dumbass rats or gophers, and go to all lengths simply for cheese. In this case, the dairy product in question is being told how awesome they are, even though they’re the worst single since unsliced bread!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I don’t understand how a group of women can be so ignorant and stupid especially concerning being openly pimped by church leaders and swindlers such as Jaxn. For their blatant ignorance and stupidity they deserve to be used as cannon fodder.

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      • You can’t understand because you use logic. Logic is anathema to the black woman. Like kryptonite to Superman. Logic would literally kill the black Jezebels’ fantasy of being able to act like a whore while being treated like a princess.

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      • Morpheus2275,

        Indeed, logic escapes the black witch, to believe that you can embrace the lifestyle of a whore yet at the same time be treated like royalty just goes to show how disjointed and broken the mindsets of the majority of black women have become. #BREEDTHEMOUT

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    • You’re seriously disrespectful/ignorant & most likely have been hurt by a sister. You can’t say that every sister is dumb & etc. That’s totally not true, all sisters don’t have issues like you proclaim & it seems to me that you’re a hater. Going outside of someone’s race will not automatically guarantee a better relationship. No matter what, everyone deserves happiness & you probably don’t know about his private life personally (neither do I) so you can’t say what’s going on with him & the child’s mother. Everyone has experienced some kind of disappointment in there lives & just because advice/opinions are given doesn’t mean it will be accepted. Make sure you know exactly what you’re talking about before you go shooting off @ the mouth. Everyone is held accountable for their actions be it jaxn, pastor’s, myself & you, so let them be judged/dealt with by whom they’re supposed to & clearly it’s not by you.

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    • I as Black Woman would also like to share…I am a mother…so let me say that not only have I given birth to the Warrior, in this life time…his father is a Warrior. My father was a Warrior. Let me say that I respect the Black man and I KNOW that he has respect for me…NOT ALL HUMAN MALES ARE MEN…My Ancestors are screaming…Our Ancestors has left us a legacy of survival. We are each other’s protectors. Without one there can not be the other….I am his equal and he is mine. This will never change….in due time you will see why. We are Gods, our own creators…before us there was nothing… Black man and woman…We are Gods, they all…ALL RACES come from us. No matter the circumstance and despite the situation we are each others lock and key. I love and respect the Black man for surviving with me…for fighting with me…Surviving the worst atrocity known to humanity. THE BLACK MAN STANDS WITH ME…NOT ALL MALES ARE MEN… As a Black woman who has many past lives to be thankful for….I love THE BLACK MAN for re-creating himself again and again through me…I am his lock and he is my key…my womb has carried him as Kings, Warriors, Healers and Priests….He has built civilizations and taught the world to read…I carrier him to and from his Enslavement at the hands of the dogs he fed…I carried him to points where he lost his way…MUCH LIKE YOU ARE LOST. My womb hold the codes and will never forget. Some Black men and women may have forgotten but the Black womb does not…The Genetic Code of Kings and Queenmothers lives there still in the womb of all BLACK WOMEN…in my womb where they can never take it away… SOME BLACK MEN have gotten stronger even though they lynched,, beat and shot him like a dog in the street. He raise still and he is getting stronger…even though they have poisoned my womb, with rape, anger and self-hate…and attempt to make my womb our tomb again and again he has returns…my father, my lover, my son…a Survivor to live and fight again and again. I return he returns… we come back stronger and stronger. My womb and his seed is the white man annihilation. Open your eyes and wake up.


  3. How come the men that proclaim to love black women so much are never married to one? This guys been around for what, like 2-3 years? In all that time he couldn’t find one to marry but instead makes her just another baby mamma? He probably does that because it would cut down his steady supply of pussy. Then again BW have no problem with fucking married men because they get an ego boost from it. Which is probably one of these reasons they like Scandal so much.

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    • His child looks mixed as well. He wouldn’t even show a full head shot and her skin was white, fucked with the color filters to make the photo black & white. lol. He got some ultra light skinned, 75% european dna having latina pregnant most likely.

