Shea Moisture Commercial Further Illustrates How Black Women Are Being Replaced


Yes, the angry, bitter black sisterhood is up in arms once again, this time because of a black owned company called Shea Moisture founded by a man from Sierra Leone by the name of Richelieu Dennis. The company which deals in natural hair care products aswell as additional cosmetics has decided to expand its market and reach out to non black women. Of course the black feminist Kimberly N Foster had to put her 2 pence worth in, remember her, the black woman who runs the feminist website For Harriet(which really should be labelled For Harridans), the black woman who claimed not to care about black men’s dating preferences, but still decided to made a 3 minute video on the topic anyway and who also labelled Beyonce as a “philosopher”:

This is what Foster had to say about the Shea Moisture and its new marketing outreach:

Do you see the deep-seated spite and hatred that resides in the majority of black women, how if you don’t placate and pander to these walking devils they will have no problems destroying your property and anything you have built? Kimberly Foster and black women of her ilk literally wish to unleash hell upon Shea Moisture just because they have decided to expand in order to accommodate non blacks.

Besides, I don’t really understand what the problem is, I imagine that because the overriding majority of black women now wear weaves, hair care sales at Shea Moisture must have decreased over time due to the fact that their hair products are for natural hair, you know, the same natural hair that the overwhelming majority of black women are ashamed of and won’t be seen dead in the street displaying.

Black women as a collective simply aren’t putting their money into black owned natural hair products anymore, maybe back in the day they did, however times have now changed. Kim, Lee, Min Jun, Sung Min, Ji Hun etc are the ones who black women are now supporting with their dollars, fellows and women like these two below:

Mind you, these are the same Korean beauty supply store owners who are either punching black women in the face or putting them in head locks and choke holds. However these acts of aggression are not without a cause, black women being the dishonest kleptomaniacs that they are, are purposely placing themselves in harm’s way in order to get their hands on some Remy or 22 inch Yaki.

The backlash that Shea Moisture has been receiving is very similar if not the same to what black men encounter whenever they decide to expand on their dating and marriage options past black women. Shea Moisture I believe made serious a mistake by apologising to black women for that commercial, black women no longer support the company as they did back in the day, thus it’s time for Shea Moisture to stand their ground and to move on to bigger, better and greener pastures.

Analysing the commercial itself, you’ll notice how there were no black women present, the woman closest to black appears to be mixed race. In a way I believe that this possibly could be Shea Moisture’s subliminal way of giving black women the middle finger since black women have now chosen to openly support Korean owned businesses instead of their own people.

I have to laugh at Kimberly Foster’s tweet, take down what exactly? Yourself and black women like you now rock and fully support the weave and synthetic hair industry and will continue to support these industries until the cows come home, as a collective you no longer support companies like Shea Moisture and haven’t done so in many years.

You’ll notice how black women always want to be the center of everybody’s attention even though they in general are irrelevant to the majority of people and their lives. The YouTuber known as Mad Bus Driver produced a video and I myself wrote an article in conjunction with his video illustrating the fact that black women are now being replaced and I additionally went through the reasons why, that article can be seen here, however the video at this moment appears to be unavailable.

This is the problem when you have a society in which the majority of the money contained therein is owned, controlled and spent by the women, such is the case with black society. The reason why black communities as a whole are rapidly trundling downhill is because black women do not build, women by nature as a collective when given generous amounts of cash will simply indulge in their childish lusts for material possessions and expensive relics, they by and large will not think about the future and certainly do not invest some of the money they have.

You see the stupidity of most black women, how they still wish to have exclusivity over Shea Moisture cosmetics and hair care products that they as a group no longer support or are interested in? Haven’t we seen this same pattern being played out elsewhere? Oh yes we have with regards to good black men, the same group of women who are continuously giving thinking black men the middle finger ensure that their feelings are known whenever they see these same black males with non black women. In other words “we don’t want you but nobody else can have you either”.

The modern day black woman as we speak is being erased from the annuls of history, this is her just recompense for selling out her own people for 5 shekels of feminist silver and a morsel of mouldy state sponsored bread. She honestly believed that her fun in the sun would be forever, however as we can all see the black woman’s gravy train is beginning to reach its final destination where it will be permanently removed from service and thereafter driven to the depot never to be ridden again.

