Black Women, Still As Violent As Ever – The Saga Continues!


As I have stated before I don’t normally do articles on celebrities unless it fits in with the theme of the website, the video above most certainly illustrates the ongoing problem with black women and violence. Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter and her best friend Lourdes(the light-skinned girl walking up the stairs at the beginning of the video) were recently involved in a brawl at an open day event for new students at Clarke-Atlanta University.

Lil Wayne being a celebrity should have known better than to allow his daughter to attend such an event knowing that the scum and the trash of black society would also be present. As a father it is your duty to keep your children out of harms way as best you can, the first principle of that policy being keeping them far away from scum bags and riff raff. Remember, these brawling black female hooligans are the first to claim “most educated” status, yet they cannot seem to apply similar “high standards” when it comes down to their conduct in public.

The above video is exactly why I have a chapter in my book Negro Wars entitled Black Women And Violence. Did you notice how quickly and keen the dark skinned black girl wearing her blonde weave(but black women aren’t trying to copy white women right?) jumped up to put in a few slugs? As has been pointed out many times before you’ll notice that when black women are involved in fights, typically it’s those of a dark complexion who are the majority fighters.

Dark skinned black women are the most masculine, savage, violent and bloodthirsty individuals on the planet, don’t take my word for it, go on to YouTube and type in “black women fighting” in the search bar and see what complexion of black females pops up the most. As I have stated many times before black women especially those of the darker persuasion love fighting and street brawling, they will fight in any given location, however they are extremely fond of fighting in other people’s business establishments. Here are a few examples:

Remember, these are the same black women who claim that we black men are making them look bad, black women channelling feminism on the daily are going out of their way to involve themselves in violent activity, yet their tarnished image and reputation is still the fault of black men??? Keep it stepping with that garbage. The fact that black women as a collective blame black men for all of their shortfalls is a clear indicator of how low of quality black women have become.

Black men religiously get the blame for everything, even things that we have absolutely nothing to do with. Do you see why increasing numbers of black men are beginning to throw in the towel on black women and opt for non black females instead? What man in his right mind would want to deal with such violence and loose cannon savagery?

In dealing with dysfunctional, violent black women, female privilege must immediately be revoked. You cannot approach me as a woman in a masculine and violent fashion and expect me to deal with you as a woman, no mam, that is not going to happen. I will not put to the side my instincts to defend and protect myself just because the aggressor is a woman, that is the most dangerous and stupid course of action any man can take whenever dealing with violent women period.

Violent women must be dealt with ie put down and put down quickly lest they dig deeper into their emotions and get carried away even further in their aggressive mindset. Simps, manginas and white knights who are willing to jump up to defend violent and aggressive females must be dealt with more harshly than the women themselves. The “you shouldn’t hit a girl/woman” talk is totally redundant, besides a real woman will never ever raise her hands to a man unless he has raised his hands to her first.

However in the case of most black women they need to obtain their RDA of attention, violence and spilling of blood and so the need to channel Jezebel from day to day is paramount in their lives. You need to understand that the spirit of Jezebel isn’t only related to sexual promiscuity, feminism, female narcissism, a thirst for violence, the wearing of weaves, wigs, fake nails, fake eye brows, make up and other cosmetics, vanity, lusting after money and material possessions, a rebellious attitude, being argumentative, a love of homosexuals and homosexuality/lesbianism, uncouth behaviour, disrespect and many others all fall under the umbrella of the Jezebel spirit.

Though I don’t talk about it much that Jezebel spirit is one of the main reasons if not the pinnacle principle as to why I advise black men to look for love and companionship amongst non black females as black women especially in the west have completely given themselves over to this devilish spirit. Black men, stay away from these black female Jezebel channelling devils in the flesh, yes non black women do have their own issues, however they aren’t nearly as contaminated as the modern day black witch.

These videos also further illustrate the need for thinking black men to separate themselves from black women and black society as a whole in order to avoid becoming contaminated themselves. The fact of the matter is most black women are toxic and they under the instructions of their white father have made it their sworn duty to spread their toxicity throughout the black nation.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset)

Most High Bless

64 thoughts on “Black Women, Still As Violent As Ever – The Saga Continues!

  1. In my humble opinion, more research needs to be done on the products that black women use on their hair. In my view, from a distance, these products may impact the mental health and physical health of black women.

