Hotep Slowtep Simp Still Doesn’t Get It


I’m sure that Amun Rayay is one of the numbskulls who was responsible for getting my first Negro Wars Facebook fan page taken down as this clown decided to make himself known in the comment section of one of the posts I made when I was posting to Facebook directly. Nowadays I simply stick to posting on my website where scum bucket simps like Amun Rayay Hotep are afraid to tread due to there not being any flagging or reporting facilities he can readily use whenever the butthurt hits him upside the head.

I’ve had run ins with this super simp before, it’s a toss-up between him and the last ultra simp I wrote about here namely one Anthony Castro as to who is the worst. Amun and his hotep buddies stay licking the muddy boots of the angry, bitter black sisterhood all day everyday, meanwhile the same black women he is shining shoes for have this to say about him and black men like him:

These spineless simps are genuine replicas of the single black mothers who raised them, they repeat everything that black women say, they worship and pay homage to black women no matter what their character, in fact hotep simps spend most of their time exalting the scum of black female society more than they do the very few decent black women who are left.

Of course the hotep simp in typical brown-nosing fashion will lay every shortfall of the black woman upon the black man, as far as he is concerned “the black woman is god” she can never do wrong, she must always be exalted and she must never be held to account for her dysfunctional behaviour. This is what simp Amun had to say about us black men and our legitimate gripes concerning black women:

Firstly, you’ll notice bootlickers like this always attempt to narrow down the dysfunctions of black women to “your personal experience”, they use the exact same technique as black women, pretending as if these problems are not widespread. Before the internet folks like him could run that “your personal experience” Kansas City shuffle, not anymore.

Whenever you have a situation where a large number of people are raising concerns about the same issues, this has now gone beyond a personal experience and has now become a trend. We now have thousands upon thousands of testimonies from black men talking about the same issues in relation to dysfunctional black women and this mangina is still attempting to behave as if these matters are only local to the individual black men concerned.

How much do you want to bet that Amun Hotep is a single man who spends most of his time jacking off to Pornhub? This is the reality for most black men who pander to black women, yet they cannot seem to notice that the “treat em mean, keep em keen” Tyrones, Delroys, Leroys, Dey Deys, Dirty Dick Rodneys etc have black women flocking around them all day and they don’t ever lift a finger to simp.

The lower dregs of black male society have the right idea when it comes down to how dysfunctional black women ought to be treated, since black women as a collective love scum bag, low brow black men so much, they in turn must be treated in the same manner. Women who have respect for themselves do not hang around or associate with men who are not suitable for the long-term.

Notice how this hotep simp talks about the rampant sexual assault, abuse and molestation of children. Well, who is raising most of these black children who are being sexually abused, that’s right black women, the same women that this bootlicker is going out on a limb to worship. Then he talks about the same in relation to black women yet black women suffer the least sexual assaults and rapes when compared to other races of women.

The most desired women will automatically be the most targeted women, black women are the least desired women on the planet, nobody is lining up to rape and molest them, black women like the typical ultra liberal feminists that they are continue to manifest and repeat lies in the hopes that something will eventually catch fire.

As far as I am concerned your average hyper masculine, feminist black harridan cannot be raped, those Jezebel spirits that dwell within her are so strong that she now has a libido that is many times higher and stronger than that of the black male. This certainly would explain why most black women can never settle down even when they are being treated well and why they are constantly hopping from one penis to the next.

Amun Hotep simply doesn’t want to get it, black women do not want to unify with black men under any circumstances, this is not because of anything we have or haven’t done, but simply for the fact that black women are now married to and in bed with the white man and his government. As I have stated many times before black women are simply not interested in anything black men have to offer, Amun Hotep is no exception.

Black women will pay simps like Amun lip service, however they will never genuinely reciprocate for bootlicking deeds surrendered. Instead fellows like Amun simp will most likely perish at the hands of the very women he chooses to worship. As far as I am concerned dysfunctional black women and the simps that support them are both scum and need to burn in the fire. Thinking black men, you already know what the deal is, SYSBM.

Be sure to check out the article below which I wrote in August 2016 illustrating how black women have now even turned against the very fellows that exalt and worship them:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

49 thoughts on “Hotep Slowtep Simp Still Doesn’t Get It

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  2. Are these simp niggas serious?

    All the sexual assault? WHO is raping black women?!!!

