Female Beauty Standards Within Black Society Are Down The Toilet


Really bruh? Stop presenting me with black female Frankensteins, monsters, krakens and beastly tug boats trying to persuade me that such women are beautiful, THEY ARE NOT! The woman above whose name is Danielle Brooks is not attractive, nor is she beautiful. You’ll notice this common theme being pushed by black women within black society and by certain people outside of it that attempts to present and exalt fat, ugly, masculine looking black women as if they are sex symbols and should be accepted as some sort of black beauty standard.

Immediately at this point the angry, bitter black sisterhood will say that the reason I have stated that the woman above is not pretty is because she has a dark complexion. NO, that is not it at all, she is clearly overweight and she looks masculine, stop attempting to use the “dark skin” card everytime a black woman is declared ugly.

This has nothing to do with light and dark skin even though I will admit that you typically have to move towards lighter skin in order to find attractive black women because dark skinned black women tend to be the most aggressive and the ones who embrace feminism to its deepest core, thus in their attempts to throw off femininity and embrace masculinity, their physical features are actually beginning to morph into that of a man’s.

Beautiful black women were in abundance 50 years ago period, black women back in the day were feminine, they embraced their femininity to the fullest, they knew their place and functions as women. Today however many things have changed, most black women of the darker persuasion look extremely coarse and masculine due to their subscription to feminism, as I have stated before feminism is causing the physical features of those women who embrace the religion to take on masculine characteristics.

Remember in 2014 back when ESPN magazine featured Serena Williams on the front cover butt naked? The magazine Sport Illustrated also featured some photos of Serena Williams topless. Williams also went topless alongside Amy Schumer for the 2016 Pirelli calendar. The difference here is white society accepts the fact that Amy Schumer is ugly and overweight, they wouldn’t in a million years attempt to present Schumer as a sex symbol.

Yet white liberals along side their black female sidekicks have tried their best to persuade black society to accept Williams as beautiful and as a sex symbol. Sorry, it’s not going to happen, not on my watch. Serena Williams is yet another black woman who has masculine features and who is not attractive even if you throw some Remy weave upon her head and have her prancing through the streets naked.

Good looking black women at least in the west in 2017 are few and far between, this is one of the reasons why they(black women) are attempting to push the narrative of persuading black men to accept sub standards in the area of attraction, in order to give themselves a fighting chance at being “snatched up”. In terms of being used for sex for the most part it has worked because let’s face it most black men will stick their ding-a-ling into anything that moves.

However, in connection to long-term relationships black women despite their manipulative efforts have still been put on the back burner. The fact of the matter is there are many more attractive non black women per capita than black women, you only need walk your own local streets to confirm this fact for yourselves.

Gentlemen, don’t ever be shamed into finding certain unattractive black females attractive, this is part of life and something which the overriding majority of black women need to accept. Additionally don’t ever allow black women to shame you out of your personal preferences and tastes in woman either, if you prefer light-skinned, mixed race or white women then stand strong in those preferences regardless of the backlash you will receive from the bitter black sisterhood.

As I have stated many times before on this site aswell as in Negro Wars, the opinions black women have concerning the dating preferences of black men at this point are simply irrelevant. Since black women have sold themselves over to their white father, who black men choose to date now lies outside of their jurisdiction, thus we as black men are no longer obligated to take black women’s thoughts concerning our dating and marriage preferences into consideration.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mindset)

Most High Bless

93 thoughts on “Female Beauty Standards Within Black Society Are Down The Toilet

  1. That chick looks like JABBA THE HUT’S ABORTED FETUS. They love to try and tell black men who we should think is attractive. Serena Williams looks like the nigga I used to play linebacker with in high school, there is nothing even remotely attractive about her. I dont even consider black females as a dating option and I will only date white women so I dont even pay attention to their feminist bullshit.

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    • Keith,

      Straight talk, just like black women attempt to dictate to black men how we ought to gather and spend our own money, they try to do the same with regards to who we should be dating. Sorry, I’m not obligated to deal with obese, ugly looking tug boats, I have standards, dignity, integrity and self respect.