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  3. At this point, the best thing to possibly happen for the hood would for ms-13 to come through and shoot down every black chick on sight.

    Notice how in all of these stories, the second ONE punch was thrown, seemingly thousands of black Women came out of the woodwork to fight for no reason.

    Notice how ugly and horribly built these women were. If I woke up tomorrow and read that Compton, Detroit, and Chicago hoods were wiped out, I’d get on my knees and thank god. Eradicate them!!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      All most black women know about is how to slug fest, street fight and open their legs for J Boogie and Smooth B. The so called “educated black woman” attending college or university during the day is the same retarded miscreant running amuck and engaging in all sorts of reprehensible behaviour at night.

      The more I hear you say it coupled with dealing with reprobate trolls occasionally on the site, the more it rings so true, breeding them out is the best way forward for the thinking black man. Filthy scum like this shouldn’t be allowed to live. May God bring a swift recompense and judgement upon all of their souls, I’ve had enough of them.

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  4. I tried to explain to my wife and friends what you wear on your crown affects thought action speech the weave is hair that is sacrificed to idols from the Indians of India already cursed stuff also it is men and women’s hair and also from wild animals this explains the masculine behavior and the wild behavior of our women the nation’s gentiles know this they know what they are doing to our women when they sell hair to China and winds up in the salons in the hood this where the curse of the women of zion with the bald scab comes in also along with the stink of private parts verbs they won’t listen man they won’t not even my wife I told her about it they want to argue I have no time for it I have high blood pressure vetbs! They do want to hear this is the reason you can’t keep A man and get ran through like whore it’s the hair the weave it’s jezebel plus cursed by Indians to there fallen angel false gods if you want to keep a man and have relationship take off weave burn it pray for repentance wear natural dreads it’s your covering and joining to your 1 boyfriend or husband fiance that’s why Edom hate dreads on our women they don’t want us to join together it’s deep but they have a agenda

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    • I do agree with you and have researched this myself. However, due to illness or extreme damage from previous hair products, some women MUST wear hair pieces or even weaves to cover their bald spots. Even with cortisone shots to the scalp (!) none of these treatments have been able regrow my lost hair. Please understand, I am not referring to long, wrong textured and blond weaves. Extreme scalp damage will also prevent the wearing of braids or dreads.

      I am an older woman and though I use only artificial hair for a tasteful bun, I seriously wish I did not have to use hair pieces at all.

      Illness isn’t always preventable, but other damages to the scalp can certainly be avoided. I guess my point is that future generations should consider keeping their hair natural and being able to completely avoid the weave and hair piece train.


    • Charles Hemming,

      Good to hear from you brother. The spirit of Jezebel basically what is behind the derailment of black women, one of the reason why I advise black men to start looking elsewhere for companionship is because the majority of black women are obviously cursed. When the Most High finally decides to open up the can and dish them out some heavy recompense, I don’t want to be around them lest I get caught up in the carnage.

      The fake hair, the chemicals they use in their hair, the lead in the water and the cruddy food enables black women to possessed by the Jezebelian spirit that much easier. Most black women are too far gone, moving on and breeding them out is now the best way forward for thinking black men as you cannot reason with the majority of black women on any level.


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  5. I say let these black women fight to the death and if they’re successful taking each other out especially some over unnatural chemicals in these hair and beauty supply stores that can do even more harm to them health wise. I bet they will still be fighting one another in the afterlife in you know where. Good article.

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  6. Treacle T,

    Thanks for continuing to return and giving me the attention you claimed I am looking for, this is great. I don’t need to look for the stories, these days they are all over the place and falling by the hundreds into my lap. Walk down your own local street and you will encounter black women engaging in stupidity, its not hard to find.


  7. Treacle T,

    Of course, your retarded opinion is most welcome here as it can serve as teaching and a testimony as to why more thinking black men need to give you rabid black female savages the boot.

    Feel free to express yourself even more and bury yourself deeper into stupidity, you’ve got the floor.

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      • Michel,

        You have to laugh at black women, they believe that insults are winning them the argument. A further illustration of just how mentally damaged and mentally insane the majority of black women are.