    A dog is more likely get raped in the black community, as well as typically being better looking then the women.

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  3. Good article. Looking at the statement Amun Rayay made about fighting racism, well, he needs to start against the black women that he’s pandering to because these black women are being both sexist and the male form of misogyny against black men seen in exhibit B with these two black women with an identity crisis using Oriental Asian names like Yen and Nguyen wanting to abandon all black men because the bottom of the barrel men that they chose to be with ran buses, trains, airplanes and space shuttles through them and turned them out. It’s crazy. SYSBM for all generations to come.

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  4. More and more I’m starting to disdain simps to the upmost. It’s one thing to be physically weak as far as deformities and disabilities. That can’t be helped. But if you are mentally weak, especially if willfully, then you don’t deserve any respect from me. And these simps are willfully weak in the mind. To go on for years and years defending a group of women who only desires for their own men to be dead, who is that stupid to willfully be led to the slaughter house?

    The simps can have all the black women they want for all I care. While they’re too busy being either locked up in prison or locked down on child support, I’m almost guaranteed to at least live into my 80’s just by being with my Asian wife. #SYSBM

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    • I never imagined that I could ever consider another form of life that was lower, more despicable and more detestable than the black female but I am also starting to believe the simps that cape for those black female rats are actually worse.
      All decent, aware and awoken Black Men know that the demonic black female is the Black Man’s worst enemy and has always been but there is something utterly repulsive about another black male who sides with the black female demons against his own brethren.
      But we all know that the simp was “raised” by those same black female monkeys to be her spitting image along with the inbred hatred and desire to destroy decent real Black Men. I say let the simps and their degenerate thug counterparts have the worthless black female and hopefully they will commence to annihilate each other to extinction while decent Black Men will proper with #SYSBM!!!!

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      • Claude Legree,

        The simps are extremely problematic, they try their utmost to defend black female scum which cannot be done and then on top of this they attempt to shame thinking black men into taking the same path of failure. As I have stated before the simps and the black women who raised should both burn in the fire together.

        In 2017 there is no defence for black women, none. Those who attempt to do so are embarking upon a fool’s errand.


  5. As usual the black Simp continues to place blame on Blackmen for the behaviors and attitude of these black women. No matter how much evidence is presented regarding the negative nature of black women, the black SIMP will simply shrugged his shoulders and say ‘ we need to do better as men’.
    These Nigro idiot males really believe that it’s the behavior of Blackmen that forces black women to have thousands of abortions every year, place Blackmen in jail for child support and false accusations of abuse, causes black women to walk around with the worst attitudes on the planet, and causes black women to seek confrontation and conflict with everyone and everything around them all of their lives.
    No matter how much ass kissing, praising, trying to ‘understand’, or trying to ‘do better’, black women will never change their disgusting attitude and way of life. Black women will not change, because they are happy being the evil, destructive, and negative forces that they are by nature.
    Black women feed off of conflict, live off of hostility, and delight in causing misery for everyone and everything around them. Black women are simply evil human beings, but the bird brain, simple negro actually thinks his ass kissing can change black women.
    I actually think a big reason why these black idiots will praise black women no matter what they do, is because these men have never had any interaction with nonblack women. Most of these clowns probably had never had a conversation with a Whitewoman, Asian or Hispanic woman in their life. So these men simply don’t understand the difference between actual women in this demon known as the black woman. The simps think it’s just normal behavior for black women to act the way they do. So they defend these black women and praise these black women, because they’ve never been exposed to how an actual woman behaves.
    I’ve had conversations with the Blackmen who were recently released from jail because their babies mother put them on child support, and these dumbass Negroes were still defending black women.
    This simps believes that all his ass kissing and praising a black woman is going to get him some benefit from black women like pussy or attention. What the simps is too stupid to realize is that black women come with no benefits. Black women only come with problems.