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      • That chick looks like JABBA THE HUT’S ABORTED FETUS. They love to try and tell black men who we should think is attractive. Serena Williams looks like the nigga I used to play linebacker with in high school, there is nothing even remotely attractive about her. I dont even consider black females as a dating option and I will only date white women so I dont even pay attention to their feminist bullshit.

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    • Treacle T,

      I would rather burn than have the urine from a contaminated gutter trash black female be sprayed on me. And you wonder why you black women remain chronically single. The fact that no man wants you is not our fault, you need to deal with your own issues, cussing me out will not alter your God forsaken fate. Even though my girlfriend is not white, if I did have a white girlfriend yes, I would be enjoying her much more than your rancid, disease infested behind. Adios muchacha!

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  2. Even though most men don’t share my preferences in women that chick just isn’t very good looking. If they wanted to post up an attractive plus sized black woman they could have used Jill Scott.

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  4. “Clicks on page”
    Oh man, hopefully somewhere Verbs will have an attractive and delightsome white/mixed chick like on some of my blogs/videos. Time to fire up the Fap-omatic 3000!

    “Scrolls down and sees picture”
    ……..my dick hurts.

    In all seriousness, this woman DOES look like the MAJORITY of black women. You can’t make people like this, when literally EVERY other group of women’s plain janes look better.

    This woman actually is considere beautiful? By who, Umar Johnson?

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        These simps can keep it moving with that “dats just one” garbage talk, I see so many of these monsters walking the streets here in London, there are far more better looking non black women by far to choose from. I just came from the petrol station where I spotted one, a unattractive black female tug boat flopping around in the store due to her severe obesity.

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      • Rule #1 of mass media: Never put regular people on TV or in a magazine.

        There’s a reason White women are used to sell products: It works. It’s worked for a century of advertising, and will continue to do so.

        Despite all that, trash magazines like People can get away with labelling a grossly overweight, weave wearing, manly-faced, dark skinned woman “beautiful”, just because some thirsty azz simp nigga with extremely low self esteem will chase after that. Which then reflects badly on Black men as a whole….

        IR between BM and WW is at 30% US, 50% UK and growing. Brothers, prove People Magazine wrong and continue dating and marrying out, so we can have more Shea Moisture clients and increase their profits.


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      • I known few good blackmen who are simps think this type of black women like a Serena williams looking type of black women are sexy looking treat her like a queen which is crazy and mess up.

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      • JayJay5077,

        These simps are merely transgressing against and defiling themselves, they have no self respect, lowering themselves to sleep with black women who resemble dogs, cellar dwellers and underground mutants. This is why I say that both dysfunctional black women and the simps that worship and support them must both burn in the fire.


    • This 10000%. So I’m suppose to leave my sweet Japanese wife to UPLIFT (with a group of a hundred men) that mother of civilization??

      #SYSBM fo life!!

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  5. It always kills me when they put the ugliest, fattest, most normal looking black woman on the cover of a magazine and try to label her as ‘beautiful’. It’s like this magazine pulled up to a bus stop in the hood somewhere and offered her a 20 dollar gift certificate at McDonald’s to pose on the cover of a magazine. Other ugly fat black women will look at this and somehow think in their mind that ‘I’m beautiful too’.
    There is nothing remotely attractive about that fat black animal. And Serena Williams might be one of the ugliest women I’ve ever looked upon in my life. Serena Williams looks like a gorilla on steroids with a 4 foot weave. And you hear Blackmen fawning over Serena Williams like she looked like an Ethiopian runway model in Europe.
    The combination of poor breeding in the black community, poor diet, low iq, and a gene pool that has been polluted through inbreeding and incest, has led to some of the ugliest women walking the planet earth.
    I live just outside of New York City. When I’m in Manhattan on a summer day for instance and I walked down the street you see white women that would make your jaw drop because they are so damn attractive. American white women and European tourists. Absolutely beautiful, healthy, feminine, clean looking White women everywhere. And not just the Whitewoman but the majority of the nonblack women are just flat out attractive.
    It’s rare to see a black woman that when you see her you’re like ‘wow she is really attractive’. If I see 100 beautiful white women in a day I might see between 2–6 attractive black woman. And four of them are either mixed or light skinned black woman.
    The reality is most black women look like that female on the magazine cover. What the world is supposed to believe that black women who look like her are beautiful? And of course you probably have simps out there talking about ‘I’d hit it’, ‘she looks like she has a fatty’, ‘id smash’.
    The reason why the fattest ugliest black women on the planet walk around like they are Victoria’s Secret models or something, is because no matter where they go there’s always some dumb Negro birdbrain trying to ‘holla’ at them.
    Black women and simps make me sick to my stomach. I refuse to spend any extended amount of time around majority of black people.