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      • Not that I blame him, but does anyone else notice that these simps and pro blacks really like light skinned/white chicks? THEY don’t like dark skinned chicks, so why should the so called coons)

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      • FLCLimaxxx,

        It always seems to be the way, look at Tariq Nasheed, defending dysfunctional black women to the hilt yet his wife is mixed race, black father/white mother. As Afrofuturism1 stated, these simps know that black women aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm, they simply use them as a means to a lucrative and profitable end.


    • The Straight Shooter,

      Agreed, most black women have thrown their moral compass down the toilet, sleeping with a married man is a walk in the park for them. We see the same old pattern again and again, black men defending, uplifting, pandering to and worshipping black women but they are either single themselves or are not yet married to black women, smh.


  4. Due to the low to no self-esteem in most of these westernized black women, they are easy to manipulate. I don’t feel sorry for them. I say keep on manipulate them to the point they just die off along with the simps that backs them and the Captain-save-a-hos. Good article.

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  5. We all know many of these YouTube Simps are full of shit. Especially Angel-Ramirez Jordan and Derrick Jaxn. Most of these women who follow them are partially single mothers, whores, and/or morbidly obese women. This is the mind fuckery and delusional fantasies most Black Women engage in. Hoping and wishing someone like a Derrick Jaxn will cater to her every delusion and whim. Not telling them the truth for constructive critism or self-improvement.

    Black Men (as men invariably and individuals) always are held accountable for our actions. And for the most part, understand the concept of “Action/Consequence” or “Instant Gratification/Long Term Effects”. But these enablers treat Black Women not like adults. More like special needs children with a fragile mental conditioning. I’ve never met anyone who has improved their lifestyle or living conditions encouraging someone to not absolve their situation. But instead encouraging it. It’s like a dire drug addict needing assistance to quit a substance but giving them more drugs and even a second alternative.

    There are many Black YouTubers (male or female) that should not be taken seriously as most are literally e-beggars looking to have monetary gain for attention whoring. Many don’t offer solutions and most of the material is Black Feminism propaganda. I don’t blame someone like Derrick Jaxn. He only knows what he was raised in by the sisterhood of failure. But he also knows the weaknesses and mindset of most modern Black Women.

    And that’s why he’s taking advantage of. We all know Narcissism and Sociopathic Tendencies rule the minds of Black Women in general. It won’t be long before that child support and harpy of a whore baby’s mother he has will drag him though the mud. I guarantee in the future, you will see him with another woman from another ethnicity, nationality, and/or race. I’ve seen it often enough with these Black Female enablers. The dangers of these simps and beta-enablers is that when you paint a false narrative and feed Black women’s fantasies like the movies Phat Girlz(2006) or Just Wright (2010), religion, or even feminism, it takes Black Women to a path where these expectations are not reality.

    And they are sorely disillusioned & butt-hurt when the truth and reality slap them dead in the face. I predict 2017 will be an eye-sore for Black Women as a whole moving on. They are taking L’s and are now seen as a liability. Good for cheap sex. Bad for relationships, motherhood, and spousal support. Seen as easy to manipulate for ego purposes. Only use is as fodder for the lower to mid class working sector & consumers to many corporations who look to feed their non-stop hunger of consumerism. The only thing you can get from a today’s modern Black Woman is debt, a bastard kid/s(which you will never see because “you” are the problem), baggage,and diseases.

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    • Already in 2017:

      Taking beatdowns from Asian stores
      Scamming Arab men
      Going ham over shampoo commercials
      Becoming the whoriest bachelorette ever

      I predict that they will soon be seen as the plague they are, even by white people. Expect a DROOOOOOOP in black women in the media as anything but the most haggard bed wench harridans possible. It’s time to slay the beast!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Following on from what Ryan said, the best weapon we have against the black harpy is abandonment, however as things begin to travel even further downhill for them, black women will in turn seek to exact revenge against black men, especially if they see us with non black women. These episodes of violence are coming down the pike and are realistic scenarios that free thinking black men need to be prepared for. In fact violent confrontations against interracial couples(black men/non black women) have already begun.