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    • I think a lot of those black males pandering to black women had no father growing up or a positive male role model. A lot of black people are stuck on stupid, and i beginning to no care anymore. Those pro blacks are fucking imbeciles, who deep down have a inferiority complex, Most are militant integrationists. My question is if they love Africa so much why just keep focusing on Egypt? I have no problem with Africa or Africans, but they are full of shit. Critiquing black women is blasphemy and sacrilegious. BTW how long are black women going keep giving idle threats of abandoning black men? If a black woman has a chance at getting a non black male she will not think twice or hesitate, you either shit or get off the pot. Black women are starting to sound like Kim jong un with all of these threats, but no action. A lot of black males are just too naive and thirsty to realize what’s been in front of them for many years. The black community is like a long running joke, but some negroes are too stupid to realize that they are the punchline. Its mandatory to worship black women and blame black men, who shall ever nay-say shalt be called a “coon” and must hateth his birth giver. Thou shalt not criticize thy god under any circumstances. Hotep 7:36

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      • The Holy Hotep
        Book of Maat Ra Jones
        Chapter 5: 15

        He that have hate in his heart for the black queen, I say, he is worse than a drunkard. He that exalteth the white cave wench over the black queen, he is and forever more a coon. Such things are as witchcraft.

        Black Women are basically the longest running joke on earth, but thankfully, the world’s beginning to beg to go on to the next act.

        Most blacks from the hood are irredeemable, both in mindset and basic genetic potential (slow, stupid, inbred). Is it really harsh to wish that they just kill each other off?

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    • The Holy Hotep
      The Book of Cleopatra
      Chapter 6: 7

      The lord, who is black woman, hath blessed black man with her holy body.

      But you are a haughty, stiff necked people, looking to the left and right. You must for the daughters of Devils, lusting for the brides of those who would sell our beloved queen the cranial ephod known as the weave.

      Any man who looks as the blue eyed devil’s wench, with her demonic soft features and satanic soft voice, he hath already committed coonery.

      Yea, though, if our queen desires the facial flaggation of the white devil’s ding.a.ling, let us welcome it, as her face similarly welcomes his issue! Selah.

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      • @afrofuturism1 Hey did you see that Half-black activist Jesse Williams is divorcing his black wife and leaving for a non-black women?

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      • From the Holy Hotep book.

        Umar 6:12-13

        Cast not ye sharp eye and brazen tongue on thy god, for thou engagest in bashing, which displeases greatly thy lord.

        For the bastard brothers of Israel saw the denigration of the perfect image of the lord, and elevated thy big booty lord by recasting thy stones onto the Pharisees, thy oft declare: “What hast thou built for thy brethren?”

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  6. BTW Verbs, Jesse Williams is leaving his black bitch for a white woman. He’s been seeing Minka Kelly on the low for the past six weeks or so and he has filed for divorce from his black wife.

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  7. This is it folks! Ari Nagel, Malik Smiley, Birth of a Nation, Tyrese, even the verbal death blow that Trick Daddy landed is no match for this 10X Kamehameha wave launched by Sir Jesse. Jesse Williams was their angelic mulatto in shinning armor and the last visages of a sympathetic voice in the mainstream media for their bullshit. Yet Sir Jesse himself couldn’t make “black love” work and is about to get raped for all his worth while there’s reports of Sir Jesse seeing a white woman now.

    Black men are now and forever vindicated by the follies of Sir Jesse. It’s so perfect that you’d swear it was an inside job from the get-go XD

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      Indeed, however I believe that Jesse maybe jumping out of the frying pan into the fire with Minka Kelly unless he supports the same decadent movements she does. She appears to a liberal which is the worst type of non black women to go for. She supports feminism, abortion and she is forever talking about women and equal pay. She’s an attractive woman however she is very toxic. This is the kind of white woman that thinking black men need to avoid like the plague. I checked out her Twitter, it gets even worse.

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  8. Let me applaud Jesse Williams. Now Jesse Williams was being a super SIMP for that speech he gave, praising black women for no reason. But of course the TRUTH always rises to the surface. The Simp bug even caught Jesse Williams for a spell. Jesse Williams had no obligation or owed black women anything, because the woman who gave birth to him was a white woman.
    I really don’t know if Jesse Williams black wife was a good or bad woman. She actually looked like she might be a decent woman. But if he finds happiness with a white woman, then so be it.
    I’m sure black women are going to target Jesse Williams now, and claim that he’s ‘selling out’ or ‘cooning’.
    But how the fuck can Jesse Williams be selling out when his mother is a White woman? Don’t these pro black clowns and these bitter angry black women always say ‘ yo momma is black’?
    Well Jesse Williams mother is white, and he is in a relationship with a White woman. What the hell are these evil black women going to say against Jesse Williams now? I’m sure they will find something because black women are too irrational and too illogical to make sense.
    The book of Khemet, chapter of Kool aid, verse 2:14-
    If thou shall look upon upon or wed thee a white woman, thou shall be accursed. Thou shall be a labeled a sell out and a coon, throughout all the land. If thou shall dare become involved with the beautiful white woman, though shall be destined for a life of peace and happiness. Oops………. The book of Khemet made a mistake…..