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    • Lol most simps would say this woman is sexy and take pride in letting their nuts hang outside of her.

      I’m sorry, but the majority of dark skinned, non mixed black women really do look like some sort of genetic throwback. The blacker the berry, the meaner the beast!

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    • Very true, NYC is underrated imo. Swarming with pretty white girls, German and Ukrainian tourists and also lots of Korean and Japanese women too(usually in large groups and they’ll talk and take photos with just about anyone). And very few good looking black women. Most are ugly, some are just cute and the best looking ones are clearly mixed.

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      • Ukrainian…………

        Oh god yes…..

        Yeah everyone knows that the typical attractive black chick is mixed, it’s why dark skinned chicks are jealous of them. That’s why they scratch mixed chicks’ faces and pull their hair: monkey broads are jealous. Mixed chicks also realize this, and know that even if they’re just average, they’ll still typically look better and get more attention than the dark skinned chicks. I have a friend, she’s the mixed chick in her posse, and easily the most attractive. Probably helps that the main dark skin chick in the group literally looks like Bobby Brown. It’s My Preroga-weave!

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    • I do live in Brooklyn NY in bed stuy now i do see more attractive looking white women walking in the street then i see with black women, most black women is starting to look more like the black chick from precious movie and Serena williams looking type i see blackmen still thing these chicks are attactive. I from brooklyn i see some blackmen are scered to date out due to backlash from their female family members and some was reared to stay with black women no matter what her look or attitude is.


    • And yet we still got a number black dudes will still dick or simp over a black woman looks like Serena William or precious looking black chick before they get with a fine ass looking white, Hispanic, Asian women. These dudes been reared to think Serena William or precious mean/looking. My brother and friend told me that precious/Serena looking black women is best the for black men not the Mya (singer) looking black women/mixed black women also saying light skin black women, white women or Hispanics are not good for the blackmen, this is crazy man, so sad these dudes are thinking backwards.

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    • Lol is that who is trying to say the woman is pretty?

      And the dumb b**** has a play called A Dark Skinned Woman’s Revenge……

      Jesus Christ, could these idiots be anymore on the nose? That’s like me coming out with a play, “A Light Skinned Nigga With a Little Dick F***s 15 White Women With Triple D Racks”

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  6. Rashida Strober is starting a new magazine titled ‘Fat, Black, and Ugly, but Beautiful’. The first issue has the exotic beauty Gabourey Sidibe on the cover and a full article about how she maintains her figure, tips on eating healthy, and how she gets becomes more beautiful and attractive as the years go on.

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  7. Why fat, unhealthy, overweight, sloppy, manish looking black females are promoted as being attractive in the black community is beyond me. I can’t count how many times I’ve (unfortunately) been around black Simp men, and the most disgusting, sloppy looking, overweight black woman has walked by, and these Negro clowns would go crazy talking about how ‘thick’ she is.
    And while these idiots Blackmen are losing their minds over some disgusting looking, overweight, ugly black woman, the disgusting fat black woman is walking by and rolling her eyes and holding her nose up toward these black men, who are attempting to praise and follow her.
    I would rather die alone and childless, then to EVER deal with a black woman.
    Simp Negroes please jump off a bridge and die.