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      • Excellent point Verbs.
        I believe that all decent Black Men need to legally purchase and become trained in the use of firearms to protect and defend not only themselves but their beautiful non-black women from the violent beast known as black women. The eminent demise of the demonic black woman is happily beginning to take place and I believe as well that Decent Black Men will see an Increase in violent attacks from black women along with their simp/thug attack dogs.
        As their downward spiral continues, black women will adopt a “scorched earth” policy and begin to level desperate Kamikaze attacks against decent Black Men, their non black women and their bi-racial children.
        This last ditch effort to harm Black Men will inevitably fail along with black women as a whole but its always better to be forewarned so that you can be forearmed; That’s why I stay locked and loaded, to defend my life against these violent whores and to seize the opportunity to put them down like the rabid dogs they are….. In self defense of course.

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      • Claude Legree,

        Yes sir, black men must prepare themselves for the bumpy ride ahead, the storm is beginning to close in. As I have stated many times before members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood aren’t about to allow you to ride off smoothly into the sunset with Becky, Ling Ling, Gomez, Patel, Sadiq or Suzuki. As far as black women are concerned if they are to suffer then black men must be made to suffer along with them.

        Indeed you are correct, their plan of revenge will fail, they will drink down their recompense at full strength, undiluted, black women will not be able to escape their coming judgement. Additionally the simps and the supporters of these sirens will also perish in the fire with them.

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  6. As usual, black women knowingly choose horrible partners to father their children with or to have relationships with. Then after the black woman realizes that the stupid, birdbrain Negro who she chose to be in a relationship with is a scumbag, then become super angry and super better, and starts ranting and raving about how Blackmen need to do better. No, you idiot black woman, YOU need to do better and stop choosing these ignorant scumbags to have relationships with.
    But the fact of the matter is, most black women are ignorant scumbags, so by nature they seek that which they relate to.
    After the black woman realizes how stupid she has been, by dealing with these brain-dead Negro savages, she then latches on to a black ConMan, who is willing to make excuses for anything black women do. Of course these Negro clowns are just attempting to make money and get pussy off of these bitter, mentally ill, delusional black women. But because black women are so starved for attention, they are willing to give their last dime to any man (black or white) who says a few nice words about black women.
    This is why anytime some White man pops up speaking about how much he loves black women, black women are falling over themselves to praise that White man, give him money, or anything he asks for, or desires of them.
    Black women are easily manipulated , easily deceived, easily taken advantage of sexually and monetarily, because they have such low self-esteem and have such a great desire to be recognized, acknowledged, and be paid attention to.
    Simp clown negroes like Derrick jaxn claim to be supporters of black women, and claim to be uplifting black women, but these con men Negroes, are only attempting to use black women for financial gain, because they actually understand just how starved for attention black women actually are. The only group of human beings who don’t see how much they are being used by everyone around them are black women.
    And I actually think that black women do understand when they are being used, they just don’t care because they are naturally attention starved whores, who would jump off a building if it meant people would pay attention to them.
    Avoid black women at all costs .

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    • Bill Smith,

      Speaking about white men popping up to give black women unwarranted accolades, support and worship, here is another dude that I stumbled across who seems to be making the rounds on YouTube:

      He just like the rest of the merchants before him is setting black women up for the 8 ball and black women guaranteed will fall for the Okey Doke once again. Here is the clown’s channel:

      How on earth can black women expect to be respected when they continually fall for trickery and utter stupidity like this over and over and over and over again? He has even set up a Patreon account though he has yet to receive any subscribers or donations through it. The guy is talking about empowering black women, exactly what we don’t need. I think I may have to light his backside up in an article.

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      • Same thing those white mgtow dudes were doing in that forum post I mentioned. Trying to defend black women, saying that they’re unfairly marginalized, that they’re just as pretty as white women and no more dysfunctional.

        Black Women and white men are the wonder twins of evil. It’s why neither want black men having any power without them being involved.

        Breed them BOTH out.

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      • Move over Jacob Mason, here comes Coen the Snow King!

        He’s obviously doing this for money, but once he’s in, he cannot get out. Give him 7 years, his ass will be on child support…

        Do not play in a muddy puddle, where the hippos live.