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    • That troll is the reason I don’t associate many black people, especially black women. Over emotional, irrational,illogical and just ignorant. I only associate with like minded black people, and most are black males. I see why the black american community is the way it is, I don’t know much about blacks outside of america, but I know here the community is done. I love your blog brother, but in a way its very disheartening knowing the shit we go through as black men. I feel sorry for the black people in the hood who actually want to learn and do better. I hope to god that troll isn’t a black male simp.

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      • Roberto Cafe,

        Black women act like typical liberals, name calling and shaming tactics are the order of the day, and they have also trained their simps, manginas and white knights to do the same. I hear you Roberto, it is a hard life for a black man in any western country, black women are in the same contaminated state in the UK as they are in the US, the situation is no different here in England.

        One of the reason why I do what I do is because there are very few folks out there exposing black women to the fullest and standing up for black men 100%. We have many snakes in the grass who pretend that they are down for black men’s causes but secretly still desire black women behind closed doors, we all know who they are.

        Black women will defend any and all acts of debauchery and decadency, this is what they are drawn towards because the majority of them no longer have a moral compass. Yet another reason why thinking black men need to give black women as a collective the boot. Your support is always much appreciated brother.

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  8. Sigh………its sad that if you type “fight” in the search bar on YouTube or any other social media sites, you will get majority black women fighting videos. Who needs white supremacy, a lot of negroes destroy themselves without any type of racism involved. You still have black women defending Aaron Hernandez, even though he murdered 3 black men, and on the “DL” like they claim many black men are. I think the reason he murdered those men is because they found out, or tried to make a move on them and they rejected it.

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  9. Treacle T,

    Your comment was automatically moderated because there is a link in it, take that decadent filth some place else. If you want to make your point you can do so without posting links to homosexual pornographic websites. In typical black female fashion, you claim black men are on the down low but you black women are the ones forever talking about and obsessed with homosexuality, homosexuals and lesbians.

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  10. Please just block the trolls. Enough is enough. The only thing that trolls do is bring distraction. At this point I’m not even sure we need to read the comments of mentally ill black women and simps to come to this website, because we have more than enough proof in the world to see just how ridiculous these idiots are.
    And who is dumb enough to think that such a thing as an open forum? All forms have rules and regulations. And when certain stupid individuals come to these forums with nonsense, they are immediately banned or blocked.
    And I have gone against my own advice and have taken time to actually speak about some imbecile who has nothing better to do than come to a website that they disagree with, and name call and act like an idiot.
    Now onto the topic at hand. A good rule of thumb is where ever you have more than 10 or 20 black people without any nonblack people around chances are there is going to be violence, arguments or problems. That alleged college where this took place is more like the 13th grade. You simply cannot have civilized behavior when there are large numbers of black people. The reason why there is so much of violence and danger associated with the black community, is because most black people are raised by single black women, and they grow up witnessing black women fly off the handle, go into a rage, destroy things, curse people out, and get into confrontations over any little thing that happens to them.
    Black women teach their children how to be violent, how to be angry, how to be confrontationa,l how to fight, how to destroy things, etc, etc.
    Take the majority of black children and place them in homes where a white woman is raising them, and see if they grow up behaving the way they do. The problems and violence in the black community directly stem from the amount of power, influence, and poor decision-making on the part of black women.
    This is the truth. There is no excuse or other reason why the black community is so messed up.

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  11. Oh yeah, I got distracted by the troll that I forgot a big part of what I was trying to say. Sadly, most times when a light skin or mixed black girl grows up around a bunch of dark skinned animals, the light skin black girl tries to overcompensate and make the other dark black females feel that she is just as stupid, reactionary, and violent as the dark black women. So many times in the black community the light skin black chicks will go out of her their way to show the world that she is as ‘hood’ or ‘ghetto’ as all of the other black female animals.
    It’s a perplexing burden that the mixed or light skinned black female faces in the black community. The light skin or mixed black woman knows she’s a target for dark skin women to pick on, abuse, and try to harm. So many times in response to this abuse, they face at the hand of black women, the light skin black female will do everything to prove to these dark skin black female maniacs, that she is just as ‘real’ as they are.
    Black women want to abuse, destroy, and kill light skin black women because light skin black women simply are more attractive and get more attention than darker skin black women. Black women simply cannot handle the fact that light skin women exist. So anytime black women get the chance to scream and complain and cry about light-skinned women, they will do so without hesitation. But Barack Obama and Jesse Williams will get a pass. Once again it really comes down to white women and the fact that black women hate anything that looks like white women, resembles white women or could even viewed as being similar to White women.
    Black women are a joke, an embarrassment, and they are an evil force that needs to be avoided at all costs.