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    • How bored is the dude that cums inside the woman above?

      And speaking of Amy schumer, in the article, even she looks better than many black chicks, and would look quite good if she lost weight. Black Women literally just look like a dude you used to make mud pies in the streets with.

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      • @ afrofuturism
        Exactly, Amy Schumer can “get it”. Even without the fame and fortune she’s a better choice than 99% of all black women and that’s based on just her looks alone, even though she is not widely thought of as an attractive woman.
        It just shows how black women are by a huge margin the ugliest women on the planet.

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  8. I’ve always thought a fat white woman is more attractive than a fat black woman. The old untrue stereotype, that Blackmen are always with a fat white woman is nonsense. But let’s hypothetically say that it is true, that Blackmen are usually with fat white women. Would any man in their right mind choose to be with a fat, dysfunctional, confrontational, bitter, angry black woman, or would he choose to be with an overweight white woman who actually respects him, loves him, treats him good, is friendly toward him, is pleasant, and actually hopes that the relationship works out and they can have a life together that is positive, and a relationship with a support one another?
    Black women are always screaming about ‘ trailer trash white women’. Well let me say this. There are only a handful of actual white women who come from trailer parks in America. Black women just use the trailer trash slander tactic in order to somehow try to tear White women down.
    But a black man would actually be 100% better off with a white woman from a trailer park, then he would be with 99.9% of black women.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • Fat, single, white women typically have a net worth of $40K (USD). Fat, single, black women spend money on hair weave and typically have a net worth of $5.00 (USD). Therefore, if one does get with a fat woman, she should be a fat white woman.

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  9. And let me add this. Many times you will have a nonblack woman, but in most cases it’s a Whitewoman who might not be the best looking woman on the planet. But she will be with a very good looking black man. Black women in their stupid, infantile minds will scream ‘ he’s not even with a good-looking Whitewoman, that white girl is ugly’. What these stupid black woman don’t realize is that personality goes a long, long way.
    Black women don’t not understand the concept of friendliness, being affable, and living life in a pleasant manner. This is why the average Whitewoman will get more attention from Blackmen, than the better looking black females.
    Black women keeps screaming about how Blackmen are ‘brainwashed by the European standard of beauty’. Actually stupid black woman, Blackmen simply want peace in their lives, and a woman that is willing to make life easier for them, as opposed to more difficult. White women understand how to make men feel good about themselves and the relationships that they are in. And when you see a white woman with a black man, you can believe that that Whitewoman is treating that black man very, very well.
    Let me stop rambling before I write a book.

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  10. Lmfao@FLCL they are really reaching saying this woman oh sorry beast is attractive she looks like a dead whale carcass of the coast of South Africa that Great Whites feed off. Verbs you are correct i see black crustations like this damn near everyday to my dismay. She looks like she stinks yuck.

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  11. The black beast in the article accurately represents the typical run of the mill, everyday black woman: Ugly as hell!
    Only a liberal, social justice warrior, trash rag like people magazine would promote this type of garbage. It also demonstrates the pathetic, ass backwards mentality of black women who actually see this silverback being called “beautiful” as some kind of “win” for them.
    Black women are just like retarded children, (my apologies to retarded children) but those fools don’t even realize when they’re being clowned and being made into some kind of modern day “Aunt Jemima” menstrual character; Which I guess is accurate because that is exactly what the wretched black woman is today in 2017.
    Notice the child like mentality of black women and how they crave any kind of attention no matter demeaning or insulting it is, just like a popular you tube personality says all they want is dick and attention.
    I also agree with an earlier commenter who said that bad breeding and inbreeding are why the vast majority of black women resemble this “ape like” creature Danielle Brooks.
    Decent Black Men need to do all that we can to wipe the “pestilence” ( as Verbs calls them) known as black women off the planet and this can be achieved legally and morally by breeding them out of existence. #SYSBM!