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  7. And yes Blackmen, be absolutely and utterly prepared for violent outbursts on the part of black women and the simps who are with them, if you are seen in public with a white woman. If you are a black man and you are out in public with a white woman (I would say a nonblack woman, but I’m just getting to the heart of the matter here), you better be aware of your surroundings, especially if you are in an area populated by black folks.
    A black man could be waiting in line at the movie or to sit down in a restaurant with a White woman, and a black woman could jump up at any time with a razor blade and attempt to slash the face of that White woman who you are with. Never let your guard down or relax when you are in public with a White woman.
    I was in my apartment today with a mixed black woman with a white mother, and she was ranting and raving about how evil white people are how evil white women are.
    I actually asked her isn’t your mother white, and she began to spew this same Negro nonsense that all of these mentally ill simps and black woman talk about.
    I simply told her you have been raised around too many mentally ill black people. Then I proceeded to do my business and send her on her way.
    Like I always said the light skin or mixed ones, who grow up around black people always try to overcompensate for being mixed or light skin.
    The simping negro like Derrick jaxn, is just another in the long line of human beings that take advantage of, and use black women.

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  8. Verbs2015, yes I have seen that white guys YouTube videos before. It should clearly be a red flag, when you see white men going out of their way to praise black women. These white men have to be secretly laughing, knowing that they are only trying to take advantage of, or trick, stupid attention starved black women. If you are a white man, who wants a quick ‘come up’, just start to publicly speak about how beautiful black women are, and about how much you .love black women. Be sure the attention and the cash will come rolling in, mainly from black women.
    And yes Verbs2015, I had to send her on her way. She just has that nigger mentality, that I cannot stand. She is slightly amusing in small doses. But because she’s a mixed black girl who was raised amongst mostly Negroes, she has the mentality and personality of your average hood rat nigger bitch.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • @BillSmith You perfectly described her as someone who suffers from the tragic mulatto syndrome. Why do you think some mixed blacks resent their white heritage? Do you think its because of the one drop rule or do you think their pressured to identify as one race(i.e. black)?

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      • “Harris -Perry” syndrome.

        Know an Afro-Latina who goes in hard for black women, yet she’s a light and bright with her own hair. She definitely suffers from Harris-Perry syndrome.

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      • TheAmazingSecularist, I think it’s pressure to identify as black. Many mixed people try to minimize their white side, and over do their ‘blackness’.

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  9. And Verbs2015, let me add this. You remember the white girl on YouTube named ‘SHUCKS’. Now I could be wrong, but I know I’m right. That young White woman is speaking about black men and black issues, because she wants to be a part of black men (the black community). The white young woman SHUCKS is sincere in her desire to be apart of the alleged black community. But we understand she has a deep desire to be with a black man, and she probably already is with a black man.
    But the majority of these white guys who you see praising black women, are just trying to take advantage of the insecurities, the need for attention, and the way many black women view White men as gods.
    The reality is when a White woman has love for a black man, that love will translate into marriage or children. Most of the time when a White man is involved with a black woman, it’s for a few months of sexual fun, and then the White man is gone, and the black woman is left alone.
    While there might be a handful of Whiteman/ black woman relationships that last, or produce children or marriages, most of the relationships between White men and black women are short lived, and based on the white man using the black woman for sex.
    Despite black women claiming that the most long-lasting relationships are between black women and white men, the strongest relationships, based on absolute and utter love, are between black men and white women.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  10. Surely these blk trash ghettogagging cursed scums don’t register in my radar anymore.unfortunately I’m the only one among friends that keep my disdain for these ungodly savages hidden.they still call them queens even after showing them some racist as sexplay on tumble degrading these y’all said SIMPs are the cause of these beasts not showing us blkmen respect.. Iv tried to fit in to get along with these trashy sluts by being more hood.but they can sense I’m not one of them they can sense the good in nowadays I ignore them.anyone here got any technical for not making eye contact with these savages?they seem to want my attention for some reason, then when they have it they stare me down (sick I know).straight demented bitches.their loudness always gets you to acknowledged their soon to be extinct existence

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      • Submissive ebony.tumblr



        There’s a list of em.can’t seem to copy the links on my phone.