You have to scratch your head, black women are so willing to take down a black owned business because of the simple decision to expand based upon the fact that these same black harridans are no longer supporting that black company in like volume as they did before the weave era, however a Korean hair product store owner will punch black women in the mouth, place them in choke holds, rough them up in his store, yet these same educated numbskulls will walk right back into that same store the very next day and hand their money over to him, make that make sense.

My book Negro Wars exposes the stupidity, the dysfunction and the disjoined mindset of this modern day black female. Continue to walk away black men, most black women are dumber than a box of rocks and their lack of intelligence in addition to their retardation is only getting worse.

Black women spend every waking day and night trying to look like white women, yet a black owned hair care and cosmetics business according to the mindset of the modern day black female has no right nor is it permitted to reach out to the same white women these black women are attempting so hard to copy and emulate, make that make sense. Folks need to stop bowing down and apologising to black women, they are a miserable bunch and will always have something to complain and moan about, understand this.

Shea Moisture is not placing black women in head locks and beating them up, yet they still want the company shut down, smh. Shea Moisture is not obligated towards black women yet it seems that black women themselves feel very differently. Black women once again placing their childish behaviour and extreme insecurities on open display for the entire world to see. Black women are being replaced and there is nothing they can do about it. Why not expand your market to non black women, at least they are proud of their hair and don’t choose to cover it over with somebody else’s. #SYSBM gentlemen.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

57 thoughts on “Shea Moisture Commercial Further Illustrates How Black Women Are Being Replaced

  1. LMFAO, the black female whore never ceases to amaze and entertain with her buffoonery. Its like watching clowns at the circus performing but instead of this clown act coming to your town for 1 day it’s a 24/7 performance. I LOVE IT…Thank god I stop dealing with black bitches back in high school.

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  2. Good article. Shea Moisture coming under the attack by these bitter black women because Shea is appealing to a different audience, non-black to be specific and the bitter ones don’t want that to happen. They rather for Shea to go out of business than to appeal to mixed women or what they call white women ‘cave beasts’. SYSBM.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      But Kim, Chin and Lee can punch black women in the face all day and black women in their typical fashion will still return to their stores, grovel at their feet and spend more money there, smh.

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      • Michel,

        Notice how hard these black sirens are coming after the company, to the point where they now want it shut down. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that a black man is in charge of it, most definitely. Yep, somewhere along the line black men as a collective will be blamed for this if it hasn’t happened already. As Afrofuturism1 says, we need to breed black women out, our legacy can and will live on without them. #SYSBM.

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  4. Having not heard of this product, I thought Shea Moisture was another disparaging nickname for Tommy Sotomayor…

    Since BW have now issued a fatwa against Shea Moisture products, it’s ok now for Shea Moisture to be “done” with them too.

    “We hear you” at the end of that video should have been translated to “go fuck yourselves”.


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  5. Is there anymore evidence needed for the wholesale replacement/eradication of black women? NO ONE likes them, namely themselves, and if you show other women attention instead of them, they’ll go jihad on you.

    As Verbs stated, most black women use weaves anyways. And ever notice that when these (mostly old and fat) black women DO go natural, their hair is shorter than a little boy’s? That’s how feminine they are! Most of them NEED the weave!

    Replace black Women with more of the women at the beginning of the commercial, who, because blacks have no self respect, are considered just as black as anyone else.

    Meanwhile, keep letting Jin, Hong, Lee Mu Bai, Chao Chen, Yao Fei, and the rest of the Great Ten practice their moves for the next Crouching Tiger movie on these black chicks. I don’t feel sorry for them! You wanted non black dicks, instead you got non black kicks!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      You’ll notice that every time a black woman is caught stealing inside a Korean owned beauty supply, the focus is immediately shifted from the theft to how the store owner handled the woman in question. Many folks don’t seem to understand that the reason why many of these store owners go ham on black women is because black women are always trying to exercise a five finger discount within them. And it isn’t just beauty supply stores either, black women have a serious problem with taking things without paying for them, remember the black woman who stuffed a frying pan down the back of her jeans and attempted to escape from an Ikea store:

      I don’t feel sorry for black women either, getting kicked in the head by Koreans yet they don’t want to get Korean beauty supplies shut down, however a black owned business dares to expand it’s reach to non blacks and black women immediately want to boycott and get Shea Moisture shut down. If this isn’t a clear illustration that black women are openly working against their own people not for them then I don’t know what is.