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    • The ultimate weapon against their evil… to nut up in a Becky!!!

      The Fall of the Compton Creatures: Rise of the High Yellows


      Have fun with your (drag) queens, hoteps. I’ll be busy constantly impregnating Juliana Harkavy!

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    • @Bill Smith

      Light skin/mixed women being told they weren’t Black enough, then going in super-duper pro-Black is what’s known in by sociologists as “Harris-Perry syndrome”, named after the famous television social commentator and bedwench…

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  12. Listen, the bottom line is white women just look better overall than black women do. And despite these insane, jealous, bitter, angry black women claiming that white women are having surgery and getting tans in order to look like black women, anyone with half a brain would be able to see that it’s actually the complete opposite. No group of women on earth wants to look like black women. Black women on the other hand live their lives and will spend their last dime in an effort to mimic and look like white women. But because black women are so arrogant and full of pride they will deny this fact until their very last breath, despite all the tangible evidence that proves otherwise.
    If black women were granted two wishes, the first wish would be to exterminate all white women, and the second wish would be to magically transform into white women.
    Black women have serious, serious mental issues.

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  13. Afrofuturism1, absolute truth. There is a dynamic of love and hate that black women have for White women that is completely irrational and insane. On the surface black women love to claim that white women want to look like them want to be like them, have surgery to look like them, White women try to copy them and all this other garbage that black women spew.
    But the reality is that black women hate white women, but are in love with everything that white women possess physically. Black women do everything in their power to attempt to slander White women, because black women deep down understand that white women are superior to them as women. Black women attempt to slander White women as a defense mechanism. Pathetically, the majority of black women consciously or subconsciously spend their lives attempting to emulate, imitate, copy and look like White women. I almost feel bad for black women, and the state that they are in. I said almost, because when I actually think about it everything that black women have done, has resulted in the state that they are in today.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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      • @ afrofuturism 1
        Exactly, the “Ultimate solution” for all decent Black Men and society as a whole would be the eradication of the deadly plague known as black women from the planet. the only thing that decent Black Men need to do to assist in this effort is to abandon the filthy black female scum along with her perverse creation of allies ( homosexuals, thugs, and simps) and leave them to their own devices which of course are nothing but death, disease and destruction.
        The blueprint for the annihilation of black females are to divest from the “black community”, abandon the black female rats, while we and the rest of the civilized world can revel in their genocide. and as always SYSBM!!!

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  14. In recent years, I have seen many black women attempt to put more focus on the BUTT. Black women, by their actions, conduct, and spending choices, have decided that they cannot compete with non-black women in matters of face, hair, and overall physical appearance. Therefore, black women shout: WE GOT BUTTS!!! The problem, for black women, is that the BUTT is the glute muscles. Since very few black women get much physical exercise, very few black women have toned glute muscles. The USA black women of today resort to padding clothes, slimming clothes, butt injections, and surgery in a failed attempt to get a nice BUTT. White women have defeated black women in the BUTT area despite the fact that black women have made the BUTT as her main feature. The white woman’s BUTT tends to be more toned. The black women’s butt is either: (1) fake or (2) floppy and sloppy.

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    • Reggie James,

      You guys are the very ones who have put the blog on the map, I’m much appreciated to you and everybody else here who is supporting
      Since I began to post here regularly from August 2016 my views have shot up, plus with you guys spreading the word, SYSBM is beginning to make a positive impact. Big up yourselves, you are the ones who have made this all possible.

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  15. Gregory Chandler true. Black women who claim to have ‘ass’, most of the time are just fat and out of shape. And yes white women have defeated black women in the ‘butt’ category, as well as every other category. But delusional black women continue to claim white women want to look like black women. No group of women on earth wants to look like black women. Black women don’t want to look like black women.

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  16. The black woman has lost in the butt wars. The butt wars were the black women’s chance to get a win in at least one category. In earlier decades, when black women did more physical labor, the black woman won the butt wars. Today, the typical black woman gets very little physical exercise and is fat and out of shape. Today’s black woman gets nothing but a string of losses.