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    • Idgaf,

      You cannot hide your good nature from the black witch, the evil spirits that reside within her will detect that virtue is within you. Black women do not desire free thinking black men, however they still want us to be contaminated like the simps, manginas and white knights. They feel uneasy and uncomfortable whenever they get around black men who are not under their spells and hypnosis. You have to look at this from a spiritual standpoint first, its the evil spiritual entities which are now controlling these black women, they are the ones who can see that you are not like them, hence why they give you the evil eye.

      Whether or not you believe in the bible, look at what happened when Christ was in the close proximity of people who were possessed by evil spirits, they displayed all kinds of erratic behaviour, much like what is happening when you’re in the same area as black women. The loudness of black women is literally devilish, as the commenter Bill Smith continues to say, avoid black women at all costs. May I suggest crossing the street if possible whenever you see these devils coming in your direction.

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      • The evil spirits in them don’t like men with virtue so true so I always WO dered what I did wrong to receive such harsh treatments.while thugs get a pass.I’m starting to believe even women of other ethnicities who hang around these women long enough may become also infected.

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      • Idgaf,

        Now you see why I constantly refer to black women as a pestilence upon black society, dysfunctional individuals are attracted to other dysfunctional people, this is one of the reasons why black women and thugs get on like a house on fire. Those who hang around dysfunctional black women for long enough will become contaminated themselves, this is why it is advisable for thinking black men to abandon black women altogether.

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    • @ idgaf. It’s easy not to make eye contact with them. Wear sunglasses or night vision glasses. They come in real handy when they think your a simp or trick for the pickens.

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  11. I had to read this twice because I couldn’t believe it.

    I’ll play devil’s advocate and say this dude is not a simp at all, but a MASTER TROLL. I say this because he cannot be serious about that ‘Stretch Mark Lover’ t-shirt. He knew that as long as he supported the obese black woman, he could sell merchandise – and he did so with the most ridiculous tagline ever. Stretch Mark Lover… is that even a compliment you can pay someone? “Oh I love your stretchmarks, really pretty!”

    BUTTTT… it worked. He successfully proved that black women will support ANYONE who believes in their unhealthy lifestyles… even it comes off as silly as this. He proved that black women are – and I wish I could choose a more eloquent word – stupid. They’re idiots.

    I want to see this negro push things even further to see how far black women will go to support him. Even if he really is a pathetic simp, he is making a great case against black women.

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    • Disturbing bro.I showed it to some guy and he stopped talking to me lol hated that I burst his love for his perceived loyal ‘sisters’.

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      • Idgaf,

        And what you showed the guy was only the tip of the iceberg. I have written a 4 part series on how black women worship white men what they get up to with their white kings behind closed doors, here is part 1 if you haven’t seen it already:

        You can search for the other 3 articles by using the search bar on the right hand side of the page, just put in the same title.

        Its all good bro, glad to have you on board. Don’t bother with black women and their simp brigades, they are not going to change and will only mock those who speak out on their dysfunction.

        The simps have been brainwashed on a deep level, they are bewitched just like the black women who have put them under a spell. I refuse to deal with black folks who won’t confront and deal with the real issues within black society, this unfortunately is the nature of the majority of black people which is why separation from the scum of black society is essential.

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  12. Verbs

    I’m glad I found this site been a reader since 2016 august.I had no where to vent..all other ‘black’ sites had women trying to ban me for Dearing to speak against ‘sisters’.other blkmen too hated me talking about ghettogaggers and how insulting it is to our future born daughters I was shocked they didn’t want to confront these issue. Good to see woke blkmen here.

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  14. I never knew there was a site dedicated to black hating negroes. This page is hilarious. You know what, it is good for the cops to keep weeding out you black fools. Do the black community a favor and exterminate you black men. Failures of life. Sit on here complaining about black women being the problem. You’ll see who is the problem after cops make strainers with the likes of you all. Disgraceful! Dissatisfaction at some people does not give the right to say what you all are saying. And to think some black mother actually loved or love some of you all. Indeed your black mothers should be whores. They’d have swallowed you instead of gotten pregnant. So much resources yet so mediocre.


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