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  12. And yet and still, I’ma coon, sell out, uncle tom, house negro like my friend is calling me on my video:

    Because I encourage brothers to save themselves and #SYSBM, and I reject the pro black talking points, I’m the sell out. Cause I’m supposed to UPLIFT (with a forklift or a crane) fat ass, ugly chicks like this?!?!?!?

    GET OUT of the big booty community! #SYSBM

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    • Kirigakure Jones,

      Pro blacks honestly believe that it is somehow noble and honourable to put themselves in harms way or in positions where they can be taken advantage of by black women. It just goes to show you the deep mental programming black women have etched into the psyche of your average black male.

      It is a fool’s errand to allow yourself to be taken advantage of by black women, it is smart and intelligent to save one’s self from hellfire, not to walk into the flames.


      • Some simple Negro on YouTube responded to one of my comments by saying ‘ if you want to date white women, that means more sisters for me’. The absolute and utter stupidity of the Simp Negro never ceases to amaze me. And yes Verbs2015, black women are deeply embedded in the mind of most Blackmen. Most Blackmen literally think about how black women are going to react before they do or say anything. Most black men are cowards who would rather live in fear of black women’s opinion of them, then actually be happy in life.
        Once again I can’t stand the majority of black people. The prevalent mentality, attitude, and way of life that most black people live is contrary to all things rational, logical, and civilized. The mentally ill black woman is the leader, decision-maker, and judge of all things in the black community. And the Simp Negro is the follower of this mentally ill black woman.


  13. Treacle T,

    Assuming you are a black woman you must be one of these darker skinned busted, hand me down, insurance write off krakens that I talked about in the article. It’s usually your kind who have the biggest mouths and the most to say. Its not my fault your face most probably looks like a 15 car pile up, hey, get over it and deal with the deck the Most High gave you.

    More importantly, why are you here? I never came to you, you came to me. Attention, really? It’s a pity that you don’t check your reprobate black sisterhood who engage in attention seeking 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. As I have stated before disparaging me does not help black women in the slightest, they as a collective are still gutter trash regardless of your name calling.

    Gentlemen, take note of a scum bucket coming out of the woodwork, as I have stated before this will happen on occasion.

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  14. Treacle T,

    And I suppose you believe that you pathetic speech has altered the reality of this:

    Claiming that I am looking for attention, well being the dumb harridan that you are, by coming here aren’t you giving me exactly what you claim that I’m seeking?

    Do you see how dumb you are woman, was your trip here to Slaying Evil really necessary? Here is yet more evidence to place on the table and yet another reason why free thinking black men need to date out.

    Gentlemen, notice how this detrimental excuse of a rodent as per the usual pattern of the black harridan is unable to deal with any of the facts and the points raised, and instead chooses to resort to name calling, shaming and guilt tripping tactics as if these techniques can somehow alter the truth.


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  15. It’s not my website, and as I’ve said before I understand why the comments of mentally ill black women and simps are left up as evidence of the puerile nature of their position. But man sometimes I feel Verbs2015 should go into full on block mode to eliminate these brain dead nuisances.

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  16. A few minor points:

    So I’ve seen more pics of this Danielle Brooks actress and she comes across as a typical big booty bimbo. However People magazine managed to make her look even worse. I think she was clowned her with that particular photo shoot.

    @Bill Smith
    Amy Schumer had indeed lost a lot of weight since becoming really famous, so at least this trashy White girl had some level of self awareness at least…

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    • Amy Schumer is only decent-looking when her glam squad works overtime on her and she starves herself for a week in advance of a photo shoot, etc. I could only get through 6:40 of her Netflix special, she’s hideous and unfunny.

      You guys need to pick another example of white womanhood if you’re gonna make the case that a white woman is an upgrade over a sista.


      • It’s a fair comparison: Both are overweight and are actors. Difference is whilst Amy Schumer comes across as extremely crass, she at least is creative enough to write and perform her own material and earns money doing it. She’s also not a hideous big booty bimbo bitch, demanding simp niggaz “praise and uplift” her fat ass. (at least get the media to do it).

        Nobody here is saying cuff her (at least I hope not), just that she, as one white woman compares favourably to the hungry hungry hippo.