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  17. Saw a thread on the dumbass white mgtow board Roosh V, with some “they all do it” nonsense. They were basically saying that black chicks were no worse than other chicks and that they were unfairly singled out.

    All said while probably living in gated communities that would be hellholes if white women were just as bad. Breed the limo wristed white man’s ass out too.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      What are those guys talking about, though white women do have their issues, they aren’t nearly as dysfunctional as the modern day black witch. Women from the Far East by and large aren’t dysfunctional either, those guys are softies, they have the pick of the bunch and yet they are still complaining, smh.

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      • The violence alone show a difference.

        I’d hate to use the word, but I believe most of these mgtow dudes are “sexist” and really do just want something to cum in and shut up otherwise.

        Conversely, I think white men, more than ever, are the other side of black women. Mother****ers throw their mates under the bus for no reason, then get mad when Said mates find each other.

        In terms of feminism and the laws, why do black people not blame the white Man for that?! His gay faggot sissy ass passed those laws and gave dyke jew feminists power! He’s at fault! He DESERVES for his woman to act up, ours just turned against us.

        Breed out black women, and breed out lame sissy batty boy white men.


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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Black women as a collective are worse than rabid pit bulls when it comes to their behaviour, the most violent savages on the planet bar none. It’s just as I always say, white men and black women are indeed two sides of the same rusty coin. White men have first pickings from every race of woman in the world, I’m struggling to understand why they complain about women so much, it makes no sense.

        To be honest in my opinion the only real white men left are in Russia and Eastern Europe. White men everywhere else seem to have lost their masculinity big time, especially in western countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

        Cosigned on the laws, if you are going to introduce gynocentricism into the legal system, expect women to take advantage to the fullest. White men have done it to themselves.

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      • White MGTOW men are only complaining because their Worldwide Pussy Pass (valid since the year 1500) has been rejected. Their racial arrogance cannot take any woman questioning their so-called superiority, and so the slightest whiff of feminism has them whining and complaining about “how they won’t sit down and shut up”. Good. Means the real men can step up and scoop up. More white girls for us.


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  18. @Michel
    Exactly. These men want the same problem-less fairy tale that they criticize women for wanting. The slightest flaw in any other person makes that woman “not shit”, but he thinks he deserves a perfect playmate just because he’s decided to start hitting them gym. These pink skinned, little dicked Cuck white boys are just as entitled as the women! They’ll complain about female hypergamy yet want to **** anything that moves. If it’s just female nature, then why we’re older generations able to keep it together. Why do white still have majority middle class and upper glass while we’re majority lower class, if women are all the same?!!

    Then they’ll complain about gynocentric laws, once again though, it was these dumbass twinks that put them in place. They’ll say that we can’t be mad that in the past, the white male majority took advantage of white male centric laws, well, what did you expect?

    If they put laws in place for black men to be able to claim white men’s wives as their own, and then claim their possessions and money, I would be the FIRST one to test it out.


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  19. There is even a distinct, clear, and obvious difference in smell between white women (non black women), and black women. The majority of black women smell like they just played 4 quarters of basketball in 98 degree heat. Where as white women (non black women) smell like a garden full of fresh flowers in bloom. White women just smell cleaner.
    And I’m about to stop saying ‘non black women’.
    I’m just gonna continually reference white women. I personally like Mexicans, Peruvians ,Guatemalans and those indigenous Indian women throughout the Americas (ok I’m a bit strange lol). But since the lives of black women are so filled with hatred and jealousy and obsession with white women, and white women are absolutely beautiful (and now that I think about it I probably like White women most of all lol), I’m just going to cut the shit, and stick with speaking about the beauty of white women.
    And no I’m not brainwashed, confused, or deceived. White women simply look better, are more friendly, are more beautiful, are more feminine, and have more value than most black women ever could.
    This is reality, and these are facts.
    Have you ever even looked at a White woman’s feet compared to black women’s feet? There is nothing that a black woman has that is superior to what a White woman has.
    I am simply speaking the truth.

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  20. Bill Smith. 80% of black women are overweight. These fat black women shout: WE GOT BUTTS !!!! The facts are that most black women have floppy and sloppy butts with very little muscle tone.