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      • The lunacy never ends with these black women.
        They are going broke buying fake hair from people that despise them and beat them down yet they’re prepared to go to war over a fucking commercial?

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      • Sister, why are you out with the babies and your mom (I guess) dress like this with a pot in your tight clothing. You came out better asking and getting a no, then go to jail and do some time and get your kids taken. We as women have to be better than this. Look at you sweetheart, this hurts me to see you like this. Like how did it get to this with, your life, at some point you are going to have to take a seat and think about taking a better road. You have babies depending on you to be their guide. God be with her, please!


  6. How come these dark skinned girls have no problem with Beyoncé leading them in “Formation” with a blonde weave on her head but have a problem with the light skinned girl in a commercial for natural hair car products.

    I’ll be going on amazon later today to buy their products in order to support them.

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    • The Straight Shooter,

      You’ll notice that they don’t have a problem having the blonde haired “lawyer” Sophia A Nelson leading them either. Black women are an extremely confused group of individuals which is yet another reason why black men ought to seek love and companionship elsewhere.

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  7. Ok I am lost as to why Shea Butter apologized to BW they do not owe them anything they can do whatever they want it is their company. BW always crying and want people to cater to them but do not want them be held accountable for their own destructive actions. As Verbs stated why are they mad when they are wearing weaves anyway so in essence they stopped using Shea Butter anyway I wish BW and simps could be placed in a space vessel and shipped to the darkest regions of the universe.

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    • Wouldn’t that mean that they’re just sent back to the hood?

      I hope companies start getting sick of black women. Notice they’ll boycott this black man’s company, but won’t boycott getting their asses kicked by Soo Kim over stealing bundles at Hair Haven. Idiot demons.

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    • Sean,

      There are very few people who will stand their ground whenever it comes down to the bitter black sisterhood throwing their toys out of the pram. At this stage this modern day black female is nothing but a joke and a laughing stock. I’m simply standing by and waiting for the next episode of butthurt to come out of their camp, lol.

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  8. Black women are so little paid attention to, ignored by most of the world (and for justifiable reasons), that the only thing black women can do In order to be noticed is complain, complain, complain, and complain about things that really have no meaning or aren’t important at all. Of course the things that actually DO have meaning, like the awful and destructive attitude black women have and how they pass this negativity on to their children, are somehow ignored.
    I’m still trying to understand what black women are upset about Regarding Shea moisturizer?
    Black women are so pathetically insecure, that they really cannot except that Whitewoman exist mixed or lighter skin black women exist in these women are considered more beautiful than they are. And notice at the company instantaneously panders to black women and removes the ad, even though there was absolutely nothing wrong in the ad.
    The only thing that is ‘wrong’ is black women, and their infantile, erratic, delusional world view. Black women are SO jealous of white women it’s laughable. All black women are doing by throwing a tantrum every time a White woman gets any attention from black people, is proving just how much white women have the upper hand in all aspects of life compared to black women.
    You actually have bitter, jealous, mentally ill black women on YouTube screaming about how white women (people) are on the verge of extinction, and how white women are cave dwellers who can’t go out in the sun. I have never seen a group of people more insanely driven by jealousy, hatred, and envy, then black women are toward White women.
    Do these stupid ignorant black women understand that white women aren’t going anywhere? And no matter how much black women try to slander White women, and throw fits every time a Whitewoman is given attention that black women only wish they could get, it’s not going to change the fact that white women get more attention than black woman ever could, because white women are simply more attractive, more feminine, friendlier, and simply easier to get along with and black women are.
    It drives black women insane that White woman even exist. Black women have absolutely no power to do anything, so all they can do is throw tantrums and complain about everything, but black women raise a particular type of hell when it comes to anything related to White women.
    What a pathetic bunch of losers black women are overall.
    Hey stupid black woman, the Whitewoman who you are jealous of, and who you hate, is not going anywhere. Black women are an embarrassment.