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  17. When you are trapped inside the black female matriarchy, what is ugly to the outside world becomes beautiful to you. I guarantee you some simp is smashing Danielle Brooks’ dark-skinned cakes raw. No surprises here.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      There is absolutely no comparison whatsoever. The mixed race women you featured were off the chain, so was the old school music. The deep sea black female krakens cannot compare to the beauty of the mixed and Latina women. Black men have gotten a really bad deal with the women in the black community, however we can up our stakes and get out of being shafted and railroaded simply by dating and marrying interracially. #SYSBM FOR LIFE.

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      • lol something tells me someone especially liked the Colombian chicks….

        It’s uncanny how well mixed chicks’ pictures go with New Jack Swing. God why can’t RnB sound like this again!…

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Hahaha, can’t go wrong with Colombian chicks, some of the finest women on the planet, a much better option than scraggle daggle by far. It’s a shame the direction RnB has gone in, its now been “urbanised” ie whitewashed.

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  18. The ever present problem is that for the majority of black men, white women are almost mythical creatures only seen on television, but never seen in real life or interacted with in real life. I just got back from a party at one of my white friends from high school’s home. The area where he lives in the high school we went to is in one of the wealthiest areas in America. I grew up around mostly wealthy white people in high school and junior high school, and I am still friends with them to this day. There were plenty of attractive white women at the party I went to, and only a handful of blacks that were very good people though.
    The reality for most Blackmen is there day in day out lives are filled with nothing but black women. Blackmen by default have to become involved with black women because they literally have no other option. It’s really a sad situation for most Blackmen that their only choice of meat is a group of mostly mentally il,l overweight, ugly, confrontationa,l bitter,, violent women.
    The vast majority of black men simply aren’t in circles where they are even able to speak to White women or non black women. If something is not available to you, it can’t possibly become an option for you.

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  19. Afrofuturism1, easier said than done. But then again we have to start somewhere, and dream the impossible dream. And everything we are saying on this site is utter, unfiltered, and absolute truth.
    How any black man could ever disagree with anything we say here is beyond me. But then again being that most black men are raised by mentally ill black women, and spend their lives around mentally ill black women, nothing surprises me when it comes to Blackmen and the lengths they will go to to fight for, defend, and make excuses for a group of women who actually despise black men, despise themselves, despise black children, despise white women, and despise everyone and everything around them.
    Avoid black women.

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  20. Verbs2015, can you please do the obvious, and eliminate the ever present distraction. Sorry, but sometimes for the greater good, it becomes utterly necessary to eliminate the adversary to look advance the agenda.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Agreed, its not like the person is trying to put up some sort of argument, they are just being a pestilent pain in the backside and have been from the beginning. I don’t really like to censor people as I know what that is like being on Facebook, however that scumbag simply wasn’t making any points at all. I believe that scraggle daggle has now been blocked.

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  21. Verbs2015, maybe I could see if the person was making a contrary argument to what we are saying on this website. And personally I really don’t see what allowing a contrary argument on this site really proves anyway, because those people are already set in their opinions, and usually just come under the guise of presenting a contrary argument, but they just usually want to cause confusion and distract from the main point at hand.
    But this imbecile is here just to call names. There couldn’t be any logical reason to let this nonsense continue to take place. Again it’s not my website, so the discretion is yours. But I seriously just hate nonsense and foolishness for no reason, especially coming from mentally ill black women or simps.

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  22. the writer of this book have too much hate for black women, anyone buying this book is insane, it isnt worth reading, it is an insult to black women, who he hates, but you find no other race of men writing garbage like this …(hope you and your white wpman prevail, there is going to be some karmas behind that)


    • Sharon,

      Victimhood, victimhood, victimhood, as per the edicts of feminism that is all most black women try to clammer onto. You’ve been trashing black men for the last 40 years, now that we have been able to get our side of the story out, all of a sudden there’s a problem. Sorry, no victimhood cards are being handed out here, keep it moving.

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