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    • @ Gregory Chandler and @Bill Smith.
      I notice nowadays (the 2010’s) most Black women is more out of shape/overweight then they was in the 1990’s and seems like by the decade black women looks is going down thew hill, Yet we still have a number of black men see these overweight black women as beautiful and sexy, also be saying I’do hit it.

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      • Jayjay5077, just look at photos of black women from the 1920s 1930s 1940s and 1950s. Then compare those photos to the black woman beasts we see today. Instead of progressing, black women have been regressing for the past 50 or 60 years.

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  21. Gregory Chandler, most black women instead of screaming ‘we got butts’, black women should scream ‘we are FAT’!!!!!
    And yes black woman smell due to their poor hygiene, wearing a sweaty stinking filthy piece of fake hair on their heads all day long, being overweight and sloppy, and having a poor diet.
    Truly disgusting creatures.

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  22. Verbs2015. Adult USA black women, under age 70, are overweight at the 80% level. Another 10% are substance abusers who, for example, will have a meal that consists of a bag of potato chips and a six-pack of beer.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      There is no disagreement from me at all because I have seen it with my own eyes. Its such an epidemic its scary. 80% overweight and they still have the audacity to call themselves queens, smh!

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  23. First time comment. But in my opinion white MGTOW is essentially a “rage quit” the simple fact of being white and Caucasian is no longer enough to score a mate…so they are “walking away” because they are losing the right of first refusal.

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    • Btw…been lurking on the forum before bruh. And I’ve read the book…im just glad someone has broken down the how and why of negro female dysfunction.

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      • Steven Rogers,

        Glad to have you onboard sir and thanks for supporting in buying the book, I felt it was my duty to deconstruct and explain the dysfunction and derailment of the modern day black female, there are many more like yourself who are looking for answers. As least this site and Negro Wars the book can now be used as solid reference points.

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    • Stephen Rogers,

      White men don’t really have any excuses, you are right, their international first choice for women pass is being revoked as we speak. Women both foreign and domestic are looking for something different, they have had their fill of the run of the mill Caucasoid. White men are going to have to acknowledge and accept that their domination of the world’s women is coming to an abrupt end, black men are beginning to take their place and they don’t like it one bit. They have all the wealth and the power, yet women across the globe are still opting for poorer individuals.

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  24. ‘Thick’ in the black community means disgustingly obese, unhealthy, overweight, and fat. I always makes me laugh when I see black men drooling over fat, disgusting black women. But a cute white woman could be jogging past the fat black woman animal who is coming out of the fried chicken place, and these stupid Negro Simp clowns will say ‘ dat white girl ain’t got enough ass’
    The biggest enabler and supporter of these mentally ill, disgusting black women animals, are these black simps.

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  25. And as far as male dominance goes regarding Blackmen and white men, the only thing Weitman have over Blackmen is financial dominance and advantage. Despite the world seemingly being against black men, black men are still able to shine and get world wide attention. And if it weren’t for the financial advantages white men have, white women would be with black men 90 percent of the time. When black men are around white women, black men FEEL the vibes directed toward them coming from white women.
    Simply but, black men have what all women want. Confidence, good looks, masculinity, ‘swag’, sex appeal, sexual prowess, and every other masculine trait that women would want in a man.
    White women know the deal when it comes to Blackmen, it’s simply a matter of convenience and finance that leaves white women in the direction of White men for the most part. And actually all nonblack women, and black women for that matter, know and understand that the black man is the definition of a man.
    This is why black women are trying so hard to imitate and become Blackmen. Because black women couldn’t understand that Blackmen get attention that they could never attain.
    Brothers find a White woman preferably, or a nonblack woman, and be happy.
    Black women are demons. Black women from South America might be a different breed of black woman, but I will get into those details if the thread is ever brought up.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  26. Many black men have been taught, by their fat mothers, that fat women are the way to go. This is, in part, the fat mother’s attempt to up her own self-esteem. Black men that have traveled somewhat can go against the propaganda put out by their fat mothers. Many black men have allowed themselves to think like black women.

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  27. Many people comment that when a black man is in a relationship with a black woman the relationship is somewhat a homosexual relationship because the black man and the black woman are actually two men.

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