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    • Pisses me off how they’re targeting this African black man’s business for boycott. I remember either late last year or early this year, their was a commercial for some new hair product. It featured women disappointed that other shampoo was for “normal hair”, and the new product shown was finally something for them! Of course, guess who the commercial was full of? Yep, you guessed it, black HOES!

      That commercial and its creator were praised, yet this dude and anyone who sided with him are “aint shit niggas!” Let’s start a new hashtag: #isidewithSheaMoisture

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  9. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, it actually sickens & angers me to see this happening. Especially to a another African/Black Male Business Owner. I’m glad my business does not draw African American Women and is a mostly 80% male demographic. His downfall was catering to a market of Bi-Polar, Unstable individuals who care nothing but about their own feelings. They do not care about it being a Black Business nor the community. They do not understand power, wealth, resources, and assets.

    This move was about expansion and diversity. About larger income revenues and profitability. This is America, right? The land of Captialism. Another business partnership gave this man 200 million dollars for a small percentage of ownership & expansion. To expand to a larger audience. Mainly ALL Women. And this was a power move. We all know western countries are built on consumerism. And who consumes and buys more products than anyone. Women of course.

    Shea Moisture still makes products specifically catering to Black Women yet Black Women get their roast beef crotches in a bunch because one ad was not specifically catered to them. Even then in the end of the commercial, they had a few people of color in the commercial. I just dont get it. The mental insanity, instability, and pettiness of modern Black Women:

    Even this White douche-bag on YouTube gets it and the business aspect of it all:

    It has only shown me time & time again you cannot build and maintain anything with today’s modern day Black Woman. Let this and Wissam Al Mana’s divorce from Janet Jackson as a warning you should take sternly. Stay away from Black Women…!!!

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      • *You can’t buid with them at all. They are utterly destructive.*

        *How do we hasten their downfall?*

        @ afrofuturism1….Easy…ignore them. Black Men (and other races of men) should have figured this out years ago. No attention, no chivalry, no compliments, or no benefits. Nothing. Just cold, unabashed solitude and isolation. Most of them bring nothing to the table of value and their consumerism power is nothing. They are not really good at anything and are mediocre employees. They are subpar girlfriends, wives, and mothers. 2017 is the year you will start to see men using Black Women for their real use. As Consumerism Fodder and Cheap Sex Labor. Nothing more.

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  10. Gents, the comments and commentary is spot on. There is absolutely nothing these ratchet females can do, except be replaced. #SYSBM

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  11. Black women in comment sections on the internet are saying things like ‘ white women can’t leave us alone’, ‘white women have to put themselves into whatever black women are doing’, ‘ white women now want to use our hair care products because they want to look like black women’.
    Black womenAre so insane that they actually believe that a white woman in a commercial for a haircare product that is black owned, is somehow a betrayal or a slap in the face to black women. A black owned business is trying to expand its market and black women are too damn stupid to think about anything other than their delusional, narcissistic, bitter, jealous,angry worldview.
    All it takes is one Whitewoman doing anything that is remotely related to so-called ‘ black culture’, and black women lose their minds. It’s funny that black women throw a tantrum when they see a white woman in a black owned hair care product commercial, but let a white owned hair company produce commercials only featuring White women, and black women will gstart screaming about diversity and how black women are not being ‘represented’.
    I literally cannot stand black women. The attitude and the mindset of 99% of black women is beyond ridiculous, beyond irrational, and beyond insanity. It seems like the entire world understands what a joke black woman are, the only ones who don’t seem to understand this fact are black women.

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    • Bill Smith,

      But remember Korean Chin Un running the local beauty supply slapping black women in the face and punching them in the head in their eyes is still cool. Korean store owners beating black women from pillar to post is fine but white women appearing in a Shea Moisture commercial is a problem, it never makes any sense whenever you deal with black women.

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      • But….but…..white Women do it t-….oh

        Ok, uh…… yo mama black!!!

        Meanwhile in the hood
        Lee Mu Bai sucker punches a random black woman

        Asian guy wins! Weaveless victory!