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    • Jesse Williams??? Smh!!! So what was that whole speech he gave at the BET awards about then?just spewing rhetoric I suppose. I’m never fooled by anyone talking or labelling themselves “pro black” I’m pretty sure he will be called a “self hater” or “coon” even though his mother is white. I don’t get why black people consider biracial people “black”

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      • That stupid speech was broadcast on all MTV- associated networks, a few days before those high profile police shootings (one of them was in Dallas I think, couldn’t remember). No one has heard of Jesse Williams before that speech… Now we know he was lying through his teeth, which suggest that maybe he was told to exalt BW and put the race agenda out into the public.

        Not that it mattered, because even he saw the light and saved himself. “Yo’ mamma White”


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      • Michel,

        It’s funny how everybody remembers that speech, thinking black men had their faces in their hands wondering what Williams was doing, meanwhile black women were cackling, clapping and cheering the fool on. The truth always comes to light, indeed the writing was on the wall concerning dysfunctional black women long before Jesse Williams decided to embark upon a mission to attempt to defend that which cannot be defended.


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  9. LOL. In an earlier post, we discussed the black female main character in “Scandal.” The main character is played by Kerry Washington. The main character in “Scandal” declines to marry an upstanding black man. This woman tells the black man that she wants a life of pain. One can go on-line and look for this short clip. In essence, most black women prefer pain and hardship over pleasure and building a good life.

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  10. Lol who will go to bat for black women now?

    Black women have become, through their own actions, the most despised group. People cringe when they see them, interact with them, have to deal with customer service with them, lie and call them attractive, etc. people are getting sick of the burden they bring on society.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      One thing I have to say about the UK is apart from Caribbean restaurants and black hair salons we don’t really have to deal with black women dominating customer service positions. They are always outnumbered by non black women and thus black women here are forced to either tow the line or receive the consequences of getting fired.

      I know the situation can be totally different in the US, over there I’ve seen black women dominating customer services positions with my own eyes, not a pretty sight. I remember going to a Burger King next to a hotel in Miami and being greeted by nothing but black women, the attitude was oozing off the lot of them.

      Caribbean restaurants are some of the worst places for customer service, that is standard no matter what side of the pond you reside on and I have experienced the same cruddy reception on both sides and even in Jamaica.

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      • Oh god, those Caribbean black Women are ratchet as hell in their own special way.

        There’s a Jamaican restaurant in Chattanooga, good reviews but slow service and hardly gets any business. Ran by a black woman.

        There’s another Jamaican restaurant 15-20 ish minutes away, much more popular. Ran by a sexy @$$ Indian woman who id like to break a table with and a Puerto Rican guy who looks like George Perez’s brother. The stereotype must be true, those Jamaicans suck at customer service. In Atlanta, the main reason that the Jamaican restaurants/stores do well is because there’s enough Jamaicans their who are used to that crappy service to support it.

        In the U.K., where the most obvious alternative to white women would be Indian/paki women, i have no clue why anyone would even let their nuts hang outside of a black woman!!! And notice how violent they are in the U.K. AND the Caribbean! It’s in their DNA!!! These women are LOST, without a doubt! Save our race and BREED THEM OUT!!!

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      • @Afrofuturism

        Jamaicans and bad customer service is not a stereotype, it’s raw truth. They are known even in the UK for it.
        There’s a branch of the Jamaican National Bank in South London, nothing but big booty bimbo staff… You can imagine how they treat their customers…

        Plus Air Jamaica (watch comedian Russell Peters on youtube). Air Jamaica was so bad the government sold it to Trinidad and Tobago!

        I once asked for a chicken burger at a Jamaican jerk chicken shop. Their response was
        “No”…. smdh

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  11. @Michel

    Wtf?!!!! No?!!!

    And “Air Jamaica” was sold to another country? Just damn.

    And keep in mind, these are the negroes that look down on American blacks. What the **** are they doing better?!!!