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  12. Verbs2015, so true. The things that black women should be upset about, mainly their attitude and behavior, and trying to change, black women are remarkably silent about. But little Whitewoman braid her hair or have cornrows, and black woman will be out in full force claiming that White women are involved in ‘cultural appropriation’, ‘ white women want to look like black women’, and ‘ white women are copying black women’.
    Once again with this really boils down to is black women simply cannot compete with white women in any regard. So when black women see white women coming near something that black women have convinced themselves is ‘ rightfully theirs as black women’, black women lose their minds.
    A white woman with her hair braided looks better than a black woman with her hair braided, it’s just true. A white woman with dreadlocks or her hair and cornrows simply looks cuter than a black woman with the same hairstyle, and black women know it. This is why black women, who claim not to be jealous of White women, cannot stop obsessing over and focusing on White women.
    The majority of black women are actually mentally ill. Avoid them at all costs.

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  13. Afrofuturism1 or anyone, did you see the Cynthia G video titled ‘White females on YouTube who exploit exploit black issues for profit, while ignoring white supremacy’?
    This video is great for a laugh, and really shows just how obsessed black women are with White women. Cynthia G’s followers went to this white girls page and start making all kind of nasty comments toward her to the point where she had to disable comments on some of her videos. The YouTube white girl calls herself ‘ SCHUCKS’. Black women were irate with ‘SCHUCKS’ simply because this young white woman had the nerve to speak about black issues.
    Black women prove how insecure and stupid they are to the world on a daily basis. And what is with the never ending ‘black woman attitude’? It’s like black women think it’s their freaking duty to act in a caustic, confrontational, upset and angry manner every second of every day. I just hate black women. I hate them.

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  14. My bad Verbs2015. After a long day at work I’m a bit off during the late afternoon/ early evening. Let me know what you think about her videos, or even do a post relating her videos to the video of Cynthia G screaming and whining about this young Whitewoman, because this young Whitewoman ‘dared’ to speak about black issues. Black women continue to lose.

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    • @Afrofuturism

      I’m wondering why you never made commentary videos before…. Fantastic debut, spot on, and because you’re biracial, we need voices like yours. “Crispy coons” like me know what to do…

      #SheaMoistureLovesMixedChicks ,

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      • Also how much do you want to bet the mixed chick’s dissatisfaction with her hair was as a result of her being bullied by darker skinned females? They call her ‘half-breed’, ‘half-devil’, ‘mutt’, ‘light-skinded’, so she puts in extra effort to prove her ‘blackness’. It fails, because they still hate her,and sadly she turns this hate towards herself and her real hair, (the object of their jealousy).

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  15. Black women are driven day and night by hatred, anger, and jealousy directed toward white women. There NEVER would have been a word said about this product if white women were not in the commercial. Black women simply cannot deal with the fact that white women are more attractive then they are, and get more attention than black women.
    Black women use this commercial to justify publicly voicing their hatred of white women. And yes black women will tolerate a light skinned black or mixed man, but let a light skin or mixed black woman get attention or be featured in a commercial or movie, and black women lose their minds screaming about ‘ why do they always put a light skin or mixed girl in the movie or commercial’. Hey you stupid ass black woman, they put the mixed or light skinned black females in these advertisements and movies because they look better than you do, you dumbass.
    Black women are insane.

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  16. @Michel

    Whenever these dark skin chicks attack and bully light skin chicks, they intentionally scratch their faces and pull their hair out. They know that they’re uglier then us light skins lol.

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  17. I have seen a story like this with Walmart, whereas a white lady had stolen food for her baby and got caught. She ran and left the baby in the cart, and realize she forgot the child and the Managers were holding the baby when she returned to the store and she started screaming and holler n begging and they would not listen to, her either. I don’t understand, why people don’t just walk up to a manager and ask for some food and explain their situation….they will help. I know many people, have come up to me and I have helped. Most women just don’t think, and it is not only black women, it is all women. When you are desperate, you act differently.


    • There’s the “it’s everybody else, too!” Crap. Black women cant get a @$$ whooping without begging for Suzy to get one too.

      Notice, she didn’t mention Latino or Asian women, just white women. Black men, remember that black Women suck @$$ and white Women are AWESOME: it’s what black Women themselves tell you.

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