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  12. Boy you thought You were just going to Block Me and Post Your Little Bullshit Ass Article?

    Well aren’t you just the Biggest Bitch made ass Nigga? Lol what type of Man are you that you Would block someone and then Make a weak ass article?

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    • Lol Deangelo Staples Why are you so Bitch Made? You and the rest of Your Little Butt-hurt homos Oops I mean Homies seen to have an uncanny hatred for Black Women. If your dumbass Had addressed Me Like the Man you wished you Were you would’ve got this work then. But instead you’d rather run Hide and Block. Way to Display your Bitch made Character.

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      • Amun Rayay,

        Pandering to dysfunctional broke back black women all day for Scooby snacks and doggy treats, you ought to be ashamed of yourself bruh, calling black men who are critical of the black woman’s questionable and degenerate behaviours bitches and homosexuals all day, yet he still can’t defend his queens. Stand up for these black females you love so much, we’re waiting on your defence simp.


    • Amun Rayay,

      Well, well, well , the pro black simp has ventured from the safety of Facebook. You’re not blocked over here now are you? This is where the article is at. Defending scum bag dysfunctional black women and you believed that I would let that pass? What’s the problem bootlicker, can’t defend yourself here because there are no flagging and reporting facilities, huh? You’ve got the floor simp, defend your so called queens, show us their “good qualities”.


  13. Lil Dumbass you make it seem as if your stupid ass isn’t the one that Blocked Me. You sitting here trying to front for the other worthless ass Niggas On your Page yet YOU Blocked Me like the Bitch Made individual that you are. Your Dumbass could’ve sent me the Link or Tagged me BUT NOOOOO YOU had to go and Make a separate Post and now want people to think that I’m supposedly afraid to check your Bug-eyed Ass you Uncle Ruckus Looking Muhfucka.

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    • Amun Rayay,

      See how when the rubber meets the road you begun to crumble? This is not Staples bruh. You need to watch out because I could light your backside up again with another article, I’m sure I could find something else stupid and ridiculous you’ve posted on your Facebook page. Look at you, pro black, hotep simpleton, you still can’t defend this black woman you love so much, you’re supposed to be standing up for your so called “black queens”.

      Everybody note this first hand example of how these pro black, hotep, bread and circus minstrels at the end of the day are just full of hot air and garbage. It’s no wonder black women are now beginning to even turn against them.

      He’s supposed to be defending black women but as per usual with these donkeys, they will always be seen going off on other black men instead. Defend you scum bag black queen, it should be an easy job seeing as you hold them to such high regard. As I stated before, you’ve got the floor, let’s see your best shot at standing up for “mother earth”.


      • DeAngelo,

        He’s not coming back, there is no Facebook safety net for him here plus he was already given an opportunity to defend his queens and he couldn’t do it.


      • You bitch niggas still whole dickeaters I. These streets. Itll be funny as fuck when your ass gets locked up because one of these non black women falsely accuses your idiot ass of rape, Bitch.


      • Amun Fruity And Moist Rayay,

        The fact you’re talking about dicks and using homosexual references speaks volumes concerning where your mindset and possibly your butt cheeks are at, you just played and exposed yourself fruit, scram.


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  15. @verbs2015 Go duck yourself you hideous Bugeyed buffoon…. looking like some nigga elbowed you in your eye. You’re bitchmade like the rest of the niggas that follow you. If you were a your pussy ass wouldnt have blocked me on Facebook before you ever wrote and published this article. That’s how I know you’re a weak pansy ass bitch. You blocked me because you knew I’d get dead on your ass you illogical pussy depraved self hating sorry sack of mongrel shit


    • Amun Fruity Rayay,

      Bootlicking simp, the only reason why I blocked you on Facebook is because yourself as well as a goon squad of black female degenerates some time ago rolled through my profile and began embarking on the usual cowardly course of flagging and reporting some of my previous posts. You scum buckets absolutely love Facebook because you can crawl to your white father anytime your feelings fall out of place.

      However shine, like I said before as you can see over here at Slaying Evil you’re NOT blocked at all, you’re free to speak your mind. Again, the article is over HERE bootlicker, only the link to the article is over on Facebook. Keep talking your nonsense, I should pay a visit to your Facebook page and see what other stupidity you’ve written lately so that I can light your pander bear, pro black simping backside up once again. Keep talking recklessly flunky, keep up the good work.


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